Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan is upset and angry on himself.He blames himself for what happened to her.He recollects doctor’s words.He says pushkar it was all his fault. He should have warned her.suman is taken in a strecher.They both stare at each other.Sumos family pray to god to get suman well soon.Suman smiles seeing that.Suman tries to fold her hands and pray to god but fails,nanaji helps her.All the family members cheer her.Dabbu gets a comic novel and shows sumo .He says i will read this to you and not let you get bored.Sumo says i used to read this a lot when i was a kid.Nanaji says not read, she used to fight with shravan.Suman recollects the past where she fights with shravan about the novel and then both of them sit together and read this. Shravan also recollects that and smiles at her.Ramnath takes

shravan out and asks him to go home as her entire family is here.Shravan says im not leaving her and going anywhere.Ramanth says why are you doing all this.Shravan says it was all his fault,he says he saw the manhole but he dnt tell her.He says he is not going to leave sumo and go,if he leaves her then he won’t forgive himself ever.
Preeti is buying medicines and pushkar goes there near her. He says shravan called the best neuro surgeon in india,so sumo will be fine.pushkar tries to pay for medicine but preeti pays instead .Preeti gets a lolipop as change and then thinks of what happened between her and pushkar.She returns the lolipop and leaves from there angrily.Preeta is trying to feed sumo khichidi and says they are working well for the canteen.Mamiji says she will feed her, sumo says she will eat on her own.Sumo tries holding the spoon and eating but drops the food.She keeps trying to eat and starts crying.Everyone gets sad seeing that.She says she will eat on her own ,even if it takes time.Mamaji and everyone stop staring at her and she tries to eat food on her own.Everyone get sad seeing suman ,suman is unable to eat her food and shravan comes there.Suman says she doesn’t wants his help.She says my family members are here,so you can go.He says until you get well im not leaving from here.She says so i have to get well soon.Mamiji asks shravan to stay here until sumo gets well.Shravan asks everyone to go home.Ramnath and kamini are having a chat.Ramnath says im tensed because he is with suman,because once their differences are sorted then it won’t take much time for them to become friends again.kamini says maybe then they will fall in love again.Ramnath says no this cant happen.kamini says that she will go to hospital and get him back.kamini and vandy come to meet shravan in the hospital.kamini asks suman to get well soon,she asks about pushkar.shravan says he went to leave all the family members in tiwari kila.She talks all satirical.kamini gets shravan luggage and gives him.She says i know you won’t come home till suman gets well so take some hotel and stay here.Shravan says he will manage.Kamini asks shravan not to come home till suman gets well and leaves from there.Suman looks away from shravan.

Precap :suman asks shravan ,what is he trying to prove by being nice to her.He says till you get well im not leaving from here .Sumo says doctor said i might never get well so will you stay with me always ,she is about to fall but he catches her and says yes i will.

Update Credit to: Deepali


  1. Ireena

    That’s like our shravan,not any kinda daddy’s boy….?
    Epi was so ammmaazziiing…..bcs of shravan of course..?
    And my expression will fall short ddescribing the precap…BEST PRECAP OF EVER…????….loved it to hearts core….I have no words to explain it even?????❤???????????????…..that’s all I could try??

  2. Aritri


    |Registered Member

    Sumo nailed it today.. So did shravan ?? hate that ramnath.. He should be named raavannath ??? ram doesn’t suit him ??? precap seems awesome ??

  3. Niki

    Today’s epi was superb….excited fr nxt epi….btw i have one qstn…plz anyone tell me is it true that nikita is dating khalid siddiqui??

  4. Lily

    Yaar precap is sooooooooooo lovely……. I m speechless right now… The way he holds her…….

  5. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    so anyone of u would elaborate d description about the ep.. I m not been able to see it… plz its a request.. n saw the precap part on YouTube it was soooooo cute… namik is love????

  6. Minakhi

    Hey sry for my late comment….good WU…….coming to episode …..O my God …soo Beautiful nd Emotional episode….I m going Crazy about Sumo’s character……The way Nikita acted her helplessness During the Khichdi sequence…Hatts off to her……..n how beautifully acted by every family members…they were soo supportive. too Good…Shravan Oii Ramukaka Ka agian Popat Ho Gaya …..Ab patta nahi kya karega …..jo bhi karega ….Shraman k liye accha hi hoga ….Ramini Jodi rocks again …..Well I m sure Sumo’s Anger will Bring Shraman closer …Always Precape dhamakedar ….can’t wait for Next episode…..
    Hey I have my college soo May Be
    Can’t comment Much but I will try to discuss About the show guys…Have a good day to all…nd. Good morning ?

