Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan comes to his room. Sumo is sleeping. He looks at her and recalls his convo with Little imaginary Sumo a while back. Title track plays as he keeps looking at her emotionally. He sits down near her. He extends his hand towards her but stops. He lies down and falls asleep.

Next morning, Kamini ji notices the liquor bottle. She scolds Bahadur as to why it is still messy. He apologizes for coming late. She asks him if he was drunk last night that he came late. He looks down. She warns him to be careful or she will fire him. He shares that he never drinks. Last night Shravan Sir insisted. She understands that he drank here with Shravan. He apologizes to her. Shravan Sir forced me so I drank a little. She finally leaves him with a last warning. I cannot stand this! She notices Preeti

coming just then. everyone is doing things as per their wish. Preeti apologizes. Pushkar had to go early out of town for some client meeting. I fell asleep afterwards. Shravan had to go but he just got married. Kamini reasons that the one who was supposed to go should have gone. Pushkar also married recently only. Wake Sumo and Shravan for breakfast. Preeti goes. Kamini thinks it is enough Shravan. It was ok till you were spoiling your life but it is about Pushkar now. You will have fun while he will toil hard? I wont let it happen!

Preeti knocks at the door. He asks Sumo to check. Sumo is not there. He thinks it must be Sumo only. She would have gone outside and locked herself. He opens the door and is taken aback to see Preeti. Preeti asks about Sumo. Shravan says she might be in bathroom. He shouts for her but gets no reply. Preeti knocks at the door but the bathroom is empty. Where did she go this early? Shravan is also clueless. Preeti asks him to get ready. I will find Di. Mummy ji looks a little upset. She goes. Shravan wonders where Sumo went.

Shravan joins Preeti and Kamini ji on dining table. She speaks of his last night adventures. Bahadur also came late. Shravan asks about Pushkar and Papa. Kamini ji replies that your father left for office while Pushkar had to go to Agra to go for some meeting. You got married only for a day. He only will have to go then. He has not been married for even a week though but he had to go. Shravan says I will tell papa and Pushkar not to let anything come between my work. Kamini ji appreciates it. When it dint come in Sumo’s way then why should it come in your work. It is her first day after wedding and she is at work. Preeti shares that she just had a word with Sumo. Kamini ji does not find it right that Sumo went to work the next day after marriage. We have given her all freedom but we too have some traditions to follow. Everyone ate breakfast separately and left for work. Shravan apologizes to her. Kamini ji says I meant such a happy family comes together after a lot of difficulty. I want everyone to be happy together. I want to give all my 3 DIL’s their responsibilities but situation seems different here. Shravan assures her things will happen her way only. I will make sure about it. Sumo will have to walk on the right path. He excuses himself. Preeti is in thoughts. Kamini ji smirks.

Shravan comes to his room. He calls Sumo but there is no reply. Ridiculous! One day of marriage and you already showed your colours! She again does not respond to his calls. You don’t care about anyone but you. You don’t care about anyone’s feelings. Fine with me!

Ramnath is in office. He thinks of Shravan telling him he married Sumo for his sake (in return of his Guru Dakshina) and of Nirmala ji’s words. He is really tensed and is sweating heavily. He receives call from a client. The client is worried for his case. Ramnath tells him not to worry. Shravan is handling your case. It is in best hands. Client tells him about Shravan’s marriage. Ramnath explains that Shravan’s personal life is separate than professional. You can count on him. He is my son after all. Client agrees but also reasons that Shravan’s life is too unplanned. I want you to handle my case. Ramnath tries to convince him but the client refuses to let Shravan handle his case or he will go to another lawyer. Ramnath agrees. Client thanks him. Take care of Shravan. He has changed a bit. Ramnath nods. Don’t worry. I will. He ends the call. There is a knock on the door. Peon brings water for ramnath. Ramnath asks him to ask Shravan to meet him here. Peon shares that Shravan isn’t here yet. Ramnath is taken aback. It is almost noon. He is still not here? Peon leaves. Ramnath sits there worried.

