Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo wonders if she should tell the truth. What would Shravan have said? She thinks against calling him at this hour. She sends him a message. You must have known that Mami and Massi are asking me again and again. Suggest what I should say. She sends him more messages asking him to reply soon. is he mad? Why isn’t he replying? She sends another message. Shravan is fast asleep. Sumo thinks he cannot get over sleep and I am in such a fix here. She calls him but his phone is on silent. She spends the night calling him incessantly while he sleeps peacefully. Shravan wakes up at night. He checks his phone and smiles. All the cases of the world will end but not of this madam. This girl is mad. He calls Sumo.

Sumo wakes up hearing the ring. Are you mad? I have been calling you all night.

He reasons that normal people sleep at night. She calls him cheap. Such a big thing (kaand) happened and you are sleeping. I have to meet you right away. He is confused. What are you talking about? She says I cannot tell on phone. Meet me then I will tell. He agrees to come over but she tells him against it. We will meet somewhere outside (Tom uncle). He says what we will talk about on road. She talks about old times when they used to go there. He agrees.

Shravan tells her to speak. Sumo says if I would have known what to say then I wouldn’t have called you here. He tells her to speak. She says everything is a mess after those photographs. I don’t know what to tell. He says there I no issue. Tell the truth when they will ask. I told every9one. She is surprised. You are stronger than you look like. I cannot think of anything. What did you exactly say? I will say the same thing. he tells her what he said before his family members which surprises her. we are friends? He reminds her of last night. He calls it a small matter. You called me here in the morning. She thanks him for tea. He assures her everything will be fine.

Mami is muttering to herself. Massi asks her if is doing puja. Mami taunts her that she is cursing her. Why did you tell Sumo I will tell everyone about the photos? Massi says I meant you are too blunt. Mami says anyone says anything to me. rachna points out that she only said that to scare Sumo. Mami goes out while Massi calls out after her.

Someone asks about Preeti. Nanu shares that he sent her to Malhotra House to send an important file. Sumo was not at home so I sent Preeti. mami wonders where Sumo went early in the morning.

Preeti collides with Pushkar (she does not see his face). She begins to scold him when she realises it is Pushkar and says sorry. I came here to give this file as Sumo Didi is not at home. Pushkar is confused. Where did she go in the morning? Any idea? She asks him why he is asking. He replies that Bhaiya is also missing since morning. He is intrigued. Pushkar offers lift to Preeti. Did anything happen in your house once we left? She denies. Why do you ask? He speaks about the photos. Surprisingly, Shravan Bhaiya said he and Sumo are only friends. She says it is the truth. Pushkar denies. I am sure there is more. preeti says Di would have told me if it was the case. Bet? Pushkar and Preeti bet on it. The one who loses will take the winner out for coffee.

Nanu is fed up watching the same news at every channel. Preeti comes home. I gave file to Pushkar. Shravan was not at home. mami says Preeti came back after doing her work. Don’t know where Sumo is. Mama ji says she will come. Nanu asks Dabbu to bring his papers from a drawer. Dabbu mistakenly brings the envelope which has Shravan and Sumo’s photos. Rachna tells her father not to open the envelope. Nanu asks them what is in it. Mami sends Dabbu to school. Nanu opens the envelope just as Sumo enters. He directly asks her what is going on between her and Shravan. Sumo replies that Khosla took them stealthily. Shravan and I are childhood friends. We share nothing more than that. Preeti smiles. Sumo says we went back to our old house regarding the case. I slipped and maybe Khosla clicked them at the same time. He only wants to defame us. Nanu says what else can we expect from a man like Khosla. He would do such cheap things when things wont work in his favour. I wont say anything on this matter now. Sumo goes inside holding the photos in her hands.

Preeti compliments Sumo. You and Shravan are true friends. You both stand for each other always. Such friends cannot be found in today’s date. Sumo smiles. We don’t have to look for good friends. They meet by chance. you will also get one. Preeti thanks her. I won a bet with Pushkar because of you. he said there is more than friendship between you and Shravan while I said it is only friendship. I won the bet. I will tell him now.

Sumo calls Pushkar. She talks about the bet. Why are you asking her such questions? Pushkar shares how last night Bhaiya said you and he are only best friends. I felt it was a lie. She asks him if Shravan said anything like that. Pushkar denies. she asks him if he heard anything from her mouth. He says never. She scolds him. He ends the call for he has work.

