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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dabbu says you (Shravan) too were worried for Suman Didi as you love her, right? Apologize to her. She will get happy. Shravan excuses himself. I will wait outside. Nanu remarks that this is called true love. you fight before everyone but show love only to each other. This is why I couldn’t find out about their love. Everyone smiles.

Mami ji gives vermilion box to Sumo. There is no meaning of marriage without vermilion in our family. Sumo tells her to let it be. Who believes in all this these days? Preeti looks at her in surprise. Mami ji effuses to forget their traditions. Vermilion is the biggest symbol of the relation between husband and wife. Keep it with you and make Shravan fill your hairline. Why dint you change yet? Shravan and his family are your in-laws now. You cannot go

there like this. Wear some heavy saree. Sumo says what I am wearing is fine. Mami ji and Preeti insist on a saree. Shravan comes there just then. You dint finish packing yet? You could have taken my help. I know how to sort big matters in minutes. She says no thanks. I will do it. Mami ji advises Shravan to wait a little. He sarcastically replies that he is ready to wait all his life for his wife. We are married now so we have to share everything including work, pain and everything. I will wait outside. Preeti goes to get saree for Sumo.

Kamini ji requests Ramnath not to say anything to Shravan today. The couple will step in the house for the first time. Let us do it happily. He nods. Kamini ji make Varun call Pushkar asking him to be home soon as all the preps are done.

Sumo is looking beautiful in a saree. Shravan looks at her mesmerised for a moment but then looks away. mausa ji remarks that now it seems to be the vidaai of a bride. Nanu tells Shravan he is lucky to have such a beautiful bride. Shravan and Sumo seek everyone’s blessings. Nanu says I was always scared thinking about this moment but today I have no fear. I am not going to cry. Everyone in your home is my own. I cannot even imagine how much they will value your happiness. He turns to Shravan. You might be a big lawyer but dare not trouble my granddaughter or I will file a case on you. Everyone smiles. Nanu says the most special thing about this marriage is your childhood friendship. Husband and wife win half of the battle when they become friends. You have done that already. You wont even know how you will pass the rest of the journey of life. Start your new life. May God be with you. Both the couples leave.

Lala ji stops the newlywed couple. You married in court but you will have to do Grah Pravesh rituals now. Shravan tells Lala ji Sumo does not like all this. This is the reason why we married in court. Kamini ji says what has happened has happened. Everything will happen in the right way now. Preeti does Sumo’s aarti. Sumo does all the Grah Pravesh rituals. Ramnath looks intently. Kamini ji asks the couple to take the blessings of elders now. Start with your FIL (Ramnath). Ramnath pats at Shravan’s hand blessing him to be happy. Kamini ji acts before everyone. I feel it is the best thing for you both to be together. Stay happy always. Lala ji is happy that Sumo is married to Shravan. I will get to eat Karela’s daily. Wont you? Our family is complete now. Shravan says it is a different matter to come over for an hour or two and stay with someone 24×7. Let Sumo prove it first that she is worth our family. anyways, I have an important meeting tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow. Kamini ji stops him. Now Sumo and you will go in your room together. She makes Vandy take them to their room.

Kamini ji is pacing in her room. Lala ji tells her to sleep. Everything happened smoothly. What are you thinking? She asks him if he thought why Shravan and Sumo took so much time before coming here. Shravan went somewhere for hours without giving an explanation to anyone about his whereabouts. Sumo also left for PCT. Both of them weren’t even looking at each other during Grah Pravesh. I feel Preeti and Pushkar know everything. I don’t know why they aren’t telling us. He does not feelt his way. She tells him to sleep then. I wont sit peacefully till the time I find out the truth. She leaves. He says someone has rightly said no one can understand a woman’s brain. My wife is anyways high level. He lies down to sleep.

Pushkar says sorry to Preeti. Bhaiya wasn’t coming and everyone was looking at me. I was under pressure. I know you were equally worried. She stays quiet. He accepts it as his mistake. I promise not to repeat it ever. He hugs her from behind and tries to make her agree. Don’t be so much angry. Enough of it already. We will have to do something to make up for it. She smiles a bit. They are about to get romantic when Kamini ji knocks at the door. You both dint sleep yet! I too dint feel sleepy. I had a little headache so I thought to speak to my DIL. Preeti nods. should I get you medicine? Kamini ji denies. we will just chit chat and I will get better. You (Pushkar) can sleep. You look sleepy. We will talk outside. She offers to teach Preeti Monopoly.

