Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pushkar asks Sumo to take revenge. Lala ji nods. It is a good omen if you apply haldi on an unmarried. He will be married off soon. Sumo happily puts haldi on Adtiya’s face. Shravan looks on. Sumo goes to wash her hands. Aditya goes after her. Kamini signals Vandy who puts haldi on Shravan’s face. It is your turn next. Shravan excuses himself. Lala ji compliments Vandy on what she did. Everyone smiles.

Sumo looks at Shravan as he goes to wash his face but then stops. Some colour can still be seen. She wipes it with the kerchief he offers. Shravan says Lala ji said that whoever gets haldi gets married soon. Sumo does not believe in it. Aditya put too much haldi so it isn’t going. Shravan says he is a bit too naughty with you. Sumo says he behaves in a similar manner with everyone.

He is really naughty. Shravan says you were the prey of all his naughty acts. Sumo looks at him. Aditya comes there before Shravan can say something. Aditya wants to know what they were talking about. I am sure it was about me. Don’t say it wasn’t about me. I have sixth sense. I get to know when someone talks about me behind my back. Sumo says this time it was wrong. We were talking in general about haldi. Aditya says I take it then. Everyone is waiting for you. Mausa ji calls out for Sumo so she excuses herself. Aditya shouts that he too will come with her.

Pushkar is about to get up when his mother tells him to keep sitting. The ritual will start now. Varun teases his brother on what’s going to happen now. Lala ji jokes that they forgot to get a well made while the house was being constructed. Ramnath laughs. Pushkar asks about the ritual. Kamini explains that the groom’s mother sits beside groom. She asks for 3 wishes. If her son does not comply then she will jump in the well. Vandy is shocked. How will you jump in this tub if Pushkar does not agree with you? Kamini is sure her son wont say no. Pushkar speaks of a lawyer’s nature but she tells him to do the ritual. She hands him 3 coins. Give me one with each of the promise. Kamini asks for first promise. If there comes any difference between Preeti and my outlook then you will support me. Varun adds that he too was asked the same question. I agreed but mom is taking Vandy’s side only up till now. Vandy calls her MIL sweet. Kamini too reciprocates with a flying kiss. Pushkar agrees upon his mother’s insistence. Second promise – you will stay classy like us always. You will always listen to me. Pushkar says I have always listened to you. He gives the second coin to her. Aditya points out that Pushkar will be stuck between mom and wife from now onwards. Pushkar nods.

Everyone applies on Preeti. Preeti wants to take bath with hot water. She asks for Sumo but gets to know that she isn’t at home. Rachna suggests her to heat water on her own. Don’t tell your mom though. Preeti hugs her calling her the best Massi. Mami ji comes there. She is talking to Anuj on phone. Preeti too gets emotional as she is missing her brother very much. It is so plain. Imagine, marrying without your brother around. They end the call.

Mami announces that she will go to America once Preeti gets married. Massi asks her about her decision. Mami repeats that she wont stay here anymore. My son needs me too. Nanu says I understand your point but you cannot take any decision in anger or when you are upset. New generation can adjust in abroad but we are old people. We will not be able to adjust ourselves there. Our home, our roots are here. Your responsibility is not yet over. Sumo is still unmarried. Mama ji tries to make Mami ji understand but she is quite stubborn about her decision. No one can change it now. Mama ji assures his father no one will go anywhere.

Dabbu tells Pushkar that his sister is sad. Anuj Bhaiya isn’t coming to wedding. Pushkar nods. he offers him chocolate. Dabbu says the same dialogue like elders. We don’t even drink water from the groom’s side. How can I accept chocolate? (hum ladki wale ladke walon ke yahan ka pani bhi nahi peete…main chocolate kaise le lun?) Pushkar smiles broadly. I want to rectify the mistake which my elder brother in law made by not coming. Take this as a bribe. Make me meet Preeti. Dabbu calls it a little tough but Pushkar convinces him. Dabbu gets him inside stealthily. Mausa ji is doing aarti. He notices Pushkar but cannot do anything. Dabbu assures him he wont do anything till his aarti isn’t over.

