Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhurandhar tells him everything. I did everything as per Sumo’s order. She only made that Daal. Shravan is taken aback. Dhurandhar tells him to call Sumo if he does not believe him. I lied as per her wish only.

Prita has no idea about Dhurandhar’s whereabouts. Sumo warns her to make her husband understand. He should not be seen around Shravan, his office or home. Sumo gets Shravan’s call. What was the need to do it? She says what I did now. He asks her if she thought he wont find out the truth even. She replies that she hid it for some reason. Let me explain! He shouts back at her. Reason my foot! I don’t care where you are right now and with whom. Come to my office right away. She tries to make him understand but he disconnects the call. Prita asks Sumo what happened. Sumo replies

Beda Gark ho gaya (everything is finished). She rushes out.

Preeti comes to meet Pushkar. I don’t want to talk to you. She returns the perfume to him. You dint do right. Everyone at home got to know that this perfume is of 15k. I told them some Manorama gifted this to me. What would have happened otherwise! I am simple girl who lives simple life. I cannot accept such an expensive gift. What’s the need of gifts between friends? He agrees. Who told you that this costs 15k? She says Massi told me. Plus I checked online to confirm the price. He says it may be. But I dint get it for that. I got it for Rs. 250 only through one of my friends. She pays him money. Ask your friend to bring 4 such perfumes. I will gift it to Bua ji, Fufa ji, Mummy and Papa. Bring Couples only. He nods but then thinks of 60k that he will have to pay. Lag gaya chuna!

Sumo notices Shravan sitting all tensed. I am sure he knows aunty is at our home. She sits down next to him. I am really sorry. I hid a very big thing from you. I dint intend to hurt you. I only did it for your sake. I dint know how you will react so I thought to keep it a secret. He asks her if she gets mad regularly or at times. You lied to me about that Daal. Why are you saying all this to hide it now? She asks him how he knows it. Shravan tells him about Dhurandhar. She fumes angrily. He shares that he slapped him. Dhurandhar would have been beaten badly if he hadn’t taken your name. Why did you lie to me My Master Chef? She walks up to him. That Daal has a very deep connection with you. I learnt that recipe from your mother. He is stunned into silence. She adds that it is his mother’s recipe only. He recalls the childhood when his mother was making his favourite Daal for him. Why! She tells him not to be angry. Listen to me once please. That day when you were enjoying that Daal with Pushkar, I saw you happy. I chose to keep quiet so your smile wont go away. I did it all to not hurt you. I dint want you to know the truth and feel angry. I am really sorry for lying to you. He looks away. She faces him again. I am sorry. Why are you doing this then? I dint want to hurt you. Say anything, do anything, just don’t be hurt. I did it all for your happiness. If you get hurt then it will all go in vain. He again looks away. She gets sad. She picks up her bag and looks at him. He says Sumo. I am not angry with you but with myself for recalling that taste till date! He smiles. You are not at fault. In fact, you surprised me. I couldn’t imagine that the girl I thought is immature and mad could be so mature and caring. She is all smiles. You still haven’t stopped surprising me. You too have matured a lot. Thank you! He says what if I had gotten angry with you or had scolded you. She replies that she would have said sorry to him then by holding her ears. They smile. He says what if he had gotten super angry. What if I had asked you to leave? She says I would have left. But I would come back after a few days again and apologize by holding my ears. He again wants to know what if he had told her to leave again or had left on his own. What would you have done then? She says I would have tried to meet you then or would have waited for you to come back, like I did last time. But I wont leave you alone. They look at each other. He says why. She breaks the eye lock. What does that mean? We are friends. This much risk can be taken for a friend’s happiness. He nods. She asks him if she should send the Daal tomorrow. He denies. Forget about eating, I don’t even wish to look at it after today. He sits down to do some work. She leaves. Shravan looks up when she has left. He looks hurt.

Nirmala ji shows all the products that their company is exporting to Mami ji and Rachna. Mami is curious to know if she does it all by herself. Nirmala ji replies that she has proper staff. They think how they are unable to handle a maid even. Rachna teases Mami. Mami asks NIrmala ji how long will she stay back in Delhi. NIrmala ji replies that she had come for 2 days only. But I think I will stay back for a few more days. I was thinking of shifting to a hotel. They tell her against it. Rachna asks her to give her some business tips. Nirmala ji goes aside to attend a call. Mami ji whispers that Nirmala got Ahuja’s business. She dint do anything on her own. Even I can manage something that is already being managed by someone else. There is no big deal about it.

