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Sumo and Shravan follow Gugul. Kamini and Vandy stand on road as their car broke down. They notice Shravan passing by. Vandy thinks to call him but Kamini tells her it wont help them. He listens to no one else but Sumo nowadays.

Sumo urgently has to go to loo. Please take right from the mall. He tells her to hold. She cannot hold it any longer. He relates their school time. You used to be the same way in school too. She asks him if he remembers all the stupid things. He smiles. I also recall one more thing. PT teacher used to ask us to press your little finger to control. She tries but fails. She finds a man peeing on the side of the road and shouts the same thing at him. Shravan laughs. You must focus harder. She tries again.

Gugul reaches the office. Sumo wants to go to loo first.

Shravan says this place is unsafe for girls. You will anyways not come in. Find a loo while I will follow Gugul. Shravan very carefully follows Gugul. Sumo goes to look for a washroom.

Gugul asks a guy to make the papers asap. The guy (Shastri) agrees to send it by evening to office only. Someone pats at Shravan’s shoulder. Who are you? Who do you want to meet? Shravan takes Shastri’s name. Gugul is coming out just then. Shravan bends down to fix his shoes. Gugul goes out by then. the guys take Shravan inside. Shravan greets Shastri. Shastri asks him who he is and who gave him this address. Shravan takes a fake name (of a fake friend). He got a fake degree from you. Maybe you forgot. Shastri shakes his head. I don’t forget anything. Shravan cooks up a story of getting a fake will. I know it is only you who can do this work. I have also heard that you can copy anyone’s signatures. Shastri denies. Shravan tries to go but Shastri makes him sit. I recognize lies in a second. Why are you lying? You will be happy and alive if you speak truth. Shravan goes quiet. Sumo walks in just then. You are still here? I have been waiting for you. She fights with him like his wife. Shravan says Shastri ji does not believe me. She says who will believe a person like you. She begins to talk when Shrastri says I already know. I will do it. She asks for washroom. Shravan slaps his hand at his head. Sumo acts and goes to washroom. Shastri asks Shravan if it is his wife or a machine gun. She never stops talking. Shravan says it is all fate. Sumo joins them again. They ask about the papers. What if someone finds out that they are fake? Shastri assures Shravan no one can find fault with the papers made by him. Sumo asks him if he can fake signs perfectly. Shastri agrees. Sharavan asks him to prove it. He makes fake sign of Sameer on a paper in their presence. Shravan matches the sign. You are a magician! Shastri happily thanks them. He asks his guy to give the papers to Khosla. His work is done. Ask for our share. Shravan and Sumo excuse themselves.

Sumo says your welcome to Shravan. I thought you wont say thank you. he tells her not to act like a heroine. She knows he would have been in a problem if she had not come there on time. He nods. I got what I wanted. The game is in our hands now. They sit in the car. She calls him Khadus / Sadu for not sharing everything. He bites his tongue by mistake and shouts. Maybe someone scolded me. She closes her eyes sweetly. He asks her to share the paan. She is surprised. You don’t like paan? He nods. I dint used to but seems like a lot has changed now including me (lagta hai bahot kuch badal gaya hai…shayad main bhi). They both smile.

Mami ji, Rachna and Bablu see the fake papers. Khosla asks them to sign too. rachna signs the papers. Mami stops her from giving them to Khosla. Give us our money first. Gugul gives them the cheque. Khosla takes papers from Mami ji. We will meet tomorrow in court for the last time. They leave. KHosla and GUgul happily cheer.

At night, Shastri and his men are leaving when police reaches there. They arrest Shastri. Shastri is shocked to see Shravan. Why did you do this? Shravan asks him to make another paper, the kind of papers that you make for Khosla. Shastri says what if I don’t. Shravan says how it matters to us. But you will be out of jail in 2-3 years if you support us.

Gugul requests Khosla to make him also happy now by blessing them. Khosla is confused. Them? Gugul tells Khosla all that happened in the afternoon. Khosla slaps him and gets tensed. He puts the papers aside. He calls Shastri but the number is switched off. That girl played a big game. Gugul asks him what will happen next. Khosla replies that now he will have to do what he dint want to. This world is too mean. I will have to create some mess now. We will play our ace card now. Call him here.

Varun comes to Khosla’s office. Khosla is the same client whose company Varun sent the consignment to. Khosla praises him. I am impressed by your personality, hard work, honesty but there is only one wrong thing that I dint like. You made a very big mistake. You shouldn’t have been Shravan’s brother! Varun is taken aback.

Everyone is celebrating at Tiwari House. Preeti brings a special dish cooked by her. Mama ji calls it Pulao but Dabbu calls it burnt Pulao. Sumo tastes it and compliments Preeti. Preeti says I made it especially for Shravan. Thank you for saving our house! Epi ends on Sumo’s happy face.

Precap: Kamini asks Shravan to leave Sumo’s case right now if he considers Varun his brother. Sumo tries Shravan’s number but he is not picking up. She writes him a message. Ramnath tells Shravan to look at this from the perspective of not a lawyer but from a family member’s perspective. Sumo comes to meet Shravan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Again a wonderful episode…Starting was so funny..when sumo said husband n done full drama..shravan was like what’s going on,.. Anyway i liked it..their husband wife drama..it was awesome..n also by using the chance she went to washroom..shravan’s expressions were awesome… shravan’s dialogue”Zubaan kat liya”was also funny..N the way he directly said..chalo..lets make it half..paan..sumo was like “really”..N i liked it when he said many things changed…..??????????

