Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan shares that it is his friend’s restaurant. I came here to meet him only. What are you doing here? Before she can reply Bunty comes there. Bunty thinks Sumo is his wife. You are too smart. you wanted to go out on a date and took your brother’s name. He turns to Sumo, calling her Bhabhi ji. he must have told you about me. She denies.

Bunty brings Sumo and Shravan to a couples’ special table. Sumo asks him what is all this. Shravan replies that Pushkar requested me to book a table for himself and someone but he himself dint come. Sumo thinks he might have but he would have left the place after seeing you here. Sumo says your friend is sweet. Shravan calls him stupid. They think to order food.

Pushkar gives perfumes to Preeti. she takes a bill from him too. I will show it

to mom and Massi too. They will not lecture me now. Pushkar says your mom is right. It can be possible that the one giving you gift needs something in return. She laughs hearing it. He keeps looking sweetly at her. Kind of yes! She says what. He begins to say I. She keeps intervening. He dismisses it when she playfully makes a punch. I know you are hesitating but it is ok. She closes her eyes. Tell me what you want. I am listening. He leans closer when she sneezes. I am sorry for opening my eyes. Say it. He says it is ok. Let it be. She drops it. Where is my purse? He helps her get down from the car. They check the car but it isn’t there.

Sumo cannot understand the menu. PCT has better names. Atleast you can understand the menu with it. He tells her to order food. Bunty joins them and teases them. Shravan tells him that he has decided the menu.

Preeti calls Sumo. Sumo goes outside to attend the call. Preeti also steps out of the car. She asks about her purse. Sumo says I came to give you your purse only but you were not there. Preeti says my plan changed. She tells her a pick up place of meeting later.

Sumo hears a girl talking to the manager about reservation. She had promised her parents she will take them here after getting her first salary. The guy tells her to keep waiting then. Sumo questions the manager. There are so many empty tables inside. Why don’t you let them in? Manager shares that only elite people are allowed here. Will you like it if such people sit near you? He goes.

Sumo walks up to the family. Please come it. Manager tells her against it. Sumo says they are with me. She scolds the manager when he tries to make her understand his business policy. There is only one policy that the customers should be happy. Bunty asks them if everything is ok. Manager points at the girl and her family. Sumo says one identifies and respects people by their manners and etiquettes. Bunty apologizes to them. Shravan smiles.

Sumo tells the family to order whatever they wish. Bunty ji will pay the bill. Bunty agrees. Sumo congratulates them on their daughter’s first salary. Bunty goes. Sumo notices Shravan looking at her. What? He shakes his head sweetly at her.

Sumo and Shravan sit down to eat. He says I have never seen your Samaj Sudharak Side till date. She says you still don’t know many more things about me. You can know them but you will also have to tell me some things about you that I don’t know. He says deal. They focus on the food. He guides her as to how to eat using chopsticks. Sumo hides as soon as she notices someone coming there. Shravan asks her who she was hiding from. She signals him to shush. The guy sits on the other table. shravan demands to know what happened. she shares that this guy (Jairaj) was her senior in college. I liked him a lot back then and I still like him. I somehow proposed him on the last day of the college. She is unable to use chopsticks but he is interested in knowing what happened. she replies that he rejected her. He asks her if she hasn’t forgotten him. She says one cannot forget the people you love. I can forget a recipe but not Jairaj. Shravan makes a sad and upset face (like a kid, really adorable <3 ). She looks at him and smiles. This is my story telling side which you haven’t seen till date. Tell me something about you now. He gets angry. Finish your food and let us go home. She asks him why he got angry. He dismisses it. She asks about dessert. He tells her to eat it in desert. She looks at her food. Wont you eat? He angrily says he isn't hungry.

Preeti and Pushkar click selfies. She checks the time. I have to go home now. I have to be home by 11. He says we haven’t eaten dinner. We can eat at a nearby restaurant. She denies. I have to go home now. Pushkar says who you are calling. She replies that she is calling Sumo Didi. I have to wake up early tomorrow as it is Prateek’s birthday. He is my bestest friend. We go to temple every year on this day. I can miss anything but not this!

Sumo asks Shravan why his mood is off. He dismisses it as nothing. She gets Preeti’s call and talks to her. Sumo asks Shravan again but he says nothing happened. she knows why he is off. You dint like the story I made. He is completely taken by surprise. They look at each other. Valet brings his car. Shravan does not take his eyes off Sumo as he takes his keys. Title track plays as he walks up to his car. He still looks upset.

Shravan keeps thinking of Sumo’s story. He fusses over stuff as the story keeps ringing in his ears. He checks his tab but there is no network. He gets restless. What's happening tonight?

Shravan comes to kitchen to take water when he notices Pushkar taking food from fridge. Pushkar sits down to eat. Shravan asks him why he dint come tonight. Pushkar replies that he got some urgent work. Shravan says I got stuck because of you. Plus Sumo came as well. Pushkar is confused. it is good to meet friends. Why is everyone so confused? Shravan realises that his mood is off. Pushkar rues that his date is not giving him any Bhav. She does not understand anything. She told me that she has to go home as she has to go and meet her bestest friend tomorrow. She should realise that she has come with me. She should spend time with me. Why is she talking about my bestest friend? Go and spend time with him then. Shravan says there is nothing wrong in it. Pushkar asks Shravan how he will feel if the girl who he likes takes someone else’s name before him. Would you like it? Shravan shakes his head to say no. Pushkar says I felt the same way when she took Prateek’s name. Shravan says you are over reacting. Pushkar accepts it. I am jealous of this Prateek, whatever his name is! When you love someone truly then you will get jealous of even her friends. You will think why she is spending time with her friends instead of you! Anyways, I should sleep now or I will keep thinking about Prateek. My head will burst. Shravan wishes him goodnight. He is in thoughts. Jealous!

Precap: Sumo asks Shravan that he agreed to tell her something about him. Tell me now. She tries to take his diary from him in which he has written shayari. He chases her. She falls down in the process and gets hurt. He helps her in standing and a shayari is said in the background. They share an eye lock.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Ireena

    ???….this is called love….and nothing but jelousy is a must…i will just love watch it today?

