Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan sits in the car. I will tell Sumo everything. Aditya asks him to wait and sits inside. Please drop me too. my car is busy in dropping people. Shravan says I am going to CP. Aditya says it is perfect drop me on the way please. Shravan does so without a word. Aditya thanks him but Shravan drives away without saying anything. Aditya wonders if what this man is. He always he short tempered.

Shravan is driving when Aditya’s phone rings. Shravan is irked as he takes a u turn.

Sumo is talking to Nirmala ji. I am so happy you are here. Don’t go without meeting me. I am bust at the moment. Nirmala ji says I know. You are doing it on by yourself. They agree to meet after wedding. Nirmala ji tells Sumo to take care of Nanu. Sumo is in thoughts.

Aditya is talking to the

chole kulche vendor. Shravan gives Aditya his phone. Aditya thanks him. Now that you have decided to be my angel then I will make you meet my angel. She is my girlfriend no. 1. I don’t make anyone meet her. You are really lucky. Shravan says thanks but not interested. Call your mom ok. He sits in the car. Nirmala ji comes to the venue. She can be easily seen in the car’s rear view mirror. Shravan is looking at his phone when she heads inside. He does not see her and neither does she.

Nirmala ji hugs Aditya. Why aren’t you picking your phone? I have been calling him. Aditya tells her that he forgot his phone in the car of his friend’s brother. He is a big Sadu. He never laughs as if something has gone terribly wrong. Nirmala ji says I know what you have told him. Aditya says I dint say anything wrong. You are my first girlfriend. Nirmala ji smiles. Who will agree to meet me if you will talk like this? When will you make me meet your love interest? Aditya says it will happen real soon. Khichdi is boiling. It will be ready soon.

Shravan is upset on Aditya but realises that he is angrier on Sumo though. She isn’t understanding anything He tries her number again but she does not pick up. He wonders why this is happening.

Sumo tries to cheer Nanu but he is worried for her. She reasons that he has raised her to be strong. Why worry then? nanu says how will you get married if Manju and everyone leave for America. I am old. I wont be able to do anything. Sumo explains it well to him. I am strong enough to tackle anything. If they go then I have you. I don’t have any worries till you are with me. he reasons that he isn’t blessed to be immortal. I will leave you one day. She gets sad. Don’t say so. I wont let you go anywhere. You cannot talk like this. Think what will happen to me. How can you say so? Promise me you will never say it again. She helps him in lying down and massages his legs. Nanu stares at the ceiling blankly. Sumo repeats she wont let him go. nanu thinks it is destiny. no one can change it. I wont mind it once you marry to a nice family. Sumo is upset thinking about Nanu’s words. She caresses his face when he falls asleep. She looks at him emotionally and then goes.

Sumo comes to her room. No Nanu, I cannot think about me without you. I don’t care about society and its norms but you will always be with me. She notices Shravan’s missed calls. She calls him back. Shravan stops the car to talk to her. He gets concerned hearing her voice. What happened? She lies that it is nothing but he is sure she has been crying. She lies again. He asks her if she thinks she can lie to him. why do you even try? (tumhe lagta hai tum mujhse kuch chupa sakti ho? Tum koshish bhi kyun karti ho?) She too thinks about it. It is very difficult to hide something from you Shravan. (Tumse kuch bhi chupana bahot mushkil hai shravan). Shravan speaks of the childhood times when he used to come to her after getting hurt. I knew you might not be able to do something but you got to know. I gave you that right. Wont you give me that right today? She cries. How can Nanu say it? He asks her again. she shares what Nanu said. He is everything for me. I don’t know what I will do without him. I wont be able to live without him. He assures her he wont go anywhere. Your love ties people in such a manner that they cannot leave you. don’t think about it. people say so in weak moments or troubled times. Nanu loves you. he wont go anywhere. She is worried if something happens to Nanu. I will be left all alone. He tells her not to even think that ways. I am there. I will be with you. they both go quiet. She says I am fine now. Tell me why you called. He says I forgot. She knows he is lying. You think you can lie to me? Why do you even try? Say it. He agrees to tell but some other time. It isn’t that important. She asks again but he stays put. Don’t upset yourself thinking about all that. Everything will be good. Stay positive. Take rest now. She says hmm. He tells her to sleep. She points out that she will sleep when he will keep the phone down. He sweetly says I wont do it till I hear you snoring. She says I don’t snore. He reminds her that she cannot win with him in arguments. You call me egoistic. She smiles. You want me to lose? He sweetly requests her to do so this time. She smiles sweetly and agrees.

Pushkar tries Shravan’s number but it is switched off. Everyone at home is worried. Varun calls his friends to check about Shravan and so does Pushkar. They find no clue. Lala ji asks Pushkar to call Sumo. You should have called her first. She is his best friend. Kamini adds fuel to the fire. You should have called her first of all. She is Shravan’s best friend after all. They might have sat down to discuss the preps. Ramnath panics upset. What will they talk about at 2 am? Kamini shrugs. Pushkar calls Sumo.

Sumo is in deep sleep. She is surprised to see Pushkar calling her at this hour. Pushkar asks her if she has any idea where Shravan is. Sumo denies. I had a word with him at 11:30 last. Pushkar shares that Bhaiya left at 11 pm from home. Sumo is shocked to realise that Shravan was in car when he was talking to her. Pushkar ends the call. Sumo wonders where Shravan was going to at that hour. why dint you reach home yet? She gets up up and picks her car keys. Massi asks Sumo where she is going at this hour. Sumo tells her that no one knows where Shravan is. I will just check.

Sumo, Pushkar and Ramnath are looking out for Shravan on road. They hope Shravan is fine. Sumo thinks he wanted to say something to her. Maybe he will be on the way to my home. She finds his car and informs Pushkar. He agrees to come right away. Sumo knocks at the car’s door. Shravan has fallen asleep. He is surprised to see her there. What are you doing here? She shouts at him. Have you lost it? What was the point of putting me to sleep when you were in the middle of the street? Everyone is so worried and I. She hugs him and cries. Please don’t do it ever again. He agrees not to do it. Pushkar and Ramnath come just then. Ramnath is upset seeing them thus whereas Shravan looks happy.

Precap: Ramnath says I hope you dint forget your promise Sumo. She says I promised you that I will never tell my feelings to Shravan but it not that the feelings will be over. Love has happened after all. What to do now?

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Hello guys..!
    Ep was dammmmmm amazing !!! Loved it..! Yay…!!!!!! Sumo is back hurrah…!!!
    Today’s ep was sooo lovely bt emotional as well…Nandu n naati bonding…r awesome….n dialouges hai too emotional nikki n Nandu u nailed it….! Hats of to u…..

    N Aate hi kamal kardia hats of to nikki bemari se uth kar foran shoot Karna shuru hogai….
    Sumo n shraman = shraman both rocked today…..ufff m very happy finally after a long tym they HUG it WS an unexpected scene Lekin ho Gaya so lovely ajjjj ka ep…!! Was damm amzing…
    Their talk on phone n sumo’s concern fr him…..our handsome Munda n beautiful lady !! Finally their moments cm thank god….
    This ramu ka baccha ye phir aagaya !! Errrrr I will kill him kyun kabab Mai haddi ban jata hai…

    N Precap sumo nai sahi ka jawaab dia ravnath ko….SHAKAL dekhne walai thi…! Hahahaha
    Abhi toh bht drama hona baki hai …… Adivan (adi n shravan) scenes were also funny….
    Waiting waiting waiting…….
    N thank u soooooooo much Pooja di fr fast update…. 🙂 🙂
    By guys
    Love u all….!

  2. sona

    Oh…god…amazing episode…
    And Nikki..she was just adorable…ye side nunchi kuda tanu..asala..jwaram vachina ammaiy la ledu…chala..chala..chala…….enjoy chess..e roju…😂😂😂😄😄😃😃
    (Kisi b side sey vo bimar nahi lag rahi this..ye ladki..bahut..bahut..bahut..enjoy..kiya..aaj..😃😄😄😄😆😅😅😊☺)
    Sori..vo kehtey..hai..ki jab emotions mey behjaay..tho..basha par control nahi rehti..😂😃😄😉😍😍😍😍aur..kisi ko bhi pehle..apni..mother tongue..hi yaadh aati hai na..so I told in Telugu😉😜😜
    Well…I’m very sorry for those David and areeba..whom I suggested to take gap..sorry..yaar..I really don’t knw they will shift best episode of Monday to this Friday..
    Abh is dhamekadhar..episode ko weekend par aayi huyi gift hamper samjungi..my😉😉😂😂😂😜😜😛
    Par dar lagta hai..kahi ye kisi aaney wali pareshaniyon ki sanketh na ho..vaisey yaadh hai na..pichli baar bhi jabhi laga. ki kuch acha honeywala..hai..hamesha bada twists aaya hai..😥😮😜😜😛😍😍😊😉
    Well.precap also too interesting..sumo hamesha..ramu ko much this jawab dethi..hai..I like this quality..in her..always😜😛😍😍😊😉
    OK guys..gd nyt.for all of u..kittu..areeba.preeti..minakshi..anshi..sonai..maria..lovelylady..sumo..and evryonenazia..we will miss you..

