Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode starts with Suman asking Shravan to leave the case, Shravan says he takes decisions by himself. Suman says all her life she lived on sympathy of others n she can’t take it anymore. Suman tells shravan not to come to the court next day. Shravan tries to stop her but Suman leaves..

At Tiwari house everyone are confident about winning the case. Suman thinks of telling truth to Nanu but she couldn’t tell him. She thinks how are they gonna deal with it tmr. Shravan stressed remembering all the happenings, Pushkar brings coffee and advices him to do what heart says.

Tiwari family plan that kosla doesn’t doubt them..They are confident about Shravan, Sumo is tensed. Shravan in his room, chachi brings varun n says shravan can’t see his varun bro in pain..Shravan

is worried.

In court, mami asks suman to call shravan, sumo is about to tell shravan won’t come,meanwhile kosla comes der.. Kosla tells goglu that their plan worked. Kosla talks to tiwari family n they ask suman n suman says shravan won’t come. They ask how is it possible, why shravan won’t come on final hearing..

Court proceedings start, Kosla says they made mutual agreement n tiwari’s family sold their house.Judge asks if its true, Nanu says for some reasons their lawyer couldn’t come n asks for next hearing.. Shravan enters saying there is no need for that..

Shravan says house was sold for 150cr n 15cr was advance n will give the rest in a week..Shravan shows file to judge. Kosla says its fake, Shravan tells kosla that these papers r made by same person who does theirs..Judge asks kosla why he made different papers, kosla is numb..

Shravan says greedy people like kosla trap innocent people for money..Kosla asks for proof..Shravan calls shastri as witness..Shravan questions shastri about his profession..Shravan is about to ask about kosla but kosla hides his face..Shravan asks kosla to show his face..On questioning shastri says he faked sign of priya on kosla’s insistence.. Court gives verdict on tiwari’s side..Episode ends.

Precap: Suman in shravan’s room..Suman says everyone is thinking suman made everything right but it was shravan.. Shravan asks for fees n suman says take it wenever u want..He comes closer to suman..

Update Credit to: PavaniShiny

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  1. @abhi.. Ur full name is Gud Bt abhi is best

  2. Its really dissatisfying…..TU is considered to be the best written update site…..if it doesn’t update on time ,where will we go???it’s been almost 12 hours after the epi.

    Msg from Team: Our regular writer was away, it will be on time from tonight.

  3. Agrhh!!!! Pls post guys

  4. TU WHere is the written update of edkv

  5. last scene and precap-in priya tiffin centre- preeta lifts sumo and all r banging ladles and plates as tiwari family won the case.then sumo says ill give party.all r happy preeta hugs sumo.others go back to work.preeta says to sumo that did shravan asked fees.

  6. sumo says no he told hell ask on d right time.preeta says something and says my husband also said bfore marriage i want a gift but ill ask on d ri8 time and after maariage he asked kiss(pappi) sumo says wattt???some lady hears this and comes near sumo and preeta and says ur husband asked only this my husband asked…and whispers something to sumo and sumo i shocked and says nono shravan bahot shareef ladka hai hell not do like that.preeta says something and says ladke shareef nahi ho sakte.then preeta goes.sumo thinks whether shravan will ask what preeta told.then she says 2 herself he was shareef in childhood same now.epi ends.

  7. precap-shravan calls sumo and says sahi vakt aagaya hai.sumo is tensed.in tiwari villa’s kitchen sumo is standing near d stove shravu cutie comes closer actually hes standing very closer

  8. click my name for epis link

    1. not all my names this names and bfor name in shramo i changed my name

  9. epi judge mr shastri ko witness aur sabooth maante hue mr khosla ko……khosla acts as if he got an heart attack gogul says saaaaaaaaaar.bablu says he s acting.shravu cutie smiles.satya says jansaab mere client ko heart attack aaraha hai.i request ki unhen agli hearin ki jaaye stupid satya…sumo makes an angry face shravu says my lord inhen agli hearing ke liye doctor ki zaroorar hai then he calls some doctor

  10. dr.——,aaiye inki jaan bachayiye says shravu.khosla shouts gogul says arre aap se nahi hoga dr saahab leave him.gogul tries 2 run near judge and convince hi, for next hearingbut…………shravan pulls his hand and says to shut

  11. dr says my lord nothing has happend to khosla ther is no heart attack.fatso says wat? shravu smiles.mama ji says get up saaaaaaar like goglu

  12. shravu says khosla has got 5 heart attacks.whenever he loses d case he gets heart attack everyone smile,guglu says shut up.shravu,so ive brought delhi renowned heart specialist.shravu goes near fatso and says mr khosla ive read ur whole life and come(poori janam padke aaya hoon) and winks

  13. Pls update 26th April written update

  14. and smile gugul says ur ri8 truth only triumphs cutie smiles fatso says chup.fatso says uve won courts case when u go home wat abt varuns case?shravan is a little sad sumo is also sad.judge says khosla will be police’s custody for 3 days tiwari fly smiles and comes out shravu also smiles and calls nana ji.nji says from 2day all my victories in chess game will b urs.cutie smiles broadly

  15. When sumo in room wt shravan says

  16. nji says i dont know how ill thank for everything cutie stpos him and says wat r u talking nji whatever i did i did for myself.nji says at least u gave support nahi toh some leave at times of difficulty and sees his family.cutie takes blessing frm nanaji nji says come suman shravu turns and smiles(till now sumo didnt smile at all)sumo makes a sad face

  17. shravu goes to talk to sumo but sumo says nanu i have important work ill finish and come u go cutie is sad cutie gets a call frm chachi.at malhotra mansion pushkar sys dont cry bhabhi.chachi sys what 2 do shld v dance?only tiwariyon ki fikar hai.own bro barbaath hota hai toh ho.

  18. shravu sys khosla will not do anything sadly varun says he did already u cant belive see this and shows some yellow coloured papers.he rejected the consignment,fatso says my quality isnt good and my respect in market has sunk.shravan makes a tensed face

  19. lala ji sys ill go and talk 2 khosla varun sys u go and talk but my future is destroyed.(barbaat ho gaya na) chachi sys ho gaya nahi kar diya gaya hai and looks at shravan

    1. Thankyou so much for the update Natasha…??
      New name is also superb..

      1. ur welcome abhi and thank u

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