Shravan gets Tiwari ji’s call. Nanu says it is the first day of your and Sumo’s life and I am disturbing you. Shravan says you are our Nanu. You can call us anytime. Nanu is missing Sumo. I am not used to staying without her. I thought you will be together on the first day of marriage. Make me talk to her if she is around you or ask me to call her. Shravan lies to him about some puja at home. I will make her call you as soon as she is free. Nanu agrees. Tell her I miss her a lot. Shravan feels bad. Ramnath ji hears their convo. He asks Shravan to come in. How are you? Shravan says I am ok. You look tensed. Ramnath asks Shravan why he lied to Tiwari ji. Where is your wife? Shravan replies that he does not know. She is not at home since morning. Her phone is also not reachable since morning but that’s ok. Why do I care where she goes or does whatever! I have no interest in it. Ramnath ji calls it wrong. Earlier it was different but now you are married. Truth wont change. Sumo is today Mrs. Shravan Malhotra. It is your responsibility to make sure she is safe wherever she is. Shravan says you know I only hate her. I cannot stand her. our relation is only of hatred.

Precap: Kamini ji asks about Sumo. Shravan is taken aback. She is still not home? He tells Pushkar Sumo left for PCT early morning. I had a word with Prita afterwards. She said she left in the morning only after she got a call. She is not home still.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. sona

    It can’t b strtd much better then this..after that heart broken news..ohr show off air😓😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Anyway…keep the hard work gng on..😓😓😓
    About the episode…
    They can cover absence by any other way..don’t knw y..they r showing that sumo is I responsible..
    Arrey…how can sumo could b out of station without informing anyone..she is not like such an irresponsible girl..that she even didn’t called her nanu once..😰😰😰😨😧😧😧😵😳😳😩😩
    I wanna see how CVS will cover up this drama..and wt will b ssums answer for shravu..s and other questions😐😐😐😐😢😢😢😕😕
    And one more thing guys…
    Have u all noticed the new promo of krpkab ..they have maha episode on 30th sep yaanfriday..so again we r loosing one more episode..thus week..😧😧😧😧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    There may not b any episode of edkv this Friday😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Hope so…kal ki episode mey Nikki..oops..sori sumo ka koi scene ho…
    Yaar..samaj nahi atha..itni complicated story ko vo dho hafton mey..complete karney ki soch bhi kaisey saktey hai..yaar😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😏😏😓😓😓

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      I hope KRPKAB Maha episode uses ek rishta time slot becUse i love both the shows Kuch Rang and Ek Duje but i love ek duje a little more and i m admitting that

    • Anjali

      @sona…yar isme niki di ki koi glti ni h..she is nt at fault at all…
      she just got dschrgd frm hospital n itne allegatns lgare niki p….
      kitne ghatiya h sony wale yar khud show bnd krna to niki di ko blame krre…shame on u guys

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      Even if they show KRPKAB Maha epi using EDKV time slot I m sure EDKV itself will have a Maha epi maybe the last epi like dehleez
      But idk what problems Sony have with EDKV trp is fine
      But I am still having some hopes over EDKV extension
      Fingers crossed

  2. navz

    After 4 days I have seen shravan. Itz good now. In the precap is shravan tensed abt sumo ya angry on .I couldn’t understand. But they managed well without nikhitha mam. RAMU kaka is turning good towards shraman datz a good news. Is it true that edkv will end on oct7. If itz true .it shouldn’t happen for gods sake.can any one give me d email address of Sony TV.so dat we can plead them not to end d show.gud nt edkvians. Hope dat everything goes well n we will not loose our shraman dat quickly n easily.

  3. Anjali

    hi all… God wat a comeback…
    i must say only our edkv has the capacity…
    for a sec i forgot all things like edkv is going to end n all…
    epi started n my heartbeat stopped my breath hitched…
    n the title track music whn started i clutched the bedsheet so tight n one hand on my heart
    my sis kept patting my shoulder…
    i love edkv god i missed it like hell…
    the epi was good…cv’s hats off to u guys…managed another day without edkv…
    kamu started ur drama…need a kick??
    god shravu u again nailed it man…i love u man…
    n ramu kaka …my eyes flooded how u said she is mrs shravu malhotra…
    ramu i couldnt beliv my eyes n ears…
    good be like this…
    precap… kamu u need a kick really…n pushkie good…
    well i had read about sumo missing in todays spoiler…
    hope niki di cms bak tmrw 🙂

