Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan thanks the manager of Swagat Banquet Hall for his help. Shravan tells the venue guy not to let Sumo know anything. Manager says what is there to hide. Shravan knows Sumo will not like to take anyone’s help. Manager is confused. it isn’t help. We give discounts to everyone. Shravan says some things are not worth explaining while some don’t understand it. They shake hands. Sumo comes in and looks surprised. She scolds both manager and Shravan for trying to help her not caring about her self-respect. I know you think I cannot make sangeet preps alone but I can and I will. Stay away from me. She walks out of the office.

Sumo is checking the preps. She sends the vendors to eat something first as they look tired. She gets up on the stair to do decorations. Prita gives her

lunch box instead but Sumo does not want to eat anything as of now. I will feel lazy. I cannot mess with this. Prita looks concerned for her. Sumo fixes the flowers. She checks the light arrangement next.

Guests begin to come in. Lala ji whispers to Sumo not to worry. Everything will be fine. Sumo welcomes Pushkar calling her her hone wale jijaji (would be BIL). Pushkar hugs Sumo and asks about Preeti. she tells him to have patience. She welcomes Shravan quietly.

Lala ji compliments the arrangements. Prita gives credit to Sumo. She was up all night and set it all up herself. Shravan smiles proudly. Sumo too looks happy.

The choreographer and Mausa ji fight for mikes as they do the announcements of dance sequences. Mami ji, Mama ji, Mausa ji and Massi perform on Mahi Ve. Mami and Preeti get emotional during the emotional part of the song. Sumo too is a touched. Kamini’s guests come in. They like the decor but complain about the roads. Sumo and Shravan hear them too. Kamini manages the situation somehow speaking of the decorations inside. Shravan stands next to Sumo. Stubbornness, ego and anger…whatever it was. You wouldn’t have to hear this too if you had listened to me. At times it gets really difficult to understand you. Why do you do this? They both stare at each other.

Vandy and Varun dance next on I to go Crazy. Everyone thoroughly enjoys it. Kamini too joins them on stage as she waves bundle on money over their heads to ward off evil eyes. A cute picture is clicked in the end. It is the turn of the bride and the groom to dance now. They dance on Raanjhana. A lady complains to Kamini about the location. Have you called us to enjoy this ceremony or trouble us? Look at what happened to my expensive saree. Kamini apologizes to her but only gets scolded in return. I came to join you in your happy moment but you don’t seem to care about our friendship. She gives a gift to her. take it either as the gift for the sangeet or for breaking our friendship. A few other ladies ask Kamini a lot of questions as well. Is something wrong with Pushkar or is there some other problem? Kamini excuses herself. Shravan notices her walking away.

Kamini is crying in a room when Shravan comes there. She tells him not to say anything. I tried to make myself understand but not anymore. I couldn’t get a girl of my choice for PUshkar. I still tried to be happy by dreaming about what all will happen in the wedding. That too dint happen. He says I understand. She cuts him mid sentence. You will again take Sumo’s side. truth is I have been insulted. It cannot change now. Leave me alone for some time.

Shravan takes Sumo aside. Are you happy now? You won but my Chachi got insulted before her friends. Do you realise it? The puddles outside don’t matter to you but they mattered to Chachi and her friends. Sumo says your guests don’t care about our preps. I did the best I could. I will call it my self-respect. People who have come to complain will anyways complain even behind the walls of 5 star hotel. He asks her if she does not understand or does not wish to. Do you have to argue on everything?

Shravan and Sumo’s dance is announced next.

Sumo says I too am a human. I am tired of everyone complaining to me all the time. You may not value what I do but I do respect it. We are being called for the dance now. She goes. Kamini thinks Sumo trapped Shravan in her words again. why would anyone anyways care? This will be a debt on your Ramnath Bhaisahab. You trapped my son in this low family. I will make you see the same day very soon. Wait a little. She tells Ramnath about the dance performance. He nods quietly.

Shravan thinks if his Chachi does not matter to Sumo then this dance is also of no importance to him. He heads towards the gate.

