Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramnath is talking to kamini.He says both of them can never be friends .He says sumo will try to make some issue or the other.Now I made sumo hate Shravan but I have to do something to make Shravan hate sumo.Sumo wakes up and is about to get ready but then she thinks about the things that happened the previous day and how rude Shravan spoke to her.She starts crying thinking of all that.Everyone are having their breakfast and sumo joins them.Sumo keeps staring at the broken canteen board.Nanaji asks her not to think much and leave about all the previous things. Everyone give her confidence. sumo and Prita are taking calls and asking all the clients to wait for 3-4 days for the tiffin delivery. Mr mathur comes there and says he is calling of the deal and asks her to return the cheque.She says I have

lost the land but I still have my staff and recipes .Mr mathur says the deal is not for 50 people but for 500 people ,he says if you can’t deliver by Monday then you will have to face legal problems.Prita and mamiji ask her how can everything happen by Monday.Sumo looks confident and says she can do it.Mamaji asks mamiji to get the money what sumo gave ,Prita says she has some money and she will get that too.sumo says no need of any money and pct will run like before from Monday
Ramnath is speaking to the client who owns pct land ,he asks him to forgive Shravan for that slap.Ramnath asks the client to sell the land of pct .The client agrees to that.Sumo is searching for a place for her pct.Everyone are tensed ,nanaji comes and gives her a visiting card of one his old client ghoyal .He asks her to go and meet him .Shravan and sumo meet in the place where sumo goes to see the place for her canteen.sumo and Shravan are in a lift,ghoyal says nanaji called me so I’m doing this favour else its difficult to find place in such a less time.He says looks like someone took their long time revenge on you,Prita says not long time revenge its long time friendship looking at Shravan.Shravan keeps hearing their whole conversation.sumo leaves the lift and one of the passenger in the lift calls her name and gives her fallen paper.She looks at Shravan and thinks of a past incident.
Sumo and Shravan are seen going to school.They are shown talking about science project .sumo accidentally drops her project and she starts feeling sad about that.Shravan says I’ll fix it in a day and he stays up whole night and fixes it up.Sumo wakes up and sees the project fixed and Shravan keeps speaking in his sleep saying he will never let any of her dreams break.
Sumo keeps thinking of Shravan and Shravan on the other hand is thinking of her.Sumo says she can take care of her dreams even if someone is there on not.Ghoyal takes her to an area which looks like slum .He shows her a plot for canteen which looks very shabby and bad in condition.Prita says we don’t have any other option so we should take this land
Sumo speaks to ghoyal and says she cannot compromise with people’s health and she doesn’t want the land.Sumo goes to her home and sees roof work going on for the rainy season.They ask her about the plot and ask her not to lose her confidence. Shravan goes to pct and a smiley flies and lands on his car windshield. He looks at that.

Precap:ramnath gives Shravan pct papers and asks him to give it to sumo.Shravan gives the papers to sumo and says we bought that land from the client.she looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Deepali


  1. Shifa

    Di please kal means 21st June ki written update jaldi se daal denA……..

  2. Aditi

    I heard a spoiler that suman would fall in a man hole and Shravani will take sumo to the hospital

  3. Minakhi

    Good..accordingto the pct track it’s going good…but waiting for Love track ….I hope We will see some favourable scenes……I have trust on Cvs….

  4. Lily

    Hey guys …our wait is almost over …..aaj ke baad no Rona…bcz this the worst that can
    Happen… now only good things will happen….

  5. Mahima

    gud morning everyone i loved todays episode and waiting for tommorow to see that she will take or not but is that true that she will fall

  6. Minakhi

    Absolutely Lily ….No more drama ..I hope Cvz will do some good things….waiting for the Accident nd Preekar track…….really exited for this….

  7. Minakhi

    @Mahima I m damm sure She won’t take the papers,Shravan will intentionally Give her nd challenge her to build her pct alone ….Shravan know that She is a self confident girl soo that ….he will encourage her with his rude Behaviour without hurting her Self confidence……as this time his Concern will not Calm down this girl only rudeness can do this…

  8. roshni

    this episode was out of d world for me….ohh there fb scene was awesome………yup minakhi I am too very excited for accident track……tysm lily for informing us about accident in previous epi page…….good morning friends… get up…it’s 10am….come n comment friends……….just kidding…..