  2. Lado

    Wow wow wow…… Superb…. Mazaa aa gya
    Aaj ka episode epic tha…just luved…….now Atleast shravan will understand that he is in love with sumo…. Thank God pushkar made him realise it
    Omg ….jealous pushkar… Just luv him he looked so cute today…bechare ko bhukha hi ghar aana ..so sad???….but ab pyaar kiya hai toh itna toh karna hi padega????……and precap was amazing….. We will c a shayar shravan tomorrow……. Vaise personally I like shayari very …even I try to do sometimes… But itni achi nhi banti?????…..anyways coming back to shravan m waiting for tomm episode….. It will be romantic I hope
    Btw hi guys how r u all…..long time na
    Hey minakhi and Ireena will u plz tell me ur real names and in which class u r or what course r u doing…..if u don’t mind
    And a hi from my side to all our new friends it’s good that edkv fans are increasing…..?????

  3. Ireena

    @anshi,of course,dear.u can call me whatever u want.besides,i m not used to hear someone calling me di.may be thats why i cant call di everyone di.but i know,in indian culture,every little one girl calls the elder one di.so if anyone gets offended thinking that i m not calling anyone di,plzz let me know.i will surely call so.i hope u guys understand me.
    btw,anshi,whence u have learnt that i have completed 12th??

    • Anshi

      How sweet….. Ireena……..
      Well wen it comes frm where i gt 2 know dat u were 12 pass… I wanna say—- U r a gud question bt ur question hurts me… Jst kidding …. I dont know frm where i caught dat u r 12 pass… Maybe some convo …. Well r u ntt 12 pass…. Plssss tell me if u dont mind….

  4. Thankyou so much Pooja di for the super fast update…..??
    Today’s episode was a big waww for me…
    Bunty…yaar..you are awesome…Loved the way he called sumo as bhabhi…also the way he teased them…it was really funny….

    poor Pushkar..whenever he tries to propose her,something will happen which will make him stop in between…Aaj vo Prateek tha,…Both brothers are having troubles with two other guys…….Jairaj n Prateek…Pushku was so jealous…Pushku’s 60k is 1k for preethi..wow,…He is really cute…The way he looks at her is also so cute…Preethi’s bestest friend is Prateek? but once she told sumo na,she needs a best friend..If she has one,then why did she said like that,..?I think this Prateek is a small child..Its just a wild guess..

    Sumo is so intelligent,…Her story was really awesome…Shravu’s jealous hearing it was worth watching…

    Hope Shravan will realize his feelings soon..
    Title track n Shravan looking at sumo was superb…
    Last part,Pushkar and Shravu was awesome…Pushku accepted that he is jealous,.I know,shravu will not accept it so easily…

    @precap…damn damn damn excited…..Waiting to see his caring side,….Nice shayari….I really loved todays episode,…???

  5. Devga

    Awweeee such a fantastic episode full of spices masalas emotions J factor working and evn convos btween bros and sizzys and convo btween love birds (duo) ….. Fab part was convo btween bros at the end…. Shravan realise wat is ur feelin atleast aftr pushkar made a hint abt it….
    Hats off edkv team…. Continue….

  6. Meena

    Today’s episode wasthe”bestest”,Pushkar’s words!!!it was simply superb!every scene was awesome!Pushkar’s expressions were so good. I don’t think anything can match Shravan’s acting today!EDKV keep up the tempo.Priitinerary was adorable!

  7. Thanks pooja di for fast updating. Today episode is rocking. Jealousy pushkar was cute.bt he should confess her first. Bunny thinking sumo as shravan’s wife n calling her as bhabhi was nice. In future it will only happens???. When sumo said that he likes jairaj then shravu adorable face is cute. Shravan is thinking about suman words only because he still love her but not realizing.i think Pushkar will realize him.
    Precap…..it is nice that shravan wrote shayari but I don’t understand the shayari. plzz anyone can explain that??????

  8. Ruchi

    Wow… Awsum epi…Loved it to the core…
    Haye!! Jealous boys look so cute…??
    Shramann !! ????

  9. Minakhi

    Hii Guys ….Sorry I m late ..but Here I m …coming to the episode It’s like wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow how to express my love for these two couples???
    love their last eye lock scene , song plays and something like they feel dat they love each other extremely , and also know about that but can’t tell….awwww precap was awesome…..how I will pass two days without this show…..pushkar story is also going grt…and shrawan’s expressions were too good..uske Jealousy Mei Jo cuteness tha ….Hay mar dala iss Bande ne …..But yaa Mein itni jaldi maroongi nahi(Just kidding ) ….Abhi to Bohot kuch baki hai iss show Mein ..eagerly waiting for Monday ?…..nd yaa the Precape is also like WOW wow wow …….Finally Good night to all friends sry Namik night to all??

  10. Minakhi

    Sry Precape k bare Mein do baar likh Diya meine. …..U know na how much my excitement is going through…….

  11. Juhi

    The episode was an epic episode.I really love this.Jis tarha Sharavu ka mood bigda ….Totally Mera mood Khil gaya .Nd Pushkar jab kiss karne jaa raha tha tab Preeti ki wo jo chhink omg …..Kya hota agar chhink na ati to …..Nd last The precape was also an epic…Koi bujhe batayega ki Shayeri kya thi ….???I really want to know…..EDKV rocczzz Nd Good morning to all

    • shraman

      This is the shayari.. Beautiful words

      Beautiful naa!!?