    @ireena… i agree …its sony’s plan… god they r so vicious…hate them…blamed niki di…u guys desrv craps like psycho behad n ek rishta…

    @sona…whr r u yar?? missing u …cm here all who r missing we all need each other to save our edkv…

    @all who r missing…

    keep sending mails, keep twitting n signing petition…
    gdnyt all…
    shraman dreams…
    love u all…
    a big tight hug for all support guys…

    • sona

      Yaar..thus shocking news made me numb..for last few hours..so that I didn’t able to msg..and even in our visag…climate wasn’t gng well.full of rains and all..so…
      But…im with hall Guys..and I will always b there..I’m mailing them..
      Can u tell me how to create a twitter account…??
      I think we all should create twitter accounts..I thnk its time to do so..wt do u say..my edkvians??

      • Alina

        |Registered Member

        Yeah @sona dii ..its time to sign up twitter. .even me sonai n may b many more joined recently..u all tiose who ever r remaining join asap n halla bol..

      • Anjali

        @sona…hey gd to c u bak 🙂
        really need all edkvian now… i wish weather to get betr soon…
        i understand yar evn i was numb fr a while kch typ ni ho ra tha mind blank n thn i broke down…was crying like hell…
        i m sry dear …dont knw how to create account on twitter as m not on twitter n cant make account frm my di’s fn…if she or my bro gets to know i’m dead meat… they’ll stop my edkv right now…
        i signed the petition n called them …
        no one in my house knows about these two incidents…if they get to know will snatch my fn n tv n wl stop my edkv n i’ll definitely die after tht …

      • Anjali

        @SONA …hey twitter account bnane k lie do one thing…
        google m search twitter
        n then first option will be twitter or twitter log in …open tht
        n then jb open krogi it will show ur id n pswrd
        on top of it …thr wl b log in nd sign in ..sign in p click krna
        thn options aynge ur name fn no n all …tb twitter p account bn jyga i guess 🙂 try ths…
        n pls twit krna mere behalf p v sona


    • rt

      I too felt today like u….when krpkb ended and I saw shravu tear rolled down from my eyes ….that moment I felt like my most precious thing is going out of my hands. And in todays epi I couldn’t hear any convo becoz my eyes was constantly staring on shravu …..and I was like plz aj 10.30 hi na Ho….bhagvan Ji plz do some miracle and edkv ko off air hone se rok lo plz…..
      Gn edkvians

      • Anjali

        @rt …thnx so much yar at lst m not the only one who felt like ths…
        yar tv p timing edkv ki dkhkr 10:00-10:30 i felt relieved…
        it was like m going to get my life bak.
        n yeah i too was silently weeping othrwise my sis’s n bro wd hv strtd makng fun of me…they dnt knw the love i hv fr edkv…
        yar sch m i too was wishing pls 10:30 na ho bhagwan …edkv na end ho…
        atlst 1 mnth …


  4. Smile

    My god shr ESE dumb kyu bethe ho
    Kar do name love confession
    Sumo is waiting fr ur 3 words
    Bol De bhai
    Nahi sumo wait KAR payegi
    nahi mai
    Aaj edkv itne dino baad air hua
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    One que.
    to u

    a) shraman confession
    b)nirnath drama over { nirmala a back to malhotra mansion )
    c) entry of adimanav
    d) shraman honey moon
    e ) ramnath expose { making sumo majboor to ignoor shr }

    • sona

      Ramnath ka expose…
      Us ek naam sey sarey naam khud hi puri ho jaayengey dear😉😐💔💔💔
      Don’t end edkv💔💔💔

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Ya sona d I absolutely right. ..
      @Smile except c everything will happpen .becoz today I saw as if ramu will reveal all the truth himself..just prediction

    • Fatarajo

      |Registered Member

      Shraman confession is a must if not EDKV is incomplete and only 8 epi i don’t think they will show honeymoon track 😭 But if show get extend then i hope they would and maybe they may ignore adi’s character who knows 😂
      Well b and e will definately happen

