Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Poorna stops Sumo. Sumo nods at her like nothing happened. She leaves from there. Shravan notices it all.

Pushkar is trying Shravan’s number but he isn’t picking up.

Sumo comes outside and is trying hard to hold back her tears. Shravan offers her his kerchief. You call me friend yet you feel bad by what I say. Sorry. She starts walking. He says sorry to her again. Should I write it down just like you did? She looks at him. She walks away from him. He says it wasn’t such a big thing. She recalls her own words and nods. How did I miss it? You did all this to seek revenge. Now I understand everything. The gift, repairing my car, medicines, it was a drama. You wanted me to come in the party so you could insult me. He says you understand other’s pain when you get hurts. You

realise your stupidity only when others do it. You would have understood it today. She points out that there is a lot of difference in stupidity and mistake. What I did 10 years ago was my stupidity. I did it all unconsciously. You planned it all. Think and decide what you are and I am! You have changed to something else altogether. He asks her about it. She tells him to ask himself. He says I did that for years. I came to the conclusion that you were a stupid, mean and immature girl. No, you still are! She leaves from there.

Sumo leaves in her car. Shravan is also driving. He thinks of the school day when he had been looking for Sumo. She cannot leave me. Everyone laughed at him. Flashback shows Ramnath comforting Shravan. You are lying. Mom cannot leave me. His father says I am not lying to you. She left us. We have no clue where she went and with whom. She was like this only. Shravan comes to school. He stumbles in his step and asks for Sumo. Sumo is punishing some kids when Shravan comes there. I want to talk to you. She says later. Sumo’s friends are surprised to think Shravan is Sumo’s friends. Shravan insists upon talking to Sumo right away. Sumo’s friends tease her. They tell her to go with Shravan. Her friend suggests her to go to a place where no one else will be at this time. Shravan asks Sumo not to waste time in nonsense. Sumo tells Shravan to be quiet. We are only family friends. I don’t want to talk to you. I know you would want to talk about your parents’ fighting again. Don’t come to me with all this drama. He shares that his mom left for somewhere. Sumo acts to not care about it. He trips over his laces again. Entire school laughs at him. Sumo stands there quietly. Shravan leaves from the premises heartbroken. Later, Ramnath refuses to eat without Shravan. Shravan feeds him food. You always wanted me to go to London to study law. I want to go now. Ramnath asks him if he is sure. Shravan nods. There is nothing left here now. Ramnath tells him to always remember that he is with him. Shravan keeps his head in his father’s lap. I know you only are my everything. Flashback ends.

Sumo keeps thinking of the incident at the party while driving the car. She realises everyone must be waiting at home.

Mami ji is irked. Sumo said she will come on time but in vain! Mama ji is sure Sumo will live by her word. Dabbu assures them Sumo will stick to her words. She will come on time. Mami ji says now he will tell me all this. Mama ji mumbles something. She asks him about it. He excuses himself to go outside to see if Sumo has come or not.

Sumo thinks of what all Shravan did to make her come to the party and then of his hurtful. She does not see an approaching truck. She turns the car in another direction. She meets with an accident and passes out.

Everyone at home is anxiously waiting for Sumo as it is getting late. Mami and Rachna bicker over the issue. Mama ji tells them both not to fight. She will come. Mama ji gives them aarti. Rachna is all the more irritated. Nana ji tells them to leave. Who are you waiting for? Mami ji says we are waiting for Sumo. Mama ji keeps trying Sumo’s number but she isn’t picking up. He gets worried.

People gather around the car. They manage to open the car door. One guy sprinkles water on Sumo’s face. Her head is hurting. People tell her not to drive but she insists. Her car is stuck in dirt. She tries but cannot get out of it. She requests people to help her.

Mami ji is sure Sumo is doing it intentionally. They hear a car’s honk. It is someone else. Rachna suggests hiring a cab. Mama ji is actually worried about Sumo. It has never happened before that she hasn’t replied. Sumo’s phone is switched off now. Mami ji is sure Sumo is not happy to see them go to America. She herself cannot go so she did all this.

Sumo finally comes home. She finds the house empty and looks at her watch. Maybe they hired a cab. The door bell rings. Sumo opens the door only to find her family members standing there. Sumo is taken aback. Mami ji shares that they missed the flight.

Precap: Pushkar asks Shravan why he behaved this way with Sumo. Shravan says some questions have no answers. Pushkar speaks in Sumo’s favour. Do you know what all has happened with her in all these years? She is not the same Sumo who you left 10 years ago. I met Poorna. She told me how anxiously Sumo had been waiting for you to come back to India. Mami tells Sumo that they bore a loss of 3 lacs because of her. Sumo agrees to give it all back to her. Mami demands to know by when she will do it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I think now shravan will realize his mistakes and he will do all yo help sumo, just love ShraMan pair

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      He too think the same Akka but mami I hate her drama now a days

  2. I feel really sad for sumo….plz shravan get some brain….how could u do it???? Thid mami ji and rachna are just too much. Hope the misunderstandings are all clear soon…….

  3. Labiba tasnim kabir

    bewakuf sravan mann to krtahe use
    1 jor se laga du bechari sumu

  4. So now he’s probably going to I got to help her because he sees her struggles. What a loser. I hope the writers make this interesting.

  5. And what all happened with Shravan……its deep yaar..he is acting such since he is too hurt.

  6. Nw i understand why shravan did what he did! It’s somewhere justified even aftr all these yrs. Being grown up doesnt mean he would forget!

  7. no update for today?

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