Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath goes to shravans room and speaks to him.He says I dnt like it when u slapped the client but then I understood it was because of sumo.Shravan says its nothing like that.Ramnath says even I regret for what happened to her,she might be thinking it was either because of you or me .We can’t change that but I can’t see you living with guilt so he says he bought the pct land from the client.Ramnath gives him the papers and asks him to go and give it to sumo,though I will never forgive her for what she did about nirmala.Shravan says I don’t think this is necessary, he says even I feel bad about pct but giving her the land might not be necessary. Ramnath says it is the right thing to do for your old friendship and also nanaji is my guru. Shravan takes the papers and leave.Kamini

hears the whole conversation. She asks him what are you doing.

Shravans car and sumos car face each other.Shravan keeps honking his car but sumo doesn’t come out of the car.

Shravan goes to meet sumo and gives her the pct papers.He says if you want you can even start the canteen back .He says after what you did the other day,this is not necessary but still this is for old time sake.He is about to leave but sumo stops him and starts scolding him.She says I don’t need your help,keep the land with you.shravan says today you proved that you are not only arrogant but ignorant. He says now I’ll see how will you start your canteen back.He says I am not angry on you but I pity you.He tears the papers in front of her and sumo challenges him that pct will run and become successful,just watch.Sumo speaks to her family and says it might take a month or so to find a new place. She asks everyone if she can start her work from home and everyone agree.Mamiji says why don’t you ask shravan for some help.rachana maasi says sumo used to pay rent outside now she will pay us.Mamiji agrees to that.

Shravan goes to his home angrily and gives ramnath the papers back.He says sumo dint take them back .Ramnath tries to show fake concern and shravan leaves from there.Kamini comes in ,who was hearing the whole conversation and says your plan worked.Ramnath says he knew about sumo.She is just like nirmala and her self respect is the most important thing for her .He says he doesn’t want any women like nirmala to come to this home and that is the reason he is doing all this.

Canteen is started in the the tiwari house and everyone start working. Dabbu says I want to speak to shravan about Rubik’s cube and asks sumo to call him.shravan is playing with the Rubik’s cube in his home and is in his owns thoughts. Dabbu calls Shravan ,shravan thinks its sumo who called to ask the papers back but dabbu lifts the call and he says sumo can’t speak because she is busy setting the canteen.dabbu asks some doubt and he asks Shravan to come home to teach him but Shravan says he can’t come and he will explain it through phone.Shravan hears sumos name through phone and gets emotional.

Shravan manager is scolding the employee for not ordering the food from some other canteen because pct is closed.Prita comes there and delivers all the food boxes and says what sumo says she always does .Pushkar looks happy and shravan looks surprised. In sumos house everyone are having their food made in the pct .Dabbu says he solved the puzzle ,thanks to Shravan.Sumo looks sad.

Precap:Prita says we have to make food for 500 people tomorrow, sumo says we can do that.Another scene shows Prita saying there is a problem with the masalas ,how are we going to cook now.

Update Credit to: Deepali


  1. Minakhi

    Thanks Deepali for the update….
    Awesome and satisfied episode…….aaj aaye na asli sumo track pe…challenge wala scene superbly performed??Shravan phir se help kardi sumo ki unknowingly…… I felt like shravan smiled after hearing that sumo started her business! Yess he smiled! A very lightly done …Sumo bang on girl…..superb….can’t wait for upcoming track nd episode…

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yes yes yes minu….u also noticed it??
      Even I noticed it. It was just a light smile like as if he was saying yeh ladki Kuch bhi kar Sakti hai…..shravan ki uss light si smile ne hi mera din bna diya….
      And han Jo aapne kha tha na that u don’t want the confession at this point even I feel the same….but yeh serial wale ekdum galat tym pe achi baat karte hain….I want the confession of sharman to be super romantic….. But agar aisa nhi bhi hota serial mein toh main apni ff mein unka confession super romantic rakhungi…..yeh power toh hai mere pass???

  2. Mily

    Who thought that ramnath would turn into a villain in the starting of this serial ……..but l love the way the plot is taking twist …love the last part of today’s episode

  3. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Episode was mast….I luved the phone convo of shravan and dabbu…..and the connect between shravan and sumo…. Ramnath chahe jitni bhi koshish kar le but voh inka pyaar aur inke beech ka connect khatam nhi kar sakta.. Aaj jab uss ramu kaka ne kaha ki usne voh kiya Jo ek baap ko karna chahiye tab toh mera man kiya ki main uske 2 thapad lagaun…?? he is such a creep…. Kaunsa baap apne bête ko itna bada dhokha deta hai??
    Voh janta hai ki Shravan bachpan ke sumo se pyaar karta hai phir bhi voh aise kar rha hai and then he thinks he is right… Mujhe usspe bahut gussa aa rha hai ….
    Uski soch hi galat hai….he bas that male chauvinist type of thinking and m glad that aisi thinking Shravan ki nhi hai….
    M really waiting for that accident wala track

  4. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @kittu…..I m here to dedicate a song for u…I m not so good in dedicating songs….u r the best on song selection but still m giving it a try……
    Main shayar toh nhi….
    Magar oh kittu…
    Jabse dekha Maine tera pyara sa comment
    Mujhe shayari aa gyi….
    Love u kittu❤❤

    • Devga


      |Registered Member

      No this cant b happening…. Y shld sumo’s life b in danger to get shravan’s help or emotions… Cant he just come and tel his lady lov tht he loves her and he shld tel her straight away tht he nvr want to meet his mom again instead of worrying inside and evn hurting himself nd sumo…. So sad….. Thnk u for d link