Pushkar comes to Preeti’s room. She panics but he tells her to listen to him once and then smile. He tries to make her understand it is ok if Anuj isn’t coming to wedding. We will change our honeymoon location to US. She smiles. He asks for a kiss but she pats at his face sweetly. Mausa ji comes there still chanting aarti. Pushkar warns Preeti not to be sad. If I get to know that your smile disappeared then I will come here not at all caring about anyone. He leaves. Preeti and Mausa ji smile.

Varun is speaking to someone. Vandy is upset. Why do you come home when you have to work at home? He agrees to leave. She holds him by his collar. How dare you? I will kill you. He asks for food. She makes a sad face. I am romancing here and you are hungry. He gives her some tickets. She gets excited thinking that he planned second honeymoon for them. He points out that this is for Pushkar and Preeti. They are getting married. She sits down sadly. Varun asks her if she is upset. She agrees not to but promise that we will accompany them. He reasons that they would like to spend some time alone. She nods. Let us go somewhere else. She suggests locations but he dismisses all of them. she gets upset. You don’t want to take me anywhere. Don’t you love any place? He says I don’t have problem with Delhi. She shouts Mummy ji and is about to go when he again asks for dinner. She again shouts Mummy ji as she walks out of the room.

Shravan is talking to his client. Aditya asks for laptop’s charger. Shravan points at his laptop. Aditya uses Shravan’s laptop to do some video call with some Mr. Farooq. He requests Mr. Farooq to meet PCT’s owner. You will not be able to say no then. Shravan looks at him intently. Aditya sets a meeting of Mr. Farooq and Sumo. Aditya thanks Shravan calling him bro. Shravan says no worries bro. Aditya is surprised to see him smiling. Can someone note down this in history? Shravan asks Aditya who he was talking to about PCT. Aditya excitedly talks about Sumo. She cooks so well. Such people should get a chance. Your best friend is just amazing. Friends help one another just like you just helped me just now (with the laptop). Shravan asks him if he told this to Sumo. Aditya says no. Why? Shravan explains that your intention must be right but Sumo loves her self respect more than anything. She isn’t comfortable with help. It might upset her even if you are trying to help. Aditya nods. She may be that ways but I will do what I want to. I am helping her only. He excuses himself. You keep smiling. You look good. Shravan thinks it is important that Sumo knows about it. He calls Sumo but her phone is in her room. Shravan is surprised. She is in her room at this time. Is she avoiding me again?

Precap: Shravan calls Sumo again but gets no reply. How do I explain it to you that the one you consider your friend (Aditya) has completely different motive in his mind towards you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. nice episode….thankss pooja for fast updates…

  2. I think epi was okkkk. But precap seems to be interesting …shravan cares for some ( precap)

  3. I think epi was okkkk. But precap seems to be interesting …shravan cares for some ( precap)……

  4. The epi was good ….. I know there was no sum scenes expect in starting we all know the reason I guess this epi was shot when she ill…. That’s the reason they included preekar n varun n vandy scenes but bity were so cute…. I liked dabbu saying hamara yah ladke vale ke side peh pani tak nahi peete toh chocolate toh dooor ke bath nice talks….. N preekar n bublu Lal scene was so funny n at last pushkar saying shlokas very nice…. N vandy yaar she is sooo cute I loved her….. N during haldi when she told kud na tikke mummyji but how will u adjust in this oooo she was so cute ….. Hehe n mammyji Ki bachi nice varun n correct tittle too…. Nnn Adi not only u even I was shocked seeing shravan smiling at u…. Hehe shravan calling Adi as bro by god….. N precap I guess there will be no sumo scenes in tomorrows’ epi also…. I heard that she resumed working hope its true….

    Good night all…..

  5. Marie

    Amazing ep….loved it…:) missed u nikki….