  9. kittu

    Good morning everyone..
    Epi was as usual fab …
    Hope this track will make our sumo strong as she was in her school time..
    And tonight shravan will surely get a very good reply from sumo….
    Sumo go for ittt..
    Dede bande ko jawab..
    Bht tadpaya h na tujhe..

    Now it’s your turn..
    I hope Jo fight hum miss kar rahe the WO aaj hoga with lots of craziness of shraman….
    Go for it ,…

  10. niya sharma

    Nice episode
    Everything is going opposite in childhood days sumo avoids shravan and insult him and remain angry and shravan was so calm and innocent and help and support sumo and in present sumo is calm and innocent she always support and help shravan and shravan remains angry and avoid sumo
    But still and lovely and the best couple
    Can anybody tell me aap logo ke yeh spoiler kaha SE dekhte hai

  11. kittu

    Thnx ,Deepali…
    BT where is pooja Di???.
    Hey,m too excited for coming track…
    Hey I gave a slogan to shravan on the last pg..
    I think no one had read ,so telling u again..
    TSS=Taller Stronger Sharper…
    Just kidding guys.. Don’t take it seriously..
    And,do u know the favorite game of NAMIK Paul..????
    It is is is…
    I think I had given u a good news..
    What’s say guys,isn’t it???

  12. kittu

    @Niya sharma..
    Hey I read spoilers from tellechhakar nd from gossips of edkv , if u go on Google search engine ,nd will search on edkv spoilers, there u will get all the coming updates nd spoilers too…
    Is it okay ,dear????

  13. Ridhima gupta

    epi was OK. . loved shravan when he was thinking Suman in car.. poor Suman what will she do.. eagerly waiting for next epi… u also heard thar Suman will met with road accident and shravan will take her today hospital and curse himself for the situation … hope after the accident they will reunite…

  14. kittu

    @Anshi,where r u??
    @Khusi,hey where r u??
    Guys come na,we r waiting for uuu…..
    A song for uuuuu I mean for all who r not here..
    Alla waariyaan…
    Mai to haariyaann
    Tute yaariyaaan…
    Milade oooyyeeee..
    Alla waariyaan
    Mai to……

  15. kittu

    @Ridhima,ya I also think so,bt there is a problem that,sumo will not forget all this I mean her insult so easily….
    May be shravan will have to do hard work …sorry to sumo is not sufficient for whatever he did…
    Bht mashakat karni padegi…
    Hope for the best…

    • Ridhima gupta

      yes… sumo ko bhulna bhi nahi chahiye. .. be coz in want to see ki kaise shravan use manata hai

  16. roshni

    yup now its turn of shravan to shower his love n care towards sumo.how long will he hide this????I am eagerly waiting for there love track………..sumo always stood in support for shravan n now shravan has to do his duty……….guys have u observe sumo n shravan from s……pushkar n preethi from p/……….vandy n varun from v……….nice yaar al pairs with same alphabet,…………he he.n nikita n namik.frpm n………….

  17. MAAAAA

    I think more than fight between sumo and shravan, the ultimate face-off between father and son would be interesting. I hope son sees real face of his beloved father.
    Sasu’s role is being played by shravan’s father in this serial. What a scheming mind he and his kamini has

  18. Minakhi

    @kittu I will add something in ur slogan that is TSS=Tedha Sadu silent…bcz uska sirf expression hi dikha iss episode me,,Kuch dialogue bhi nahi Diya Gaya….Ek no.ka dhakkan bana Diya CVs ne use….I hope aaj wo kuch bole….but I know Sumo will kill him with her dangerous words….

    @MAAAAA…u r right about the face of of Father and son …but it will be difficult to doubt on His Father …who blindly believe his father….,He can’t doubt his father soo easily….Ab to ye Nirmala bhi mar gayi …

    @kittu yaar Sare friends k missing report k Sath Nirmala Kaki ka bhi Missing report de Dena chahiye …….right????

