Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan says you know I only hate her. I cannot stand her. our relation is only of hatred. You know it. She is Mrs. Shravan Malhotra only for the world not for me. ramnath tells him not to do so. You shouldn’t have married her in the first place. I was trying to get her off you. why did you marry her then? Now that you have done it, it is your responsibility to fulfil it. This hatred will kill you from inside. I wont be able to take it. Shravan replies that he is already hollow from inside. There is nothing to break. Don’t worry. It’s ok. Ramnath says it’s not ok. I wont take it if my only son will talk like this. what I want? I want my son to live a happy life. Is that too much to ask for? No, its not! what’s the point of earning this much then? It means nothing. What will

I do with it if I cannot give my son his happiness? Shravan holds his hand. You have given me everything. Tell me. How can the kid, whose mother left him in childhood, have a normal life? This is not possible. Sumo is her shadow. She is with me now. I hate her. I can never get out of this. I am empty from inside. Nothing matters to me except you. It will be better if you accept this reality. Let it be ok. He leaves. Ramnath realises how much hatred he filled in his son. How will you be happy this way? It cannot destroy your happiness. I wont let my son’s life be destroyed like this. I will do whatever I have to for that!

Shravan gets a call from Sumo. She found time. He picks phone and starts scolding her. It is Prita. I thought she would have reached home by now. Shravan says she went to PCT. Prita agrees. She got a call and said there was some work at home. She really dint come home? Shravan says will I lie. Prita says no. Ask her to call me if you find her. He agrees. Prita senses Shravan was upset. Shravan wonders how Sumo can go without telling him. There is a limit to my patience. Don’t break it. Hope nothing happens by my hands which we both will regret all our lives.

Ramnath looks at Shravan’s childhood photos. Where did your smile go? Did I snatch it? I filled poison instead in you? I am a failure as a father! why did I do this? He cries. It is time to rectify my mistake, to give you your life back, to tell you entire truth. You know how much your mother loved you and maybe still does? She came to meet you too but I scolded her in anger and ego. I dint let her meet you ever. I will be happy if I can return you your life even if that means I have to lose you. it is time to set things right.

Shravan is on call with a client. Kamini ji asks about Sumo. He is surprised. She is still not home? Did she call? Kamini ji says I thought you spoke to her. Pushkar comes just then. He hugs his mom and also greets Shravan. Shravan looks lost. Pushkar asks him if he isn’t happy to see him. I should go back to Agra then. Shravan denies. Kamini ji tells him about Sumo not being at home since morning. Shravan is concerned. Kamini ji excuses herself. Pushkar asks Shravan what happened. He tells Pushkar Sumo left for PCT early morning. I had a word with Prita afterwards. She said she left in the morning only after she got a call. She is not home still. Her phone is also unreachable. Pushkar assures him she will be stuck in some meeting. She is independent and mature. She will be fine wherever she is. Let’s sit. Shravan still looks unconvinced.

Pushkar covers Preeti’s eyes from behind. Guess who? She takes Rahul’s name. They sweetly share some cute moments. Kamini ji brings snacks for Pushkar. Pushkar lies that he ate food outside. She tells him he has started eating too much outside. It is unhygienic. He sits in a corner making a sad face. Preeti smiles. Kamini ji tries to talk to him but he gives short replies. She understands he is not interested in talking to her. Preeti signals Pushkar but Kamini ji tells her to let it be. Did you have a word with Sumo? Preeti says no. Pushkar tells her the same that he said to Shravan a while ago. Kamini ji says it is just first day after marriage. She dint even inform everyone. Shravan is so worried for her. She takes Preeti with her in kitchen.

Shravan gets Nanu’s call. He gets tensed. Sumo could have atleast kept her phone on for Nanu’s sake. what do I tell him now? He does not pick call. Ramnath walks in just then. did you have a word with Sumo? Shravan shakes his head. Let it be. How does it anyways matter to me? ramnath says it is easy to hate someone. It is more difficult to accept someone after knowing all their weaknesses and love them. try to see the good in them. Shravan says you wont see bad of good people anyways. Ramnath makes him sit down. Listen to me carefully. You would remember we studied in law. We should analyse things before coming to any conclusion. One wrong decision can take someone to death. Our one wrong decision can give someone pain for life. Don’t judge anyone in haste. Do you understand? Shravan nods. you are saying all this for Sumo? Ramnath says no, I am not talking about you and Sumo. Shravan wants to know who he is exactly talking about. Ramnath advises him never to take his anger and ego in between. It will only ruin your understanding about the other person. Shravan tells him not to worry. Till the time you are with me I don’t need anyone. ramnath thinks I worry now. I feel I will lose you if truth will come out in front of you. Shravan tries to find out what’s bothering his father but Ramnath does not tell. He excuses himself.