During the game, Kamini ji asks Preeti why they took so much time during viddai. Where did Shravan go at that time? Preeti says I have no idea. Kamini ji speaks of her observations. Did something happen in Tiwari House? You can talk openly to me. I am really concerned for Sumo and Shravan. You remember how it was me who saw their happiness in being with each other? I only went to ask for Sumo’s hand. I want them both to be happy too. I misunderstood you earlier but you are like my daughter now. I always keep a friendly relation with my kids. You should also share everything with me. it is my duty to guide the kids as a mother in case of any problems. I can understand it is difficult for you to trust me but I assure you, you wont regret it. try trusting me once. Preeti asks her not to say so. I trust you completely. There is nothing to tell though. I will do so in future.

Kamini ji asks Ramnath Bhaisahab if he dint sleep. Ramnath says I wasn’t sleepy. I am going to get water for myself. Did everyone sleep including Shravan? Kamini ji nods. It is his first night tonight. Ramnath ji heads towards kitchen. PUshkar comes to call Preeti. Kamini ji and Preeti talk sweetly. Pushkar teases them on their lovey dovey bonding. Kamini ji sends Preeti and Pushkar. She looks at Ramnath. You will lose your sleep a lot now!

Precap: Kamini ji fakes concern before Ramnath. You look really worried? Is it regarding Sumo and Shravan? Don’t worry. They will accept each other. Ramnath hopes everything falls in place. Kamini ji thinks I wont let Shravan and Sumo be happy together. If he isn’t happy then you wont be happy too!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ?????
    Super happy..after all suman apni sasuraal pahungayi..???
    Nice episode..???

    1. Alina

      Congo for being first dii..nd ha finally sumo sasural pahuch gyii..lkn mujhe aaj ka episode little boring laga …na shraman ka romance na nok jhok..n nanaji unhe thora to rona chahiye tha..na??

    2. @sona di kya mai ap ke “edkv ke gang” me include ho sakthi ho ?
      My name is arshiya and iam frm chennai iam studying +1

  2. Priya15

    Haha.. Is this Kamini pulling ravannath legs???… Wts the qn.. U r not happy with shraman marriage?? Uski muh dekhar Pata nahi chal raha hai… Aur upar se.. Ramnath.. Kuch.. Aur voh bhi shraman mrg ko lekhar…

    Dear.. Kamini JI…

    Ramnath shraman mrg ko lekhar khush Hoga.. Yeh toh kisi sapne Mei bhi nahi ho sakta…. And ya ramnath toh shraman ko Alag karna chahta hai na.. In fact voh toh kush hone Ka natak bhi nahi Karega… Haha…

    Really Kamini’s plan shuru…

    Shravan romantic look… Awww.. I m dead.. Koi toh mujhe bachaooooo

  3. lovely epi.. ramu kaka ka muh dekhne layak tha…aww shraman ki pehli raat.. kamu u rocked..
    d way shravu was staring at sumo wid soo much love and affection .. it made my day..
    niki is back finaly..
    a little annoyed i wanted to see what shraman were doing in d room.. surely ego fights..
    but they showed ramini and preemini…

    1. Alina

      Hmm I was also wating to see whats going inside but they showed only kamini preeti at least they must hav showed them in precap ????

  4. Priya15

    Kamini is second ramnath… Is she lost her mind.. If she wants to take revenge.. She should make shraman together na.. Then only she can make ramnath fail… Kya Kar rahi hai.. Lekin ha.. Ek baat toh pakka.. Voh joh bhi karegi na.. Last Mei shraman ek hone Ka hi rslt milega.. So all the best Kamini JI…

    1. Alina

      Priya u r right ..kaminiji ko to or milana chahiye then only ramu kaka ka band bajega..lkn boht accha jawab diya kammo ne when ramu asked shravan slept?? She says its their first night haha

      1. Priya15

        Ya dear.. U r ryt… Kamini toh Kamal karti hai.. Ramu kaka Ka haal behal..

  5. Priya15

    Guys.. It’s just for joke….

    Suhagrat shraman ki….

    Neend chali ramnath ki….

    What’s the prb of ramnath??? Shaadi toh hogaya hai na.. Ab kya Kar sakta hai…. Really ramu kaka ko na brain chali gayi.. Really go n meet some doc.. Ramu kaka.

    1. @Priya15…yeah di..yr joke was fantastic… Ha ha shugaraat ..n neend…
      So what r u trying to say…SHRAMAN neend should have lost….ha ha…don’t know but our need is gone …what’s say????
      I really don’t know what they r now…going to do…?

      1. Alina

        @Niharika n Priya really our need is gone…I guess they will fight..she will say I vil sleep on sofa n he wil say I.. ???

      2. Priya15

        Haha.. I m not trying to say.. I m saying.. Ramu kaka is afraid that shraman’s first night is gng on.. But they l be sleeping… But ramu kaka is not sleeping..

