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Kamini ji fakes concern before Ramnath. You look really worried. Is it regarding Sumo and Shravan? Parents get worried seeing their kids worried. Sumo and Shravan married in such circumstances before which Aditya misbehaved with Suman. Such things are really hard to accept. I understand it too. Don’t worry. They will accept each other. Problems come in every relation in the beginning. Give them time. It will be fine. I was also upset during Pushkar’s wedding but I accepted Preeti for him. I think you too should accept Sumo for Shravan’s happiness. Ramnath nods. I have no other option but to accept it as they are married now. It will be right so they both are happy. I will be happy when Shravan is happy. I just hope everything falls in place. Kamini ji assures him about it. Take rest

now. Good night. He heads to his room. She thinks how it matters by what who thinks. I wont let Shravan and Sumo be happy together. If he isn’t happy then you wont be happy too! this was my first instalment for losing the right of deciding my son’s wedding.

Shravan wants to use washroom but Sumo is inside. Who takes this much time! He paces outside and tries to focus on his files but cannot ( 😛 ). He knocks at the door. come out Sumo. I have to go too. She replies that she is coming. He asks her to hurry up. I have to go to washroom. She says I am shampooing. He says who does shampoo at this hour. She suggests him to go to some other washroom. I am sure this isn’t the only bathroom in this house.

Nanu smiles to himself as he thinks of Sumo. Mama ji comes there. Why dint you sleep yet? He helps his father lie down. You shouldn’t stay up till this late. He presses his father’s feet. Nanu tells him to let it be. Take rest. Mama ji says Sumo never let me do it but it is after all my responsibility. Nanu remarks that Sumo is in the air of this house. She handled this family so nicely in such a young age. I miss her a lot. Mama ji seconds him. The house wasn’t so empty after Preeti’s marriage as it is now. Nanu adds that Sumo had made them habitual to things in a way that they miss her in everything. She left today only and everything feels quiet and empty already. I miss Priya for the first time today after Sumo left. He gets emotional. Mama ji says Priya lived with us in Sumo. We should be happy for her as she went to such a big and nice home. She has been through a lot. Her life will be filled with happiness now. I still yearn to hear her voice though. We will feel better after hearing her voice once. I will call her. Nanu tells him against it. It is her first day in her new house. This is how it is. Every parent has to bear this pain once their daughter marries. Mama ji nods. We will keep missing her on everything all the time. We have to let her move ahead in her new life. We shouldn’t disturb her all the time. Best thing is she is so close to us. We know she will be happy wherever she is. You don’t worry. Take rest.

Shravan uses the washroom of servant room. Kamini ji notices him thus. He tells her that Sumo is in the washroom. She jokes that Sumo took over the bathroom on day 1 only. He angrily says nothing will change. My things will be mine only. Kamiin ji says I was only joking. Plus you must learn to share everything with your wife now that you are married. Why did you come here? Shravan says I thought you were sleeping. Kamini ji tells him not to do this in future. It wont look good if the owner of the house will use servant’s washroom. Shravan is sure such a chance wont arise again. it was the first thing after wedding so I dint do anything. Kamini ji smiles (a little naughty way) and bids him good night.

Servant brings ice and water for Shravan. He pours himself a drink. Servant wants to go home but Shravan makes him sit. Home is no place to go to. Servant reluctantly sits down next to Shravan on the chair as he asks him to. Shravan pours him a drink too. Servant drinks as Shravan orders him to. Shravan asks him if he is married and has kids. Servant nods. I have two kids. Shravan says I am saving you from your wife and kids by stopping you here. You were saying no! Are you happy? He nods but Shravan calls it a lie. Who has been ever happy because of marriage? I think it should be banned. It is foolishness. Servant says you married today only. Shravan says I am a fool. Servant speaks of how marriage brings happiness in your life. Who can be happy alone? Shravan asks him if that is true. I married today yet I am alone. I cannot see my wife here. Can you? I am alone, right? Servant gets up to go. Shravan makes him finish his drink first. Servant runs as soon as he is done. Shravan says Mr. Shravan Malhotra. You came alone in this world, will always be alone and will go alone too. He smiles a sad smile. You have no one. All alone! You even talk to your loneliness. He twists his ankle while stepping down and is in pain. He smiles through his pain. Sumo (imagination and young Sumo) calls out to him. I came to give you company. He tells her not to lie. You are mocking at me for falling. She tells him to keep such talks for the Sumo who is inside. Don’t forget Sumo’s power. I will just show you my power if you will talk to me like this. Are you going to count stars like this? Come and sit near me. He complies.