Pushkar tells Shravan Preeti had a word with Sumo. She has gone for some important work. She dint tell what it is but I will keep you posted. Shravan is taken aback.

Nanu calls at landline. Kamini ji picks phone. He is missing Sumo. Can I speak to her please? I will have to get used to it eventually. She left for the first time. Kamini ji replies that she understands it. I cannot make you talk to Sumo. She is not at home. You all should come over tonight for dinner. We will have a small get together. you will meet your granddaughter. Nanu tries to cook an excuse but she suggests him to think he is going to his disciple’s house. Ramnath Bhaisahab will be really happy. don’t disappoint us. Do come over. Nanu happily agrees. They end the call.

Tiwari family comes over to Malhotra House. Ramnath is surprised. No one told me you are coming over. What a pleasant surprise! Nanu shares that he was missing Sumo. I called when Kamini invited me over. Kamini ji chips in. I did the right thing, right? Ramnath nods. Mama ji asks Preeti about Sumo. Kamini ji ends up telling them that Sumo left for PCT early morning on the first day after marriage. We thought she will come but she dint come home yet. Nanu worries. Where did she go? Sumo enters just then. everyone is relieved to see her, including Shravan.

Precap: Shravan asks Sumo to tell him truth. You lied before everyone. You can tell me the truth now atleast. She asks him why her lie is bothering him. You yourself are so used to lying. He says what you are saying. She shares what he told Aditya. We did everything that husband and wife do!

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Alina


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode as always..😘😘
    I think now ramu kaka will expose himself..🤔🤔
    Kamini chachi..aap nhi sudhrogi😜😜😀
    Oh at last sumo came thank God…
    Ooh precap..everything is going so fast..😟😟

    • Anjali

      @alu ..hey dear 26th k page p I have replied to ur cmnt…fb id bta di hu. ..
      I’m feeling now tht edkv will end…
      ramu’s realization n sumo knowing the truth…
      I can’t take it yar… ni control hora mere s …aasu ruk hi ni re …

  2. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Finally sumo came back 😊 Ramu Kaka is regretting very badly, areh ramu kaka just tell shravu the truth. And Glad to see Shravu’s concern for sumo. Loved it. Preekar scenes were nice bechara pushkar 😂

  3. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG the highlight is the precap finally sumo got to know what shravu told adi was waiting for that now it will be interesting to see as soon as ramu kaka confesses his truth how he blackmail sumo shravu will feel more bad I can’t imagine to see depressed shravu

  4. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Now it’s certain EDKV is gonna end 😞 Because they showed sumo knowing the truth if it won’t have end they would have show how adi told sumo and all that in and happy to see Nikita back.
    Only 7 epis to go I can’t believe it 😭😭😭

  5. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    Finally Sumo is back!! Omg!! I’m so excited for tomorrow’s episode☺☺
    More 24 hours to go yaar😭😭
    Does anyone have update?? Has Sony TV agreed to extend it?? Or it’s ending on 7th October😢😢

    • Anjali

      @maria…no idea dear..
      the final decision will b out in 2-3 days i guess…
      n as the per the current i guess they r really goin to end the show 🙁

  6. sona

    Mujhsey abh dekha nahi jaa raha hai…
    Ramu kaka turned into positive ..ye baath mujhey khushi sey zyadha …dhukhi kar rahi hai..
    Ye mujhey…show ki end ki taraf ishaara kar rahi hai..
    Even if u notice..he said..ego mey kiya hua ek galat faisla will spoil someone’s life ..does it mean he even guilt for wt he did with nirmala..
    Ramu kaka mey aaye huye…ye ek akasmik parivartan..mujhey..kaafi pareshaan…kar rahi hai…😧😧😧😩😩😩
    Vaisey…Nikki ki yani sumo ki entry achi thi..
    Par lagta ye usney tabh shoot ki thi..jab vo hospitalised thi..bichari..kitni weak lag rahi thi..😭😭😭😭
    Vaisey dosthon …kya aap logon ney notice ki…abhi tak na shravu red sherwani par aaya…na hi uska vo towel vala PIC Jo usney..dho haftey pehley twitter mey post ki thi..vo vala scene aaya..
    Kya aap ko lagta ye dhono scenes dikhayengey..I mean reception party dikheghi??😭😭😭😭😭

