Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone compliments the fragrance of the kheer which Aditya has cooked. Aditya asks Sumo to taste the kheer to learn how to make it. She tastes it. Mr. Super Chef kheer is sweet. You added salt in it by mistake. He tastes it. it is perfectly sweet. She repeats his line at him. they both smile. Something falls in her eyes. He blows in her eyes. Shravan enters right then. Sumo steps back. Aditya tells Shravan about the kheer he just made. Shravan looks at Sumo. Mami ji asks Shravan when he came.
Shravan replies that he dint know Aditya was here. I wouldn’t have come here if I knew I wasn’t needed here. Sumo looks at him. Shravan says I will go to office as I have some work but Massi and Mami don’t let him go. He goes with them. Aditya asks Sumo why this man is always so serious as

if someone has snatched his most favourite thing from him. Why cant he chill? Sumo is all tensed. Mama ji gives sweets to Shravan. Aditya joins them. Dabbu joins them. a kid has to go through so much. Everyone is busy in marriage whereas I cannot even take a holiday. Mausa ji suggests him to take off tomorrow. Dabbu asks Shravan how he liked his school. I don’t enjoy it at all. Shravan advises him to make a good friend in school. Every memory will become memorable then.

Sumo asks Aditya how much sugar he wants. He tells her. He is surprised to see her adding sugar in Shravan’s cup without even asking him. Dabbu shares that they are childhood friends so they know many things about each other. Aditya expresses surprise. I thought you knew Shravan through Pushkar but the connection is direct here. Nice. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. Aditya observes them.

Mama ji asks Shravan to message him clothes preferences and sizes of everyone. Shravan tells him his on which they laugh heartily. Sumo calls out after Shravan. Tell Kamini Aunty that we will come with turmeric tomorrow to your house. Shravan replies that they have turmeric, dhaniya at home. she smiles. It is a ritual. Bride side come to groom’s side to give haldi in shagun. Shravan says no offence but this is rubbish. You don’t know whose colour will shine on someone and when it will come off. It depends on people. I will inform Chachi though. He walks away. she thinks she understands the meaning of his every word. It is really difficult to go away from you. It is difficult to go away from you.

Pundit’s leave Tiwari House after bhoj. Sumo and Aditya are packing up stuff. Aditya asks her if some twist came in her friendship with Shravan after growing up. She goes quiet. Aditya continues talking. Ma says fights and happiness go as much deeper as friendship is. I dint see anything like that. I hope I dint hurt you. She shakes her head. it isn’t so. We share nothing but friendship. We were good friends in childhood but then he went to London for higher studies. It is nothing like that now. He nods. He is about to ask her something when Preeti comes to show her her dream lehenga. I want this in my wedding. Sumo reminds her that she has already booked her lehenga. Aditya asks Preeti to be ready tomorrow if she wants it. She is surprised. How do you know from where we will get it? Aditya reads the name of the designer for them who turns out to be his friend. Preeti is thrilled. She sends a message to Pushkar too asking him to join them. Sumo is happy to see her sister happy. she nods appreciate at Aditya.

Pushkar happily agrees to be with his princess Preeti tomorrow. He replies to her.

Shravan is checking out Aditya’s profile. There is a photo of him with his mom which is loading just when Pushkar tells him to be ready tomorrow morning. You have to come for shopping. He reads Aditya’s message. Shravan asks him if he does not find Aditya a little weird. Pushkar smiles and says he is more than weird. What happened? Did something happen? Shravan says it dint happen till now. I don’t know about tomorrow. I feel something is wrong. Pushkar speaks in Aditya’s favour. He is a good guy. You too will say it one day. He excuses himself. Shravan is thinking.