  5. sona

    Such..mey guys..?ye wali..episode kaafi acha tha..dhushmani..may b kya khoobh dosthi..nibaayi shravan..ney.?☺
    Kaisey…usney anjanamey hi sahi..usey idea..deh raha..tha..start PCT from home..??☺?
    Aur..ha..I felt too felt the smile..in his eyes..☺ttht so..cute na..?☺
    And khushi..yes u r right..is serial par bhale..hi hamarey bus na chaley..??
    Tum par tho chalthi hai na..??so..pls..apni..bhathonko..such kar adhey yaar..air karadhey..confession Teri ff pey..eager to watch it??
    Auur is accident ka kya chakkar hai..seriously a is a koi twist aneywali hai..kya..??
    Hai to kab..kaha..kaisey..??

  6. Ridhima gupta

    Thanx deepali di for updates…conversation of shraman was nice.. dabbu is also very sweet… i think sumo will go to market to buy masals and she will get hurt there only. … when is preekar scenes are coming… eagerly waiting for next epi. …

  7. Mahima

    today’s episode was awewome madhuri dixit ke style mein it was perfect vaise @didi(sorry nam nahi yad aa raha tha is liye didi likha) apne toh ditto vahi bataya tha jo kal hua tha wah !!! app logo ne mera vo comment pdha jo maine kal sumo ke accident vala likha tha nahi toh phir se padh lijiye – hoga yun ki sumo jayegi market veggies kharidne aur sharavn bhi vahi rahega aur vo sumo ko dhekega bhi aur ye bhi dhekega ki vo(sumo) manhole ki taraf ja ri par vo soochega ki vo jan jayegi par vo bina notice kiye usme gir jati hai aur bahut buri tarah injured ho jati hai tab shravan useh hospital le jata hai aur phir un sab ke liye apne app ko blame karta hai???? how cute . vaise i was wishing ki kash ye starplus par ataa toh ise pure hafte dekhne ko milta par ye bhi sahi hai ki aise ata hai toh supence bhi rehta hai.@ didi mujhe bhi abhi romance nahi dekhna like devakshi mein kitna romantic ho gaya hai vo serial iiiieeeeeuuuuuu mujhe ko bas sharman ki fight and care dekhni hai jaise abhi dekhne ko mil ra ? app logo ne dekha na youtube pe un dono ke interviews nahi toh plz bahut interesting hai and thanks didi for ur updates and at last good morning

    • Anshi

      Hey mahima… I read it… I think u r rite… Sumo pct k kisi kaam se jaayegi n voh manhole mein gir jaayegi…

      No offence devakshi fans… Bt mujhe shraman ke lv wali nok jhok zyada pasand h…

  8. kittu

    @Anshi,thank uuuuuuu….so much yaaarr…
    Superb ,and ya don’t worry ,what happened if yr explanation was not like pooja Di nd deepali Di ,types…
    You should think that it was yr own..
    Aur apni chiz ka maza hi kuch Aur hota h..
    Kyun babumushaiiii??????..
    Let’s come to the point, episode was superb as it was expected…
    Shravan looked fab in brown …something like chocolate milk…he he he??..
    White shirt nd brown coat with brown pent nd especially with tie…superb yaar…
    What a reply I think shravan felt guilty when Dabbu said ,ki sumo Didi be apna pct Ghar se start kar diya h…
    Ramnath …cheap
    Pushkar.. Sweet
    Well guys ,I think shravan to preeta ko kha hi jata ..?????
    What an attitude preeta madammmm

    • Anshi

      Thank u soooo much dr… Vaise u r rite shravan ws lookin tooooo handsome 2 b real in brown suit..
      Plus preeta ka murder krne k liye shravan k paas ek aur reason h… Agar preeta na hoti toh sumo ki tiffin lane ki probability badh jaati… 😛 😛 😛
      Vaise wud u mind tellin me d name of ur edkv ff.. I wanna read it… Plsssssssss 🙂 🙂

  9. kittu

    @Mily,, I also like this going track..
    What a turn this show is taking..
    @Minakshi,well both of u may be right bt I didn’t noticed something like that…
    Bt I noticed a broad smile on pushkar’s face..
    Nd do u know, when pushu baba gave his broaaad smile,, I was also smiling with him,,nd when preeta entered into Malhotra’ associates ,I was jumping on my sofa ,what a seen,my mummy said…
    Kya huya,is there any problem..
    I said, problem to abhi suru huyi hhh.??

  10. Anshi

    Thanx deepali fr updates….. <3 <3
    @Epi… Now dats called sumo…. Wat an ans yaar… Daddy's boy deserved it… Hey shravan aur sumo ko dekhkar ek gaana yaad aata h
    😛 😛
    Now baat ho jaaye thodi 'Mr. Main shravan se bahut pyaar krta hun aur sab uske bhale ke liye raha hoon' se…. Jb usne kaha ki voh voh kr rha h jo ek baap ko krna chahiye… I wanted shout.. Baap??? MY FOOT…. Kaun so called carin baap apne bete k saath aisa krta h… Old creek..

    @Minakhi… Hey dr do u remember dat 2 body ek dimaag wali baat… I 2 saw a smile creapin on shravan's face… 🙂

    @Lily… Kl maine tumhari interpretation padhi accident track ko lekar… Its wonderful man.. I 2 think d confession ll b useless

    @Khushi… Wow!!! Khushi u r also a lyricist… Omg… U guys hv sooo many hidden talents..

