Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan stops in his tracks as he hears the song being played in. Sumo asks the guy who he is. He says you must have read it in story tales. A knight in shining armour comes to rescue the princess whenever she is in trouble. Sumo dances with him. Shravan He looks at Sumo and the new guy as they dance together. He wonders who he is and why is he dancing with Sumo. Everyone is puzzled about this guy. Vandy finds the guy really cute. Kamini is irked that her plan is ruined. Shravan looks down unhappily seeing the dance. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end. The guy and Sumo hold hands as they bow before the audience. The guy gets a call. He goes aside to speak to his mother. Shravan looks at him. No one knows him. Who is he then? Sumo goes after the new guy but she cannot find him. Kamini thinks

these people are weird. They come closer when you try to separate them and vice versa. She questions Shravan about the dance. You left Sumo alone on stage. Rachna too asks him why he dint perform after doing the rehearsal. Sumo lies that Shravan had a sprain. I only asked him not to as he was in pain. Shravan looks at her in confusion. Sumo apologizes to Kamini for all that is missing in the preps. I did my best but I know some things dint turn out right. I assure you it wont happen again. Rachna seconds her. Sumo dint even sleep last night. Shravan looks worriedly at Sumo. They all leave. Shravan tells Sumo it is ok. Everyone knows you dint leave any stone unturned in doing things. Sumo calls I strange. I was egoistic, stubborn a while back. He reasons that it was said differently. They stick to their points. She ends up saying that she did the best she could manage in her budget without taking anyone’s help. He tells her to decide first. You fight with me on one hand while you save me from everyone scolding me by lying to them. She says I am only doing it to save everyone’s mood from spoiling. Prita calls out for Sumo.

Shravan mentally apologizes to Sumo. I know I dint come. I am sorry for that but who was that guy who danced with Sumo.

Prita too asks Sumo about the guy she danced with. Sumo has no clue who he was. Maybe it was Pushkar’s friend. Shravan too thinks of this possibility. Both of them begin to know for this new guy. A lady compliments Sumo on the dance. Shravan stands face to face with Sumo once again. He compliments her dance too. Your partner was an interesting guy. Who was he? The new guy joins them just now. Why dint you tell anyone about me? Sumo says I don’t know you. He tells her to think once more. Shravan says she said she does not recall who you are. The new guy asks Shravan who he is. Shravan lies to him. I am Dabbu. The new guy agrees to talk to him later. He turns to Sumo again. He clicks a selfie with her while she is boggled as to who he is. Shravan says it is enough. Don’t trouble her. tell us who you are. The guy says my mother says you don’t share your identity but make one. It should be unforgettable. He walks away. Shravan questions Sumo about the guy. Sumo says I don’t know him. Shravan says he was talking like he knows you since long. I am asking you something. She asks him if she gave him a right to question her. You are right actually. I don’t want to tell you anything.

The guy meets Pushkar. Shravan and Sumo deduce that he is Pushkar’s friend. The guy teases Preeti and Pushkar. Lala ji joins them. Pushkar introduces his father to Aditya. Lala ji appreciates his dance. How did you reach stage suddenly? Aditya says I dint enjoy seeing a girl alone on stage so I joined her. Lala ji is happy with his answer. Pushkar points out that Aditya wants to stay in hotel. They tell Aditya to bring his stuff and shift with them. Aditya agrees.

Sumo is on call with Pushkar. She asks about Aditya. He reminds her of the competition where they won a cup together. Sumo remembers it. She goes outside in the hall and finds Aditya there. Everyone talks happily to him. Nanu asks Aditya how he came here. Aditya says I came to get something that is really precious to me. They are confused. Sumo says I know what he has come to take. He asks her to return it. She reasons that it isn’t right to ask what isn’t yours. He sweetly counters her point. Sumo stares at him. I won the competition in Inter college competition. He dint even give speech in the competition. He reasons that he wrote it. She says I took it to its destination. People clapped for the way I delivered the speech and not for the words. He calls her a cup thief. The elders try to calm them. Nanu suggests them to have a deal. Aditya says I have come to take it to another level and I will. Sumo looks uncomfortable.

