Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan gets Aditya’s call. Aditya asks him how he is or if he is busy. Shravan tells him to come straight to the point. Aditya wants to invite all the school friends of Sumo in wedding. Shravan says you could have asked Sumo. Aditya says I tried but for some strange reasons she dint want to do it. Shravan and Aditya are both boggled about it. Shravan tells him to figure it out himself. Aditya asks him if he would have been interested in it if it wasn’t for him. Tell me if you will invite them or not? Shravan agrees as it is also a part of the wedding.

Kamini ji is with Nanu. You hid such a big news from us. Tell us what all help you need from us. Nanu says it happened too fast. Now you will be a part of it surely. Kamini ji nods. She expresses her wish to meet Sumo who comes home just

then with Aditya. Kamini ji goes to see if her plan is working in the right direction or not.

Aditya shows short dresses to Sumo. She tells that she doesn’t wear such clothes. Why do you insist then? He suggests moving on to new things in life. Why hold onto old things? Sumo replies that she is like that only. This is how it is with me. She gets a call from one of her school friend who congratulates her on her wedding. Her friend shares that Shravan is calling them up and inviting them over. Sumo is taken aback. Aditya was interested in my school friends. Is this happening because of that? Sumo ends the call on some pretext. She turns to Aditya. Did you ask Shravan to invite my friends even when I said no? He nods. I only wanted to make you happy. Sumo says I told you against it clearly. What is there not to understand? Why are you so interested in calling my school friends? He reasons that he was only being supportive. Tell me if you have any secret. She loses her cool. I don’t know what I have done because of which you are doing all this. They end up arguing on the topic and Kamini ji overhears it all. Aditya continues to doubt whatever Sumo says but she asks for space from him. you invite anyone who you wish to but don’t invite my friends. I am requesting you last time. Don’t interfere in my life either now or later! He sits down unhappy. Kamini ji is elated. Shravan has become Devdas there and Sumo is upset here. They are yearning for each other. I only have to unite them. It will be my perfect revenge with Ramnath Bhaisahab then!

Preeti is not happy as Pushkar has to go out of town for some work. He says Sir will then think I have changed after my wedding. She points out that his status has changed from single to married. He sweetly asks for a kiss. His parents and Shravan come in just then. They wish him good luck and also tell him to make Bhaisahab proud. Don’t let him feel you have changed after wedding. Lala ji offers to drop Pushkar to airport. Pushkar reluctantly leaves with him. Preeti is teary eyed.

Shravan tells someone he wants tulips in India in this season at any cost. Call tulips from abroad if you have to. The wedding is of my very special friend. He thinks of the childhood times when he had given roses to Sumo in her birthday but she tells him she prefers tulips over roses. Roses have thorns. He teasingly reminds her she isn’t from Europe. Keep these roses as your birthday gift. She gets irked but he sweetly promises to bring her favourite flowers on her special day. She asks him if he will remember it. He nods. How can I forget them as they are your favourite flowers? She smiles. Flashback ends.

Kamini ji comes and appreciates Shravan on him taking over the responsibility of Sumo’s wedding. At first, I thought you dint do the right thing but I now I think you are on the right path. There are so many things going on in that house. He says what Sumo’s problem is. She is happy with it. Kamini ji says you might feel that ways but I saw something different. I don’t think Aditya is right for her. They have begun to argue already. Tiwari ji has raised her with so much love. don’t know what will happen with her in future. Shravan says you get what you deserve. Sumo is an egoistic and argumentative kind of girl. don’t waste your sympathies on her. She will be out of our lives after her wedding. I don’t care what happens to her afterwards! He leaves. Kamini ji thinks he might say it but her words wont leave him at peace.

Preeti gets Aditya’s call. He complains to her about Sumo. She has no interest in shopping. She did so much for you but she doesn’t want to do anything in her own. I will bring her out on some pretext. You too join us. Preeti says I will take mummy ji’s permission first. Kamini ji comes just then. Preeti tells her about Aditya’s request. Kamini ji notices Shravan coming downstairs. She suggests sending Preeti with Shravan as she is newly married. Aditya doesn’t mind it. He happily agrees for it. Kamini ji asks Shravan if he will accompany Preeti for shopping. It is ok if you don’t want to go. I will go then. Shravan agrees to go. Kamini ji sends Preeti to change into something classy. There are servants to buy groceries. Always remember you are the DIL of this house. Preeti nods. Shravan wonders what Aditya is up to. I am unable to understand what it is.

Sumo sits all blank in the shop. Aditya holds his ears to make her happy but she doesn’t react. She does not wish to buy something expensive. I bought so much in Preeti’s wedding. I will wear something from that shopping only. He says don’t tell me you aren’t keen on buying things. Don’t you like anything? She replies that liking something doesn’t mean you get it all in your house. You look at the moon but it doesn’t mean you will bring it down. Aditya compliments her on her thoughts. Preeti surprises her sister with a hug. Sumo hugs her happily when she notices Shravan. Aditya says Sumo wasn’t shopping with me so I invited her best friend and sister. Aditya shows some dress to Sumo but notices Sumo and Shravan staring at each other.