  12. Fatarajo

    Hey I hope u all didn’t forget me? And nowadays ek duje ke vaaste is going so awesome love shraman

  13. Minakhi

    all my new friends….I want to ask u a question ..kya aap logo ne …EDKV ko vote kiya hai ….If no then ..Go to best show on Sony Tv Telly update …Nd comment their for once…Ok we r going on 2nd position but Next moth we have to vote heavily..come on yaar Wo log humare Liye itna kuch kar rahe. Hain ..Agar hum fans un k liye kuch nhi Ke pae to lalat hai hum par (sry for my dialogue)ND kya aap Mein se koi India Forums pe hai …Agar nahi hai ..to plz log in nd Support them ….We have to do this .Jaag Bharatiya Fan Jaag Vote kar ke Television ke Duniya Mein laga de aag ..(Again sry for my another Dialogue)….? good morning to u all

    • Roshni

      Mina I guess its not about commenting v should click on edkv n click vote not commenting right???I didn’t get u…well shall I call u mina??????

  14. Roshni

    Hello guys sry for late….yesterday I went to my birthday shopping so couldn’t comment…….n coming to episode my god I was literally jumping when I saw his jealousy face..ooooo he was too cute in that…..its just one of d best episode n must say yaar preethi n pushkar scenes were also very good I am happy even being side actors they r getting many scenes last part I mean pushkar n shravan part was also nice I totally enjoyed watching…….

  15. tara

    pooja di..i love u..how superbly u describe.. i mean shravan’s expression..awww… nd loved the episode so much… jealousy…yessssssssssssssssss… shravan looked so cute…. uff m literally jumping….
    jo u know now m remembering IPL
    “dil jumping jhapak jumpak jumpak…thumping thapak ..thumpak thumpak..
    gili gili yaa..” 😛 😛 😛
    lolzzz i know its very funny… bt m so so so happy…
    my journey with TU started with TEI…nd yesterday it was last day for me..so now m happy i got two new shows..which are best..as it can be.. nd thank god its not zee bt sony.. so no mahasangams..hehe
    precap was super se bhi upar..loved that eyelock.. now i cant wait for shravan realisation..nd of course cnfssn..!! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

    • Fine yaar…10th is quite better than 9th..
      But I couldnt talk with some of my friends…Actually iam not getting a chance to talk to them…Apart from it ,,,iam enjoying it,…
      Thankfully…Monday n Tuesday are holiday for me…Yooo…?

      • Anshi

        Enjoy ur holiday abhi… N guys i m nt in talkin terms wid YouTube….. It doesnt open i mean its no prob wid server no prob wid network still stupid YouTube doesn’t open… 🙁 🙁 …….. Now i hv 2 wait 2 by chance c d promo on tv…… Frustrating…..

  16. Roshni

    @irrena oooo that means u missed me…that’s so nice to hear that someone missed me….how RU now????I am back na…so asked….well I am good now after commenting….

  17. Roshni

    @minakshi I missed u too dear I missed all my friends here…in so much less time v all became so hood friends right???I mean v don’t know each other much properly but still its so nice to have such good friends…i got so many friends through telly updates site…

  18. Roshni

    So guys meet u afterwards today I am getting my cet results at 11 so I should set my mind for that…well just joking..bye guys live u all….

  19. Minakhi

    Ek baat bataun Mein khud hi India forums PE nahi Hoon ….Friends..Wo site itni bakwaas thi Ki Mein Register hi nahi kar payi yaar…Agar koi kar sakta hai to p plz…Do like or comment on this show….maximum 2 – 3 bar karna …plz…But I m trying myself also….Let’s hope chaska meter Ranking badh jaye.

    • Iam in indiaforum…At first I felt it little difficult to manage..But later I started liking that site

  20. Juhi

    Heyyy Minu …I have to tell u something that Yaar mein to thak gayi India forums mein register kar kar ke ..It is a very complicated site …Mujhko chakri aa gayi yaar….Soo sorry for my behavior but Amake lache ami aro parbona ….But for u I will try for sure…..But ?????

  21. Lily

    Hi guys…… I loved today’s epi…… It was full of shraman scenes…….. I loved their eyelock…. And the background music was just icing on the cake………… I want to see Mondays epi……… I think it will be most romantic epi till date……….

  22. Anshi

    Amazing epi…. Trust me shravan is jealous…. Sahi h apna luv realise naa krne ki yahi sazaa h…
    Lved preekar scenes 2 d core…
    Well guys mujhe nhi lagta ki bahut log mujhe support kareenge bt mujhe lagta h kind urvashi Kong vapas aana chahiye n Sumo ki insult krni chahiye den maybe shravan ll defend her n ll realise his feelings fr her….

  23. Minakhi

    Heyy Juhi here I present…Shravan’s Shayari ………………..Sardi ki dhoop, Garmi ki chhav Barish ki pehli boond, Ek pyara sa gaaon Dekhkar tumhe jaane kyun, Hamesha yeh khayal aata hai Jaane tumhari har beeti hui baat pe, Kyun mujhe pyaar ataa hai…How is it guys????

  24. NATASHA luvs NAMIK

    wooohoooo this epi was incredible and precap was awesome.and I cant understand that shayari coz shravan’s voice was’nt audible I could only hear some words-ek pyaara sa and others I forgot.but very much excited to see monday’s epi

  25. Ireena

    hello,friends.looks like all my friends r going to sit in xm.is it a exam season???
    btw,roshni,joyee,i missed u both.infact i m missing many.
    actually,guys, it has become our one kinda virtual home where we cant see anyone but feel everyone.so without family members home isnt complete,right?thus without friends we feel empty.
    now a days,i m missing 5-6 friends.come soon☺

  26. garvita

    Awsome episode precap was soooooo good shraman and pushtii scene was so good the jaleousy scene eye lock title track awwww and ja sumo said I know why u r annoyed and shravan look at her so good The shyari scene so good This is my fav serial
    I cant wait for Monday
    Thanks for the fast update

  27. garvita

    Awsome episode precap was soooooo good shraman and pushtii scene was so good the jaleousy scene eye lock title track awwww and jab sumo said I know why u r annoyed and shravan look at her so good The shyari scene so good This is my fav serial
    I cant wait for Monday
    Thanks for the fast update

    • NATASHA luvs NAMIK

      ty soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much minakhi

  28. Juhi

    Woww What a promo nd it’s background music is like awsome Shraman Roczzz welll Official page walon ne humare Minu ki baat sun li Friends…Minu Mata ki jai ….Just jocking….dear…

  29. Niharika

    Heyy hii … Best episode till date. In one words…… Just awsome…. I M Very much happy that I m a fan of this show. Though I m irregular here but I really like To read ur Comments u all r soo humble and light hearted…. Well one thing I must say Minakhi yesterday U were talking about the promo nd now They released this.Soo happy. I guess a promo can make this show more popular. Well Hlo Everyone I will try to Comment here regularly.