    • Alina


      |Registered Member

      Hey Sona dii..same thing mujhe blgta h ki they r clearing everything….Ramu kaka turned positive. .
      About reception I guess they were will show next week so that we will get happy ending..
      Nd diii mujhe lgta h ki Ramu apna sach nhi bolege before Friday ..as Friday final decision will b out soo..just pray dii

    • Anjali

      @sona …yar mujhe ni lgta ab ye dono scenes ane wale…aj ka episode dkhkr n precap s lgra edkv end hone wala h pkka …bht rona aara …
      good to see niki di back…sch m bht weak ho gyi h 2 diseases ek time p n dono bht gande so weak to hona hi tha na …
      but I really admire her thk hui n back to shoot…av ache s recover v ni hui h puri tarah …
      yar mere sare hopes khtm ho gye h ki edkv mt end kro n dil to bilkul manne ko ready ni ki edkv end hora so jbtk kch cnfrm ni hota tbtk

  7. Christina

    Thnks for the update pooja mam I am feeling very bad about that it is ending very soon plz plz plz don’t end this show I will miss it a lot I don’t no now what to do as it has been the part of my life

  8. Tara


    |Registered Member

    omg.. sumo missed u soooo much.. felt like hell seeing kammu shakal every time… epi was boring.. bt happy that ramu is realizing facts… bt that brings us to the conclusion that edkv is gonna end so.. though i hope it doesnt… precap is mast.. i wonder what will be shravan’s reply.. like ” i said this to aditya because i never wanted u to be with anyone else..coz i love u…” awww ye sunne k liye kaan taras gye…
    hope shraman unite soon..

  9. Saurav


    |Registered Member

    Show is nw in its last phase.. So they r clearing all the misunderstanding between everyone.. Will miss this show badly.. Still we fans requesting makers Plz dnt end this show

  10. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Wo wo wo precap, precap- tumne Aditya se ye bola ki tumhare aur mere bich wo sab kuch ho chuka hai jo husband-wife ya lovers k bich mai hota hai! Us ek line ne meri jan nikal di, maine socha ki Sumo kitna gussa karegi bt she said it so calmly. I fear aftr that they will have a grt fight! No no no no, this shouldnt happen.
    Nd Shr ka concern hona it was too amazing. Aftr this amazing epi (epi se accha precap) I am a lil bit hpy bt edkv going off air took my life. Now Shr ki pol khulegi, lets see what happens nxt.
    Gud ni8 evry1.

  11. Bhagyashri

    Very happy today finally Nikki back.but guys u observed Nikki thoda weak dikh rahi thi na when she entered in the home.poor Nikki.but happy to see her.but pura episode kitni accha tha yaar without Nikki.Nikki to last me aayi.but pura episode very well managed.guys I told u na adi cleared all
    To sumo.and sumo misunderstood again shravan.but adi ko to dikhaya hi nahi pura bhaga diya.aur ramu ka face reveal shayad vo track hi gayab karenge isliye ramu ko automatically acha hote hue dikha rahe hai.but any way amazing episode.shravu,kamu,ramu,pushy,preeti all acted very well. So today’s episode super se bhi upper. @ sonai plz dont blame urself its not ur fault.hope ki tere birthday pe acha gift mil jaye.we all pray durga mata. @ alina u r absolutely true main bhi yahi bolnewali thi aaj.tune mere muhh ki bat bol Di.I watch only edkv not any other show of sony.so no problem. But I request u all plz stop watching sony tvs other serials for few days.sony ko sabak sikhane ke liye.unko hamari feelings ki koi parvah nahi hai to hum bhi sony ko usi bhasha me jawaab denge through stop watching their other serials excluding our edkv.ok gn all,have a shramanians dreams, take care.and dont loose ur hopes.hope for the best.ok.see u tommorow.

  12. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Nd Ramu kaka ws so positive! I was so shocked. Bt they r showing this just to end the show, I cant bear it anymore. Pls sme1 kill Sony on my behalf.