  3. sona

    Uff..is moderation service maintence..in cheezon ka kabhi kuch ho hi nahi sakta😞☺😊😉
    Thank god..at last ho gaya..abh take..aankey…jabardasthi..khol k rakh rahi tgi..ye dekhney k liye..comment post hua hai ki..nahi..abh jaa rahi hu..soney..
    Gd NYt☺

  4. Lily

    Aaj ka epi was awesome ……
    Talking about the precap
    Sumo gave a fitting reply to Raamu kaka…

    But I am afraid that Raamu kaka will now plan something… But somehow I think this time the plan will back fire…. And he will get exposed….. Plz plz…. Raamu should be exposed…..

  5. roshni

    Wat is the prob with this site????? I was so so soooo happy to c our ShraMan like this i was so eager to comment n this site god…..kk leave it…

    Coming to epi…. By god wat to tell i am am so much happy right now I am flying seeing there convo hug….. Unexpected things brings more happiness …. It happened with me …. I am really very much happy today….finally sumo is back … N yaar It was a treat to eyes to c todays epi….again this epi added to my fav n best epi list….. Shravan was so sweet polite n cute at the same time… I got little emotional regarding nanu ….. I was touched with there bonding….. I loved it to core….

    N guys pls pls pls do reply is there any way to save some epi of edkv on my phone permanently?????? I badly need many epi so that I can watch anytime …..

    Good night all….

    Pls do reply….

    • Asmita...


      |Registered Member

      Hey Roshni… If you save video by youtube directly it will get saved offline… So do 1 thing… Download “vidmate”… You will not find it on play store… Type vidmate in google search bar and download it… Here is the link

      After downloading, install it and thn open it… You will find 1st icon of youtube, click on it… When youtube is opened, type which episode you want to download eg. “Ek duje ke vaste episode 107” … And search it… Thn you will find an arrow option of downloading below right side.. click it… It will ask the quality of video eg. Hd quality, mp4, 3gp… Select whatever you want and click on download… It will downloaded directly in your phn memory and you can shift it to memory card too…

      I tHink this is sufficient info… Still if you find any problems… I am a msg away only dear… 😊

  6. Lightsabre


    |Registered Member

    Last scene was goin gud… until… vo pagal ramnath ne nazar laga di🙈🙈🙈.
    Pushkar shud hav seen them hug and then pointed towrds the ‘opposite ‘ direction and said ” sir… vo dekho.. sorry.. mera veham dha. Vaha kuch nahi 😋😋😋 ” and then shud hav driven away n cum bak later! 😉 ab ek lawyer ko chutt bolna sikhana padega kya?!😜😜😜

    Uh.. is ramnath gona blackmail sumo again abt callin off preetis weddin?! Hopin for nirmala to fix the situation. N… adi… hmm… bechara beech mein bhasa hai. Sum1 shud tel him the girl is taken😜.. tht too by his step brother!

  7. Amy

    Loved todays episode especially shraman scenes the part when they were talking on the phone and the part when she huggeg him 😊

  8. kittu(AKA member)kk for ireena di...missing u..😢😢

    HUG HI HUG..
    HUG HI HUG..

    HO NA HO..

    Wooow…yipeeeeee…finally…awesome blossom… Tadaaaa…m jumping guyssss…
    BALLE BALLE…oye hooo

  9. kittu(AKA member)khushi di,ireena di...where r u???kk for my Ireena diii😍😍

    Tell me first of all…
    Is and k paas apna kuch Hai bhi ya surf kehne ko ahuja ka beta Hai…
    Obviously no words for hug…nd love their convo.. Hug ho to aisa ..jabardast…killer…nd ramu nd kamu..ha ha…love nanu..nirmala ,so cute ma.Really our shravu deserves her.Want to see u soon with shravu… Lalaji, tussi kamaal ho.
    As I know u guys r much better than me in writing cmmts,so guys u do.I come here for u all..nd somewhat for edkv.. But u the most..so..
    @NAZIA,okay dear. I got it…JSC,ryt?All the very best , this seems to like 10th board…okay dear..well I hope it won’t end,I ‘ll not I but we’ll miss u dear.try to come soon..nd ha u can call me Di..😜😜..I like this authority… Ha ha
    @Beas…now welcome back my YKY…now keep commenting here as usual…😄
    @Arbi…kahan Hai tu..kahan Hai tu..😊
    @Priya 15 ,Di …wow u r back…thnx Di..nd how were yr xms…???I missed u di…
    @DJ ANSHI….wow Nice songs..now its my turn…..
    (Teri Meri kahan,gabbar)

    HOTA SABSE RUHANA….😄😄😄😄…nd ha,tujhe kaise bhool sakti hoon..love u dear…

  10. kittu(AKA member)khushi di,ireena di...where r u???kk for my Ireena diii😍😍

    @Sona Di..why will u miss me???after all m here Di…

  11. kittu(AKA member)khushi di,ireena di...where r u???kk for my Ireena diii😍😍

    @Roshu Di…no idea Di….

  12. rashi(rose)

    @Kittu…yaar Ab to sunle..this is the 3rd time when m commenting on this pg,for u…I know u won’t forgive me..sorry..bola na..dekh Teri sry k chakkar me yahan tak aa gayi…anyways.. Leave this..
    Baar baar din ye aaye …
    Baar baar dil ye gaye…
    Tum jiyo hazaro saal..
    Ye Meri Hai…Arzooooo…
    Happy b’d to u…taraaaa….
    Hey dear…now forgive me… I know this was not our topic of fight… But plez.. Nd have a prosperous year ahead…nd will cmmt tomorrow on yr B’d ….
    @Guys…sorry m new ..was a silent reader… Me nd Kittu r classmates.. But on any topic… Uff..actually hamari ladai ho gayi Hai..okay…so I wanna say sorry but she is not paying attention… That’s y I came here…nd thought to celebrate her b’d here😜…Ab skool me ye mujhe pakka pitegi….
    @Sorry everyone…. Kittu had told me abt this pg,so I went here…nd found a superb bonding…. I really wanna join u all….could I??… Nd ya u all have a unique potential…
    Bye everyone…

  13. Aalia

    Today i m super dooper happy ….kitne dino k baad ye shraman moments ki ek jalak dekhi…waise i m aalia a new member of edkv fans…hi everyone i m really enjoying all d fan fictions …u all r superb writers hats off 2 u all…

  14. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU.. Hey dear my xmz were good.. I m fyn.. Wt abt u??? I missed u all too..

    Epi was nyc especially precap.. I think it was a slap ans to ravannath…. Forgot to say guys it’s funny to watch shravan jealous in past few days episodes…

    ROSHNI Di.. How r u??? Ur clg opened??

    Wr s Ireena di.,Khushi BHAGYA di, minakhi di and all others???

    • Bhagyashri

      Hii priya I am Here. How r u? And how was ur exam? M sure very easy.and welcome back.we all miss u

  15. SONAI

    Awwww…………….. Aaj kitne dino baad ShraMan moment hua !! Vaise kya koi gari me bhi so sakta hain ?? Oooo I just loved that hug……………Hazaro baar dekhungi me ye episode !!

    @Beas Kal mere papa ne mere sath EDKV beginning to end dekha !! Yeah ! that hug scene also but I didn’t changed the channel !! Tu aapni halat bata Nani ke ghar se wapas aane ke baad !!
    @Sona di Why will u miss me ?? I’m here after 1 week gap !!

    @ Guyzz
    I think I will write less comments this month as my father said that he’ll not recharge the broadband connection !! To mujhe chori chori chupke chupke unke phone se comment karna parenga jo bohot mushkil hain !!

