Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Doc tells that they have operated but a lot of blood is lost and they need to thoroughly check her and next 24 hours is crucial..

Shravan is looking at her and remembering accident scene..While remembering he assumes if he stops cars and tell her about manhole..He assumes like He gets out of car ..pulls her aside and says God has given eyes to see..and leave..

Shravan is feeling guilty about not telling her and says a stranger can so this but he did not..

All worried..preeti is crying..Ramnath says I have asked for the best doctors for her treatment..

Ramnath is saying to tiwari to go home and rest but Nanu is not ready. preeti says she is there..
Ramnath tells Shravan to go home and rest but Shravan firmly rejects.

Pushkar tells preeti to eat but she doesn’t

and starts crying. Pushkar says I know you are angry with me. preeti says sumo will be fine na and Pushkar consoles her..

Ramnath tells Nanu to rests, but Nanu asks him to take him to Sumo. Ramnath says everyone is there with her and Nanu thanks Ramnath for helping them in bad times like always.

Nanu says if he wasn’t there on time then don’t know what would have happened to her and it’s like pichhle janam k rista rha Hoga ShraMan ka isiliye Shravan waha. Aa gya (They must have past life connection.. that’s why Shravan was there on right time). Ramnath stands up listening this..

Shravan is sitting beside her bed ..Doc and nurse come and says now he should leave room as no one is allowed to sit in icu and they are there to take care of her but Shravan insists them to let him stay and they agree..

Shravan is remembering flashbacks..
When sumo is ill and he is about leave, she holds his hand and Shravan says I thought you are sleeping and sumo says when am ill I don’t want you be alone and Shravan starts telling her Joke of elephant and ant. sumo scolds him for telling lame jokes. But then laugh..

Pushkar and preeti are looking at ShraMan..Sumo holding Shravan’s finger..

Ramnath and Nanu come to hospital..Sumo opens her eyes and Shravan is smiling.

Ramnath goes to nurse and asks her to call doc as sumo is waking up..Nanu, preeti and Pushkar are happy..Nanu goes to sumo and sumo tries to speak and preeti asks does she want something..

Doc comes. Sumo is trying to speak but can’t..Shravan gives her water but doc says you can’t give her water next 24 hours. Shravan says she is thirsty and doc says go outside..all leave..

Doc tells sumo to hold pen but she fails and everybody comes inside and sees this..Doc tells them to go with him..

Doc checks her brain xray ..Doc tells them that her brain has badly injured and tells about problem..He says that her body parts are not following her brain orders..
Nanu asks about medicine.. operation and exercise and doc says yes medicine and exercise but can’t tell if she can get well.. it may take years and maybe she can’t get well at all.

Preeti cries and Shravan feels very guilty..

Shravan tells Pushkar..it’s all because of him..He had seen that manhole but didn’t tell her..

Update Credit to: Eternity

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