Sumo tells herself Shravan thinks her to be only his good friend. Just a friend! Then why do you think too much?

Pushkar is with Mr. Saxena and guides him what to say in court. His phone rings. He keeps ignoring the calls but Mr. Saxena tells him to receive the call. Maybe it is important. Pushkar picks up the call. Who calls back to back? Preeti says I do. When are you taking me for coffee? He says I am in meeting. She says you could have cut it. He replies that it is bad manners to disconnect a call. She suggests him to study human psychology instead. He appreciates her different thinking. She asks him when they can have coffee. He says today only. She speaks of a good shop near her institute. They have tasty pastries. Pushkar smiles. He takes Mr. Saxena to the canteen.

Sumo mutters to herself. Just friends? Fine. if you want this then let it be. We will be good friends from today onwards. Nothing more than that. Just friends. That’s it.

Precap: Prita talks about the type of men. People like Shravan like to make girls falls for them slowly. Try giving him too many instructions all at once. He would say no if you are only his friend. He will listen to everything you say if he loves you.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Epi is superb asusual I love this show. Pooja mam what is u r opinion about this show? Which show u like the most I mean which u update? Tell me if. U want simply only I asked. I like vishkanya, ek tha raja ek thi rani and ek duje ke vaaste show. Three are fav shows and I have quitted watching other shows becoz I am +2.

      • oh i see…m also in class 11..bt i just got promoted to 11 i ll be in 12 the next yr..
        btw from where are u ridhima??

    • Pooja



      I think this show is amazing and has a very sweet and sour kind of storyline. I soo look forward to all the episodes. This and Ashoka are shows that I like out of the ones I write. Other than that, I only watch Dehleez. Have you seen it?

      And you can call me Di like everyone else. Are all of you this young? :O

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Ok di I watched dehleez but I am +2 now commerce group so in school more pressure but still I watch 3shows. Ek duje ke vaaste,vishkanya and ek tha raja ek thi rani. Pls watch vishkanya that show is diff from other shows. I am sure di u will like that show but not more than ek duje ke vaaste becoz this is the best

      • Pooja



        πŸ˜€ Yes I know this one is surely leading because of the simple love story. I saw Vishkanya initially but don’t get too much time because of studies. And I prefer reading updates than watching them..it saves time πŸ˜›

      • ishu

        i too love dehleez…. thankw di for ur supr fast updates…. really thnkw… im first yr student πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

      • oh hi di..thanks for the reply…yes we are very young,,btw can u tell me pooja di how u became the author?? if u dont mind… πŸ™‚

      • Pooja



        You’re always welcome dear. I am not that old actually, but yes, a little than you guys πŸ˜€
        I also used to read updates like you all and stumbled upon an opportunity here…that’s how I became an author here πŸ™‚

  2. Nikita

    I am suprised to know that SUMO likes shravan… I always thought that Shravan likes sumo… ANYWAYS… jaldi se confess mat karna…. Build a bond first.. We want some Shraman moments…. Preetisher β™₯β™₯β™₯.. I meant Preeti and Pushkar are Pretisher now…

    • it was eminent from the early promos and earlier episodes that she developed her liking for shravan once he left for london….seems that the long wait resulted in this..

  3. Abhi

    Ab Preeti aur Pushkar ki jodi toh pakka ho gayi…Pushkar,you shouldn’t have accepted your defeat like this…you could have tried something to make them realize their love..i hope u will do something..?????
    Anyway enjoy ur coffee date..???

  4. Ireena

    dont know why preeti seems less….no problem….countdown has begun….time to go on with
    PusPreet,Preetush…(which one is better,guys??i m finding all ODD)

  5. Abhi

    Shravu,yaar…ur dialogues are awesome..especially that one when u saw sumo’s messages..
    You are saying that sumo is your best friend..still you are not able to understand the feelings of sumo,..
    When she said “hum friends hai”?
    Sumo mean that she thought they r more than friends..
    But u took her words in a wrong way,you thought she mean you guys are not even good friends…
    Eventhough i said this much negative things about you..i still love you loads…???
    Sumo …again u r gonna hear preeta’s words n gonna do something weird..dont do that yaar..we know that you love him.The way you said to dadu that u guys are just friends was like someone tought you all those n send.n also ur convo with pushkar..everything shows that u love him..but sumo pls don’t propose him ,let him propose u first…pls..
    Loved the episode..expect “friends”..???

  6. Madhuri

    Today epi is so nice. I think Pushkar only will win bet n they love story too started.but I want this serial on Saturday if possible Sunday also.