Shopkeeper says a cheesy line to sell something to Sumo. Shravan ends up smiling. Aditya shows something to Sumo which he has chosen for himself. Shravan tells him the shopkeeper’s dialogue. Aditya says everyone will be jealous as I am stealing such a beautiful girl from Delhi to Mumbai with me. He leaves his stuff with Preeti as he goes to change. Preeti goes to give Aditya his phone as it begins to ring.

Sumo asks Shravan what was the need for him to come here. He replies that he has come to only make sure she is leaving. I took responsibility of your wedding after all. I have to make sure nothing is amiss. The wedding might stop at the last moment. She tells him to stop it. I am starting a new phase of life. Be happy in yours and let me be happy in mine. Aditya comes there. What are the besties discussing? Sumo dismisses it. Aditya asks Shravan how he looks. Shravan tells him he is looking the way he is. People don’t change with clothes. Sumo compliments Aditya which makes him happy. he thanks Shravan for bestie effect on Sumo. I think I should keep you with me. Will you come with me to Mumbai as dowry? Shravan looks angry. Preeti calls Sumo upstairs as the collection is good there. Aditya takes Sumo upstairs with him.

Precap: Aditya asks Sumo to say I love you to him once. She says I have agreed to marry you. I am coming with you to Mumbai. What else do you want? He repeats that he wants her to confess her love to him. It is still stuck somewhere. Say it once. She says I will say whenever I will feel like. He is sure she wont say it as she is still stuck in her past. Sumo is taken aback. Shravan has heard everything from the door and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG when Aditya and Suman were fighting I was literally smiling. I became like Kamini Aunty 😛 how evil of me XD but Shraman rocks 🙂 and precap wow shravan will know that sumo is not happy with this marriage and hopefully also that she also loves him like he does.

    1. I was loving it when adiman were fighting 😉 so its not evil of u yar …its just we love only shraman 😛 n kamu to awsm h … I too wish ki shravu to know that sumo only loves him… 😉

    2. Siddhi

      Yeah fatarajo agree with you and a request please read 25th episode of Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2

    3. Siddhi

      And do comment

    4. and edkv comes only 10:30am ..one repeat telecast only in morning 🙁

      1. The repeat comes at even 3:30 pm..

    5. Same ya..I hope that happends..I left watching this serial after Ramanat became devil 😉 …and was only reading wu .. But from a few days I think that it’s again Gonna rock 🙂

  2. Hi, I think I am the first one to comment. Pichle baar maine kuch logon ko kehte suna that EDKV is coming to an end. Is it true please someone reply. Agar ye sach hai to main edkv ko aur pyaar se dekhna chahti hun, agar jaa hi rahe hain Shraman to kyun na pyar se vida kiya jaaye?

    1. @Shruti Priya..yes of course.. Khatam …well I don’t know one thing ki agar ye khatam hone wala Hai to..two pe aisa kuch q nahi ho raha…I mean…nd
      Well chodo…bye shruti Priya….

    2. @Shruti Priya.. Answer is in positive.. Yes shriya(could I call ???)..means shruti+Priya…nd if u wanna join us after EDKV so…read my long cmmt.. U will get a way…

    3. hey shruti ..I guess ha…shayad edkv khtm hone wala I guess September tk 🙁 n ha dear hm sb happy ending chahte shraman k lie…n aisa hi hoga don’t worry n enjoy kro …atlast shraman hi honge sath m 🙂 to jbtk serial chalra enjoy…I guess September ya October tk chalega …just my guess 😉

  3. haye ..aj ka episode to awsm…shravu kitna cute h..kaise bola adimanav ko ki main point p ane. love u shravu n u remember everything of childhood …sumo k fvrt flowers tulips…wow…
    adimanav bed p to sumo k aise baithta jaise tera ho…ugghh I hate it…nice reply my girl…bht sai bola …adimanav ka to muh bana … 😉
    kamu chachi lagi rho ap…awsm yar love u loaddssss… :*
    preekar yar shadi ho gyi h ab to come out from ur lil bubble n help shraman…
    adi how dare u tu janta h sumo never wears dresses like that…even after knowing that showing such dresses to sumo…chipda ladka kamo k language m …
    n yar last m I hate when shraman taunt each other like this…n kabab m haddi adi …I hated when sumo took adimanav’s side :-\ shravu kya reply kia kapde badalne s insan ni badalte ..though it was for sumo but seemed like it was for adi also..
    precap was to mind blowing…kya kahun …m very excited gusse m sumo bolde ha I love shravu n kvni bhul skti ..but I know it wont happen 😉 wild predictions…
    love u all guys…

    1. So,di.. Ab hum same situation me hai,ryt? Then give me a five! Koi to hai jo mera gum samaj satta hai.. Haha… Kidding!

