Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lala ji and Shravan are happily singing while grinding thandai. Varun tells them to be quiet but both of them sing all the more loudly to tease him. Lala ji wants to make Varun drink so much thandai tomorrow that he will not talk about work for a week. Vandy comes home tired. He asks her to pack the gifts. They are to be given to all the guests. She is tired. Vandy takes Suman’s name. She will come tomorrow. Kamini adds that Suman is their family member as per Ramnath Bhaiya. Shravan is in thoughts.

Everyone gets ready to go to Ramnath ji’s house. Nana ji asks them to come. They ask for Sumo. Nana ji shares that she is already waiting for them outside in the car with Dabbu.

Lala ji drinks thandai. Ramnath and his family members wish each other Holi. Ramnath gives a gift to Vandy.

Kamini tells Ramnath by the next Holi he will give gifts to two DILs.

Vandy warns the ladies not to apply colour on her. no one can do so. Pushkar puts colour on her face. She is panicked as Pushkar teases her saying the colour wont come off before a week’s time.

Varun is speaking to Gupta ji when Lala ji comes there with a glass of thandai. He makes Varun drink it. varun still takes Gupta ji aside to talk about something important. Varun asks the guy grinding thandai to make sure Varun’s glass isn’t empty. The guy agrees.

Ramnath rushes to greet Tiwari ji as soon as he enters with his family. they wish each other Happy Holi. Lala ji meets Bablu ji. Bablu ji says my live song is missing. Lala ji suggests switching off music then. He asks for Dabbu. Sumo has taken him to buy pichkari. Lala ji pulls him to thandai counter as well.

Mami ji, Rachna and Preeti go to where Kamini and Vandy are. Vandy is upset as she has tried washing her face 10 times already. They compliment the arrangements. Kamini and Vandy go aside to talk to Urvashi.

Sumo comes in the party. Vandy asks her to help her in distributing gifts. Sumo walks away without saying anything. Sumo notices Shravan. She walks up directly to him without caring about all the colour that falls on her. She pulls out something. He covers his face thinking it to be colour. She keeps the small bag in his hand. It is a little more than 3 lacs. We are even now. I don’t keep anyone’s loan on my head. Pushkar notices them and walks up to them. When two people don’t gel together then they should stay away from each other. Right? Look guys, don’t create any scene in the party today. All the guests, relatives, family members are here. Sumo assures him nothing like that will happen. We are even for forever now. He pulls Pushkar with her to play Holi. Shravan looks at her as she plays Holi with Pushkar. He opens the bag she gave to him and is shocked to see jewellery inside it.

Flashback is shown. Sumo is laughing on some joke. He asks her if the joke was nice. She knows he wont understand. Start your work. He opens the cupboard. He begins to clean it but it is way to dusty. He is relieved to see one drawer in the cupboard which is clean. He pulls out a box which has jewellery in it. He shows it to Sumo. She scolds him for touching it. you grew up but lack manners. How can you hold someone’s personal stuff? He says you should have locked it if you were so worried. He notices her sad expressions. Is everything fine? Fro where did you get this expensive jewellery? She says this is the last memento of my mother. She looked very pretty whenever she wore it. I feel her presence whenever I see them. He says I am sure your mom would want you to wear them in your wedding. She is surprised. How do you know? He calls it a guess. What if your husband snatches it from you? She hastily replies that she will kill him then. They both smile. She hugs the box tightly. Flashback ends.

Shravan ties the jewellery again in the cloth. He looks at Sumo who is applying colour on guests. She too notices his gaze. They both look at one another. Preeti comes to wish Sumo holi. Dabbu finds it boring as there is no water or pichkari. She says we should save water. Preeti takes him with her to eat gujiya. Shravan and Sumo look at each other again. Title track plays. Someone asks Sumo to come so she leaves.

Vandy dances with her friends on Balam Pichkari song. Sumo stands with Pushkar all this while. Both Vandy and Varun drink thandai in between. Sumo and Pushkar too go on the dance floor. Shravan looks on sadly. Lala ji and Kamini too dance. Rachna and Mami ji too wish to dance like them. bablu ji goes on stage to show it. He is under bhang’s effect. Someone asks Shravan to come. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. She looks away though.

Precap: Kamini announces on stage about Shravan and Urvashi’s alliance. She asks for Shravan’s reply. Shravan and Sumo look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pls shravan tells that he loves sumo!! Pls and thnx for the fast update mam!! Thnx

    1. i dont think it will happen so fast…yet i also wish the same..

  2. No no sharvan gusse m han nn bol de plz sharvan han mat kahna.plz plz plz
    episode was good,is time ka sabse achha serial.

  3. Really the episode made me cry

  4. wow… Suprb… I jzt lyk it shravan and sumo…

  5. Happy for Sumo staying calm without making fun of Shravan. Much waiting for next episode

  6. Nice epi…waiting for Monday epi

  7. Sirajum munira

    I think the real fun will not start so soon.But the chemistry between Shravan and Sumo is awesome…………

  8. Plzzz shravan say no to the alliance. This is one of most beautiful serial of this time

  9. Please Shravan say no to that alliance. I wish no saturdays and sundays come till the serial ends. Waiting for mondays episode.

  10. Siddharth nigam

    I think shravan would say no and then he will say yes
    Then suman would know some of the bad things of urvashi
    And his family would love her and take her as bahu or shravan’s wife
    Tq u pooja di

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