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Shravan gets ready.

Sumo is looking at her clothes. There should be something that he will like. What will he like? She receives Sharavan’s call. She ends up saying I was thinking about you only. He says why. She covers up saying when they are coming. He shares that they are leaving just now. Did you make anything special for me? She asks him what he wants to eat. He replies that he would like to eat something that he dint eat in 10 years. She agrees. He tells her to be ready to pay his fees. She fumbles. You said you will ask for it at the right time. He says the right time is here. Meet me at the terrace of your house at 10 pm. They end the call. Sumo is all tensed. I think I praised him a little too much (hero bol ke sarr pe chadha diya hai).

Lala ji compliments Ramnath. I am

really happy to go to Tiwari ji’s house for dinenr along with family. pushkar checks Shravan who is all ready. Shravan teases Pushkar for taking too much time in getting ready. Pushkar says I took exactly 4 minutes 21 seconds to get ready. Lala ji calls out for Vandy and Varun. Vandy says I will take just 5 minutes. I am putting eyeliner. Lala ji says 5 minutes of ladies mean 30 minutes. you should leave. We will join you. Ramnath smiles and leaves asking him to hurry up. Pushkar whispers to Shravan. Just like I fight with my sir (Ramnath), he also fights with his sir (Tiwari ji).

Varun is all gloomy. Lala ji asks him about it. Varun says I have negative vibes. Lala ji jokes that your blood group is negative. He takes him out with him. vandy and Kamini go together.

Nanu makes everyone make preps for dinner (they will be sitting on the floor). Dabbu asks him about Preeti Bhoj, Nanu says Preeti means love. Bhoj means food. When we lovingly serve food to everyone then it is called Preeti Bhoj. Dabbu is intrigued. Why do we do it? Tiwari ji shares that it is a very old tradition of our family following which everyone will sit on the floor to eat. Dabbu likes the idea. The men go out to welcome Malhotra family.

Mami comes in kitchen. They hear Dabbu saying Shravan bhaiya excitedly. Sumo is all smiles. She peeks from the window. Shravan asks Rachna about food. The fragrance is amazing. What is in the menu? Rachna tells him to ask Sumo only. Ramnath and Lala ji are very excited about Preeti Bhoj. Vandy looks at her dress. I cannot sit on the floor wearing my expensive gown. Kamini says there is no other way. Smile now. Lala ji jokes on the ladies. World says ladies first but the ladies of our house are always late. Go and help them. Mami ji denies. Shravan asks about the chef. Shravan goes in the kitchen.

Sumo is doing something in kitchen when Shravan comes and stands behind her. She senses his presence and goes still. he guesses the food she has cooked. She says is it possible that you like something and I wont cook? He leans in close to whisper in her ear. Don’t forget to come on terrace at 10pm. He picks up almonds from the bowl and eats them. She is all shy and tensed.

Everyone sits down for the Preeti Bhoj. Vandy is worried about her dress but Kamini tells her to sit. She holds Vandy’s hand to support herself. Shravan suppresses his smile. Vandy regrets wearing her designer dress here. I could have work my night suit.

Tiwari ji tells Ramnath that he respected him a lot today by coming here. I have no words to thank Shravan for what he did for me and my family. ramnath says you have done so much for us. The ladies serve food to everyone. Vandy is confused about the veggies. What are they? Kamini advises her to eat whatever she has while closing her eyes and nose. Ramnath and Lala ji compliment the food. Lala ji asks Vandy to try something in particular. Preeti too suggests her to try it. it is both healthy and tasty. Vandy loves it. she tells Kamini they were worrying for no reason. they also cook good food. Kamini thinks she too became the fan of Tiwari’s. She signals Lala ji not to act like a kid (he was licking his fingers). Ramnath notices it. Eat food with hands if you want to try the real taste. Preeti brings mango pickle for everyone. Pushkar opens the container for her. Shravan smiles. Sumo serves ladoos to everyone. Shravan keeps asking for more from Sumo (very cute scene). She keeps the plate next to him. Eat all of them. Bhukkad ke bhukkad his rahoge! Everyone ends up smiling.

Kamini teases Vandy about her diet. Vandy says I don’t mind. I will work half an hour extra tomorrow. shravan signals Sumo to go up. Nanu asks Sumo to serve sweets to them too. Sumo nods.

Everyone sits down for a little chit chat after food. Mami, Mama ji and Rachna bring mangoes. Preeti says now we will play a game. Varun gets excited. I love this game. They divide the teams the way they are sitting. Vandy does not want to be on the opposite team than Kamini but Preeti insists. Vandy overate. Kamini tells her to stuff herself all the more. Nanu asks someone to bring mangoes in room. Ramnath and I will eat while playing chess.