  6. Yar suspense ki bhi had hoti hai kya kiyaa na to aapne epi me kuch bataya SHRAMAN ke first night ke bare me aur na hi precap me dikhaya.ITNA BHI INTEJAR MAT KARWAO EK JHALAK TO DIKHA DIYA HOTA?????????????❤❤❤❤❤?????????????

  7. but really worried what is kamini gonna plan now!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. don’t worry.whatever aunty will do,goes in our favour as well as shramans.but this ramu is unpredictable u know

  8. Beas

    Nice episode but I am really waiting for ShraMan’s wedding ? night ? scenes. The precap OMG the witch Kamu said she won’t let ShraMan to be happy ? together ??!!!!

  9. Superb episode…. Finally sumo shravu ke ghar pahunch gayi…. But kya yaar thoda to unka room ka dikhata…. Niki bimar hai to i think thoda thoda karke shoot kar rahe hai…. Bye ? gudni8 …??

  10. i have thought abt a plot.it would be great to get them on a vacation..both will disagree initially…but i think that would create some sense…lil anger little taunting little understanding lil fight…lil ❤ as well.gottasend this idea to kami aunty…the very moment aunty will be creating her magiccc.?✴????

    1. holy cow!i have taken kamu as ramu and vice versa..thus commented…so silly of me

  11. Finally Shravan and Suman are married
    Awesome couple but Suman was so sad which is understandable
    Very intriguing episode can’t wait to see what happens next
    Shravan so much love and affection for Sumo

  12. I dont understand whats with the indian soaps.they all have the exact same story line. I thought this serial would be different but its the same : the 2 leads fighting with eachother… and now they r continuing to do so post marriage. Over a dozen serials ( more if u count older ones) r based on the same theme… again n again i see 2 ppl married 2 eachother n quarellin- eye locks- they say they hate eachother n suddenly show an act of affection wen the other is in danger and…and then again go back to fighting!!! Whats worse is how the story lines r knitted together. Here for eg… no1 finds anything fishy when shravan suddenly gets a court marriage done WITHOUT sumo knowing. And sumo luks like shes dead inside.yet even nanu just sits n ponders for a while and then smiles. Oh worst part: preeti knows 90% of the story and still cant connect the dots or tell her hubby!
    __Sumo.. whos suppose to b aware of evrything- that she created a rift in their friendship coz of ramnath- just walks arnd like a submissive 17th century woman instead of finally clearing things out with shravan.
    __ shravan… weirdo.. the girl never said she luvs him.yet hes furiously mentally torturing her for rejecting his (unspoken) love. If he could read her eyes then y didnt he suspect foul play when was avoiding him coz of ramnath.
    ___ kamni- shes like a yo yo… when shraman is close..she tries to separate them. Wen they r apart she tries 2 unite them. Easiest way to separate shravan n ramnath n get shravan outa the house is BY UNITING SHRAVAN WITH NIRMALA not sumo!
    BOTTOM LINE… IM SO DISAPPOINTED AT THE WAY THE SERIAL HAS TURNED OUT. IT SEEMED TO HAVE A GOOD FUTURE..THEN CAME IN ADI DRAMA.. MOLESTING… NOW FORCED MARRIAGE. Sumo has been turned into the rural submissive oppressed bharathiya nari who doesnt know to live independently or take her own decisions . Ironically and hilariously ..this lady runs a kitchen too like a housewife ( PCT! If it really wr a business she shud just live own her own or take nanu with her rather than b played arnd by mami n shravan)