    • Anshi

      Oh niharika itni taarif mat kro digest nhi hogi….. Jst kidding…… Well u r takin about which promo i v ntt seen it….

  30. Minakhi

    Hey Anshi dear ..She is talking about EDKV ‘s new promo …if u didn’t know about it then check Youtube…..It’s fab…yaar u will love this sweetheart..

    • Anshi

      Fab ???? Its Fab awsum lovely cute fantastic n mind blowing…. Sab h yaar…. Jis cheez ka hamein intezaar that atlast voh hone wali h…..

  31. Roshni

    @abhi actually I don’t have any plans….every year my friends will give a surprise don’t know about this year dear….well I will go to temple every year….no other plans right now…..ooo I missed ur birthday hope next year I wont….well ru there on fb?????

  32. Minakhi

    Thank u soo Much Niharika nd Juhi nd all ….well don’t thank me it’s a very smooth show.It always entertain us .Nd we all r friends here soo Don’t be thankful…BTW I m too exited for their love track.I hope everything will be fine in this show…

  33. Roshni

    @madhuri my little sis I mean cousin birthday is also on d same day dear..i guess many born on that day…..

    • Ireena

      hello,roshni.then u r our going to be birthday girl.✨….dont u dare to treat us with ur birthday cake here.am dying to have it.

  34. Lado

    Hi @minakhi and @Ireena….
    I asked u something in my first comment on today’s update…..I think u didn’t read it….so it’s my request guys plz give me the answer m waiting since morning???
    [email protected]…..A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE…… Pta nhi tab yaad rhega bhi ya nhi but I think u will remember???
    Then I will wish u once again

    Vaise guys plz do tell ur birthdates all of u so that we can wish everyone??

    • Ireena

      sorry,lado.i didnt notice ur comment earlier.hope u didnt mind.
      well,to be frank,i didnt want disclose my name earlier.thought to tell u guys later.now,i think u got to know through natasha by now.
      and i have completed my schooling last year.

      • Lado

        It’s OK..I don’t mind such small things…….oh so u completed ur schooling last year……then u r just a year elder to me…..I hope u don’t mind me calling u ireena rather than di???
        And I don’t know ur real name and if don’t want to disclose its OK ???

      • Ireena

        ohho…u can call me whatever u want.i dont mind atttt allll.infact i m not used to hear di.☺i would be more happy if u call me ireena.
        btw,its not like that i dont wanna disclose my name.thought u have read natasha’s comments by then.thats why i said so.
        ok,let me make it clear.my real name is shreyan.

    • Anshi

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      • Lado

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  36. Natasha

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    @roshni ur birthday is coming?? so accept my advace wishing. happy birthday. may u always remain happy. and sorry i could get any gift for u. but yaaa a big hug and buy some choclates from my behalf. okay?

    @ireena sorry i couldnt reply u that day bcoz of network prob. but how could u think that i forgot u??? are yaar shreyaan u tell me if i would forget u then how do i still remember ur sweet name?

    @ devga i earilar didnt tell u but really ur pic of sanjeeda is very good. u know red suits to very fair people. and so sanjeeda is. btw how r u? stay happy as always.

    @ nisha today im not seeing u here. but wishing u a good day!

    guys ireena sree devga nisha if ur free then lets meet tommorow at manmarziyan desi tv fan page at 11:30 am. we can chat there together as theres no modaration. and inform our other mmz frds if ur in touch qith them.


    • Ireena

      okkkk..?i will be there..
      btw,even my memory isnt that weak,my dear.that u described how u enjoyed eid day.even remember ur cow???

    • Devga

      Natty happy to c ur comment nd happy tht ur exmz r ovr… I am fyn…. Thank u…. hw abt u? Thq u for compliment abt my pic on sanjeeda…. I just love her….

      Wel i would say tht plzzzzz atleast one big episode of ur ff and complete it coz it wil b better if it completes ubruptly like mmz than to keep it incomplete….
      Sory if i hurt u but truth is i damn miss ur ff dr…..

    • sree

      sry natty fr nt cmng in fan page…i jst saw ur msg…little bit busy these days…nxt sunday i’ll surely join u guys

  37. Anshi

    Woohoooo guys, Jst watched d promo its simply awsum…. Lagta h about mister Shravan malhotra Ko Mister Shravan malhotra kind actual feelings ka pta chalega…. I mean ki Shravan Jo yeh best friend best friend khel raha tha ab over hoga…… Thank god… 🙂 🙂 :-* :-*

    BTW minakhi yaar tum akashwani krne lagi… I mean wow Lagta h bhagwan ne tumhari sun li….. 😀 😀

  38. Ireena

    i juat envy u guys??….the way u celebrate ur birthday..u know,most of my friends manage to forget that day only.?..i really feel myself special thinking that none but me get the opportunity to forgotten???

  39. Anshi

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    • Lado

      I support RCB……bcoz of my fav trio..ABD…..VIRAT…..GAYLE…hope we will win the match…..

      • Anshi

        U r rite Lado… I like srh n hope gud fr it bt i cant betray my favor trio…. Abd virat n Gayle…. <3 <3 <3 <3

      • Lado

        Yes anshi……and u know what me and my bro are totally insane???
        We did a bet as his fav is srh and mine is RCB let’s c who will win hope i RCB will win really excited for the finale???

    • Natasha

      rcb and srh both r good. virat plays very well but that bro is agressive. tommorow i will suport both teams. let them try their best and win.

    • Ireena

      ??…guys,i know that rch has the best batting line up.but dont forget srh’s bowling line up.