Pushkar paces outside the designer’s shop. Shravan smiles seeing him thus. Sumo and Preeti finally come. Pushkar compliments Preeti. She shows her mehendi to him. He tries to find his name in her hands. Aditya asks him what he is doing here. Pushkar says you are taking my would be wife out for shopping and ask me. Aditya asks everyone who informed Pushkar. Preeti says I am the one who told him or he will not take care of anything. Pushkar trusts his brother’s choice. It is best so there is nothing to worry. Shravan looks at Sumo. They all go in. Everyone talk sweetly while choosing the lehenga. Shravan is all quiet. Sumo notices a saree on the mannequin. She looks at it while both Aditya and Shravan look on from far. Sumo realises it is really expensive. Aditya says it is yours what you like. She repeats it is expensive. He asks his friend about the discount on the dress. It has 50% off. Sumo calls it out of budget. Preeti asks her to buy it. I want you to look best in my wedding. Sumo smiles. Aditya asks Shravan about it. Wont she look beautiful in it? Sumo says it is ok. I will buy it. Preeti thanks her happily. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. She sits down. Preeti turns to thank Aditya for taking them out but he isn’t there. Shravan thinks to check up on Aditya. He goes inside on the pretext of getting his phone. Shravan notices Aditya paying money for Sumo’s dress. That means there was no discount. He wants to take his relationship with Sumo to the next level. Aditya does not see Shravan while going out.

Shravan is doing exercise. He is upset recalling seeing Sumo with Aditya. Aditya comes just then. You mind if I work out? I dint get time since I came here. Shravan taunts him that he was so busy in other people and their homes. Aditya replies that Sumo is their own. They aren’t other people. He lies down to lift weights. Please give me a hand. Shravan asks him if he doesn’t feel he joins relations a little too fast. Aditya says my mother says you need only a second to join relations. Shravan speaks his mind. You should be really careful before joining one as one wrong relation can cause lots of problems. Aditya openly tells Shravan he feels he has something against him in his heart. Did I do something wrong? Shravan replies that he saw him paying money to the designer. There was no sale in boutique today. I hate liars. Aditya admits it. I too hate liars but the lie which brings smile on someone’s face is better than truth. Sumo wouldn’t have worn that lehenga if I hadn’t lied. She would look so beautiful in it. shravan looks at him angrily.

Precap: Aditya asks Shravan to pick up the call (of his mom). Answer it for me. Tell her I will call her back in half an hour. Shravan picks the call. Nirmala ji says Adi but goes quiet hearing Shravan’s voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. sona

    Bhata nahi..ye CVS kaise plan kartey hai..telecast..ko..har somvaar…super..amazing great..aur dhamekedhar..somvaar bhanta ka raha hai..😇☺☺😍😍😍😊😛
    Adhi..yaar..shravu..ko itna gussa mat dhilaavo yaar..ki vo tera khoon hi kar dhey…☺😍😂😂😂😂hahaha..
    Aur hamarey shravu…ye khudh tho kabhi romantic cheezey nahi karts sumo k liye..aur Jo kar raha hai..ussey bhi isey problem hai..☺😇😜😜😉😉😁😂😂
    Kya.guys…sahi kaha na myney..😇😜😉😉??

  2. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    waaaat yaar… its sad to see sumo n Shravan not talking dat frankly… 😒😒😒😒
    n aditya’s entry … I thought it would spice things up but things r happening really slow.. I won’t say it is dragging but still we need shraman romance badly.. 😒😒😒😒

  3. aashi

    Shravan n his jealous feeling superkool….. Aditya don’t come in between but try to rove all problems between dem…..
    Namik u look super hot while exercising…..

  4. Meena

    Yes Shravan’s is super duper hot especially in his black sleeveless top!can’t get over him.ek dujeke ke vaaste is super mostly because of him (of course Suman is also awesome,no one come anywhere near Namik!!!!!!

  5. Riya

    Hello every1. New to the show.Has preeti ever been shown in shravans flashbacks wth sumo? She is also a single child right so normally even preeti would have been feeling lonely and would have joined shravan and sumo in their games right? I find that in their flashbacks its only 2 of them and no relatives around and sumos family is a big joint family . Is shravan and sumo classmate? How many years do they know eachother? And what age did they separate? Wat did sumo study? Sorry… too many questions. Just wondering .