  7. Lado

    I just luved today’s episode shraman scenes were awesome but aaj I liked pushkar and preeti chemistry ??also they r so sweet and I liked that meeting wala scene………. Pushkar is so sweet and humble??

  8. Ridhima gupta

    Thank you for updates… puskar and preeti scenes were so good….. shravan will soon realize that they r frns or some else

  9. Minakhi

    I think Puskar aur preeti Shraman se pehle Love me pad jayenge …Bas Bol nahi payenge .Phir Shraman Jodi unko milaenge…Well Jo bhi Ho..I want more Shraman scenes…I love today’s episode nd thanks for the fast update

  10. Fatarajo

    Nice episode today ShraMan conversation was nice I wonder who will fall first Sumo or Shravan? Looks like Puskar-Preeti will also be a pair they are also a very cute pair liked puskar-Preeti scenes today

  11. Namik

    Hello everyone.
    Couldnt answer here yesterday. Yes, its Namik Paul.
    Recently heard about tellyupdates and hence checked it out.
    This is turning out to be kinda fanzone.
    Nice concept.
    Thanks for all your love and support.
    Have a nice day.
    Lots of love.

    • Nikita


    • ishu

      o m g… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ we all are your biggest fans… ur works are awesome … ur expression especially whn u ask for laddu … it was supr cute…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ waiting for your love confession in edkv sir… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Namik….love u loads..i appreciate u for being active in every sites…namik ,u r niki’s selfies are awesome…
      ur expressions…”haye main toh mar gaya”feeling in me….
      i request you to come to India forum site,..???
      love u..take care..

    • Shobhit

      Namik please reply to me on twitter to yesterday’s ques then we will be sure about u. Nice epi.

    • Bhagyashri

      Hii namik, we all are ur damn fan.thank u too because u made our all day special.pehle Sunday acche lagte the lekin nw I hate Sunday because tum TV par nahi aate.pehle I wait for Sunday but now I wait for Monday.

    • Ireena

      OMG!!!! I still can’t believe that its u,namik…..plz give a hint on ur twitter page that u r really here….so that we can be sure abt the fact…plz

    • Ireena

      Plz tell us which one is better for preeti and pushkar pair????preetisher,preetush,pushti,pushpreet,preekar…..or something else????

  12. ishu

    gud morning all… this episode was supr… pushkar too came to know tht shravan and sumo are more thn frnds…whn will shravn accept it yaar… sumo’s change in expression whn shravu told tht they were frnds and will be frnds… πŸ™ i feel sad for her…she was expecting some thing but …uf ye shravu bhi naah… anyway nice … eagerly waiting for shravu’s confession πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. Bhagyashri

    OK abhi. Anyone observed, in real life namik and Nikita’s name Started with same letter n. And also in serial, its started with same letter. Even vandy- varun its v, pushkar- preeti its p.this serial me aage new entries hogi with the same letter so hum guess kar sakte hai they are next pair.ha ha.

  14. Yes @Tara My 11 class is not completed. This year I will give my 11 exam n by next year I will read in 12 class. At present I m in class 11. And I m from Nepal n where r u from????

  15. Ireena

    ??…it really sounds funny he grew 8 inches taller in 8th grade….then he might do any commercial ad of drink
    the headline could be like that….’drink this ‘x’ Drink everyday and become 8 inches taller on 1 year…??
    do u have any such experiences guys like namik???
    well,i have one common liking with namik…. i m also a complete book lover,i think i read more than 100 books in year☺

      • Ireena

        ☺no problem…..then u must have some other hobbies and u love to spend time with those….
        actually i started reading books since when i was just 7…and when i like one book of a writer,i start downloading that kinda books at once….and often it creates headache….
        but l LOVE it?☺???

