Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mama ji asks Shravan to sit. Tell us your plan. Shravan says Khosla found real papers from Priya aunt’s house and forged the papers. Mami ji and everyone does not want to be caught up in court cases but Shravan shows them a blank cheque. I think this will work as a guarantee. Mami takes it. tell us what you are thinking. Shravan says people like Khosla have big connections. If we go to him and say that (tells in mute). Mami is hesitant but Shravan assures her nothing will go wrong. You anyways have guarantee now. They all agree. Mami thinks Shravan will surely do something wrong. I wont let it happen though.

Sumo notices Shravan coming in her room. What happened? he says nothing. She aks shim why he is here then. he asks her if he should come when something happens. She tells him to wait

outside if he wants tea or coffee. He denies. she asks about his plan. He replies that he only has to tell her now. She is sad. What’s my right on this house? He says why else is he here then. he corrects himself. I am doing what is right. I need, we all need your support in this. you will support us, right? She is all quiet. He walks up to her. Two things are important to win any fight – truth and support of loved ones. Truth is with us. Only support of loved ones is needed. Will you support me? She is all quiet so he repeats the question. He keeps the quilt aside. Will you support me? she declines. he asks again to which she says her answer wont change by asking again. he says ok. We meet at 11 am tomorrow. she wants to know his plan.

At Malhotra House, everyone is busy playing carom. They all enjoy together. pushkar is playing well. Ramnath is impressed. Tell me how to play like this. Pushkar guides him. Kamini observes it. Pushkar talks about a case but Ramnath tells him to make preps for the case on his own. You know the case already. Kamini asks Ramnath if Pushkar learned anything from him or not. he too can handle a case alone now. He has to be independent. Varun’s consignment was also sent. Ramnath seconds her. He tells Pushkar to handle that particular case. Pushkar is hesitant but Ramnath talks positively. Everyone focuses on carom again.

Khosla removes his wig. His assistant knows he does it whenever he is worried. Khosla is waiting for a call from Tiwari family. Someone knocks on the door just then. khosla is happy to see Mami, Rachna and Bablu. They complain that Mama ji is not ready to sign the papers. Khosla says I understand. What do you want from me? Mami wants to sell the house. He talks about Mama ji’s sign. They request him to forge Mama ji’s sign. Khosla refuses to do something wrong. I follow the right path. I can try for you though but cannot promise you anything. Mami ji is happy. my husband wont be able to do anything once this house is sold. Khosla asks for Mama ji’s sign. Rachna checks her purse. She hands over a document (passport copy) to Khosla with Mama ji’s sign. Khosla sends his assistant Gugul to do his work. He tells Mami and everyone to meet in court on Monday. Say in court that it was done legally by Sameer (mama ji).

Sumo calls Shravan who is stuck in traffic. Mami ji said Khosla sent Gugul to some place for signature. They argue over how to chase Gugul. He reminds her of her car but the clutch is fault again. He suggests her to take an auto but she does not want to go in an auto alone. Sumo wonders how to stop him. Shravan tells her to do something. Remember you are Sumo. Sumo can do anything! This is our last chance. we have to find the truth anyhow.

Sumo stands in Gugul’s way. You cannot go anywhere. She looks for excuses. Shravan is also on call. The traffic is cleared. I will reach soon. Gugul wants go to do Khosla’s work but she pretends to have some work with him. Sumo ends up saying that she sees him in her dreams nowadays. Shravan laughs hearing it. Sumo adds that she has begun to like him. Gugul stumbles. He shares his doubt on her and Shravan. Sumo says I love you to him. Have you looked at his (Shravan’s) face? Shravan peeks in the mirror and stops his car with a start. What’s happening there? Gugul says I love you too to Sumo. she asks him out for coffee. Gugul says I have a work to do. He is leaving for Daryaganj. She too has work there she says. He remembers that she had a car. She replies that she forgot it in a rush. He is worried about Khosla’s reaction but then agrees. She sits on the scooter with him. He happily drives. She asks him about his work in Daryaganj. He keeps telling her everything innocently. Shravan tells Sumo to stop Gugul there itself. I will reach in 5 minutes. Sumo makes Gugul stop at a paan shop. Gugul asks for 2 paan’s. She says make it 3. We both will eat one paan each here. I will eat the third one at home while thinking about you. he loves her sweet talks. Shravan is irked. He might get diabetes.

Shravan comes there. He tells Sumo to send Gugul away. sumo asks Gugul to leave. I want to sleep at home and dream about you. He wants to go with her to Daryaganj. She acts to cry which he does not like so he agrees to leave. Promise me that we will meet again. she promises him. He says I love you to her again before leaving.

Shravan is upset / angry. Gugul leaves. Sumo throws away Gugul’s helmet. Shravan says if I had come 2 minutes late then you would have married him. she gives him the paan. He refuses to eat it. what will you eat if I eat this? I don’t eat paan. she sees him upset. He says my face is like that. She tells him to drive fast or her hard work will go in vain. He asks her if she couldn’t find a better plan than this. This is flirting. She asks him if he is ok. You are scolding me instead of appreciating me! I anyways don’t have to learn it from you what I have to do. He is irked. You can flirt, date or even marry Gugul. Why do I care?