  13. Beas


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode 😊 Namik just born with a silver spoon…nailed it. Finally Sumo back 😍…it’s reflected on her face that she’s been through a tough time. Precap seems interesting….Aditya 😈😈😈

    • Anjali

      @sona …dilip jha is the producer of edkv …
      yar he confirmed about edkv ending …I cried while reading the things he mentioned…
      yar I just can’t stop crying…
      feeling like someone’s taking my heart, my life away from me…

  14. rt

    Epi was nice. at last sumo came ….

    it clinches my heart from my body when I even think about what will happen on 7th of October….plz guys don’t loose hope….

    And continue our efforts for saving our beloved show….

  15. Anjali

    @alina, jo, khushi, beas. , sonai, sona, nazu , bhagya n all …have replied to ur comments on 26th September …

    @kittu ..missing u babu…come back jaldi na yar …

    @ireena…where r u dear??
    missing u …come back…

    episode was good…again cv’s managed without niki di …hats off guys…
    ramu’s guilt n sudden realization was good… I was shocked n my eyes welled up watching this ramu …it reminded me of ramu of starting episodes of edkv …
    shravu use ur lawyer brain man…I love u a lot tht I can’t even say I hate u…but hated the way u said about sumo…n again u nailed it with ur acting…
    in ramu’s cabin the pain in ur eyes…it made me cry…
    n concern for sumo…love u man…
    preekar so cute…
    kamu I hate u …seriously ramu is coming on track n ur going off track…
    vicious lady…
    nanu ur so cute…
    finally niki di is back…
    God she was looking so weak n pale…
    dengue mosquito n leptospirosis bacteria hate u both…
    hats off niki di …u were in icu, u got discharged, didn’t recover completely yet n came back to shoot…
    love u loaadddddsss …
    get fully recovered soon… I’ll pray to God…
    guys preeta n shravu’s convo was somewhere funny…his anger man ur really angry young man…
    kammu spoiled preekar romance n
    now trying to ruin shraman’s lives…
    hell with u …
    precap was ….I’ve no words…just waiting for shravu’s reaction…
    hope he says I love u that’s y I said all that n we’re indeed like husband wife n lovers… we’ve shared everything…
    physical relation doesn’t define husband wife or lover’s relation…there must be emotional relation, n relation of trust n support in every situation…
    I hope shravu Blabber all this in one go in his anger…
    all things are indicating that edkv is really going to end…
    ramu’s guilt, shravu’s truth ..
    m happy for the revealations but m more sad that edkv will end…
    this thought is killing me…
    tears aren’t stopping …
    feeling like my life is going to end…
    m madly in love with edkv n shraman…
    Sony TV head’s pls listen to us just a month or two so that we could get to see shraman romance n they could wrap up the show in a perfect manner…

    @angel pari …I’ve also lost hope but dear pls don’t give up pls ..


    if they really are going to end edkv I wont watch Sony ever again…
    intact I wont watch TV…
    edkv was the only show for which I used to watch tv
    #if no edkv
    #no Sony TV
    #no TV…

    gdnight guys…
    keep twitting…signing petition n sending mails..
    hope Sony dosnt end edkv ….
    take care all…
    love u all my lovely edkvians…

    • 44444

      @ Anjali u left your Bhaia’s name.

      No probs.

      Hav u all noticed one thing, when everybody was relieved to see Sumo, kamini was shocked to see her. Am I correct. Besides she purposefully invited Nanu & Tiwari family. To me it seems she knew something about Sumo’s where about. Her intention was to embaras whole Tiwari family, Ramnath and Shravan&Suman. Otherwise she would not have intvited them and encouraged Preeti to reveal sumos where about and finaly got shocked when sumo entered the house.

      Let us see the game plan of Kamini.

      • Anjali

        ..bhai m really sorry…
        I was about to write ur name n then something happened n it skipped my mind…
        thanks God ur back …I thought u also left…
        n yeah kamu is being too much now…have started hating her again…
        just be here n support edkv bhai n if ur on twitter pls twit ..

  16. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Wow sumo is back…


  17. Jashi

    I really do live this show, but Nikita still looks like she’s recovering. I hope she gets better. I also hope they reconsider ending the show. I would happily watch filler episodes about Preeti and Pushkar or about Ramnath revealing his truth to Shravan, it’s about time Nirmala’s name gets cleared.