Sumo is near her car when Shravan calls out her name. He shares her umbrella by holding her hand. Give me some shade too (thodi chaaon mujhe bhi de do). She smiles. You asked me once if I think the same way about you like I think about the other women. No, I don’t think that ways about you. She smiles. He says how I can even think like that as you are so special. She feels shy. He says secondly you are a chef. Add something else in your Daal. Make it your speciality. Don’t let it go waste. She nods. She offers to drop him till the door but he advises her against it. Itni Tameez ek saath nahi. She laughs. He begins to go but shouts Sumo. Make my favourite dish. She nods. He again shouts after her to make lemon water too and get mangoes just like the way we ate that night. He shouts after her again. She looks at him but he shakes his head. She thinks he thinks of himself as Khadus but is a kid. He thinks she thinks of herself as a cannon but isn’t!

Precap: Sumo and Shravan fix a dinner date. Mami stops Preeti from going out alone at night. Preeti says Sumo Didi will go with me. Mami stays put. Sumo tells Shravan that she cannot come tonight. He says you only made the plan. Meet me at CP at the said time. That’s it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. nice episode… but this nirmala shravan reconciliation will take 2-3 wks…. was waiting for shravan to confess… but now i thnk aur wait krna padega

  2. Bechare pushkar Ki to lag gaye……really Suman and shravan r well matured.

  3. Supeb episode

  4. Superb episode…… Lag gya chunna pushkar ko??????
    God he is so sweet ……..it’s wierd but I enjoyed pushti scenes more today and pushkar is so so cute……….pyaar mein logon ko kya kya karna padta hai 60k is not less?????…..poor pushkar and Preeti is just so pretty and like a kid..and her character is so loveable?????
    And of course our shraman …….they set the stage on fire just lived them…..thank God shravan did not become so angry on sumo……and it feels so nice to c their friendship….so pure??……..hope u will also get a friend like shravan????
    After so emotional episodes we got a rocking episode……… Waiting for next episode… Precap is so good??

    I think I wrote too much…??..kya karun tym bahut kam milta hai toh ek hi comment mein sab likhna padta hai??
    But the most nice thing in the show was sharman friendship such trust and care……I think kissi ko pyaar mille na mille ek sacha friend toh sab deserve karte hai……right guys???? What do u ppl think????
    Ufff such an emotional line??kya karun senti ho gyi???

    1. If preeti marry to pushkat then kamini will have 2 wendy in home.

      1. hahahahhaha unknown..u rocked it..

      2. Sahi pakde h unknown …

        BTW anyone here watches bhabhiji??

  5. dinner date.really interesting.,

  6. Thanks Pooja di for superfast update….???Todays episode was awesome…I really loved it…Finally we got some cool Shraman scenes,…..yo…Sumo misunderstood that Shravan is talking about Nirmala…But it was about dal..ThankGod she didnt say about Nirmala to him..I know he will get to know about it soon but not now…
    pushku n preeti scenes were good…He lied to her …but unfortunately he itself get into trouble,…60K??….Oh no,..But he will definetely do it for her…He loves her na.,.Pushku is so innocent n cute…
    I really liked when shravu said ” he would have been beaten badly if he hadn’t taken your name.”…Oh so shravu was acting to be angry with her…Loved his question ,what she will do if he gets really angry…Her reply was also cute..”Apologise by holding ears…”…At last when he asked why she will not leave him alone like before…She answered that they are friends…I loved it…But I felt that shravu was expecting something else..Dont know why..
    Also the umbrella scene was really awesome……Actually if shravu stands infront of her umbrella is not required for her…His height will give shade to her…?
    Mamiji will never change…She always finds bad things in people….So irritating…I was laughing when she said if she had also got a company from someone..she would also have managed it..Really???She would have destroyed it..
    Finally Shravan himself admit that she is not like other women for him…she is special…
    Loved the way He called her each n every time from behind…I remembered Aashiqui 2 dialogue seeing it…Especially when the last time he shaked his head without saying anything…

    @preeti…Even I want to see preekar relationship moving forward..but it should not affect shraman’s relationship…I hope sumo will reach there at right time…Shravan’s angry nature should be changed…No problem,sumo will do it…?

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Abhi 🙂

      1. How are you Pooja di??

      2. Pooja

        I am doing good Abhi. You tell. What’s up with you these days?

