Ek Duje Ke Vaste 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo looks at the photo. Zindagi song plays in the background. She looks around the house, recalling some or other memory at every corner of the house. She remembers how she first came in this house and has requested Rachna to let her go to her home. Rachna had told her that this is her home now. I am not your Massi but your mother. Sumo smiles sadly at the memory. She touches things emotionally and misses her sister. She next comes to Nanu’s room. She looks at the room teary eyed. She covers Nanu well and sits down next to him. She touches his feet just when doorbell rings. Sumo is startled as it is 2 am. Who could it be?

Mami ji finds Aditya at their doorstep. He falters in his step. I want to talk to Sumo. She says you don’t seem to be in a condition to speak to anyone right

now. It is a ritual in our family where bride and groom don’t talk before wedding after mehendi ritual is done. Aditya insists upon talking to Sumo. It is important. Mami advises him to meet Sumo later. She is going to come to your house only. You cannot meet her now. He notices Sumo standing at the stairs. Why don’t you understand? I have to talk to Sumo. She hid it from me. Mama ji and Mami ji suggest Aditya to come tomorrow. He leaves reluctantly. They notice Sumo on the stairs. Mami ji tells her about Aditya. He was being stubborn about meeting you. I made him understand somehow to talk to you after wedding. We have to follow the traditions too. Kids these days don’t understand. Why dint you sleep yet? Sumo replies she wasn’t sleepy. Mama ji says how will she sleep. She has spent her childhood here, has sewn dreams, lived them. She will go to some other house tomorrow. Sumo hugs him. Mami ji tells him to stop or everyone will be in tears in no time. She tells Sumo to sleep. Mama ji cups Sumo’s face. You will always be my elder daughter, the elder daughter of the house. Don’t worry about anything. Sumo nods sadly.

Shravan thinks what was all that. Did I make any mistake? How would it impact Sumo’s new life? No, I did the right thing. Why should I think about the world when no one cared about me? I loved Sumo but she only thought of herself. I also don’t care anymore. Aditya has snatched my happiness from me. He knew everything yet troubled me. I will not take pain anymore. He sits up. My words will haunt Aditya. He will be in pain right now and I will be at peace.

Aditya calls Sumo but she does not pick up. He does not stop calling which angers him badly. She cuts his call too. He sits down angrily. Sumo thinks about her new life. I am even escaping the chance to pick his call today whereas I will spend my life with him after today! I will have to do it for my family, for Nanu.

Aditya wakes up from the noise of the knock on his door. His friend scolds him for leaving the party last night in anger. Your phone was also unreachable. What has happened? Aditya dismisses it and says nothing. Nirmala ji comes with Aditya’s dress. He avoids meeting her gaze as she sits before him. I dint realise when you grew up this big to get married. Like every mother my dream is also coming true today. I will see your marriage. Why do you look upset / lost? Aditya covers it up well. I am perfectly fine. You please get ready. She nods and goes.

At Tiwari House, everyone is making preps. Prita says it will be top class by evening. Everyone nods. Nanu says it has to be as it is Sumo’s wedding. I agree she wanted a simple wedding but her simplicity will add stars to it. Mausa ji and Prita second him.

Sumo is putting her nail paint on. Preeti compliments her. You look so beautiful. She puts kala teeka behind Sumo’s ears. You always dress up so simple but this is just amazing. Aditya will go mad seeing you. Everyone is so happy with this marriage. I am very happy for you. Are you happy? Sumo replies that she will be happy as everyone is happy. Preeti gives her a flying kiss in mirror.

Shravan is on call with the florist. Send them asap. Nanu tells him not to worry so much. You have done more than I had wanted. Mausa ji asks him if everything is fine. Nanu says his best friend is leaving him so he is bound to be sad. Shravan denies. I am happy she is getting married. I will finally be free. It is good she is leaving or who would have taken her. They smile. Is everyone coming? Shravan nods. Only PUshkar cannot come because his flight got cancelled. He goes to check some other preps.

Aditya is combing his hairs when he notices Shravan’s reflection in the mirror (it is in his head only). Shravan repeats what he said last night. Aditya angrily breaks the mirror. Such a big cheating Suman! I asked you so many times. You will have to answer all my questions today. I wont let you escape today. nirmala ji comes hearing the sound. Are you alright? Aditya replies that it happened by mistake. We must not delay. Something really important is waiting for me there. NIrmala ji wonders what’s happening.

