Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pushkar comes to Shravan’s cabin. Get me a reservation in the best hotel in Delhi. The owner is your friend. Shravan gets irked hearing his name. He is too Chep (boring). Ask something else. Pushkar again requests him. Shravan agrees. Is it a date? Pushkar says I wont tell you about it. You gave me such a long lecture when I came to ask for the perfume.

Shravan calls his friend Bunty. He does not let Shravan talk and keeps talking. Shravan asks for a reservation in his restaurant. I need a table for 2. My brother is taking someone out on dinner. Bunty happily agrees. Pushkar happily hugs his brother and leaves. Bunty says thank me with a hug. Shravan is confused. Bunty asks him to come in the evening as well. I will cancel your brother’s reservation then. Shravan agrees to come for 5 minutes

to meet him.

Sumo comes to PCT happily with pizzas. Everyone is pleasantly surprised. Prita wonders what’s up. She isn’t taunting or scolding anyone today. They ask her what happened. you never treat us. Sumo says I am the boss. I will treat you whenever I wish to. We eat the food made with our own hands daily. I thought to try the food made by someone else today. Prita feeds her pizza.

Sumo calls Shravan. I was thinking something. He says it is good to think sometimes. She sweetly says Suno na. Till now I only have been bringing food for you and feeding you. It is your turn now. He says I brought samosas for you. She says Shravan. He reminds her that he is not a cook like her. She suggests him to take her out on dinner tonight. He is busy, he says. She thinks some other time but he agrees to take her out at 7pm. She is happy. He said yes for something for once atleast!

Pushkar is on call with Preeti. Make your mother understand. Cast your magic on her. Preeti says my magic does not work on mom. Why did you plan the dinner? We met in the morning itself. He looks at the phone sweetly. When will you understand that meeting in the night time is different! He tells her that he brought the perfumes for her. I have to give them to you. She gets happy. They came so soon. I will come then. 4 for thousand! He agrees. 4 for thousand! I thought to give them to you and have dinner as well. She wonders what to tell mom. He says tell her that you are going to meet Manorama. She smiles. I will try. He says don’t try. Do it. She thinks to get ready first before handling her mother.

Sumo smiles at herself as she recalls Shravan calling her special in the afternoon and about their dinner date. She gets ready. It is 7 pm. Sumo thinks he said he will call at 7. But Khadus did not call till now.

Preeti is all dressed up for the evening. She runs out till the door when she meets her mother. Mami asks her where she is going at this hour. why dint you tell anyone? Preeti takes Manorama’s name. It is her birthday tonight. Shall I leave? Mami declines. you can go anywhere in the afternoon. I wont let you go anywhere in the evening. I don’t think your friend is good. You should not meet her so often. How can I let my daughter go at this hour? Preeti looks at Sumo and gets an idea. I am not going alone. Didi is coming with me. She whispers in Sumo’s ears. Please say yes. Preeti compliments Sumo. You will look fab tonight. Mami asks Sumo if she knows Manorama. Sumo says yes. she is our very good friend. Mami allows them to go. Till when will you come back? She gets Shravan’s call and goes aside to attend it. Mami tells them both to be back by 11. Don’t take anyone from a stranger there. Don’t talk to strangers. Preeti rushes back in her room to get her bag. Mami tells Sumo to be careful. Sumo nods.

Sumo calls Shravan. He says I will pick you up from CP Inner Circle at 8. She says it wont be possible to come tonight. I waited for your call till 7. I have made another plan now. He scolds her. are you mad? I got late by 10 minutes and you changed your plan! If you don’t want me to think about you the same way I think about other women then meet me at CP! He disconnects the call. Sumo is ina fix.

Preeti hugs Sumo. I got saved today because of you. come soon or mom wont spare us. Preeti asks her if she had to go somewhere as well. Sumo nods. Preeti tells her to go wherever she wanted to. Don’t cancel your plan because of me. I was anyways not going to take you with me. It was all before mom. You can go on your outing and I will go on mine. We will coordinate when we will be coming back. Sumo agrees. Where are you going? Preeti replies that I will tell. Drop me off first please.

Sumo asks Preeti what’s going on. Preeti casually replies that she is going out with Pushkar. We are meeting daily since the court case. Sumo asks her about Pushkar’s opinion. Does he also think of you as a friend? Preeti agrees. We are the best of friends. I have told him this clearly. Sumo smiles. Preeti is also playing best friend – best friend like Shravan. Sumo says why you lied to mami ji then. Preeti knows her mom. She is too strict after your and Shravan’s photo incident. Sumo advises her not to lie too many times. It will not help. Preeti says mom gave enough of lecture already. Please drop me at the restaurant. Sumo nods.