  16. Anshi

    @Rashi…. Wait a min… U wanna say ki kittu ka bday mere bday se ek din pehle h?? Omg… K… Thanx dear n welcum… 🙂 🙂 …. N as u see I m anshi…. N I really hope u cmment daily.. 🙂

    Happy bday in advance
    -Ur anu..DJ Anshi… N ur ATW.. 🙂

  17. Minakhi

    Omg this was An unexpected Episode By God….😍Mujhe bas Shraman ka Phone convo nd Hug hi yaad hai …..Omg…that hug man 😚😚 Woh Gadha Khambe jaisa khada tha …bhai Agar ladki Hu kar rahi hai to Thoda sa tight pakad leta to kya bigad jata uska😩 Precape Mein Sumo ne kya jawab Diya yaar ….too good. 👍 Ramu ko kuch aur plan karna chahiye😆😈 Well Hii guys…. Good morning….This modu uncle Ka to😠😠

  18. Minakhi

    @Rashi …that means Kittu ka b’day kal hai???????ok Thanks for Telling us….woo……😊😁 @🎁 Yeh le @Kittu For being 1st On this comment box Jo bhi maangna hai manglena iss Gift Box se.Aur Teri B’DAY ka to kuch aur hi plan hai…..Ati rehna bas😊😉

  19. 44444

    Whaterver the crime the story writer commited for the Last 15 days is forgiven for this one Episode. That does not mean he can write rubbish again.

    Now Pushkar why dont you tell this incident to Adi and make understand the love between Sumo and Shravan and save Adi from broken heart.

    Now dont twist the story based on Nanus health and senti and try to marry off Suman.

  20. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    love edkv a lot my fav show currently is edkv n ishqbaaz i always get confused what to watch hate the fact they both have same timings n worse is my recording system is spoiled -_- even though i m busy always try ma best to manage time for edkv n ishqbaaz, like krpkab n baazigar also but fav is edkv n ishqbaaz

  21. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    today the way sumo hugged shravan was so cute i could watch the second half only i thought and first 5-10min i thought shravan will mu that aditya n sumo r bf gf thats why shravan nvr cme or he meet with accident :O happy 2 know he is fine and finally shravan got to know sumo cares for him that ramnath cant do anything but he will definately take chance t create mu bteween shraman n aditya once he gets to know aditya is nirmala’s adopted son

  22. roshni

    @asmita Ty tysm dear…. Will download that now only

    Priya15: Nahi priyu still I am in vacation from 10 I guess clg will start …. How was ur exams

  23. Beas

    Awesome episode!😍 loved it.
    @Sonai Nahi yaar mujhe kal edkv dekhne me koi problem nahi hui as I went to my granny’s home 🏠. Teri papa ne tughe episode dekhne ke baad kuch nahi kaha .

    • SONAI

      Haa bohot kuch kaha …………bad me bataungi just remind me OK. Main to tension ke mare still ho gai thi samaj me nahi aa raha tha ki kis taraf dekhu TV ya Papa !! Par during the hug moment I felt like Chahe Duniya Ka KOI BHI AA JAYE ……….AAJ ME DEKHKE CHORUNGI !! NOTHING CAN STOP ME……….BE IT FATHER OR GRANDFATHER !!!

  24. Bhagyashri

    Firstly, very good morning to all my lovely friends.I think episode was very amazing after reading written update and ur comment. M not able to saw yesterday episode due to some electricity problem. But I will watch today online.hii how r u all? Have a rocking weekend.

  25. 44444

    Hw rude Ravnath talks to Pushkar ‘ask the security.Hurry up’

    Now Adi, bring down this rudy Ravan on his knees before Nirmala for making her life misserable and tarnishing the image of your father Ahuja.

    Yes Adi dear you can do this and do a great favour to Suman and Shravan. Once you take vengence for your GF No.1, automatically every one in Malhotra family and Tiwari family will come to know how villainess is Ravanath.

    Please please Adi dear.

  26. SONAI

    Guyzzz I’ve a song for Shravan nd Aditya

    Ek make santane
    Bhai do anjane
    Rishtoki ye kaisi vyatha hain !!!
    Sumo ke liye
    Ban baithe dushman ye
    Nirmu ka aab kaisa vichar hain ???

    This song was played during Karna Arjun scenes in Mahabharat(STARPLUS). I just changed some words !! Guys please feedback !!

  27. 44444

    How cute Kamini. “muje kya batta”

    Lovely kamini. Make Ravan to boil beyond boiling point and cut him to his orginal size.

    Arrogant fool first asks his wife to do some job to meet the expenses and then envies her ability and fidility.

  28. AREEBA

    hiiii guys I was buzy yaar actually na basketball match chal rhe the isliye and guys we won the match……
    assalaamualaikum kittu tera birthday h maine suna chal one song or shayari whatever u think about it see
    Dhoom Dhoom tera birthday aaya
    Dhoom Dhoom tune mujhe na bulaya
    Dhoom Dhoom mujhe gussa aya
    Dhoom Dhoom maine tv chlaya
    Dhoom Dhoom apna birthday door se hi mana le😘😘
    gussa wala tu seriously mat lena actually maine aise hi gusset wala dal diya rhythm me karne ke liye bdw wish u lots of luv ,success nd happiness in ur life ,lots of friends just like me😜just kidding….
    anshi tujhe tere birthday ke din wish karungi A6a waise happy birthday in advance lots of love
    A6a guys mujhe toh pata hi nhi tha tum log mujhe itna miss karoge feeling emotional 😚😙
    every one I m back
    tumne bulaya aur main chali aai aage nhi aata srry
    coming to the episode yaar finally shraman r back kya episode the kitna emotional nanu ko kahin kuch ho na jae yaar sumo ke liye fir kitna difficult hoga kitna emotional diologue the aur shravan 😀😀 tention door kr rha tha ya phir aur tention de rha tha pr great episode kya hug tha superb …..
    and welcome back niki tere aate hi kya noor the serial me ek khubsurati thi wah wah
    nd guys mujhe lagta h me pagal ho jaungi Monday ka intezaar krte krte aur mere toh ab sapne me bhi episode aane lage h😂😂😂
    once again assalaamualaikum to u all 😚😚

    • Anshi (AKA member)

      Awww … Thanx sweet heart… Vaise tujhe pata h main n kittu jis aka team ki baat kr rhe… Tum uski a ho… Jst informin in case u havent read d comments…
      N all d best… In my lang… Aag laga dena… Phod dena… 😉

  29. Anshi (AKA member)

    Hey guyss…. U know wat I saw a dream… In dat dream dere ws n amazing phone convo btween shraman… Den a brilliantest hug…
    Ws dat nt a dream??? Ws it d real epi??? Ws I actually watchin???

    Say yes guys….. Plssss say yes…. Iss anshi ki darkhwast sun lo… Kehdo ha…..

    U said yes????

    WHOA!!!!!!! Omg….
    Ok calm down……. K…. D epi ws difinitely d compunsation of yesterday’s ‘non niki’ epi…
    I ws jst … Smilin throughout d epi….. Frst dat convo den fat hug… Main toh mar jaava gud khake… (Punjabi Anshi 😉 )

    Bye guysss….
    DJ Anshi’s makin an entry..

    HEY GUYS…..

    (happy bday frm abcd)




    Anshi back…

    Hey now agar maths pr joke chal rhe h toh main kyun peeche rahu??
    I 2 hv a joke..


    Bye guysss c u soon

    • 44444

      Oh I too had the same thoughts when saw that frame. I even frighterned to death that the dream will be over and once again Shravan will deep down in drepression. Thank God, it was real episode.

  30. AREEBA

    One song for shraman
    bus itni si tamanna h tere rang me hi rang jao
    rahun na me zara mujh me bus teri ho ke hi reh jao
    kisi se na kaha h jo tumhi se baat voh keh dun sabhi dete h
    dil aksar ma tujhko jaan bhi de dun…….

    One song for sumo to ravanath……
    suno sasur jiiiiiiiii. ……..
    suno sasur jiiiiiiiii……..
    ab maan lo mera kehna dulhan toh jaegi dulhe raja(shravan) ke saath….
    dulhan toh jaege dulhe raja ke saath……..

    shranath ( shravan nd ramnath )
    maine ooooo sanam tujhe pyaar kiya……
    tune oooooo sanam mujhe dhoka diya……
    dhoka diya Yeh kyu……

    ramini (ramnath nd kamini)
    tujhe dekha toh Yeh jana sanam pyaar hota h
    diwana sanam
    ab yahan se kahan jaae hum
    teri bahon me Mar jaae hum…..

    sunai song was fab😊😊
    A6a guys doo comments kk

  31. AREEBA

    One song for shraman
    bus itni si tamanna h tere rang me hi rang jao
    rahun na me zara mujh me bus teri ho ke hi reh jao
    kisi se na kaha h jo tumhi se baat voh keh dun sabhi dete h
    dil aksar ma tujhko jaan bhi de dun…….

