Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan looks at the photo and is astounded. This is your mom? Aditya nods. she is my sweet mom, Nirmala Ahuja. Shravan looks at Aditya angrily and then leaves without saying a word. Aditya gets confused. What happens to him suddenly? He must have gone to washroom. Shravan calls for servants angrily. Kamini ji wakes up hearing the commotion. Why is he shouting at this hour? Shravan tells the servants to bring food in his room till all the guests leave the house. If you fail then be ready to leave your job. Kamini hears them. What problem does he have with guests? She asks Bahadur who shares that Shravan was having drinks with Aditya in garden when he got angry suddenly. Kamini ji thinks it must be because of Sumo. The volcano had to erupt after all. I will see how much damage is done.


ji notices Aditya looking at Sumo’s photos in his phone. She coughs to gain his attention. Aditya says I am waiting for Shravan. He left in between. Kamini asks Aditya what they were talking about. Aditya says we were only speaking about my mom. I showed him her photo and he walked away. Kamini asks him to show her the photo as well. Aditya agrees. Tell me too. I anyways never understood Shravan. She is shocked to see the photo. Aditya notices a similar reaction from her end but she dismisses it. She excuses herself.

Shravan takes out his childhood photo with his mom. Tears stream down his cheeks. What do you want? How much will you hurt me more and till when? You first ruined my life and stole my childhood. Weren’t you satisfied that you asked your son to snatch Sumo too? till now I felt Aditya was family but now I realise, how can he be a part of us when he is your shadow. Like mother like son! He throws the photo on table and rests his head on the sofa mumbling mother-son to himself.

Kamini thinks to not let go of this opportunity. Ramnath Bhaisahab it is payback time! Your son will not just go away from you but will snatch every ounce of happiness from you!

Sumo talks to her mother’s photo. I had over confidence. I am Sumo, a fighter. I can set everything right but I had never imagined what’s actually happening. All my faith, my confidence is gone. I lost today! Life has taught me a very good lesson. There is nothing greater than destiny. She cries hugging her mom’s photo. But it’s ok, I am fine. I will try to stay happy as I know you will be most hurt if I cry. Nanu and entire family will get tensed too so I wont cry. I will try to be happy for everyone’s sake.

Malhotra family is having breakfast. Preeti brings tea for everyone. Lala ji says you could have rested today as it is your first day in the house. Preeti says it will give me peace by taking care of my loved ones. Lala ji is impressed. Ramnath asks about Shravan. Preeti says he wanted lemon water and I sent him upstairs. Kamini ji adds that the party was on all night. How would he come downstairs? Lala ji manages it well. Aditya joins them. Kamini notices his bag. Aditya says it is time for me to go home. It is weird. I came for a friend’s wedding and my own wedding got fixed. Kamini ji asks him to spend a few days more with them but Aditya says mom is here only. We have to go to Tiwari House too. Kamini ji thinks to do something today only. Ramnath excuses himself. Lala ji reminds Pushkar the wedding is over. Don’t you have to go to work? Pushkar nods sadly. He wishes Aditya good luck before going inside. Lala ji leaves too. Kamini thinks Aditya shouldn’t go. My plan will be ruined then. Kamini sends Preeti to bring tea for Aditya. Preeti goes inside. Kamini again requests Aditya to stay back but he speaks of work. Kamini tells him to come in her room after finishing his breakfast. Aditya agrees to come to her after meeting Shravan. She advises him to meet Shravan later. He nods.

Kamini ji gives gifts to Aditya as per their family ritual. Aditya thanks her for making him feel at home. I dint feel like an outsider at all. Kamini says you are family after all. He doesn’t understand her so she asks him to sit. Seems like Nirmala Didi dint tell you anything? He is surprised that she knows his mom. Kamini shares that NIrmala ji is Ramnath’s wife and Shravan’s mother. He is your step brother this way. Ask your mother if you want to but it is truth. Relations come close some way or the other. You came close to your brother this way. Aditya says Ma never told me. I dint even ask her ever. Kamini says it isn’t a big thing. I should have understood and realised it after meeting you only. You both are so alike. You both even chose the same girl – Sumo. Shravan must have told you about it. Anyways, she will become the DIL of Nirmala ji only, be it Shravan or Aditya. You have a family in Delhi now. Don’t forget to meet us whenever you come here, especially your brother Shravan. Kamini goes to get some stuff for him. Aditya gets thinking.

