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Sumo gets a call from the hotel confirming about centre pieces colors to be magenta. Mami ji brings some sarees to gift to Priti’s in laws, Suman suggests her buy some new ones. Aditya comes to greet Sumo, Lala ji goes to hurry everyone get ready. Aditya reminds Sumo they have to prepare ppt for investors. Sumo tells him Priti’s in laws are bringing her bridal chola, she apologizes as she won’t be able to do it in these few days. She clearly states that she got this opportunity because of him, but she wants to handle the rest by herself. Aditya qualifies they are friends, Sumo says she took so much help even as friends. She has walked all the ways in life on her own, she is thankful to him for all help he already did. Aditya was near his car when he gets his mother’s call, she complains

he neither called her for good morning. Aditya was worried, as Sumo behaved rude to him. He feels they have got apart in a single night. His mother smiles that it is a bit difficult to understand girls, she is worried for her sister’s wedding. Her mother asks him to get along with her moods, as if it’s possible he will have to spend his whole life with her. Aditya was determined to make her as daughter in law. His mother asks her name, Aditya says he will directly bring her home instead.
Vandy comes to Kamini, Kamini asks Vandy to go to chola ritual. She suggests her to get doctor as well, may be Manju faints watching all the designer dresses and jewelry. Lala ji comes there, Kamini makes up she has a head ache. Lala ji smiles at her, he forbids Kamini fight for ego with Tiwari family; after all Pushkar loves Priti. Priti will be hurt by Kamini’s attitude and it will ultimately hurt their son Pushkar.
Kamini boasts about designer jewelry and dress. Lala ji compliments Priti’s beauty no matter she wears designer’s dress and jewelry. He asks about Mr. Tinwari and goes to meet him inside. Vandy assures Priti all her jewelry is according to her dresses, she will look gorgeous in it. She appreciates Priti’s henna. Priti tells Vandy that only Malika put on mehndi and introduces her to Vandy. Vandy notices Suman’s hands to be empty, Suman assures to get it on today. Vandy was excited to get henna in her feet. Suman asks Malika to go to Vandy. Vandy was excited to get Varun’s name on her hand, that she will make him find. Varun reminds he is sitting just behind Vandy. Vandy compliments Varun and Shravan both to be boring and unromantic, her mood has been spoilt. Sumo tells Vandy if she loves someone she must not hide the name.
Everyone sat at Mr. Tinwari. Shravan comes concerned for him when he coughs. Kamini gives Mami ji her Banarsi saree. She asks Manju to wear gold embroidered saree in the wedding to appear as her relative. Mr. Tinwari tells Kamini that relations are made out of love, not of money. Lala ji takes Kamini outside. He scolds Kamini for speaking in front of Tinwari ji. Shravan comes out to hear this argument, Lala ji warned Kamini to understand she will be left alone one day only because of her greed. He has seen people leave their relations just because of their ego. Shravan thinks if Sumo must not be left alone in her own ego.
Priti drags Sumo at night, demanding her to get henna on her hands. Priti teases Sumo that she might get someone in her life. Malika asks if someone is in Suman’s heart, if she writes it on her hand that person might come into Sumo’s life. Sumo thinks what’s in her heart remain in her heart.
Pushkar and Shravan talk to each other. Shravan narrates what happened at Priti’s hand. Shravan gives him an envelope of Naik. Pushkar complains there are so interesting rituals in a wedding, but people impose restrictions over the bride and groom only. Shravan was lost, Pushkar asks what he upset is about. Shravan asks Pushkar how important is ego in a relationship. Pushkar considers ego the biggest enemy of a relationship. It destroys relationships, he will always compromise with Priti as for them their love is bigger than their relationship. Priti also thinks the same. Shravan was upset that not everyone thinks the same, for them their self-respect, their freedom and work matters the most.

PRECAP: Sumo writes S on her hand saying this name has been written on her hand forever. Aditya inqures Sumo about S, Sumo says it spells for the person she loves the most. Shravan stood behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neeti

    Yeah Sumo ne S likha, S for Shravan.
    And Shravu heard it too that she loves the person most. Yes yess yessss.
    Bt hope Shravu didnt misunderstood her.
    Aaj ka epi bhi maine miss kr dia.
    I mean maine bohot dino se edkv dekha nahi. I’m only reading it.
    And main Adi pe bohot gussa hu, I feel like killing him:[email protected];->.
    I think I’m first one to comment, yeah. Bye.