      1. hey nazia ..ha dear …hifive…hm dono ka gum ekhi he 😉 😉 …jokes apart but sach v h na babu … 🙂 edkv khtm hote tk hame devdas bana dega 🙁

  4. Very nice episode as always..??
    Ye kamini chachi bhi na…
    Kal uney shraman…mey ek Romeo aur ek Juliet..dekhey…
    Aaj…pari aur devdas…dekhey….
    Kal shayadh..laila..aur majnu…ko dekhegi…
    Well..him sab tho..inmey mey subh ko dektey hai..including..muntaaz aur shahjahaan..??????nai..
    Aur kya precap tha..
    Mujhey..kal tak..adhi she koi nafrat nahi thi..as I already told u all..that I’m feeling..something..fish y about his intentions..
    Par aaj ka episode aur precap ney ye sabhit kar diya…ki adhi is not a bad guy..
    Have u seen all..of course…u took may understood wt adhi is doing..
    Y he willl talk exactly..before kamini entrance in room..so that she can listen and pass the news to shravu..
    And precap may b tabhi baath ko kicha gaya jab shravu aa raha ho…isn’t it?????
    Aur ye pushkar tho gaya..out of station..
    Abh ye preeti kya aur kab shravu ko kahegi ki shravu ko ki uska baap kaisa hai?????
    I think ye ramnath ka revelation hai na..vo shaadi k baadh hi hogi..????
    So…loose hope from preekar…now..
    I think is haftey..ki end pey sumo dulhan banegi…munheyvtho laga aaj ki episode mey hi mehandi ho jaayegi…batanayi..kal bhi hoga ki Naye..I thank it will b on wednesday
    And guys..don’t b so excited about…precap him sab ko pata hai..shravu much react nahi karneywala…???????????
    Gd nyt..u all dear frnds….
    And I congratulate..my god….for the journey I made to comment in my facarate show..pagetelly updates..gifted me world wide. Frnds…sisters..thanks a lot..its really lovely…being a part of it..and all ur lives????????????????
    Congrats guys..our show..completed 6months journey…rock..it..lots of love to each and everyone..reading this..even the silent readers..???????????????i
    Gd nyt all.

    1. @Sona di…she will make them…heer ranjha….nice na..nd yr Hindi.. Amazing…

    2. hey sona…missed u dear…ab to lgta aj kamu heer ranjha ya laila majnu bolegi .. 😉 loving her
      ..ek single chance ni chodri shraman ko ek sath krne ka …bestest villain ever 😉
      n mujhe v lga adimanav shraman ko milayega he’ll be the Cupid but ab aisa ni lgta …lgra dkhkr ki vo possessive ho ra n torture krra sumo ko I love u bolne ..jaise koi song h Jo ga dia. pagal ladka …n jaise sumo ka hath pkda video m aisa lga ki rape kr dega Jo sumo hug krti shravu ko …n spoilers bolre sumo ko bolega ki shravu ki wjh s fight hui …so I think ye villain bnne jara …qni hmare shraman ko akela rehne dera … I hope apki prediction correct ho… 🙂 miss u…

  5. The show is going on right track???????????????????

  6. sumo better not marry adi…and better marry shravan…because Adi’s mine…he is so freaking hot af

    1. @Guys…NAMIK’s birthday is coming.. Nd pushu baba on 13 Oct…….tab tak to show ko chala doooo
      @Maya Ross…hey sorry if I hurt u..but its personal thinking… If u like adi..well u can take adi…because sumo don’t love him…nd ..I too….well if it is of shravu.. Tab to line lag jaati…well hame ye sochna chahiye..ki NAMIK NE bhi debut qubool Hai se as an actor but not as lead role kiya tha…so may b adi bhi a age chalke rock kar de….hmmnnn

    2. @Guys…NAMIK’s birthday is coming.. Nd pushu baba on 13 Oct…….tab tak to show ko chala doooo
      @Maya Ross…hey sorry if I hurt u..but its personal thinking… If u like adi..well u can take adi…because sumo don’t love him…nd ..I too….well if it is of shravu.. Tab to line lag jaati…well hame ye sochna chahiye..ki NAMIK NE bhi debut qubool Hai se as an actor but not as lead role kiya tha…so may b adi bhi a age chalke rock kar de….hmmnnn
      ..what’s happening..???

    3. hey maya …dear I hope u know sumo only loves shravu …sumo ka shravan n shravan ki sumo…
      u take ur adi…no one wants him…
      I love only shravu..he is the hottest one dear but adi is ur fvrt so u keep him…I want shraman not adiman…

  7. i enjoyed ADIMAN fight alot and was continuocly giggling !! shraman fights appeared very sweet to me as i know d ultimate result !!! hats off to kamu !!! ROMEO JULIET CAN NEVER BE SEPARATED . NIKITA U HAVE NAILED IT TODAY . EDKV completed 6 months and i did not realise!!! i still remember shravus 1 entry in tiwari killa , varma incident , googloo incident , shraman hugs and d 2 dance sequences . all of d episodes were extremely appealing !!!

    1. hey deotima …I also enjoyed adiman fight…yeah I also remember every scene of edkv …its unforgettable. 🙂

  8. Omg, does anyone else pray Shravan just punches Adi in the face and makes up with Sumo? I do!
    I love the tulip scene, it’s like he’s going to put all of his wishes into this wedding to send her off. I can’t wait to see when happens tomorrow with his eavesdropping. I hope the writers don’t screw it up.