Shravan gets up to go aside. Mami asks him about it. he shares that he has to make a call at exactly 10 pm. He signals Sumo before leaving. Preeti asks Shravan about the code language they were using. Sumo makes excuses. She tries to go but Preeti makes her sit down. We are in the same team.

The game starts. Vandy picks up a chit. How do I enact this?

Shravan is all smiles at the terrace.

Vandy draws something (undecipherable like jalebi). No one is able to obviously make the right guess. Lala ji advises her to walk a little. You will be relieved when the gas will pass. Everyone laughs. Vandy walks out upset followed by Kamini.

Sumo gets up to go. bablu asks her to give something to everyone.

Shravan sends a message to Sumo. Seems like someone is not in a mood to give fees. Sumo thinks how to explain it to you. She replies that she is coming. Shravan looks content after reading it. Epi ends on the split screen of Shravan and Sumo.

Precap: Sumo asks Shravan what he wanted to tell. He corrects her. I was asking for something. She tells him to go ahead. He talks about the promise. You cannot say no. She looks at him tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks for the fast update Pooja di….Missed u last two days,.????

  2. I can’t believe it.. the bestest episode ever shravan is soo cute yr n his acting ke toh kya kehne this week is best so many nice episodes of parvarish n EDKV ..
    I’m so happyyyy ???

    1. his real name is Namik Paul

  3. Oh God what would Shravan ask her to do??Can’t wait for tomorrow episode!

  4. Ohho..10pm at terrace..really… Shravu you are flirting with sumo..?? I really thought that Shravan is gonna kiss her…really guys,my heart was beating so faster…oh god…it was so hot… ???
    Guys..really sravu’s expressions are so cute..Laddoo wala scene was so cute..she was not minding him so it was his trick to notice him?? …n that scene was so funny.. Vandy is so childish…she directly said that kamini teased about the food,..really guys,vandy is so sweet..?
    Now its clear that Preeti n Pushkar are gonna be the pairs…first he helped her in opening the container,then while playing the game Preeti sits beside Pushkar.??.
    Pushkar n sravu’s bonding is awesome..Sravu’s smile,hashhhh main toh margaya..???

  5. The way sravu took the almonds n ate it was so …oh god what to say…
    Shravu,yaar,you cannot do like this to her..u r trying to make her closer to u n u itself is gonna make her in friendzone(i think so)…
    Anyway todays episode was awesome ?.
    The way sravu signalled her to come to terrace was so romantic?
    Loved it alot..When she replied him that she is coming..his smile was so cute..Falling for Namik more n more in each episode…???
    precap looks interesting,..now its sure that he is not gonna ask kiss from her…he is just making her tense?,.But what he will be asking??”
    Cant wait for tomorrow’s episode????,.

  6. I just loved their code language shravan and sumo were bheaving like they are couple. Shravan his gestures were like he is gonna ask for a kiss. Too cute i just loved it and his reaxn when he was like ek laddo aur ek laddo aur…. he is so cute…???????

  7. Such a wonderful episode! So nice to see this show before you go to bed!lovely to see everyone good!this is what we want,a feel good show which makes you feel good and happy. Why can’t other people produce more of these feel good serials.

  8. I want Pushkar and Preeti to fall in love

  9. sumo n shravan scene superb??? especially shravan acting awesome ??..thanks for fast update

  10. When sumo looks at him irritatedly when he asked more n more laddoo…his smile was so cute…???
    Actually what iam thinking is..which intimate photo of shraman is seen by mami n masi..”?is that this one..if yes,then who took the photo,..?

  11. Amazing episode. ShraMan scenes were so cute, need i say amazing ><. Pushkar and Preeti scenes were also good. Vandy is a kid.

  12. this is the best show….all are rocking suman god what a acting,expression really she had unique style like her role…..nikita ……rocking….

  13. Can’t wait for next episode….
    Any spoilers alert?!!

    1. Sumo gets friendzoned….

      Mami n masi gets intimate photos of Shraman forwhich mami will scold sumo…

      1. From where do u got to know this ……I mean from which website…..and what does it mean????

      2. Plz it can’t happen

  14. Hey thanks for the update today’s episode was awesome and rocking love ShraMo pair and chemistry a lot

  15. Ridhima Gupta

    Thank u soo much for updates. Shravan’s expression,smile and looks are killer.. Sumo n shravu looks so cute together.. Really it’s. Wonderful youth show.. After dill mill gayye, milley jab hum tum,etc this show os going to rock.. I m feeling loved watching ek duje ke vaaste.. The trp should be increased. People should watch such shows beside those sass bahu drama. Vandy and puskar are cutest. And shravan and Suman no words to describe.. Sorry frns I write too long.