Aditya comes to Shravan’s room. Shravan angrily shouts for the servants. Get this man out of here. Aditya tells him not to shout. No one treats his brother like this. Shravan says it is good you have come to know it. Listen to two things clearly. One, I am not your brother. Two, the sooner you get out of this room the better is will be for you. Aditya tells him to hear his points as well. One, I am not interested about coming here. Two, I am not happy about coming here. Unfortunately we have been joined by a relation. We are the kids of same mother. Shravan refuses to have to do anything with that cheap woman. Aditya tells him to shut up. I dint come to ask anything about that. Why dint you tell me that you and Sumo have something between you? Shravan tells him to think whatever he wants to. Look at my face and think if I care a damn! Think whatever you want to but get out of my room. Aditya goes. Shravan closes the door angrily.

NIrmala ji is at Tiwari House. Nirmala ji says I will be very happy to have Sumo as the DIL of our house. Mami ji nods. we also fear that Malhotra family might get upset if they find out Aditya is your son. Nanu tells her not to worry about it. He promised me that he will help me in Sumo’s marriage in every possible way. Nirmala ji adds that they have everything. They wont need anyone’s help in that case. I had a word with pundit ji. he said that the right mahurat is after 2 months. Are you ok with it Sumo? She nods and then excuses herself to make some call. Aditya comes just then. Nirmala ji asks him about what pundit ji said. Aditya wishes to speak to Sumo about it. Nanu tells him to go ahead. Nirmala ji can see something is bothering Aditya. Everything is fine now then why are you tensed?

Precap: Aditya asks Sumo to answer his question. Was there anything more than friendship between you and Shravan? Shravan tells Tiwari Family he is here. Nothing wont be amiss now. I take responsibility of Aditya and Sumo’s marriage. Sumo looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Amazing episode. Today feel bad for aditya.ek ke bad ek shocking news.poor adi.

  2. Loving namik s acting..damn so awesome feeling really bad..let’s hope adithya changes his mind after knowing sumo and shravan ..even though sumo won’t say anything..?????

  3. Nice…
    Sarey…spoilers..sahi sabhit ho rahey hai…
    Sarey…folds khul rahey hai..par..batanaye..kyon I’m feeling the episodes are short..may b waha shraman k koi scene nahi hai …isliye..idk..
    Anyway..gd nyt guys…
    Aur ha…adhi ka anger in this situation jhaayas tha..par aghey bhi ye a is a hi rahey..tho prblm ho sakti hai..?

    1. I do not wish Shravan’s sucide spoiler should not happen. He should not do this for this thankless girl Suman. She doesn’t deserve such a honour. If he do that because of his father & mother for bringing such a misfortune then if is OK.

      1. Sorry
        I do not wish Shravan’s sucide spiler should happen. That will show Shravan as a coward.

      2. That is not true. Namik Paul said it himself in his instagram post.

  4. Dhamakedaar epi …..wow it will be interesting to know what will happen next……..

  5. pretty preeti

    What an epi I was left with such an look shravo superb namik sir acting amazing
    Precap is toh kya kaho adi and sumo omg sumo will reply him .??
    Just hoping gud
    Guys gud night