    1. yeah he will do it jashi
      he is gonna beat the hell up of aditya as aditya will try to molest suman
      then shravan n aditya will have a BIG fight n then lots n loads of drama
      i just saw the video on youtube 😉

    2. hey jashi ..I also want shravu to punch adimanav 😉 …excited for today’s episode…hope shravu baba will understand that sumo loves him 🙂

    1. Ye kab ki pic hai…kya ye 6 months complete hone ki khushi ka hai kya??

  9. Hahahaha adityA make me laugh with his comments …
    I hape u will not make him villain
    He is mega hot?
    Better send shravan as dowry ??????

  10. Hello guys…how are you all??

    Ekdv is going superb as always….

    1. hey lily…m good …how r u? where are u missing these days?? missing u dear 🙁
      yep edkv is going on full swing 😀

  11. Celebration time!! It’s 6 months of EDKV!!!!!!!!

  12. @Guys…good morning.. Kehte HAIN ki subah subah agar acche logo ko yaar karte HAIN to din accha bata Hai,to SOCHA aap logo ko apni yaar dila doon…,just kidding…
    Well let’s start my topic with a joke..


    Well,after a month or two…I watched edkv but hardly its last part….nd first time saw adi on my TV screen…nd okay

    @Ireena di… All the very best for xmsssss….come soon.,….???
    @Guys…no one watch EDKV in my class except me nd rashi….but she don’t like me as she is not as talkative as I m nd so don’t say just hear what I say to her….I feel like m making her bore…but …nd in whole class it is spread that m a die Heart fan of edkv…so we guys talk in break or sometimes in our skol bus….all say…yaar Ab to khatam kar….but no one understands… No one in my family watch this show.. As all Chachis nd didis like that cheap saas babu melodrama… What to say to these guys…hamare sanskaar …u know na….well leave this…

    ..well I m thinking ki kahan jaaooo waitha batane k liye…ki EDKV khatam hone wala Hai???…koi to bata dooo???

    …m not happy but happy too as I will have to watch less episodes of edkv on u tube… Pata nahi,Ab tak kitna mb waste kiya Hai…on my EDKV… Well u won’t believe.. That first episode to fifth episode,I watched on u tube… Nd saara balance was just like…shuuu!!…bas barbaad ho gayi thi..????????,less episode to watch online is like relief giving… But m upset ..my disappointment is more tham my happiness…
    Well mujhe na last night need nahi aayi…because I saw the episode… Omggggg…nd precap with my four eyes…I was just looking at the watch nd was just to take my specks in my hands,,just then precap….awww,well nice …but abhi bhi…lambu nahi samjhega…nd what tulip…amazing Sir.. Well hamari ek baat hamare frnds bhool JAAYE…if we have fight ever..nd u r amazing… Thokhar khaane k baad liski memory itni yaadgaar hoti Hai?????????
    Well guys…ye to maanana padega…that ALL THE BEST OF EDKV GOES TO NIMIK SIR ND CAST…..

