Ek Duje Ke Vaste 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


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At Malhotra house, everyone is having breakfast. Shravan is lost in thoughts while pouring juice for himself. Kamini tells him to be careful.
Shravan says nothing happened. It does not affect me anyways if anything happens. He notices Pushkar looking at him. Shravan talks to his father about the case. Kamini thinks to find out what Shravan thinks of Urvashi. I will have to ask her mother only.

Urvashi, her mom, Kamini and Vandy are doing Yoga. Kamini is tired already. Their instructor leaves. Kamini pulls Urvashi aside. Tell us what happened last night in the party. Urvashi says Shravan looked so hot last night. He was dancing on my tunes last night. Kamini and Vandy get happy. Urvashi tells them about Shravan fighting with his friend for her last night. Her name was Sumo. Kamini and

Vandy are confused. What was she doing in the party? She tells Mrs. Singh it is the right time to take the matter forward. They all happily agree to the idea.

Sumo talks to her customers, who are still supposed to pay her. They postpone it for next week. A lady gives her tea. Why are you worried? Sumo shares that she has to collect 3 lacs in 3 days. She talks about the estimated amount which should come soon. They said they will give me. Just call them tomorrow morning. The lady agrees. Sumo gets up to go. Will I take an auto? The lady asks about her car. Sumo shares that it needs repair. Sumo leaves. The lady prays that Sumo’s problem goes away.

Sumo is waiting for an auto. A jeep stops before her. A few goons eve tease her. Shravan notices them passing comments at Sumo. He stops the car and gets down. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. He stands resting on his car. The goons keep passing comments on Sumo who warns them to come to her if they are daring enough. I will break your faces. They all get down hearing her challenging them. Shravan looks on from far. One guy inches closer to Sumo. Before Shravan can do anything, the ladies from her office come there and beat all the guys. Shravan smiles seeing it all. The fat lady sits on top of a guy and jumps on him to teach him a lesson. Sumo also slaps a guy. Her bag falls in the process. The fat lady hits another guy on his private part. The guys beg for mercy. They make the guys run for cover. Shravan smiles.

The lady walks up to Shravan. Delhi is like this because of people like you only. Guys are teasing a girl and you are only posing! Sumo tells her to come. We don’t need anyone’s help. She stops an auto for Sumo. All the ladies leave. Shravan looks on.

Sumo comes home. She notices Mami ji in the kitchen. She goes to her directly. I brought the money. Mami ji changes her colour. I knew you can never lie. Stay happy always! Sumo opens her bag to give her money but cannot find it there. Mami ji taunts her if it disappeared just like the accident she spoke of. Sumo says I am not lying. I kept them in bag. Mami ji asks her where it went then. Sumo relates the eve teasing accident. mami ji does not buy it. I gave you three days time only. Rachna asks them what happened. Mami ji tells her to ask Sumo only. She leaves. Sumo shares that she kept money in the bag but don’t know where it went. Rachna tells her to think clearly. Maybe you left it in office.

Sumo comes to the same place to look for money but obviously it isn’t there! She comes to her office next. She checks her desk but it isn’t there. She calls Prita too. I kept 45k in my bag before your eyes. Prita had seen it too. Maybe it fell during that fight. Check there. Sumo shares that she checked already. It isn’t there. She disconnects the phone and is sad that the money is gone.

Shravan gives money to Rachna. That girl is really bad. Thank God you both were together. Why dint you tell her? He says she left by then. Mami ji comes there. Rachna gives 45k to her. Sumo spoke of 3 lacs. Mami ji nods. We will only ask what we spent. She is the daughter of the house only. They look at Shravan. He says I only found the wallet. Mami ji says maybe Sumo could arrange for this much only. We shouldn’t say no to Lakshmi. She takes money from Rachna. Give coffee to Shravan. Dabbu calls for his mother so Mami ji goes inside. Rachna asks Shravan to have a seat. He politely refuses for coffee. What’s the matter of 3 lacs?

Rachna explains about Sumo deciding to give 3 lacs to Mami ji. We got late and missed our flight. Now she insists upon paying it all to Didi.

Sumo is in tears. My time is bad. There is no point crying now.

Rachna says Sumo never goes in a party but she went yesterday. Her car met with an accident on her way back. She has a lot of self-respect. It is all destiny! Shravan takes her leave. Sumo enters just when he is leaving. They both go their separate ways without saying anything.

Rachna tells Sumo Shravan came to give money or you would have lost it all. He is a very good guy. He came here to return money at this hour. May God keep him happy always! Epi ends on Sumo’s face.

Precap: Shravan calls Sumo. I want to meet you. She thanks him for returning her money but refuses to talk to him about anything else. He comes to her home. She tries to close the door of her room on his face but he holds it. I want to talk to you about something important. She repeats that she has nothing to talk to him. Later, Sumo rebukes herself for waiting for this Shravan for all these years. You have hurt my self-respect. Sumo will not bear it at this cost!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Now Shravan is realizing what kind of a person Sumo has become over the years. This is going a great pace! I hope they don’t start making stupid stories and dragging the show later on!

  2. The episode was very funny.the precap was amazing waiting to watch that

  3. i luv this serial……..sumo n shravan are just perfect……..

  4. wow epi was soooooo nice love it

  5. Nice episode

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb epi and I love this show especially lady Sat on goon is really funny!!!

  7. I agree the episode was nice but it is soon gonna get dramatic
    Just waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  8. Sumo and shravan pair is just awesome luv this serial

  9. superb episode gud n u sumo

  10. This was a good episode, I can’t wait for the next one. How is Shravan able to just walk into her room like that?
    I feel bad for Sumo, she does so much for her family and her mami-ji is so cruel to her when it comes to money. I hope they show Suman paying off the entire 3 lakhs and 20 lakh debt from her mom all by herself without help from anyone, especially Shravan. I like how they showed Sumo and her staff defending themselves against those goons. Shravan was such a loser for just watching.

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