    • Sumo


      |Registered Member

      yes but preeti was younger.. n dey don’t show it.. because I guess koi need hi nai h its only Shravan n sumo always… dey were childhood besties n after std 12 Shravan went away to study law.. n wat subject suman studied its really not shown but since she was sure about her catering service she might have done graduation.. ya.. hope I was clear? ☺😊

  6. Annie

    So here comes the cupid.I think..this plot is loosely based on mujhse shadi karoge concept…

  7. Anjali

    Epi was fab…but this guy adi …ugghhh 😒 really irritating me…cant tolerate him…always being so oversmart….
    Cant see my ShraMan away frm each other…yaar pls jaldi milao in dono ko…cant wait more…n pls is adi ko htao…hate him 😒

  8. Kittu

    @Sona Di…..exactly…..
    What shravu wants ….this is the question of the year………
    Bande ki problem kya h…I know he is an Angry Man….but banda kuch ladki pe bhi to dhyan de…we u were near her…then u didn’t thought of any this like romance but when the other is doing… U r feeling jealousy…. Goooooooood
    Nice attitude sir….but let me remind u…that u r best nd Niki mam is awesoooome…..nd this new bro is cooooool…..
    Love him.
    Guys ,today ma will tlk to his son…but shravu wouldn’t recognise….but nirmala.. Ohhhhhh….surely her heartbeat will b on high level….😋😋😋…

    But ek to ye pushu baba..nd sumo…ohh..kitna ADI ADI…which makes our AYM(angry young man)volcano…. It really suits him.

    I mean his angry attributes suited him so welllllll

    …now Niki mam get well soooon

    Ab dekh adi…Teri pol kaise khulegi

    Hey I think ki adi ki harkate dekhkak..may b hamara banda badal jaye……I mean from AYM to SYM (sweet young man),.

    Hi everyone

    .good morning.. Nd…
    @ARBI….aasalamwalaikum my dear frnd….
    I mean good morning

  9. kittu

    Where is my mere baap pehle aap wali link….such a bad joke….mode uncle ewww…Ab mai pehle aapke tooo….

  10. kittu

    @Guys…sometimes I thought ki ye shravu ek din Ghazini ban jayega…in sumo’s love sorry sorry not in sumo’s love but in sumo’s ignorens…means….in some pics he was starring at sumo that if anyone will see him then he will surely kill that guy….👿
    See the pics of cafe..when sumo was busy with decorater..then shravu was looking at her as he would ufffff…no words…
    But I noticed it a lot of time…..nd when sumo pass him smile.. Then his face is something like😄…I think agar bande ka bas chalta to muh nikaal kar k hasta…but can’t.. Well from where did he completed his PhD in not understanding his feelings…nd to have such a cool attitude😉
    Nice……well sry if I said anything wrong… Well it was a joke…

    @Prettypreeti…hey my younger Di…go to 22july page… Nd especially to the link…which I posted at last…u will find my shayari there..okay.sis..byeeeee

  11. kittu

    @Guys…my shayari….
    Meri kahani k pehle pg pe…
    Meri kahani k pehle pg pe…
    Naam tumhara aata Hai…
    Meri ZINDAGI ka pehla lavz..
    Naam tumhara hoga Hai…
    Mere sukh me mere dukh me..
    Saath tumhara hora Hai…
    Har gum me..har khushi me…
    Haath tumhara hoga Hai..
    Mere man me mere dil me..
    Pyaar tumhara hota Hai…
    Aisa Maine chocha tha…
    Aisa Maine chocha tha…
    Par huaa na aisa kuch…
    Chahaa jab saath tumhara….
    Haath tumhara na mila mujhe…
    Meri ZINDAGI Meri khushiyaa….
    Mujhe tumne chhin liya….par
    Ek baat kehni Hai…
    Ki Maine tumse sirf pyar kiya..
    I had written…. That I would write shayari.. But ye to kuch aor hi Hai…aw…sorry….byeee
    Nd give feedback .😇😇😇😇

    • pretty preeti

      What an shyari wah wah kya baat hai
      Delhi ki ladki dil chora ke legi
      Loved it
      Keep writing