  6. pooja di ..again thanks a lot for fastest update…ur a darling di … love u 🙂
    so now episode …wow loved it…today’s episode really killed …
    kamu chachi a big hug for u …yar phli baar kisi villain s itna expect ki thi n u killed it kamu :-* love u…khush kar dita mainu aj 😀
    wat a tashan between both brothers…but m happy adimanav now knows truth so u get out from sumo’s life n unite shraman okay…
    n yar shravu how u said pehle maa ab “meri sumo” …loved u man really loved u that time…
    I wish sumo to say yes to adimanav’s question …
    but shravu man u have totally lost it…
    precap m wat were you saying…you’ll take responsibility of sudi’s marriage..you have totally lost it…
    I know ur hurt sumo is also hurt yar …really feeling bad for my shraman… 🙁
    you know shravu the day when you’ll get to know the reality of ramu kaka you’ll hate urself…though u would be able to face nirmu kaki u will say sorry to her but about sumo..she’s totally broken from inside.
    each n every word of her will echo in ur ear like “mai tumhe kv akela nahi chodti tmhare ane ka wait krti ” after daal incident …
    @sona I remember each n every dialogue of them … 🙂
    n after accident that coffee date day “Mai tmhara bura kv soch hi ni sakti ..sumo tmse jhagde, pite, gusa ho but tmhara bura kv ni chahegi”
    n in yesterday’s episode she said “chahe to mai v categorize kr skti hu but ni hmari majburi hoti h …hm dusro k andar jhak kr dkh skte “…
    man ur gonna regret each n every harsh words n actions which u did to sumo…n you’ll understand how much she loves u, cares for u…
    I’m not blaming u I know ur situation n both shraman are right at their respective places …if anyone is to be blamed then it’s one n only devil ramu kaka. av v sudhar ravan apne hi bete ka beda garg kr rkha h …u spoiled him…hate u ramu. … :-\
    @Jo Congo …exams s free now…n r u confirmed about edkv ending at 150 ??
    @sonai all the best for exams…
    @bhagya …hi how r u? ?
    @priya15 how r u now??
    @all edkvians…where r u all?? missing u all guys…
    @lily good to see ur comment ..n yeah no more dragging now 🙂
    goodnight all…shraman dreams…

    1. Hii anju,m very fine.how r u?

  7. A competition between 3 persons. Aditya, Suman & Shravan who will blind first. I wish Shravan wins. Suman’s realisation that she can not do everything is very late.

    1. I wish aditya ?

    2. A competition between 3 persons – Adi, Suman & Shravan to see who will bling first. I wish this time Shravan must stand his ground and win the battle. Best of luck Shravan.

      That sorrow ” Kya karna chathi hi”

  8. I like adi….feel bad for him.

  9. i felt bad for adi today…got to know 2 shocking news back to back…ur anger was worthy today n i liked the way he defended nirmu kaki today…sanskari beta…ab zara aise hi unite shraman…i really wish spoilers to be true this time that adi will unite shraman…
    preekar guys…seriously means come out of ur lil bubble guys…pushku i didnt expect this frm u atlst..u wr the one giving confrmatn certificate of love to shraman…u wr the one who was damn sure about shraman..that they love each othr …thn hw could u say this tc of urself n sumo to adi..
    cm out frm ur dream world n see the pain, battle, prblm of ur brother n best frnd n unite them man…u really broke my heart… ?
    acting k to kya kahne. m speechless …nimik guys u always rocks…?
    gd mrng n gd nyt guys ?
    Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all… ?

    1. @ Anjali can put my opinions.

      Look it seems from one his conv with Nirmala he mention about his child hool. He too may had a bad childhood, probably lost his mother in tender age. After arrival of Nirmala he may have got mothers love, because nirmala showered him and his sis with all her love which she could on Shravan.

      But this fellow Adi is an ass to poke his nose in everybody’s life without thinking for even a second. There the lack of upbrining. But shravan though motherless, though timid in the beggining but after returning from london he had only one weekness that his and only his Sumo.

      Adi is brute but shravan gives respect to others privacy. His only weakness is Sumo and that will remian till the end.

  10. This serial initially started of differently . friendship as a basw but ended up similar to other saas bahu drama.y such sacrifice dramas y cant people stand up for their love instead of becoming mahan I sacrificing .sumo spoiling both adi n shravan life.
    only because of namik this serial is running.namita should buck up with acting since dream girl same kind of acting she does.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Is natural problem of all dramas all hindi serials r like that but ek duje ke vasste and 1-2 serials are still 10000 times better than other shows ya i agree i also dont like the mahaan side of sumo, but she is not so mahaan 😛 and well it’s not nikita’s fault if cvs spoiled her character her acting is amazing I just love her acting since dream girl though I didnt watch dream girl much, and sumo and laxmi’s character r quite same also. And do you have any idea how well she acts did u saw the paralysis epsiode like how she acted as if it was for real dont say like this that’s my opinion well this may be your opinion so I wont say much

    2. Exactly,that is the thing.every serial start on a promising note and then suddenly lose their track and do whatever it takes to drag the show for 2-3 years.when i saw the promos of EKDV,it was more about the self respect of Suman and the chauvinistic attitude of Shravan.And now,look at it!!