    @Guys…hey who is here who not want to leave anyone here????…tell meeeee
    I have a super excited plan…
    See everyone it is difficult for us to b on Twitter, fb or on IF(India forum)…so let’s do something on this level…
    Y not we guys choose a show or I mean series of any Indian TV.. Nd do cmmt there…wait ,we want to stay with each other..so let’s hack any of a site, ha ha…what’s say?let’s discuss here abt the shows…nd when we’ll leave this pg..we all will go to that show.. Nd will do as much cmmts as we want,nd kaun SA show ki site,us pg k members ki Hai Jo hame wahan aane se rookenge,they will thought that their trp is increasing, but unhe kya pata ki hum sab toli saath rehne aaye Hai..nd we will have a lot of fun there…nd will miss EDKV, SHRAMAN, vishlak…altogether.. What’s say????..no Rona dhona nd no judaai…waise bhi..we cmmt here ,so after this in the same way we’ll cmmt there..nd kisiko batana mat,that we r not watching this show,ha ha…maja aayega…nd after sometime may b I will join fb but not now….how is my plan..so guys let’s discuss abt our fortune series.. Give yr shows name,because I have no name, ek hi to show dekhti hoo,kahan se laau naam???????
    @Anjali di…hey di the first one who welcomed me was abhi(abhirami),….she was the regular member… Nd IREENA DI too,but after my entry, she became invisible for some days.. But came soon,as she was unwell….u know jab bhi purane pages pe jaake apne cmmts padhti hoo to lagta Hai JAISE kal hi to start kiya tha..nd kal khatam karna padega…awww???????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Him itna logo ko emotional karenge ki sab log naare lagayenge,du u know the slogan????..
    HAAI HAAAI?????,llooll..
    Now its my time..Kittu ‘s special…
    Today m gonna write a novel…
    A young skol going girl of 5or 6 standard ,watched a promo of saraswatichand,listen u will enjoy this….so …nd she just feel to watch the series asap…nd when it is telecasted on TV, so as she is not able to watch, because it comes on 7or 7:30 on star plus.. So she used to watch it on dd national at9:30….nd if she can’t so she asked to her frnds in skol…ND feels happy.. I liked that series a lot in the beginning nd what a storyline, yaar saras ko kumud ka chehra dekhne ko nahi mila..nd that patang wala day…wow saras NE chehra dekh hi LIYA…I was just to hug myself… Itna amazing.. Sote jaagte sahi aata tha..but the storyline suddenly changed.. I mean okay..but yaar kumud’s marriage.. Omg…I left that show…nd never watched it again…nd kab khatam huaa ,I forget… YAAD hi nahi…after that my craze was on BHARAT KA VEER PUTRA MAHARANA PRATAP…hey I still rembered its first episode… What a fan show it was…nd pratap,I mean faizal khan,just rocked it…every character was so unique that I can’t express with my words…nd ajabdeh nd phool kanwar’s bonding was amazing nd interesting… Nd Akbar’s evilness (vishal jethwa)..well that time Akbar was continuously changing.. As they didn’t find anyone perfect.. But at last vishal got finalised.. I thought that he is a boy of 14-15 years..but u won’t believe he was of 20 years..in one of his interviews.. He said that his bro came for audition so he also thought to give audition nd see we have now a cool nd studious boy..???
    Actually I didn’t like him much because the craze was for pratap only…nd when pratap Akbar ajabdeh nd phool…met in that haat mela…it was such such a beautiful one..amazing… During pratap,my craze was for jodhaa Akbar too..itna tha ki..just..amazing… Kuch nahi KEH sakti…pagal bhi nahi ..pagal se jyada…mai uske repeated episodes bhi dekhne k liye Marti thi…but no one stopped me from watching these two shows…ek diary thi… Usne sab kuch..like kab start huaa kab kaun kya character kya role kar raha Hai…everything… Nd their photos too..nd my frnds was so humble nd sweet ki unhe koi bhi PIC of pratap nd jodha Akbar ki multi with interview to WO for me..le aaye the..u know…once I had a fight with my frnd..we both didn’t talk for approximately 25-29 days
    ..I remembered that ,she covered one of her notebooks with jodha’s photo…actually we were bench mates.. So I saw nd asked her directly… Tune mujhe chidhane k liye ye cover up kiya Hai na?
    She replied, ki mai kaisa kyu karungi…?
    I said..kyunki hamari ladaai huyi Hai…
    She said..exactly.. I did for the same reason..
    Nd when she went for handwash in break…I just took her notebook..
    Nd when she came..she had no idea…nd when that period came…I said…ooo..mam will punish u…
    She said kyu…
    I said….ye Jo ut patang si photo ko wrap kiya hai na…
    She frequently searched her notebook.. I gave her..usne wahi k sahi faad diya(great victory for me)…nd phir hum bolne LAGE…
    But I left both these series too…first,when pratap grew up..nd second when salim story was going…I remembered.. That once I didn’t watched both these because of cricket match..no one allowed me..then nxt morning… I made an excuse of stomach pain..nd skipped from skol..but couldn’t watch pratap..because soneydev ki problem… Retelecast hi band kar diya…but watched jodha Akbar…. Nd never did that silly mistake again…I can say here (don’t feel bad)..I m not a 1% of craze…as I was for these series… I was a pagal…but EDKV has different storyline.. Then I was in 7 th…nd after that..craze of ashoka nd razia sultan….but left all…starting was full of. excitement but after one year of show..just goes boring nd dragging.. I m not saying that these were boring but I didn’t liked them after sometimes… Nd do u know one thing.. Abhi tak kisi bhi show ki ending nahi Delhi Hai..not of saraswati chand,not of jodha Akbar,nd not of pratap..nd ashoka,not because it is going.. Nd razia was a finite show to mujhe pata bhi nahi chala Aur khatam ho gaya…nd uske baad Kaisi ka koi craze nahi tha…then I changed my skol…then new schedule, new headache.. Nd new responsibilities too..well I was in 9th..my final xms time…
    I was watching hanuman on Sony…as she came on her vacation, her hostel was close..because WO aati Hai tabhi Sony chalta Hai..so I was sitting nd watching that boring ..show ..in that I watched EDKV’s promo..of sumo comes nd haddiyo or mard ko dard nahi hoga..wala add…I didn’t liked NAMIK sir in that.. Nd not Niki mam..because of her dark lipstick…??..u know I thought ki ye uska boss Hai…or may b sumo is a doctor… Because..Maine koi promo dekha nahi tha..so didn’t pay attention.. It was may b march 1st day….I was very busy….then suddenly on 7-8 march…I watched another promo of edkv.. When shravu was not paying attention to her..in party.. Nd sumo says..ki sab kuch YAAD Hai..par shayaad mai YAAD nahi ho…then shravu turns.. Nd says ki mujhe sab YAAD Hai..sumo tum bhi nd tumhari diye huye jhakham bhi…nd ya ya I left one…..ya when a background sound comes nd says..ki “kya bachpan me ki huyi galti ki maafi aa payegi sumo ki jubaan par”… Ommgggggg..wow..these two promos just stole my heart nd feelings.. I was just thinking.. Ki kya galti ki thi is ladki NE,because mujhe naam Kaisi ka pata nahi tha…but was not able to watch because of my xms..but as soon as my xms overed.. I stuck to Google kaka…actually once in Jan 2016 I was searching something.. Nd got a news that bindu production I know its imaging.. But Jo Maine SOCHA..I don’t know clearly.. That..the girl whom u have seen in dreamgirl will play a rile in upcoming show of Sony..vishal..nd palak from itna karo na mujhe pyar..nd new actor… NAMIK.. I didn’t pay attention… Nd after watching these ads…okay..but but but..after watching khosla’s entry.. Bas sab khatam..I mean..xms..I then watched.. BOLI was going on..nd sumo nd urvashi’s dance.. First I thought that pushu baba is SHRAVAN’s friend.. Nd kamini is his step mom…nd nanu is not sumo’s but of shravu’s maternal grandfather…. I loved that hOLI..nd enjoyed.. My sis has left house..so no one was to bother me…I watched …but how to watch last episodes.. So I thought ki hat baar Google kaka helps me..y not this time???…I searched.. Nd found that in this internet world we have such a good facilities… First I watched all the episodes.. Not at one time.. But u can imagine that in 5 days..I watched whole… But uske baad bhi..I took two months to come here…the show is bestmbest..but I like flashback the mmmmooostttt…
    Well I know ki Kaisi bhi fav. Show ka jitna bhi craze raha Hai…mai usse itna hi door gayi hoo..nd this is a record ki mai apna last episodes of any of my fav.show ka nahi dekh paayi…I know that I won’t watch it’s last epi too..but now I can read here..nd u tube Bhaiya is our lifelong sathi…so no problem…
    @Guys…aaj k liye bas itna hi…baaki ka paath aapko kal padhungi….till then tuned here for more chapters of THE STORY OF MY MENTAL LIFE…???
    @Guys…JAATE JAATE ye to bata do..what is VM?????????.plez.. Nd plez read my cmmt….nd give yr opinion on my every topic..nd on hacking of at show too???
    Nd sorry 4 such a long cmmt…