  6. Hey..guys..aaj subah hi ye kyal aayi this..mere dhimaak mey ki..shravan ka koi sky blue colour ka shirt..nahi hai..??
    For my surprise…he wore it today itself..hahaha..????
    Waisey…nice episode..vandy is the best..??☺☺??????
    Push bhi..kya comedy ki aaj Disney..bablu Ji k saath..haha??
    But..sad that..no shraman moments?????☺
    Hope so..for tomarow☺☺

  7. hiii guys
    ausome episode with shravan jealousy but it’s too much now as sumo will accept adi help nd shravan will think that sumo can take help from adi but not from him very bad……..
    vandy nd varun scene wah cvs ne badha diye only bcoz of niki..
    pushku Yeh kamini bohot pagaliya budiya h so please don’t follow such kasam…….
    Shravan just take a chill pill yaar chillax itna mat jal ki tu hi jal bhun jae so take a deep breath yaar….
    adi tu sach me madat kr rha A6a h pr bohot zyada chipak rha h
    ravanath tu ghatiya h ghatiya hi rhega hey guys I think ravanath ka khud hi kisi se chakkar chal rha hoga
    voh puja wala scene toh great tha Hahahaha preekar ☺

    guys gud ni8 tu u all

  8. Guys see I have written some shyari please do comments kk

    shradi (shravan nd adi )
    bago me phul to khilte rahenge,
    raat me diye bhi jalte rahenge….
    bas bhagwan apko khush rakhe,
    baki pareshan to hum apko krte hi rahenge….

    adiman (adi nd suman)
    Bihar ki gali mai pan ki dukan,
    Devdas ne dekhi Paro Ki muskan,
    Devdas ne khilaya paro ko pan,
    Kha k pan Paro boli “Shukriya Bhai Jan.

    shranath (shravan nd ramnath)
    Likhe jo khat tujhe,
    Wo teri yaad meinLikhe jo khat tujhe,
    Wo teri yaad meinPapa ne padh liye,
    Wo saare raat mein…Savera jab hua,
    To joote pad gaye,
    Wo ddlj wali story,
    Ghajini mein badal gaye!

    doo comments kk
    gud ni8 nd shabbakher

    1. Kya shayari Thi, khake pan paro boli”shukria bhaizan” woh sabse accha tha-lots of love Neeti?

    2. Khushbu chauhan


    3. Amazing and funny!!!!!

  9. Ameeta Nadkarni

    I getting bored with this. Waiting for some romantic moments of Shravan and Suman