    3. U r right. Sacrifice not at the cost of our married life. Now they portray Suman as 19th century seethe satha beti

    4. Yes always we can not put others interest before ours.
      no personal coments. Niki expresses well all emotions.

  11. I wish Preeti should tell Sharvan about Ramnath’s true colours and save Sumo and Sharvans relations. Now the time has come to expose him.

  12. Happy Krishna janamashtmi to all.very good morning to all.

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG Shravan u r just amazing love ur acting to the core too good very less suman scenes today and aditya now i think aditya will turn negative -_- i feel bad for him but i wonder what he will do he may cause some problems for shraman and suman especially. Kamini aunty -_- now her stupid plans will cause problem for shraman. and precap :O 5 days :O i m sure shraman will get married in this 5 days only not aditya-suman 😛

  14. Khushi

    Hi guys what’s up??
    How r u all??
    Uff I think this all is going to be very interesting I don’t like the changed shravan but I think this all will be really interesting
    Woah kamini chachi is back with her devilish mind I just hope now chachi do something and bring shraman together
    I want ramnath’s truth should come out now this all is really extending more than expected and upar se yeh adi he always gets on my nerves when he is with sumo
    After all sumo sirf shravan ki hai
    Chalo let’s c what happens…
    Happy janamashtmi to u all guys
    Love u all

  15. This is Kittu …nd here is my song…
    Dettol handwash?…
    Shaadi se pehle aadi ko dhona…
    Kabhi bhi na bhulenge hoooo…
    Aadi bhagayenge…
    Shaadi karayenge…
    Nirmala nirmala hoo…

    Jo niru NE shikhaya WO sab ko shikhayenge….
    Everybody aadi dhoo…
    Aadi bhagayenge …
    Shraman milayenge hoo….

    Sumo: tum paas aaye…
    SHRAVAN: aadi ko le aaye…
    Adi: tune na jaane kyu dande barsaaye..
    Ab to mera dil Rone ko karta Hai..
    Kya KARU hi…haath nahi uthta Hai…

    Shravan: pehli pehli baar marammat ki Hai…
    Kuch na samajh me aaye mai kya KARU. .
    Sumo: shravan na jaane pagal kab ho gaya…
    Nirmala:Ramu NE usse pala ki Aisa ho gaya
    Hi everyone.. Happy Krishna janmashtmi….

  16. Hey hello guys

  17. hello guys…
    @bhagya..m also good dear… 🙂
    @44444 I agree u in one thing…I don’t like adi either..well I hate him…never liked him…in yesterday’s episode also..I just liked one thing that he respects his mom …n yeah watevr his childhood might be he got the best mother n on other hand my poor shravu lost her cz of ramu …
    I hate adimanav bcz of his behaviour …always poking nose in others matters or lives…I agree with u here…n yeah always funny n cracking PJ’s …he’s just so annoying ..I don’t like boys who’re like adi …
    n well I love only shraman..
    n guys please stop criticizing their actings…this serial can’t be compared with any other serial…n their performance is mind blowing…n Nikita is playing the role very beautifully …she’s doing wat she has been said to do…n she’s Fab ….
    @sona …episodes are longer from last week…ur feeling like this bcz of few shraman scenes as m feeling the same 😉 we want to see shraman …

  18. @lily hey… 🙂
    @kittu ..hey mazedaar song bilkul fit baithra sb par …dettol wala to especially 😉 couldn’t control my life 😀 aate k sth hi dhamakedaar song k sth entry 😀