    1. @Ria…hi dear….u r ryt…may b yr intention is also very pure…I respect yr thought… I do agree with the fact of copying… But Didi u can’t say that EDKV is copying other show…but others r copying us..
      Yeah, nowadays in every Hindi shows we can find some similarities…. But see (ZINDAGI ki mahak)on zee…it is like our EDKV…. Well,I have many names who r copying us….but let go….well this is the very first Hindi show…for which m crazy…n can’t live without it….
      U r ryt….but see,let me make u understand… Didi,abt shravan… He still loves sumo n the going track is because of papajaan’s brainwash…he still cares for sumo….but consider her like other ladies because he lived around the environment which was beyond his thinking…
      N the destiny n circumstances r against of his love…n his Darling papa is also not in favour of his son’s love…
      About sumo…..see,she is a jolly girl…
      The think..for which I can say,that this show is different because ….its main line is…
      this is what, for which I feel that…EDKV is unique n best…..
      Its star cast is sumo bhabhi….
      She always has to make compatibility between her love(bhai shravan) n her self respect.. Which is very big deal for her…..
      About kamini….so Didi….every show need a villain…..nd chachijaan is same. She only loves her sons n family but do care abt MALHOTRas too…remember that plane crash scene… How sympathically she managed all that…..
      Sorry if I missed anything…
      N di,the most most n most important thing is…their childhood friendship…. Yeah anyone can copy this…but what abt its flashbacks which CVS shows us parallel with current track…. This is what which has stolen my heart….
      N okay anyone can do copy of this….but no one can copy the acting skill of my NAMIK bhai n Niki di…..nd vishal nd palak were also tooo good at their place….Its BG music is amazing n ramujaan is also doing brilliant job. ..we can feel angry on anyone… But this satyajeet has de us mad for ramu MALHOTRA… This is the acting skill of an actor… See,the preekar bravo….n naujaan always my favorite…..
      I have a bag full of words to say…but m quite busy… Will cmmt later…
      Well RIA Didi…sorry if u r hurt ..but I said this because it is really different from other TV shows…. I love this more than anything..
      N sorry for my words…. Everyone ,PLEZ forgive me…nd ria di,I respect what u said but again sorry for my words…. N thnk u for sharing yr views here…..

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Ya even i felt Mahek is a lot same to EDKV and that Kerala king in that show reminds me of Shravan ??? and mahek is sumo ? But i think overall is diff as shraman r childhood Friend unlike mahek n Kerala king i only saw one epi of that show , but i still love EDKV more??
        I m so addicted to EDKV ???

  13. wow…sumo in saree…yipeee…but kamini chachi is again becomeing..well superb episode..

  14. Unke wedding night me pakka ego n self respect wali fight hui hogi kyunki pehle to akela shravan hi tha lekin ab to sumo bhi aa gayi hai. DONO MIL KE MALHOTRA HOUSE KO SAR PE UTHA LENGE. I M WAITING FOR THEIR LOVELY FIGHT.????????????????????????????

  15. Diya

    O Atleast our Sumo has gone to Malhotra’s hpouse !!! How beautiful was she looking…..
    Shravan looked at her so lovingly……AND
    Kamu….hahaha !!! She intentionally pulled legs of Ramu !!!
    Ramnath ki nind ur gai !!! LOL !!!
    They made us saw the romance of prrekar and not the newly married couple !!!!
    And now…and now….this Kamu again started ……asli chahera wapas aa gaya !!!

    1. Diya

      And o I forgot to mention !!! Sumo’s look towards Ramu while entering……!!!!She looked at him at every step !!

  16. Wow,lovely episode… M still smile..
    Day before yesterday, epi end on DABBU bhai’s philosophy n yesterday starts on his Phil… N how nanujaan said ..that’s y we didn’t found yr love….n Bhaiya’s reaction was outstanding… N how sarcastically he said… Wait all his life for his wife..quite cool….n nanu u should have to cry n tell the importance of sumo bhabhi before bhaijaan…but no such emotional…. No problem…. N grihapravesh hehe,amazing… Then ,wow…they will live in one room….haha….very very interesting… N preekar cupids were looking cutie yesterday… N loved their scene… N yeah premini scene were also good …chit chat… Play play…n papa’s sleep has stolen by SHRAMAN’s wedding… Neither he will sleep nor let anyone to sleep…..
    N at this hour …water …god..
    I thought that CVS would show us some scenes of their room…but..b problem… We’ll see tonight… Hope for SHRAMAN scenes…
    @Nazi….yeah I too had done registration… Do,as I directed….

    1. Alina

      @Niharika…our somu is already beautiful..nd yesterday she was luking awesome..no one can say that she was hospitalised for 10 days..
      N yup the way shravu see her from bottom to top was soo coool ???..

  17. https://mobile.twitter.com/EShraman/status/778387338690977793/photo/1
    The way my bhai looked at bhabhi.. Proves his unlimited love for my sweet bhabhi

  18. !Plz any one tell me the timings pf this show o.e relay epds day time
    Due tp.iam.nt able to see at nigt so plz tell me the eetelevastng timings in day time

  19. Niharikamalhotra

    Hi guys….where r u all???

  20. Niharikamalhotra

    Hey guys…plez tell me how to put dp…..m dying for this????plez tell
    @Nazi,hey Bengali tiger…see get myself registered here…???

    1. Alina

      Hey Niharika to put dp..
      First of all u click on ur name..
      Then a page will open which will contain setting symbol..just click on that
      Then options will come ‘edit profile’ click on that and then u can easily proceed..
      Hope this will b helpful for u..!!