  12. Minakhi

    Episode was awesome….Shravan is jealous…This Adi flirting with Sumo but in Good manners so That they can show Him positive….Chai scene was fab…Adi ko pooch k Sumo Shravan ko chai de rahi thi…..ha ha ha……Pehli baar Adi ka Popat Hua…..😜 too good…..Zyada hi friendship friendship ka natak kar raha hai……Last part Mein jab Adi ne Sumo k khubsoorat lagegi bola …..Aisa laga jaise Abhi Humara Lambu…dumbulls se uska sar fod dega….but Woh Guest hai issliye Bach Gaya……

    @Sumo things r not going slow..Only Preekar marriage Is going slow….But After this marriage I really want Shraman’s Confession That’s it…….Bohot Intezar kar liya ab ……Nd Cvs bhi wohi karne k liye Ladder daal rahe hain Adi k though 😆😆😆 don’t be panic dear just enjoy this Haldi Sequence Jo anewala hai…. …
    @Good morning to all

    • Sumo


      |Registered Member

      hey! ya I agree.. pr kb tk.. mujhse intezaar nai ho ra… ab sadu Shravan se wapas wo qutb minar n awesome oneliners wala Shravan chahye.. 😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Lily

    My prediction :(plz reply to it)
    Till preekar marriage , this jealousy track will drag.. And we will get some sweet moments of shraman.. After marriage, Pushkar will tell about shraman being in love to Aditya.. As Aditya is positive, he will try to unite shraman…. But he already has
    a bad image in front of shravan.. Then shravan will get to know about him being
    Nirmala’s son… He will get mad… So Aditya sumo and nirmala being in one team.. And shravan will be in the other..as Raamu is chilled right now… So he will not manipulate shravan…. Some how
    Aditya will bring out the whole truth in front of shravan…. There are two dialogues that proves this
    1 Aditya :is baar baat Bana ke jaunga…..
    (something like that)
    2 pushkar:ek din aapna bhi maanoge Ko voh bahot acha hai……
    Shravan will have to say this as he will
    Return back his two important lady of his
    What are your opinion guys

    • Sumo


      |Registered Member

      lily.. may be dis can happen but Shravan is soooo stubborn dat he will not listen to anyone.. but may be whatever you said is really true….

      n haan u noticed , sumo now a days eats up shravan’s all d dialogues wenever he is about to say something she cuts him n never let’s him speak..

  14. roshni

    The epi was so awesome…. Shravan didn’t failed to create his magic …… Ooo it was so awesome to see his jealousy face….nn at last when Adi told sumo will be so beautiful the expression of shravan was mind blowing…… N oh in precap wat is gonna happen now will shravan recognise her mom’s voice???? Now it will be more interesting ……..

    Hi all…. I saw yesterdays epi but couldn’t comment I slept coz I was tired so how was ur weekends.. Good morning….. Hi how ru all????

  15. Minakhi

    Bang on @Lily …iss show KO predict karna mushkil hi nahi namumkin lagta tha ….but u hv done this soo positively…..Good Job dear …bas ye Sa kuch Nirmala ka mazra khatam Ho jaye …..to Hume Kuch acche Shraman milenge….. pehle CVs should Finish this marriage track …..ASAP 😠 I can’t see Shraman itne door door

  16. Minakhi

    Hii @Roshu …..Dekh @Lily ne kya dhamakedar Prediction Diya hai….😊 ..Ab to na promo Ata hai iss show ka aur na Koi Spoiler ….agey kya hone wala hai kuch patta nahi chal raha …..Thanks @Lily tu spoiler ka jaa kar rahi hai 😚

  17. AREEBA

    hiii everyone one good morning to u all
    kittu walaikumassalam to u to nd kya shi link mili tujhe mere baap pehle aap 😂😂😂😄😄😄really very funny and true……

    guys 1 song for shradi (shravan nd adi)
    there will be a competition between the two boys so see this….
    Aa dekhe zara kisme kitna h dum
    jum ke rakhna kadam
    mere aditya. ………..
    lily….may be I hope but I would say that writers r showing shravan images very bad…..see
    shravan who loves sumo but does not have trust in her remember nirmala’s incident and always stuck to his point even when he is wrong or he feels srry (that dance wala moment when shravan said that mujhe pata h that I m wrong main nhi aaya tha dance Floor pe pr woh ladka kaun h) matlab shravan ko pata tha voh galat h par phir bhi usne srry nhi kha aur ulta banda yeh bhi nhi chahta tha ki sumo kisi aur ke saath dance kre chahe us ki insult kyu na ho jae wah…….
    aur ab last me voh shak kr rha h sumo pr kyuki he said that pyaar ka rang kb utar jae aur kb Chad jae kya pata…..
    Overall writer ke dimag kharab ho gae h voh hero ko hi galat dikha rhe h……..They should show shravan like adi character……