    1. Ridhima Gupta

      Hi abhi .. I read ur comments and I love d way u express ur feelings .. Mine are too related with shraman.. ANd I m new here

      1. Thanks yaar…May i call u Ridhi..??

    2. Sure abhi u can call me Ridhi

  2. fingers crossed……………..shh

  3. Ohhh…his expressions to that shastriji were awesome…his styles..ohho..i cant take my eyes from him…?????
    N also i liked when Kamini said that he only hears sumo’s words nowadays..?
    Really guys,…they are fighting like husband wife itself…???

  4. All are going well.but suddenly story turned like this.I’m upset???

  5. But I trust shravan will do something

  6. Awesome episode……… Lov shravan n sumo..????….BT kamini is killing my time….hate her….

  7. Oh god…i will kill this khosla…feeling sad for Varun…but shravu,you cannot cheat sumo??????..shravu plssss…n i know , u will never do that..also i know u will not let ur bro to be in a trouble cus of u…????
    I know that u will handle it properly ..but don’t take too much time…
    Iam not saying much becus i know that u will win the case…???
    But don’t take too much time..?
    Iam waiting to see shraman nok jhok..???

  8. Sumo:Tum rehjao jaatey jaatey toh sajdey mei jukh jau

    Shravu:Ek baar kehdo rukh jao…Sau baar rukh jaau

    Sumo:Jis haq se roku…Voh haq kaha se laau?

    Shravu:Tum hi bolo phir…Kis rishte se ruk jaau?.

    Guys this is the promo..?

    1. plz update ur next shot soon abhi.im very eager…….

      1. I will update it today NIBIR..?

  9. Wow dis is serious kai wht will shravan do nau am really tense, I hope he will not let sumo down

  10. gud morning all… yesterday’s episode uuff full of dramazz… i loved it… sumo is such a drama queen … the way she deliverd her dialogz… shravu too… his expression … addicted to this ….. kaash shravu tells her tht he love her …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. btw abhi … enthe bro anveshichunn parayn paranju…neyum anveshichinn njn paranju 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh really..avide enganeyundu?”Is he enjoying”?N ishu,paditham thudangiyo??

      1. he is enjoying 🙂 .. illallo… fair well arnmu.. 🙂 🙂

  12. is there any other malayalies??? 🙂 🙂

    1. haY ishu im malayali….

      1. hlo… its really nice to see another malayali… eth nattil ninnum anu?? im from ernakulam … 🙂 🙂

  13. hey abhi i guess u r happy now..52 comments in the last epi…
    this epi was going so well but this khosla…ufff

    1. Yes yaar…iam damn happy seeing it….??

  14. that stupid kameena fatso khosla says,SAARI DUNIYA BADI KAMEENI HAI.THEN WHAT ABT HIM???????AND KAMINI avalala summave iruka mudiyaadha??????vaaya moodtu orama ukaandhuku vendiyadhu dhaane.

    1. click my name for epi’s link

  15. omg omg omg guyz guyz plz click my name

    1. NIBIR…again thanks alot…??

    2. Thank you so so so so much for the promo…

    3. thankew 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. shravan says bachpan ka pyaar zubaan pe aaj bhi nahi aata.ippa avanga sollala na I’ll go and say that they both love each other

  17. sumo says main keh nahi sakti tum se kaha nahi jata

  18. Shravan and sumo rocks. I just want to tell u shravan and sumo main tera hi re jabra hoi re jabra fan ho gayi.

  19. Guys..right now,iam watching the repeat episode..??

  20. When sumo asked shastri”where is washroom”,the way Shravan hits his head with his hand was very funny…..
    The awesome scene was….
    When Suman asked shravu..why didnt you stop shastri..he repeated her same words… happy birthday by tapping his hands….it was awesome na??

  21. What is ramnath telling to shravan ??? I thought he was a good family frd of sumo’s nanu but he is convincing Shravan to listen to kamini???

    1. I thought Ramnath will say him to fight the case…but unfortunately I was wrong..he said family first..hmmm..

  22. nYz epii.. but mizz it Ss rmnce …

  23. Shravan i know u wont let sumo down. I too know u wont let varun into any problem.
    Actually i know everything that’ll happen bt d prob is how it will happen.
    Nic wife drama sumo…
    Nibir how did u do dat????
    I loved d promo….

  24. Ridhima Gupta

    Bt I m die hard fan of EDkV.. Will u accept me guys..

    1. u r always welcome dr… our number of comments are increase frnds.. im soo happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Ridhima Gupta

        Thank you ishu.. By d way why did u call me dr

    2. Ofcourse…welcome to our group???

  25. Ridhima Gupta

    D way shravan looks is killer.. I just love him n his care

    1. Really yaar…he is so caring…his looks are awesome..??

  26. @NIBIR…Iam really sorry yaar,,i will post next shot tomoro only,..pls forgive..tomoro i will surely post..

  27. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Superb epi…

  28. Can someone plz provide me link of yesterday’s epi of EDKV

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