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It is vidaai time. Dabbu wonders why everyone is crying. Will Preeti Didi wont come to meet us? Preeti tells Sumo she is feeling really scared and disturbed. Please come with me. Sumo says there isn’t anything to worry about. Lala ji says I understand your concern. Only the walls of your house are changing. You will get equal love there too. He asks Sumo to come with Preeti. She will feel better. Mami ji too tells Sumo to go. As per the tradition of our house, someone from the family does go with the bride. Dabbu is too young. Everyone asks Sumo to go. Lala ji walks up to Mama ji. I don’t have a daughter but I do understand the pain of parting with your daughter. She is the biggest treasure of every house and father. I assure you she will get the same love and respect in our house

too. Mama ji is touched and relieved. Ramnath wonders where Shravan is up to. Take care of Tiwari ji. call me in case you need anything. Ramnath asks Varun about Shravan but he has no clue. Malhotra family leaves with Sumo and Preeti. Mami ji is in tears. Everyone comforts her.

Malhotra Family comes home. Ramnath is surprised to see the lights off. Lala ji tells Kamini ji to make good preps as their DIL is going to put her first step in the house. He makes Varun switch on the lights. Shravan is already inside. When did you come here? Lala ji says he would have come to make preps to welcome Preeti. Shravan says exactly. Everyone was worrying about vidaai. No one thought who will welcome her. Lala ji notices him to be a little drunk. Shravan says it isn’t something to hide. One daughter is married off and someone else is already going to take the other daughter. He goes to Aditya and notices Sumo standing next to Preeti and Pushkar. This is brilliant. The marriage was released just now and you brought her here already after marrying her off? Aditya says there is time for that. Shravan advises him never to trust two things in life – trust and women. You never know when they will change and go with someone else. No one can tell. It is better to get the girl on time or they will bring wrong time for you. Aditya thanks him for his philosophy. But my time and Sumo aren’t the ones to leave my side. Shravan laughs. Good for you. it was my job to warn you. I did that. Aditya thanks him. Lala ji reminds them to welcome Preeti. Vandy excitedly tells Preeti about Grah Pravesh rituals and its meaning. Sumo keeps looking at Shravan all along. Shravan counters Vandy’s words. You never know when Devi’s (wives) will run away with everything. Varun supports him (playfully) but goes quiet when his mom and Vandy look at him. Kamini ji unwillingly does aarti of the newlyweds after following which Preeti does Grah Pravesh. Everyone goes inside except Sumo and Shravan. They both look at each other. Aditya comes back to take Sumo inside. This all is so exciting. Very soon we will be in their place. Sumo goes with him.

Vandy shows Preeti her room. Lala ji seconds her. This room is yours now. You have a right on this room and this house completely. He notices Kamini all quiet and asks her to talk but she says Preeti is here only. We can talk lifelong. Shravan says Chachi is right. No one understands that my brother wants some alone time with his wife. Lala ji agrees with him. Everyone goes out.

Everyone is gathered downstairs. They speak of how hard it has been. Let us all go to sleep. Ramnath asks Shravan about rest who replies that there is no point of sleeping now. How will I be able to sleep? Everyone looks at him. Shravan speaks of partying. Lala ji tells him to take rest. It is too late. Shravan replies that he was sleeping till now. Now that I have woken up I want to live in reality. We enjoyed in Pushkar’s wedding. We should show how happy we are for Aditya and Suman. We will party now only. So many friends of Pushkar are here only. Lala ji gives in and excuses himself. Sumo turns to go but Shravan stops her. You are the star attraction of marriage. Will you cheat your best friend like this? Wont you give me a chance to celebrate your happiness? Aditya agrees with Shravan. Shravan says your (Sumo’s) would be husband agreed for it. You have to come now. He takes Sumo and Aditya with him. Kamini wonders why Shravan is reacting like this. What is he up to? Ramnath is also tensed.

Pushkar sits lost. Preeti asks him what he is thinking. He speaks of his brother looking different today. I kept wondering what’s bothering him. Anyways, let’s sit. Do you believe we are husband and wife now? You are Mrs. Pushkar Malhotra from now onwards. Ask me whatever you want tonight. I will not say no. She asks him to promise to love her like this forever. Love is very important in life. Life gets bitter without it. He promises her that wont be a problem in their life. She smiles hearing him. He holds her hand romantically.

