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Everyone is tired after playing Holi. Mami ji compliments Bablu on his dance. He says entertaining someone is my forte. Rachna points out that Shravan entertained everyone today. Everyone agrees with her. Mama ji asks Sumo why she came early. She lies to them. Everyone eats sweets while talking about Shravan. Nana ji says Shravan is a fool. I dint expect it from him. Mausa ji supports Shravan. Nana ji calls him a fool too. Sumo asks Nana ji what Shravan did. He dismisses it.

Preeti is looking for her towel. Sumo asks her about the party. Preeti shares how Shravan spoke well about future plans with Urvashi. Urvashi guesses that he might open a private firm in London or buy a penthouse in London. He says he will indeed open one but in India. I will fight cases for those who cannot afford expensive

lawyers. I can atleast do this much for my society. I know it wont be easy but it wont be difficult if Urvashi is with me. Will you support me in this? Urvashi says I like you but I cannot waste my life in villages. You can contribute in the society, do charity. Even I can donate a significant amount. Don’t expect anything more from me than this. Ramnath questions Shravan. Urvashi asks her parents to come. Urvashi’s mother tells Ramnath to make Shravan a sage if he wants to do all that. They leave. Shravan asks his Chachi about what she said. She just left. Flashback ends. Sumo is surprised.

Ramnath says I thought I dint left anything in raising you up nicely. Today you proved me wrong. What you did with Urvashi is totally unacceptable. Shravan reasons that Urvashi rejected him. Ramnath knows he showed everyone what he wanted to. If you had a problem with this relation then you could have told clearly. Shravan says I don’t have any problem with what my family decides for me, but the girl should deserve our family. Ramnath asks him if he means Urvashi is not nice. Shravan shares that half of London knows her truth. I don’t want her to leave me midway like mom left you. Ramnath calls it their past. Shravan says you only tell me that an intelligent person takes lessons from his past. I am doing that only.

Sumo comes to her room and looks at herself in the mirror. She looks happy and relieved.

Pushkar comes to Shravan’s room to return his book. Shravan asks him if he is still upset with him. Pushkar replies that he only enjoys hurting everyone these days. Shravan is still sure he dint do anything wrong which confuses Pushkar. Why do you hate women so much? Shravan reasons that prevention is better than cure. There are two faces of people. One that we see and the other that we don’t get to see. Pushkar disagrees with him. we see only what we want to see. Everyone is different. We cannot look at everyone with the same eye. But like I said, we see only what we want to see! Good night. He leaves. Shravan takes out the jewellery bag.

Kamini receives someone’s call. She cuts the call on excuses. She only wanted to know what happened yesterday. Mrs. Singh has been telling everyone. Varun cannot recall anything. Ramnath joins everyone on the dining table. Kamini gets up to go to bring parathas when Ramnath apologizes to her for yesterday. She does not mind it. I had no idea Urvashi will try to separate Shravan from us. Ramnath still finds Shravan’s way wrong. Their family got insulted in front of society. Kamini says family comes before society. Kamini and Vandy go to the kitchen. Kamini wants to plan something new to send Shravan away.

Nana ji keeps guiding Rachna and Mami ji about the dust on the wall. Preeti sneezes as soon as she begins to dust. Mami ji is irked as Babu ji is only relaxing and not doing any work. He points out at all the webs in all corners. He asks them to come downstairs after finishing this work. I will find the webs there. The ladies look tensed.

Sumo is coming back home when someone stands before her car. She shouts at the guy. It turns out to be Shravan. He keeps the jewellery bag in her hand. I was wrong. I got emotional but later I realised how clever you are. I couldn’t imagine it coming from you. She asks him if the hangover of yesterday’s thandai isn’t over or is the pain of your broken engagement. He looks taken aback. Did it hurt? He calls it cheap like what she did yesterday. She says you can pay money to me being rich but I cannot pay you back the very same amount! He calls it a drama. You knew I know how much this means to you and I will never accept it yet you gave it to me! You knew I wont take it at any cost. I did just that. He begins to go but she stands in his way. I dint give it to you to take it back. This means the world to me but I have to give it as I have to pay your loan. He reasons that he gave cash to her. She says she would have given it to him if she had cash. He gets tensed but then covers up. Give me the cash whenever you have. I anyways don’t remember such small things. She writes it down for him but he says he wont be able to come to London. She is taken aback to know that he is leaving for London on this Monday only. After 4 days? He replies that the day or answer wrong change by asking again. She asks for his account number. He gives it to her. She says if you will really go. You were going last time only. He nods. I had an important work. She knows how well he did it. do you again have to organize a party to insult anyone? He shows her his ticket. She asks him to call her from a landline when he reaches there. I don’t think you will go this time. He says it is final. She thinks it is better for both of them if he actually leaves from here. He looks at her hurt. Title track plays. He leaves from there. She sadly looks on. I have been waiting for you to come home all these years, now I will only wait for you to leave!

Precap: Ramnath scolds Shravan for taking decisions on his own. You are leaving for London. You can tell her (Sumo), but not us? Later, Shravan questions Sumo. What was the need to tell Papa? She just wanted to make sure he isn’t lying. I don’t trust you. You might make an excuse to stay back. Someone looks at Tiwari House.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I really like this couple…??
    they r never showing love to each other….?but they can’t stop even from thinking abt each other… both don’t move from their position at all…

    1. So true. They can’t stand each (for now) but their feelings/attraction I unmissable! I love them. I’d also like to see more of this attitude and not be committed to other people.

  2. Wow, Shravan is something. Only yesterday I was thinking how this engagement will be called off, I thought maybe right til the last minute. Never would have guessed like this. Anyway, he did it in his annoying way.

  3. nyc epi..i nvr thot shravans engagmnt dramm ll end up lyk ths bt m happy tat writer dint draggd ths drama 😉 😀 ShraMan love each othr bt nvr shows it ♥ ShraMan rockx ♥

  4. Very nice episode.

  5. I’m glad they didn’t drag this stupid engagement. I love how Shravan admits he would never take the jewelry because he knows how much it means to Sumo. He still loves her. <3
    After seeing how Sumo used to treat him in the flashbacks, she does deserve for him to be a little mean. Just a little, not the nonsense he's been doing.

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