A guy comes in. He smiles looking at Sumo and is mesmerised by her. His shoulder brushes with Shravan as he walks in looking at Sumo without blinking his eyes. Sumo looks around for Shravan. The guy finds Sumo beautiful. Choreographer asks Sumo about her partner. Mausa ji calls out after Shravan. Sumo too is taking his name when the new guy walks up to her. He keeps staring at Sumo. May I? She looks at him in confusion. He assures her he can dance well. Everyone is looking in this direction. Hope the sangeet does not lose its charm. She looks at his extended hand and then at him.

Precap: Sumo dances with the new guy. Shravan stops in his tracks as he hears the song being played in. He looks at them as they dance together.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. SONAI

    I really hoped that ShraMan will dance !! Never mind ! Waiting for tomorrow as I was unable to watch today’s episode as usual on Wednesdays !!

  2. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    I just watched today’s episode… but 😢… shrvn told Suman tht she should have accepted his proposal of changing banquet hall by keeping her ego and all aside but suman saud tht it is called “self respect”… but when shrvn denied to dance with sumo and an unknown person comes and offers her to dance with him to save reputation and not to spoil the “sangeet ceremony”, she immediately agrees… what about her so called “self respect” now… strange…

  3. roshni

    Epi was okay types for me…. I liked vandy n varun dance….she danced very well…. N preekar couldn’t enjoy much coz in middle they showed that Kamini scenes n all….. Kamini crying I couldn’t believe my eyes….. N shravan n suman part I really felt sumo acted too much….i mean I know she is very independent girl but she should respect others feelings she cant be so rude its my point no offence……. Nnnnnn yaar who is he ?????? A big question is running in my mind…..none knows him then how did he came here???? Who invited him???? Confusion confusion…… But he is okay types for me…. Nnn he is nothing means nothing in front of my shravan….. But I am quite exited to c wat happens next….. N I loved shravan’s reaction when suddenly gerua plays….he was wondering how come in precap…..but I cant see sumo with someone else…. Personally I didn’t like that new person intensions I mean starting only saying beautiful seriously???? N the way he came on stage n looked at sumo n sumo’s confusion look hehe it was little funny….. But he wont suite for negative …..so may be he is positive….hopefully….. Finger crossed……

    Good night all….

    N I read on telly chakkar Aditya n sumo closeness makes shravan jealous its obvious but excited to c his reactions n actions hehe…….. Bye tc…..

  4. Kuhu

    Oh what dis aditya s looks like a damnshit I don’t want 2 say much abt him but nimik look awsommmmm together now waiting for shramans confession eagerly ab aur saha nehi jata.

  5. sona

    O..my god….kal tho kamaal hoga…
    Shravan angry young man wali look…
    Jealousy wala look..
    Sad wala look…
    Aur na jaaney kya kya..dekhney ko milney wala hai…😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😜😜😜😛😛😛
    Wana..watch it..precap is too interesting..
    And nice intro of adhitya..😂😜😜😛

  6. pretty preeti

    This was a nice epi but at last it was little bad wala
    But the track seems to be interesting
    This guy uff how can he dance with sumo
    But will shravo be jealous and shraman will be more close
    Oh god eagerly waiting for yesterdays epi
    Gud night guys

  7. Ireena

    I don’t get any idea whence this kinda people r cultured…u have gotten invited,now going there..and start criticizing!!!crap!!!I can’t believe that this type people r found in real life too….
    mud!dr lady,u have mud in ur mind.that’s why mud doesn’t leave ur dress.
    well,indian sangeet functions r damnnn sweeeeetttt😍😍😍😍…
    guys,one who is gonna have this sangeet function,don’t forget to invite meeee😉😉😛..i m dying to attend one sangeet function…😣😲😜