Shravan pours wine. He offers it to Aditya but he thanks him. I am already high. Shravan agrees. People who aren’t intoxicated drink it. Cheers to me! How did you guys come close? No one got to know anything. Everyone was surprised after the announcement and I was shocked. You cheated me right? Aditya is about to reply when some girl walks up to Shravan, thanking him for his presence in the party. Everyone will feel better now. You are quiet cool. Shravan calls her hot. She asks him for dance for which he readily agrees. Shravan asks Sumo and Aditya to dance together too. It is your day. Let’s see how you look together. After all you are made for each other (Ek Duje Ke Vaaste). Shravan dances with the girl. Sumo dances reluctantly with Aditya. Shravan keeps looking at her all along and how Aditya is holding her hands and her waist. Sumo too sees him staring at her. He holds the girl by her waist now which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sumo.

Precap: Aditya excuses himself for a while. He tells Shravan that he is leaving his Sumo, his amanat with him for some time. Please take care of her. Shravan walks up to Sumo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. pretty preeti

    omg what an epi guys iwas just lost
    precap seems to be very interesting
    talk to u tomorrow
    epi jakas

  2. Hii everyone I introduce myself in previous episode how was ur day guys both is feeling jealous and really precap is something intruding eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  3. Ya..
    Its a wonderful episode..with excellent performance of namik..as heart broken shravan..???????????????

    1. I liked the sad expression of Sumo. Nothing else.

  4. hi all m here again..
    thanku all for liking my lamba chauda comment. 😉
    @khushi…yar anjo bol koi prblm ni … 🙂 n ha missed u ..aise gayab mt hona fr …
    @sona ..hey ur wlcm hug k lie 😉 thanku yar aise hi good2 spoiler btana…
    @preetypreeti I’ll call u pri dear 😀 thanku 🙂
    @priya15 m gd dear…how r u now??
    @bhagya..hey m gd n u?
    @beas all the best dear will miss u
    @nazia pls don’t crack such prank ..dear I was heartbroken for a while 🙁
    @lily, minakhi, ireena di,kittu , sumo, roshni, anshi,lovelylady, sss, n all positive edkvians where r u all??
    how r u all guys?? love u all n miss u all … :-*
    @suman …remember u dear…keep commenting 🙂
    now lets talk about episode …shravu man teri acting to muuaahhh…hats off man ..kitna sarcastic ho gya h man …n poor sumo can’t even say anything 🙁
    oh last wala dance to heartbroken 🙁
    how dare u touch sumo adi :-\ will kill u ..n shravu how u touched that girl 🙁
    oh felt like ye scene jaane tu ya jaane na movie jaisi …same best friend n do kabab m haddi aj ufghh…n adimanav bola kaise tu meri suman ..beda garg ho tera …
    shravu yar pls stop calling sumo suman ..aisa lgta kisi ajnabi ko bula re ..
    preeti yar i thought u would ask pushku to unite shraman but I can understand ur condition 🙁
    precap seems good..yar shravu bolde na that u love sumo…
    adi ur the biggest dumbo man…shraman ko dkhkr koi v kahe that they r in love but ur definitely blind n deaf man…
    n shravu mere tera ek duje ke vaaste wala dialogue man…love u…
    shravu rocked 😀 adi shocked :-!
    good night all see u guys…
    goodnight hug to all edkvians…
    @44444 thanks for the spoiler man…I hope it to be true badly 😀

    1. But but this shravan many thought will be a Devdas. But proved though he is hurt but not lost his courage to live. He will live but Sumo will be scare on his heart.

    2. Yeah I’ll not.. Sry

  5. Poor preekar.that was the most boring wedding ever… esp arent they punjabis?! And shravans dialogues…. the dull house entry and ppl just “takin” preeti to her new room … shravan partyin with a bunch of stranger couples dancin inthe living room inthe middle of the nyt! Lol.. i wud hav imagined puskars weddin to b fulla fun.

    1. I dont get one thing though… shravan accuses suman of cheating but he never proposed.he never had confirmation of her love. . For a lawyer esp.. thats an odd behaviour ?. I hav some doubts
      1) how old was shraman wen they met and how long did they know eachtoher ( other than the 10 yrs tht they weren’t in touch wid eachother). Coz they said 11 yrs somewr.. so is tht jus 1 yr plus 10 yrs apart?else if they wr 14-16 yrs of age durin flashbak and the friendship is totally 11 yrs..then do the math… they met as tolders!?
      2) nirmala and ahuja didnt love eachother. So was it so hard for her to just adopt his kids and accept his money rather than changing her name to nirmala ahuja… i mean y did she marry him? She shud be known by her dads name again aftr divorce.
      3) nirmala joined ahuja family… rich! And yet cudnt afford to secretly visit shravan in london ( esp with ramnath in india, tht wud hav been easy. Shravan isnt british prince to hav body guards arnd him).