    @Kittu… Dont think tujhe bhool gayi… Pata h khushi se inspiration lekar maine bhi tere liye song likha h…. Y'know i thought ki tu hamare liye itne sweet songs likhti h toh hamein bhi return gift dena chahiye… 🙂 🙂
    😉 😛

    @Epi… Oh i forgot… Dabbu is soooo damn cute naaa.. I lv him… <3 <3

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Thanks dear….kya karun jab itne ache friends ho toh unke liye Kuch toh special karna hi hai…..but are also very good yr…kya song fit kiya hai tumne iss situation mein??

  11. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Daboo is so cute hehe love shraman,i read somewhere that sumo met with accident and shravan curses himself for that and he rushes sumo to hospital, finally shraman are together hopefully and i feel so bad for sumo

  12. roshni

    wat a epi…………I totally enjoyed…………dabbu dabbu love u yaar……………shraman rocks…………

    hello friens how ru all????????

  13. Minakhi

    Yaaa yaar ….olv dekha ….Kya major accident Hua ….Mujhe laga tha Manhole ka hi hoga …but Ek car bhi chadh jayegi ….omg …it’s going to rock the Mind of ours….aur …wo market k sare ..Log hakke bakke reh Gaye the …Namik k acting se……o my God …..I can’t wait ……Kisine notice kiya ….wo Shravu ko khud se dur hatayegi……Yehhh my girl….He will now realize the importance of her lady…??

  14. Minakhi

    @Lily thx for the link dear …

    @Yeh Anshi ….egarly waiting for new promo …..but kya iska promo itna zaldi aa sakta hai ….kyun Ki mujhe lagta hai ….Accident scene Issi week hone wala hai …..o but I want a new better promo of This accident track…

  15. kittu

    @Khusi,I love yr song a lot,thnx 4 dedicating that song to me
    @Anshi,thnx yaar, what a song yaar,really u all r beating me…???..
    @Mahima,bahan ,tu Didi kaise kab rahi h,well ,it’s a good habit, keep it up ,dear..
    Nd ya,I also don’t want any romantic scene now,actually, I never wanted any scenes related to this in going track..
    Bt want after sometime..
    Nd ha after confession ,ye serial wale had kar dete h,as with Devakshi…
    Well not only in KRPKAB, bt I m talking abt all shows, sry if I hurt anyone….
    And ya the best part was 1st one,bt especially… the horn wala scene….
    Dabbu so sweet…
    Pushu baba,just killer…
    Ramnath, bande tu baap ho ya na ho,kasaai bht accha h…
    Kamini, Gandhi,maregi..budhiya…

    • Anshi

      Hmmm…. No way i cn beat u… It ll b like suraj ko diya dikhan… 😛 😛 … Vaise kittu tumne mujhe apne ff ka naam nhi bataya.. Pls yaar…

  16. kittu

    A song for both of u…
    Comment tera Jo Maine padha..
    Khus ye dil hooooo gayaaaa…
    Sambhalo mujhko ooo mere yaaaroon..
    Ki jina mushkil hooo gaayaa…????..
    A song for sumo..
    Dard diloo k kam ho jaate..
    Mai Aur tum..gar hum ho jaatee..
    Kitne haasin aalam ho jaate…
    Mai Aur tum ..gar hum ho jaatee..

  17. kittu

    Did u notice one thing???
    Shravan ko tie ki knot banani nahi aati..
    So here is an idea related to this…
    If anyone want to put this in his\her ff so they can use, becoz in my ff, separation is going on ,so can’t use this superb idea..
    Bad luck….
    But a good chance for all ff writer..
    So ,scene is,..subah h and shravan is doing efforts with tie..as he don’t know how to make tie knot..
    Then, suman enters nd says,kya huya Mr.Genius..
    He says,kuch nahi..
    She says..okayyy
    Shravan is already late nd wants help from her but can’t say becoz he knows ki agar usse help mangi to WO majak banayegi..
    But ,at last he says…SUMO, suno na,WO tie..
    She laughs like a mad…
    Nd say,ooo ye baat thi..
    Kamal h abhi tak tie banana nahi aata..
    School me bhi aise the Aur aaj bhi..??
    Then she says.. Tie to..
    He says..nahi,tum idhar aaoo..
    She came closer to him nd take the tie bt he put again in his neck..
    Nd says..Ab karoo.
    She is now making knot ..
    Nd he now…
    Trying to put his hand around his waist.
    Now u can explore it..
    I think I had given a good hint to all ff writers, isn’t it???
    What’s say??..

  18. Mohd Azeem

    Hey guys I m new here my name is areeba of class 10th
    I m a big of edkv n nikita dutta her acting it looks very real.
    coming to the episode pct start was a good reply to that arogant shravan.
    also sumo has become inspiration for all working women
    proud of you sumo??
    eagerly waiting for that accident track

  19. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @kittu…meri jaan wah wah..tune toh mera dil hi jeet liya….kya baat kya baat kya baat….u r blessed with so much of talent yr…Keep it up….love u loads??

  20. Minakhi

    Yaar olv Mein kese Shravan Sumo KO uttha uttha ke Bhagta hai ….Ese scenes me Bohot Difficulties atey hain..
    .omg ..our Namik ‘sHard work….Nd of course I m happy that they r enjoying the whole difficulties….Hatts off to our Nik-Nak ….mind-blowing expressions…..Oh God jab Tv pe ye ayega …sab ka dil dhadakna band ho skta hai ….kyun Ki Humare King of expression ko zyada dekhne KO milega …..Ooo I can’t wait..may be ye scene kal ayega ……But still koi mujhe bachao….