  8. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Hy guys!!
    Thank u sooo much Pooja di fr fast update….!!
    Well wat to say abt the ep….!!! The ep WS good bs shraman ne fighting bht ki koi romance hi nai tha…….bs ab saari hopes kamini chachi se hi hain…………
    Jis tarhaan se wo Bol rahi theen plzz chachi ji ap kuch karo is ramu ka plzz flop kar…..
    N Mujhe aisa lag raha hai shahiad is dance ke baad kuch acha hojaiiiii….!!!
    N abt d Precap….: wow mast Precap….!
    Shr is jealous now I really like yo c him jealous uski ki ghalti ki wajah se shraman dance nai ho raha hai…n the new entry plz make him positive …..ab I want to c ke shr kuch kare…..ufff desptetlyyyyyy waiting fr tomorrow’s ep…!!! <3

  9. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Hy guys!!
    Thank u sooo much Pooja di fr fast update….!!
    Well wat to say abt the ep….!!! The ep WS good bs shraman ne fighting bht ki koi romance hi nai tha…….bs ab saari hopes kamini chachi se hi hain…………
    Jis tarhaan se wo Bol rahi theen plzz chachi ji ap kuch karo is ramu ka plzz flop kar…..
    N Mujhe aisa lag raha hai shahiad is dance ke baad kuch acha hojaiiiii….!!!
    N abt d Precap….: wow mast Precap….!
    Shr is jealous now I really like yo c him jealous uski ki ghalti ki wajah se shraman dance nai ho raha hai…n the new entry plz make him positive …. Kyun ke jis tarhaan se adi sumo ki beauty se mesmerized hoa hai love at Frst site …..ab I want to c ke shr kuch kare…..ufff desptetlyyyyyy waiting fr tomorrow’s ep…!!! <3

  10. Ireena

    oooppss!!!I totally forgot that uncle has gone slept…that’s why, was thinking he MIGHT BE lillll earlyyyy…
    but,uncle,u never make me think wrong,u know..

  11. sweetu

    And the new entry is not that bad …. i feel he will be a tough competitor for sharavan….. he fell in luv wd sumo on first sight … ohhh bad luc sharavan….. ..but if think positive may be out of jealousy sharavan will propose sumo …. fingers crossed …. wanna to their romantic moment soon plz …

  12. Meena

    What a disappointing episode!Suman should not have been this stubborn.she is in the wrong.Shravan has been so patient.I think Suman is overdoing.and kamini’s friends behaviour is unbelievable!on the whole a very,very upsetting episode.I suppose yesterday’s episode is the climax,now the following is going to be like any other usual insipid shows!!!!!!

  13. Lily

    I liked the new guy… He is cute… But namik is best and will be best……. And now I am excited for tomorrow’s epi… Yaar what will be shravan’s reaction…..

  14. Naina

    Awwwww i feel really bad for sumo as she is not really tired but still she has to listen to everyone but the last part was good i know that shravan will be hurt but his jealousy will make his love stronger waiting for tom epi too excited to see sumo’s dance and shravan’s jealousy

  15. Lily

    Yaar guys why are you all being so negative about the show… Guys confession mein time lag Raha hai toh acha hai na….guys see romantic scenes look good when it is mixed with some Masada.. See I can give you a example…
    Krpkab, yaar teen hafte Pehle Kitna acha Tha…. Sara goodie goodie Tha….. From that week till now unka romance hi chal Raha… Yaar bore ho Gaye romance romance Kitna romance Karenge thoda story bhi toh badhao.. At least in edkv you are seeing everyday new things… I know some times they are dragging….

    And sorry for the comparison to krpkab….
    Sorry krpkab fans…. But I am just expressing my views….

