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Preeti says I made it especially for Shravan. Thank you for saving our house! Rachna adds that it is also to trap Khosla in his plan only. Nanu asks them what they mean. Rachna tries to divert his attention to food but he asks them what they did with Khosla. They tell him everything. You did a fab job. Is this what I taught you? Mami says people like Khosla know this path only. Nanu says you followed his wrong path too. You cleared the difference between me and Khosla today by not following the path of truth. He asks Sumo why she supported them. she says we did it to save the house. Nani says yes. we have to fight with wrong but we don’t also don’t become one of them. I never taught this. Shravan says one lie that saves many people is bigger than 100 truths. This one lie saved entire

family. Nanu gives in. It is ok if you all want this. But be careful. I only said yes as my entire family is together on something for the first time. Sumo smiles broadly seeing which Shravan also smiles.

Sumo shows torch to Shravan to guide him till his car. Sumo tells Shravan they have the same disease of not saying thank you. I will not say thank you this time as it will be an insult to all that you have done for us. He says I wouldn’t have accepted it anyways. As I said, this house is not just yours but mine too. My memories stay here. She smiles. She slips and he holds her. No one fixed the light till now. He says it isn’t needed. I like it this way when you come to drop me off outside. He gets Kamini’s call. She asks him to come home right away. Sumo asks Shravan what happened. He begins to walk away without saying anything. She asks again when he shouts that it is his family matter. She is irked. He jumps in between my family and family matters but does not tell me anything. Super Khadus!

Shravan comes home. He finds everyone tensed. Kamini asks him if he thinks of Varun as his elder brother from heart. Shravan nods. Kamini asks Shravan to leave Sumo’s case right now then. She folds her hands before him. Leave that case. My son, his future, his consignment depends on it. Shravan wonders what it has to do with the case. Kamini replies that Khosla only is Varun’s client. He has clearly told Varun he wills cancel the deal if you don’t drop the case. Shravan looks at Varun.

Sumo paces worriedly. Something is wrong for sure. He looked tensed. But why should I intervene in his family matter? Why not! He too intervenes in my family matters all the time.

Varun asks Shravan if there is no other lawyer. Shravan says how I can leave it now. Varun angrily tells him to continue it then. You don’t know Khosla. Shravan knows him well which is why he is saying this. He gets Sumo’s call. Kamini takes his phone. You have saved her number not as Suman but Sumo? You care so much for them already that you are not ready to listen to us. Don’t know what spell she has cast on you!

Sumo thinks something serious has happened. She sends him a message.

Kamini tries to request Ramnath. Shravan is caring too much for outsiders over his family members. Shravan corrects her. They are not outsider. You also know how much papa respects Tiwari uncle. Plus Khosla is pressurising Bhaiya wrongly. She says you don’t know the difference between right and wrong. He replies that he will do what is right. He walks away. Kamini complains that Shravan does not care at all. Varun remarks that he will also do what he thinks is right. Ramnath is in thoughts.

Sumo thinks to call Pushkar. Pushkar asks Ramnath if he needs coffee. Ramnath denies. Pushkar picks up Sumo’s call. She asks him if everything is fine at home. he says I will talk later. She refuses to end the call. You and Shravan think I am mad. I don’t understand anything. Tell me what it is. He dismisses it. I will talk later. Her doubt gets confirmed. There is something wrong indeed.

Varun says I am Shravan’s brother so this is happening. Everyone is doing what they feel is right. Now I will also do what is right in my eyes. I will leave this house. Lala ji says wow. You will end relation for a small thing? Varun says you think only about Shravan. You feel I am wrong? Lala ji asks him if he will leave him also upon Khosla’s insistence tomorrow. Kamini supports Varun. You (Lala ji) always think our son to be wrong. She tries to make Varun understand but he is angry. No one went to talk to Shravan. I feel like I am not your son. she warns him not to talk like that. Listen to me carefully. Shravan created a problem in your way earlier also but I helped you get money. I promise you Shravan will not go to court tomorrow. Varun agrees. If that does not happen then none of you will stop me.

Kamini comes to talk to Ramnath. Please do something. Varun is talking about leaving house. Ramnath is in a fix who to support. kamini says one kid is doing everything for our family while the other is doing it all for outsiders. Shravan is a lawyer. He looks at things form that perspective only. I am a mother. They are same for me. Ramnath agrees to talk to Varun. Kamini corrects him. You should talk to Shravan right now as he only has a solution to this problem. I gave my swear to Varun today to stop him but he will leave us if Shravan goes to court tomorrow. she sheds fake tears. The family that you love so much will break down tomorrow if it happens. He stops her. I wont let this family break till I am alive. She nods and leaves.

Shravan looks at Sumo’s message but does not read it. he throws his phone aside. He is upset over all that happened. Ramnath comes there. There is no point taking out your anger on the file. Can I talk to you?

Sumo comes to Malhotra house. Kamini taunts her. was anything left for which you have come here? There was rift in both the brothers because of you today! People are right. You make friends with people with equal stature but Pushkar and Shravan don’t understand it. Girl like you has no shame. I don’t know why I am talking to you. She walks away without hearing Sumo.

Shravan says I shared my point of view. Ramnath understands it but points out that Kamini is also not wrong. I only want to make you understand that at times the difference between right and wrong costs us dearly. Look at this from the perspective of not a lawyer but from a family member’s perspective. Ramnath turns to go. Shravan points out that this was the first time he saw him looking away while talking. Repeat your words by looking at me once again so I can understand the difference. Ramnath replies that he has already said what he wanted to. He leaves.

Sumo meets Ramnath who walks away without saying anything to her. Sumo comes to Shravan’s room. Leave this case. He says I was not about to do anything like that. She stops him. it is all about time. I only requested you to fight this case. I only am asking to drop it today. it is true that I want to clear my mother’s name but I cannot ruin a happy family for my dead mother. He is sure it wont happen but she does not want his family to break apart, especially not because of her.

Precap: Nanu hopes the decision comes in their favour. Rachna adds that it is up to both God and Shravan to make it happen. On the other hand, Shravan is in thoughts. In courtroom, Khosla tells Tiwari family what they are doing here. The person you are waiting for (Shravan) is not going to come here at all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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