  5. Beas

    |Registered Member

    #DontEndEdkv plz 😭 we have waited for this moment from past 7 months 😭 How can they with their fans’ emotions in such as way??😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • sona

      Feeling the same..💔💔💔💔💔💔

    • Anjali

      @beas…yep dear…we have all waited for this shraman moment n they r thinking of ending the show now…no pls

  6. Anjali

    this is not done…this is bl**dy not done..
    only 10 epi were left for edkv n after today only 9 ..
    n mahaepi of krpkab on fri …no edkv ??? wat the bl**dy hell…
    it means only 8 epi left for edkv??
    god i’ll kill sony’s head n krpkab’s director…
    y always edkv has to sacrifice??
    i hope mahaepi will be of only half an hour 9:30-10 …
    lets pray for best n keep fighting evry1..

    @SONA … gd to see u bak dear 🙂

  7. sanaya jain

    plzz yar dont end edkv aur ye bar bar sony tv wale sare hue krpkab ko ek ghante ka kyun diikhate hai its really injustice to edkv

    • Anjali

      @sanaya jain…
      dear hm sb v yhi chahte h…
      n yeah its really frustrating …
      even shraman got married bt it took only 1min n krpkab 1hr… yar kya ek ek mantras n rituals dikhaoge…
      already u guys r goin to show all marriage rituals n functions this week..
      hamare edkv ko baksh do yar

  8. Anjali

    one song dedicated to shraman-
    bol do na zara (pls say)
    dil me jo hai chupa (wats hidden in ur heart)
    mai kisise kahunga nahi (i wont tell anyone)

  9. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    Today epi was okay. Shravan i feel bad for him bechara but he also no less he also Went for work immediately after getting married sumo went after one day.
    And no Suman scene today and happy Nikita dii is back to shooting can’t wait for shraman scene
    And ramu kaka slowly turning positive as he is the only one who knows shravu loves sumo so he can unite them only i have this feeling it will be ramu kaka who will tell how he blackmail sumo to stay away from shravu and then shravu will feel bad

    • Anjali

      @jo…hey jo evn i had feelings tht no one will reveal the truth…
      it wl b ramu kaka himself…
      one day he wl blabber out everything in anger or frustration leaving evry1 shocked…

  10. Anjali

    i loved the scene whn preeti knocked n shravu said open the door suman open the door…god it hasnt been one day n see this guy has bcm addicted of sumo 😉
    though i hate it whn he calls her suman …feel like calling sm stranger …
    shud call her sumo always…thats wat suits him…
    n he calls her sumo whnvr he gets tensed or concerned or in frnt of others…
    n shravu baba i think u forgot …so m here to remind u…
    the day u got married u just signed the paper , threw sm sarcasm to sumo, congratulated her n left for ur work okay …it was u who started this
    n sumo went to pct in mrng not just after signing papers like u …
    eat almonds n sharp ur brain 😉
    love u shraman …
    hope will see niki di in tmrw’s epi…

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Haha di..eat almonds..ya he really needs to sharp his mind. .
      N I was uttering the same …ooh see this boy he is ordering sumo..as if he brought a new maid for his room

  11. Angel_pari

    |Registered Member

    Ahhhhhh i wana kill sony….

    They hv become deaf blind dumb

    na unhe hmari points dekhai de rahi h na sunai

    or dumb coz it has been 24 hours no response

    hell man!!!!

    Sorry guyzzzzz posting here coz twitter p post krti to kya pata it make situation worse so taking out my frustation

    • Anjali

      @angel…pari its cool dear… u can release ur frustration here…
      seriously if they end this show i will nvr watch sony again…
      hate them …
      seems like they hv bcm tom, dick n harry…
      gadha pagal baddimag sb…
      bhagwan hi buddhi de thowanu…

  12. Angel_pari

    Guyssss plzzz sign up twitter and help for the sake of actors and their hard work or for the sake of frnds that edkv has given u all here….

    We are not fighting for a fiction story its for hard work of actors..their night shoots they hv given their whole day……..