Pushkar hides when he notices Shravan walking inside the same restaurant. Now Bhaiya will see me and ask me who I came here with. And in case Preeti walks in, she will happily tell him that she has come here with me! He hides to avoid getting noticed by Shravan. Shravan gets to know that Bunty has gone out for some meeting and will be back in a while. He waits and orders a mocktail for himself. Pushkar is all the more worried.

Sumo drops Preeti outside the restaurant. Preeti tells her to sell her dabba (car) now atleast and buy a good one instead. Sumo replies that this dabba only brought her to the restaurant on time. Don’t say like this about my Jaan! Say sorry. Preeti sweetly obliges. We will talk at 10 pm. Sumo nods.

Pushkar covers his face as Shravan looks in his direction. Preeti is at the door by now. Pushkar gets tensed. Now she will meet Bhaiya and tell him she has come here to meet me! Pushkar stops a waiter and pays him money. He makes him stands before him and goes behind him as his shadow to avoid Shravan’s stare. He is at the door and goes out as Shravan gets his order. He takes her out. This place isn’t good.

Sumo calls Preeti but she has forgotten her purse in the car itself. She heads back to the restaurant to give it to Preeti. Sumo gets Shravan’s call. I will come in ten minutes. he says I am stuck somewhere. I think we should cancel it. She declines. he tells her to understand. I also wanted to meet. I had decided the place as well. He says please understand. I am stuck somewhere. She opens the door and collides with him. They both are pleasantly surprised. You here? Sumo realises that they are still on phone and disconnect the call. They look at each other sweetly.

Precap: Sumo hides as soon as she notices someone in the restaurant. Shravan asks her who she was hiding from. She shares that this guy was her senior in college. I liked him a lot back then and I still like him. Shravan makes a sad and upset face (like a kid, really adorable <3 ). She looks at him and smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. nikki

    Episode was sweet… And so cute and gorgeous sumo was looking.. Preekar dinner date ?? shraman dinner date.. Pushkar is so cute… Mami.. I hope now she does not come between preekar… Anyways the precap was awesome.. Shravan jealous… He he … Shravan chill.. Bhale sumo USS time us senior ko pasand karti ho.. But she loves you. Cause as you said .. Tum special Jo ho…. Loving the show.. Nikita’s expressions.. Falling for her day by day…BTW I’m first..

  2. Minakhi

    Awesome episode…Pushkar was soo funny …nd his” Looka Chippy” Scene was just awesome….best was the Precape….Oo I can’t wait for tomorrow…this show should be for one hour….?Love u shraman..Acchi nind ban gayi…..Thanks pooja for fast update.

  3. Anshi

    Hey guys… Again unable 2 watch d epistles… 🙁 🙁 ….
    Bt reading d Wu i cn tell today’s epi is mind blowing….
    Sumo samajh gayi kind uski behen bhi best friend best friend khel Rhi h… Smart Sumo…
    Yaar bechara pushkar voh toh hr taraf se phasa h….

    @precap…. Hillarious…. Kya Yaar Sumo matlab kuchh bi ainvyi…lol… Bt kahin Tehran yeh misunderstanding prob na create kr de…. :O :O

  4. Lily

    Nice epi….. I m very excited for 2mrws epi……………….yaar sumo understood that there something going on bw Pushkin n preeti……… The best line Lagta hai preeti bhi shravan’s ki Tarah best frnd best frnd keep Rahi hai…….. I think she will tell shravu about preekars dinner plan…… Then shravu will tell her about Pushkar told him this was kind of a date…… Then they will understand that there is something more than friendship………. After that they both will come together to unite preekar …… Eventually shraman will get close in their mission….. This is just my guess…..

  5. Minakhi

    Heyy friends good morning ?……The episode was soo nice but why soo less comments…What’s wrong with you people???

  6. Ireena

    just voted in gold awards….guy,vote there.though edkv only got 2 nominations.nik 4 best fit actress, nak 4 gold debut….theres no option 4 2 choices.anyhow,i have voted in all categories.at least we hope that nik nak win 2 awards.
    well,guys,let me share a secret with u.i have put phone number there.do u know whats it???123456789?????….and no personal info.all ‘bakwas’

    • Anshi

      B-) cool ireena Di …. Awesome 😉 😉 …
      Now i ll put my no. 0987654321… 😛 😛 …

      • Ireena

        no,dear.why will i mind??i understand ur curiosity.its ok.☺and i m from maryland.
        btw,me also wanna one thing.u always call me di.but i dont think u know my age.then why so?i mean i may be 10 years younger than me….????