Precap: Shravan follows Gugul in the office. Gugul asks a guy to make the papers asap. Someone pats at Shravan’s shoulder. Who are you? Gugul is coming out just then.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ishu

    today’s episode was beyond awesome … sumo’s dialogzzz… i was laughing continuously ….she was such a cute girl….and shravu…omg …his expression whn he heard sumo saying i love to tht old man ….haha..
    really enjoyed …. they are meant for each other … 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 gudni8 all…. swt drmzzz….

  2. Thankyou so much Pooja ji for the update.. Todays episode was so funny.. Shravan is so sweet na..The way he sat on sumo’s bed tying his hands,his expressions towards her..its so cute..his words “Ye sab mein tere liye hi ho kar raha hoo..”wah..i loved it??..mujhe pata dha ki sumo will surely support her shravu… shravan aur sumo ki phone wala jhagda accha dha?..ek dum bf gf wala jhagda?..aur Shravan jealous..hmmm…it was so funny when shravan looks at mirror when sumo said”uski shakal dekhi hai”??? It was awesome when his drama queen said I love you to that google .. Shravan applied a sudden brake saying whats going on..Shravan was very angry when that idiot said I love you too to Sumo..?? ..ha..ha..ha…loved it.?Shravu..whats ur problem if she is flirting with anyone..huh??oops sorry!!i forgot..You love her na…?? Best episode..no no..according to spoilers I think upcoming episodes will be more interesting..?

  3. Meena

    What a lovely episode!Shravan is superb!you want to watch him all the time.the last part was not only funny but so enjoyable watching Shravan showing his jealousy!He saying you can flirt,date and marry him is really so wonderful to watch!Hope this tempo will keep going!

    • ishu

      abhi u r correct …. its such a wonderful show and look our comments … its really low in number …!!!! 🙁 🙁

  4. Amy

    I loved todays episode the 2 best parts that i loved the most was when he asked her for her support and when he got jealouse i just loved that part

  5. AmandaS

    Oh my word, today’s episode had me in stitches. I couldn’t believe Sumo’s dialogue with Guglu. Worse, Shravan’s shock! Priceless!! He’s so jealous. We have to see more of these moments between them!!

  6. ishu

    gud morning all…have a nice day ahead 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    eagerly waiting for the repeat episode only to watch our jealous sravu *-* 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hey ishu,..iam so so excited to watch todays episode…??
      Shravu n sumo are gonna act as hubby wify…yo..it will be so gunny??
      N ofcourse gonna watch repeat episode for seeing namik’s expressions.???

      • ishu

        omg is it today’s episode …??? i was eagerly waiting for their drama…yippee ….. promo was awesome ….sravu keeping his hand in his forehead on seeing his sumo doing ovracting…..haha …guys dont miss …its really gona fun…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Bhagyashri

    Yesterday’s episode was awesome. Shravan’ s facial expressions are so cute. He looking very handsome. Sumo ‘ s dilougs ha ha ha.

  8. Ohhhh goddd….new promo…..god I cant stop thinking about it…????
    Ohhh god…guys must watch it…..its really really breathtaking…The promo says that they love eachother..

    • ishu

      watching the repeat!!!!!!! sravu and somu …they r such a cute couples …. uufff ….the way he stare sumo … “drama queen ” hs dialogz… “thumare liye tho kar raha hu “” thum dogi na hamere sath “” sumo ” …. i cant stop watching it …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Dais

      Yup really the promo is awesome but I think sumo will not confess her love bcoz of past incidents especially the school reunion but still fingers crossed

      • Even if she wont confesss too..shravu will not go…i think so..something will happen n he will stay here itself..i wish..sumo should atleast ask him not to go..

  9. Ireena

    Oh!!!!!just MINDBLOWING!!!WHEn any work is done jointly(especially by jodi),it feels worth watching and most entertaining….????

  10. Guys…anyone watched the new promo where Shravan is gonna leave to London..n his heart asks sumo”Ek baar yehan rukne ko boldo sumo..main kabhi nahi jaaogi..”
    Sumo’s heart says”Kis haq se main vo kahogi”?

    So excited to watch the upcoming episodes…????????

    • ishu

      i too saw it… did he leave??? … oh god… ab kya honge… 🙁 🙁 🙁 poor sumo 🙁 🙁

      • No….he will not go…thats sure ..but not sure about the reason of it,.I think sumo will not stop shravu….then he himself will make a reason as he cannot leave his sumo..???Its only my guess..i hope koi accident nahi hoga..?

  11. I watched the epi more than 7 times still watching………..and shravans dialogues awesome awesome awesome luv u shravan and sumo

  12. ishu

    ye shravan ki expressions …. oh god… cute ..jealous … etra kandalum mathiyavilla 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Nitya

    I just love the episode…it is superb,Wonderful soo creative…I just love when Shravan Jealous….Super excited for more scenes from them…

  14. Sumo:Tum rehjao jaatey jaatey toh sajdey mei jukh jau
    Shravu:Ek baar kehdo rukh jao…Sau baar rukh jaau
    Sumo:Jis haq se roku…Voh haq kaha se laau?
    Shravu:Tum hi bolo phir…Kisrishte se ruk jaau?

    Guys this is the promo..?

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