Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

vandy asks kamini why you asked shravan to stay here,when you said you will get shravan back in front of ramnath.kamini says if shravan stays here then suman and Shravan will get close and ramnath will get angry with shravan.Then maybe ramnath will give the whole property to pushkar and varun.Sumo wants to read book and tries taking book from the table.Shravan sees this and tries helping her but she doesn’t take his help,she drops the book down and shravan keeps it back in the same position for suman to take it.Suman is about to fall but pushkar comes and helps her.Preeti gives her the book and pushkar asks shravan why he dnt help her.shravan says he wants her to do her works on her own.shravan is seen speaking with doctor and always stays near her.Her whole family are trying to help her

and take care of her while she stays in hospital.shravan is sad seeing sumo in this state.They help her in walking and she comes home finally.Everyone welcome her back.They help her in lying down in her bed .Shravan is seeing her medicines.She asks him what he is trying to prove,he says im just being your friend.she says i dont want to take your help.Shravan says why are you acting as if you never took my help,he says you passed all your exams because of me .He says where was your self respect back then.He says I’m not leaving you until you get well,she says doctor said I might not get well at all then will you stay with me whole life.She is about to fall but he helps her and says yes I will stay if I have to.They both stare at each other and he leaves from her room

Nanaji asks shravan if suman slept .He says I’ll go home and come but they force him to sit and eat.Mamaji says its been so many days since operation I don’t have any hope now.Shravan says there is hope,not hope but belief that she will get well.Nanaji asks him to speak to ramnath ,he might help shravan to get appointment with best neuro doctor .Preeti is shown removing dried clothes from the terrace,pushkar comes there. she is about to leave but he apologizes for that day.He asks her to forgive him.He says issokay,if you don’t want to talk to me.He says he won’t bother her and show her his face.He says its good bye forever and starts leaving.Preeti says she’s confused about how to react after that day.She says we can’t be friends now because we are more than friends. He gets happy and his phone rings .Shravan calls him to come fast,he says bye to preeti and leaves from there.Shravan reaches his home ,he says i have to speak something about suman.He says about that neuro doctor and asks ramnath to talk to him about sumo.Ramnath agrees. Ramnath says i know you are doing all this for your guilt but you have to concentrate on your work too.Shravan says once sumo gets well i will get back to my work so talk to that doctor.Kamini who was listening to the whole conversation says you should have told shravan that you dont like shravans being close to sumo.Ramnath says he cant do that and leaves ,kamini says sumo and shravan are getting closer and this is what she wants.preeti gets milk for sumo,sumo says she doesn’t want to drink it.Preeti blackmails her that she will call shravan. Sumo drinks the milk and preeti leaves.Sumo is thinking about her conversation with shravan.She says im not able to forget him neither forgive him.

Precap:doctor says her body is not listening to her brains commands,so we will make her do things which she can do even in sleep.Sumo says how can i cook ,shravan gives an example of childhood .She says i did that because you were with me then.

Update Credit to: Deepali


  1. sona

    Nice episode..
    Aur kisi ney dekha kya new promo..
    Mybtho chadni ki raat par..chandh k liye bhi itna intzaar nahi..zitna..edkv ki new promo k liye kiya..but..I didn’t get anything to watch..
    Kya kisiney dekha????☺

  2. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    I love dis TV series.. whatever be the track going on dey won’t let u get bored… they r so good at their work NiMik are just fab.. today also the actors nailed it… loved it…???

  3. lily

    i dont want ramnath to become mahaan infront of everyone…..nooooooooooo…pls writers
    expose him asap…………..i am feeling bad for sumo…she has no other option…she has to take help from that stupid ramnaath…..
    after her recovery shravan will show her attitude that tumne kitna galat socha mere mahaan papa ke baare mein and still unhone tumhari help ki…..bechaari sumo ,she has to face these things……………………..nooooo,writers plz show your creativity………..do something ……………

  4. ❤deepika❤

    nyc ep*_*…nd shravan saying dat yes “i will if i hav to was” awesome😘😍

  5. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Amazing…. Wow… No words to express the acting of Nikita… I literally cried seeing her suffer like that… Shraman scene is cute.. Shravan jaane anjaane Mei sachayi Bata diya.. Preekar was also Nyc.. Precap was awesome…

    Hope To see shravan dialogue like this..

    Aaj bhi Mei tumhara haath pakadonga sumo…

    Hope this dialogue ho.. What abt u guys????