  7. Minakhi

    Really….what a coincidence Ireena …I have also Gave the same number ….Omg ….I m….but I couldn’t registered…? I will try again For sure …

  8. Juhi

    Mast Episode.It was soo Funny and Enjoyable.OMG that precape really nice .Can’t wait for today’s episode.

  9. ishveer

    Nice,superb,wonderful, marvelous epi…..I like it sooo much..
    Moreover that I like two couple cuteness…

  10. Shalini Naicker

    Shravan feels jealous when Sumo said that she liked that guy. Wow so interesting

  11. Ridhima gupta

    hey guys I m back…. I missed u all and EDKV a lot… I read all written updates.. it’s just fav. . I m waiting for coming episode. .I missed u guys…

  12. Minakhi

    Itne awesome episode k baad ab to ek new promo release hona hi chahiye…..KRPKEB nd TKSS ka promo dekh dekh k Mein pakk gayi hoon yaar …Hii all Friends….Yahan pe itna Kam Comments kyun hai ….Where r u Abhi,Tara nd all…..but aaj kuch naye friends hai I guess Hii Ziya,Ranaji nd Lily …kya aap log pehle bhi yahan comments kar Chuke Ho….Well Mujhe aaj hi patta chal ….Hlo my new friends …

    • Lily

      Hi Minakshi …….. I m new here……but I have commented earlier also ………… I agree with u that DE r not shooting any new promo……….. Guys if anyone who is on Twitter pls ask this from namik…. May be he will convey this to the makers…….

    • Anshi

      U r abso rite minakhi… Ab toh eke promo banta h… Common Yaar … Abhi Abhi epi dekh its awsum… No words fr it Yaar… Waiting eagerly fr today’s epi

    • cremica

      hlo minakhi …………………..me cremica(priya )………….u r so popular over here I am always pleased to see ur chatting as I already said…………………so plz give me ur intro

  13. Niharika

    The episode is like wow….. Faboulous … waiting for Today…. Shravan should be jelouse…. HE Deserves that… But why soo less Comment.?? EDKV ka record hai.. 100 Comment ka…. Kya ho guys… Well mene big late Comment days hai….

  14. Minakhi

    No Lily we have to Comment it on Official page……can u all Request there ..well I Commented it from my side but u know na Only one can’t do anything…soo plz guys Go to Sony TV feedback section nd request…plz Pl plz

  15. Minakhi

    And yaa Abhi is on Twitter nd Instagram…But Sadly Today the biggest fan of Namik is missing…oo Abhi plz come nd comment.We miss u dear.

  16. priya sharma

    I am always pleased to see ur chats…………………..nice are u all studying in college

  17. coming to todays episode I have no words to explain it was awesome….but I don’t want shraman to fight in future when he gets to know about nirmala aunty is living at their place.He should understand her the same way he did this time.I have a feeling which should be wrong that is when shravan gets to know about nirmala aunty he will be annoyed by sumo and will think she did not care 4 him like she did 10 years ago….and I think by then he will have feelings 4 her once again but will regret it.BUT I DONT WANT THIS TO BE TRUE.

  18. suni

    I like sumo looks very much but today i dont like her maybe da defect is in her hair style

  19. Minakhi

    Hii Misha welcome…Dear …well Priya , Suni,Shalini and Ridhima ..r u all new here?? ..if u r new then most welcome ? friends….

  20. Minakhi

    Sorry Ridhima I forgot u ….Soo sorry ….U r not new ….here soo how r u …dear…

  21. Minakhi

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  22. Minakhi

    I agree with u Suni Infact in an Interview Namik also said that She looked weird in those Pattiala Shalwar …But have u noticed Preeti She is like woow …I think director ko Sumo k dressing k bare Mein time hi nahi Mila hoga….?? our Preeti to hai hi fashionable….Usse makeup artist Ki kya zaroorat …woh khud hi Tayyar Ho gayi hogi…??

  23. Minakhi

    Heyy Misha go to this link http://www.setindia.com/us-en/feedback…..Nd comment there…don’t put ur Number…It is not working on my device now but after some time I will try again .If this link will not work than just go google nd type “Feedback – SET India – Indian Television , Serials , Channels …” That’s it ….