    Plzzzzzzz a humble request

  13. Anjali

    @guys …
    i think the sudden decision of ending the show if only if its by edkv grp thn it must b bcz of health issue of niki di…
    they know we r so addicted to shraman tht we cant accept any1 else at shraman place whethr its niki or nam…
    niki di got dengue n leptospirosis ..two diseases at 1 time…though she got dischrgd bt she must b very weak now..
    as dengue js breaks u frm inside n weakens u n leptospirosis is not less than dengue…this bacterial infection has also serious outcomes…
    god y niki di…
    all i want is niki di to get well soon completely….
    if n only if they r planning the show cz of ths thn they must bring its season 2 after a month whn she gets completely well …but shud not end edkv like this..

    n if its all doing of sony tv n they r giving craps like trp then guys u know wat u deserv serials like sasural simar ka, yrkkh n all crappy ghatiya serials…
    if u end edkv coz of ur selfish motive it wl b the end of ur channel …u better remember ths…
    u guys dnt desrv serials like edkv…

    my intention was not to hurt any1 …if any1 got hurt …thn m sry…
    it was just my thought …n i thought to share it wd u my edkvians…

    love u all for showing immense support to edkv in not ending 🙂

  14. Anjali

    @fatarajo… jo ur dp is so lovely… msd n sushant wd msd’s daughter i guess 🙂
    n ur dp which u replaced of shraman now wd ths pic…tht pic of shraman is my mobile’s wallpaper …
    few months ago i got tht pic since thn tht is my phn’s wallpaper n my fb’s dp as well 🙂

  15. Anjali

    we are only asking for a month not a lifetime frm sony…
    sorry for commenting here like hell but my nights are going sleep deprived cz of edkv ending news…
    hope sony wd b able to see our efforts n emotions n unconditional love fr edkv…


  16. Anjali


    guys see namik’s insta post 🙁
    we are dying to hear ur story nam..


  17. Anjali


    sony still ranked no 2 despite being not casted for 2 days…
    wat else sony wants??


    see this guys…evry1 wants edkv…
    more thn krpkab n ishqbaaz n kasam…


    if sony tv is stubborn we r more…

    shravu after not finding sumo at home 😉

    see she’s so dedicated…she is shooting n sony put the blame on her…bl**dy ghatiya

  18. Anjali

    sony cant ignore ths now…they must not…

    god i wish i could join too…

  19. Bhagyashri

    Hey good morning friends. Episode super se bhi upper.namiks acting amazing. Without nikki they manage very well.aisa koi bhi serial itne acche se manage nahi kar Santa without lead actress. But edkv do successfully. Because edkv is quality show.bahut sare show aate jate hai but 100 me se 1 hi show quality show hota hai aur vo show edkv hai.guys muze gut feeling ho rahi hai edkv end nahi hoga.lets hope for the best.enjoy our edkv.

  20. Bhagyashri

    Guys, ab hum me se koi bhi cry nahi karega.balki Hume sony walon ko rulana hai.ok.so kamar kaslo our mission pe lago.cry sony.hahaha

  21. Khushi

    |Registered Member

    Ohk guys I have some good news for u all
    1.on chaska meter despite that the show was not being aired EDKV is on 2nd position
    2. Yesterday night we trended on 5th position worldwide guys can u believe worldwide and now also we r trending at position 8

    So these were the good news

    Now I have some more news guys I called Mr rizwan the manager of SJ studios i asked him whether the show is ending he said yes then I said that the Sony ppl r saying that its not yet confirmed so he then said did they say that?? I said yes they did so he said that we r not informed about this we will try to get the info u plz call me tomm so that I can tell u the confirmed thing then I asked that if Sony changes the decision of ending edkv r u willing u continue with the show then he said yes of course why not if all the fans want this then why will we end it then I cut the call

    I called the office of SJ studios also a girl picked it up and I asked the same a yes that whether edkv is ending or not she said that there is no confirmation till now she is blank then I asked that Sony ppl r saying that its PH decision then plz can u say them to change their decision then she said that she is from PH only and it’s not their decision its completely channel’s decision and she said we r also trending and trying to save the show and said she will inform if there will be any other thing
    Guys she sounded very polite and innocent I don’t think PH has anything to do with this its Sony only
    Sony sucks man can’t they c how much we love the show f**king crazy ppl

    Guys plz m requesting again do make Twitter ID who can and trend for the show

    @anjali r u on Twitter??

