Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan and Sumo are not comfortable with the idea but they comply for the sake of elders. Mausa ji tells Sumo Preeti will come with her clothes and jewellery. Preeti comes just then. She gives Shravan and Sumo their clothes. Mausa ji also leaves to change. Shravan asks Sumo if she finds reasons to see him. She tells him not to give so much importance to him. I would have made excuses to not come here had I known you are here. He says you agreed so easily for photos. She reasons that she married him for Nanu’s sake. photos are no big deal. She leaves to change. Mama ji asks Shravan to change in his room.

Preeti compliments Sumo. Mami ji notices her empty hairline. I told you to get vermilion by Shravan. Where is vermilion box? Sumo tells her to let it be. How does it matter? Mami ji

speaks of their tradition. It is said that if husband puts vermilion then it means he is safe otherwise. Anyways, ask Shravan to do it. Shravan comes to ask them if Sumo is ready. Mami ji nods. She leaves with Preeti.

Shravan asks Sumo to come outside fast and end this drama asap. Sumo tells him about Mami ji saying that married woman’s hairline should be filled with vermilion. Shravan tells her to do it then. She adds that husband has to do that. Shravan stops in his tracks. You have already gotten me into too much. I wont be able to do this. do whatever you have to and come outside.

Mausa ji guides photographer about the photo shoot. Photographer assures him he will click the best photos. Shravan looks at the arrangements. Photographer asks for Sumo who comes just then. Shravan looks at her. She has filled her hairline with vermilion herself. Rachna compliments Sumo on her beauty. Mami ji says she is bound to look beautiful. Shravan filled her hairline with his hands. It is showing its effect. Shravan thinks how unnecessarily Sumo involved him in this.

Tiwari family sits down to have photos with newlyweds. Photographer asks everyone to say cheese but Dabbu points out that it is old now. Now we say Paneer. Everyone smiles. Everyone clicks photo with the couple one by one. Sumo and Shravan turn to go but everyone tells them to stay. It is time for your solo shoot now. They insist upon the couple to stand close and pose. Shravan says I am in a rush to leave. I am already late. Nanu tells him to go later. I have to have your photo with Sumo. Babu Lal has made special arrangement for you both. Mausa ji nods. Photographer asks Shravan to pose with Sumo in titanic pose. Shravan looks confused but then does it. Next, photographer tells them to look in each other’s eyes. they see each other which makes everyone happy. Shravan leaves while still wearing his Sherwani. He takes everyone’s leave. Rachna asks them if they are tired. You look upset after such a great photo shoot. Sumo denies. we should leave.

Shravan and Sumo come home. Pushkar asks them to join them for dinner. Everyone is surprised to see them wearing clothes of wedding. Lala ji says you surprised us today by marrying in court. It seems you really got married today. Preeti shares how Dadu kept photo shoot today. Kamini ji asks them to show them the album too. You both look really cute. Lala ji agrees with her. That court marriage dint make me too happy. I feel they should be married following all rituals properly. Vandy happily cheers for it. Shravan says it is good to make such a mistake once. Who makes the same mistake again knowingly? Everyone laughs it off. Kamini ji says no one knows of your hush hush wedding so I invited some of my friends over. Dress up like this only. Lala ji too says the same. Shravan tells other family members to invite their friends too. Pushkar says everyone knows Sumo. Shravan points out that they don’t know Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. I will call her Mrs. Malhotra only. Sumo looks at her pointedly. Sumo asks Kamini ji if she can request her friends to come in evening. I have to go to PCT for some important work. Kamini ji makes a sad face. I will have to ask everyone. It seems difficult but it is ok. Sumo requests her to try. I cannot avoid work. I will have to go to PCT. Shravan angrily says what’s this PCT. You are Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. You don’t have to go there anymore. How much do you earn there? Everyone looks at him in wonder but he finds it ok. Husband and wife can discuss such things before everyone. He turns his attention to Sumo once again. Tell me how much do you earn in a month? Sumo replies that she earns around 60-70k. Shravan says I will give you that on the first day of every month. I know it means a lot to you because of your mother’s name. Hand it over to Prita. She will take care of it. You have the vermilion of my name now. Act like Mrs. Shravan Malhotra.

Sumo replies that no one becomes a servant of anyone by putting the vermilion of their name. I have my own identity too. You said you will give me that much money? From where will you give me? Will you ask your papa? Your papa only enrolled you in Oxford to study Law. He set a successful law firm for you there to work. He still helps you in your cases. This means you have nothing of your own. You have 0 earnings. Basically, the money you want to give me is your father’s. I started my PCT from scratch. I took it to the stage where investors want to invest to earn money out of it. every penny is my hard work. I appointed every staff member and supported my family till date. Biggest thing is that I am independent. She gets up. I might not have to change my identity for someone else as it is enough. But what’s your identity? Mr. Ramnath Malhotra’s son! This is it right? The way my business is going today, it might go ahead than yours tomorrow. It will be better if you start working hard from now only. Till the time you start earning yourself, don’t ask me to leave PCT again! She tells Lala ji and Kamini ji she will be happy to meet their friends. Please request them to come in evening. I will have to go to PCT in morning. She leaves for her room. Everyone sits there tensed. Kamini ji tries to say something to Shravan but he leaves from there angrily. Ramnath sits worried.