  10. @Guys…
    Good morning with this…
    Dilli ki ladki..
    London ka ladka..
    Dilli ki ladki. .
    London ka ladka…
    Dosti purani …
    Saath Purana..
    Kahan gaya WO pyar purana..
    Hai inka ye kaisa pyar…
    Jise dosti kehti Hai..
    Sunlo shraman humari tum…
    Isse pyar hum kehte Hai..
    Phir kahaani aage badhi..
    Naye naye kirdaar bane..
    Aaye inki life me..
    Tragedies ka ambaar huaa..
    Par kabhi na khatam inka pyar huya..
    Aaye Chachi…papa mummy..
    Mama Mami Mausa Mausi..
    Pehle aaya khosla…
    Ab adi aake baith gaya…
    He is our chipko baiya..
    Karta Hai ta ta thaiya…
    Naach na Jane aangan tedha…
    Aaya leke khushiyon ka mela..
    Ramu is our phattu Chachu…
    Kahan kiii kahan Karta Hai..
    Nahi pata Ab isko Bhaiya….
    Papa kisko kehte Hai..
    Plez hataooo isko yahan se…
    Ab hain Chachi Didi…
    Saj sawar k aayi Hai..
    Kahani me lane twist…
    Masala mirchi laayi Hai..
    Lekin ye bhaisaab sunte nahi…
    Par ye karke dikhayegi…
    To all fans of edkv…
    She is shraman ki Jaan…
    So three cheers for Kamini mahan..
    Nd sing..jag ghumiya thare jaisa na koiiii?
    Ab Hai baari preekar ki…
    Shaadi hone wali Hai..
    Par ye pushu sunta nahi..
    Bhai Teri shaadi me..
    Kitne papad bele hain..
    Shraman ke is yogdaan ko..
    Tu kaise bhool gaya…
    Sumo ne tere khatir..
    Shravan ko Hai chood diya…
    Do something for them..
    After yr marriage, till then…
    A song…chumantar ho aaja chal gum ho jaye…chomantar ho najrooo me him na aaye..
    It’s time for our lalaji..
    Dilli ki galiyoon me banda akela…
    Jiski sawari Hai khushiyon ka dera….
    Har kisi ka dhyaan rakhta
    ..pyar sabhi se karta Hai..
    Baat hamesha meethi hoti..
    Issi ko papa kehte Hai…
    A song…. Oooo papa tussi great ho…ooo
    Now our varun Bhaiya
    ..love him to the core..
    Thoda aa Hai dil ka chor..
    Vandy karti pyar usse..
    Par dekhta na uski aor….
    So a song..mujhko kam karne do..
    Mujhko kaam karne do…
    Mujhko kaam mujhko kaam mujhko
    Kaam karne dooo???
    Now our adi..
    Janaab ki kya baat Hai
    .maa ka hamesha saath Hai..
    Ek khyais dil me Hai..
    Par thode mushkil me Hai…
    Kahe kaise kya kahe..
    Agar sumo NO kehde…
    To phir dosti bhi gayi..
    So a song..Dil ka aalam …
    Mai kya batauu tujhe..
    Ek chahre be bhtttt
    Pyar se dekha mujheee????…
    Now our sweeti pie..our dabbu yaar…
    Bolo bolo bolo bolo…
    Dabbu Bhaiya ki jai bolo..
    Sakal se dikhte golu molu…
    Baate badi ye karte Hai..
    Chocolate ka ye chor Hai…
    Aor Charo taraf ye shor Hai…
    Are dabbu Bhaiya… Kar dete Hai waare nyare..dabbu Bhaiya.. Are chakkar pe chakkar chalate Hai apne…???

  11. @Guys..song on nirmala Ji…
    Mere sumo ko rulaya …to DHISUM?
    Sumo ko sataya..to DHISUM?
    Dil ko dukhaya..to DHISUM?
    Ramu ko bura kaha..to DHISUM?

    Songs…..adi nd shravu for sumo
    Tujhe iski bhabhi bana do..
    Aa chai deti kya…
    Tujhe pct dilva do..
    Aa chalti kya..
    Tujhe ramu se milva do..
    Aa chalti kya..???

    Ramu nd niru…
    Ramu ko lagta h easy jeet Jana..
    Is baar usko hara k Hai dikhana…
    Badi badi aankhe Hai..
    Yu hi hava fake Hai..
    Adi bada tej Hai…
    Ramu ne dhag le..dhag Le…???

    Shravu nd sumo..
    Shravu :Pyar huaaa..
    Ikraar huaa Hai..
    Pyar se phir Q darta Hai dil..
    Sumo:Kehta Hai dil ramu mushkil..
    Maaloom nahi Hai…kahan manjil..??

    Niru: Dard-e-di…dard-e-jigar..dil me jagaya
    Ramu:pehle to mai lawyer tha..divorci banaya aapne..??

    Vandy …varun..
    Vand:sun varu sun..pyar ki dhun..
    Maine tujhse chon liya…tu bhi mujhe chun?

    Plez give feedback

    1. Tumhare shayeri k bare mein koi bhi compliment kam parjata hai. Is liye kesi hui aj ki shayeri yei bata neki jaroorat nahi hai,ryt?;) And the pic’s link was cuteee<3 it!

  12. @Arbi..papa wala gajhni..super hit..sixer…
    @Anu..wow DJ Anshi..dued kamaal Hai..