Shravan comes to Pushkar’s room. He sits down there only to ask about Aditya. Who is he? Pushkar shares that Sumo knows him already. She forgot about it. I only reminded her. Shravan tells him to speak in detail. Pushkar tells him about the competition. It happened when you were in London. His phone beeps just then. Pushkar smiles reading the text. Aditya is enjoying coffee with Sumo. Shravan looks upset.

Sumo and Aditya enjoy the coffee. He keeps looking at her mesmerised while she talks. Aditya drinks cold coffee after hot coffee. She warns him not to do so as it can harm his health. He tells her against it. I have only one bad habit. I don’t want to be a good guy. He speaks of his habits (enjoying trekking and cooking). Sumo enjoys talking to him. She keeps looking at him as he talks. He asks her if she is checking him out (ladka taad rahi ho). She says no. I have heard someone talking more than me for the first time. He speaks of his mom. She misses her mom hearing it. He changes the topic. Tell me something about you. She calls it boring. He wishes to know about her catering business. Why don’t you buy a bigger space? She says it is going on. Hopefully it will happen soon. They go quiet.

Shravan is upset in his room. She doesn’t have time to ask me listen to what I have to say. She has time to have coffee with Aditya though. Epi ends on the split screen of Aditya, Sumo and Shravan.

Precap: Shravan comes to the coffee house. He finds Sumo and Aditya there. Sumo notices him there. Shravan tells his father he was right. I should give some more time to my feelings.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Kisi ko jlne ki smell aa rhi h????
    Bcs mujhe toh aa rhi h..
    In today’s epi shravan ws all green… 😛 😉

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    Ki ye Dosti…
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    Chodenge nahi hum…
    Chodenge nahi hum ….
    How is this?????….hope u will like this…nd keep commenting dear.. Nd missed u nd ANU a lottttttttt

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  4. Ur are right my friends… SHRAvaN face of jealousy….. But I fell that SHRAMAN should dance on gerua …but it is all right. …say whatever dance of Adi and sumo was nice….. Are u sure that Adi is nirmala’ s son ….. I wish he is positive character …..push and SHRAvaN conversation….and last dialogue of SHRAvaN ????????

    1. nice..

    1. from where u got it,dr???it’s damnnnnnnn…??????….I love it to the fullest…did u edit it??if so,I will give u an award for editing anyway…???
      I wish baaadddllly to withness it shortlyyyyyyy…

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    anshi,now really smells like something burning!!!??

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  14. @Ireena ..yes yaar Adi is soo cool down Banda nd I hope he will be positive like this ….?

    1. and I hope that ur hope goes true!!

  15. @Guys…hi

  16. I missed u too kittu nd ha I will try
    as usual ur shaiyari nailed it??

  17. Hey this iz for u all
    Dost shabd nahi jo mit jaaye
    Umra nahi jo dhal jaaye
    Safar nahi jo kat jaaye
    Yeh woh ehsaas haiJiske liye jiya jaaye toZindagi kam pad jaaye.
    Reply must h kk

  18. Devga

    omg today’s shravu expression in cafe was really heart breaking ….
    Now aditya’s entry again big misunderstanding….. wen only in edkv this misunderstand prob will come to an end ….. fed up

    1. If u r fed up from their misunderstandings then please take a break from this track and then if u wish u start watching when the track gets over.

      1. good reply,beas!this krpkebian ajkal hamesha fed up rehta hain…
        is liye apna takleef yahan batne agayi,bura to lag rahi hain,lekin tumhare liye, kyunki hum ye bahoooooot enjoy kar rahi hoon!!!hehe….aur koi misunderstanding nahi hain,jo hain,wo tumhare krpkeb bhi mein hain…

  19. ireena…. translating it 4 u……..
    friend is not a word which can be erased……
    A friend is not an age which will adapt……
    A friend is not a journey which can end…..
    It is a feeling which is for whole life…..

    do reply kk

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