    1. Shrutipriya

      Hi, kittu. You have a nice thought there, I wanna ask you do you have a Google plus profile. If you do you can come there and make a community named EDKV and we can talk there. Otherwise, mujhe bhi kisi aur serial ke bare mein nahi pata… If you want to take a look at Google plus (in case you don’t know about it)
      Come to my page..
      plus.google. com/+ShrutiPriyaSF
      And yes you can call me shriya…

    2. OMG ! Kittu di soo long comment. ?? Hats off

    3. Hii kittu !! Instead of watching on youtube u can download the episode in mp4 or 3gp quality ..it will consume less data …about 12mb for 3gp and around 30 mb for mp4 …I m also crazy for EDKV like u …I m muslim …we are not allowed to watch TV during RAMZAN so during that I downloaded the episode and watched. it will be not so clear as on youtube but …roz to dekhne ko miljayega na …hmm??
      Like u I am also not watching this show from starting …because I was stuck till star and zee….so when that promo where sumo comes and gave buquye to shravan …I found arnav(barun sobti from iss pyar ko kya naam doom 1) in shravan …I started watching this show from that holi wala sequence ..
      VM !! VM is video in which some beautiful scenes of shraman are shown …I hav ..hmm…I think 15 or 20 VM of Shraman…
      I have been silent reader since long …I didn’t controled myself tiday and commented. .
      Gud bye ..
      take care

    4. hey kittu …phle to vm kya h ye mujhe v ni pta …actually video bnate I mean shraman k scenes n bg m koi song…
      yar sch m aisa lgta kal hi cmnt krna start kia tha …emotional kr dia tnhare comment n to.. 🙁 n rustom wale n bht hasaya…
      actually ur ryt ..its not possible to come online everyday on fb or on if ..so it’s better ki edkv ka last episode Jo hoga we all will stick to that page…forever…or kisi show ka I dont know islie…n m I in devdas group, ? please add me thr … 🙁 I don’t wanna leave u all…my problem is same as urs …I can talk about edkv freely to u guys only…though my sisters watch this but they call me edkv mania n shraman mania… 🙁 well it’s ryt m addicted to this but wat to do…hai hi ye serial amazing…after 8 years I m loving any Indian serial ni to saas bahu craps kon dkhta… Maine na edkv ka promo dekha tha both promos 10saal s yhi ho or koi kam ni h kya? kuch kam yad aa gya n haddi tutne wala promo n I liked that one haddi wala promo, ;( but thought it would be like all other crappy serials…but I watched its first episode reunion school party …I saw that episode ..that was my first episode n I was cursing shravu I blo*dy hate u ..but when his fb showed how sumo insulted I thought yar dono na great ho…but then he cancelled n stopped for sumo
      ..I loved him
      ..in promos I didn’t like him…but when I started watching it I was like this Guy is driving me crazy so handsome n his body n caring, confused, angry, whoa…I can’t explain…I just love him now madly…his acting is superb… :* n u know wat I got too obsessed that I started reading ff, os, ss n I think I read around 100 n still some are ongoing …my sisters call me mad for edkv ..well I agree I am…whenever I skip one episode I feel like I wont be able to sleep…but thanks to wu …I read it whenever I miss any episode 😉
      sorry kch zyada lamba ho gya…tmhara pura comment pdha …love u yar …
      n one last think edkv k last wu page p hi forever stick hone ka idea …think about it once… 😉