  21. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Kittu u r right yr….shravan ko tie bandhna nhi aata…..thanks for the idea yr…I will use it…..mere ff mein toh abhi tashan chal rha hai between sumo and shravan but thoda romance bhi dala jaa sakta hai….I will try to use ur idea in my ff……..I hope u will not mind yr

  22. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Oh dam yr….itna ganda accident…??
    Kitna blood tha yr…..ab shayad sumo ki yeh halat dekh ke toh Shravan guilt mein doob hi jaayega….
    But ab shayad uss ramu kaka ko yeh baat samjh aa jaaye ki voh chahe kitni bhi koshish kar le sumo and shravan ko alag nhi kar sakta…

  23. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @guys…I have one question to ask….yeh accident kab hoga…I mean voh 500 Tiffins ka order complete hone ke baad hoga ya pehle????
    Agar pehle hua toh sumo apna order pura kaise karegi???
    Plz guys do tell yr….if anybody knows

  24. kittu

    M eagerly waiting for accident???..
    Dekha kar Di na negative baat,that’s y my frnds call me negative girl..
    Bt what to do.. Kabhi kabhar negative chize bhi life me positivity le aati h…

    As with shraman..
    Bt seriously guys, very bad accident …
    Really ..mera to dil hi tham gaya..
    Shravan now see,what yr ego did??..
    Sry ,just kidding…
    Actually I m also very anxious towards her accident……
    And for new promo too…
    A song for coming promo…
    Promo aa ja na..
    Promo aa ja na..
    Hum sab tujhe bula rahe..
    Jaldi se tu aa..
    Oo promo aa ja na..
    Oo promo aa ja na..?????

  25. kittu

    @Anshi,I also thinks soon..
    Probability to h..
    Bt it’s a time of separation…
    So wait ..anu ,everything will be fine sooonnn

    And ,if u don’t mind ,could I call u Anu??

  26. Kittu

    @Khusi,ooye first of all,thnx nd ya u can use my idea btw Maine diya hi isliye tha ki koi use kar le, becoz for me it is useless becoz my ff is not on this track…
    So I ‘ll be greatful agar koi ise use karte too…so u r free…
    Nd ya bht blood tha,seriously..
    Mai bas roi nahi otherwise koi kasar nahi nahi chodi Maine muh banane mee..
    Well,agar ye 500ppl k order k baad ho then it will be alright ,otherwise she will have to face Mr.Pradhan ,legally…

  27. Kittu

    @Mohd Azeem,welcome ..I know u r new here..
    Bt if u don’t mind..
    R u a boy??..
    Oh sorry naam se pata chal gaya..
    Well bro ,if u don’t mind could I call u bro..
    Nd chalo koi ni kah hi deti noon

    I hope u will not mind..
    Ooye agar mind shind kiya to bol de na bolungi..
    So,from where r u??.
    Nd hope u will comment here regularly,aren’t u??
    Well I u will enjoy our company..
    Dekha likh diya na itta Sara,well it’s my problem
    Abe bro dar mat ,yahan sab aise hi h..
    So a song..

    Hum to aise h ,Bhaiya..
    Are hum to aise h Bhaiya..
    Well it’s my speciality, ki mai each nd every moment pe ek song dedicate karti noon ,so this ones for uuu…

  28. Kittu

    @Minakshi,yaar really, when it will come on TV,pakka dil than Jana h..
    Saanse ruk jaani h..
    Aur jaan nikal jaani h..
    Wish u all the best..
    To all NIMIK faanss..
    God bless us???

  29. mahima

    i think ye accident hoga ap logo ko yad preeta ne bola masale main gadbad hai tab sayad vo market jaye amd then accident?????vaise kuch bhi keh lo this serial superb and apko batau main isse pehle koi serial nahi dekhti sivai nikita dutta’s dream girl par bich mein use bhi chod diya kyunki she quitted the serial and vo bahit dramatic bhi ho gaya tha isliye par this one is toh superb sabko milake main bas yahi kehna chati hun ki i am a great …..great…..great..fan of nikita and namik???


    No no I m areeba vo mere bhai ne apna naam daal dia srry my brother irritates me a lot thanx kittu

  31. Kittu

    @Areeba nadeem,so hi bro..nd it’s okay..
    Well,u didn’t tell that from where r u??..
    Is it personal 4 u then no need to tell..well I hope that u will also have a good company with us???

  32. Kittu

    @Mahima,ya here with me,I also watch only one show which is none other than edkv…
    Nd don’t move to any other pg..
    Becoz I don’t like melodramatic…. Which we often face in other serial..sry if I hurt anyone????

  33. Ridhima gupta

    guyz can u help me plz… my tv is not working and I haven’t watched yesterday episode of EDKV… i only read update. .
    plz can u give me the link which is available in my country so that I can watch it plz…

  34. Kittu

    To guys….
    Hey everyone we know that accident will happen..
    Nd after that shraman will be in hospital…
    Sumo will be in operation theatre..
    Nd shravan outside..
    So 4 this coming condition..I have a song..
    It’s the kittu’s special…
    Chute ya na chute mause rang tera dolna..
    Ek tere baju ,duja mera koi molna..
    Bol na mahi ,bolna…
    Bolna mahi bolna…
    Hmnnn hmmnnnn…….
    Keep continuing…..
    Isn’t it a appropriate song 4 this sad track.. What’s say guys??I hope u had liked my song.????????