  7. Wakeel

    I dont know what kinda guy Shravan is. He is only guilty of his mistake and not because he loves suman.

    • Honest opinion

      YESSS! I agree 100%! It’s so irritating bc poor Suman might fall for him again.., & he might hurt her feelings & emotions again!!! Suman shouldn’t trust him too easily again!!

  8. ❤deepika❤

    wow..dis epi was just awesome😍😍shraman rocks✌i think kamini wants shravan to get close to suman,..excited fo today’s epi🎉💃

  9. Anshi

    Name: Anshi Saxena
    Age: 15
    Fault: Murder of Kamini Malhotra and Ramnath Malhotra
    Identification: A normal heighted gal wid pale face nd an ‘i ll kill dem’ look on her face

    Hey guys jst check tom. Paper… I bet u ll find it dere…. Mera man kr rha ki main uss ramnath aur kamini ki band baja doon… I mean ek sec k liye mujhe laga ki ramnath utnaaaa bhi bura nhi h… Bt yeh toh… Ughhhh
    Forget it… IREENA u r rite…. Atlast we found shravan malhotra…. Nt dat daddy’s boy… Well byeeeeee daddy’s boy… Never meet u again
    Nanu bhi cupid bn gye… Niceee.
    Waitin anxiously fr preekar unition.
    Ummmm… Lemme check d dictionary… Mmmmmm… No I dont hv any word fr precap… Its fab.. Jst fab

    @Sona… U r rite… Its awsum.

    • Ireena

      Count me in,anshi…as i m gonna supply u many kinda powerful bullets,knifes and all these?????????….police may arrest me too….see u in jail…??♒❎…??

      • roshni

        hey dear even I will join …………just tell me the date when to kill…..I will come from Bangalore to delhi…………

      • Anshi

        Hahahaha 😉 😉 😉 😉 …. Definitely c u in jail…
        Btw dat injection is gonna b an awsum weapon….
        Heyyy wats after injection?? Is it balloon..

      • Anshi

        Dats gr8… Jitne zyada log utni dardnak death….. Hihihaha… Ab tumhe kaun bachayega ramnath???
        Heyyy I m soundin like a villain… No??

      • Ireena

        Actually me too don’t know what’s it…got it home and picked it up…it’s time to be slaughter…so didn’t notice if it’s balloon or something else.just got and picked up…??we can use it as weapon too…will put it on Ramnaths head and tie it…how would it look????

  10. Lily

    I agree @honest opinion that sumo can fall for shravu again…after her recovery
    Shravu will leave her….. Sumo will have to face that rejection….

  11. roshni

    so sorry for late comment……………………oh my shravan u proved that ur best………..n cant u finished that dialogue sumo toh meri,……………???????????? kya sif dosth yeh phir apne hain??????ah but I am so happy about the precap……………..I couldn’t see sumo in that condition the way she was trying to eat tne expressions all were so real n heart touching ……….n that ramnath n kamini ahhhhhhhhh……………….what to do yaar so irked with them atleast as a human they could act……….they r least bothered about sumo………..bechari sumo n shravan………….

  12. YASH


  13. Ireena

    @yash,of course u can call me so…is it a question to ask???
    @kittu,sorry,dr…I didn’t know history is ur fab subject…and if u read as per ur wish wholeheartedly….U CAN DEFINITELY SUCCEED NO MATTER IF ITS medical or history…and I wish so…actually it’s my completely personal opinion.I may not like biology.that doesn’t mean it is a disgusting subject….as we have particular choice and we must go 4 it…and I don’t think history is bad subject at all…actually I like maths problems…so descriptive things become a pressure for me…i hope u understand
    Sorry 4 giving aaaaa long speech

  14. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    I don’t agree both of dem have deir perception n I feel Shravan yes he very much rude but not at fault he always believed his mother as a betrayer n suddenly sumo made him stand in front of her.. obviously he would be mad… n den came lots of misunderstandings… so Shravan is not d only one at fault.. dats my Opinion….