  2. Wow nice precap.

  3. S for sumo k ma b ho skta

      1. But her mother’s name is priya. pct is on her name

  4. Hey guys..https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Co26ZQmWAAAJEjd.jpg:small
    Go to this link….SHRAVAN nd NIRMALA KAKI……plezzzz gooooooo????

    1. are bhai this was library scene and not new

  5. I hope sumo will lie to sravan that s stands for her name itself so that she can hide her feelings to him.

  6. Very much excited for precap…so..nice?????

  7. Nice episode but where is pooja di ????

  8. Borring.aisa koi larka hota hai kya ki apni feelings nahi bata pa rahe hai.how amazing!!!!yeh larka nahi larki hai!!!!!ha nahi toh!!!!!

  9. So I was correct the update posted late…. Well its okay…. Coming to epi
    .. Is that only me who was happy to c sumo’s rudeness towards Aditya???? I mean not in the precap in starting only…. I was like so happy to c his face….. He always be poking his nose in each n every matter of sumo…. I guess shravan sayings r working that’s the reason sumo was rude…. Anyways I hope this continues…… N pushkar n shravan discussion regarding ego….. Wah wah shravan is thinking sumo as egotistic person???? Oh no yaar….. N precap I am 100% sure that sumo will tell that s refers to herself n she loves herself the most as she saw shravan standing in front of her……

    Who else think the same?????

    @anshi hey I told Khushi she said she will try to come today ……. ?

  10. Episode was fab! Precap seems very interesting. Waiting eagerly for today’s episode ?

  11. What’s wrong with this site …??really why it was not Opening Yesterday….shitt….Thx sona for The written update….Hey Bhaggu Shravan Ne apna Lawyer brain use kiya nd decide kar liya That Pushkar is soo lucky bcz he has a Good understanding nd Adjusting Girl like Preeti…..I mean seriously?????What crap yaar …..Now this is the limit….Finaly Ramu ka brain wash kaam karne laga. …..Sharvan lost his Trust from her lady Love Sumo…..Yaar yeh CVs Kya kar rahe hain….???Ami to kicchu bujhite parchina….?? Dukhi kar k rakha hai….I m sure Precape Mein v Woh Gadha Shravu ….Kuch sun nahi payega ……..Adi bhaya kuch kar kuch to kar……

  12. Yaar what is this..ab sumo keh degi ki she loves herself the most….. that’s why she wrote s….then shravan will misunderstand her……

  13. I think Aditya will unite Sumo and Shravan, Aditya will tell Nirmala about Sumo or he will notice that Sumo and Shravan love each other but don’t tell anyone. Maybe Nirmala will ask Aditya to unite them as they are made for each other, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and when they will unite, there will be a new story, Ramnath will get to know that Nirmala failed his plan and now Sumo and Shravan will unite Nirmala and Ramnath…
    Great story line don’t you think maybe I should become a director ;-D

  14. Now I am getting it ..that CVS are planning
    For a forced marriage.. that’s why they
    Are creating differences……..I think so…

  15. @Lily Yaar Don’t get me wrong but Don’t u think the track is going to A wrong side …..I mean ..Why rush marriage as …we all know Shraman r loving each othe but fir V Shravan is still struggling with His feelings…..I mean If marriage will happen in this situation then I m sure Marriage will not work bcz of Shravan’s manipulated Mind ….how nd Why CVs r playing with our mind yaar can’t Find a conclusion now….plz help kar do mujhe?

    1. No dear I don’t think that Adi n sumo will marry…. Don’t loose hope lets hope for the best shraman are incomplete without each other n I don’t think that CVs will play with our feelings till now they have done a great job….. Chillax…

      1. What ever it is, it is a fact the present track is dragged too long. Who else will not enjoy the today’s face of Adi. Vandro thinks he is brightest guy.

        This shravan too is a fool.

        Story writers unnecessarity creating a tragedy track. First they dirven out Shravan’s mum. Now they want to drive out sumo too from Shravan’s life.