    5. Kittu..itna bara comment.. Hart mein dard nahi hua tera??
      Well kittu, yaha pe sab saath rehna chahte he.. And tera idea bura nahi hai.. Par mein edkv k alawa koi aur serial nahi dekhti hu.. But mere kuch frnds star plus k ISHQBAAZ dekhtehe.. They say that it’s awesum.. So waha pein comment kare kya? Meine apna serial ka naam bata diya.. Though I don’t watch it… Ab baki sab suggest karo ki yei thik hai ya nahi!
      Aur sry bolne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai.. Kyuki apno se dil ki baat share nahi karoge to kisse karogw.. We r family na?
      Aur ha wese hum twitter, insta, mein bhi link rakh satte hai.. Bas bata do ki kese dhunna hai ap lologo ko waha.. Aur jinke nahi hai wo kittu wala idea use karna.. Wese hum sab wo idea use karenge.. Still networking sites bhi use kar satte hai na.. And meri bhi fb account nahi.. Next year kholungi.. So on twitter/insta…
      Plz reply guys!!!

  13. I just hope that shravan comes to know the truth about all the sacrifices that Somy has had to do. Poor girl. I can imagine when Shravan gets to know all this, and confesses his love to SOMU. It will be sweet. I think Shravan is one of the most handsome actors I have seen on the hindi cinema. Please make this show a success. I am tired of watching hindi series, which start off good, but come to an abrupt ending due to the directors/makers having no idea what to do next. All i all, I like this show

  14. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Co8BiXMUEAAkrTC.jpg:small
    @Guys..plez see this link nd tell me that..is this girl the saree wali??..means by seeing whom ramu k hossh ud gaye???hmmn…
    Is yes…ye dobi yahan kya kar rahi Hai..
    Nd u know…preeti ki shaadi me shravu aadha pagal tha .nd in sumo’s weeding band pura pagal ho gaya…well ye adi kisi bhi intention se kare…apne ma ki izaat ka to SOCHA k kar…ek to waise hi ho bad naam Hai…nd upar se tumhare kale kaarname…yaar sharam kar…Teri maa ka to soch..well tell m abt that girl..

    1. don’t worry behna…ye vo ladki ni h ..kaise bhul skti us ldki ko 😉 shravu ne get lost kaha tha …n ramu kaka to pagla gya tha dkhkr…n shravu baba sch m av sumo ki shadi tk pura pgla jyga 😉 just kidding…I love him…

  15. @Guys…NAMIK’s birthday is coming.. Nd pushu baba on 13 Oct…….tab tak to show ko chala doooo

    1. Kab hai namik ka birthday??

      1. ptani yar …bhagya ne btaya September m but date ni PTA 🙁

    2. Pushu baba??

      1. hey alina …pushu baba means pushkar 😉 …we have given such cute names to all… n I had to ask u do u download all edkv episodes from playmaza.com??

    3. ha kittu …Mai v sochri tb tk to chala de yar … btw date pta chala kya shravu k bdy ka?

    4. Hii Anjali …yes I download episodes from playmaza.com …but not all some jo main TV p ni dekh pati…

  16. Hi guys ..I have a brilliant news for you , idk if it’s true or not
    Time to have a blast as happy days are back for Suman (Nikita Dutta) and Shravan (Namik Paul).
    Loyal viewers of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Bindu Moving Images) on Sony Entertainment Television will see their favourite ShraMan together after a long time.
    As per a reliable source, “Shravan-Aditya (Ronit Kapill) will have a huge fight and finally the marriage will be called off. Suman will be really upset.
    However, Kamini will take advantage of the situation and would tell Nanaji (Madan Joshi) that Shravan and Suman love each other. And the families should think about their wedding.”
    On the other hand, Aditya will tell Suman that Shravan was responsible for the fight. This will irk Suman and she will start hating Shravan even more. Both the families will try to solve the matter but would fail in their attempt. Hence, because of family pressure, Shravan-Suman will forcibly get married.
    But fans have to wait for the lovely moment of Shravan and Suman’s marriage till mid-September.
    We tried reaching the actors but they remained unavailable for comment.
    Are you excited for Shravan and Suman’s wedding? Let us know in the section below…

    1. hey shaza …thanks for the awsm news 🙂 ..ugghh this adi …y doesn’t he go to hell with ramu leaving shraman happy ?

