Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Someone switches off the music. Nana ji remarks that this is boring. We will show them how Holi is celebrated. Lala ji and Ramnath support him. Varun also joins them as he is under Bhang’s effect. Kamini dances with Lala ji. Pushkar pulls Sumo on stage. Pushkar wishes Happy Holi to Preeti. Shravan looks at Sumo and at the bag he gave to him. Ramnath takes Shravan to dance with them. Sumo feels awkward. Shravan goes to a corner. Urvashi collides with Sumo. Sorry but are you wearing a torn dress today as well?

Shravan keeps the jewellery bag in his cupboard. Someone covers his eyes. Shravan rightly guesses it that it is Urvashi. She is surprised at his guess. How did you know it was me? I have been looking for you. Dint you like it outside without me? He says yes I was feeling bored. She

applies colour on his face. They both go out to play Holi.

Vandy and Kamini see Shravan and Urvashi coming together. Pushkar dances with Sumo on Rang Barse while Shravan dances with Urvashi. Both Sumo and Shravan keep looking at each other all this while. Urvashi is irked with Sumo’s presence. Shravan tells Urvashi to stop it. Both the girls challenge each other for a dance. Pushkar jokes that someone will die today. Urvashi’s sandal breaks down during the dance. Kamini helps her. Urvashi is in tears. Sumo tells her to check if she hurt her feet with the heel. Urvashi’s parents ask their daughter if she is fine. Sumo goes near Urvashi. Sumo says you got a chance to laugh on me that day because of an old friend but not now. I wont give this chance to anyone now, neither you nor myself.

Kamini brings water for Urvashi. It’s time to do the work for which you came here. She calls out for Shravan. Urvashi goes back to Sumo. Don’t leave the party now. The one who you are calling your best friend will today! No, let’s wait. Kamini takes the mike. Varun cracks jokes. Kamini says love cannot be hidden. We will all accept this as we saw this couple dancing happily together. Lala ji smiles thinking she is talking about them. Kamini takes Urvashi and Shravan’s name. Everyone is surprised. We got to know how much you both like each other. Shravan did not tell me but nothing can be hidden from a mother. I saw everything. She says sorry to Ramnath too. I spoke to Urvashi’s parents without consulting you. They agreed for this alliance. Ramnath looks lost / confused. Sumo looks down. Kamini says everyone has agreed for this alliance. Only Shravan is left to answer now. Urvashi is a very good girl. She will stick by your side in every step for life. What do you think? Shravan and Sumo look at each other. Shravan takes the mike. Chachi said right. People often leave you in bad times. I am sure Urvashi wont leave my side. I accept this alliance. Everyone claps for them. Kamini is completely taken by surprise. Shravan says you chose her for me. How can I say no then! Shravan looks at Sumo.

Sumo’s family members think of all the functions which will happen now in Malhotra House. Kamini and Vandy asks the guests to make preps. You will soon get the news of their engagement. Shravan says we should not delay. Let’s do it today only. Everyone claps happily. Shravan hugs Urvashi. Sumo looks hurt. Shravan looks at Sumo pointedly as he breaks the hug with Urvashi. Shravan asks a jeweller (present in the party) to get the rings. We will complete this formality today itself. Sumo walks away teary eyed. Shravan sees her leaving.

Sumo comes home. She cries in her room and angrily throws the laptop. Shravan’s words haunt her. I dint leave your side! She holds her ears. She thinks of their childhood as she continues to cry. Title track plays. She thinks of Shravan accepting the alliance and hugging Urvashi. She rebukes herself. What’s your problem? Why are you crying and for whom? How does it matter to you who gets married or engaged? He was your friend in childhood not now. in fact he is nothing to you now! He has become really big now.

Precap: Shravan and Sumo argue over the money. He returns the jewellery to Sumo. I was fooled for a while but then I realised how smart you are. She asks him if his ego got hurt. You hurt me too. I will pay you entire amount. He says I don’t remember small things. She writes it down for him but he says he wont be able to come to London. She is taken aback to know that he is leaving for London on Monday.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Awwwwww…..???jiska darrr tha vahi hua …shravan me gussr mai aake ha boldaiya ….poor sona….??

  2. I love ShraMan nok Jhok but sometimes they Get too serious lol n I think sumo will stop Shravan 🙂

  3. Ok, things are getting out of control. Let’s see how this engagement gets called off. Shravan’s aunt is becoming too much.

    1. I agree things are getting out of control, but Shravan is the one who accepted it. And it’s clear he’s being spiteful to Sumo, which makes him look like an even bigger loser.

      1. i also agree but this show is superb

  4. It’s a superb show.I luv shraMan

  5. Love the show and the lead actor [email protected] He is awesome. Namita @ Sumo is also great.Both of them make a great pair.Nice refreshing story

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