      3. My 10th classes started..Stressed with studies.. …Thankfully today is a holiday…?

  7. The way sumo comes close to shravu???????I loved it……………….

  8. I m thinking CVS r showing us so many shraman scenes maybe bcz there will be a big fight bw shraman in future…. Reason nirmala.

    ?????I hope they will not drag it…..

  9. Yes,today’s episode was more than awesome.!!you want to see the last scene over and over again! Thank god they didn’t drag on the emotional scenes!shravan calling out to Sumo over and over was again awesome.he saying he doesn’t think of her as other women was so nice.today their was no doubt Shravan loved sumo so much.Oh! How lovely Shravan and sumo look together!Nammik is so adorable.so is NikitaHope they will show them more than his mother and the mamis.Pushkar and Priti are also so cute.today they were so amusing! Especially pushkar having to shell out 60k.

  10. Wow thank GOD he dint shout at her madly….. Really superb …. Poor pushkar wil fall in a debt trap making his love happy….. Lol …..
    Loved todays episode…. Mami never is alright always nosey and selfish idiot…..

  11. this preekar is such a cuteyyyyyy….????????….only emoticons can describe it,not words??

  12. I m late here friends.But the episode was .Just mind blowing!!! Toooo awesome!!! I was like!!! Wow!! Every scenes!! When he asked “kyun” and sumo was shying! they were so close and staring at each other!! Everything!!! ??!! Can’t describe in words??…. .. episode i love because shravan is not rude with suman….They r awesome…eagerlywaited 4 today’s episode…?

  13. I included wrong emoticons..??

  14. wow…it was a fab episode…..SHRAMAN scenes were awesome…I wondered…y dont the director put such scenes every day.. 😛 😛 totally enjoyed the umbrella scene….nd their convo.. just waiting for shravan to fall for sumo once more..or realise it..nd confess it… :* :* can’t wait….
    pusku is in a lol state..hahaha 60k..gosh….preety are u so dumb?? anyways they look cute…love them….pata nehi kamini ko pata chale ga toh kya hoga… 😛
    good morning guys….

  15. Whattt a chemistry of nimik I couldn’t take off my eyes fr a single sec bestst episode.

  16. Wow today epi s nice. I loved Pushti scenes both Pushti were innocent n cute. Damn they scene r funny. The way shravan asked questions n the way sumo answered was loveable. When he called sumo again n again was amazing.
    Precap…… I’m waiting for shraman first date???

  17. such an awesome episode and so few comments?? why???

    1. Dont know yaar.,.maybe after sometime the comments will increase..:)

  18. Guys, unfortunately yesterday i ws nt able 2 watch d epi 🙁 🙁 🙁 …. Bt by reading dis Wu i cn imagine how epic d epi wud hv been…
    Pushkar chuna lag gaya 😛 😛 ……
    Shravan called sumo master chef…. Aaha!! N awsum replies sumo…
    Kaash sumo kehti ki ‘ bcs i lv u’ instead friends dialogue…
    Achha Ji to yeh secret that dinner date ka…. U r rite abhi ashiqui 2 wala scene yaad Aa gya….. Yaar umbrella wala scene mujhe dekhna h bt YouTube respond hi nhi kr rha… ;( ;( ;(

    Eagerly waitin fr tom. Epi….

  19. no words to explain about the episode…………….LOVE SHRAMAN TO THE CORE OF LOVING THEM………..EVEN PREEKAR ARE CUTE!!

  20. What an episode…I really like this.Pushkar ki halat to sudharne ki wajay Aur bigad gayi..Beta agar jyada Simple ladki ko patayaga toh aisa hi hoga .I mean ek sath 60k ka loss….poor Pushkar.oooo my lovely Shraman I really love their scenes….Full enjoyable. Hii Minu nd Tara Kemon accho tumi ???How r u all???

    1. ami bhalo achi..tumi kemon acho??
      btw tumi kothay thako?? kolkata ??

  21. Guys After a lovely episode I think this show should provide a promo …I mean Sony me sirf KRPKEB nd TKSS ka hi promo dikha rahe hain…Unko EDKV ka bhi promo Dena chahiye ..bcz this will increase more popularity …bohot Dino se Ek accha promo nahi aya hai ………I hope they will do this….nd hum fans to hain hi Iss show ko hit karane k liye….Kya bolte Ho friends????