    • Ireena

      whatever it is guys,lets not get into a battle.as we know,its cricket,ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.
      and u know,generally,i dont watch the match when my fav team comes 4 batting.i only check the score.doesnt matter whether its world cup or ipl.because,when a batter gets out,i get a mild heart attack.and it lasts until the next one gets out.like i get 11 heart attack.so when i become full sure of my teams victory,i watch and ENJOY THE LAST VICTORY SCENE.????

      • Fatarajo

        Haha same here Ireena but I really want SRH to win today but if RCB win I won’t mind as they never won IPL, I support SRH for Warner, Bhuvi, fizz and RCB for ABD, Watson, Gayle. But I like SRH more

    • Anshi

      U r again rite Lado …..
      Anything cn happen in gentle men’s game….
      So we mst nt fight….
      Vaise srh ka bowling line up kafi achha h

  40. Ireena

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  41. Natasha

    @ ireena devga sree nisha guys im so sorry. tommorow i cant come for an unavoidable reason. so can we shift our chat this monday?? pls..pls..pls.. at the same place at the same time 11:30 am. actually i so eager to talk to u all. and sorry again for shifting.

    • Devga

      Mee too stuck up with important meet dr…. But cant the tym b chnged a bit like 9am or 7pm etc coz i wil b bzy btween 10-5

    • Ireena

      hi,devga and natasha.i m really sorry.i dont think i will be able make it at 9.00 am ist.but i m free at 7.00 pm ist or after that.plzzz let me know the time and date.m really eager to have it.☺

  42. Minakhi

    Hii Lado sry for my Late reply …even I don’t want to share now …but yaa I m in college now nd I m from Kolkata….That’s it…Sorry to give u a limited Info

    BTW sabhi kal bhi yahan pe comment karoge na????Plz time nikalna …I have to discuss about a very important topic.Soo good night ? Plz kal Ana zaroor…It’s my humble request.

    • Lado

      It’s OK minakhi I understand…… And thanks for telling me….so I got another elder sister…. Oops I called u minakhi….I think I should call u minu di…..hope u r okay with it???

  43. Minakhi

    Hyy Anshi do u know abhi mera bhagwan koun hai …..Sonydeb?? Sony walon ko Sun na hi tha Yaar after all we r the famous Fans….Good night dear plz kal bhi comment karne aana.

  44. Guys tell me ur favourite Bollywood actors n your local actors

    Mine hindi – varun dhawan
    Telugu – allu arjun
    Tamil – vijay
    N urs

    • Devga

      Hahaha nice topic dear…
      Tamil – sivakarthikeyan vijay
      Malu – nivin dulquer
      Telugu – allu arjun rana
      Hindi – hrithik varun

    • Anshi

      My favorite is
      Hindi- Siddhartha Malhotra… Varun Dhawan… Deepika Padukone
      English-Emma Watson… Danniel Radcliffe… Leonardo d caprio

      Uhhh…. Actually i m frm lko so i know only dis much… No local hero n no idea of tollywood…

  45. Devga

    I posted my Comment thr in desi tv page… A reply to ireena chk it out… I am commenting thr for first tym

  46. Minakhi

    Heyy Lado plz don’t call me Dii,I Think we Should not Change our Relation Bcz of the Age ….u know na what kind of Relationship is here between us….This is Friendship dear.I think we r FFFs (Famous,Fans nd Friends)Plz call me Minu Everyone…..Single name sunne Mein jitna accha lagta hai Di sun k utna Maza kir kira Ho jayega ….Sry if my words hurts u. .Yesterday night I was in a marriage function soo I couldn’t comment here .Good morning to all my friends

  47. Minakhi

    Heyy Madhuri My fav Bollywood actors nd actresses -Amir khan ,Priyanka Chopra
    In Tollywood(Bengali)-Dev nd Ankush,Nusrat Jahan

    In Tollywood(Telugu)-Allu Arjun nd Prabhas,Kajol Aggrwal

    In Hollywood -Taylor Lautner nd Emma Watson

  48. My fav actor/actress:
    Bollywood- actress: Shraddha Kapoor, Deepika padukone
    Actor- varun dhawan, Siddhart malhotra
    Hollywood actress: Anjelina Jolie , Mila jovich
    Actor: Daniel Radcliffe, Leonardo di caprio

  49. Lado

    My fav actress (Bollywood): Deepika padukone and Katrina kaif
    Fav actor (Bollywood): one and only RANBIR KAPOOR?
    Fav actor local i.e PUNJABI movies is Diljit dosanjh

  50. Lado

    Hey guys any of u have Snapchat????.. I heard that namik is there on Snapchat…. I m not on Snapchat if anyone is there plz do tell me??

  51. sony people are actually going through the feedback coz I sent my request for a new promo on Friday and they got it by Saturday.I think many sent their requests for it.

  52. Roshni

    @abhi. Dear I got 11,075 rank its okay types don’t if I get d college which I want…let’s hope for best…

  53. Roshni

    @natasha tysm Natasha no need of any gifts dear u wished me that more…well chocolates its my favorite I will surely buy them n I very well know my cousins n friends will gift me that only.. Ha ha…

  54. Minakhi

    Heyy guys again a bad news for EDKV Fans ..we have done soo much efforts for the new promo ,But the new promo is not shown as much as KRPKYB…. I think we should leave a post on sony Facebook page to show the promo more often….Yaar Morning se Sony dekh rahi hoon sirf ek baar hi dikhaya gaya hai promo ko …again I m going to sad ? Zone???….

    • Anshi

      Wait wait minakhi…. Dont go 2 sad zone… BTW Sony Wale hamare edkv k saath nainsaafi kr rhe h…. No offence 2 Fatarajo n other krpkab fans bt aaj kl Sony wale krpkab Ko zyada promote kr rhe h…. I mean i Dont hv any prob wid krpkab bt hr show Ko barabar ka haq milna chahiye…

  55. Hiiiii…I am Miloni slinent readerEvery story is close to my heart…..all story telling is very goodI want something from u Guy’s.. Plzz give me song of ek duje ke vaste ……I am not getting it yar ..plzzz any one help meee

    • Roshni

      Dear if its title track then i downloaded that in waploft you can also go with that….just type waploft.com there at d end click tv serials songs n then on sony tv u get that song…i did d same…

    • Roshni

      Bye everyone.. meet you all 2mrw evening…i am quite busy today n 2mrw…u all will be there right????bye..miss u all…love u all….