      1. Hi skeptical, your arguments are fine. In adult hood one single month of passionate love is enough to carry on for life long. It is story why should we analyse all those. If we do that all other shows cant stand even for a second in logical thinking.

        Just forget all those and think about the emotion (Borrowed from Ek rishta)

      2. I think this attitude of ignoring blunders in serial is whats making the standard of indian serials so low. Compared to western serials… ours lack logic to the point that i get ridiculed when im seen watching any hindi soap – nothing makes sense! The emotions may b fun but unless viewers grow a brain the standard of serials and that of viewers wil be pathetic

      3. I usually dont comment here because whenever someone talks sense about the serial, everybody dismisses them. Is it so hard to keep watching a serial but not turn a blind eye to the mistakes? Serials have become so idiotic these days and we all watch just to see the leads romancing

  6. What can I say ….last 2 Episodes dedicated to Shravan….Kudos to Namik Who is Portraying As Shravan soo Effortlessly….He is the only Attraction Nowadays……After Rajiv Khandelwal I thought No one can Beat his Expressions but Namik Has the ultimate Expressions That truly connect with us…..Well I really hope This Shravan to Do Flirty Sherty Things with Sumo …Nd I m dam sure He will not spare Sumo now.In a scene I m a little Confused if Adi is doing all this Intentionally Or Is he knew about Shraman ….If he knows everything thing then Good for him But if he is Not then it will be painful for him …..Extra wish rakhega to Uske liye accha Nahi hoga ……Hello Friends I n back …..well IF Mein Always present rehna padta hai ……Good news Ki Last week we were at 4th position nd This wee EDKV is on 2nd Position..really In this Difficult situation This show managed to get that position……….Well Kitno ko lagta hai aaj Shravan Suman K saath Passionate type ka kuch karega …..????As per Namik’s Tweet. Something good will happen tonight nd I really want to Believe in his Words

  7. O yaar Mera Logo firse Change Ho gaya?

  8. Have u guys noticed that girl who was dancing With Shravan ….Meine iss ladki ko kissi Show Mein to dekha hai …Yaad nhi araha hai Well last dance wala scene mujhe Jane tu ya Jane naa jaisa laga ….Thank God Uss Gadhe Adi ne Kiss nahi kiya Nahi to Uski daant Tod deti Mein…??

  9. Hii guys, very good morning to all. Yesterday episode mind blowing.only shravsn, shravan, shravan rocks.what a acting namik superb.shravan looks very very handsome and his smile wow just fabulous,no words.very much excited.

  10. Hi everyone this is ishani.

  11. Yesterday at 10.00 pm at could not watch it because travelling from Baroda. But I did not have guts to face the show too as the pre-cap was so scarring even I wished to avoid it because I cant stand that monkey faced Adi with Sumo.

    Could watch it today morning. Only one thing bothered much. I give my thoughts please if I am wrong point out me.

    I believe no one is bothered about poor shravan, though they have received many benefits from this poor chap.

    Manju she is worried about here son at states.

    Kamini – She is more concerned about her status and esteem than any thing.

    Ramnath : His only worry is Shravan should not meet Nirmala.

    Nanu – The worst villain – He is happy that he can close his eyes now without burden, because his responsibility in this earth now fulfilled wonderfully, more than he expected he got Nirmala as his daughter and Sumos MIL. I can not stand this wretched old man.

    Nirmala ; Her only happiness is Adi and fulfillment of his wish.

    Preeti – Even after knowing the heavy prize here beloved sister and shravn had paid, and after seeing shravans condition how come she be so blissful about her marriage which is build on the flood of a poor soul Shravan.

    and our own Sumo – this lassy owes everything in her life to this soft hearted Gentleman. How can she forget all the sacrifices this chap made for her from her child hood. He forgave her misdeed 10 years back and made a new frinedship. What if he did not open up his mouth, she knows it from his letter from his actions. She is too proudy and think Shravan did a mistake by saying everything is over.

    All have their own happiness Yes even Suman has her happiness thinking that she sacrifice her love for her sister love life. Bull Shi_ sumo. I pitty you you to grow up, when everybody around you is so selfish to height of Everest and to the depth Pacific, at least you should be selfish at least to the measure of one fistfull to save a noble soul.

