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Khosla’s lawyer asks the judge to give a new date. He has gotten a heart attack. Shravan says he needs a doctor. A doctor checks him up and says he hasn’t gotten any heart attack. Shravan tells the judge, Khosla always gets such heart attacks so he had brought doctor there. Shravan goes to Khosla and says he read all his history. Khosla tells him he won this case, but what about Varun’s case? What will he do about it? Court punishes Khosla to be in police custody for 30 days.

Nanu praises and thanks Shravan and indirectly embarrasses his family members. Suman smiles. Nanu asks Suman to go with him, but she says she has some work and leaves. Shravan wonders where she went. He receives a call from his chachi.

Shravan’s family is angry at him. He says he did what

was right. He tells Varun Khosla can’t do anything. Varun says he has already done it. He has rejected consignment saying quality of product is not good. His reputation is spoiled as well they lost money. Chachi accuses Shravan for all this. Suman comes there. Varun’s mum asks her what she came for. She says to pay for Varun’s loss. Varun asks does she even know how much 10 crore is? She gives him 10 crore cheque. Everyone is shocked. She asks him to check whose signature it is. Varun is shocked seeing Khosla’s signature. No one believes her. Suman says she gave such an offer that he couldn’t refuse.

In flashback, it’s shown how Suman tricked Khosla saying she has his 15 crore pay order.

Varun says what about his reputation? Uncle says as if Khosla has any reputation. Pushkar tells Suman, in Shravan’s company, she’s getting smarter too. All are happy except aunt. Shravan’s father comes and he tells Suman well done. Suman says it was Shravan’s plan. Shravan is confused. His dad praises Shravan and says he won his heart. Suman is happy. She signs him not to say anything. Shravan leaves saying he needs to rest. Uncle asks Suman to sit and asks aunt to bring snacks for her.

In kitchen, aunt is tensed. She says first she tricked Varun and then became hero by giving money…don’t know what will happen with Varun. Suman comes and says everything will be good. With good people, always good happens. Aunt says everyone thanked, so she will say thank you too. Suman says why thank you in this? Varun is like her elder brother too. She used to say she takes advantage of Shravan and Pushkar’s friendship, but it’s not like that. In fact, she can’t see this entire family in trouble. Aunt taunts, thank God she is there..else she doesn’t know what would happen to this family. Suman leaves.

She comes to Shravan’s room. He’s shirtless. She closes her eyes and says sorry. She asks is he changing tshirt all the time? He asks doesn’t she have manners to come after knocking. She asks didn’t anyone teach him to close room from inside before changing. He’s quiet. She says no answer? Think think. and she leaves. She now knocks and takes permission to come inside. She asks better now? He says hmm. She asks why he becomes like angry type. He says not always, only when people lie about him. He asks what was need to make him hero in front of everyone. She says he’s hero from start..not by look, but by heart and brain. She learned that today only. She didn’t make him hero, he made her heroine in front of her family. Her family thinks everything was done by her. But the truth is, he did everything. They smile. She says when he can do so much for her, she could at least do this. He says fine..but that doesn’t mean he will let go his fees from her. She says he can take whenever he wants. He moves closer and asks her to think again. She will have to give whatever he asks. She moves back and hits to the wall. Now she doesn’t have anywhere to go. He asks yes or no. He says deal..he will ask when it’s right time. She says okay and is leaving. He tells her to knock next time. This time he was changing shirt, but next time he might be changing.. She leaves. He laughs.

Suman returns home. Entire family is gathered. Nanu says they want to tell her a lot, but sometimes you don’t have words..so.. they all clap and show her Priya’s photo. Nanu says he’s very happy for this family, and especially for Priya. She got her self-respect back finally. Everyone is emotional. Mami is guilty and apologises. Suman hugs her. Nanu tells Suman to do diya and take blessings from her mum. Dabbu asks Suman for a party. Nanu credits Shravan and says he will invite his entire family for dinner.

Suman’s friends celebrate her victory. She says she will give a party, but today they have lots of work to do. One of her friends praises Shravan. She asks but he must be taking big fees. Suman says she doesn’t think he will ask for fees. He needs something else. Her friend asks what else? Suman says..she doesn’t know. He was saying he will ask when time is right. Her friend says she’s gone. Her husband used to say her same before marriage.. and he asked for a kiss. Suman is shocked. Other lady comes and says what her husband asked her in Suman’s ears. Suman goes..no no no no..Shravan is not like that. Ladies say all guys are same. Now only God can save her. Suman gets nervous, but tells her not to be tensed. He was ‘phattu’ (coward) and will always be one. She tries not to think about it.

Precap: Shravan calls Suman and says the right time has come. She thinks of her friend’s words and wonders if he really asks for kiss then? Later, they are together and Shravan gets closer to her and she gets nervous.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Thanks for the update.
    Today,episode was awesome
    Nice suman and shravan scenes.