      • Fatarajo

        I don’t remember after my school ended when I read a proper book πŸ˜› but I do love to read on ebook and wattpad but I m loving reading fan fictions these days in wattpad and also tellyupdates πŸ˜›

      • Fatarajo

        Actually I write 2 FFs in tellyupdTes and I write one story book in wattpad named bind with one of my friend. But as I get better response in tellyupdates I give more priority to my 2 FFs first πŸ˜› and for bind we only wrote one chapter my friend is almost done with second Chapter but m not getting any ideas πŸ˜›

  16. Hey all, you know I m frustrated with almost all the hindi serials currently but ek duje ke vaaste, kuch rang Pyaar ka and dehleez are making me feel good and also there is hope that even today there are some good shows

      • Fatarajo

        Hi 5 Abhi I read updates for other show even I have time I watch them but m quite busy due to classes after I finish my studies for the day I watch these 3 shows none stop for 1 n half hours πŸ˜› and the day like Friday when my lessons end I read updates and watch the one I like as some shows are recorded but usually I use time in writing ff and also now IPL is going on so these 3 shows r enough for me

      • Ofcourse I do remember..How can I forget u guys,..Also Iam reading all the ffs too…I will post my ffs from June only as iam having coaching classes..If I start writing the ffs,then I will get addicted to it..May last,I have exams,so after that only I can post..
        N ha..iam not commenting there because if I comment then u guys will ask me to write ffs soon.Then automatically I will start doing it .Thats why iam avoid commenting there but ha..iam reading all the ffs..??

  17. anju

    hey….me too frm kerala……. by th way ……i too vote for kuch rang pyaar ke…..show at 9.30…… guys do watch tat too…….. nd younger ones after exam……;-)

  18. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Mam me too read updates but due to MA updater on leave I have update from 26th April to 30th April all epi by me.. I should thnx tu sir for giving me this work… U read my writing and tell me and I already wrote a ff on ek duje ke vaaste and my name is narendran.. And I am writing 3 ff meri aashiqui tum se hi(ishveer forever)season-2 ff which already completed 130epi!! Longest running ff in tu page!! I think

    • Pooja



      I will definitely read it tomorrow. I am sure you would have done a great job πŸ™‚

      I had two serials today so just got free.

  19. Ireena

    Hello,Pooja di??
    do u know ur updates give us immense pleasure???here many of us cant watch edkv on tv regularly(like me),then ur updates r one way road 4 us….so thanks a lot
    i really wanted to ask u a question since a long time… how can u guys update so fast even before shows ending???do u write and watch at the same time???but how is it possible???

  20. sree

    guys i think its not namik here in this page…bcse even in nagin updates someone is msging as arjun bijilani…how it is possible tht all actors are getting into tellyupdates at once…before also there was someone who did the same in other updates….so dont give rly to them

    • Fatarajo

      Yes evn in IKRS page someone used the name Mishal Raheja (lead male of IKRS) and Eisha Singh (lead female of IKRS) I m sure someone is playing a prank that’s why I never reply

  21. Minakhi

    Hmm u r right sree….How is it possible….??We should not reply them .bcz we don’t know who actually saying,,,,

  22. Sree..whether Namik replied u in twitter??
    Ohhh..so sad knowing that its not Namik(mostly)?????

    Whoever u r ..who is commenting in Namik’s name..pls dont do this to us.,.plsssss..dont play with our feelings..we love Namik a lot..but dont take advantage of that..so pls if u r not real Namik Paul ,then pls comment from now..a kind requst…????

    • sree

      no he didn’t replied…but i sure he is not namik…because how could all actors got to know about tu at once and that too on same day….that they are commenting in these pages…..somebody wants to fool us….they are targetting the page which have huge fan following

  23. Devga

    Hlo edkv fan club …. I am joining this club from today hope u all accept me … Coz I am not new to tu or edkv but new to this page … Lol
    And I am just overwhelmed by such wonderful comments on edkv ….
    I too liked like and will like edkv for its childhood frnds to love concept and very simple love …..
    So awesome feel it is to watch …

    My mom ask me wat u get watching these family dramas ( wen case was going on ) but I said in between tension there will b some cute intense bond between our shraman which I like the most ….

  24. Here is a news about our EDKV..
    suman tells shravan that going back to london wont sort the problems! there is always another way out ..
    shravan tells for his family and to keep them together he has no option but he ll have to go ..
    suman is upset hearing this and asks him when is he leaving??

    shravan was about to leave when suman calls him but says nothing and shravan leaves..

  25. Devga

    It becomes best place to share views wen writer is also free in commenting … Thank u once again pooja dhi …

  26. Devga

    Thank u abhi for replying ….. I am doing my CA coaching… Wat abt u ? Were r u from ?

    Ireena if u are mmz one then did u forget me? If u r not mmz one then just ignore me ….. Dear

    • sree

      hi…Devga..how r u?Even i used to come on mmz page…whether u remember r nt…even iam doing my CA dear…in which step u r

      • Ofcourse I know…its promo itself was so interesting…when you jumbled your name,actually I got ur name.But couldnt comment.I was shocked knowing Tanu hates Ragini.I hope sanskar will save Ragini from Tanu’s torture.??You gave it a Kerala touch too..I loved it..
        N ha…Do you like this serial EDKV??