    1. @Anjali di….hey di…well m from Delhi nd of 15+ (my age)…I too from jharkhand (Ranchi)…but lives here…(Delhi)…I get one more di…nd wow we r from same place… Well di…same problem …nice….nd thnx …

  19. @kittu …tere lie apni biodata maine 19th August wale wu p post ki 😉 qki u asked about me on 15th so …pdh lena ..n I think u will call me di biodata pdhne k bad 😀
    @guys…can u all pls tell whr r u all from..just wished to know something about u all 🙂

  20. Priya15

    Omg.. Shravan Ka angry young man look Kamal Ka Tha yr…. Precap.. I m awestuck.. I didn’t expect it.. Shravan???? Hope they unite shraman soon.. We can’t see them like this I mean like enemies it doesn’t suit them… My lovely couple.. They r one of the best pairs till now in television.. Pls unite them CVS.. Hope u don’t drag their enemity like this.. .

    1. Hii priya hw u feel nw.u were not well na.

    1. Thanks sonai for this mindblowing link.I also watch it on zoom telly top up.

  21. Hey guys, good news,good news,good news.I saw on telly top up zoom.sumo rejected adityas proposal.happy na.

    1. Amazing links nazia,thanks for the link.

  22. pretty preeti

    @kittu yaar songs awesome
    @anjo I m from Punjab Ludhiana tutu
    @bhagya ty for gud news
    @sonai nice video ty
    @nazia ty for the link
    @guys how u all r

  23. can u all explain what is happening ….shravan said that he make sumo marraige go well….????but episode was nice but precap was confusing…plzz tell me

  24. Dil mile dildaar bane..
    Pyar mila karzdaar bane..
    Yaar mila yaade bane..
    Toot gaye afsaane bane..

    Choot gaye saaye sabhi..
    Yaad Hai yaade sabhi…
    Roothe na yaar kabhi..
    Yaar rahe pyar sahi…
    Hum jaise Hai vaise sahi..
    Bas …pyar rahe salamat…
    Duaa Hai yahi ..
    Duaa Hai yahi..

    KEHTE Hai ..
    Jhakham dena aasaan Hai…
    Marhum lagana mushkil…
    Par hum KEHTE Hai…
    Marham to paraye dete Hai..
    Or Jo jhakham de…sahi to apne Hai…
    Paaas ho chahe door ..
    Khush ho ya majboor…
    Rahte Hai yaar…
    KEHTE Hai jaroor…
    Ki”tumhari yaad aa rahi Hai”…
    “Kaise ho?”…
    Kasam se dil rooo padta Hai…
    Aur puchta Hai.
    Mai yaad to hoo….
    Chal yahi Hai kaafi…
    Mai rahu na rahu …
    (Very emotional)….
    Bye everyone….

  25. hiieeeee …news is here adi will star harrasssing sumo…what will happen is shravan will make there wedding go happen in five days and adi will turn into a villian and will start harrssing sumo lets see what will be shravu reaction when he will come to know about it

  26. Devga

    Nw sumo u must really open up idiot… Ravannath has got the promise tht u wil not tel ur feelings to shravu not to aditya…. Sumo If u still dnt open up then u r dumb and idiot (no offense guys i am ovr raged thts all)….

    And u think tht shravu is not understanding u tht HE left u… Wat did u do, did u understand His situation?? No right then u cant judge shravan’s frndship….

  27. @kittu ..haye meri choti sissy ..ur also from ranchi but shifted in Delhi…got a new younger sis :*
    @khushi…hey how r u? ? miss u 🙂
    @pri my Punjabi girl 🙂
    @sonai @nazia ..khush kr dia yar thanks for the good news…
    hope to see shraman together…
    n u adimanav u better stay away from sumo :-\ she is only of shravu…
    n don’t u dare harras sumo shravu will torn u apart or will cut u in pieces… 😉
    n happy to know that sumo will say no to blo*dy adimanav’s proposal …love u my darling shraman 🙂
    miss u guys…see u tonight at today’s wu page 😀

  28. @kittu ..teri shayari 🙁 made me emotional …awsm choti bht acha 🙂

  29. New precap Suman ka mehendi. Why they r deviating and dragging.

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