  2. Wow… Rocking epi…
    Luved it to the core…
    nd That shirt wala incident was too good…
    Oh god can’t wait for nxt epi…

  3. Really sorry…..being impatient i wrote something stupid and irrational….actually to be frank….we expect much from TU than any other site_as it is really the best
    Btw,today epi was good entertainer…and i liked today’s chemistry. Between all

  4. Thankyou simmi di for the update..?

  5. Yes today’s episode was awesome but disappointed when Sharavan moved away from Suman with out saying “I love you “.hope do days precautions won’t be a dream!

  6. Yeh Khosla kitna dramabaaz hai…heart attack ki drama…aur Shravan finished the drama within a second..wow,..shravan’s expressions towards Khosla was awesome…i just loved it..??? Aaj sumo again proved that she also cares for shravu n his family just like he does…,???? Loved vandy…she is so cute n innocent…only that kamini? is the vamp..she is so selfish n hates shravu..vandy is so sweet..loved her in todays episode…?? I loved the way sumo made shravu a hero in front of his papa,,..?? Really guys,even the way shravu looks at sumo shows his love for her…iam in deep love with namik..???? Shravu n sumo in shravan’s room..?? Each n every scenes were awesome..?? The way she entered his room with full rights…i loved it??..When she starts going back to the door for knocking..sravu said ” kaha ja rahe ho”? Really guys,his eyes were saying her not to go anywhere??..Then ,when she knocked again ,he felt relieved??..then the way they praised eachother….it was so cute.. On god..when shravu starts coming towards sumo closer n closer??..actually my heart beat was increasing,as if he is coming closer to me?,..??? The way they looked at eachothers eyes..it was so romantic??..N his last sentence”Agli baar se knock karke aana..ab shirt hi change kar raha dha pata nahi agli baar..,”It was so funny???..This is what I loved about them,they dont have to pretend to be good to eachother..they r comfortable with eachother’s behaviour..i really love it…??? Shravan’s smile is so attractive…iam really falling for him..love Shraman alot..? Iam so happy that now everyone in sumo’s house is happy..n i also think that they like sumo now.. Dabbuuuu,…thank u thank u so much…love you dear,..because of u this party is gonna occur…shraman scenes are gonna happen..thanks a lot yaar…??? N sumo’s convo with Preeta(worker) was awesome..ohh..sumo know that shravan will not ask money from her..Sumo got damn shocked to hear kiss..Then she was trying to calm herself by saying that shravu is not like that he will not do anything like that..he is a phattu..loved it..but sumo,he is not that phattu..That u will get to know soon??? Precap???..oh god I have no words to say the Precap.. When Shravan said to sumo that he need the fee n its time to get it..Sumo was very afraid..lol..it was very funny to watch it.. So in next episode he is gonna ask the fee..Anyway iam sure that he is not gonna ask anything like kiss to her..it might be something else..something like “smile”..or something related to their childhood ..anyway I dont think it will be kiss.? Whatever..anyway iam sure that Shravan might have made any excuse to come to sumo??..as she is in kitchen.The way he comes closer to her..their eye contact..loved it a lot??..Hope no one will come to the kitchen in this moment..If dabbu comes there n see them like this,then it will be very funny???..but I dont think ayone will come,before that shravu will move apart.i think so..? Anyway guys..if anyone didnt watch todays episode,then it will be a great lose.. Iam really sorry for this long comment..actually i couldn’t control myself from writing this..????

    1. me too yaar i too luv namik a lot.i read ur whole comment.very nice abhi.in nxt epi pushkar will also come 2 tiwari villa wearing a black shirt

      1. Wow,..it will awesome to see Pushkar in black shirt..?

      2. abhi now only i saw clearly its not black shirt click my name

      3. Thanks for the link Natasha…Anyway he is looking damn cute….???

    2. Yeah abhi u r absolutely right just loved the whole episode and especially the hearthrob NAMIK?

      1. Really yaar…it was awesome…cant wait for todays episode..????

  7. Sorry,today’s precap won’t be a dream!

  8. preeta sys lemon meeta nahi ho sakta honey khatta nahi ho sakta aur ladke jo hain vo kabhi shareef nahi ho sakte

  9. i expected shravu 2 say wat am i not looking like a hero when sumo said main shakal se nahi dil aur dimaag se kehrahi hoon

  10. Yeah I like the epi. Thanks for updating

  11. wonderful epi shramo’s scene fabulous

  12. Finally today’s episode that khosla track is over it was quite irritating but second half of the episode was just awesome and fabulous love ShraMo and wow what a precap lovely ShraMo rocks

    1. me too akka we both like this show tooooo much

      1. U know I m watching ek duje ke vaaste now 🙂 my fav show is ek duje ke vaaste , kUch rang Pyaar ka and Bahu hamari rajni Kant now love these 3 shows the most now don’t mind watching it again and again

  13. awesome episode sumo,s scene was very nice

  14. Guys here are some options which may happen,please tell which option has the highest possibility
    1)Give me a kiss
    2)Give me back my rubric cube
    3)Give me money
    4)Give me back childhood memories by spending time with me
    Please vote

    1. it will be like spend a day with him to relive the childhood memories, he may choose for sunday. and Suman has already committed the day with her staff, so Shrawan will also be there for the get together at Priya tiffin service 🙂

      1. i have also read on twitter that they will be going on a date to celebrate the case victory

    2. 2…or I think the precap must be sumo’s dream

    3. 1 i’m sure he”ll not ask for this.maybe 4

    4. i think there’s no possibility of asking no. 1 or 3….
      well,shravan may ask give me my friendship baaaacccckkkk.☺?