  15. sona

    @honest opinion..@wakeel..
    Guys..just chill…wt yaar…yadhi..vo mention nahi kar raha hai..iska Matlab ya thodi..na hai ki..he was not hurt..with that his love is in pain.
    .yadhi yesa hotha tho vo ramanath..sey apney guilt k baarey may kehtey waqt apney notice kiya..usney kaha..
    *ithna tho koi kisi gher k liye..karta hai..air sumo tho meri.. ……?*
    Yadhi usey furk nahi padta tho..vo kehta ki sumo uski dost hai..par vo kyo gaya..batau..batau..?????

    Because..he loves sumo more than a friend and that’s y he wana b with her in this condition but.. he don’t want to mention it..☺???
    Ya..im waiting for it..I think raat ko dhikaayega new promo..

  16. roshni

    GOOD NEWS………………………………….


    1. yeh hain mohobattien
    2. ek duje ke vaste
    4 swaragini

  17. mahima

    hello everyone…gud morning…superb,fantastic,extraordinary,mindblowing….episode…sumo..sumo..sumo…love you yarr….nikita fab acting..actulally i want nikita and namik to date each other ..mujhe mauka milta toh mein namik ko karti ..surelly….and bad news main ab is hafte ka ek bhi episode nahi dekh paungi …cz mein lucknow ja ri ??…..so humble request plz updates jaroor likte rahena…..i am dieying tommorow’s episode…sayad kal ka dekh paun…and specially fr the promo..luv u all?❤❤❤❤ …for namik❤????…for nikita??????❤❤..for u all❤???? …..luv you all

  18. shivani

    oh my god …precap was so romntic
    ramu ka to mai khon kr dungi..sahi hai shravn sumo ko kuch sal tk theek nhi hona chahiye aur uskw sath rehne ke liye shravan will mary sumo and his love and atraction will get sumo well….auuu shravan ka to sone pe suhaga ho jayega

  19. Anshi

    Guys dont mind…
    In today’s epi shravan ws like… ‘In hospital help ll b given 2 dose who ask fr it’
    Means shravan ws playin dumbledore yesterday… 😉 😉 😛

    • roshni

      is there to ask u all r always welcome……………….hi I am roshni ……………ur from which place??????? I am from bangalore

      • ❤deepika❤

        tysm♡..am frm [email protected]:)

  20. niya sharma

    Hi welcome Deepika
    Today episode rocks feeling bad for sumo and shravan plzz don’t hurt sumo again and shraman nailed today
    And of course precap as usual was awsome can’t wait for next episode

    • ❤deepika❤

      [email protected]

  21. sss

    good morning…
    wow nice episode…
    shravan now he is on track…thank god not anymore daddy’s boy and best is that now his mood on being lover boy…so i guess more shaman scene will be seen but in here if one get angry other try to pacifie him then again the other one get angry always running after one another…never get tired doing that and here i am hoping they will get together but they other plan to ruining my hope…now plz sumo you don’t start being angry..ok maybe a little bit but plz be the romantic also…pushku beta to bhagte rehe itna asanise pteeti nahi melenge 100 % sure…

    @anshi i will also join you to kill that evilnath…already ireena gather many weapon…i will chose injection its the best option for me also i will get chance to do doctorgiri….

  22. Smile

    Hi every 1 ”’Plzzz include me in the fan family of edkv
    Precap mind blowing ”” can not stop myself from commenting ,,,

  23. Kittu

    @Roshni Di, I too wanna join yr khooni brigade??..
    So my weapons r..1.my spectacles.. Which I ‘ll put into ramukaku’s evil eyes..ha ha ha..BUDHA ROAEGA..Maja aayega..
    2.Chopsticks.. Which will best suit on his evil hands..Jaan nikal jaayegi..
    3.My compass(geometric compass)..in his chipka huya cheeks…Jaan to avenyeen nikal jaayegi…after that yr superb ideas will be best for baad wala ilaaz..
    What’s say???…isn’t it a khooni plan…
    Ramu tu to gaya…?????????…
    Well if u will come to Delhi then plez u will have to come to my house.. I ‘ll make cheese pizza 4 u all…and after this friendly lunch we’ll go to kill ramu..????
    KHOONI MIND… Ha ha ha..?????
    Plez tell yaar ,how is my plan..