    One song for sumo to ravanath……
    suno sasur jiiiiiiiii. ……..
    suno sasur jiiiiiiiii……..
    ab maan lo mera kehna dulhan toh jaegi dulhe raja(shravan) ke saath….
    dulhan toh jaege dulhe raja ke saath……..

    shranath ( shravan nd ramnath )
    maine ooooo sanam tujhe pyaar kiya……
    tune oooooo sanam mujhe dhoka diya……
    dhoka diya Yeh kyu……

    ramini (ramnath nd kamini)
    tujhe dekha toh Yeh jana sanam pyaar hota h
    diwana sanam
    ab yahan se kahan jaae hum
    teri bahon me Mar jaae hum…..

    song for adi nd preeti
    dulhe ki saliyon
    ooo hare dupatte waliyon
    jute de do paisa le lo
    jute le lo paisa le looooo

    sunai song was fab😊😊
    A6a guys doo comments kk

  32. AREEBA

    Welcome rashi welcome dear
    one shayari 4 u
    India is nation and Dadar is station,
    wha wha
    India is nation and& dadar is station,
    Do not fall in love,
    First complete your Education..!!😉😉
    just kidding u r free to fall in luv hehehehe

  33. sona

    Haha..ha..ha..😂😂😂guys..sori..that was by mistake ..I posted..we will miss u..it was not about u all..

  34. Minakhi

    Guys Mujhe lagta hai ….Nanu show Mein Kuch hi Dino k mehmaan hain ……bichare Nanu ….He is the only Person who to the point but I don’t want him to leave the show now m……..After him sab sumo KO kese behave karenge …yehi soch k Mujhe Dar lagta hai….. 😓😓 But I know Shravan will be There for her…….Bcz They r EDKV… 😊😊

  35. AREEBA

    Guys one shayari 4 shraman
    bus itni si tamanna h tere rang me hi rang jao
    rahun na me zara mujh me bus teri ho ke hi reh jao
    kisi se na kaha h jo tumhi se baat voh keh dun
    sabhi dete h dil aksar ma tujhko jaan bhi de dun……

    One shayari 4 ramini
    tujhe dekha toh Yeh jana sanam pyaar hota h
    diwana sanam
    ab yahan se kahan jaae hum
    teri bahon me Mar jaae hum……

    One song for sumo and ravanath
    suno sasur jiiiiiiiii……..
    suno sasur jiiiiiiiii. …….
    ab maan lo mera kehna
    dulhan toh jaegi dulhe raja ( shravan ) ke saath…….
    dulhan toh jaege dulhe raja ke saath……….

    One song for shranath ( shravan nd ramnath )
    maine ooooo sanam tujhe pyaar kiya. ……..
    tune oooooo sanam mujhe dhoka diya………
    dhoka diya Yeh kyu. ………

    One song for preeti and adi on shraman marriage
    dulhe ki saliyon ooo hare dupatte waliyon
    dulhe ki saliyon ooo hare dupatte waliyon
    jute de do paisa le lo……
    jute de do paisa le looooo……
    pleeeeeez dooo comments kk

  36. Minakhi

    @Fatrajo .. . I have a request for u……..plz Watch EDKV at 10 pm every night…..bcz Ishaqbaaz ko trp mil Sakti hai but EDKV u know na Sony is not so popular than SP …..soo plz ….my humble request to every EDKVian….plz plz Watch this show ….nd Watch repeat telecast of Ishqbaaz …during watching this show Pl don’t change the Channel…..plz plz🙇

  37. sss

    wow amazing episode ff i missed all the episode n shraman scene :'( now i have to wait for Monday plz come quicly after reading update i am disparate now..thank god there is some shraman scene but nikita was ill then anyway i am Mich to see them together hugging n this ramu kaka plz abto picha chordo shraman ka..sumo is right now love happen so what can she do.. i think one of them will surely confess soon moreover aditiya also so seemed like shravan will be first one.btw nimu kaki aur uska beta ka milan kab hoga..plz not in proposing time..

  38. AREEBA

    yaar koi toh reply do
    ajeeb ho yaar guys tumlog jab nhi comments kr pate h toh miss krte ho aur jb krte h toh reply nhi dete really friends r mistirious…..😃😃😃😄😄😄

  39. Lakshmi

    Hi kaise ho edkv fans. Bahut dino ke bad comment kar rahi hu.
    Kal ka episode awesome tha. Kehte hai na sabra ka phal meeta hotha hai kal Kuch aisa hi hua. Finally shravan ko sumo ek hint to diya ki woh shravan ke liye feel karthi hai.
    Writers ko thank you. But please dont spoil the track again.

  40. AREEBA

    yaar koi toh reply do
    ajeeb ho yaar guys tumlog jab nhi comments kr pate h toh miss krte ho aur jb krte h toh reply nhi dete really friends r mistirious…..😃😃😃😄😄😄

  41. Anjali

    episode was wow, amazing ….I was on cloud 9 when sumo hugged shravu…awww how adorable it was the concern of sumo n smile on shravu face <3 made my heart flutter …
    happy to see niki back…missed u ….
    when sumo called shravu he was about to shout but when heard her voice his voice changed totally concerned …no one can understand them better than themselves …they are adorable together….was really happy to see shraman together…n sumo's concern for shravu wow…
    amazing episode…make episodes like this …. 🙂

  42. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys how r u??
    Pehchana?? Ya whoop gye??😂😂
    Well so here I am after such a long time was quite busy was not able to watch Eric but now I will not miss any episode
    Btw what’s happening??
    Kuch naya ???
    I think we have got such good shayars here
    @areeba good to c u back dear missed u a lot amazing shayari dear

    @kittu Meri jaan thanks for the links dear…but don’t know they r not opening on my phone….

    Well good night my dearies have a fantastic Sunday….love u all

  43. Ireena

    hello,guys!!!!how r u doing,friends???
    missed u like hell….so came to the paradise of shramanians….😊😊
    as i said,i m here…its weekends…like water in a desert…and i never miss to drink it…
    how r u anshi,bhagyashri,minakhi,kittu kumar,anshi,sonai,beas,sss,areeba,roshni,khushi,joyee,priya(15),lily???
    all here or again someone got lost??

  44. Ireena

    hey,kittu kumar,u named yourself new for me…..awwwww…❤💙💚💛💜…i also missed u…u r really very sweet,dr…😘😍😍and of course u r my kittu kumar…give me a tight hug….love u.😚😚

  45. Ireena

    btw,bday season looks like…🎂🎁🎆🎉🎊
    Wishing you not just a smile but laughter,
    Not just happiness but joy,
    Not just riches but wealth,
    And most of all love and peace of mind.
    Happy Birthday,my kittu kumar😊😍😙….be always like this even after 100 years…
    and dont miss to invite me in bday party,ok???i m dying to enjoy a feast there…

  46. Ireena

    hey,anshi,u didnt tell me that u have become dj!!!wow,thats great!!!
    any good news abt edkv??
    and ur bday is day after tommorw!!!thats cool!!!
    what r u gonna get this time as bday

  47. Minakhi

    @Areeba awesome shayeri dear..hum mysterious hain Show Ki tarah ….Iss show Mein kab kya Ho jaye patta nahi lagta …”Low expectation always wins”…..EDKV Ka rule hai….@kittu tx for all All the links …..Hii @Khushi nd @Ireena how r u girls…..😊 🙋

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hi minu….I was fine but now as I am back m super super super duper fine….m soo happy that I am back here with u guys..
      Btw how r u??

