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Prita shares that only 2 cheques came. The rest of them will pay after Holi. It wont come before Monday. Sumo still needs 1 lac 30k. Prita has some savings. She offers to help Sumo but Sumo declines. She asks Prita to deposit the cheques in bank. She compliments Prita for last night. Prita tells her to come with them. Sumo tells her that the car is fine.

Shravan calls Sumo. I want to meet you. Sumo disconnects it. How dare he call me? What does he think of himself? Shravan calls her again. She refuses to talk to him but he insists. She thanks him for returning her money but refuses to talk to him about anything else.

Lala ji makes everyone have chocolate Paan. Varun pulls out the list of his guests who will come on Holi. Pushkar too has his list ready and so has Lala ji. He asks Varun

to come with him to get stuff for party. Varun has an important call to attend but Lala ji pulls him with him. Pushkar asks Ramnath about his list. Ramnath says I am sure my guests will already be in your list. I want to invite Tiwari Ji personally. He asks Kamini to visit Tiwari ji tomorrow. Pushkar excuses himself. Kamini speaks about Urvashi and Shravan. Should I take it forward? Ramnath leaves it on her. Shravan is your son too. Kamini and Vandy look happy.

Sumo is on her way home when Pushkar calls her. She finally picks it up. He says your style of picking a call is just like you, completely different. How are you? She lies she is fine. He knows she is hurt. He suggests meeting. She knows he wants to talk about what happened in the party. I don’t want to talk about it. Come home if you have something else. Remember that I don’t want to talk about either that party or your brother. Pushkar feels bad. I wish I could help you in this matter.

Sumo comes home. She finds Shravan standing outside. He repeats he has something important but she closes the door. Mama ji greets Sumo but she heads to her room. Door bell rings. It is Shravan. Mama ji tells him that Babu ji went for a walk. Shravan leaves to meet Sumo. Sumo notices Shravan by the door. What happened to your manners? Will you barge in in anyone’s room just like that? She tries to close the door of her room on his face but he holds it. I want to talk to you about something important. She repeats that she has nothing to talk to him. He comes inside. I only want to say. She refuses to listen to him. What do you want? He keeps saying the same thing. She points out that he already did it. He speaks of her making up for the loss. She calls it her personal matter. It will be better if no outsider intervenes. He wants to pay for the damage. I dint want this to happen. He gives her 3 lacs. She asks him what he thinks of himself. You will keep money in my hands and I will accept it? mami ji comes there just then. She notices the money in Sumo’s hands and blesses Sumo in front of Shravan for sticking to her words. Spread happiness in your family like this only. She takes the money with her even though Sumo keeps calling after her. Shravan leaves as well.

Sumo comes out to stop Shravan but he drives away.

Shravan calls Eric. The case for which I postponed coming to London is done. I am coming back soon. He receives Sumo’s call waiting but ignores it. He keeps talking to Eric. Sumo keeps calling but he keeps disconnecting it.

Sumo tries Shravan’s number but in vain. He switches it off finally. She feels angry. What does he think of himself? He might be rich but he cannot insult or buy anyone with that money! She rebukes herself for waiting for this Shravan for all these years. Saw how much he cares for me? You have hurt my self-respect. Sumo will not bear it at this cost! How to take money from Mami back? I cannot ask for it. She cries. I have to return it to him. I cannot take his favour on me even for a day even if I have to do anything for it. She picks up her parents’ photo. I am sorry Ma. I have no other option than this. She hugs the photo.

Mami ji chases Dabbu as he tries to avoid wearing the tshirt she is holding. Mama ji tells Dadbbu to listen to mom. Mausa ji teases mama ji saying he also does the same. Preeti has bought a special dress for tomorrow. Mami ji likes it. Dabbu points at the discrimination. Mausa ji and Mama ji leave to make preps for Holika Dahan.

Kamini and Vandy come to meet Tiwari ji. They are not so happy to be there. Kamini tells Vandy to not talk too much. Vandy replies that she only talks to people with the same class like her. Something gets stuck in Vandy’s heels. Kamini pulls it out somehow and they go inside.

Mami ji asks Rachna to sew her old covers too. Door bell rings. Rachna is relieved. She is surprised to see Kamini and Vandy. They don’t come inside pretending to go to an important meeting. Kamini invites everyone for the party. Vandy tells Rachna to get the banana peels picked up. Someone can fall. Rachna agrees. She pulls them inside. Mami ji is happy to see them. Kamini invites them again. Vandy talks about buying designer dress for tomorrow’s party. Vandy notices the old clothes kept there. Mami ji lies that they are to be distributed amongst poor. Vandy asks everyone to wear white coloured clothes only. It is the colour theme of the party. Mami ji requests them to stay back for tea and snacks. Kamini lies about keeping a fast today. Sumo comes in just then. Vandy asks her about the dark circles. Go to parlour before the party. Sumo replies that she dint sleep well. Mami ji tells Sumo to rest tomorrow as she is not feeling well. You can skip the party. Sumo denies. I have to go in that party.

Precap: Sumo comes to the party. She walks up directly to Shravan. Pushkar tells them both not to do anything on Holi. Sumo assures him nothing like that will happen. Today we will even out everything for forever!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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