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Epi begins with Aditya saying Sumo wouldn’t have worn that lehenga if I hadn’t lied. She would look so beautiful in it. shravan looks at him angrily. Aditya asks him if he cannot imagine it. Leave it. You wont be able to do it. Aditya’s phone rings. Aditya asks Shravan to pick up the call (of his mom). Answer it for me. Tell her I will call her back in half an hour. Shravan tells him to call later but Aditya insists. She panics when I don’t pick her calls. She is sweet. You can talk. The call gets disconnected which worries Nirmala ji. Shravan finally picks the call. He gives her Aditya’s message in one go and ends the call. Nirmala ji says Adi but goes quiet hearing Shravan’s voice. I think I have heard this voice before too. Who can it be?

Preeti thanks Sumo. I got everything

through you. you met Shravan and then Pushkar and now Aditya. I wish you get everything that you want. She excitedly goes to show her clothes to her family members. Sumo follows her inside. Mami ji speaks to her son (Anuj). He has typhoid. He will be in hospital for a few days. she worries for her son. He is all alone there. How will he manage everything on his own? Rachna tries to calm her down. The family members try to pacify her but she is berserk.

Nanu is making guest list. Mausa ji takes Nirmala ji’s name. Rachna tells him against it. So much happened when she came here last time. Nanu isn’t bothered. She might be not liked by Ramnath and Shravan but she is like my daughter. I have to invite her in the wedding.

Shravan is upset as he replays his convo with Aditya in his head. Lala ji comes there with coffee for him. You were playing with Rubik cube. You used to finish it in 1.5 minutes. what happened now? Shravan replies that it is game only. I will lose at times and win at times. Lala ji reasons that he wont lose if he plays from heart. Shravan rues that this is the problem. Heart gets hurt in the process. Lala ji says it is your own game. Distances cannot do any damage. It is your game. No one can either take it from you nor can defeat you in this. Shravan realises the meaning behind his words. I forgot that this is mine only. I lost my way for some time but not anymore. Lala ji smiles. Kamini calls out for him so he excuses himself. Shravan is in thoughts.

Mama ji is about to lie down when he notices Mami ji crying. She is very much worried for her son. I will go to him after Preeti’s marriage. He says I understand how you feel. How can we leave everyone behind just like that? She says we will take Bau ji with us. Mama ji asks about Sumo. Mami says she will live with Rachna and Bablu like she used to stay with us. She will anyways get married soon. the kid, who has his parents, is living alone (meaning her son). it is final. We will go there after Preeti’s marriage.

Pushkar and Preeti are talking on phone. He is missing her and wishes to meet her. She reminds him that they cannot meet till marriage as per their tradition. He reasons that that time frame starts after haldi ceremony. She smiles. My dear Aashiq, maybe you forgot your watch somewhere. He nods. I left it behind intentionally which is why I am waiting outside your house in the middle of the night. She requests him to go. What if someone sees us? Not many days are left for our wedding. He says I will come in then. She stops him. I will come out. Wait there only. He agrees. Preeti collides with Rachna on her way. Both the ladies shout. Preeti lies that she saw a bad dream. Rachna offers to sleep with her then. Pushkar hears their convo. Preeti tells him that now they will meet after wedding only. He rues that they will meet later only then. They say I miss you to each other and end the call.

Preeti gives a gajar ka halwa to Sumo to give to Pushkar. Sumo teases her for she woke up early morning to make halwa for Pushkar. Preeti smiles sweetly.

Kamini is tired waiting for Tiwari family. they are so late. Vandy comes there. I am ready. Kamini is confused about her earrings. Vandy points out that it is latest fashion. Vandy goes to check on something. Aditya asks Kamini what happened. Kamini advises Aditya to marry his kids in future in a good house. Tiwari family said they will do many functions and they will get haldi too but they aren’t here. He calms her down. Tiwari Family comes just then.

Aditya asks Sumo where she was. I have been waiting for you. Sumo gives haldi to Kamini. Sumo goes to meet Pushkar. Aditya was about to go after Sumo but Kamini sends him on main door to receive some stuff.

Pushkar and Shravan are getting ready. Sumo comes there to give halwa to Pushkar. They call each other sweetly (hone wale jija ji – brother in law to be – and saali ji – sister in law). Why will you have time for me? All your time is for Bhaiya only. Remember how he used to do all your homework for this halwa. Blackmailer! This is special for me as Preeti has made it for me. Shravan excuses himself. Sumo tells Pushkar to taste it. he says it is good. Sumo too tastes it. It is very different than usual. Leave it if you aren’t ok with it. He denies. Preeti has made it with love. I will finish it. She nods. Go ahead. I will go. he requests her to stay back to which she agrees.

Pushkar sits down for the ritual. Kamini is the first one to apply haldi on him. Lala ji tells his son to get the good traits of this haldi in himself and his relation. Don’t become like your mother. Everyone smiles hearing it. Pushkar calls Ramnath Sir again. Lala ji corrects him. It is your house. You can call him Bade Papa. Varun and Vandy cutely argue. Varun tells his brother to think again if he really wants to get into it. Vandy is wearing gloves because of the henna in her hands. Pushkar does not mind it. everyone is done. Aditya says it looks as if Pandit ji has applied tilak only. Sumo says this is how it is done. Aditya says I will how it is done in Mumbai. Pushkar tells him to go ahead. Aditya applies haldi on Pushkar’s entire face and then applies it on Sumo too. I thought why to waste it. Shravan looks angry.

Precap: Pushkar asks Sumo to take revenge. Lala ji nods. It is a good omen if you apply haldi on an unmarried. He will be married off soon. Sumo happily puts haldi on Adtiya’s face. Shravan looks on. Later, Shravan and Sumo talk about Aditya. Shravan calls Aditya too naughty. Sumo says he behaves in a similar manner with everyone. He is really naughty. Shravan says you were the prey of all his naughty acts. Sumo looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Mamiji will be obliged to Nirmala.. And she will agree to this relation… Or as you said anuj and nidhi might fall in love….

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