    sumo…….I agree wid u banda khud toh romance kr nhi rha apne dil ki baat he has hidden from when he was born till today…are yaar chal nhi batata toh chod lekin thoda has hi liya kr na …….

    A6a guys kahin aisa na ho jae ki adi sumo ko propose krne ke baad nanu,family aur ravanath sumo ko force kr de ravan Yeh na khe ki yehi moment h ki sumo apna wada nibhae. ……..😲😲😳😦😦

    shravan ko kya chahiye song……For shraman
    shravan…… kehdo ke tum ho meri warna
    jeena nhi mujhe marna…..
    sumo…….dekho kabhi na aisa kehna
    dekho kabhi na aisa krna…….

    • Sumo


      |Registered Member

      sach me areeba.. Shravan ko bht confused dikhya jaa ra h, ar mujhe lgta h adi ko pta h about nirmala being Shravan’s mom.. may be.. nirmala aunty to gayab ho gai thi… achank wapas aa gai.. ar pta h, jb nirmala aunty phli baar aayi thi ar nanu ne unse pucha tha sb kaise h, ar usne adi ar Nidhi ka naam liya tha .. mujhe to tbhi lga tha ki ye adi zarur aaega bad me… 😝😝😝😝

  18. Bhagyashri

    Episode was super duper awesome. Aditya was too good. And shravans expression no words.he is king of angry young man expression. So cute. Guys muze lag raha hai.shayad adi Janata hai shraman ke bare me vo sab Jan buzkar kar raha hai.becs I noticed vo hamesha sumo aur shravan ke expression notice karta hai.aur vo lehange vale scene me bhi shravan se pucha usne,phir chai wale scene pe.muze to lagta hai adi sab Jan buzkar kar raha hai.he is very nice human being. Ab shravan ke opposite bhi kisi ko lana chahiye some one preetis friend. Tab sumo bhi joulous ho jayegi.akele shravu ko kutna tease karoge.sumo ko jolous hote huye dekhna tab aur hi maza aa jayega.hii all very good morning to all.shayad precap me nirnala bolne tak phone cut ho jayega I think.shravan uski awaaj sunega hi nahi.aisa hi honewala hai.nirmala ko shadi me aana chahiye maza aayega. Very interesting.

  19. roshni

    @minu yup just read her comment fab prediction lily….

    @lily yr true same things r gonna happen for 100% … If nit in thus way but some other way. fabulous prediction dear…….

    @kittu wow another awesome shayari…… I loved it…

  20. AREEBA

    Hey sumo toh kahi aisa na ho ki nidhi shravan ke saath dikha di jae A6a Yeh adi nirmala ka beta nhi h na ahuja ka h na kyuki nirmala ne ahuja se shadi thodi ki thi ri8

  21. Minakhi

    @Guys Nimu aunty Shaadi Mein Aa jayegi to ….Ek naya Siyappa Khada Ho Jana hai ….Bhagwan mujhe Jhelne Ki shakti de……Bas Nimu aunty ake Sab kuch thik kar de….Nd I M hating those Preekar yaar…😠 Koi kaam k nahi hain ….Bas apne hi Marriage dream world Mein hain….Two fools r going to married…….congrats to them😈😈 …Guys….for Haldi Function 😆😆

  22. Minakhi

    @Arbi ….Nirmala Ne Ahuja se Shaadi nahi Ki …Adi is here frost Son …..Ahuja Budha Jab Mara tan Adi Chipku ko Niru aunty k paas Chipka k chala Gaya….aur Ab wo chipKu Sumo se chipak raha hai😜😆

  23. 44444

    Pl forgive Shravan all his wrongs against Sumo. He is still unaware of his fathers past and the present.