    • roshni

      it will surely help us a lot….mission of killing ramanath n kamini is coming soon………date will be posted by our head of the mission anshi …………..hee hee……….

  24. mahima

    now breaking news the chaska meter has changed nikita dutta on no.5 and namik paul on no.14 ….????? wow plz put both of no.1 and 2 …where is kittu didi….plz didi tell me more and how to write in that fan fiction page…plz and i will also kill that ramu and kamini kamimi…❤??

  25. Kittu

    @Ireena,ha chocolate types case happens in India ..Bt I don’t like this system… Ye do u know y??becoz I like coins.. Nd these salesmen give me toffees nd lollipop …really lovely act …bt I love my change more than any toffees…??..
    Hey,no need to say sorry ..I don’t mind anything.. Nd ya it is a very personal thinking abt stream nd further studies.. Nd m glad as I found someone who liked my decision.. Thnx dued..
    @DEEPIKA,welcome yaar.. Don’t be so formal..u r absolutely heartily welcome…
    From where r u, nd in which class???..
    Nd again.. Welcome…

  26. Kittu

    @SMILE,welcome dear..from where r u nd in which class???.. Keep commenting nd ya..u r absolutely accepted in this lovely family..
    @YANI,hey hi nd good morning…
    @Anu,mujhe bhul gayi…don’t be so rude…
    @Arbi,where r u???
    @Minakshi Di ,I too shall not able to watch upcoming episodes… But will surely help u…plez comment as u get time…will miss u..HAPPY JOURNEY.????

  27. Kittu

    @Anu,absolutely yaar something like that only ,what a behavior?? So so rude type ,I know he is guilty but what is this??

  28. Kittu

    @Mahi,hey m here,nd on the last pg I told u…seems that u hadn’t read ..so telling u once again…
    1.Go to the topmost menu..
    2.There u will find..Submit yr Article.. Option.. Go to that
    3.Read the guidelines.. Nd fill everything which r required there… Okay..
    4.After that u will have to give the answer of a code a last nd then click on .green box type something.. At the end..
    5.hey they will submit yr article just then bt will not show on ff page..bt after few hrs..okay..so depress mat hona..okay..
    Nd information correctly nd carefully fill karna..
    ALL THE BEST 4 yr first ff… Waiting for yr sweet ff…write soon…

  29. Nazia

    Aww! So finally our shraman is back. Thnk God that Shravan is not now a daddy’s boy. That’s like our Shravan. And Sumo can’t see u like that. Plz get well soon! Nice promo seems interesting.
    Overall, the episode was awesomeeeee……….

  30. YASH


  31. roshni

    @ guys…………….so sorry for wrong info nikita is in 5th position 63 was last week one………n namik 14th 37 was last week see guys both have raised so quickly,……..nikita in 5th position dam cool………..
    @mahima ty for giving us news reading ur comment I checked again n found that I gave wrong info………..ty…

    so sorry friends………….

  32. Kittu

    Songs..related to subjects….
    1.Maths..azeeb daastan h ye..kahna suru kahna khatam…
    2.geography… Musaphir hoon yaaron..na Ghar h na thikana…
    3.Science.. Aa khushi se khudkhushi kar le..
    Now 4 school..
    Ye galiyaan ye chaubara..yahan aana na dobara..
    For coaching..
    Idhar chala mai ,udhar chala…Jane kahan mai kidhar chala..
    Will write next soon..

    • ❤deepika❤

      what a song..really nyc nd [email protected]

  33. Anshi

    @Ireena… Hahaha… Nic idea…

    @Kittu @Yashi @Sss @All frnds who joined us… Doston saalon se hamare shraman ne inka dard saha h… Pr ab aur nhi… Chalo saath mil k ek parivartan ki leher laayein… Taaki yeh toh kya koii aur kameena hamare shraman k beech naa aa sake… 😉 😉 😛 😛

    @Kittu… Nic weapons yaar.. N yup we ll definitely come 2 ur house… Dont u worry.. 😉 😉

  34. Kittu

    Economics.. Kyu paisa paisa karti h kyu paise pe tu Marti h..
    Jiya dadhak dadhak jaye..
    Result.. If pass..
    Aaj mai upar,aasmaan niche..
    If fail..jag soona soona lage..