      • Aastha

        actually abhi i dont know this serial aired on which chnl too. i saw ur name in recent cmnt nd i thought to talk to u bcos i miss u a lot. and abt my ff san also hates rag. rag will save by another person. that person will give entry in 6 th epi. i chose kerala bcos that is very greenish place.

    • Ireena

      how can i forget u,dr??u didnt come here 4 a long time,i suppose….do u know when i came back here,at first i looked 4 u…

  27. Wow I m so happy to know there are so many Manmarziyan fans here I loved that show a lot , Manmarziyan was one of the very few shows which I started to like more everytime I saw the next episode , unlike other dramas where I start hating it after certain no.of episode s

    • sree

      yes dear even iam finding lot of mmz fans here and in dehleez page these days…happy to see all of them

      • Actually when mmz was going on I didn’t comment I was a silent reader as my board exam year was going on so I was just reading the episode updates and even some of the comments when I was bored but I didn’t comment as I didn’t want to get addicted to commenting πŸ˜›

    • Good morning Di..How is ur bro??
      Also ur senior Bro??Say him Iam waiting for him here with a knife..???

      • ishu

        haha i will surely say…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘

  28. Bhagyashri

    Hii, devga and sree m in Cs final.I thought here no one from our field. Because study hi itna hota hai.but I am so happy two Ca are here. Ur exam start from tommorow na? Ur attempt not now.

    • sree

      iam in ca-ipcc yaar….iam giving this attempt…All the best for ur final….humare institute vale tho humare aada life le rahe hai…

  29. Ireena

    oh!!!how can a person do such cheap activities….uses a star name to play with fans emotion…..disgusting!!!
    i think a person or a group is befooling us.they r kinda psycho….want attention…oh!!!
    from now we should not trust anyone without proof….??

    • Ireena

      many of here may get offended reading my comment….but i cant control my anger
      i m preety sure that its not namik….he would at least give a hint to us…
      well,if yet u r namik,give a hint pn social media abt TU,otherwise we r gonna fall a prey to ur words
      sorry,if i hurt anyone

    • ishu

      i too support u… how cn someone be soo low … huh im wht happiness they get by fooling us!!! its really irritating …. 

  30. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Such a superb show I just love it how many love this show other show which u watch?

  31. Wow double century for EDKV congrats wow m quite happy πŸ™‚ actually I was busy commenting in my ff by thanking those who comment on my ff and that too 2 ff that’s why πŸ˜›

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Akka pls add this two characters also there pls I beg u if possible add shravan and sumo like friends and make them as imp role.. Pls

      • Naru Bahia why a role I will write a ff on shraman itself,I am planning to write ff on the 2 sony shows combined and it will be on devakshi and shraman will write it during my June holidays

    • U r so famous in this whole site itself..So welcome karne ki zaroorat bhi nahi hai..still ,u r most Welcome to our group…??

    • ishu

      are u r always welcome dr πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯

  32. Bhagyashri

    Omg its 223 now I think up to 10 pm tomorrow it Will be more than 500. Oye guys bet lagade kya kiske comment sahi aayenge.guess karo yaar plz.dekhte kaun sahi aata hai.

  33. Bhagyashri

    Dekhte hai who will win the guess comments contest of ek duje ke vaaste. Cool na ha ha.

  34. Hello frns. This one is my last comment for this month. Becoz I going to have my exam. Thank u soo much all of u. All of u were very Gud frns abhi,sree,ishu,Tara n all other EDKV frns I will miss u. See u after 1 month. bye luv EDKV and my frns.

  35. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Abhi what do u mean? I am famous in the whole sight? Don’t kidd me. But thnx for welcoming me but I am old here becoz I am from 1st Epi . abhi from which ep I u started watching this show?

    • Iam not kidding..its true..most people know you in this site..Even me..i never talked to u b4,still i knew u as i have scene ur name in some works(ffs,analysis)…I started watching this serial from episode 1 onwards,.but started commenting here recently..N ha,what r u doing,i mean studies”??