Precap: Shravan says life is turning worse. I will drown all my pains in this. He pours alcohol for himself. Ramnath stops him. There are other ways too. Shravan asks him about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Khushi

    Guys I don’t know what to say they are missing me off now f**k them all
    I just can’t tolerate this shit anymore

    I called Sony again toh she said that I trust either PH or channel and I was like what the f**k we want to trust channel but can’t deny the things we c all the actors and team is talking of wrapping up the shoot

    Guys Sony is constantly saying that the show is not going anywhere its not ending and if after all this the show still ends then
    I swear m gonna make Sony pay for this then I will call them and use my own sweet Lang with them

    Itni gaaliyan nikalungi ki unke kaan phat jayenge

    Kutte kaminey saale

    1. pretty preeti

      Khush control meri behen control .

    2. Alina

      Khushi I asked u some ques on twitter pls reply krna

  2. Beas

    First of all Happy Mahalaya to all my didis. I know that none of us are happy but still depipokkho has started from today and Goddess Durga is on her way. Guys pray ? to her that she kills Sony instead of Mahisasur with her trisul and also pray that edkv doesn’t end. Guys what is the true news?? I just saw a pic that they all r celebrating ending of edkv by cutting a cake ? sent by the fans. Some r saying it gonna end and some saying not. Don’t know what will happen????

    1. @beas..??????
      Jst Chill with the pic..my dear..
      Because..its not an official cake cutting…of ending edkv..
      Mujhey bhi aisa hi laga ek pal k liye…but..kisi fan ney unit k liye cake laaye..so they all cut the cake…
      In the cake she wrote:
      Kabhi alvidha na kehna..
      Edkvians family..
      Lots of love.??

  3. Prettypreeti

    Hlo every1 I m back
    Thanks for ur well wishes my pprs were too good.
    His u all r .
    I m upset with the news of ending of edkv.I m sad.
    But today epi was good I mean yesterday .
    Ramu changed I was surprised on seeing his change but gud
    My elder sis anjo sona di David bhai khush mino di roshu di Bea’s sonai
    Priya di bagya di ALU smile iru di Jo nazu ruchs DJ anshi areeba and everyone love u a lot
    Hope everything will be well in edkv.
    Ramu truth.
    CVS r showing everything fast.
    Guys hope last epi me SB comment kre.
    Sony walo tum logon ko hmari haye lgegi
    Yaaro last epi me SB hona.
    R u all ready to become devdas.
    Mera edkv.
    I have already become a devdass.
    I hope it will have a happy ending.
    Plz don’t end edkv u r best stay with us.
    Guys let’s see what will happen
    Love u all

  4. Prettypreeti

    @anjo I m here only my sis




  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey all I think EDKV is going off air for now because i was seeing zoom telly TOP up for any EDKV news there they say that Shravan will feel guilty After ramu kaka tells him the truth and then he will bring Nirmala home and in the end confess his love to sumo.
    So i think it’s true that 7th oct is the last day of EDKV ?????

    1. Alina

      Smile..really it is final na…??

  7. Nazia

    Sumo was sooo ryt!!!!
    Shravan stupid!
    Well guys even of we r getting news if edkv not going off air.. Dont stop trending!!!
    And @smile.. Its if sept 12 news
    And shraman love confession widout romance… F**k!!!!

  8. Beas

    Guys check this. I don’t edkv will get another chance ?

  9. Yes smile I also read that news on times of India. Edkv not off air due to public demand.

  10. Anushika

    Even I read that EDKV is not going off air,Hoping that this news is true

  11. Priya15

    Hare yr… Wts this… Now also same confusion.. Some saying edkv is not gonna end.. Some saying no.. It’s truly gonna end..

    Which is the confirm news???

    Sony pls don’t make us like u people.. Sony TV ki Tarah logon ko bhi pagal aur confused people Bana doghe kya????

  12. Ek duje ke vaste end honewala hai

  13. Priya15

    Guys See this.. Edkv is ending… Sony TV is lying to fans… Shraddha jaiswal herself said that…..

    Tmr it’s wrapping up… I m like ?????…


    Sony tv get ready..the fans r waiting with swords to kill u….ur channel is going to be big flop…. I swear..i quit sony …as soon as my show go off air…

  14. Alina

    See fans reached edkv set…wat is going on I m so much confused BEAS is saying it will mot go off air SONAI is saying its confirm news that it will end whats happening..when we will get final news by sony??

  15. pretty preeti

    Guys so confusion what is this intermixing .
    Tell the final news.
    Plz don’t end it.
    Sony kuch toh btao.