    Now it is double blow to Shravan by Aditya. He lost his mother to Aditya now Aditya tries to snatch the other most important women from his life.

  24. Anshi

    Beta adi thoda aas paas dekh kr bola kr… Shravan k saamne shravan ke exercise room mein shravan k luv interest ko khoobsurat bol rhe ho… Jb tk voh ek do dumbell nhi marega samajh nhi aayega??

    Hey guyss I really wnt shravu to buy dat jawahar suit dat ws nxt to sumo’s lehnga… Dono mast lagenge

    Omg!! Dabbu’s sooooooooo cute.. Luv u sweetie..

    Ok I know after sayin dis I ll b gettin slippers n as IREENA said maybe even high heels or sport shoes bt I luv when two ppl fight fr a gal…
    OUCH!! Avoidin slippers….

    Bt now guys bye… Ur anshi is goin to sleep fr some time…


    LG Anshi (Love Guru Anshi) is wakin

    Hey guysss anshi’s back… N LG Anshi hs slept…

    Huh!!! Shravan time h samajh jaao…. Nhi toh….

    @Kittu…. Subhanallah subhanallah… Kya shayari thi janaab… Aapne toh hamara dil jeet liya…

  25. Anshi

    @Minakhi di…. Actually di pehle hi yeh aurat ek matter khada kr chuki h upar se ab apne bete ko ek aur matter lene bjej diya ajeeb bndi h…

    @Arbi… Agar aisa hua toh main suicide kr lungi…. Pehle se hi in logon mein km ego tha jo ab yeh adi nidhi kabab mein haddi ban kr aa jayenge

    (O damn….. Minakhi di I m sry… I didnt realise dat matter cn b unfamiliar wrd…. It means fight… I ll try to nt use native lucknow wrds…)

  26. kittu

    1. For adi nd shravu…
    Mere angne me tumhara kya kaam Hai….
    2.For sumo nd Adi…
    Baharo phool barsaoo mera mehboob aaya Hai…😉
    3.For preekar…
    Hamari shaadi me abhi baaki hafte chaar..
    Mahine beet gaye …ye din bhi ho jayenge paar….
    4.For Ramini…
    Mai Teri dushman..
    Dushman tu mera ..
    Mai Kamini..
    Tu Hai ramu uuuu
    5.For dabbu..
    Meri pyari bahaniya..
    Banegi dulhaniya…
    6.For vandy…
    Lo chali mai..
    Apne devar ki baarat leke..
    Lo chali mai..
    7.For shravu nd papa
    Tadap tadap k..is dil..
    Se aah nikalti rahi…
    Mujhko saja Di pyar ki….
    Kaisa kya gunah kiya….
    8.For nirmala…
    Aaja sham hone aayi..
    Mausam ne li angdaaye.
    To kis baat ki Hai ladaai..
    Tu challlll…
    Mai aayeeeeeee😄😄😄
    9.For Kamini nd pushu baba..
    Kammo: Ye kya huya..
    Kaise huya..
    Kab huya..
    Kyu huya..
    Pushu baba: chodoooo..
    Ye na sochoooo…
    Kammo:Hmmmnnn..ye kya huya????😬😬😬😬
    10.For Nanu nd ramu…
    Nanu:Ki tere mere beech me kya Hai??😜
    Nanu:sumo shravan ki..aor kuch bata..
    Ramu: ha ha..
    Nanu….tere mere beech me kya Hai…..lolll😵😵😵😵😵😵😵..reaction of ramu.. He he…
    Plez give feedback dearies …..nd thnx everyone for yr reply or feedback on my shayari…

    • Anshi

      O my god… Control it anshi…
      Kittu dear…. Aaj tu apna address bta hi de main nhi aa payi toh letter toh bhej hi doongi
      I mean incredible yaar… Dil jeet liya toone…
      Lo tumhare liye ek gaana frm DJ ANSHI…

    • pretty preeti

      Kitty it was so humorous how can u think so much my elder di
      Loved ur usage of song

    • Bhagyashri

      Hahaha. Very nice kittu. Sangeet me teri list hi dena chahiye thi. Funny sangeet ho jata.maja aa jata.very nice.