  16. Ireena

    that scene was somehow illogical…!!!
    first shows lips,eyes and fall in love instantly!!!quite unsuitable!!
    and I think this character(Aditya may be) is invited there…that’s why they r not surprised that much.
    but I doubt abt him…who knows abt his future intention?whatever it is,all it gonna be for shraman’s heart melting eventually..hope so….let’s c…

  17. kittu

    Good morning guys..
    @ROSHU Di..hey Di u asked na…from where did this guy came…so answer is..
    YE BIN BULAYE BAARATI HAI…dekha party chal rahi Hai..to ghus gaye honge inside the banquet hall…nd waise bhi is show me koi bhi,kabhi bhi,kahin bhi,ghus bata Hai…like ,ramnath when he entered into Tiwari killa in accident track…hey aditya came to eat delicious stuffs but fortunately he met with sumo nd alllll…just kidding Di…
    Well ronit kapill is good but our shravan is tooooooooo goooooood…..m eagerly waiting to watch I mean to read the love triangle track…jiyoooo…
    Nd wow jijaji k bhai…maaan gaye…
    I think they (shraman) r playing self-respect self-respect with each other…. Guys leave them nd only see what they r doing…nd sabra ka fal kabhi shraman bhi hota h😋😋

  18. kittu

    @Ireena Di..I totally agree with u..after all this is an Indian series nd anything may happen..we can’t think,what CVS can do..they can add anything nd cut anything, Whether we like this or not…And ADITYA… Well no answer abt his future intentions..he will seems or will b positive but what abt future???????
    Jab apne bacche bigad jaate hain…then adopted ka to kuch guarantee bhi nahi de sakte…
    Well be POSITIVE…….

  19. kittu

    Hey I think this is good… Nd y do we think that sumo is wrong.. No no no…I know she has huge self-respect.. But we should understand her character… She is an independent girl..nd after her parents early demise she was alone…but the main track of her life starts ,when she meet to his childhood friend nd fall in love for him….well this is the main thing abut our sumo…nd this series is on their friendship but mostly on sumo’s self-respect nd love..
    Really everyone these lines r mind blowing..
    Nd after hearing this line only I became a huge fan of this edkv… Nd ya sumo was also not wrong in childhood.. Yaar no one can bear any chepoo friend.. Well m sorry…I know that she was everything for him that’s y he was over confident abut his love nd frnd… But guys..in their childhood ,sumo only considered him as a very very good frnd… But when they were separated.. Then she got the value of shravan in her life…nd when he returned back…then she did everything to heal nd mend everything but he was stuck on that accident…. Nd now too he joint everything to childhood… Yaar had Hai…really we expect every time ,that girl should understand…. But y always girls????
    Nd now when this love triangle will start…
    Then see…shravan ko sumo ki har baat acchi lagegi…nd will try to spend a lot of time with her as he can…but here is aditya… Well we will enjoy a lot…mai tumhe likh k de sakti hoo..actually.. Likh hi rahi hok🙌🙌🙌🙌well everyone, I know many will b unhappy nd some will feel to scold me…so guys u r free,but I only wanna make u clear abt sumo’s character.. That she has only her self-respect which she earned in her life…nd shravan ko bhi samajhna chahiye…really he only understand those things which is shown to him…yaar plezzz samajh naaaa….yr mom ,yr love…nd yr live…all problems becoz of yr beloved father… But this is his character… That’s y nothing wanna say abt their character but we should be with CVS…nd we r..so guys…m eagerly waiting to read today’s Wu…nd ya sorry,I know..but kuch kah diya..that’s y everyone, a big SORRYyyyyy..plez forgive me…

  20. SONAI

    Hello everyone!!!!!😆 Pata nahi kab may aaj ka episode dekh paungi !!!😉
    Kal ka episode aabhi bhi dekh bahi pai!!😢😩

  21. Minakhi

    Yaar mujhe iss episode Mein Sumo pe itna gussa aaraha tha na pucho mat ….Usko thappad Marne ka dil kqr raha tha ….Aur What is the “self -respect “ka Drama …kya Ho Gaya tha usse jab Shravan k paas help maangne gayi thi(Khoshla track) Mein…..Uff CVs should delete the self respect word from This show…..wo apne Ego ko Self respect ka naam de rahi hai …..Shravan ka to aaj bada wala popat Hua …..Usne Haath choda aur Adimanav ne haath pakad liya ………..Wo Adi jaise Suman KO Daant dikha k 360 scan kr raha tha ….man to kqr raha tha uske daant tod dun…….but he is soo Chipku nd His smile was so cute yaar……..Chalo koi to Aya Jo Pushkar k baad Zyada Hasta hai………Guys mujhe nahi lagta Hume iss Adimanav ko seriously lena chahiye ……Pal do pal Ki Baat hai usse bhi verma aur Berry Ki tarah chanta padega dekhna……..😉

  22. Minakhi

    @Beas bete ….Congo …tu First ayi hai….. Ye le….🍗 kabbab …..bcz Humare show Mein Shraman k bich Kabbab Mein Haddi agaya hai.