  48. Minakhi

    Har Raah Aasan Ho, Har Raah Par Khusiya Ho, Har Din Khubsurat Ho, Aisa He Poora Jeevan Ho, Yehi Har Din Mere Dua Ho, Aisa He Tumhara Har Janmdin Ho.!!…..Zyada ……Ho Gaya na …..well Jo bhi Ho ……..😉 Many many happy returns of the day ……….Enjoy With ur Family nd friends……..🎂🎊🎉🎆🎇 💞💖💘💝💙💚💜❤All my hearts for u…….💕

  49. sona

    @rashi…thanks yaar..for telling us..today is kittu’s birthday..☺☺ya..h already joined in this group by commenting😜😛😉😊
    *HAPPY BIRTH DAY KITTU..*😍😍😍😅😅😄😄
    Always..be happy..😊☺☺
    May god bless ki..kisi din tum ek bahuti achi poet..aur shayari ban jau..puri..India mey famous ho jau..aur Teri shayari ka books bhi print ho..😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😄😄😊😊☺☺
    Well tum tho abhi bhi achi..hi ho..😉😛😜😂
    Ye lo merey birthday gifts tumharey liye..👑👓👜💰💲🎈
    Ye Sab tumharey liye..🌹😍😉☺☺tumharey liye..dollars..bhi beja hai..gifts mey kuch pad jaaye..tho..in paison sey kareedh Lena..t.k😂😂😊☺☺☺😜😛😍😍
    Aur frnds..kittu ki birthday..yaha..meri taraf sey..aap Sab k liye pesh hai😛😜😜😍😍☺☺

    Happy..all of u..🎭🎭🎭🎭
    Arey..let’s click a PIC of this moment📷📷🎭
    Once again..happy birthday kittu..with lots of love from ur sona di..💓💜💛💚💘💗💝💞💟💖💖💖💟💟💖💖💟💟💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍☺☺☺☺☺

  50. sona

    Uff..ek baath tho bathana bhulgayi..😜😛
    Good morning frnds..☺☺
    Aur kittu…mera ek wish hai..is puri party k badhle..mey..mujhey tum kya dhogi..😉😉😉
    Well my tho sirf itna chahti hu..ki tum rashi ko maaf karney..is subh avasar..par..after all uski Kenney par hi tho..him Sab Teri birthday mana rahey hai na..
    Its a humble wish from ur sona di..😄😄😄

  51. Khushi


    |Registered Member


    Happy happy happy birthday kittu Meri jaan…..
    Vaughan kare tujhe voh sab mile jo tujhe chahiye….
    May u live a long and a very happy life..
    Stay blessed…..


    Open these links dear…..I can only send virtual gifts yr…kaash real mein bhi Bhej sakti …..
    Anyways again a very happy wala birthday to u dear….love u loads

  52. Beas

    @Kittu di , Happy birthday 🎂😊😉🍡🍩❤🎁🎈💌 many many happy returns of the day 😊.

  53. AREEBA

    assalaamualaikum guys

    very very happy birthday to u yaar……
    Fly in the plane of ambition and land on the airport of success, Fly in the plane of ambition and land on the airport of success,Luck is yours,Wish is mine,May your future always shine…With my love wishing you Happy Birthday…

    . I am dancing and singing on your birthday! Only that you cant see me!

    guys my friends has given me a new name giyaani baba means the person who gives bhashad ( speeches ) so I have written a new speech on luv…….
    Luv is precious it is difficult to compare it with diomond or gold.
    It is not necessary that the word love can only be use for couples….
    It can be use within family, friends and so on. …….
    ri8 guys
    love is the greatest gift to be given to anyone……
    toh Yeh thi aap sab ke samne nai areeba 😉😉

    minakshi di. ……u r ri8 I agree with u. ……
    bhagya di……..thanx yaar….
    ireena di. ……I missed you tooo😭
    khushi…..kahan thi tuu. ……😭
    preety preety…..thanx yaar
    kittu yaar tu kitne saal ki ho gai h ab

  54. AREEBA

    assalaamualaikum guys

    very very happy birthday to u yaar……

    Fly in the plane of ambition and land on the airport of success,
    Luck is yours,
    Wish is mine,
    May your future always shine…
    With my love wishing you Happy Birthday…

    . I am dancing and singing on your birthday!
    Only that you cant see me!
    sending lots of love 😘 😘 😘 😍 😍

    khushi nd ireena finally u both r back missed u both yaar lots of luv to u both

    guys my friends has given me a new name giyaani baba means the person who gives bhashad ( speeches ) so I have written a new speech on luv…….
    Luv is precious it is difficult to compare it with diomond or gold.
    It is not necessary that the word love can only be use for couples….
    It can be use within family, friends and so on. …….
    ri8 guys
    love is the greatest gift to be given to anyone……
    toh Yeh thi aap sab ke samne nai areeba 😉😉

    minakshi di. ……u r ri8 I agree with u. ……
    bhagya di……..thanx yaar….
    ireena di. ……I missed you tooo😭
    khushi…..kahan thi tuu. ……😭
    preety preety…..thanx yaar
    kittu yaar tu kitne saal ki ho gai h ab

    • Ireena

      i also missed u a lot,giyaani baba😚
      and ur poems as well….😙😘
      and i like ur new name,dr…quite heavy😉😊

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      @Arbi…thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..no words..speechless…… Love uuuuu

    • Nazia

      Hey areeba kya speech tha.. Really true!! Sry pehle nahi parpayi isliye ab comment karrahihu.. Apna gyan deti rato.. Giyani baba:D

  55. roshni

    Hi all how ru all???? I guess today kittu birthday so kittu many more happy returns of the day… Stay blessed. May success follow u always… 🎂🎊🍕🍧🎉🎁🎂

  56. pretty preeti

    Hey kittu happy birthday to u happy birthday to dear kittu happy birthday yo u😁🍜🍜🍡🍡🍥🍥🍉🍇🍇🍇🍕🍝🍟🍰🍰🍰🍰🍧🍧🍧🍦🍦🍦🍦🍹🍹🍹🍹🍷🍷🍷🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍫🍫🍫🍔🍔🍔🍪🍪🍪🍪cut the cake
    Gud morning everyone

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      @Preetypreeti.. My Younger Di..thnxxx but itna mitha mat khila..diabetes ho jayegi..😍😍

  57. pretty preeti

    Nice my khush and ireena r back
    But now I m busy in studies
    Till Saturday
    See u all
    Happy birthday kittu once more
    Many many happpy return of the day
    Hme party PR nhi bulaya
    Very bad
    My elder do
    Love u
    Love all of u
    Love myself
    Lovely bye

  58. Ireena

    actually…i m not that back,friends…i am gonna be like this always.in weekend,i will not miss to come over here no matter how much busy i m…the weekdays r deadly busy.thats why cant make it…
    but i cant resist myself frm coming here in weekend as my loveeellllyyy friends r here😙😘😚

  59. Minakhi

    But where is our Birthday girl??????…..Come @Kittu …..Humse Dar k kahan chup gayi….party to deni padegi re…. 😜 Jocking yaar. ….but missing u re😊

  60. Nazia

    This is for our Birthday girl-
    (Happy Birthday to you)2 Happy Birthday to our SHAYERIQUEEN Happy Birthday To you!!!!!!!!!!
    Celebrate ur birthday wid ur dear ones happily and by watching EDKV! Will pray taki tum aj jo bhi mango wo tumhe mil jaye. Shraman ki love story mangna mat bhulna;)
    So kitne saal ki ho gayi ho ab tum, kittu?

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      @Nazia….thnx..surely ye bhi koi kehne ki baat Hai…shraman ki love life k liye to mai had roz pray karti hoo…nd well girls age shouldn’t ask..but batane me kuch nahi jata..m very Frank… So m completed my 15 years… Nd m from 2morrow..will b of 15+,..

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      @Lily thnk lily
      ..well nanu’s death… Hayooooo rabbba…ki kitta

  61. sss

    kittu yar HAPPY BIRTHDAY n many many good wish to you may you be great successful and of course become a great shayery mam 😀 😀

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      @SSS…thnx uuuu..surely become a shayar but can’t man😜

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      @Sonai…thnx for yr blessing nd li k is super se upar

  62. Nazia

    Did any1 notice the date? Kal 1st august hai! Kal se mein is page mein nahi a sakti. Yad aya? So aj mera last din hai ap logo k saat! 🙁 Pata nahi kese rahungi EDKV k bina! Mujhe to soch kehi dar lag raha hai. Ab choro wo sab……
    Epi k bare mein meine abhi tak kuch nahi kaha…
    ShraMan hug!!!!!:D Wowwww!!!!!!
    Have u noticed sumthing guys? The way shraman were talking over phone it seemed that they were couples.. Sumo ne bhi wahi ki jo shravan ne kaha… Aur jis tarha se shravan ne sumo se requst ki – kitnaaa cuteee tha! Aur kya jawab diya sumo ne ramnath ko… Ab agar sumo shravu ko ignore karne ki bhi kosish karegi to shravu samaj jayega kyuki tab wo sochega ki- jo ladki meri itniiii fikr karti hai wo mujhe ignore kyu karrahi ha… Jaroor dal mein kuch kala hai… Wish ki jald hi shraman ek ho jaye:)
    Uff!!!! I’ll miss everything! Ok mein rat ko ek last time ap logo ko bye bol ne ayungi…
    Mujhe miss karna… Miss u all and love u!!!!:,(
    Agar fursat mile to kabhi kabhi ane ki koshis karungi.. But not sure ki a payungi bhi ya nahi.. 🙁
    Ok Bye for now. Ek Akhri bar rat mein bat hogi….!!!!!