  35. Kittu

    @Ridhima Gupta,hey dear,from which country u belong??Hey u can use U tube, I hope I helped u….????

    • Ridhima gupta

      I am from nepal kittu. .. and in youtube the episode is upto sumo pct sealed. … can’t I get another link plz….


    Hey I forgot to tell u I m from kanpur and I m not boy yaar ?? I m girl areeba name ladki ka h ??

  37. Anshi

    @Kittu… I jst read ur ff… Kya baat yaar… Matlab chha gaye… I jst commented on ff… Check it out..

    @Khushi… I read ur ff 2… U guys r awsum.. I lv dat young sumo… Sry i didnt comment bcs it ws nt gettin posted… I ll post d comment asap

    @Areeba… R u a gal or a boy… Mmmm… I m jst askin as doubt.. Sry if u fell offended..
    BTW.. Welcum..

    @Kittu… Ofcourse yaar… Anu is an awsum name… Go fr it my gal… <3 <3
    Wow… Y'know its my fav song… N i wud lv if it actually gets played as a bgm

    @Mahima… Hey.. I noticed dat u call everyone di.. Dunno in which class u r… Bt its a request wud u call me anshi… I cant say of anyone else bt i feel a lil odd when a frnd call me di… So if u dont mind call me anshi

    • khushi

      thank u so much meri pyaari chulbuli anshi…..no problem dear…tumne m eri ff padhi yahi bahut hai….u comment when u will have tym dear…love u alot my anshi..

  38. Lily

    Hey guys
    How r u all?
    Acha u know on Twitter krpkab fans r saying ekdv has copied
    The accident scene from krpkab.. Isn’t it stupid…….as if accident scene toh Kab hi kisi serial dikhaya nahi Tha……

  39. Minakhi

    Hey guys I really want to know something……Wese abhi to iss show kuch khass nahi Ho raha hai,Like no pyar nd lovey dubbby Scenes,No friendship bonding,Only shravan’s Rudeness,Ramu Ki chal,……normally youth k liye ye sab boring hota hai …ese me Bohot se log iss show KO Quit karte hain….But ese serious track pe bhi aap sab itne positivity k saath kese comment kar rahe ho???I mean mene iss comment box pe ese bohut se friends dekhe hai jinhone …Nirmala track k baad yahan pe Comment karna band kar diya ….but at the same time new friends Ki bhi entry hui yahan. …. I m surprised Ki Ek hi time pe log itna alag kese soch sakte hain yaar. ??Zara se love scene kya chala Gaya …sabne comment karna hi band kar Diya ….really feeling sad for all Who left this comment box ..Nd sill I M missing them ….I m sure Kuch ne isse TV pe dekhna bhi band kar Diya hoga ……Well ese me Mein ek baat kehna chahti hoon …ki…… (IF U R A FRIEND ON ONLY GOOD DAYS THAN U R NOT A GOOD FRIEND ) Yahan PE dushre show k log kuch bhi likh k chale jate hain …..really Bad thing…Our show is decreasing it’s trp bcz everybody want Love scene….I have a request to all(Jo yahan PE abhi hai)Plz switch on the TV at 10 pm nd Watch this show ….Don’t change the Channel during beak ….Only watching TV can Increase Trp,Also Don’t watch this show online…it will Decrease the trp ….plz support EDKV in this serious situation…They r really needing us right now..

    • Ridhima Gupta

      I totally agree with u minakhi… Before my exam I used to talk with abhi, Tara,Ishu and other.. Bt now I m not seeing anyone commenting… But I sure dear my tv is not working since yesterday night.. I feel like crying.. I have called the cable office n they told some wires r broken… I haven’t watched yestetday epi… So I needed link… And after 1 week my colage will start… I will get less time to watch tv and commenting here.. So at least this week I want to enjoy edkv without any stress….

  40. Minakhi

    Heyy Areeba …….Welcome dear …….may I know the meaning of ur name ??If u can tell
    …I mean it’s sounds Really Nice . …

  41. Minakhi

    Another important thing …for trp …Repeat telecast can’t help to increase trp …..bcz only on the time slot can increase trp ….Let’s start ….”Trp badhao mission”…..Koun koun Ayega mere saath??????????

      • khushi

        me me minu…..i m with u and i promise i will always watch edkv come what may…..coz m a big fan of the show and namik also…..and yes MISSION TRP BHADHAO is ON

  42. Kittu

    @Areeba,sry sry sry …

    Now I know that u r a girl nd from Kanpur..
    Nice to meet u Areeba..nd it’s good to find one more companion actually, I m also in 10th..congrats yaar,finally I got one more frnd from north,..
    So,let me introduce myself..
    Hi,m kittu ,nd from Delhi..
    So a welcome song for uuu…
    As last one was for a boy Areeba???..
    Tum Jo aaye comment pg pe baat ban gayi..
    Tum Jo aaye comment pg pe baat ban gayi…
    Aate rehna is pg peeee..
    Aate rehna is pg pe…
    Din h sona …
    Raat chandi

    Baat ban gayiiii…
    I hope u will like my song..
    Nd plez forgive me on my offence???