        They will kill any one of these 3 Shravan, Sumo or Aditya to have a final tragic cum love story.

  16. @roshni Baby Even I m also the loyal fan of this show but I couldn’t get this Episode well ….As look Now Sumo Is keeping distance from Adi ,Adi is going to tell His mom about Sumo Nd Nimu will come for his soo called Dulara Adi ….Nd Sumo’s Marriage track is going to start…..Shravan nd Sumo t going for a ugly first as per the TC spoiler nd Then Shravan’S insecurity will be at the level he will marry Sumo but again his mind Will be manipulated bcz of his Past Venture…….yaar itna kaand karne se accha hai Ki CVs Sab Kuch Simple tarike se v kar sakte hai……here we r the bunch of Loyal fans left here …don’t u think people r also loosing hopes now….I m not negative but seriously this is the high time for CVs to Solve nd Take a big step now otherwise U know na what’s wrong with SONY

    1. You are right. The writer seems to be possessed with sadism.
      Hew also wants to drag the eposodes more thatn required so that he will be paide well.

  17. I just read something in “http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4614219” reproducing below:

    “Since it is weekend and no EKDVCry, thought of a marathon from first and what do i notice??? We all know that Nanu and Shravan bond over chess. But what do we have here? Malhotra khaandaan is more obsessed than these two. Ghar pe jaha dekho waha chess board saje ke rakhe hai. Seriously yeh log to decorative pieces aur wall paper ki jagah chess board aur uske pieces rakhe hai. No complaints though. Poore ghar pe lawyers pade hai to , may be makers thought of this to symbolize intelligence and shaatir dimaag.

    Now comes the best and beautiful expectaion of a fan which also the same of all othe Shraman fans

    “Anyways after all this, i think we should have a scene where Shravan and Suman are playing chess [preferably post marriage in their room. I know that hamara Shravan hi jeetega par kya pata Suman apni adaaon se usse haraa de

    1. Yaar the chess scene BTW shraman will be very beautiful.. Great idea…I think the last of edkv ….

      1. It can be the last scene of edkv

  18. Guys pay attention to this

    Saw a snapchat video shared by Niki…
    Where preeti was shooting for a scene…
    Dialogue-dadu aur suman Di meri shaadi mein nahi rahenge.. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai…

    So guys MATLAB nanu ki tabyat kharab hone wali hai…shayad…..what are your thoughts about this….

    Minakhi be positive yaar…Jo bhi milega dekhne ko usme Hume maza hi aayega……..

    1. Oh guys then this Adi will take benefit out of this situation. Oh god save Shravan.

    2. @ lily plzzz upload ur ff of edkv reloaded. I can’t wait any more…

      Coming to the epi ..epi was awesome

      Precap s for shravan ..omg …..but we know that s for shravan will became s for somo … And she will say that she loves herself

  19. Minakhi ap ne bilkul sahi kaha par ab to adi bhi villan ban raha hai aur shrman ko seprate karega

  20. @Lily …..I will be a loyal fan till the end of the episode…..Nd yes I hv listened that Nanu nd Sumo r not going to Attend The Shaadi…don’t know why,But still finding something Interesting in this….May be Nanu will demand for Sumo’s Shadi….But I have heard that Someone asked Namik that if Shraman shaadi is going to happen…..He. Didn’t said No….only said just wait and watch……CVs r really going to give us blast yaar …..Nd. Don’t worry I m positive nd will be positive….but I was just frustrated that’s it dear?

    1. Most of the fans are equally frustrated with the Adi rakshahs. This Nirmala first left her son mercilesly and now she tries Sumo for her foster son. What witch.

  21. i never loose hope on edkv as they come up wid a new twist. adi and sumo marriage is impossible. sumo is only made 4 shravan . coming to the epi it had some superb dialogues which actually teaches the essence of life. and i hope shravan will not misunderstand sumo because of the S and think that she loves some other person.

  22. @vaishali Adi monkey ko jitna ucchalna hai ucchal Ne do …..Kal k episode Mein to uska popat Ho Gaya bcz Sumo ne kya Ignoring ans Diya usse too good …..