  19. sss

    thanx deepali for update….
    loved the episode wish could see it…i didn’t swam shravan for 2 day already missing them but now iwill miss them whole this weak…
    sumo u r the strongest girl….like ur confident…nothinge to say about the irritating character the taller with a good brain where many good plan are going on to separate shravan ramnath….precape I’m sure sumo will not take it…after all this she will not that too fRom shravan don’t think so…shravan now u have to work hard not just for love this time also for friendship…she will not forgive u.easily..

    .oh i will miss shaman tashan n yeah my alms the friends here….
    hiii guys…how are all of u? sorry for not commenting n also for can’t comment in this weak…this weak i have a lot of work to do n moreover Roza so i will not come here or comment for weak…if everything goes find maybe from next weak…i will miss u guys n my shramany also…take care everyone n be happy n healthy
    miss u shraman when i will back hopefully will see u together….

  20. Kittu

    @Minskshi,,absolutelllly,I agree..de dete h..
    @Maaaa,r u new here??if yes then okay nd welcome dear..
    U r right what a cheap father BT I think he will be the best sasur for sumo …
    Nd ha ye nirmala ko kisne maara..
    Very sad..budhiya mar gayi..Ab budhoo ka kya hoga..budha to bilat bilat ke royega??????..
    Budha teri dulhani to gayiiii,hava me pankh laga k?????

  21. Kittu

    Hey ,a song for our budha ..
    Mai kya karon ram ,I mean not ramnath…
    I mean bhagvaan..
    Mai kya karon ram
    Meri budhi mar gayi,
    Meri budhi mar gayi.
    Mai budha haseen

    Meri budhi mujhe de do
    Mai budha haseen.
    Meri budhi mujhe de do..
    Varna kya hoga..
    Varna kya hoga..
    Socho socho ..
    Mere shravan kaaa.
    Mai kya karon ram
    Meri budhi mar gayi?????

    • Bhagyashri

      Kittu ur songs are out of the world. Well done.muze lag raha hai shayad tum future me lyricist ban jaogi.

  22. Minakhi

    @Kittu ..ur song completely suits in Them….
    @sss ooo dear we will miss u I m glad u r not like others who r missing still now …with ur return u will find some good scenes of Shraman …I m sure …Well maintain ur Roja dear…Try to Come as soon as Possible ….

  23. Anshi

    Guys i m extremely sry… It rained disasterly yesterday nite…. N all servers were down… N haan SUBAH KA BHOOLA AGAR DIN MEIN VAPAS AA JAYE TOH USE BHOOLA NAHI ANSHI KEHTE H…. Jst kiddin… I swear until its tooo emergency i ll definitely come hear… 🙂 🙂 ….

    @Epi… Awsum… Shravan kuchh na bhi bole na toh uske expression sab ke jaate h… Namik is an awsum actor… Its really tough 2 convey somethin completely in expressions… Hats off..
    Bt sumo bhi kuchh kam nhi h usse apne pct jisse voh jaan se bhi jyada pyaar karti h usse zyada usse logon ki health ki parvah h…

    @Minakhi… Haan yaar yeh buddhi aag laga k mar gayi… Kam se kam sumo ko console krke toh jaati… Ajeeb aurat h…
    Iski missin report nhi murder report likha… Jo uske maar dega usse nik nak se milna ka sunhara mauka milega…

    @Maaa… Sahi pehchana tumne ramnath n shravan ki relation ko… Log over-protective hote h ramnath stupidly protective h…
    Vaise r u new?? If yes… Welcum… If no… I m sorry i also m jst a month old so i dont know many ppl…

    @Aditi… Heavens!!!!… R u serious… If yes… Omg!!!… Waitin like a crazy fr dis track… Thanx fr informin 🙂 🙂

    @Deepali… Thanx fr wu… Where’s pooja di… Is she okay??