    1. Even I do thought that,….why no promos for edkv…??Its really not fair…?

      1. they show a promo… that dal wala promo..which i dnt like… that karwi yaad wala swad… 🙁

    2. Yuppie minakhi, krpkab ka hi promo repeat hota rehta h n abhi toh dale chapter close ho gya naa toh make a new promo related 2 date…

  22. Hiii Juhi ….Ami khubi Bhalo acchi …Apni bepar re kicchu bolo…..Tomar Bari kothae???R u from Kolkata or Odisha???If Kolkata then sorry I can’t meet U Bcz I m from Odisha .We r living here since many years….sry I m just kidding about the meeting.?

  23. I forgot to say the umbrella scene has to be watched a million times!!!!!!!

    1. Yes,…That was the best scene of yesterday’s episode,…?

  24. Guys…If you dont mind,share your ambition…??

    1. Ambitions huh?? Well i wnt 2 b a doctor… Dietrition in simple wrds nutrionist or eye specialist. I m interested in medicals in simple…..

      BTW abhi u 2 r in 10th abhi tks toh decide kr liya hoga kya krna h?? Tummy batao .. Maine toh bata diya….

      1. I wish to become a scientist…I like to research..??

      2. Oops tummy nhi tum

      3. Dats cool abhi… Hope u invent gud machines 2 help we doctors … 😛 😛 ….

        Dats awsum madhuri may u ntt b next tina dabi or gaurav aggarwal…. ……….. ………. May u b frst madhuri 🙂 🙂

    2. I want to became IAS officer???

      1. Ohh…..iam sure you both will be successful in your ambition….??
        Here,all are having different ambitions…?

  25. I already done cs (company secretary).m in final stage of cs.so my ambition is become a successful practising company Secretary. It means own office.sree and devga u understand becs we r in same field.

    1. You will definitely achieve it….???

    2. hii bhagyashri when are ur finals dear

  26. Sorry for late comment. Yesterday epi was mind blowing , fabulous. Guys , I can’t comment in next 10days due to my cs final exam. I comments after my exam over.OK bye all.stay happy.see u.

    1. Will miss you….All the very best for your exam…Juz kill it,..??

  27. Guys our show is going very good but we have to make it Best soo It’s my humble request to u everyone that just give Comment on Sony’s official page & website . And u have to reqest for a good promo also ….I gave my opinion already but u know na 1 can’t do anything sooo plz support..I think they will pay attention for sure ?

    1. I will definitely do it …..??

  28. Hii guys after soo many days I m commenting here…. I really love this show…. One of my favourite show now. Yesterday episode was a fantastic episode…. I M REALLY EXITED FOR TODAY’EPISODE……

    1. Welcome back…..???

  29. @Anshi….Ofcorse i will….My dream is to be a scientist in ISRO…Don’t know if i will be able to achieve it or not..?

    1. Oh definitely u ll make it ms. Scientist… N tom. In news we ll hear dat Ms. Abhirami sent a new space craft to plutonium… 😉 😉

  30. what an episode…..shraman scenes were super cute….when sumo said hum frnds hai…i jst felt like shravan was expecting something more frm him…and he said she is very special to him….i really liked tht scene…nd pushkar preethi scenes,bechara pushkar pyaar ke liye kya kya karna padta hai…60000rupees perfumes lena pad raha hai….

  31. Oo Abhi u will do it for sure….A aim should be Clear nd here ur aim is clear then not to worry about this ….It’s only depends on u how to focus on ur aim ….Best of luck for ur future plan.?

    1. Thankyou so much for your wishes..???

  32. Wow… a super amazing episode… loved it… its just truely awesome….
    Btw… abhi where were u … we all r missing u on swaragini ff pages…… even piyu was missing u

  33. Wow… a super amazing episode… loved it… its just truely awesome….
    Btw… abhi where were u … we all r missing u on swaragini ff pages…… even piyu was missing u…. and scientist ..oh ho … ofcourse u will do it …after all our good wishes r with u…..

    1. Hey shloka,you here??
      Yaar…as iam in 10th …i gave a break to my ff writing…N sorry yaar..If i come to swaragini ff page,all will ask me to continue writing, which will affect my studies…Me too missed you all…But iam reading the swaragini ffs now also…all the ffs are really awesome,…
      Thankyou so so much for your wishes..Iam damn happy….??

  34. Abhi, thank u so much.and I am sure u r very talented so u 100% achieve ur Target.I also miss u all.

  35. Sree my exam start from 1 st june.and ends 4 th June becs my one group remaining. I cleared other groups.

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