  6. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @deepika di…. No prb di watch it in YouTube… And ha aaj ki epi toh expectations Se bhi zyada Tha… Mere liye.. For u??

    • ❤deepika❤

      yeah it was amazing…wen i read the update itself i cud imagine the scenes:p…nd specially shravan’s nd nikitha’s expressions *_*

  7. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU.. Y sry dear.. U said ntng Wrong.. L try to upload their selfies which I have… Ha and ya no sry no tq btw sisters.. So Dont say it… Love u tooooooo my dear sis…

  8. Kittu

    @Guys,hey plez tell everyone… Could I watch last night episode with my NANAji…??
    Plez plez plez.

    It’s a request…

  9. roshni

    hello friends……………good morning………………yesterday”s epi was too cute with preekar ……….n precap god………….I am dam exited to watch……………preekar rocked this time pushkar was so funny wearing her dupatta n all…wow………….n shraman they always create magic with there tashan……….n love………

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      yeh…pushkar is so adorable. btw… am i the only person tht finds vandy cute too. saw the way she innocently nodded wen the aunt said ‘both frens r takin care of sumo’.she totally missd the sarcasm.innocence!

      • roshni

        true is really innocent n funny too……ha ha………I too like her………she is cute…..

  10. Info

    I love watching edkv n everybody has done a great job at acting. Namik and nikhita both r doin amazing.
    I just wanted to bring to notice one thing. I read about the precap. These people are not making much medical sense. Cerebellar ataxia does not mean suman wont be able to lift items or stuffs like that. sumo wil hav normal strength. But there will be incordination. What they r showing is wrong. Read online or youtube.

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      best way to describe cerebellar ataxia… The persons movements with be like that of a drunken man.if they try to eat…they may overshoot and insted of putin fud inthe mouth…the hand may reach the nose. while walkin they wil sway. speech wil b odd. sumos prob is just a partial weakness. nywys… wondr y they brought in such a disorder unnecesarily. betr ws t o say weakness due to head injury.stil.. betr than othr shows. thumbs up

  11. Kittu

    @Info,thnx dued..for yr info..
    Bt rehan de na…we r enjoying this track.. Wrong hi sahi bimari to h???…
    Well,no one is doc here on this pg…Aur kisiko doctory is series ko dekhkar karni bhi nahi h…so plez don’t mind this cellebelar axit….whatever the name is…such a bhayanak bimaari…hey INFO….we r enjoying a lot so u too…nd thnx for commenting…
    Keep giving us correct news….nd once again thnx for yr info….????

  12. Kittu

    Seems,that preeti accepted pushu baba’s proposal…
    @Roshni Di,thnx Di..for helping me…
    @Priya 15 ,Di hi…nd ya…yr dp is amazing… Again thnx… They r looking outstanding with each other…what a selfie.


  13. sss

    today episode just loved it…
    shravan caring nature and sum stubborn nature and tashan between them loved it..
    preekar seen also amazing specially pushuku her lady love accept it that they are mote than friend it obviously a good news pushuku even for me…

  14. uroosa

    I’m a Medical student…
    but i didn’t bother becuz tv serials doesn’t always show correct sequences of events that the diseased shud have…..****

  15. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    but its a drama… m also a medical student.. but it does not bother me because d series is made for entertainment n it does dat correctly..
    a small amount of here n dere is okay…?

  16. Kittu

    Hey,what happened to all …only 20 + comments…
    Plez comment yaar….waiting ,plez
    ……..comment karo mission…… Start…

  17. Meena

    Again today’s episode was awesome !normally when I find something not right I tend to point out.in this serial I just don’t want to point out even if I find something !but on the whole I don’t think there is much to be contradicted!also the editing is quite good.Pushkar and Preeti are also adorable.The more you see the show you can’t but appreciate the cast in the show!

  18. nishi

    hi guys i am from South Africa and i must say we are enjoying the show. love Shravan and Sumo. they absolutely fabulous.

  19. Smile

    Today’s epi was rocked by preekar … The shraman tashan speechless… No words to explain the tashan ..pushkar and dupatta lolll

  20. roshni

    hello friends………………….

    @deepika hey that’s means ur going to accompany me…………I mean we both r from Karnataka………….nice………..well do u know kannada?????????