  12. @david…
    I noticed 3 wrongs to b pointed..
    1.nanu…abh is umar mey vo bichara…shanti sey marna Chatham hai tho…is mey uska kya kassoor..nanaji ney sumo sey baar..baar puchatha..ki tell me wt u want..I knw..its not time talk about that..so…wt nanu did..and sumo did was just justified at that moment.??
    2:kamini..she is not only selfish…but want whole property of ramnath associates to b on her beloved son pushkars name..may b u forget to mention it????
    3: sumo..she is not at all wrong saying shravan did wrong as he never try to find out the reason behind her weird behaviour..except to grew up anger on her..ya..shravan did a lot many things..it can’t b compared with anythng…but.now…the situation sumo facing from all sides..like PCT..ramnath..preekar marriage….aditya..marriage proposal..nanus health all…she expected..shravu to b with her..but he moved away..leaving her alone due to some MUs so…sumo said it in pain..and anger on shravu as he broked all relations..it doesn’t mean in actual sense right..??
    And one more thing…
    Saying that..kamini help preekar to tear truth of ramnath..and ramnath get shattered to watch shravan came to know the truth of him..and he doesn’t carry any hateness or anger on nirmala from now???
    Guys…all these…spoilers…are seems to b decided to make the edkvians diabetic????????
    And even I’m scared….that all these gud news…may never lead us to the end of the show..edkv…as every chapter is getting closed na…so..I’m little scared with all these news..wt do u say?????????????????
    Hope so..its not like thatthat???

    1. Sona ya, I agree with u on PT. No 3.

      But stil there r 1 r 2 pts. After knowing Shravan is not happy with her friendship with Aditya & after knowing Aditya’s intention towards her, should she not called Shravan immediately and thankex Shravan for letting her have the papers of PCT. Shravan would hv felt happy.

  13. hii….episode was nice…but wanted some edkv tadka…well i have read somewhere that adi will sacrifice his love fr uniting sharman…and also that priti will reveal ramu kaka and tell that love u(sharavan) and then mil jane de dil jo bane ek duje ke vaste

  14. @Sona U r absolutely right dear …but One thing I can Agree with David that no one is Bothering about Shravan ….All have their own field nd Shravan I also doesn’t need Anyone’s Attention but He really want his Sumo back ….But his Silence is Killing him now

  15. @minakshi..
    Ya…I’m also feeling the same?

  16. pretty preeti

    Hlo guys
    Kaise hai SBI
    Edkv please expose ramu fast
    Anjo u could call me pri

  17. Epi dekh nahi payi abhitak 🙁
    Downloading it…
    Well guys hat’s off to nimik.. They r soo true actors!
    Niki ne kitni acche se apne dard,struggles ko dikhaya and namik ne bhi bakhubi se apne dard ko express kiya.. Kitne acchese un donone acting ki.. Really we shud give a big round of applause for shraman(clap,clap,clap)!!!!!
    Now shravu is trying to becum a rich spoilt guy and a bad boy, ryt?
    Wish ki epi..s dekh pati. Pehle repeats dekhletithi but ab 2:00 baje dikhatehe ek rishta sajhidare ka. So dekh nahi pararihu 🙁
    Thnx to pooja di warna mera pata nahi kya hota!

  18. hello guys….
    @nazia its ok dear chill 😀 n yeah ur ryt we should give them a big round of applause…
    @minakhi I really want that … 😉 thanks for telling us namik’s tweet…n yeah I also think I have seen that girl in some shows…
    @sona yar apke spoilers news s to sach m diabetes ho jana h mujhe 😉 aise hi good2 spoilers sunakr khush krte rha kro hme …n yeah I agree bilkul sahi clarify kia yar 4444 ko …
    @ishani. .hey welcome dear…
    @pri okay pri 🙂
    guys really for the first time I feel like m watching real actors n real story…there acting they deserve to be in movies… m obsessed with it now…
    but missing old shraman where they used to fight, argue, act as hubby wifey, take care of each other every time, n backbone of each other in hard times, used to enter into each others room without knocking like this word “knock” never existed for them..but their new avataar, their acting is Fab…

  19. @nazia ..I agree with u yar …phle they used to repeat at 1:30 ab vo bhi band kr dia 🙁 srf 10:30 morning … 🙁

  20. @ minakhi I too felt the same ki last wala scene jaane tu ya jane na movie types tha ..islie I mentioned that in my comment…sai kaha yar acha hua kiss ni kia wrna shravu n muh tod dena tha us adimanav ka 😉
    @bhagya hey…how r u?

  21. guts plz switch to metromasti.com …u will get latesy television news and espically of edkv..just click on television(uperh option diya hua hoga)…plzzzzzzz switch….fast fast..mere exams hai is liye zyada nahi comment kar paungi..isliye..plz..edkv is going to be exciting after preekar marraige..bcz preeti is going to reveal ramu…sharman will be together…????

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