    • khushi

      hi areeba…sorry m late…..u got such a nice name dear…..with such a wonderful meaning….keep loving edkv and yes do keep commenting….i would love to see ur light pink dp having triangles and squares on this page….so keep commenting

    • khushi

      hey roshini it means entrance……for eg if we say dil li dehleez…it will mean at the entrance of heart………and exact toh mujhe bhi nhi pta……and kittu is also right u can join both our meanings maybe then u will get the exact meaning
      and its me ur khushi only…not any new khushi..

      • roshni

        yeah I know its my khushi darling………tysm actually I don’t know exact meaning so I asked.tysm dear……….


    No I think this track is going superb and I luv this show bcoz of this track only and I don’t think that edkv is dependent on luv scenes ri8 guys ??
    and yaa we should support edkv …
    as I luv nikita acting?

  44. Kittu

    @Minakahi,seriously yaar,I totally agree with u..bt kuch zyada hi philosophical type tha…hey,just kidding …really very positive thought bt yaar they were not our frnds who left us…bt is really love scenes r that much important for any show ,I don’t think soon,in spite of love there r also many things which ppl like..as ppl like me I only like friendship nd comedy scenes becoz it’s my personal thinking tht after love confession ,all serials become same…well I sorry if I hurt anyone….
    Well it is my personal thinking…..
    And ya kuch show me to yaar had hi paar kar dete h…. Family show rehne hi nahi dete…and aisi naubat aa jati h ki pillow ar towel dhoondna padta h muh chupane k liye??
    It is true ….that is y I prefer to watch this show… Becoz till than I don’t think ki aisa koi bhi scene huya h for which I had to find towel or pillow….
    And if this will happen thennnn ….I hope that this show will maintain it’s limitations….
    I hope I had not hurt anyone’s feelings…
    Nd if I did ,so a big sorry guys…. Plez forgive my silly mistakes???..
    @Areeba,well what’s the meaning of yr name,dear????

  45. roshni

    @kittu ur from dehli???????then ur so lucky yaar….edkv shooting is from there only na………so u have chances to meet them??????right?????/

  46. Kittu

    @Areeba,wah what a name u got,nice name girl…nd dry as I didn’t understand yr name???
    @Roshni,hey dehleez means border…
    As 4 example if I say India ki dehleez,
    It means India ka border

    Well well well….I m not good in Urdu bt wanted to help u,so I think this is rht???…

    @Anshi,tujhe bhooli nahi,well yaar thnx for commenting on my ff .

    Nd okay so from now u r Anu for me….
    @Mahima,hey don’t call us Didi,well I like this Didi voice bt not on this pg bt if u like then u can call me Didi ,nd I m agree to accept u as my younger sis,if u don’t mind ,could u tell me yr class nd from where r u???.
    Well I m in 10th,so if u r junior then Didi…nd if not so,Kittu …
    Again… Plez call me Didi if u r younger than me….l’ll be happy ….

  47. Kittu

    @Nauzath,well,welcome here,BT firstly tell us r u a boy or girl becoz here we recently created a mess related to this boy girl topic.. Actually, hi ..could u tell us that from where r u nd in which class??…
    Comment here regularly… Well agar roz agar ittne naye log aayenge tab to mere saare songs hi khatam ho jayenge…
    Bt I m happy as ppl r coming here…
    A welcome song for u…
    Aayega ….
    Aaagaya..aane walaaaa..
    Nice dued …
    Keep commenting here…
    Well what is the meaning of yr name…so childish question na..???

  48. AREEBA

    yaar take a chill pill nd areeba means knowledge and beauty and u all can call me Arbi also it’s my nick name

  49. Kittu

    Hey,in that accident shot…yaar NAMIK ki to band ban gayi… But NAMIK managed everything..

  50. Ireena

    hello,guys!!how r u all??
    missed u and edkv a looooot…
    but I m feeling little scared.☺??

  51. Minakhi

    Heyy @Nuzhath…welcome ….U r already in this comment box…don’t need to ask…..very much welcome….

  52. Kittu

    @Ireena,welcome back yaar,we also missed u a lot.. Btw hello dear..I m fine..r u fine now??..why r u scared..??

  53. Minakhi

    @Ireena welcome back….I don’t understand about ur Scary feeling….may be for my long inspirational speech……oooo dear. ..don’t be …u r always welcome…here ….now I guess…all the missing friends r Soo busy with studies….I m really happy that U got some time to comment ….Do commenting here at least once in a day…?

    • Ireena

      I didn’t comment but that’s not 4 my studies.but i fear i will be so busy shortly i will get time hardly to breath.??actually I was I’ll dear.even now not full fit.just was missing u all.so came here.

  54. AREEBA

    Hey I m giving my intro again kk
    my name is areeba from kanpur nd I m a girl
    AREEBA means knowledge and beauty now hope I have clear all d daaaaaaaaoooooooott???

  55. AREEBA

    Hey I m giving my intro again kk
    my name is areeba from kanpur nd I m a girl
    AREEBA means knowledge and beauty now hope I have clear all d daaaaaaaaoooooooott???
    A6a I wanted to know ki accident track promo aa gya h kya tv pr❓❓

  56. Minakhi

    @Kittu ….absolutely right Yaar sahi bola tune ….kuch zyada hi philosophical Ho Gaya ….well track k hisab se Positivity Ki thodi kami to thi ….but …sabki choice hi alag alag hoti hai….To jisko Jo Chiz padnd Ata hai ….wo wohi dhundhta hai ….wese bhi ye ek Show hi to hai……Iss show k baad pata nahi koun kiss show pe hoga …..

  57. Minakhi

    @AREEBA u have got a pretty name dear nd also the meaning is soo Valuable… …keep commenting here….?

