Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Everyone compliments the fragrance of the kheer which Aditya has cooked. Aditya asks Sumo to taste the kheer to learn how to make it. She tastes it. Mr. Super Chef kheer is sweet. You added salt in it by mistake. He tastes it. it is perfectly sweet. She repeats his line at him. they both smile. Something falls in her eyes. He blows in her eyes. Shravan enters right then. Sumo steps back. Aditya tells Shravan about the kheer he just made. Shravan looks at Sumo. Mami ji asks Shravan when he came.
Shravan replies that he dint know Aditya was here. I wouldn’t have come here if I knew I wasn’t needed here. Sumo looks at him. Shravan says I will go to office as I have some work but Massi and Mami don’t let him go. He goes with them. Aditya asks Sumo why this man is always so serious as

if someone has snatched his most favourite thing from him. Why cant he chill? Sumo is all tensed. Mama ji gives sweets to Shravan. Aditya joins them. Dabbu joins them. a kid has to go through so much. Everyone is busy in marriage whereas I cannot even take a holiday. Mausa ji suggests him to take off tomorrow. Dabbu asks Shravan how he liked his school. I don’t enjoy it at all. Shravan advises him to make a good friend in school. Every memory will become memorable then.

Sumo asks Aditya how much sugar he wants. He tells her. He is surprised to see her adding sugar in Shravan’s cup without even asking him. Dabbu shares that they are childhood friends so they know many things about each other. Aditya expresses surprise. I thought you knew Shravan through Pushkar but the connection is direct here. Nice. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. Aditya observes them.

Mama ji asks Shravan to message him clothes preferences and sizes of everyone. Shravan tells him his on which they laugh heartily. Sumo calls out after Shravan. Tell Kamini Aunty that we will come with turmeric tomorrow to your house. Shravan replies that they have turmeric, dhaniya at home. she smiles. It is a ritual. Bride side come to groom’s side to give haldi in shagun. Shravan says no offence but this is rubbish. You don’t know whose colour will shine on someone and when it will come off. It depends on people. I will inform Chachi though. He walks away. she thinks she understands the meaning of his every word. It is really difficult to go away from you. It is difficult to go away from you.

Pundit’s leave Tiwari House after bhoj. Sumo and Aditya are packing up stuff. Aditya asks her if some twist came in her friendship with Shravan after growing up. She goes quiet. Aditya continues talking. Ma says fights and happiness go as much deeper as friendship is. I dint see anything like that. I hope I dint hurt you. She shakes her head. it isn’t so. We share nothing but friendship. We were good friends in childhood but then he went to London for higher studies. It is nothing like that now. He nods. He is about to ask her something when Preeti comes to show her her dream lehenga. I want this in my wedding. Sumo reminds her that she has already booked her lehenga. Aditya asks Preeti to be ready tomorrow if she wants it. She is surprised. How do you know from where we will get it? Aditya reads the name of the designer for them who turns out to be his friend. Preeti is thrilled. She sends a message to Pushkar too asking him to join them. Sumo is happy to see her sister happy. she nods appreciate at Aditya.

Pushkar happily agrees to be with his princess Preeti tomorrow. He replies to her.

Shravan is checking out Aditya’s profile. There is a photo of him with his mom which is loading just when Pushkar tells him to be ready tomorrow morning. You have to come for shopping. He reads Aditya’s message. Shravan asks him if he does not find Aditya a little weird. Pushkar smiles and says he is more than weird. What happened? Did something happen? Shravan says it dint happen till now. I don’t know about tomorrow. I feel something is wrong. Pushkar speaks in Aditya’s favour. He is a good guy. You too will say it one day. He excuses himself. Shravan is thinking.

Pushkar paces outside the designer’s shop. Shravan smiles seeing him thus. Sumo and Preeti finally come. Pushkar compliments Preeti. She shows her mehendi to him. He tries to find his name in her hands. Aditya asks him what he is doing here. Pushkar says you are taking my would be wife out for shopping and ask me. Aditya asks everyone who informed Pushkar. Preeti says I am the one who told him or he will not take care of anything. Pushkar trusts his brother’s choice. It is best so there is nothing to worry. Shravan looks at Sumo. They all go in. Everyone talk sweetly while choosing the lehenga. Shravan is all quiet. Sumo notices a saree on the mannequin. She looks at it while both Aditya and Shravan look on from far. Sumo realises it is really expensive. Aditya says it is yours what you like. She repeats it is expensive. He asks his friend about the discount on the dress. It has 50% off. Sumo calls it out of budget. Preeti asks her to buy it. I want you to look best in my wedding. Sumo smiles. Aditya asks Shravan about it. Wont she look beautiful in it? Sumo says it is ok. I will buy it. Preeti thanks her happily. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. She sits down. Preeti turns to thank Aditya for taking them out but he isn’t there. Shravan thinks to check up on Aditya. He goes inside on the pretext of getting his phone. Shravan notices Aditya paying money for Sumo’s dress. That means there was no discount. He wants to take his relationship with Sumo to the next level. Aditya does not see Shravan while going out.

Shravan is doing exercise. He is upset recalling seeing Sumo with Aditya. Aditya comes just then. You mind if I work out? I dint get time since I came here. Shravan taunts him that he was so busy in other people and their homes. Aditya replies that Sumo is their own. They aren’t other people. He lies down to lift weights. Please give me a hand. Shravan asks him if he doesn’t feel he joins relations a little too fast. Aditya says my mother says you need only a second to join relations. Shravan speaks his mind. You should be really careful before joining one as one wrong relation can cause lots of problems. Aditya openly tells Shravan he feels he has something against him in his heart. Did I do something wrong? Shravan replies that he saw him paying money to the designer. There was no sale in boutique today. I hate liars. Aditya admits it. I too hate liars but the lie which brings smile on someone’s face is better than truth. Sumo wouldn’t have worn that lehenga if I hadn’t lied. She would look so beautiful in it. shravan looks at him angrily.

Precap: Aditya asks Shravan to pick up the call (of his mom). Answer it for me. Tell her I will call her back in half an hour. Shravan picks the call. Nirmala ji says Adi but goes quiet hearing Shravan’s voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hey kittu ausome yaar Hahahaha great??????????
    Be a poet when you are alone…..
    Be a king when You command……
    Be a scientist when you work……
    Be a lover when you see beauty…..
    Be a history when you die…….
    be a friend until I DIE……..
    to all my lovely friends ????

  2. @kittu super se bhi upper hain yaar. especially that ramini song….it was suiting them super job……well done dear……..

  3. O God ….Guys Niki was absent on the set since 5 days …..Don’t know how can they manage….Agar iss week Shraman scenes nahi mile to upset mat hona plz…..?

  4. Hey mina dii thanx yaar nd u r ri8 adi (chipku )
    anshi welcome back

  5. Hahahahaha…. Today’s epi rocked …. Shravu ur reaction ……. Tea scene & adi ka poppad ………. I really think that adi is right that sumo will look stunning in the lehenga…. What do u think friends…. Why there is no promo or spoiler ….

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