    • sss

      yar kittu you are just awesome your shayri beyond expectation…loved this song..i mean it just perfectly match with situation love you for writing it n keep doing thing like this..

  35. Minakhi

    I got some time to comment……@All Would be Murderers?………. Are yaar Sab kahan jaa rahe Ho ….Ramini ko maarne ?????ooo no ….Bhulo mat Ramini Ke wajah se Shraman milenege…..Jhanshi Ki rani mat bano yaar …..Calm down……

    ..@Mahima ….Thanks for the Chaska meter rank….Guys …Nimik Sare Senior members ko High competition de rahe Hein yaar……Too good ….Unka acting hi itna fabulous hai Ki ….Koi unhe ignore nahi kar sakta…..Best Duo Of Indian Television……what’s say??????

    Again party time???

  36. Minakhi

    Oo @Kittu ….Humare comment box PE apne songs se Chand Chand lagane wali nazuk Bacchi sun …mein Ek bhi episode miss nahi karne wali yaar…..Mene apne comment pe likha hai Ki Mein aaj zyada TU pe nahi aa Sakti …..But kitne Samay tak dur rehti tum sabse …..@Anshi @Ireena n all who R going to murder Ramini …plz don’t do that yaar …..I don’t want my friends in Jail.

  37. Kittu

    @Anu,m waiting for u all nd especially my anu..
    Had ho gayi..in saalon ko Ab apni bonding dikhani hi padegi..inhone kitna dard diya h…hame Aur hamare shraman ko…
    Kambhakton..ki Ab Jaan leni hi padegi…
    But kamini ki Jaan tum le Lena…
    Mai to uski jewellery lungi..and some sarees too…Aur lage hatho Nanu ka aashirvaad bhi…
    Sumo ki pct ka khana bhi kha lenge..
    Shravan se rubric cube bhi Seekh lenge..
    Dabbu se thodi chocolate bhi maang lenge…
    Are itni door tum aaoge to kuch to lekar k hi jaayenge…sirf ramu nd Kamini ki Jaan se to jail milegi bt it is not sufficient 4 our life

    .jail k baad to apna future chaupat phir ..
    Jeene k liye…Malhotras nd Tiwaris se hi kuch maang lenge…what’s say???…
    Girls gang…superb..

    Aaj tak pe breaking news aayegi….
    Kuch ladkiyoo ne do izaatdaar insaano ko mar dala…khoon ki wajah ka khulasa abhi tak nahi huya h…
    Par Ghar se jewels bhi gayab h…
    Ha ha ha…
    Ab to ramini gaye…dono ko Ab marna hi hoga…
    HA HA HA….
    Ab hum aa rahe h..
    Ab tumhara kya hoga… Ram Aur kamini…????????????????..
    Well I have one more weapon..
    My 4th weapon.. Stitching box…are nail nd thread se ramini k muh ko stitch kar denge..
    Dono Bach bhi gaye to…bol nahi paayenge…
    I think it’s toooo much… We should not be that much heartless…
    But seems very dangerous …what’s say???
    Plez give feedback..

    • sss

      yar kittu tomhare pas itne idea kahase atehe sacci me tere jesa koi nahi total one peice with shayri style…hum to serf marneki plan banaya he tomneto lotneka plan bhi banana serf ramini ko nahi balki pora ekdv team ko bhi..

  38. Kittu

    A shayari on shraman…
    Dil me ek baat aayi…
    U r superb..
    Humne ek baat Sochi…
    U r amazing…
    Milna chahte h tumse..
    Jald se jald…
    Lekin kab hogi moolakat…
    Hai nahi pata Ab tak..
    Bas jaante h ek baat..
    U r superb..
    U r fabulous..
    U r amazing..
    Nd u r No. 1
    As u r on top position..
    So …a great hug ..great hug ..great hug..
    Plez give feedback…
    Plez Plez Plez

  39. YASH

    U forgot to dedicate songs for teacher’s.(They R the main)

  40. Anshi

    @Minakhi di… U r rite di… Bt as a shramanian we cant tolerate dem… Bt ur point is ritee…
    N abso rite di…. Party toh banti h..