  58. Ridhima gupta

    yeah love confession in EDKV. .. preeti will realize her love for pushkar. ….they will confess each other. .. their confession has been shot already. …

  59. Minakhi

    @Lily …..Kya tum Twitter pe Ho ??If yes than tell them that they have already copied that accident scene from Dosti Yaariyaan Manmarziyan…..yaar inki problem kya hai…..Itna jalte kyu rehte hain…..I m regretting that why I m not on Twitter…Main hoti to thik jawab deti…..Unka rain scene …Kahan se copy hai …puch na Zara … kitne serials k bare Mein bolun ….wo sab pehli baar Indian serial dekh rahe hain kya ……Really disappointing…..

  60. mahima

    i am frm gorakhpur and i am studying in class 9 so i know that many of u would be in class 10 ,11,12 or in college so hui na mein sabse younger yahan par and ha plz aaj ka update zaldi dal dijiye cz mere nana bahut zaldi soote hai aur sabko sulate bhi hai isliye main aj nahi dekhpaungi par kal vo ? chale jayenge hassshhhh toh i can watch .Ajkal itne serial aye hai like hthghpkk, jndsd,etc.. sab ke sab vahi sas bahu dramas par edkv superb and didi ap ekdam sahi bol rahi thi mera yoh yahi manana hai ki jo app suru karte ho use khatam karo naki bheech mein hi chod do ye .

  61. rhia

    Hey everyone… i m actually surprised by seeing this kind of frndshp between u guyz…i mean thats really gud…i just dnt comment usually but u guys made me to comment and share my happiness… and kittu i luv u yaar u are tooooo gud and ur sng omg thts awesome??

  62. Ireena

    ha..ha..no minakhi,I m not scared of ur inspirational speech…how can I??whereas I dont back up from giving inspirational speech everyday.and u guys need to bear me???
    hi,kittu.I was not here when u entered into our family.yet u missed me…so sweet.
    well,let me take u a guess why I m scared????….just guess…????

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey ireena….my jaan…..u don’t even have any idea that how much I missed u yr….even leave all that first u tell how r u now….I mean first u had headache then u stopped commenting…. How is ur health now…????
      And why yr u scared yr…..I can’t guess it plz tell na

      • Ireena

        Awwww…ha..ha..I never imagined that someone might call me ‘my jan ‘ha…ha..????
        me tooooo missed u aaaaa looooot,my dhadkan….????

  63. Kittu

    @Areeba aka arbi..this is yr nick name, ryt??..
    So no need to give yr intro again nd again..it is enough for us…
    Well I again except yr intro???
    @guys…hey everyone.. I wrote next part of my ff…
    Title: milke rahenge Jo bane edkv (episode4)..
    Plez go there nd check… Plez.. Plez…??

  64. Minakhi

    Aur kitne ginwaun…Kya KRPKEB Walon ne Indian television par pehli baar ,Love triangle ko discover kiya ,Kya pehli baar unhone Maa Bete ke bich Ki misunderstanding ko discover kiya….jisme Dusri ladki maa bete k bich aa jati hai ….Kya pehli baar ese show dikhaya unhone jisme Teen mmahine k liye ek Nutritionist Ati hai aur uska 3 mahina khatam hi naahi Hua…..No offence guys….but Mein ye nahi bolti Ki humare show ne kuch nahi kiya ….Humare show Ka Nirmala track Kitni Mohabbat se li gayi hai ….bas utna hi …or Accident wali baat Script Ki deemand hai …..Fark sirf itna hai Ki unhone pehle telecast kiya humara abhi ayega……Kyu bbekaar me Mood kharap kar rahe hain ye log…….Dushro par unglee uthane se phle ……Khud k bare me Dekhna chahiye…..Every show has a similarity with another shows..soo it’s better to not to judge any show for a little sequence……..Yaar sach to ye hai …ki me yaha jitna bhi chilla loon ….kuch nahi hone wala ….kaash Ki me twitter pe hoti ……Lily. …..mere taraf se Kuch likh na Twitter pe ……Itne sare comparison Diya mene…..kuch kar….

  65. roshni

    @ kittu tysm dear for telling me……………..

    @khushi ty too dear n I know ur my khushi I remember ur logo vry well……………

    @ireena hey hi how ru????I missed u soo much ..y ru scare???????I am fine………..

  66. Kittu

    @Rhia,thnx dear….well r u new here??.. So welcome… And I’ll surely dedicate a song for u ,tomorrow as I m busy now
    @Mahima,thnx my younger sis..

  67. Kittu

    @Roshni,it’s okay.
    Hey a song for u…
    Rhia Meri frnd…
    Mai tujhe fiiidaa…
    Tu Meri mai Teri..
    Jaane puraa comment pg.

    Kya likhti tu.
    Kya mai likhoo
    Aati kya is pg pe..
    Ha ,,aaungi is pg pe..
    Ae …kya likti tu….
    Have a happy nd nice time with us…
    @Anu ,yaar where r u???..
    @My sis..mahima…how r u..my younger sis…

  68. Kittu

    @Ireena,ya I missed u, what happened we don’t know each other..
    Listen a dialogue… Dushmam ka dushmam dost..
    So ,dost ka dost dost.. What’s say..????
    @Mahima,hey if u don’t mind, could u call me Di???..
    Nd could I call u mahi …??