  56. Roshni

    Hey i saw d promo guys its awesome….. fab….cop..mindblowing wat else???

    How ru all guys???this moderation sucks yaar….

    • sree

      advance happy birthday roshni….may be i can’t come here tomorrow morning to wish u as i’m busy…..sry fr tht…bt i’ll try to comment in the morning if nt thn i’ll be the last to wish u

  57. sree

    superb episode…shravu getting jealous….and humara sumo ne bhi kya story bhatayi…..shravu ka jealousness bahut cute tha jaise chota bachha rakhta hai tik waise hi hai…..nd pushku bhi kitna cute hai…
    dono bhaiyo ki hosh udadi behno ne….bechare shravu aur pushku
    finally promo is awesome guysss….again a best promo by edkv

  58. sree

    frnds can anyone give the links of edkv songs please…i love them a lott…please try to give the links

  59. Minakhi

    Yes Anshi dear Sony TV Is doing very bad to our fav show.Why they r doing this They should promote This show in a large scale .But they don’t have any Idea what they r doing.It’s really going very bad for EDKV .Kya yaar Itna accha chal Raha hai ye show …Kya problem hai unko …I hate Sonydev now.

    • Lily

      I agree with u……… And this not only happened for the first time……. They always do it…. They always show the same boring promo of adalat…….promo of krpkab is shown all the time… That’s wrong…. At least they should show ekdv promo during tkss……… Bcz it would promote the show…..

    • Anshi

      Agree Luk no offence bt jb mein adaalat ka promo dekhti hun toh mera khoon khaulne lagta h… Yaar mujhe voh serial eke percent bhi achha nhi lagta h… Last time toh unhone toh bhagwan Ko bhi nhi chhoda that …. Huh!!! Anyways… V cant do anything… V can raise our voice n v will raise it bt till Sony takes any action lets take d whole situation in a positive way… Jst take it dat hamara show pehle se hi itna awsum itna epic h kisko usse kisi boring promo kisko zarurat hi nhi h…. Wat say…. Minakhi abhi n all other guys like v can talk 2 our stars through twitter n insta cant w Jst talk 2 any channel… I mean i hv something really important 2 tell dis Sony takes…

  60. Natasha

    @ ireena devga i saw u just now on mmz desi tv fan pg. but yesterday at night i told u that i wont be come today. sorry to change meeting.

    @devga i think u found out the address.

    if ireena devga nisha sree r free tommorow at 11 :30 am in indian time then we can chat at desi tv mmz fan pg. and i will surely come.

    • Ireena

      i m really very sorry.but will u plz make it at 7.00 pm ist or after that.devga and sree even told that it will be easy for them at 7.00.infact i m free today.

      • Natasha

        But you know At that time I remain just. Btw r I coming tomorrow? At 11:30 am in Indian time?

      • Ireena

        i m really really sorry,natasha.u know,its 2.00 am here when it 11.30 am ist.i cant keep late tonight as i have some erunds to be completed tommorow morning.though i tried to postpone it after reading u but couldnt.i m really sorry that i wont be able to come tommorow11.30 ist.
        but u can carry on with other friends at 11.30 am tommorow.i will read ur chats later…plzz dont mind

  61. Minakhi

    Another shocking news for EDKV fans…on tellychakker EDKV is #8 this week…..nd KRPKEB Is on No.1 ,,,,Enjoyment time for KRPKEB…..Shasheer Shaikh Ki popularity EDKV par bhari pad gayi yaar ..or That’s bcz Namik nd Nikita r soo new .Specially Namik….Or Sony walon ne sirf KRPKEB ka promo dikha dikha ke usse aur bhi famous kar Diya ….Yaar. Jab KRPKEB ka promo bana rahe the tab kya EDKV K cast nd crew ghar pe so rahe the kya??? Noo wo bhi kaam kar rahe the na …to esa kyun Hua unke saath nd This week was a far better week than previous………Fb pe bhi hum yehi discussion kar rahe the…..Sony tune kya kiya ….yaar mera to din hi bura Tha or Sony ne aur bhi bura bana diya . ? ? ?☹

    • Fatarajo

      Hey minakhi do you the rankings of other shows like at least top 10? Well at least both shows are in top 10 🙂 but I want both sony shows to be in top 2

    • Ireena

      ??dont be so angry,dear.its not good for health???
      We all know the reason.shaheer has a great number of fan following.may be thats why sony is doing little partiality.though dont watch krpkeb,i know its also good

    • Devga

      Dont wory i myself a huge fan of both shows…. I am sure edkv this week was better than krpkab…. But as u say thr r overflowing fans of shaheer and i myself started watching it coz of shaheer and erica…. But aftr watching the promo of childhood frndship of edkv i forced myself to watch it….. And gradually i liked their jodi ( namik and niki) …. So the story wil decide dr… I like both shows thq u for the news tht krpkab is on first…..