    • Ireena

      hey,plzz dont say like that…u r making us sentimental…we r always with u,u know.wishing u will make us proud with ur result.u r such a cute girl…who wont miss u??so never say like that,okk?when ur xm will be over???give us the fine date..
      i will be on airport to receive u,okkk???☺💚💛😙😘😚😍

      • Nazia

        U r so lovely ireena di.. Thnx for wishing! Airport pe ane ki jarurat nahi hai. Bus address de do khud hi aa jayungi;) Bye and Miss u too…

    • SONAI

      Come back soon Nazia everybody will be waiting for u.✌✌Best of luck👍. Try commenting on weekends😊.Study hard 📖📚📙

  63. Minakhi

    @Sonai ….dam hilarious Pic yaar ….DILWALE …..😆😆😆 TFS

    @Nazia …don’t worry dear we will miss u …..but yes jaise Shraman baat kar rahe the …lag raha tha dono sacchi Mein Boyfriend -Girl friend Hon……Or dialogues….omg Ek baat to Manni padegi Ki EDKV k dialogues amazing hote hain …always 😊😊

    • Nazia

      I’ll miss u too.. And Agree about the dialogue.. Ab jin ko bhi confusion tha adi ko lekar ab wo sab samajh gaye honge ki shraman ki hi shadi hogi..ryt?

  64. Ireena

    hey,where is our bday girl???forgot us??
    plz come ASAP…as again i m here until tommorow…missing u..

    • kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

      M back
      @Ireena Di…lovely wow…..I missed u Di a lottttttttt…nice to see u back in my bd…

      • Ireena

        not an exception,dr😊….but what back??
        when i was not here that i m back???
        i was in u guys’ heart,right??

  65. kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

    @GUYS….u all r not human…I mean u r really Angeles…actually I beat rahi for her act..as she xposed my b’date here..but didn’t know ki itta Sara ..I mean how many blessings I got…I too don’t know…but this pg is a proof…wow..lovely… Yaar u all r fabulous….
    @priya 15 Di…yippeee…u changed yr dp for me…lovely diiii….
    @Khishi Di…very nice..Di nd m jumping.. To see u back…nd what a lines u wrote…wow..
    @Spna Di…hey Di..plez kuch dosro k liye bhi rakho..ya saari blessings…mujhe hi doge…u know, I was smiling broadly..I mean agar mera muh rubber hoga to 1-2km tak stretch ho jata.. Than diii.
    @Arbi..congrats for yr victory… Nd thnx for yr dhoom..lovely… Nd such a beautiful lines u wrote… Really u r awesome..
    @Roshu Di…th nxxxxxxxx Di…
    @ Ireena Di….ya yr KK…thnxxx ..nd nd
    ..no words..really have no words..

    • Ireena

      hey,in birthday no thanks,okkk??
      btw,u r more young than i imagined…just 15!
      welcome to ur sweet sixteen!!!

  66. kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

    Nd DJ is Our DJ ANSHI…. Yoo
    Aaj hai tera happy birthday..
    Dhoom machale dhoom..
    Huya Hai aaj pehli baar..
    Ooo tere sang yaara
    Ban k titli dil uda..
    Aaj ki party Meri taraf se..
    DJ wale babu..
    Dharting naach..
    Disco diwane..
    Raat bhar..
    Tung tung..
    Ladki beautiful…
    It’s not joke..
    …..nd a lots of songs…. Play NY Anu..😜
    Kahana…yipeeee🎂🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹🍶☕🍪🍰🍩🍦🍧🍨🍴🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍳🍔🍟🍝🍕🍖🍗🍣🍤🍲🍛🍎🍌🍠🍘🍙🍚🍜🍞🍱🍥🍢🍡..jise Jo kahna Hai…WO kha lo…it’s fre😛
    ….now Aur kuch…are yaar mera gift…part to ho gayi….I know many had given…but what abt others…. Jaldi do..
    @Minu Di…nd thnx for gift…on being me first ..u gave thnx Di..
    @Sona Di….ya maaf kar diya….
    @Guys…no one asked me..that y m late…I’ll tell u…later…m going to hospital.. Sorry….@Sona Di…y I forgive Rashi….nd how….WO bhi bataungi..
    @Ireena…I don’t wanna live like immortal…100years..no way..
    @Anu..where r u..nd I ‘ll surely cmmt on yr b’d

    • SONAI

      Thanks for soooooo many items of food !!
      Dear di, I can’t give u blessings as u said before as blessings are given by someone elder than u…………….I’m ur CHOTI SIS so what I can give is ………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………LOTS OF LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NICE SONG !!!!!

  67. Minakhi

    @Mayank Thx for the Spoiler ….I know as Nikita was unwell soo Lots of drama will be next Week but I think CVs can manage everything……..😊

  68. Anshi (AKA member)

    Wat d hell…. Hey mr. TU lets settle now .. No jst settle it now… Matlab hd maine kittu k liye itnaaaa bada msg likha n thanx to mr. tu voh post nhi hua…. Huh!!!!
    Cool Anshi
    Guys I didnt recommented bcs I ws a lil busy wid my bday shoppin… Sry..

    @Kittu…. Kya bolu yaar… Main itni talented toh hoon nhi bt chal bdi mashakkat k baad maine ek shayari likh hi li…


    On serious note…
    Happy bday…
    Wish u a very very happy bday…
    May god bless u wid everythin u wish….
    May u attain every podium of success u want to…
    May god let u win everythin u want to…

    (Yaar kuchh miss ho gya ho toh maaf krna… Khud likha h… N jaisa maine bola mera ATW portion develop nhi hua… Sry )

    DJ Anshi….






  69. Anshi (AKA member)

    @Nazia… Will miss u a lot.. Hoped u wud b able to come on my bday… Bt I know its fat chance… Frget it… All d very best… N haan aisi baatein mt kr main senti ho jaaungi (mental toh pehle se hoon) 😉

    @Ireena n @Khushi… M I daydreamin ?? Pinch me… Owww… I get atlast u guys r back… Hv u seen rivers flowin in frnt of ur house… It is nt water dey r my tears…

    @Ireena … O dear.. In ur memory I cn b anythim.. A dj a shayar a painter anythin….

    @Arbi… Nic name… Giyaani baba.. 😀 … Hillarious..

    • Ireena

      well,let me pinch u haaarrdd….got hurt??😉😉if not,let me try again…😛😜😜
      ha..ha..thats like my anshi.but u know,theres no river in front of my home…theres a road where everyone goes to get cheered up…like u always😚
      now,let me wipe ur tears….oh…looks like my full tissue box gonna get over…needed another one…!😛😛😛
      btw,u kittu r aka member….whats aka??reply me quickly.
      my anshi will only be so for me always…u neednt to be painter for me…☺☺

    • Nazia

      No anshi.. As u said to call u anshi… Senti mat hona.. And tumhara birthday kab hai?
      Koshish bohot karungi ek bar wish karne ki.. Akhir apno k liye itna to karhi satti hu na? 🙂
      Still agar nahi a payi to pehle sehi bol deti hu
      Happy Birthday to u Happy Birthday to DJ Anshi!!!!!! Happy Birthday to u…
      Gana compose karti raho.. Aur shraman ko yad karti raho..
      Lol.. Asli dua to yei hai ki tumhe hamesha success mile. And jo kuch bhi mango wo pura ho jaye.. With a lot of love……

  70. sona

    Wts this kittu..hospital kyo??😐😐😐😯😯
    Hum sabko lagaa.. aaj Teri birthday hai tho family k saath enjoy kar rahi hogi..after all..family first hai na..yadhi aaj bhi tum mobile haath mey rakhogi tho uney bura lag sakta hai..isliye..him chip they..😃😄
    Thanks..u spared some time..to respond for each and every comment.☺☺☺
    Aur ha..jaroor bathana ki puri kahani hai kya..aaj ka..hum Sab sunney k liye wait karengey..😉😉😛😜😍😍😍

  71. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU hey cutie.. I can do this much for my sister.. Love u.. Have a great year ahead.. I pray for u that u get all success and happiness in ur life.. Stay blessed.. U get all things u wanted..