  18. Anu

    Love this show soooooooooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
    Makers of EDKV plsssssssssss do not end it
    It’s a request ……. Pls don’t do this …….😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😫😫😫

      • Anjali

        @ireena… gd to see u…i thought u also left 🙁
        i got it on twitter news …
        as the track is goin too fast i guess yes 🙁
        i hate sony …y r they ending edkv this is so unfair….

      • Ireena

        how could i leave dr?actually keeping busy…that’s why u know…but i think we have succeeded.well,another good news on pretext of ending edkv,main villain got changed 😊😊

  19. Ria

    I like this show. Off late the track has been illogical and full of non sense and i fear that that may have affected the show badly. But i hope they clean their mess and the show continues with some fresh positive theme rather than shravans and sumos bitter behaviour .they overdid the “venomous revenge” behaviour of shravan and sumos ” i need only myself” attitude. I think theres scope to improve script and keep show on air!

  20. navz

    As usual good epi n interesting precap. N eveytime namik kills wid his expressions I have petioned . to Sony tv

    • Anjali

      @ireena… yeah he realised his sins..its bcz i guess they r really ending it thats y showing the track so fast…..

  21. Isha

    The realization of Ramnath is so sudden. His redemption should take few episodes and Shravan’s redemption should also take more time. Shravan should be the one who tries everything to make Sumo forgive him and Sumo should give a cold shoulder to him

    looks like the CVs are decided that it is going to end by 7th October. so they are rushing things.

    at the end of the day after waiting patiently for 7 months for Shravan-Sumo romantic moments, we are going to get nothing. How unfair of you Sony

  22. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Sony better should rethink over their decision over closing this show they r gonna lose a lot of fans if this show ends and I don’t understand why they promote all shows except for bbkd(though i don’t watch it much) and edkv. Like no repeats no promo still EDKV gets the highest or second highest trp among the serials in Sony. That shows how much people love the show. And Sony came 4th also from 6th and I feel besides kapil Sharma show, or kuch rang Ek Duje also have a big hand on this ranking of Sony. If they show repeats maybe Sony would have been 3rd maybe.
    Well one thing is certain EDKV not ending due to trp but due to some other reasons and I m happy that it’s not a victim of trp
    But they have no rights to blame Nikita for all this

  23. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Niki is back!! So nyc… I’ve signed petition n sent mails.. Will edkv still ends 😞 if it’ll end I’ll never watch Sony TV 😭😭

    • Anjali

      @alu …yep dear its my profile pic…its my id…
      send ur frnd rqust n a msg too so that I can know it’s u…

  24. Alina


    |Registered Member

    By Natasha Coutinho, Mumbai Mirror | Sep 28, 2016, 02.57 AM IST
    WhatsappFacebookGoogle PlusTwitterEmailLinkedinSMS

    Fans of Sony’s primetime show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste were in for a rude shock over the weekend when news of the daily soap abruptly going off air on October 7 surfaced. The sevenmonth-old show has apparently just reached a highpoint with its protagonists — Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta) — tying the knot.

    A source close to the development revealed to Mirror that the termination was because Nikita had to be hospitalised after being diagnosed with dengue and leptospirosis. She’d earlier been rushed to the emergency room when she collapsed due to exertion. “If that wasn’t enough to worry about, her costar Namik was also down with a bad bout of viral infection last week because of which two episodes couldn’t be telecast last Thursday and Friday. The makers had run through their bank of episodes,” added the source.

    While the team had been intimated about the channel’s decision to bring the curtains down on the show, fans took it upon themselves to keep it going with on-air and on-line petitions. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is popular and irate viewers have not only been bombing the channel with requests but also hate mail .The channel when contacted insisted the show isn’t going off air at the moment.


    Recently, another show, Star Plus’s Phir Bhi Na Maane… Badtameez Dil, went off air abruptly. But the channel was forced to reinstate it online following protests from fans. The musical-romantic series premiered on June 29, 2015 on TV and ran till September 26 after which it was converted into a web series, premiering on Hotstar two days after it went off TV and ran till November 18. It revolved around Abeer Malhotra (Pearl V Puri), a successful rockstar who was in love with the simple and intellectual Meher Purohit (Asmita Sood) when in college. They get married and then divorce. Meher then returns as the new CEO of the music channel Abeer sings for.

  25. rt

    Hiii guys
    From the above links i got a ray of hope…bt we should still continue our efforts to save our show till they confirm the news…..n being namik supporting us we must also show him How much we love shraman and edkv….