Little Sumo asks for golgappa. I felt like eating some. Are you going to be quiet? He smiles. She says you seem drunk. Let’s play a game that we used to play in childhood. We will talk this way and enjoy too. he cannot recall it. She reminds him how they couldn’t apologize and one day used to count it all and say sorry. She starts. I made you do a lot of work and homework. I hurt my Chashmish a lot. I am sorry for that. Shravan smiles. She tells him it is his turn now. You never made a mistake? Are you a saint? She resumes talking. I sometimes made mistakes but I never said sorry because of my ego. He adds that he also did this a lot. I am also sorry, not just for this but a lot many things. You know I don’t see anything in my ego. I said so much to you in anger. I know it hurts you very much. I am so sorry Sumo. He ends up crying. Sumo tells him to handle himself. It is enough that you accepted your mistakes. Why don’t you tell this to the Sumo who is inside? Life will be so sorted and happy then. There is no problem. You love her. be strong. I am sure she would have fallen asleep but you can wake her up. She will be happy. You both can start a new life together. Shravan gets thinking. I will. He turns and realises he was only imagining.

Precap: Shravan comes to his room. Sumo is sleeping. Shravan sits down near her and looks at her. He extends his hand towards her but stops.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    I have a bad news no telecast of EDKV today and tomorrow 🙁
    I think it’s due to nimik’s Health issues
    Idk if is true i saw on insta

    1. Diya

      Yess I also saw that !! R u on Instagram ??

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes i m on insta 🙂
        U can feel free to follow me
        Let me send u my id 🙂

    2. @Jo…yar seriously…I feel like crying…shraman get well soon my dears…

  2. A bad news fr all shramanians and edkvians
    It is confirmed that edkv will not be aired today
    Miss u edkv
    DO U.?

    1. Alina

      Smile dear …again u asked the question whose answer u can’t count …u better ask who is not missing..haha

    2. @smile dear..
      directly on Monday.

      God knows how m I gonna spend all these days without edkv …
      m missing it like hell …

  3. Hiiii guys …its very bad that edkv will not air today and tomorrow …..and now we will have to wait for 5 long days …..
    Bt for shraman sake we all wil adjust….
    my plan is fixed I hv downloaded edkv strting episodes which I hv not seen ….so I will watch edkv at 10 pm….n miss my shraman….
    Plz pray for shraman….
    And take care u too all edkvians …gn

  4. Alina

    Hii everyone …I know exams is going on …nd I think it will end tomorrow ..1st of alll best of luck all of u 4 xams …do well..!!
    And please from tomorrow be regular do comments yaar ..these days v r having very less comments..so pls come..kkk
    Nd one more thing…don’t take me wrong guys..what edkv makers r doing these days is not good becoz as it is they r not showing any repeats ..promo many people must b thinking that the might be ended …because all r not touched wid net …sooo they must have focused on other members ..adi niru mamiji n her son (elder one ) nmany thing they can doo ..they can show some flashbacks n all anything …its not compulsory to show 1 episode for 22 min they show ot for 18 or 19 also..bt no
    Guys I m telling this becoz of its good..bt I wish from monday edkv become regular..!!

  5. felling very bad for namita but plzz waiting for 5 days.it is very bad n plz god in dono ko thik kar do jo hai bane ek duje ke vaste.

  6. Silent reader

    Hi guys I am back .I don’t think anybody here remembers me.Missing edkv a lot yaar can’t wait for 4 long days .we will compromise it for our ShraMan ‘s sake .Get well soon nimik!!!?????

  7. Hi Guys, I am more excited with the recent turn in sequences that EDKV has taken, the dragging episodes.monotonous dialogue…where every second we are left hoping that we will get a glimpse of N+N..and LOL…

    But imagine guys , how beautiful the upcoming episodes are gonna be. The complete focus on N+N and friendship, love , romance ….The couple just know how to keep us wanting for more and more..their interaction, scene are never boring…
    Lets give our shining stars time to recuperate and come back with a bang. M sure they appreciate the love and concern we shower on them, and
    I wish I get to meet N+N in person sometime, some day soon…

  8. Just c how lambu react to sumo after talking to young somu

  9. edkb will end on 7 october.

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