      • Fatarajo

        yes i so agree with u devga and btw u r a sanjeeda fan right she is the new lead of ishq ka rang safed on colors well i used to be a big fan of ikrs but after the marriage track that show became boring i also like sanjeeda and used to love eht till the end devga also i like sanjeeda but i dont watch that ikrs much now

  62. Ireena

    Btw,guys,whom do u find more cooool???shaheer or namik??
    U know,one of my friends like shaheer like madddd

  63. Anshi

    Well, Happy bday eve roshni…
    N happy bday in advance… May ur life b more colourful Dan a rainbow… I cant give u anything bcs v r quite far bt still i cn atleast i cn wish u a bbbbiiiiiiiggggggg happy bday…. Lv u Dr…

  64. Minakhi

    guys I don’t have any problem with KRPKEB .Even I know That’s also a good show but kya Kisi ne notice kiya Jab se Sony ne EDKV Ka promo dikhana band kiya tab se KRPKEB ka Back to back Promos dikhaya Gaya It’s really unfair For others shows it’s like Kisi KO bhi puccho to kahega EDKV konse channel Mein Ata hai ..aur aaj subhe se meine iska promo tv pe nahi dekha (Only once)Dinn bhar Mei Bethi rahi Ki kab dikhaega ..But wohi Hua jiska darr tha only KRPKEB nd TKSS …Mein jitna chahti hoon iss show ko Popular karane Ki utna Wo khud hi peeche hatt rahe hain yaar …Agar mere comment se Kisi Ki dukh Hua to soo sry Mein kabhi esa comment nahi dungi ….soo sorry Specially KRPKEB Fans ko but Mein Iss show ko koi negative
    Sign nahi Diya guys ….Main to bass apna stress share kar rahi thi …..sorry again.Good night nd gd Bye.

  65. Minakhi

    Again Sorry ..agar Kisi KO laga Ki mein KRPKEB k taraf negative hoon to plz Dobara mere sabhi comments ko padhna ….Aap dekhoge Meine esi koi burai nahi Ki hai .Mujhe Kisiki burai Ki koi adat nahi hai par haan Burai sehne Ki bhi adat nahi hai..Jo EDKV k saath Ho raha hai …Wo 100%bura hai …Again good night nd gd Bye.☹

    • Anshi

      Whoa minakhi cool down i didn’t found anything offending 2 any show especially krpkab… Dont get hyper dear… Its alright…. Take a chill pill sweetie..

  66. Minakhi

    Advance Happy birthday Roshni I know I m the last one who wishing u adv Happy birthday .

    May God Provide You A Prosperous And Wealthy Life, Not Only On This Special Day Of Yours But Also For Your Everyday Life And Year Comes. Happy Birthday!?? (Adv)

  67. Ireena

    guys,i have a request to u.when u post a long comment,plz translate it into english.
    actually,i can manage at small,but it becomes tough in the case of long.but i m working on it.
    hope u guys didnt mind.

    • Anshi

      Wats Dere 2 mind Ireena…. If i cud remember i ll definitely make it a ‘more English less Hindi ‘ comment….. N if i forget its a request kindly remind Me…. Well Ireena ur srh hs done magical especially warner… I m impressed…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  68. Roshni

    @sree hey that’s really fine dear…tysm for wishes..it really means a lot…try …

  69. Roshni

    @minskhi hey..wat if its last or first wishes r one n same…. n tysm for ur wishes…its really means a lot for me….

  70. Roshni

    @ireena tysm for congratulating me dear…

    @minakhi* dry for typo error…

    Guys I will try to comment at night or morning ….bye gn all…

  71. Roshni

    @anshi…ooooo luv u too dear…tysm for our wishes..u guys r making my birthday really special.. Ty…

    N guys 192 comments…wow…awesome…

    • Anshi

      No no no u r wrong roshni… Its 212 nt 195…. Dats called shraman power…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  72. Roshni

    @anshi oooo luv u too dear..n tysm for our wishes… U guys r making my birthday really special…

      • Fatarajos

        Yes they got awards and they deserved it actually only reason I don’t support RCB is Kohli he is overconfident n always angry for no reason he is even more angry than Shravan 😛

    • Roshni

      Oh my god….wat a surprise abhi… wats there in that link I am super excited pls tell dear…..i am not able to open that I tried so much. .. Wait let me also try iny dad’s mob….once I see that I will comment again abhi….but I am sure it would out of d world…god….i am so much excited to open that link….tell me na…. .nnnn…..ty Ty tysm abhi for wishing….ooooo I am sooooooo happy…..now…..???????????..here is my treat for my lovely friend abhirami…….??

  73. Lado

    A very very happy birthday roshni…. May u achieve all the success u deserve and all the happiness u want and I hope this year will be a golden year for u…….party hard it’s ur day dear…….love u loads????

    • Roshni

      Love u toooo lado…..oooooo u really made my life by wishing me…tysm……its so sweet…wait let me treat u…..? ? ? ? ? ???? ? ? ? did u liked it????????

  74. Lado

    Guys m crying badly right now……..RCB lost …I know it does not make a major difference in my life but I m the biggest supporter of RCB since I started watching IPL…… And it was a good match but still badly wanted RCB to win…….. Oh VIRAT was so sad cant c him like this….I really love VIRAT and he is the main reason I watch cricket….. Bad day for me….
    And congratulations to srh supporters they really played well…
    Good night guys?????????

    • Dont cry at night yaar…..dark circles aajayegi…
      Even iam feeling sad for kohli but at the same time happy for yuvi,????

  75. Ireena

    wishing u a day soft as silk…..
    white as milk…..
    sweet as honey&full of money??????
    may all ur dreams come true….
    here’s ur birthday gift???????

    • Roshni

      Ooooooooo….so sweet lines dear….i loved it….n yeah Ty tysm for wishing me…..its means a lot….. U asked me to treat with choco cake.sry I will tteat with strawberry n many mote hope its okay for you…here it is…..? ? ? ? ? ????????? how is it???????

      • Ireena

        well,ice cream was good.(even more than cake)????
        but,have u made the cake at home?or ordered?????

  76. cutie pie

    Happy birthday Roshni
    May all your wishes come true.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Roshni

      Oooohhhhhhh Ty tysm cutie pie….its so sweet of you dear…..here is my treat ? ? ? ? ????? इ?

  77. Wishing you a healthy n wealthy birthday roshini
    Hope u r spl day brings all u r heart desires

    Ones again happy birthday

    • Roshni

      Ohh…so many sweet wishes….i am sooo much happy today u all made my day…..ty Ty tysmm.mmmm……madhuri…….i am glad to receive ur wish…here is my treat ? ? ? ?????????