  72. kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

    Hey my lovi dovi Didi nd sis nd frnds…. Guys…m okay…
    Well it’s time to tell u everything…
    Actually, jiggy(jyoticashri)she is my frnd… Actually ,me ,rashi,nd jiggy read in the Same skol,but jiggy is one class Senior than me nd rashi… Actually she met an accident yesterday… Nd is in ICU…really it was such a terrible night yesterday… We(my ,rashi nd jiggy’s family) share a very good relations… So,my mummy was in hospital with jiggy’s mummy… Nd I nd rashi..were at my house…as I was alone,becoz my papa is in Kerala, right now…nd my younger sis lives in hostel…@Sona Di…that’s y I forgave her….nd really jiggy…oh my god..actually she was riding her scooter nd this all happened… Very bad …really…. But now she is fine…nd rashi didn’t came here till now becoz she is in hospital with jiggy.nd I came just now.
    I didn’t celebrate my b’d… But m not upset…in fact m happy as she is fine now…I’ll never forget this b’d.. So memorable….. Goddddd…

    • Ireena

      oops!really feeling sorry for ur friend,dr…but dont worry at all….she will perfectly fine in no time,okk???so dont worry

  73. kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

    @Sona Di…ya Di…my ma is very much careful towards me…and we planned to celebrate it…actually I don’t like to celebrate my b’d.. Nd don’t go to any b’d function… But we I mean my frnds nd I decided to go to a picnic spot after temple… Becoz m religious too…nd at night..with my ma ,to a restaurant for dinner… But nothing…. Nd papa is also not here…nd my sweeto sis…m really missing her…nd mummy will go to hospital again… Really jiggy ,u broke yr bones but its paining me…off….thnk god…issi behane,logo se to bachi…becoz I don’t like to meet anyone…. I like to live alone…so weird na…but one thing happened wrong.. From now,my ma won’t allow me to ride scooter…. Godddd…..jiggy ek baar thik ho ja…Teri baaki ki haddi mai todungi…

    • Ireena

      oh!u dont like to celebrate ur bday!!
      u know,i dont get opportunity to enjoy or celebrate it since aaaaa long time…

  74. kittu(AKA member) missed ireena di..nd where is khushi di

    @Anu…yaar Meri to shopping khadde me gayi….but yaar jiggy goddd…yaar bht bura lag raha Hai.

  75. kittu(AKA member)

    @Anu…yr songs r like u….lovllyyyyy..love u dear…..nd wait for 2morrow…

  76. rashi

    @Kittu…sry….well u know everything…
    @Guys….thnx for including me in yr group..
    M glad…
    Yaar Kittu…m getting bored..
    Well see u in skol..well tujhe kya lagta Hai..picnic fhus ho gaya to kya…I want my party…chal….skol canting …okay…jaib garam kar k aana…
    M really feeling bad for her..she even didn’t wear new clothes… Yaar uski planning aise hi rah gayi…our b’d come once in a year…nd this happened…. Can’t do anything…. But…omg
    ..wish u a very happy b’d… I know it was not happy yet…
    @Anshi…could I call u ANU…. As u r ANU for Kittu…nd happy b’d dear….
    Well @Kittu….Maine apne bhai se phone manga liya Hai….now we can chat on what’s app…so plez come there… Actually m geeting bored….
    Bye everyone
    …actually I thought to come here first… But can’t beat Kittu’s speed….nd she told everything… To kuch bacha hi nahi…
    But one thing….good night

  77. AREEBA

    Hey kittu finally our birthday girl is back wah wah great
    kitti me iss Oct me bhi 16 ki hogi same pinch yaar
    hey anshi yaar agar uske exam hue aur woh nhi baat kr paegi toh kya tab bhi tu haddiyan todegi😂😂
    yaar guys main toh emotional ho gai tum logo ka pyaar dekh kr kitti u r lucky that u have such an amazing,true friends…..
    A6a guys 1 thing I would like to know ki why 18 year old children r called mature and 17 year old children r called immature…..
    nd thanx guys I know u all like dis name but I thinkthis name giyaani baba sounds like the person who is buddaaaa………
    ireena di. ……what do u mean just 15 we r mature ri8 na please atleast u all should say we r kids but mature kids ri8 kittu…..

    • Ireena

      of course,u r my dearies…i was just saying like that.i m at my teen too,if u can be called immature,i m no less.

  78. Nazia

    So guys ek last good bye bolne a gayi..
    Sach mein bohot accha time tha yaha pein. Itni pyari family mili mujhe.. EDKV family! Rona a raha hai mujhe.. Nahi jana chatihu ap sab ko chorke.. Par yei parhai- mera dushman! Jana parraha hai.. Par mujhe bhul neki himmat bhi mat karna!!! Mein bhi kisi ko nahi bhul satti yaha par.. I know shayed mein esi bat bolkar kisi ko paka rahihu.. Par really I love u allll veryyyy much..
    Ok ab no senti hona…. Ek request hai- mujhe reply jaroor dena!:)
    Byeeeeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeee to-
    All, EDKV, SHRAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE U ALL, MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,)

  79. AREEBA

    kitti main I couldn’t understand main kb jeet gai aur kyu??
    thnx to u shayari ki rani kittu ji the great kittu ji ke dil tk meri shyari pohuch gai wah
    A6a guys who all r in the group of 15 including me tell me na…..

  80. Lily


    I just saw a pic shared by the director
    Where he is posing with nirmala and aditya
    At malhotra house……..
    Guys MATLAB ki much major hona wala hai….
    I think they were shooting for a promo..may be….

  81. kittu

    @NAZIA….yaar aisa mat …sentimental thing… I don’t like.. Well ,hope u will come first.. Nd will get admission in yr favorite subject… Nd u will surely beat 8th xms…nd ya don’t get depressed… Jab ye series khatam hogi then we will tell here ki iske baad hum kahan cmmt karenge.. So it will easy for u to find us
    ..nd hope that this won’t end in November… Plez goddd…nd m happy as my b’d come on 31 …agar 1st Aug ko aata to…no blessing from u…then god…kuch to accha huaa aaj…nd see u sooon..try to come here during yr xms break… We won’t miss u but miss u alotttttttttt….nd ya lovely shraman scenes… Seemed that they r gf bf….nd love u my sis… U r so sweet….god bless u with good knowledge nd prosperity…. Bye….nd love u….pata Hai…likhte rahne ka man kar raha Hai… But kya kahu….well bye… 😭😭😭…this is my condition dear… Hey bhagwan..now I think ki…pagal se Ab aawari ban jaungi…😭😭😭😭
    From me nd rashi….bye dear…I think agar WO connected hoti with u… Tab WO jaroor cmmt karti…but she has no idea…so bye dear… Nd love uuuuuuu

  82. kittu

    @Ireena Di..AKA…means….Anshi Kittu Areeba….aka ..means we r companions na…in same class that’s y..but I don’t think that areeba knows this….
    @Arbi…wow my arbi is back….great…ya ryt question.. Mature… Well on 16th of Oct. Nice..I’ll wait… But tomorrow is Anshi’s b’d… We will rock…as m fine…as jiggy is fine….but yaar ye sab aaj hi hona tha…I didn’t even dedicate any shayari on u…feeling very bad on myself….

  83. AREEBA

    mayank. ……thnx 4 the link

    par guys Yeh hospital ki baat me kuch samajh nhi paas rhi hun koi Yeh confusion door kro

    A6a mujhe lagta h nanu ki A6a h pr woh kahin bohot badi problem na khadi kr de kyuki
    my prediction says that after preekar marriage adi will propose to sumo nd sumo will be ready to say him no but nanu will fall sick nd will force her to marry before he die…srry guys I think I should shut my mouth as it seems u all will kill me 4 such a negative prediction srry..

  84. AREEBA

    Hey naziya I should call u di or naziya waise main aap se zyada baat nhi kr paai hun pr aaj toh u filled my eyes with tears very effective words,love as well as ur friendship I would like to ur friend I was crying my brother said tu pagal ho gai h kya faltu me roti h……
    now I will miss u alot 😢 😭😭

  85. sona

    All the best yaar..☺☺☺☺
    And yaa..we all will miss you Nazia..😇😢😃😃
    That’s really sad to hear..about ur frnd jiggy..we all will pray for her..early..recovery☺☺☺
    Vaisey..is baath pey..my bhi sehmat hu..my bhi kabhi apney..birthday..celebrate nahi karti..
    U knw wt..jaisey..is Mahiney ki last weekend par Teri birthday hai..
    Vaisey hi agli Mahoney ki last weekend par meri birthday hai..😂😂😉😉😛😜😜😜😜
    I wana..see..tab tak..merely..jitney dosthon is baath ko yaadh raktey hai..is tu family mey..😜😜😜😜😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Gd nyt kittu..and everyone..

  86. roshni

    Hey I don’t want nanu to die… His character is very supportive n none want to loose such a talented eldest man…. Who all r exited for tomorrow’s episode????

  87. Anshi (AKA member)

    @Ireena… Ummm I guess my tears lost their track… I shud hv flown a gps wid tears.. 😛 .. Bt again ‘duh’ I dunno ur address…
    Well ‘AKA’ ws a kinda grup proposed by ur dear kittu kumar… I jst executed it…
    Thank god… U didnt ask me to b a painter…. I m horrible painter..