    • Anjali

      @rt … ur absolutely right dear…
      we should not stop twitting, signing petitions n sending mails…
      this news is like a ray of hope in dearkest night…

  26. Nazia


    |Registered Member

    Yeaaa niki after a loong time..!! Um happy even after happening so many things u guys continued commenting on the epi. That’s what I also wanted.. Don’t know if edkv will end or not
    But love u guys!!

  27. Angel_pari


    |Registered Member


    no yar i,m done with sony now hell with them

    they dont even care yar it has been days not a single response

    and on what baisis they r showing that much attitude sony is nothing without its shows they how can do this..

    Namik will surely gona get better projects for sure and all those pplZ related to edkv their life will go Almighty is with them but sony… It will b crushed under feet of pplzzz

    insensitive pplzzzzz 🙁 🙁 ;(

    though i,m trending till now but now my heart is broken and all hopes is gone and i,ll pray that NAMIK RAISES TOO HIGH, THEN THESE PPLZ WILL COME TO KNOW 🙁

    bhar mn jao sony walo

  28. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Hey all this is the latest update
    So show is ending. No hopes anymore 😭 But they should have at least given an extension of 1 or 2 months that’s not fair😡 But happy they r gonna give happy ending instead of abrupt ending but still Sony walo should have extended the show they have not done the right thing 😭 I can’t wait for Thursday for EDKV trp maybe that’s the last thing which can save EDKV if miraculously EDKV gets good and high trp but chance is almost 0% for show to be extended or saved

  29. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    And hats off to all the EDKV fans and all who did a lot by signing up the petition , using hashtags and also those who even went to Sony office. At least EDKV will be remembered for something good and u all have tried ur best . Really EDKV is blessed to have these kind of fans 😊

  30. sanu

    Guyz I called the Chanel today a girl attended the call… as I said EDKV she disconnected the call.is there anyone who called the Chanel today?plz share what they replied to your call.

  31. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I just got to know it was Nikita herself who said that due to her health issues and being hospitalised show shooting have been stalled and that show must go on so makers should replace her with some other actress and she won’t feel bad about it. aww that’s so sweet of Nikita. She is so selfless.
    And also the channel and production house have been co-operative to Nikita and they decided show lead should only be Nikita and the show should be wrapped up instead. So now I can’t blame the production house and channel also. Well I hope Nikita gets better and somehow channel rethink over show wrapping up . That Won’t happen but will still watch this show till the end. Never became bored of this show 👍 Love it so much ❤️
    Chalo at least EDKV is not a victim of Low Trp 😊 Will enjoy the last few episodes love u EDKV till the end 😘

  32. Bhagyashri

    Hey still don’t loose ur hopes.apne efforts chalu rakho.kuch bhi ho jaye.hum 7 th Oct tak har nahi manenge.ok. @ aditi thank u so much.kuch bhi ho jaye lekin muze gut feeling aa raha hai achi news aayegi.becs namik is very honest person.so namik ka tweet 2 din se bahut alag hai aaj ka tweet.so hope for the good news.

  33. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Guys… Is that true…

    Tmr is the decision day.. Whether edkv l go off air or not?????

    If it’s true.. Then I just pray that edkv shouldn’t end..

    Fingers crossed.. Pls.. #EdkvCantEnd..

  34. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    To be frank this week is so bad for me..

    First edkv off airing news… But ya after seeing today’s news I hope they take +ve decision..

    Then my ishkara… Ishqbaaz pair… They l not be anymore.. Ek news hai… Ishana character is ending… I was like crying now..

    Fingers crossed.. All should be a rumour…

  35. Diya


    |Registered Member

    I just want EDKV to end at least a week in fact a day later and not on my birthday (which is now my death day actually )

    • sona

      Is it dear?..
      If so..that’s so sad news..
      But dear..don’t say its death day for you…dear..that’s not gud..we can understand your feelings..but..never utter such words..😐😐😐💔💔
      Words .

  36. Angel_pari

    Guyzzz on more thing can b done call FM shows and request them to play edkv track

    like evening should echoes with our tittle track…..

    • Nazia


      |Registered Member

      Yaar kuch kehrahehe there’s hope aur kuch there’s no hope!!! WTF!! Y they r plzying wid our emotions??
      Well I hope they both will look great on that day!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.