  13. @arbi & kitty nice yaar. Specially on Ramnath.

  14. Now I will stop watching EDKV. When one goes to bed wants to have peaceful mind. After watch EDKV for last 15 days my sleep disturbed
    to great extend. Next day the whole day goes expecting something good to happen for Sumo andShravan. But it is not and the night ends with agony. If they do not change this Aditya track soon most of the Shraman fans will starting watching other 10.00 pm slot.

    Better if the they realise this.

    Now send away Adi to north pole. Otherwidse I will give suparti to eliminate the story writer, director and producer.

  15. Nice episode.pushkar so funny. U think adi no every thing about shraman. Becs vo jab sumo ke bare me koi bhi baat hoti hai to Jan buzkar shravan ke samne aata hai.let see.hi how r u all? Where r u rest members? And very good morning to all.

  16. Guys I saw SBS on aaj tak.shravan hai TV ka sabse handsome and most wanted munda.becs he is sabse Jada fit.

  17. I completely agree with u 44444 though I don’t want 2 go for other thng bt why da team don’t use nimik(shraman)chemistry n actn in a proper way dey r supeeerrrrbbb 2gther.Da nw guy s tot annoyn sorry if I hurt anyone he actually dng over actn.

  18. @kittu..
    Jamal key..shaayar ho tum..yaar..nice shayaries☺☺
    Well..mujhey..Hindi songs zyada pata nahi..lyrics dekh kar samaj gayi my..
    Mujhey Jo dng pata this..vo tuney..vsndy and varun ko..and shraman ko dedhi..vo dhono songs..vun par kaafi suit kar rahey
    e they..??☺☺☺
    @[email protected]☺☺
    Hey..frnd..idk ur name..I don’t say u r wrong..and I can understand wt u r saying..
    If u want my suggestion..then..don’t watch the episodes..of these..two days..today..and to marrow..as sumo was ill..may she won’t be in the episode..and by giving some gap..u will feel better..and without any promo…without any knowledge..i can promise..u..by closing my eyes..monday..episode will be damn gud..wtch on monday ok..???☺☺☺☺
    I belive..CVS..for Monday always..?☺☺

  19. Arbi and kittu amazing.

  20. Guys Jin logo KO iss show Mein Shraman k scenes KO leke expectations hai ….wo plz Expect mat kijiye …Bcz Niki was not well soo that they will drag this Aditya part to cover-up Niki’s Absence…..Aur Jinko Dushra show pasand Hai…I mean of course Ishqbaaz ….Wo plz Uss show ka repeat telecast dekhiye …bcz Ishaqbaaz ko Maximum Trp mil sakte hain ….but EDKV ko nahi bcz Sony is not soo popular Than SP….Plz watch EDKV At 10 pm ND Don’t Change the channel during Breaks…………..nd YES Jin logo KO EDKV Boring lag raha hai ….unhe poori azadi hai …..Iss show KO na dekhne Ki …..Soo It’s all depends on U ……Dhanyabaad?

  21. Superb @Kittu …..awesome song dedicated by u dear….??? Pure Stress buster ..Niki ko to hum Show Mein nahi dekh payenge abhi ….tu Hume Biku …entertain kar rahi hai…..keep it up dear?

  22. Wow @Sona …wow. …u Commented very politely dear..I m really glad that u r still Positive dear….too good…We really want a positivity Spreader now…..All the best …

  23. Q Sona,
    David is my name.

    Now all these things are happening. Dappu was prompt in saying the Sumo and Shravan are boyhood friends and it is natural for both of them to know each others taste.

    Now this Pushkar he himself gone to the extend to go PCT and tell Sumo that both of you are in love, couldn.t he tell this Adi that dont meddle with Shravan & Sumo as he slept his Lawer collegue and client just for talking ill about Sumo.

    And he is one who sat beside this girl when she last all her hope to get out of her bed leave alone cooking. It is 2nd birth to her. Cant he warn his friends.