    @kittu Kahan hai Tu Meri devdas we need u

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      I’ve requested like a 1000 times in Twitter tagging Sony entertainment and programming head …hope they don’t end it 🙏🏻

    • Anjali

      @khushi …ni yar m not on twitter…
      n kittu ka net ni hai…n no wifi n ptm h 7th ko …no tv …feeling pity for her 🙁 missing her bht

    • Anjali

      @khushi… pls kal call krna n btana kya decide hua hai pls yar …
      I hope positive ho…
      they don’t end edkv…

  22. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    No use of requesting here …if u wanna stop EDKV from ending pls read the whole thing :- got it from fb , thought to copy paste it here as their so many fans here also …I’ve also send them a million messages …u guys also try ..who knows they may split stop ,…

    The last chance to stop EDKV from ending

    Tweet daily using the hashtags #DontEndEDKV
    And tag @SonyTv and @001Danish ( programming head)
    Say y u don’t want EDKV and express
    Guys, pls don’t bash ..,request politely
    Also don’t tag actors , as they can’t do anything

    It’s useless to send them mails as their inbox is full , so they won’t receive it
    Instead send handwritten/ printed letters to this adress:-

    Sony Pictures Network India Pvt. Ltd
    3rd floor , Interface Blog no.7
    Off Malad Link road , Malad (W)

    Here is the phone no.
    Tel : 91-22-6708-1111
    Fax :91-22-6643748
    Call them everyday / hour for best results

    You can send messages to Danish and Sony entertainment through Facebook , here is their Facebook profiles



    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Hey nazu ..kittu will not come for some days..she told that her ptm is there on 7th oct ..n no net no tv nothing she is having right now..uska to hm lg se bhi bura haal hoga yaar..

  23. Aditi

    |Registered Member

    the show going off air for no reason…and they don’t want to telecast the show and blame it on the cast..ok I agree that niki and nanu are not well it does nt mean they end..Srry for using bad words but srsly f**k off people
    Share ur views I am pretty sure u ppl also feel the same and again sorry for those bad words

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      No Aditi u r not wrong dear!! U all are requesting on twitter so politely ..so u need some space where u can burst out your frustration. .its ok dear

    • Anjali

      @aditi …dear its not ur fault…Sony is playing two timing games…
      they’re the one behind ending the show n blaming edkv for it…
      Sony channel really deserves abusive words like this…u have said nothing…
      u don’t know how much i wanna abuse them badly if they’re going to end edkv…

    • Aditi

      |Registered Member

      @Anjali di I have more abusive words to say..but u know we should not cross limits of scolding someone..🤐🤐 hope EDKV doesn’t end and I srsly don’t believe in the drama of season 2 .. they ended many shows saying season two hoga..kab Aur kaha ayega yeh to tab hi Jane..😃

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      No Priya postal code means..u first see how many petitions r still left ..lets suppose 58 so your postal no. Is 58..ok

    • Sonai

      |Registered Member

      Di to say truly I gave a postal code typing nonsense and they still signed my petition so type whatever u like and they will surely sign the petitionI’m 100%SURE

  24. Bhagyashri

    Guys, I called sony TV today.I ask,edkv off air is it true.they said its not confirmed yet.we try our level best for not end edkv. Hum makers ko mana rahe hai.2-3 days me confirm batayenge.

    • Anjali

      @bhgya ptani Sony tv wale heartless hai kya no emotion at all…
      can’t they see how much we’re suffering…

  25. Beas

    |Registered Member

    Guys just keep on trending 😭 Nothing is impossible even the word impossible says I m possible. We can’t let our beloved show to end like this. Today I and Sonai just roamed around our class to gather the email ids of our friends to sign the petition and we got at least 6 so we r trying our best. Plz #DontEndEdkv😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. sanu

    Guyz did anyone see dilip jha producer of EDKV has posted about the show going off air I tried to copy the link but its not happening if anyone can post the link here then plz do.its really sad we fans are trying so much but still…I feel like crying now

  27. rt

    Guys I have signed the petition and also sent a mail to Danish sir….
    I haven’t done anything like this before for serial….bt this made me realise what edkv means to me….