  27. pretty preeti

    Gud evening guys its me actually I am lil ill so I was not able to comment much and today my school day was really irritating because when I was coming back to home the rain was just not stopping and I was already having cold but I m the most stupid that I then also went to rain
    Leave it now i m commenting
    So epi was dmakedar shandar lajbab it was so filled with jealousy of our shravo
    He was so much jealous and precap it was really interesting
    Please shraman confess ur love
    And now coming towards all of u
    Narendra Congo for the first one
    @kittu sooooo sweet shyari loved it my elder di it was awesome but u forgotten ur name that’s bad and ur links it was awesome blossom
    Bye I wrote such along comment
    I can’t believe
    Love u all
    From ur preeti

  28. kittu

    @Minu Di…I m gonna dedicate a precious award to aditya ahuja…
    The world most chepu ka award….
    Congrats adi sir…u won…bingo😍
    Oooye…pehle to tere baap k chakkar me ek baap se uski wife juda ho gayi….budha khadussss..(Mr. Ahuja)..oooffff…nd Ab ye mahashay…ek bete se uski life lene aaya Hai…yaar tell me in ahujas k pass apne liye koi ni Hai. Jo dushro pe nazar daalte Hai…ek to ye banda calls him smart…to Teri smartness kya ghutne me jaam ho gayi..Jo do do aankho se dekh nahi sakta…that they r luv birds…but unki udaan se pehle hi..shikaari ramu ne unke pankh kaat diye
    ..Aur ye ramu…apna koi thikana to nahi Hai…apni to gayi..Ab apne bete ki bhi chin raha Hai…
    So,another award to ramu…
    The world most stealer award……
    Hey bhikhaari bude..ek gift for yr chipka gaali💪💪💪💪💪💪💪…
    Kaisa laga….
    Ye dhai kilo ka haath tha…ha ha…
    Nd nidhi nd shravu… No chance…becoz I read… A news…don’t know ryt or rong….
    But guys…they r bro nd sis.. So don’t say them in this relationship… Can’t …I didn’t like this prediction… Plez…😯😯😯😯😯

  29. Sss


    |Registered Member

    nice episode n shraman jealousy dekhne layek tha oho..n adi he is so cute aur takkar ka bhi he isliye shravan jaltahe use dekkhe lol n precape damn sure they will not recognise eachother specially shravu kuch mamleme uski akkal kuch jadai dhila he…
    thbx pooja Di for update..

    hii guys
    @kittu loved your shayeri yar bilkol perfect hei shb jodi i ke liye..
    @areeba i always got confused with your name so i will call you arbi..you are damn right shravan like always :-/

    @khushi kaha he to? missing you yar??

    @lily good prediction lagtahe eshi hone wall he

  30. Minakhi

    @Kittu kittu ……kya Songs dedicate kiya hai yaar …..Mein isse aaj hi IF Mein post banaungi dekhna ….too good My Jaan …….
    @Anshi …..don’t be yaar ……Mujhe bhi abhi Adi aur uski invisible Maa k upar gussa aa raha hai😠😠

  31. AREEBA

    Hey kittu ausome yaar Hahahaha great😂😂😂😀😀😀😃😃😄😄
    Be a poet when you are alone…..
    Be a king when You command……
    Be a scientist when you work……
    Be a lover when you see beauty…..
    Be a history when you die…….
    be a friend until I DIE……..
    to all my lovely friends 😘😘😙😙

  32. roshni

    @kittu super se bhi upper hain yaar. especially that ramini song….it was suiting them super job……well done dear……..

  33. Minakhi

    O God ….Guys Niki was absent on the set since 5 days …..Don’t know how can they manage….Agar iss week Shraman scenes nahi mile to upset mat hona plz…..😢

  34. Smile

    Hahahahaha…. Today’s epi rocked …. Shravu ur reaction ……. Tea scene & adi ka poppad ………. I really think that adi is right that sumo will look stunning in the lehenga…. What do u think friends…. Why there is no promo or spoiler ….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.