  78. Roshni

    @abhi @sree guys how did you do that cake???tell me pls…it was awesome ….i really loved it….tysm

  79. Devga

    @fatarajo thnq you for tht wndrfl news…. Evn i used to watch it bt lost interest with too much drama…. I wil try watching it…. Can u brief me abt wat has the story headed and hw cum sanjeeda has become the lead??? Plzzzzz if u dont mind…. Gud hve talked to u. .. I always saw ur Comments…. Very gud

    • Fatarajos

      Oh is like the show took a leap and sanjida’s entry will be shown I think today , so Eisha the one who is playing Dhaani’s role initially refuses to play a role of a mom that’s why and Dhaani (now sanjida) will be an Independent wedding planner and take care of an adopted child as she has miscarriage and she is staying seperately from Viplav due to misunderstanding

  80. Devga

    @roshni many more happy returns of the day…… Hv a wonderful year ahead….. Hv a blast its ur day…..

  81. Devga

    @abhi thq u for the gift pic…. Is it goin to b a part of the upcoming episode or just an offscreen pic….??

  82. Anshi

    Ahem bday gal… Congratulations…. For completing… Uhh…. Whichever year u completed… Bt remember dis is starting many more years 2 go many more experiences 2 gain…. May ur world b ur dream world…. Hope evry happiness touches ur feet… May god bless on ur special day…. 🙂 🙂

  83. @roshni…iam so glad that u liked our gifts..N ha,liked your treat alot..it was so yummyyyyy…
    You will get such cake photos from google…Then copy the link..Thats it…glad that you liked it..
    Are you there in twitter??????

  84. This week’s chaska meter ranking….
    #1..Yeh hai mohabbatein
    Thankgod….We reached #3 from #4….Next week we will definitely reach #2 n soon #1…

    • Fatarajo

      Yes I also saw the chaska meter show rankings it’s awesome love almost all the show at top 10 (2,3,5,6) especially most 2 and 3 🙂

      • Lado

        Oh that’s good actually I also became a member yesterday but I don’t know how to use it….. I mean don’t know how to post etc…….so if u could tell me……btw what’s ur ID name there on IF??????

    • Anshi

      Huh!!!! Atlast hamare show ne apna true potential dikhana shuru kr diya…. Ab voh jald hi 1st pe bhi Aaron jayega….

  85. Roshni

    @abhi no dear I am not there…..well even i am happy that u liked my treat…..

    @anshi n @devga here my treat for u dear….? ? ?????? I hope u liked it…..

    @madhuri Tysm for giving info regarding the cake….

  86. As per a reliable source, “In the upcoming episode, audiences would witness a cute romantic moment between Shravan and Suman. The sequence would be of Suman falling ill and Shravan forcing her to get a shot of injection. As Suman is phobic, she would refuse to do it.” Furthermore, while doctor would inject Suman, Shravan would hold Suman’s hand, giving us a peek into a cute eye-lock moment between the two. Awww! This will definitely make our day!

  87. Minakhi

    Thank U soo much for the Chaska meter Info .nd For upcoming track…..it’s look like Woowww…I can’t wait for their scenes…well I m on India forums now….I can do everything for this show…Heyy R U there Abhi???

  88. Ireena

    i must say abhi,sree,anshi….u have invented a great way to wish.i didnt know abt it at all.thanks for a great idea☺

  89. Ireena

    hi,all RCBIANS….dont be sooo sad.after all,its roshni’s bday.so give a smile.and then she has feed us such yummy choclates,cakes,ice creams.
    hi,guys,let me ask u question.little personal.do u know how to cook??

    • For me,my sadness last only for an hour or two…So now,happy for Roshni….
      N ha,I don’t know to cook…In vacation,i tried some dishes by checking recipes in google…What abt u?Also,r u scared of injection?

      • Lado

        Well I know how to cook but only the basics and the dishes I love????
        I mostly cook the dishes I love or the dishes I want to eat ……????
        But sometimes I also have to cook to help Mom the simple dishes which I don’t like
        Well if I say something it will be like m boasting…. But I will say …..??? actually I cook deserts really well coz I like sweet dishes ……I can cook many types of deserts be it cakes or halwa etc??????

        What about u @ireena…?????

      • Ireena

        What should i tell u,dear??i m proved to be a good for nothing at cooking….??…..so thought what abt u guys….that u would make yummy dishes for me then at my bday…????????
        And,when i was lil child,i used to think what was a injection that all r afraid….but when it was applied for d first time,i started to scream without getting anything….after 2 minutes shouting,nurse said,”would u mind stop shouting so that i can apply it”

    • Anshi

      Exactly abhi… My sadness also last only an hour or two…. I m only sad fr days wen India loses match against Pakistan or India loses wc after comin in finals…

      Ummmm…. Well i know how 2cook only on d condition dat u r ready 2 clean a deadly hell kitchen n u r ready 2 eat an awfully bad dish… If u r ready on dese 2 conditions trust me i m d best cook…. 😛 😛

      • Ireena

        Ha…ha…??ready to do so….then whats gonna be the item?veg or non veg…i m ok with both

    • Lado

      And I m trying hard to get over the lose of RCB ….but actually m more sad coz I lost the bet also which I did with my brother…. So sad it’s first time I lose any bet???

  90. @lado…My IF ID is AngellaAbhi…
    For posting ,Take EDKV IF page…Then take new topic option..
    Try it,…If u didn’t get,ask me…?

  91. Ireena

    hey,abhi.i just checked a ff on edkv.
    ANJCK…there i found ur comments something abt a guy??whats cooking??u didnt share it to us

  92. Roshni

    @ireena it was awesome yaar….my friends in tu I mean in this page u all n my skl college friends did a big surprise party …..I didn’t expect that …ty tysm all …for our wishes cakes gifts everything… Ty all…I loved it….

  93. Roshni

    @anshi no dear I replied u there also….n yeah u have really made me happy .literally my mouth was watering while seeing those yummy cakes…especially I loved 1st 2 cakes a lot…..tysm dear…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.