  17. Aj ka epi abhi tak nahi dekha.. So pehle download karungi uske baad dekhna parega:(
    And guys aj mera 2nd last exm hai, kal last wala! It’s not the final one… These are model tests. 15 din baad wapas ek last wala model test hai.. Sab pray karo taki mein acche no. la saku 🙂

  18. Guys mene verma wala scene nahi dekha tha… So plz aany1 tell me ki shravan neusse thappar kyu mara tha?

    1. Kyuki verma ne bola tha ki …shravan just don’t think about suman ..wo tmhare type ki hi nhi h??

    2. Sorry no question mark at last

    3. hey dear…actually usne thappad khane wala kaam hi kra tha …sumo ko uski frnd n verma ka naam recommend kia to sumo us gadhe s mili n boli ki agr mere nanu puche to bolna shravu n mujhe kaha tha case ladne ko ..n then sumo left…
      but verma called shravu or bola thanks sumo ko mera naam recommend krne k lie…if one year phle mili hoti to usise shaadi krta …n used some shameless words for sumo…fr kya tha shravu baba garam ho gye n phone fake dia n next day court m jb verma sumo ko touch krne ka kosish kia to that was limit for shravu…islie lgaye 2 thappad 😉 ab bhala shravu ki lady love k bare m gandi batein kroge n touch krne ki kosis kroge to pitoge hi 😀

  19. High gals and guys. It seems the whole week will lbe isahi sumo our shravan ki jagada hi hote rahe hi lagte. And I think Adi will be hammering shravan very badly and intentionally even sumo may at times to that. Adi will be doing it for insulting Nirmala and to heat Shravan for Sumo. while sumo will irritate Shravan for doing all marrange arrangement to irritate her.

    So the director might hav thought to post that fight scene so that Fans will not get dejected with the insults Shravan has to bear in this week. Awainting what all are in store for us.

  20. Pata nahi ramu ka truth kab shrvan ko pata chalega

  21. Amazing episode. Sept me hai na namik ka birthday. Nikita ne ek Barr reveal kiya tha interview me but date nahi batayi sirf month bataya tha sept.ok hii everyone how r u? All happy na.

    1. hey bhagya…how r u? m good…if u get to know the birth date of shravu pls let us know…n yeah happy from shraman marriage news 😉

  22. pretty preeti

    Guys gud morning maza a gya adiman fight woww hmesha shraman fight dekhi Lenin kal maja totally loved it
    @kitttu mujhe samil kro devdas group me mere bona no GRP
    Guys do u remember thishttp://img.serialgossip.com/2016/06/23/spoiler-447.jpg
    I m going to give u pics and u all have to tell when was that pic scene happened
    It s easy one
    Rest will be tough

    1. Hey preety !! Your given link is not opening. ..u didn’t gave space between this and https

      1. pretty preeti

        Alina the link is downwards I know it was my mistake the link given down is the right one
        So its announcement to all sweetheart that link is in the.next comment
        Please see it

    2. hey pri…sumo k accident ka link … :•( still remember that horrible incident 🙁

    3. This is from school reunion party ..where shravan insulted suman publicly

    1. hey pri …I remember this scene..party ..school reunion n all drama… keep sharing links :*

    2. Devga

      old frnds union… Wer shravu ignores sumo….

  23. hiii everyone…i am very happy kal mere exams khatam ho jayenge….hasssss…but news is here shrman is getting married …for further news plz switch to metromasti.com…

    1. hey mahima…time for masti as exams are over..yeah I also heard shraman marriage news but I also read it will be full of hatred …they will be married forcefully …well lets hope for best… 🙂

  24. Diya

    Hello guys !!! How’re u all ???

    Why is everybody talking about EDKV’s end…….abhi to party shuru huiye !!!
    Anyone read the new spoiler ????? Here’s the link


    @Kittu di
    Kitnaaaaa baaaraaa comment !!! Hat me dard nahi huya ???

    1. hey sonai..m gd ..how r u? n dear I read that spoiler too…I don’t know wats gonna happen…ye adi na chain s ni milne dega shraman ko ..well i want this spoiler to be wrong…want all reveals during marriage so that shraman to get happily married… 🙂

    2. Yei mera bhi ques tha kittu k liyeliye…

    3. Sonai di.. A ques for u- R u from Bangladesh? I mean kuch din pehle apne earthquake k baare mein kahatha wo BD mein bhi ek hua tha so that’s why I asked…

  25. Don’t give 2 dimes to this spoiler. Kuch bi like wo log.

  26. So finally watched the epi…Aj ke epi mein kuch dialogues mujhe bohot acche lage
    Saree seller- YEI PEHENNE K BAAD SARE LADKE APKE HONE WALE PATI SE JALNE WALE HAI(at that time shravu’s smile <3)
    And guys kitnii dino k baad shravu ko ready hote dekha… Yad hai jab sumo bina knock kiye room mein a jatithi tab usne shravu ko ready hote dekha tha, shravu was changing h! is shirt and sumo turned her face(sooo cute) and shravu ne kaha tha- IS BAAR PHIR BHI MEIN SHIRT CHANGE KARRAHATHA KAHI AGLEY BAR….(thik se yaad nahi hai ki kya bola tha par esai kuch tha).. And then sumo's reaction!!!!
    Loving kamini,.. Laga de aag!!
    Ok so kal phir baat hoga…….. Love every1!!

  27. yesss full on masti anjali….hssss …now i will be able enjoy edkv more than the previois days….???cannot show my happiness…nimik lovely couple

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