Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nirmala aunty is checking Shravan’s profile online. He looks so handsome. They browse all the photos together. I will also start using it from today onwards. I will see them daily. Sumo says that is ok but where to call him. She suggests a book shop which Shravan loves. I will just call him. Nirmala aunty agrees.

Shravan greets Pushkar. Pushkar is surprised. How did you know it was me? Shravan replies that there are only 2 people who come in his room without knocking. Pushkar tries his perfumes. Shravan teases him with the girl’s name who was supposed to accompany him to the alumni party. You used it on that day too. You wont go to court on Sunday. Pushikar is speechless. Shravan tells him to speak directly. Something is going on, right? Pushkar agrees. It is one sided. Shravan advises

him not to get serious. Women like to cheat, ditch people. I know this too well. Shravan leaves. Pushkar is taken aback. He gave me such a big lecture over a perfume. I could have bought a new perfume instead.

Pushkar and Preeti are in a park. She asks him why he brought her here. He says people are elss here. She wants to know if he has problem with too many people around. He jokes that next time they will go in some fair. She is confused. He asks her to close her eyes. He is holding men and women perfume in each of his hands. Just for couples perfume. She asks him why he brought them here. He shares that he went to buy a perfume and found this. She thinks he brought it for Vandy but he takes her name. She is thrilled to get a gift. No one has given me a gift till date. We aren’t friends anymore, but best friends. He looks at her.

Prita asks her husband to start sweeping the floor now that he is here on Sunday. He reprimands her. My work is to pick up the phone. She says it is Sunday. He reasons that call can come anytime. Landline rings. It is Pushkar. He orders food for them including the same Daal. Dhurandar gives order to Prita. She reminds him it is Sunday. He tells Pushkar to call food from somewhere else. We are on off today. Shravan takes the call. He very sweetly requests Dhurandar to do some magic. I praised your food in front of my family. Please help me. Dhurandar stays put. Shravan lures him for extra money. Dhurandar agrees. What should I do? Shravan calls him over his house to cook that Daal. Dhurandhar happily gives in. Pushkar teases Shravan.

Nirmala aunty is nervous. Sumo tells her to relax. I told him I chose a guy for me and need his opinion. Aunty asks her if she has actually selected someone. Sumo goes aside on the pretext to call Shravan. It is about time.

Vandy asks Lala ji what she should cook today. Lala ji and Varun tease her on her cooking skills. Lala ji suggests her to enjoy her time in the absence of Kamini. It is her work. Shravan takes vandy’s side. They all enjoy teasing her together. Vandy gets upset. Shravan tells her to stay back. We all will eat together now. I have called over a chef. He will cook for us. Lala ji asks about his speciality. Shravan says he will make a very special Daal. I cannot explain it to you. it is just out of the world. Everyone is confused. His phone rings. It is Sumo. She tells him to dress well. You are meeting him for the first time. First impression should be good only. He asks her to postpone it till 6 pm. It is really hot. Plus I have called that chef at home. Sumo panics hearing it. I should stop Dhurandar from splitting my secret out. I should do anything but this connection between Shravan and his mother shouldn’t break.

Dhurandhar comes to Malhotra House wearing a chef’s uniform. He first confirms money with Shravan. Dhurandhar keeps looking at Vandy. She will be my helper. Varun steps forward and begins to roll his sleeves. Do you know who you are asking to help? If she will help you in cooking then you also wont be able to eat the food cooked by you. Everyone laughs. Vandy complains to Lala ji who acts to tell him to not tease Vandy. Vandy goes with Dhurandhar.

Vandy is cutting veggies. Dhurandar tells her to cut them differently. She shows him the knife. This is how I do it. How does it matter? He lectures her. She finds him more a cartoon than a chef. He tells her to start the process while he rests. She questions him on it. He calls himself chef. A chef does not do small things. She is irked.

Sumo enters inside Malhotra House muttering to herself. She collides with Shravan. He is impressed that she came so soon. She asks about his chef. Shravan says he is where he should be. He is in kitchen. She mutters that he should be in mental asylum. He calls her jealous.

Vandy asks Sumo to help her. even Mummy ji dint make me cut so many onions. Is my liner smudged? Sumo agrees to take care of both this chef and help him. Vandy hugs her to say thank you. Sumo hits Dhurandhar with a file. What are you doing here? He sits up with a start. You here? She questions him as to what he did. They see Shravan coming there. She mutters to Dhurandhar that he should keep quiet. The washroom is outside. Shravan also guides him.

Shravan warns Sumo to be a little respectful towards the chef. He is world class cook. Behave ok. She agrees. He tells her to not to mess with the recipe. Will you make it? She denies. I will follow his instructions. He wants to see her making it. She is tensed. She too sits on the kitchen slab next to him. I will make it only when you will go out. He suggests helping Dhurandhar instead. She calls it complicated. You wont be able to do it. He takes it as a challenge. There is nothing in the world that I cannot do. She thinks how to make Daal in front of him. I cannot make it in front of him or he will figure out everything.

Precap: Sumo tells SHravan to cut one onion by the time she cuts two. If you do it in the same time then you can stay back to help me. They get down to action. At home, Sumo asks Nirmala aunty what happened at 10 years ago that prompted their separation.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hey guys, I read it on India forum. 3 months elapsed for casting selection of edkv. And no doubt all casting are amazing. For shravan role they required tall, handsome NRI out of 150 people namik is selected for that role. And for sumo role they required new face.but Niki done already one series but after seeing Nikita’s acting skill they thought Niki is perfect for that role and she is selected for sumo role.namik and Niki rocks.

  2. Very true. They have casted all Great actors nd Finally Geetanjali Mam …all r really very good actors I must say.EDKV roczzz

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    1. Hey anshi, its very nice yaar,thank u so much.in top five series edkv are included. And top 5 adorable leading ladies nikita is included. And also in last week search namik and Nikita’s jodi in top hot and happening Jodi’s on TV.yeeepe.thanks u so much.

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  34. did any of u heard new song from kapoor and sons bolna???
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