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Sumo wonders if she should tell the truth. What would Shravan have said? She thinks against calling him at this hour. She sends him a message. You must have known that Mami and Massi are asking me again and again. Suggest what I should say. She sends him more messages asking him to reply soon. is he mad? Why isn’t he replying? She sends another message. Shravan is fast asleep. Sumo thinks he cannot get over sleep and I am in such a fix here. She calls him but his phone is on silent. She spends the night calling him incessantly while he sleeps peacefully. Shravan wakes up at night. He checks his phone and smiles. All the cases of the world will end but not of this madam. This girl is mad. He calls Sumo.

Sumo wakes up hearing the ring. Are you mad? I have been calling you all night.

He reasons that normal people sleep at night. She calls him cheap. Such a big thing (kaand) happened and you are sleeping. I have to meet you right away. He is confused. What are you talking about? She says I cannot tell on phone. Meet me then I will tell. He agrees to come over but she tells him against it. We will meet somewhere outside (Tom uncle). He says what we will talk about on road. She talks about old times when they used to go there. He agrees.

Shravan tells her to speak. Sumo says if I would have known what to say then I wouldn’t have called you here. He tells her to speak. She says everything is a mess after those photographs. I don’t know what to tell. He says there I no issue. Tell the truth when they will ask. I told every9one. She is surprised. You are stronger than you look like. I cannot think of anything. What did you exactly say? I will say the same thing. he tells her what he said before his family members which surprises her. we are friends? He reminds her of last night. He calls it a small matter. You called me here in the morning. She thanks him for tea. He assures her everything will be fine.

Mami is muttering to herself. Massi asks her if is doing puja. Mami taunts her that she is cursing her. Why did you tell Sumo I will tell everyone about the photos? Massi says I meant you are too blunt. Mami says anyone says anything to me. rachna points out that she only said that to scare Sumo. Mami goes out while Massi calls out after her.

Someone asks about Preeti. Nanu shares that he sent her to Malhotra House to send an important file. Sumo was not at home so I sent Preeti. mami wonders where Sumo went early in the morning.

Preeti collides with Pushkar (she does not see his face). She begins to scold him when she realises it is Pushkar and says sorry. I came here to give this file as Sumo Didi is not at home. Pushkar is confused. Where did she go in the morning? Any idea? She asks him why he is asking. He replies that Bhaiya is also missing since morning. He is intrigued. Pushkar offers lift to Preeti. Did anything happen in your house once we left? She denies. Why do you ask? He speaks about the photos. Surprisingly, Shravan Bhaiya said he and Sumo are only friends. She says it is the truth. Pushkar denies. I am sure there is more. preeti says Di would have told me if it was the case. Bet? Pushkar and Preeti bet on it. The one who loses will take the winner out for coffee.

Nanu is fed up watching the same news at every channel. Preeti comes home. I gave file to Pushkar. Shravan was not at home. mami says Preeti came back after doing her work. Don’t know where Sumo is. Mama ji says she will come. Nanu asks Dabbu to bring his papers from a drawer. Dabbu mistakenly brings the envelope which has Shravan and Sumo’s photos. Rachna tells her father not to open the envelope. Nanu asks them what is in it. Mami sends Dabbu to school. Nanu opens the envelope just as Sumo enters. He directly asks her what is going on between her and Shravan. Sumo replies that Khosla took them stealthily. Shravan and I are childhood friends. We share nothing more than that. Preeti smiles. Sumo says we went back to our old house regarding the case. I slipped and maybe Khosla clicked them at the same time. He only wants to defame us. Nanu says what else can we expect from a man like Khosla. He would do such cheap things when things wont work in his favour. I wont say anything on this matter now. Sumo goes inside holding the photos in her hands.

Preeti compliments Sumo. You and Shravan are true friends. You both stand for each other always. Such friends cannot be found in today’s date. Sumo smiles. We don’t have to look for good friends. They meet by chance. you will also get one. Preeti thanks her. I won a bet with Pushkar because of you. he said there is more than friendship between you and Shravan while I said it is only friendship. I won the bet. I will tell him now.

Sumo calls Pushkar. She talks about the bet. Why are you asking her such questions? Pushkar shares how last night Bhaiya said you and he are only best friends. I felt it was a lie. She asks him if Shravan said anything like that. Pushkar denies. she asks him if he heard anything from her mouth. He says never. She scolds him. He ends the call for he has work.

Sumo tells herself Shravan thinks her to be only his good friend. Just a friend! Then why do you think too much?

Pushkar is with Mr. Saxena and guides him what to say in court. His phone rings. He keeps ignoring the calls but Mr. Saxena tells him to receive the call. Maybe it is important. Pushkar picks up the call. Who calls back to back? Preeti says I do. When are you taking me for coffee? He says I am in meeting. She says you could have cut it. He replies that it is bad manners to disconnect a call. She suggests him to study human psychology instead. He appreciates her different thinking. She asks him when they can have coffee. He says today only. She speaks of a good shop near her institute. They have tasty pastries. Pushkar smiles. He takes Mr. Saxena to the canteen.

Sumo mutters to herself. Just friends? Fine. if you want this then let it be. We will be good friends from today onwards. Nothing more than that. Just friends. That’s it.

Precap: Prita talks about the type of men. People like Shravan like to make girls falls for them slowly. Try giving him too many instructions all at once. He would say no if you are only his friend. He will listen to everything you say if he loves you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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