  24. Anshi

    Minakhi i voted wid fake id….. Calm down dr our Nike naked will only win… Dont worry sweetie..

  25. Anshi

    Welcome guys…. Plssss vote fr edkv.. Plssss…

    Abhi???? Where r u???? Nt even a single comment??? R u ok??? =-O =-O

  26. Hiii guys,…Iam back from school…Yesterday I couldnt comment as here there was no current,,also there was no charge in my phone…Thanks to everyone who missed my comment,especially Minu….
    So here is my long comment….

    Thankyou so much Pooja di for the superfast update….???It was super awesome episode #Precap.. Thankgod pushku didn’t say about his dinner with preeti…He is right,..else shravu might have given him a long lecture…Pushku is so genuine,… Bunty was so cute…Non stop talking…bla bla …But I would like to thank bunny for Calling Shravan in that restaurant,else Shraman might not have meet there…Shravu n Pushku bonding was as usual cool… Sumo has changed a little…Suddenly pizzas for PTC’s workers…Kuch toh hai zaroor… Shravu n sumo’s phone convo was nice…especially”Suno na”That was so sweet…Eventhough he rejected her plan at first,later he accepted it…Thats cool.. Preekar convo was superb..Pushku said that this meeting is a different one..Looks like he is gonna propose her…Actually I dont want to propose her now,because she will reject him as she is not having any feelings for him right now…But its okay..shraman will solve everything… Thankgod Because of preekar Suman’s meeting with shravu didnt get spoiled…I hope Preeti will come back safe,,else mani will blame sumo…I dont want it to happen… I didnt like it when shravu blackmailed sumo by saying else he will think her like how he thinks about other women itself..It was so rude…? Sumo is always saying that her car is her jaan..Looks like in future something will happen to her car because of shravu…Its just my prediction… Pushkar easily managed to get out of the restaurant without shravu’s knowledge..He is so intelligent…Thank god Preeti didnt come in… Pushkar easily managed to get out of the restaurant without shravu’s knowledge..He is so intelligent…Thank god Preeti didnt come in… Shravu again did wrong by saying her lets cancel the plan…That was wrong.,.He is very much rude..Still I like him as Namik is acting it ..? Both were surprised to see eachother..It was so unexpected na…..I think,now that bunty will ask Shraman to use the Table which shravu booked for pushku.. @precap…Damn damn damn exciting……Finally ,jealous Shravan…The moment for which I was waiting for…But why she was hiding from that guy..Waiting to see that guy…yooo…??

    • Anshi

      Oh Abhi tk tumhara lamba comment nhi padh lete tb tk hamein neend nhi aati…… Jst kidding Yaar 😉 😉

      Missed u alot Abhi… Plssss apna fone charge rakha kronor….

  27. Roshni

    Hello guys sry for commenting yesterday actually I went to my aunt’s house there is no net I mean no WiFi so I couldn’t…. Well anybody noticed my missing????well I enjoyed so much by watching its just awesome episode…..n I thanked everyone who congratulated me if I forgot to do so I will just check it n comment again…… So guys how ru all????

  28. Minakhi

    Yehh Roshni and Abhi I missed u alot….BTW Anshi …. Namik se award koi nahi chin sakta but I m worried About Niki .well Namkita k sath or koun koun Nominated hain???I really want to Know

  29. Minakhi

    BTW Where r U Tara ???? Kothae. Accho tumi….Ekhane Tomake khojja Hocche….chole aiso…plz …here we have a wonderful Friends group (new and Old)..Waiting for u

  30. Ireena

    btw,friends,may i know,for whom u have voted in gold awards in other categories??in case of its not being too personal. ..

  31. sree

    superb episode…I think sumo will tell thatpushkar is with preethi and they will get to know tht pushkar loves preethi…..and precap is mindbloing..shravu jealous feel ho raha hai aur the way sumo was looking while shravu felt jealous…i hope she said that wantedly to see shravu’s reaction..
    I liked preethi alott than sumo today uska dressing kuch change karna padega

  32. Anshi

    @Ireena(Di) actually i learnt dat u were 12 pass n i hv nt even passed 10th so…… If u dont mind may i call u ireena???

  33. Devga

    Wat hapened most of my Comments r not posted…. Ufffffff anyways atleast this shld b posted….

    Not able to wait for another hour coz yesterday precap was so awesome with the J factor working out… Lol letz c wat hapens…

    Ireena hi hw r u?

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