    5. 1 or 4, 2 or 3 uff I don’t know which one but 1 will be very cute 😛

    6. I think may be 4

  15. I thnk shavu is gonna ask for their friendship. That bond which his ego spoiled in starting. It is my opinion. May be he’ll say i want my bestfriend back in my life or he’ll say i want ” the us” back. I m just super excited can’t wait. And when he was coming closs to sumo i thought he is gonna kiss her on her cheek but its okk it was not his style and i love the reaxn he gave when sumo said it was his plan he was like ab ye kab hua. Sumo never do what shravan expected.

  16. 4..
    Make my shravu’s favorite food..There is a chance for it too..???

  17. Hi, I am a die heart fan of edkv and ShraMo. Can I join all of you… Please?

    1. Hai KAYA…Welcome to our group…??

  18. guyz click my name actually they’ve cut many nice dialogues in shramo’s scene.sumo would have said sab karte hain pyaar (shravu se) shravu asks sab???

    1. Mee to noticed it…Maybe cus of lack of time,..but if they want they could have cut that khosla’s drama ,,,not any of shraman scenes..?
      But itts ok many shraman scenes are on the way na??????

  19. awesome epiosde. ShraMan scenes were so amazing. Waiting for the next episode. Btw, i am new here too. Can i join your group…

    1. Ofcourse..welcome to our group..??

      1. thank you

  20. Why it is always the hero who takes the driving seat? Instead of shravan arguing the case he would have trained sumo to handle the case.moreover sumo knows all the nooks and corners of the case. I was a bit disappointed watching the episode.

    1. Sneha…in ek duje ke vaaste,mostly sumo is driving her car..n about the case,Shravan is a lawyer,I think without a lawyer thay cant fight the case.(I think so)…Anyway shravu was reading the case file even in the last night(b4 the case) too..so its difficult for him to teach her the case.
      Actually in this serial,iam little happy that heroine is not shown as dumb,in last episode,sumo also used her brains n helped varun to get rid of khosla’s consignment.
      She also played very well.

  21. Yes, abhi I am absolutely agree with u. U r right.

  22. Guys here a news about our favourite edkv..its little sad one..
    I Hope this link will work.

    1. I think that link is not working..if so then try this one..https://m.youtube.com/watch?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C9595365246

      1. Both r not working

      2. Sorry yaar..i think that third link will work…

  23. http://www.google.co.in/url?q=https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DK8IKetLOtoE&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjbyaWp8a7MAhUI26YKHfjmC0gQtwIIEw&usg=AFQjCNEJyndP-CZ0f6iHDaDMgJ6qluH65w
    Actually I dont know how to get a video’s link..sorry guys..I think the first n second links are not working.. If this one is also not working then I will give written news..sorry …

    1. Actually in this video it is said that sumo gets friendzoned.???

  24. Well hi guys….
    Awesomest epi ..
    Well i m not new bt i started nt to coment bcs of my busy schedule
    however now i ll try to be regular die hard fan of edkv

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxWflfOVFSs
    Guys here is an another news…
    Mami n masi get intimate pictures of Shraman..

    1. What????

    2. Ridhima Gupta

      But how abhi?? Is this any trap???

  26. I think this is the best serial amongst all the serials. Hope they don’t disappoint us bringing someone like Radharani of kuch rang pyar aisa!!!!this show is good only because of the lead pair who are awesome!!!!!!hope the temporary continues.

    1. Yes Radha rani is too irritating

  27. hey guys , so i am piyali…………….love this show a lot……….seriously i am a fan on both the actors from their previous shows (qubool hai & dreamgirl ) there also their acting is superb……………………………………………….by the way i have a request……….i have been reading comments from a few days…………………..reading the comments i really thought that this show will be in top 5 ,(atleast in top 10 ) but no……………all those dragging shows were there and when i was searching for the trp of this show , i got to know from the comment here that it was just 0.4 ………………..guys , over the years , sony has launched beautiful shows but at the same time ended them soon……………i really don’t want that to happen with this so please in addition to commenting try to watch the episode everyday if you can……………i do (if i don’t do then also my sister never lets me to change channel ) so please do watch this show everyday (even krpk is amazing……….watch if you can ) i would even like to join you all…………though i won’t be a regular commenter but would do it whenever possible…………..now i have to watch the show so bye…………..(by the way abhi i am the same piyali ) ……………….be happy guys………….

    1. Hiii piyu…nice to see u here..?
      welcome to our group ??

  28. The fees will be some food made by sumo which shravan like most from childhood.

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