    ……ha ha ha ….😆 😉 😃

  23. Stuti

    I think Tiwari family had invited Nirmala ahuja for the sangeet, but since she can’t come for obvious reasons, she sent her son Aditya to the function.

    His presence could have any impact in edkv.

    1. It would be a love triangle, and Shravan would show jealousy and his possessive side. It might lead to the couple getting closer.

    2. Shravan would get jealous and Sumo will take this chance to act like she is interested more in Aditya to stay away from Shravan, which is what that irritating Ramnath wants. (Chances are that Aditya could also live in the Tiwari house itself, which might make this easier. )

    3. Kamini could take this opportunity to either bring Shravan and Suman closer (to take her revenge with Ramnath) , or bring Suman and Aditya closer (In order to try sending Shravan to London for the millionth of time. )

    Aditya looks like a flirty guy and I like his role personally (sorry to the ones who are against him) because this could let us see the possessive/cute side of Shravan (hopefully! I hope he doesn’t start planning for Sumo and Aditya’s wedding by getting over excited. haha. But I don’t think he would want to call Sumo his bhabi at least, so fingers crossed. 😂)

    Well this is just my prediction, and I would love to know yours. The serial is getting more interesting everyday (The last serial that I loved was Iss Pyar ko kya naam Doon season one. I hope EDKV writers carry on with the consistency of making this series as interesting as it is now. )

  24. Meena

    This show is so popular only because it was so natural until now!but now they have decided to make the show just like any other show.I see Kuch rang first,which is not that exciting and most of the time boring,and when I see ek duje ke I feel so excited because it is so full of life and so interesting .yesteray was really reminding of the other shows! By the way,how could Suman dance so close as she did with Shravan? It is not good to see her character made that way!!!!!

  25. Sanjay kumar Bhattachary

    Why sharavan and suman’s misunderstanding get cleared. Why Ramnath don’t get exposed before sharavan. I like suman and savan as friends and couple. Don’t like they misunderstood each other that’s why don’t want to watch this show anymore.

    • SONAI

      Then don’t watch !! It takes a lot of patience to understand an interesting story like EDKV
      !! This story’s main focus is love confession nd that’s why it’s getting delayed !! Only A true EDKV fan will understand this !!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sss


    |Registered Member

    nice episode but i lived preekar most they are so adorable..new entry i am gonna say uski akhe bohot tej he i mean pehlei din usne sumo ko bohot acchi tarhase dekhliya abtak to shravan ne bhai otni acchi tarhase sumo ko nahi dekha.. beta sumo sambhal ke sandwich ke bicme hone wali ho i mean love triangle lol..when will shraman dance or will they?? i am waiting for their dance

  27. ashiqui

    What idiot.draginggggggggg.ep was nt good.boaringggggggg.when shrawan will confess his love?

    • SONAI

      Very soon !! Keep patience dear !! This is not an odinary Saas Bahu serial in which everything will go smooth and there will be only drama and nothing else !!

  28. Lily

    Dekhe guys be patient I am very sure you all will enjoy today’s epi… See namik
    Wrote that he is very much excited for this week’s epi and wanted to see the reaction of everyone on insta…so guys at least give them chance……
    According to me Kamini will act in either way
    1 she will manipulate shravan in that way that he gets more close to Suman….
    2 or she will take revenge from Ramanath by making him know the truth of nirmala from the new guy…..

    Ramanath will instigate shravan against Suman that see she is hanging out with the other guy…. She is an opportunist woman….