    I am becoming mad at every body.

  24. I agree with you Minakhi…… Plz guy who watch ishqbaaz also.. Plz watch repeat telecast of it….. As edkv has less trp.. So pls watch the serial at 10…..and don’t change the channel BTW breaks… As that will not count in the trp…… Plz guys do this much for our namik… And who
    Are expecting shraman scene…. Plz don’t
    Get disappointed Niki was not well.. So she can’t shoot….. Guys plz give them time…….. Yaar I want to see namik.. For that the show must go on…… And for that the trp should be there…… Guys pls…… For Namik…

  25. @4 @kuhu I can understand but u know the reason behind these scenes niki is ill so its obvious that they should fill her absence but after her back it will again start to rock so pls have patience just for 2 more days n watch edkv @10 pls….

    @sona @minu @lily I completely agree with u all….. We have to watch edkv @10 after all they r so hard workers in return at least we can do this……

    @kittu @areeba wow nice shayari both of u….

    Hi all how RU all

  26. Hmmmmm……… Shaadi toh hogi.. Sumo ki bhi hogi adi ki hogi n shravan ki bhi hogi… Pr wat I wanna add is sumo ki shravan se hogi n adi ki xyz se hogi… N agar glti se bhi kisi adi vadi meri iss prediction ko galat sabit kiya toh agle din voh pta h kya dekhega?? …… Socho socho……. Main bayau…. Hospital ki ceilin… 😛 😛
    Pta jb adibne pause liya tha…. I ws like’bol de bol de… Tu sumo se pyaar krya h bolde’…. Bt shit dude… Nhi bola … Pr chal achha h nhi toh bechara pushkar ki shaadi nhi dekh pata…
    Awwwwww shravu….. Shravan hs feelins…. N dis time nt dosti types dis time real luv feelin…. Bachcha bada ho rha h… 😉

    @Minakhi di… V good di… Agar aap inhe pyaar se nhi samjhate na toh main toh seedha munh todne wali thi…
    @Lily…. Extremely ri8 lily… U r thousand n two percent rite


  27. @44444 o my God …U r Going to mad …Than plz don’t watch this show dear ….bcz Rhis is not the Purpose of EDKV to make everyone Mad….Well We can’t expect every track to end very soon in an Indian television …If u have watched yesterday episode than U can Imagine that Shravan was going to warn Sumo that Aditya ‘s intentions r not good…Nd About Pushkar that why He Will Warn Aditya For Nit to follow Suman as This is going a marriage track nd he is a Dulha ….He only wants his Marriage ,Why he will involve In This Trio….Anyways he is a Dhakkan now…..soo it’s better to not predict Anything about this show……Nd Shravan nd Sumo both denied to Accept Their feelings soo Why Pushkar will Go for them……CVs can’t fulfil everyone’s Demand in a show….If ur becoming Mad Than plz don’t watch this show……CVs can’t digest ur Madness….

  28. @Dj Wali Anshi tu agayi

    ..well …Kal mene Ek song dedicate kiya tha….26th July k Comment box check kar Lena….aur Teri iss Adimanush ko to Mein Nahin chodungi….bada Friendly Ho raha hai…..Shravu ne bhi notice kiya ….bas Sumo Gadhi hi notice nahi kar payi….?? but bohot jald hi Sumo bhi notice karegi jab Nimmu aunty Marriage proposal leke ayegi……?

  29. pretty preeti

    Hlo guys its me
    Sorry for late comment but my papers are started so will not able to comment much till saturday so sorry
    Coming 2wards epi
    It was a gud one dabbu ki jubaan bhut chalti hai loved pushi baba and his convo
    Ok our shraman scenes were not there but still it was a nice one
    Areeba and my elder di naam lene ki toh jaroorat hi nhi right kittu ur shyaris were awesome
    Kittu dishom links kaha se layi

  30. @Kittu…yaar pehchana mujhe??? Hmmn…m eagerly waiting for yr reply.. Plez..

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