  16. Alina

    @Anjali dii don’t worry dii I also don’t have any wifi n net pack I hav to use just 20 or 30 mb per day..so the link I share that doesn’t consume much data…see u can watch the same thing on youtube also but I think youtube consumes 100mb for 2mins video..na??
    And from which i see it takes only 10 mb for good quality..nd as I told u I hav to use only 30mb/day so I watch in very low quality which consume only 1or 2 mb..hasna nhi dii..kya kru dekhne ko to mil jata hai na!!
    N kuch zada bari baat nhi thi..u know na abp news wale they don’t show good news of our show…buri cheeze dekhane tapak parte h..
    Wat happen was Namik said “its nothing any serious matter I n director Aijaz sir r almost same age n short tempered so small argument arised while playing a part ..he also add like I fight with Ranjeet n varun in similar way it happened with Aijaz ..nothing serious. .”
    So dii ye comment zaroor padhna n reply krna..n you can download anything on wapwon.mobi

  17. Guys someone watch this new video suman and shravan ka zagda aaya media me.dekhiye media ke sawaal on u tube only.hahaha

  18. And guys hum abhi edkv ke ending ke bare kuch bhi baat nahi karenge.we comment on only episode.aur one more good news ki hi links post karna only.bad links ho to post mat karo yaar yahape. Vo bad news dekhke bahut pain ho raha hai.so nw only good news post karna.aur hum me se koi bhi ab off air ya ending ka naam nahi nikalenge.kaise hum pehle only episode ke bare me bolte the vaise hi bolenge aur enjoy karenge.ab bad news zelne ki shakti nahi hai.so I request u all.sorry if I hurt anyone.

    1. Nazia

      Di yei baat mene bhi pehle bolithi.. we shud now concenttate on the epi

  19. Alina

    Hey guys there’s a news that shoot will wrap up on 1st october..is it finall?? If extension is given then y edkv team is stepping back..pls someone clear my doubt plsss say something !!

    1. Beas

      Di Sony is just lying. No extension ad nothing. Edkv will air it last episode on 7Oct?

  20. Beas

    See this Guys edkv is sure gonna end on 7Oct. It’s damn sure. Sony TV is just lying to the fans so that we stop disturbing them. They were till now just playing with our emotions.

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    It’s confirmed EDKV is gonna end on 7th oct Sony said show won’t go off air for now they meant by show won’t go off air today or abruptly instead it will have a proper end that’s why gonna end later on 7th oct should have understood this earlier that not ending now meant by not ending abruptly ?
    I will miss EDKV to the core and this show will remain in my heart. Love u EDKV love u shraman. Lots of love from me for EDKV cast and crew for an amazing show.
    Gonna see the last 5 epi at any cost and after EDKV ends thinking to watch the show again from day 1 online. As no other drama i like to watch nowadays among the current ones

  22. Nazia

    guys EDKV off air hone wala hay.. I agree wid beas becuz sare sach bahar ayenge + shraman’s love confession so ab aur kuch bhi nahi bachega dikhane ko.. so we shall better concentrate on the epi.. kahi esa na ho ki in sab chaakkaro mein parke hum last epi..s ka maza hi na le.. so let’s enjoy!!!!

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    What is going on here? I just read this news that aijaz sheikh the director of EDKV is quiting the show after a show down with namik and he said namik is good actor but he should respect people.
    And then there is this news that Shravan will break his marriage with sumo
    What is surprising this is all coming from India forums and news there are usually true
    That means what? EDKV is extended? Or what? And why would the director quit for 1 epi and also they change track. These are traces of show being extended.
    Or maybe they r doing this by spreading Rumours so that fans themselves say that end EDKV and then Sony happily can end on 7th without worry like maybe it’s their way so that they end this show without problem
    I don’t know so many things r going on my mind right now
    Frankly speaking i don’t want show to end but i don’t want problems for EDKV or EDKV to lose fandom due to these Rumours and all that.
    Hope the fight between aijaz and namik is a Rumour.
    And we should all see EDKV till 7th oct and after 7th oct we also see the epi on Monday like Sony when they show EDKV like at 10th only then we can know If show really Went off air or not

  24. RANdomfANCreationz

    Is EDKV ending or not?
    This is getting more complicated than why katappa killed bahubali

  25. Guys just called to sony office.I asked them I am talking about edkv off air is it true.becs some media said its off air some said no off air.so we r very confused nw so when u confirm ur final decision. So they said mam not confirmed yet.we discuss to edkv team and give final confirmation on Tuesday .pakka. I hope its true.till Tuesday on decision day durga mata give some brain to sony and edkv makers.and hope for the good news.and guys I told in my last comments also plz bad news ki link mat post karo.only good news do.and think positive.

  26. Alina

    Now whats this..?? I think this india forums r wrong..how could this happen cv’s will not end show like this.. I m sure this will not happen..faltu news

  27. Hey joyee and alina shravan break marriage with sumo is true news.becs I saw a video of that on u tube evening.

  28. guys all cm to 30th sept pg

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