    Plz guys u too do all this and also if anybody on twitter then tweet on my behalf too…plz save edkv …..its like our family which made us unite….

    • Anjali

      @rt …
      we’re doing everything dear but seems like nothing’s affecting Sony TV makers…
      they’re so ruthless beasts…hate them…

  28. Sonai

    |Registered Member

    I’m the MOST UNLUCKY PERSON on this earth
    BCUZ I WAS BORN ON 7 OCT……The day my love is leaving me….
    I’ve understood the meaning of love….LOVE IS ALWAYS BITTER
    At least for me it is bitter bcuz my most loved thing EDKV… whom I loved more than any other story is betraying me….its leaving me…and ON THAT DAY WHICH HAD HAD TO BE MY MOST SPECIAL DAY…BUT its the most awful day for me now
    I swear that I’LL NEVER CELEBRATE MY BDAY…..I was so happy that my bday was at day of starting of Durga Puja(which is on 7 oct only ) But now I’m disgusted by the fact that WHY I WAS BORN ON 7TH OCTOBER !! JUST WHY ??????????

    • rt

      @sonai dnt blame urself…instead pray to durga maa to give ur bday’s most special gift i.e extension to edkv ….and u r not the reason behind edkv to end .
      Plz dnt loose hope may be a miracle happens and our edkv gets the extension ….so we all will celebrate ur bday as we all celebrate Diwali….bt plz pray to durga maa for edkv….tc

    • Anjali

      @sonai babu …calm down…its not ur problem dear not at all…
      Sony TV makers have totally lost it…
      it’s their mistake…
      well I’d say its gonna be thr biggest mistake if they’re going to end edkv …
      u just stop blaming urself as its not gonna affect Sony TV makers
      ..they’re emotionless, heartless… ruthless beasts…
      don’t curse 7th Oct …its a precious day for u n all of us…
      n enjoy dp 🙂 goddess durga will definitely do something good 🙂

  29. Nazia

    |Registered Member

    Guys a request
    Aj ki epi agar acchi hui to hum bilkul normally pehle epi k bareme comment karenge uske baad jo news share karna hai eo karenge
    the reason is- agar yei saach mein EDKV ki last epi..s hui to we r gonna miss it isiliye plz keep my request!

    • Anjali

      @nazu …done dear…
      phle episode k bare m comment n then news discussion…

      one thing I badly wanted to share about yesterday’s episode guys…
      when namik entered in room , he was looking so cute n lovely…
      n in the blue tee my God he was looking killer…
      he shouldn’t wear blue color…
      he looks killer in that n I just can’t stop myself from staring n smiling at him…

    • Alina

      |Registered Member

      Ok Nazu..yaar tmne kitna tweet kya hm lg to end time pe twitter pe gye..boht bura lg rha ..pari she said I m quiting..jo itna zada tweet kr rhi thi..I am feeling bad for Namik n all edkv member except Nikita..I don’t know why..sorry if I hurt anyone..bs mujhe jo laga maine wo bol diya ..sorry if any one is hurt..
      Jo twitter pe tweet kr rhe hai is hope me ki sonytv wale unki baat sunege..agr wo sunne then its good ..good kya bestum best nd if they will not reconsider their decision then they will broke the most..boht kuch man kr rha bolne ka bt ab nhi..bye
      So we will not [email protected] n comment on today’s episode

  30. Fatarajo

    |Registered Member

    I have better news that is according to someone name Raj Badhan says that EDKV going off air is a Rumour according to sources
    Well i don’t know if is true
    If it is I will be so happy 😍😍😍

  31. Alina

    |Registered Member

    One more thing..sorry bye boldi n fir bolna suru..so listen
    @guys those who are watching any other show of this sony..pls stop for a week ..I mean if anyone here is watching any xyz serials just for passing time or if u r liking any show pls leave for some time n stop ur parents bro sis from watching sony..if v will do this definitely their trp will decrease..wat say?? If u watch any show just read updates for some day..if u feel I am saying wrong u can tell me..

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..