    @Kittu… Hmmm…. Tujhe kaise bhool skti hun… Thanq soooooooooooooooooo much ur song ws awsum… Lv u …. Hahahaaha 😉 😉 … Wat a slogan haan… Nic mind.
    Arre waah yaar tune toh gaddar hi dha di…. Matlab kya gaana banya h… Ramu kaka aur nirmala kaki pr perfectly fit hota h 😀

    • Anshi

      HAIL EDKV HAIL TO BE THE KING OF THRONES (throne of serials)…
      (Sry mere upar is samay macbeth ka bhoot chada h) 😛 😛

  24. Mahima

    i was also thinking that she will not take ?? also waiting fr the accident and preekar’s kiss ???

  25. kittu

    @SSS,it’s okay dear, don’t worry abt us, we can wait for u..anyways, take care of yourself.. nd keep commenting here as same as u r doing…nd u also have a happy nd healthy day be the same SSS as u r now,don’t dare to forget us,,,just kidding yaar,don’t mind…have a good rozas,it’s my sweet wish for uu..

    @Bhagyashri,thnx yaar,absolutely I ‘ll be a lyricist bt it’s not my dream just my passion to sing..I don’t want to become playback singer bt I like to sing
    ..nd thnk uuuu all who likes my song nd thnx for appreciating meet..
    @Anshi,tujhe Kaise bhol sakti hoon,
    Thanx, tujhe accha laga ,I liked yr as usual gadar wali lines,really U.P.ladki kamaal ki h…?????
    Hey guys ,I was not able to watch last night’s episode ,so could u plez give a discription of childhood scene as u know, that how big fan of vislak I m.
    Ya I read here bt guys could anyone plez write here in Hindi. Becoz Hindi is Hindi …
    Plez plez plez plez plez…..
    I know I m doing very childish thing ,bt plez try to understand ,it’s a request..

    @Khushi,where r u??listen ,on my ff I wrote a song for u…
    Just go nd check there…
    Title:milke rahenge Jo bane edkv (episode 3)…
    Thnx for commenting there…

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Awww thank u so much kittu….ur songs are the best….and u r also my bandhu dear….and kya episode tha next part jaldi post karna….love u dear??

    • Lily

      This will not happen soon… It will take time……. But the story will progress like this.. I just read it……

  26. Meena

    TV Roundup: New ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai?’ Actress & More
    Jun 21, 2016, 14:10 IST
    These are the top television news stories for June 21st, 2016.

    – The monsoon season is here, which means that your favourite television couples will probably be romancing in the rain soon! Abhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya will apparently have a romantic moment in the rain soon, where Abhi is getting drenched and Pragya tries to pulling him back inside.

    – Diya Aur Baati Hum‘s Urmila Sharma (Dayisa) is a new entrant on Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai? In upcoming episodes, Tika’s wedding is getting fixed, and Urmila will be playing the character Tika may be getting married to.

    – Shiv Pandit, who you’ll know from Shaitaan and Boss, said that he doesn’t like “what TV soaps depict here” and he knows that he can’t do TV on a daily basis. He said that there’s little emphasis on quality, but if something good is offered to him, he won’t mind returning to television. Read his full interview here.

    – Dahleez, the Star Plus show, is going off air on the 26th of June. The actors confirmed the news to India-Forums, saying that the finite show is ending as promised.

    – Speaking of finite TV series, Dia Mirza (who made her television debut with Ganga The Soul Of India) said that she has had to refuse TV offers because they require between 150-300 days of commitment, which she can’t manage with the other commitments she has. However, she’s open to doing more finite TV shows, so if something comes her way and she likes it, you may continue to see her on your television screens!

    – Fans of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste should prepare themselves for something big. Apparently, Suman (played by Nikita Dutta) will get into an accident, and Shravan (Namik Paul) will rush to her assistance.

  27. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys m back……shit yr I missed the episode and repeat also….had to watch on YouTube…. But anyways it seems to be a nice episode….
    How r u all???