  69. Minakhi

    Heyyy @rhia….1st of all..Thank u soo much for appreciating our bonding….nd thank u for commenting here …keep it up dear don’t be a silent reader ……Here u Can find very light hearted friends..all r like Jabra fans of this show…….Welcome once again….

  70. Minakhi

    @ Ireena plz tell na,…Yaar ….Why u feeling scared…..I can’t guess anything…..plz Tell…..

  71. AREEBA

    Hey kittu u didn’t tell about the accident track??..
    actually I wanted to know ki accident track promo aa gya h kya tv pr ❓ ❓

  72. Kittu

    @Minakshi,hey kyu tu apna gala phad rahi h… Kuch nahi hone wala inka…
    Some lines…
    1.laato k bhoot baaton se nahi maante…
    2.acchi chiz k hi dushmam hote h
    3.acchi chiz dekhne k liye bhi acchi aankhon ka hona jarpori h
    4.dheere dheere re mana..
    dheere sab kuch hoye..
    Maali seenche soo ghada ,ritu aaye phal hoye…
    It means ki jab hamari ritu I mean hamara waqt aayega tabhi kuch ho sakta h..
    Abhi bina time k kuch nahi hoga ,jab tak time nahi aayega tab tak hum kitna bhi cheekh le chilla le kuch nahi hoga….
    Just wait for our time…..
    @Lily…hey dear if u r on Twitter ,so listen…. Give a long reply to those disgusting ppl… I hope u understand… Ab lily se liza banne ka waqt aa gaya…Aur ye lines post kar there…show our unity….
    @Minakshi,hey a song for my hot minded girl….
    Just chill …chill just chill…
    Minu,dil se nikal de gussa…
    Just chill chill… Jut chill…
    Hey calm down yaar…we r with u nd shall be with u always…

  73. Minakhi

    Sorry @ Ireena I got ur ans….Soo no need to put ur Reason again…..This moderation will kill me one day …

    @Areeba …..no yaar no promo yet …..I think We have to wait for Next week….Upcoming promo me shayed kuch. Ache ache scenes bhi Ho…..Hoping for best ….

  74. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @guys….I heard that Preeti will realise her feelings for pushkar and then there will be a love confession…. Is it true???

  75. Kittu

    @Arbi,not yet…no new promo..
    Nd for ff ,I still not checkd my ff ..
    But if u wanna read so my title is..milke rahenge Jo bane edkv (episode 4)..

  76. Minakhi

    May be yaar @Khushi …But aaj kal Itne sare spoiler sun sun ke me Mein pagal Ho gayi hoon. …kuch to mujhe fake lag rahe hain or kuch Real….Agar accident issi week ko hoga to Preekar ka Kiss scene kab ayega …Or preeti will avoid him ….Fir itni jaldi kese Wo Love ko accept karegi …Ek spoiler me esa tha Ki Shraman will unite Preekar nd aur ek Spoiler me Preekar will unite Shraman ….I m confused still now…..Soo it’s better in sare spoiler ko Ignore kar k Show KO enjoy kare….right……Let’s watch the episodes nd yaa plz try to maintain our Trp mission…….

  77. Minakhi

    @kittu wah wah kya ucch vichar …..wah wah ….Kya uch vichar ….dil to Karta hai bana doon unka acchar………? ……Chilla chilla k Mein thak gayi yaar ……Ab chahiye ek promo Shandaar ….?…..Kesa laga bolna sab……I just tried…..myself

  78. Anshi

    Ham thode late kya ho gaye duniya idhr se udha ho gyi… Jst kiddin

    @Minakhi… U r rite dr.. I agree.. Yeh log chahte kya h… Sweet startin.. Sweet show… Sweet endin.. Itnaa sweet hoga toh yeh show nhi shakkar hota…
    I ll support u in ur mission
    No offence… Yeh krpkab kuchh bhi bolte h keh toh aise rhe h jaise accident kisi aur serial mein ho hin nhi

    @Areeba… U hv got an wonderful name.. 🙂 🙂

    @Mahima.. Hmm i m a yr older dan u… Bt u cn call me anythin… Anshi or di… Ur wish… 🙂

    @Ireena… Ireena ireena ireena…. Do u hv any idea we missed u like a hell… Plsss try 2 comment regularly.. 🙂

    @Kittu… Tujhe kaise bhool skti hun… Thank god u posted next part… I ws waitin like crazy..
    Awsum song as always.. 🙂 🙂 😉

  79. Ireena

    last day i said i will hack this site for sure….feeling like do it now itself…??…guys,anyone knows programming,let us know….we r going to hire u for hacking this site.then it will be free of moderation

  80. Ireena

    my dear friends,guessing time’s up….none could guess..????…
    I m scared because u all r using soooo hindi…it’s taking almost 30 minutes to understand ur comments and poems….but I think my translator friends Khushi will be there for sure to help me frm now?
    @Khushi,I had a terrific dangerous horrible fever which thought I m too weak to protest…but u know I have punched and kicked it so hard that it will take twice to come near me from now???..

  81. Ireena

    friends, fought against that terrorist fever and almost fit now,hope to be complete victorian within a couple of days….that irritating soups have almost killed me.
    well,this freaking net is little disturbing.may be something wrong my phone…well,if so,will catch u at tomorrow epi.☺?…till then love to all my sweeties

  82. roshni

    @khushi ….yup its true,…..after all vr varun kapoor’s fan…itna toh banta hi hain….next time no formalities between us…..

    @ireena I am fine….no pain now….but stitches marks r still there…. it takes months to go……tell me correctly what happened to u????I am glad ur fine….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.