    Talking about self respect…. I think the writers are overdoing it….. The show should be named self respect ke vaaste. Lol

  29. roshni

    Guys I am seeing many new ppl telling its lost its interest no ways guys pls don’t think like that n don’t forget thus serial our edkv has win many polls n many more remember that n it has given many best epi almost all epi were unique n awesome so be patient n watch edkv .. Guys u can c tell me who thinks that this aditya suits for negative role???? No guys he will definitely has came to help shraman be patient ……

  30. roshni

    N everyone who are telling its lost its charm interest n many more request all to read this article it will give u a clear cut picture wat is edkv means…..
    I am telling this especially Sanjay Kumar… N ashiqui pls do read with little patient….

    N all my dear friends lily sonai correct u both r correct I totally agree with u both…

    This is the article posted by Kamini aka Anjali


    No offence…..

  31. 44444

    What ever Suman did and is doing is correct. It is not mere self respect. How come you people expect here to accept any help from Shravan, when she is forced to sacrifice here love for him by his own father. Here love for Shravan has no price. Rich and famous think they can by anything with moeny. People Ramnath worser than worm. He himself asked Nirmal to seek for a job when his finance and practice was in tatters. When his fortune turned for good he started doubting his loyal wife. For his ego he forced Nirmala to leave his house and lied to his son that his mother went away with another guy. ISuiman andNirmala are the two personalities stands high among all these selfish people /

  32. Minakhi

    Dear bashers nd Frustrated Fans Of EDKV…….U r not watching a Ordinary show..U r watching EDKV….it is the one show in which we can’t predict anything about Upcoming tracks… Fans need sufficient patience to enjoy this show …every character is important…ok this is Going a little bit slow but I u want To See most awaited Confession then They can Do this tonight nd then Ram’s Truth …,Nirmal’s Track…..everything needs time to take ….if u don’t Have patience then U should stop watching this show…..Bcz U want a simple story……Nd CVs r experimenting alot To build up Shraman….Nd This is Defiantly take time …nd U should stop watching if u don’t have time ….nd yahan PE Complaints kar k kya fayda …….Official page PE Jake Apne demands ko Do takhi CVs Tum logon ko sun le…bcz this is the comment box of this show not a Fan page ….sry if I hurt u but Many fans who r complaining about this track …they should understand That TU can’t do anything for Ur demands….

  33. Anshi

    Tadaaa… Anshi is back.. Guys frankly due 2 some extremely unavoidable family reasons… Guys I know I ll get mixed welcum… Bt still yaar.. Try 2 understnd…
    @44444… R u serious he’s nirmala’s son…??? If yes them WOW!!!!
    @Epi.. Wow!!! I always luved jealous shravu… Frankly dat new guy is nothin in comparison of shravan… Bt till he makes shravan jealous he’s acceptable…
    I know its kittu’s department bt still I hv a song frm dat new guy’s side..

    @Kittu… I agree dese ppl r spectacular… N ya Hey…

    N all again… HI GUYS.. 🙂

    • Sss


      |Registered Member

      yar anshi missed you much after a long time you came back so welcome back and i understand why you are not here maybe you are busy or some other problem so don’t worry comment when you can or free but without you guys feels like empty so try to come..nice shayeri

  34. roshni

    @preeti no thank dear its my pleasure…… I hope those bashers too read this article….hehe…….

    @minakhi no use dear those type of ppl search reasons to argue but one thing they should know its a unique show ……n we should be patient……

    @anshi yaar u don’t know how much I missed u…. Its okay dear we can understand I am happy ur finally back… How RU?????

    @bhagya @kittu @khushi where r u all

  35. Minakhi

    @Anshi I HATE You………

    Not really😉 but Seriously I missed u soo much yaar ……
    .I m very much happy that u R back ……..Hii Lovely Anu …I hope now Y can get some Time To comment here……….nd Humene kitana party kiya ….Tujhe bohut miss kiya yaar…😊😊

  36. Minakhi

    @44444 ur words r very effective dear …U have understood this very Politely…..Thank u soo much …….