    @Rashi… Ofcourse yaar… Anythin out of love u cn call me… :-*

    @Nazia… Dats like our nazia.. All the best… Kalam tod k likhna… Gaddar macha dena… :-*

  88. SONAI

    @Kittu & Rashi di I just pray that ur friend just gets well soon !! Aap log bhi scooter thora dheere hi chalana !!

  89. AREEBA

    hii guys assalaamualaikum
    our new birthday girl ri8
    a shi 4 u
    One day sky was crying.
    I ask him why are you crying today.
    He told me i have lost my beautiful star.
    It was a day when you were born.
    Wishing you happy birthday…
    (thanx anshi teri liye hi kam se kam sky ne baat toh ki voh bhi mujhse chal lagta h shayad maine kuch kam paap kiye)

    Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you,
    With wishes of success,
    Happiness and prosperity for you,
    Wish you a super duper happy birthday.💞

    nahi kittu mera birthday 16 Oct ko nhi yaar 13 October ko aata h I was saying ki iss Oct me me bhi 16 ki hogi I hope ab tu samajh gai

  90. SONAI

    Wow we have soo many bday girls !!!!

    Enjoy ur bday nd watch EDKV tonight to double up the fun !!

    Zara rasta dekhke cross hona aaur aakh khuli rakhke chalna……..AAur ha scooter to bilkul mat chalana. Kahi mujhe tujse milne ICU jana na pare…….STAY SAFE !!! Kittu di ki dost ke bare me soch ke mujhe darr lag raha he…………After all aagar tu hospital me rahengi to EDKV kaise dekh paengi ?? Pata hain ki tujhe kuch nahi hua par phir bhi…………..TAKE CARE !!!!

  91. Minakhi

    @Anshi …Happy Birthday to u Little girl….. 🎂 Be happy always nd Enjoy ur B’day……..Love u love u love u 😊 ….God Bless u

  92. Lily

    Acha guys
    1 nanus health
    2 mamiji’s plan to settle in us
    3 shravan’s jealously
    4 dragged marriage track
    5 nirmala’s visit to malhotra house before marriage (I have seen it in a pi shared by ronit aka aditya)
    6 sumo ki mehendi pic shared by Nikita
    ( In which we can spot s)

    These all things points towards shraman’s marriage…may be….
    What you all guys think?

    • roshni

      Kya pata Lilly preekar ke sath sath shraman Ki bhi shaadi ho jaye???? Yup I too saw the article on fb Nirmala entering Malhotra house with big twist headed…. N sumo sc pic of mehendi ….finger crossed..

  93. roshni

    Hey anshi dear…. Many more happy returns of the day… Enjoy ur day to fullest stay blessed always. Let ur dreams n wishes cone true…love u dear. here go with ur gift . 🎁🎇🎆🎉🎊🎂🎂🎂🍨🍚🍕🍧🍬🍭🍻🍹🍫🍫 hope u liked it…

  94. Minakhi

    R u serious @Bhagyashri….new promo…but no result yaar ….Plz post the link……

    @Lily Jake IF check Kar wahan sab Shraman k honeymoon tak pohonch Gaye hain….Sab kuch aisa lag raha hai jaise Shraman marriage track is on the way…..Patta nahi CVs kya karmje wale hain ….Itna suspense wala show meine kabhi nahi dekha…..well I m enjoying alot

    • Lily

      Yes I also saw that..they are also
      predicting things like shraman marriage… Some of them have wild imagination…lol like kamini will find them in an intimate
      Position… And will force them to get married…

  95. Anshi

    @Roshni… Thanx sooooooo much yaar.. Ur gifts r surparly awsum… I lved dem.. Thanx.

    @Bhagyashri… Thanx a ton bhagyashri… Lv u..

    @Lily… Awww.. Thank u.. Thanks thanks thanks a lot.. 🙂

    @Minakhi di… O di… Ur sooo nic.. Thanks fr blessin… I really very need dem..

    @SonaI… Dats lovely of u yaar… I m feelin sooo overwhelmed… N credit goes to u guys

    @Arbi… Heavens arbi… Tu itni achhi bday wishes laati kahan se h??? Main dhoondte dhoondte thak jaati hoon…
    OMG… I n star…. Awww I m flattered..

    @Ireena… Ofcourse di no more cryin… Bcs u r (kinda) back… 🙂 …. Well di today I hv nt gone to skool… I ws.out wid my family till 12.. Den frm 12 I ws wid my frnds….
    We were jst roamin all around lko… Ccd ,sharma,royal cafe, residency etc. etc.
    So it ws fun…

  96. sona

    First of all..happy birth day anshi..may god bless u..ki Teri har wish puri ho..aur tumharey liye..lo..🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
    Hope u like it😍😍😍😉😉😜😜😜😜😜😜
    Guys..wts this..new..promo..shraman ki shaadi…honey moon..😱😱😱😱😱
    Mujhey..kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai..yaar
    Confused hu..😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰
    Worried hu..😩😧😧😨😨😵😵😩😩😮😮😮
    Excited hu..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
    Aur bhi bahut..bahut kuch hu..koi..promo link jaldi post kariye..😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓pls..
    Myney tho sirf ek spoiler Delhi..hai😏😓
    Jismey ye likha hai..adhitya will confess his love to sumo..leaving shravan annoyed..😧😤😣😣😮😮😮😂😂😊☺☺☺

  97. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ANSHI.. Happy bday Dear.. Have a great year ahead.. Hope u get all happiness in ur life… May God bless u sweetie.. Love u loads..

  98. Ireena

    Ths msg has No Fat
    No cholesterol n No Addictive
    Dis is all natural except, with a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it.
    Smile N Happy Birthday,Anshi…
    🍫🍫🍫🍬🍬🍭🍫🍰🍰🍩….look,today i shared all my favvvv foods with u..which is unusual..so,finish all of them,ok???dont try to follow diet chart today,cool?
    and http://happybirthdaycakepic.com/thumbnail/Anshi/21/roses-birthday-cake.jpg
    u taught me these😊and my gift to u
    and for flower alike friend
    as u love chocolate(me also)

  99. Ireena

    guys,gotta go now…i will be again here…next weekend.so no space to feel relieved for good😛😆..
    and i will miss u to the fullest…😙😙,my sweeties..😍😍love u all

  100. Beas

    @Anshi Happy birthday 😊 🎂❤ and many many happy returns of the day. Enjoy the day with your family, friends and EDKV.

  101. AREEBA

    anshi afcorce u r star nd dare to say no
    lots of love and wishes

    A6a lily is this news is true that shraman will find intimate and their marriage track 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    kittu kha h tuuuuu missing u

  102. Bhagyashri

    @ minakhi, lily,roshni very sorry guys m not able to reply ur comments becs m very busy today due to office work but nw I am free.ya I saw new promo on u tube but at morning 10 am but abhi Maine bhi search kiya nahi mil raha hai.in that promo ramnath noticed adi sumo ko like karta hai and he decide aditya use against shravan.that’s it. @ anshi most welcome yaar.and enjoy ur birthday. @ Sinai thanks for the link and amazing shayari.u done a great job.hello everyone missing so much u all.

  103. Anshi

    @Sona… Thanx yaar… Thanx a lot… U guyzzz r soooo sweet.. Like it?? I lved it dude… Thanx

    @Priya.. Aww.. Thank u.. Hey dont forget to eat d treat bcs.. ‘Aaj ki party meri taraf se’

    @Ireena… Ireenaaa !!!! Wow yaar… It ws delicious…
    N hey dont worry about cholestrol.. I know u ll still luk gorgeous….. 😉

    @Beas.. Thanks yaar… It means a lot to me..

    @Minakhi di… Common di thanx?? Thanx fr wat… On contrary I shud b thankful… I mean luk u guyz practically nt even know me properly n still u r takin pain to come n wish…
    Dats more carin…
    N frndship mein no sry no thank u… K??

    @Kittu… Sweetie… I know ur nt out of hangover… Kiddin.. I know u didnt celebrate ur bday… N mujhe yeh bhi pta h ki tu kisi imp work mein busy h…. Hope u ll come soon… Waitin fr u.. :-*

  104. Bhagyashri

    What a link Sinai.haha ddlj of ramini.and shravan name in sumans mehandi.kitne sare suspense yaar.thanks very nice links.

  105. Anshi

    @Ireena… My goodness ireena… U remembered I lv chocolates.. U r really caring man… Note it..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.