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        I am +2 student and I am writing 4 ff and now I have resumed to write ek duje ke vaaste ff season-2.. U told me that u have readed season-1. Na.. So I thought of writing..and rettai Vaal kuruvi ff. Matsh ff and young love.. These are the names of ff I write

  36. sneha

    What nonsense! Shravan calls himself a friend but doesn’t behave like it.suman instead of forcing yourself on him better wait patiently for sometime. Writers don’t portray woman as despros.

  37. Can u guys pls say your birthday so that we can wish eachother on birthdays…mine 29th March.Its over..

  38. Fatarajo

    Hey MB that so sweet of u happy u liked my strange and full of krazyness story which is a ff on TEI, BHRK, TPK n YVR combined πŸ™‚ btw I write another ff it’s named One more chance once cm again its a ff on Beintehaa, PKHJD, MATSH n mmz combined πŸ™‚

  39. These are the links of Namik’s recent insta n twitter updates..

    N this is gonna happen soon in edkv.. suman tells shravan that going back to london wont
    sort the problems! there is always another way out ..
    shravan tells for his family and to keep them together he has no option but he ll have to go .. suman is upset hearing this and asks him when is he leaving?? shravan was about to leave when suman calls him but says nothing and shravan leaves..

    I think, that Kamini is the reason of Shravan going back to London..

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      My real name is Narendran. Ranaji is male lead of ek tha raja ek thi rani show.I like that name so that only I kept that name

      • Ireena

        Oops!!i see…
        One more question to disturb u…u name urself as die hard fan of surya..is he any other male lead of any show??

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Hey he is actor I mean film actor his movie are famous in Tamil and telugu. Ghajini,varanam ayiram,singam,kaaka kaaka and now 24on may 6th.. He is talented actor in Tamil film industry..

    • ishu

      yes ireena abhi is my cousin … my cute dimple girl …. πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

      • ishu

        not nearby.. but offen visit her home…and she told me tht she started her ff here…so to check it i toi joined … i really loved this site …its awesome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Not nearby..but we will meet in vacations..n ha,i came first on TU,..
        N i think Ranaji is diehard fan of Tamil actor Surya..

      • Ireena

        so sweet?
        i think u guys have a crackling sweet chemistry between urselves,am i right?
        actually,cousins r always like this.lovely….?

  40. Ireena

    I know TU team is doing their best…but i would ask further to do the moderation littlen quickly.i hope u understand……

  41. Guys, here is a happy news..
    suman helps shravan in packing. both are upset.
    suman talks with daboo on phone later while leaving shravan’s room she sees his coat lying. she takes it and gets the crossword book .She opens the book and gets the letter.


  42. Ireena

    Guys,we have hit another century(we r now triple centurion?) ….dont know whether it will go till 500

  43. Devga

    Y can’t v ireena … Wen v all r together v can .. So just make it … V got time til tom 10 pm ….

  44. Devga

    And all fans yesterday itself I wanted to say one thing …. Do not believe such fake commnters with actors names …..
    These do so to gain more replies but really they r ruining their popularity. …
    Don’t have guts to gain popularity with their own names …..

    IREENA misd u too even asked for u in mmz ff’s but din’t find u …. And after a very long brk even I am back … Hope I will b regular from now .. As my career option needs hardest work I am working on it … So I may b irregular don’t mind OK …

    As u we’re in mmz u know many such fake name cases right , then even at first u believed that it was namik himself … No dear never … I Even don’t believe in twitter or fb coz who knows the real user … If dp is put means the pics of celebs are even in net anyone can download and use…. Lol back to my advisory position now no more …. I promise …. But only views on edkv …

      • Ireena

        yeah,u r right….i got the taste of being fooled on april last day…??….?? forgot it thinking of its being a 1st and last prank….but wont if s/he tries it again….
        well,i wont mind at all,dear.u do visit here when u r free but dont waste ur time….i know very clearly that studies always should get most priority than anyyyyy otherrrrr thing
        and study hard and all the best 4 ur future??☺???

  45. Devga

    Wow abhi thank u soo much for this news and link … Really thankful ….. Hope she realises and stops him from leaving …. Shravu and sumo a simple romantic couple who make us crazy with their craftiest acts….

  46. Devga

    So ranaji Tamil ha …. Die hard fan of the Singam …. Well a packa gentleman a very caring son brother and respecting husband and responsible father ….
    I hope u saw coffee with dd today …

  47. @Ranaji..Iam also a diehard fan of Surya.,his acting skills are awesome,..i love him alot…Nice to find a Surya fan here..?

  48. ishu

    good morning all…have a nice day ahead!!!! between im also a fan of surya … β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.