  21. sss

    hey guys….
    @info why dis weird name??! and idosen’t matter whether they show logical medical science things because it drama show moreover its better than other show which dosen’t have 1% of logical…so ekdv far more better now what else we can expect…i think it was enough so just enjoy

    @kittu actually i have another email account which has some prblm so thought to see if it work but i will use this..

  22. sss

    wow I’m just amazed how come this moderation happen so fast in 2 min..I’m in shock hehehe but feeling good also

  23. Minakhi

    Heyy guys Sorry for late comment…I was truly busy now a days….seriously man These assignments r killing me….BTW why soo less comments guys where r u all Old friends…only few comments….This is not EDKV standard…EDKV is trending on twitter n here we r getting less comments….why????Well I enjoyed yesterday episode…nd The disease that u r talking about……I really don’t care about that ….I m enjoying Shraman,Preekar and Ramini Scenes yaar EDKV Is going soo busy Shooting that they don’t have time to shoot A Promo that’s why I m thinking they didn’t has time to search all about this disease…..Many people might Found this but plz avoid all that nd Enjoy this show ….

  24. Minakhi

    Sry yaar jaldi jaldi me comment kiya mene ….comnents mein Bohot Galtiyan hai maaf kar Dena…I m waiting for today ‘s Episode. .I will comment for sure ? .. uff this moderation ?

  25. Kittu

    @Guys,hey I don’t like Ramu when he speaks in English accent… Kasam se man karta h…budhe k muh me bomb bhod du…really I hate I mean so irked…when he speaks in English… Kitna show karta h…pheku chand…really oversmartness is shown by him…without any logic he speaks English… Actually acc. To me it don’t suit on him… He should speak in Hindi ..otherwise I will surely kill me…Q English ki mother sister kar raha h….Hindi bol budhe ,Hindi bollllll….
    Sry if I hurt anyone…. Plez forgive bt it’s my personal thinking….

  26. Anshi

    Sry fr late comment…
    Yesterday’s epi ws rockin…. Nik nak were as usual awsum..
    Preekar as always stole heart…
    Kamini ws as always a jerk…
    N d precap ws mindddd blowin…

    Guys itne km comments kyu???
    Where r kittu , ireena, minakhi di… N all lost frnd…
    GUYS we miss u…

  27. sree

    atlast finally…light moments between preekar…atleast kisi ek love story tho aage badi….par shravan ka call…yaar its nt fair…

    • Ireena

      It’s been a decade,dr…u r not here??…u know we all miss u…
      Btw,why r u not dtb anymore??u know,me natasha talk there?..join there…

  28. Ireena

    I m late…got busy..sorry..?
    Btw,why soooo less comments????only 40..? I mistook it as 140 then checked…

  29. Ireena

    I know it from the very moment that cerebellar ataxia is not this kinda disease..but what’s shown in screen…all kinda disease r invented from the set…so we must leave it upon them…we r here to get entertained,just be so…

  30. Bhagyashri

    Superb episode. Preekar and shraman rocks.I also wait for new promo but anyways hii guys how r u all .

  31. Kittu

    @Anu,m here…dear..
    @Minakshi Di…really we should think abt disease… We should only watch epi with full excitement nd enthusiasm….
    @Ireena,hey thnx…dear…??..
    @priya 15,ya Di I know u replied on my comment.. Bt I was again saying thnx to u…for dp….kitna bhi bolu kam h…
    Again thnx Di…

  32. Kittu

    @Minakshi Di,Di I missed one word..not …in first line..sry 4 mistake… Plez read my comment again…

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      Lol. U know. I make tht kinda mistake all the tym! So im so glad to see im nt the only one. Imagine u end up missing the “not” and the whole sentence is turnd upside down!??

  33. devga

    Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Shravan (Namik Paul) attempts to revive Suman (Nikita Dutta) from her accident trauma

    The upcoming episode will show that Shravan is upset for Suman and tries to get Dr. dayal’s appointment for Suman.

    Shravan requests Ramnath to help him in getting appointment for Suman.

    Doctors comes to check Suman and tells that she is suffering from accident trauma and that why she is not recovering.

    Doctors asks to let Suman do what she loves the most that is cooking, Shravan decides to make her do it.

    Shravan supports Suman

    Suman is heartbroken and says that she can’t even pick a pen then how will she do cooking.

    Shravan promises to make her work in kitchen, asks Suman to prepare daal for him.

    Shravan helps Suman in kitchen and prepares daal with her, Suman is moved by Shravan’s efforts.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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