    @Deotima ….yes EDKV is very hatke Show but I don’t think People have much patience now………but still Hoping for the best

    1. Yes now I wish that this serial should end soon. Bardash nahi karpare itna sara twist and poor shravan I can’t tolerate more his agony. Better stop watching enjoy a good nights sleep and a peaceful day next morning.

  23. Well hey guys… No guys I m nt calmin down myself… I m calmin my fist down…

    Bcoz mein nhi chahti mujhe iski vajah se jail jaana pade..

    Sach batau toh I m confused ki pehle iss adi ka murder karun ki iss nirmala ka…. I mean achha khasa adi disappoint ho gya tha… Pr nhi nirmala kaki agar apni akal nhi dokhaengi toh toofan aa jayega na.. Kya zaroorat thi adi ko encourage krne ki???

    Shravan shravan shravan…. Bhale hi tu court mein case ek din mein khatam kr de… Pr apne dil ka case saalon mein nhi khatam kr paa rha…. Had h..

    Wah ji wah lalaji… Tunne to dil jeet liya… Kaleje te thandak pawa di… Ok lets stop it… I accept ki main punjabi nhi bol skti… So lets drop it.. Bt mein yeh kehna chahti hun ki kya lecture sunaya h lalaji ne uss so called rich kameeni (Yeah I spelled her rite.. She is kameeni only) ko… Dil jeet liya..

    Whoa!!!! Guys I guess yahan pr ek bahut bdi debate chal rhi h about d track… Toh bhaiya main kyu peechhe rahu??

    Main bhi apni opinion bata deti hoon…

    Guys to b very frank… I lv dis track.. Yeah I know dey r stretchin it… Bt luk I guess dis is d frst track dey r stretchin…. Agar voh chahte toh khosla wala track stretch kr skte the… Ya fir Ramnath death wala… At dat time unhone stretch nhi kiya…. Bt now if dey r stretchin a bit so we shud leave our show??
    Common dude… Its nt rite agar aap kisi show k achhe portion ko enjoy kr rhe ho toh den u cannot back off when unpleasant track comes… Hv sense of loyality..
    N when it comes to upcomin track… I dont think ki nirnath k union tk shraman milenge… Aur rhi baat adi ki so yes he is here to create prob…. Kaun si love story mein prob nhi hote??? N as said by ATW…. “VOH KAUN SI LOVE STORY HOTI H JISME PROB. NHI HOTI… PR VOH KHUSHNASEEB HOTE H JINKI LOVE STORY HOTI H”…
    Toh itne bade lecture ka yeh ashay h ki dis show is goin through an emotional prt… Stay loyal bcs cvs hv never disappointed us… N again as said by ATW..

    (My comment is to no one in particular…)

  24. Hi guys … A bad news .. I read in a spoiler that adi will be a villain in shraman story …. U can read of on Google .. Just type ..UPCOMING TWIST IN EDKV …open serial gossip .com …. And. Read the first one …

    1. Smile thank you for your love yaar that you gave me for my ff..from
      1 august ,only registered member can post ff…so,I can’t post ff .. .I am. Sorry…

      1. Really is it so..why don’t u get registered??

  25. Hi guys how r u???
    M coming after a long time yr don’t know why I was having problem in opening this site and was not able to login in my TU id also what is going on m posses off now…

    Anyways what’s up ??
    What’s going on??

    @minu yup dear I agree with u this adi track is really not going good for me at first I found it interesting but now m tired of it and I even read that adi will not play a cupid but instead he will create problem in Sharman relation Ohh god when will they unite and when will we be able to c their romance …..

    @anshi belated happy birthday again dear…Uff I c bday season is on first kittu then u we’ll who’s next plz do tell I don’t want to miss anyone’s bday….yr now after seeing u all celebrating ur bday I also want mine to come fast …
    Mera bday kab aayega jaldi aaja yr..

    @anshi I don’t need to feel confused dear u kill nirmala and I will kill that adi so confusion khtam and voh dono bhi khtam what say…

    @Rosh u r a sweetheart yr u conveyed all my msgs to these ppl and vice versa love u yr a big hug from me and loads of kisses also…

    I missed u so much guys love u all

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