    @Kittu… Kittu tum aage badho ham tumhare saath h… My goodness man… Tumne mere dil mein shraman k liye aur patroitism jaga diya… Man ma emotion jaage re.. (Patroitic emotion… 😛 ..)
    U r epic yaar.. Matlab kahan se itne perfect songs laati ho?? Dil khush kar ditta yaar…
    OMG!!!!!! Kittu u created dat poem??? Kittu wud u jst do me a favour… Hug yourself frm my side….. U deserve standin ovation… Omg..
    Heyyy nic weapon.. Mere paas bhi ek weapon h… JENNY.. I ll nt beat dem wid it I ll damage dere ears wid it… 😛 …

    @Minakhi di… Di dont worry… Ham jail chale jasyen aisa ho nhi skta aur koi hame jail bhejde aisa ham hone nhi denge….

  41. Kittu

    @yani,yaar ye to bata..last shayari Kaisi h..
    Bt a shayari on our respected teachers…
    Kehte h..WO alag h..
    Kehte h ..WO khas h..
    Kehte h..WO alag h..
    Kehte h..WO khas h..
    Kehte h..WO bhagwaan h..
    Kehte h..WO ek vishvaas h..
    Kehte h ..WO ek umeed h..
    Kehte h..WO farishte h..
    Par Meri nazar se..
    Par Meri nazar se..mai kahti hoon..
    WO mere liye ek manjil h..
    WO manjil h…
    Jinhe agar Maine paa liya…
    To har mushkil aasaan h..
    Har taklif ka hak h..
    Aur zindagi ka..ek swar h…
    Jinhe pyar se ADYAPAK..kehte hain….
    Really… What a fab personality they r…
    Salute to all teachers…
    Plez tell everyone.. How is this???

  42. Kittu

    @Anu,ya I hugged myself… Thnx..nd ya hum jail nahi jaayenge???..
    Thnx yaar..for yr compliment…

  43. YASH


  44. YASH

    @Anshi:Bala Shrmanians ko jail kaun be saktha hair.;-)
    @Kittu thumari dimag bullet train hai aur shayari sunkar meri brain fidha hai
    and minakhi dhi and Irene hai

  45. YASH

    @Anshi:Bala Shrmanians ko jail kaun bej saktha hair.;-)
    @Kittu thumari dimag bullet train hai aur shayari sunkar meri brain fidha hai
    and minakhi dhi and Irene hai

  46. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hi… My dear sisters and frns… How r u all???

    Guys pehle koi mujhe pinch Karo na.. Aajkal na edkv dekhne ki Samay mujhe Pata nahi ki Mei dream Kar rahi hun ya phir Sach Mei yeh sab ho raha hai… Omg.. This is second time shravan is speaking like that to ramnath.. . Ramnath… Shravan ko pyar ho gaya jisko pyar ho jata hai na usse tum jaisa ravana kuch nahi Kar sakta.. Sachi shravan tum aisa hi raho..

    Oh god can’t wait for 10..today toh mast hone waala hai.. Shraman is gonna and.. Waiting eagerly… Omg.. Shravan Ka dialogue sunne ke liye Mera Kan thadap raha hai yar..

    Starting of the epi was amazing.. Loved namik action…

    • ❤deepika❤

      hi..@priya15 even i’m eagerly waiting fo todays epi..since one month i am unable watch ekdv in tv😭bcus it is the holy month ramadhan ryt..**pinch**..**pinch**😂

    • ❤deepika❤

      hi..@priya15 even i’m eagerly waiting fo todays epi..since one month i am unable to watch ekdv in tv 😭bcus it is the holy month ramadhan ryt..**pinch**..**pinch**😂

  47. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ANSHI… Include me too sissy.. I m waiting with weapons.. Haha seriously.. Even I want to kill Kamini and ramnath..

  48. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @KITTU… Oh my shayari queen.. Ur quotes r making this page so beautiful.. Love ur quotes to the core cutie.. Love u.. And ya I m gonna give u surprise see my dp…

  49. Kittu

    @priya 15,hey Di..there is no change in yr dp…hope to get my surprise soon…bye Di,nd thnx..

  50. Kittu

    @priya 15,Di I got my surprise…. Just amazing I m out of control… Di love u..love u…love u….thnk u thnx a lot…wow….amazing… No words….. Yipeeeee
    I liked yr surprise…
    Keep giving me these amazing surprise regularly… Sry if anything is wrong… Bt really loved yr surprise to the core… Thnx again Di…

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