  28. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @lily u rright ab no Rona dhona…only sharman

    @MAAA…..yeah right it will be fun to c the confrontation of shravan with his father

    @meenu and @lily thanks for spoilers waiting for this track to come on air

  29. Lily

    Guys how u all r feeling after knowing shravan will progress love to sumo…. ………i m super duper happy……
    Pls share ur thoughts…

    If someone didn’t read the spoilers… The link is posted by me?????…….

  30. Lily

    Acha guys this scene has not been shot yet… It’s just a spoiler of story… I read on Twitter… So the story can change anytime…..

  31. roshni

    @,lily u made my day dear……ty tysm…..ooooommmggg….I am super said bhi upper happy dear……yepieee I can’t express my happiness through just comments…..a tight hug dear…for u………..

  32. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    m missing d episodes since a weak… hence have really nothing to say… its soooooo boring widout dem… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  33. kittu

    News is something like aahaa bt it means nirnath will not unit now means it will happen after a time…mummyyyyhh
    Plez kuch karo. I wanna watch patch up of nirnath, bt superb happy for our shramannnnnn.
    Mera dil chilla chilla k bol raha h..
    Super dupet hit..

  34. Minakhi

    @ Lily …I really don’t want a love confession now …..may be I m the only one who think like this….but 1st I want everything should ok …..And after that …the love confession…After love confession we all know what will be Happens….But seriously I don’t want love confession now
    …Seriously no for me…

    • nazia

      Me too. As the main thin is love confession after that serial finish!!! So better to see some romance betsesn shhraman

  35. Anshi

    @Kittu… Hmmmm… Pehle main tujhe bg bata deti hoon…
    Sumolift se utarti h… Usse koi bulata h usse lgta h shravan h bt voh koi aur hota h… Lift ka door band ho jaata h… Tab sumo ko yaad aata h..
    Flashback starts…
    Sumo ek model lekar tiwari qilla se bahar jaa rhi hoti h uske saath shravan bhi hota h… Dono baat kr rhe hote h.. Suddenly sumo k model swing se ladkar toot jaata h… She gets upset… N ofcourse shravn usse upset nhi dekh paata h… Voh kehta h ki voh model theek kr dega bt sumo kehti h ki jis model ko banane mein usse ek hafta laga voh usse ek din mein kaise banayega?? Den dey r shown in sumo’s room… Shravan table pr kaam kr rha hota h bt sumo idhar udhar tehel rhi hoti h.. Den sumo thak ke let jaati h… Time is shown 12:00 … Next day jb sumo uthti h model uske paas rakha hota h… N hravan table pr so raha hota h… Sumo uske paas jaake smile krti h n uske glasses hata deti h
    Flashback ends
    Ummmm…. Its nt damn accurate like pooja di n deepali especially dialogues bt… I tried y’know i m nt tagore 😛 😛

  36. Mahima

    its true that suman will fall what will happen is sumon market jayegi veggies kharidne shravan bhi vahin rahega toh shravan sumo ko dekhega ki vo man hole ki taraf ja ri phir bhi vo sumo ko nahi batayega and sumo bina notice kiye usme gir jayegi tab shrvan apne app ko kosse ga phir mil jane de dil jo bane ek duje ke vaste☺?eagerly ???waiting for this to happen and i know this bcz maine ise edkv updates main se padha and didi ap log sahi bol ri ……?

  37. Lily

    Hey minakhi
    Don’t be upset ….even if shravan confesses
    His love..they will not Unite easily….as there is Mr ramnath is there…
    According to me what will happen is
    Shravan will say I love u unconsciously in an emotional moment….either when sumo is injured or sumo in hospital(may be she will confront him like why do u care about me?)or something like that …..in his outburst ,he will say bcz I love u…..then sumo will also tell about her feeling …then both will get happy and spend some wonderful moments..then here comes our villain…he will somehow remind shravan the bitter past..then shravan will ignore suman..suman again shattered or she will start hating him more..then writers will introduce either
    Preekar track or
    Suman’s marriage track
    As both these track will indirectly make shravan n suman close……I don’t think
    Ramnath truth will be revealed anytime soon …
    My Wild guess

    Don’t worry this love confession will either be one sided of shravan only or be a useless confession as their bond will not last long…..

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