    1. Rightly said ridhhima ek duje ke vaaste rocks Kuch rang Pyaar ka rocks sony rocks

      1. Ridhima Gupta

        But I am upset that the trp is low. Hope these serial will break the top trp rating

  16. Ridhima Gupta

    Any guesses guys what will shravu ask Suman to give!??

  17. Omg..!! Wt an epi..m still smiling..:) hayeee sharaman scene..<3 lol..lalaji's words to Varun..'tera blood GRP -ve hai' :p soon a new love story will start..Preeti n Pushkar..
    N vandy.. She is too cute..
    I m not liking Kamini…:/
    Thnx for posting d update

  18. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Pooja mam I am waited for u r update.. Thnx for it.. Hope u r fine…???epi is asusal rockzzzz I loved today shraman scene especially ladoo scene????

  19. omg….fab epi…cant wait for today…loved the epi..nd the kitchen scene… 🙂

  20. Ooo I am going Mad…..
    Really awesome episode.Shramn Jodi rocks….nd of course Other characters are really good…Best youth show I have ever experienced….It should be In No 1 position…Better than Saas Bahu Drama

  21. Today epi is sooooooooo nice. That laddoo scene is so funny.I’m eagerly waiting for next epi. I love shravu n sumo scene

  22. very very nice show loved it especially Shravan

  23. a very good show. love the cast and the story. don’t understand why the TRPs are so low 🙁

    1. I think is because of the channel but sony channel is so much better than other channels especially star, zee n colors

  24. Good news for EDKV fans according to india forums chaska meter rankings EDKV is on no.2 🙂 love this show a lot

  25. Omg omg omg!!!!!!! Such a rocking episode….. Especially the ladoo wala scene and that kitchen scene just luved sharman chemistry they just set the stage on fire ……..waiting for tomorrow’s episode…….. Exited for the upcoming track just love edkv???

  26. @abhi Khosla is in jail.. Who else may be enemy of SHRAMAN.. And why he/she is going to question on Suman and shravan. Hope after Khosla no more intense drama. I m praying for cute scenes between them

    1. Maybe Kamini…don’t know..
      The links of both the news are given by me in last episode…

  27. Thanks Fatarajo for the info….It’s TRP should increase also..

    1. Yes, really EDKV deserves much more

  28. Please anyone translate title song of this serial in English

    1. There are many complains in ur lips
      Bt ur eyes r telling something else
      Oh ho oh

      These moments of mine
      May lost from my hands
      Let them meet who r made
      For d sake of each other
      Oh ho oh

      Why my dreams r pressed
      In ur heart widout any reason
      Oh ho oh
      Plz tell her that u love her

      If else ur silence
      May win by love
      Let dem meet who r made
      For d sake of each other
      Oh ho oh….

      Hope u like harsha. I tried my best

  29. I luv d way shravan came closer to sumo n she feels his presence soo sweet. And their expression oh god. Shravan was looking so handsome. I am becoming huge fan of namik.
    Miljane de dil jo bane EK DUJE ke VAASTE.

  30. Guys my mind is thinking if shravan is going to ask permission to Suman that he is returning back to London. Hope that will nt happen. But I heared a news that shravan makes plan of returning back which hurts sumo a lot

    1. Thanks a lot…..so sweet of U…

  31. The chemistry between shravan and sumo is superb, mind blowing, fantastic,classic, lai bhari.no words. I told 3 days before pushakar and preeti will be couple coming days.and thats true.

  32. I think kamini and vandy are going out of home. So I think kamini and vandy watching sumo and shravan together on terrace. Kuch to gadbad honewali hai. I hope its not happen. But still….. First time shravan look very happy in whole episode. Other wise always tensed.

  33. Guys..here is the link of namik n nikita answering to fan’s questions..

  34. Pooja

    You are all welcome guys 🙂

    1. Really di…u r doing a great work..hats off to u for this…Missed u last two days..but now iam double happy seeing ur comment..??

      1. Pooja

        😀 I missed the updates and you guys too.. thanks for such a sweet welcome 🙂

      2. So excited for todays episode..?
        Share ur views di…

    1. Thanks for the links Sree..I had scene that page before,but I dont think that she will confess so soon..??

  35. At the answering Time Namik wrongly Admitted that He Like Nikita ….soo what’s u think guys in future If They fall in Love ….Will u accept the Jodi as Real Jodi ..

    1. Hmmm …me too noticed it..there is a chance..but its all upto namik n niki…??

      1. N ofcourse…i would love to see them as real life couple…??

    2. If they will be real couple then they will be the best couple as Jodi of amitab and jaya Bachan

  36. But nikita is already engaged with someone Khalid.

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