  21. Niharikamalhotra

    @Guys…hey guys…don’t feel bad …but m kittu…jhalli…???pata Hai, I tried a lot to get myself registered here….but then I read an astrologer baba said so abt the relation of names with our work…so changed my name….but m kittu, kahin vaham ho na??are mujhe pahchaan bhi ni paaye…
    Kitna bola Maine…..uffff!!!!
    Now,sorry sorry but it was a joke…ll forgive me…[email protected] di…aapke charan kahan Hai….mujhe ye sab aaapki VAJAH se mila Hai…thnxxxxx uuuuuu
    U r brilliant thnk uuuu…
    Nd love u..
    Plez joote CHAPPAL maar lo.par Chachi except kar look???

  22. Alina

    @GUYS..this means these scenes r taken b4 Nikata went sick or what??

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    So finally Sumo came to Malhotra residence ? After so much delay areh Wah and ramu kaka’s expression though ? More of kamini Aunty and her Sansar wala episode ???

  24. Guyz i saw in a web that shravan is gonna cheat wid suman for aching her dads heart
    Is dat true?

  25. Not fair shraman ki suhagrat ki ek bhi nazar dekh ne ko nahi mili!!
    Shravu kitna zhuta ban gaya.. Khud se hi jhoot bol ta rehtahe.. That He doesn’t love sumo.. Bla bla bla.. Par uska jhoot pakra hi jata hai,. Kitne cute lagrahatha jab dabbu ki baat pe sharma gaya tha wo.. And nanu… Kya baat kahithi apne tab! And firse pakra gaya jab sumo saree me ayi aur shravu dekhta gaya…dekhta gaya!!! And nanu ne kya kahatha- case file kardunga!! Haha…!!
    And precap- kaamini chachi wapas kamini ban gayi! Ramu ki nind ura shraman ko suhagrat manane de..!
    @niharika di tnx for the info.. Will try later as veryyy bsy.. Jab bhi time milega tab jaldi se registered ho jayungi!
    However tomorrow’s religion exm… Too tough as I have to write arabic letters in the exm paper which consumes a lot of time.. Hope ki acchese complete kar payu! Plz wish me good luck! Love u!!!!

    1. Niharikamalhotra

      @Bazi…o my God…u r here…see I went to Bangladesh in search of a cutie lil sis name NAZIA?,love u dear…..no problem u will do better than best…this is what my heart is saying….
      N no problem, try whenever u get time….m always here 4 u….nd ya m not niharika but but…hehe kittu?

      1. Alina

        Who r u ..?? N8harika or Kittu pls reply

      2. Kittu ki bacchi! Niharika ha?? Buddhu bana diya mujhe tune to… Well niharika nam dene k bareme kyu socha tune?? And kya mein tumhe TU kehke bulau? As hum sirf kuch hi mahine ki chote bare hai na isiliye.. Ok and tnx dear.. Inshallah kal bohot accha exm dungi!

      3. so far i know our kittu kumar…..she is….KITTU.as per my logic.not guess.☺…

  26. Pls yaar repeat the episode again in the afternoon….

    1. Alina

      ???well done..wash him like dhobi..!!

    2. Nazia

      Yei niru adi k saath kash ramu ko bhi dho deti to bohot accha hota!

  27. Omggggggwhat a grih praversh…. My god
    Loved it

    Suman Malhotra



    Did u notice sumo ki ear ring broken thi

    Quiz questions

    1. MAMI
    2. MASI
    3. VANDY
    4. PRITI

    1. MAMA
    2. BABULAL
    3 . NANU
    4 PUshkar

    Ans .. fast friends

    All links???????

    1. Nazia

      I guess pushu and preeti

  28. Guys know what yaha pe bohooot barish ho rahi he wid thunders…!! Thode der pehle ek esa thinder hua.. Itna baara wala.. Mein apne room mein parhai karrahithi aur tabhi dor k mamma k pas chali gayil. Mujhe ese bare bare thunders bohot daravne ladte hai..!!!
    Well environment bohot cool hai,. Still thunders abhi bhi horahihai.. Hope ki wapas esa thunder na ho!!

  29. Nazia

    And finally became registered!!! Yippeee!!!!!! Tnk u kittu!!!!!!!! Love u dear!

  30. Nazia

    And what was that?? Niharika ha! Kittu!!! Buddhu hi bana diya tha.. But still thnx for the info about register!!! <3

  31. so less comments??….not done…we gotta do something …earlier we used to be the most commented one….now this condition….i cant take it anymore…share ur ideas guys what to do….i have…got one.
    u know guys my sixth sense is indicating that edkv gonna end on November(ghatiya)…as per alinas experience as well.hope it doesn’t turn out to be true…is everyone having xms…????

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