    @Chandar If He is Nirmala’s son then This is really a good thing for us…..Nirmala nahi ayi kam se kam Uska Beta to aya…..😉

    • Sss


      |Registered Member

      @minakhi you are right even i was thinking atleast niramala’s son has came lol..

      @roshni Di thanx for the link..bashers do read it

  37. Anshi

    @Roshni di…. Sry di bt I ws out of station fr a couple a weeks… Bt now I m finally back… I 2 missed u a lottttt ..

  38. SONAI

    @ Roshni di Thanks a bunch for giving such a gr8 news !!!!
    EDKV is something really different !! Its story is so amazing that it surprises everyone at every moment !!
    Think positive guyzz !! (Even if ur blood group is negative , as Lalaji said to Varun !! )
    Today’s episode will definitely reveal the ans of all mistery !!!
    BOLO “ALL IS WELL !!!”

  39. Anshi

    @Minakhi di… Dr u hv every rite 2 b angry… Plus I missed u 2… Hawww u guys party widout me n jenny… Jst kiddin… Dont worry we ll party again… N dis time even harder…
    U r rite mata shri toh kamaal nhi dikha payi ab putra ki baari… 🙂 🙂

  40. Anshi

    @Sss… Missed u too a ton dr.. N thanx fr understndin…

    @Sonai… Hahaha….
    N I completely agree… Edkv is somethin more dan jst serial…

  41. roshni

    @anshi arey sry kyu????? Its okay dear.. I am happy ur back so no more sry thanks got it?????

    @preeti ha yaar pata nahi sab kaha chali gayi I guess they r busy will come soon…..

    @sonai exactly dear its show which has all amazing n wow facts …..n no thanks dear its my pleasure …. Yup all is well….. Hehe

  42. roshni

    @sss no thanks sis its my pleasure yup they must read n get to know wat is edkv….. 😉😉

  43. Ireena

    guys,u know,EDKV KAS TOPPED ON ONLINE TRP CHART AGAINNNN!!!😊😊😍😍😙😘😚🎆🎇🎉🎊

  44. roshni

    @guys just now read on twitter that something big n good is gonna happen…. Its tweeted by edkv only n told that they wont reveal anything it will be revealed in this week means tomorrow wats gonna happen they also asked to keep high hopes…. Now its high time to guess wat happens…… Wat do u all think????? pls do reply… I guess confession hehe

    • Sss


      |Registered Member

      good things will happen that the best news..but what will happen then i am like :-/ :-/ don’t know.. it feel like study to think lol but true

  45. Bhagyashri

    @ roshni here I am.sorry yaar today my friend marriage so m busy in that.but nw m free.thank for miss me. @ minakhi and roshni u both gave great explanation to idiot bashers.roshni I also agree with u krpkab walone had kar di hai romance ki.muze bhi krpkab bahot bore lagta hai.main to regular dekhti bhi nahi itna bore hua hai.and thanks for anjali wali link. @ edkv bashers edkv is unique show so don’t expect like other series. Abhi Jo track chal raha hai bilkul sahi hai. @ hii my sweet and cute friends how r u all. I miss u a lot. @ ireena again top.wow thanks for great news. And finally yesterday episode awesome,awesome, awesome.and lily yes new boy r cute but not more than shravan.

  46. Khushi

    Hey guys how r u all….
    OK OK don’t be angry on me I was so was not able to comment m soo sorry…
    Yr don’t know why but I liked the episode and I find that aditiya very cute he is cute yr no offence guys…but I feel he will help in making the sharman relation better rather than causing hinderance ….
    I was soo angry on shravan he just left sumo alone on the stage..Bhai pyaar karte ho tum USS se aise kiase kar sakte ho
    And edkv has really confused me about the meaning of self respect I mean plz dont bring this self respect everytime.

    Well how r u all???
    Missed me??😜😜
    Guys keep watching the show trust CVS.
    Bye guys I hope I will be able to comment today… Love u all

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.