Mami ji does Aditya’s aarti and tilak. Aditya looks pointedly at Shravan who smiles at him instead. Aditya goes inside. Nanu asks Preeti about Sumo. She says Di is almost ready. Nanu nods. Aditya excuses himself to go to washroom. Mama ji offers to accompany him but he assures him he can find his way. Plus, you will be needed here. Aditya comes across Shravan on his way to Sumo’s room. Shravan looks away but Aditya looks upset. He leaves.

Aditya knocks at Sumo’s door. She thinks it might be Preeti and says come in. Sumo says please tie the thread of my blouse. She is surprised to see Aditya in the mirror and steps back. How dare you! He says I am your would be husband. You think this is misbehaving? She speaks of the ritual but he taunts her on her morals. She asks him to leave. We will talk after marriage. He says I am not interested in marriage. I am more interested in wedding night. Sumo looks at him disgusted.

Precap: Aditya demands Sumo to kiss him. She keeps backing off but he keeps closing in. She tries to open door but in vain. She asks him to leave but he stays put. He holds her angrily and asks for a kiss. She gets pushed on the bed in the process and shouts. Shravan breaks the door open. Sumo and Aditya look at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. sona

    Super excited for tomarrows episode ..
    Kal hoga ek climax adhi ki chapter..ka..
    Sumo was so adorable..lovely..in wedding dress..but her eyes…seems…so dull..it clearly shows..she is not excited..

    • Anjali

      give me five 😀
      damn excited kal k episode k lie…
      but sach yar sumo ki eyes kitni sad …
      but finally ab adi jyga bahar sumo ki life s 😀
      n shraman hug… oh can’t wait …
      again Congo yar 🙂

  2. sana

    this is beyond the limits how can any guy say like this and the other dont even have brain to understand whats right and wrong.At the end girl has to suffer.Seriously this is worst part

    • Anjali

      well its a bad news..
      Sony TV’s head has gone mad…they’ve stopped every repeat telecast of edkv 🙁 I found this shocking news today when I thought of watching its repeat telecast.
      . 🙁

  3. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    ahhh today I couldn’t resist myself frm commenting so happy Adi ka chapter khatam….chi Adi is sooo cheap I never knew…. I thought he was angry cs his would-be-wife cheated him bt his intentions were so cheap…chi
    nw pls Shravan save her
    even if Shraman don’t get married bt Shravan will feel guilty and to rectify his mistake he will surely do something special
    waiting fr tomorrow’s epi desperately….
    plsss someone clr d confusion, some r saying de will get married some says de will nt nw I can’t decide
    I said last month dat de will fix Adimans marriage and something will happen and either Shraman will get married or Adimans alliance will be broken nw I won d bet give me unlimited chocolates now….😊😉….
    bye bye guys Shraman dreams no no Shraman ki Shadi ke dreams – Neeti

    • Anjali

      hey neeti …actually no one knows wats exactly gonna happen…only cv’s knows 😉
      I heard few spoilers so I will let u know
      1) shraman to get married after breaking of adiman alliance (finally this chipku cheap will leave…he was getting on my nerves badly)
      2) sumo will be widow …shravu to die (never wanna even bring this nonsense thought) but I dont think it will happen n really don’t want it to happen
      3) sumo to get back to pct n start working as usual
      4) shraman love revealetion in front of family (it might be true…as I saw a video in which shraman are sitting not together 😉 nanu Asks them about their love which leaves both of them literally shocked n will think who told this…ah its better to focus on love than who told everyone) …

      that’s it…I gave u all information…actually m also confused wats gonna happen…

      • 44444

        Hi Anjali

        Only 2 of your points. 1. Sumo returns to PCT. 2. Nanu comes to know about the affair of Suman & Shravan and he speaks about it in front of Shraman Mami and Mamaji.

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        No.2 is a Rumour completely wrong i don’t think cvs will kill of shravan if not no use of this show As it’s ek duje ke vaaste and also i didn’t read about no.2 anywhere,
        No. 1 i m not sure if shraman will get married or not as some says they will due to kamini emotionally influencing shravan or some Says that shravan will propose sumo for marriage which she will reject
        No.3 is correct as I saw in the videos and also nikita’s interview
        No. 4 no idea

    • kittu

      @Neeti.. 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭take yr toffes..with chocolates… Nd jellies..

  4. Anjali


    guys I was smiling THROUGHOUT the episode…GOD lets start from the beginning…
    sumo EMOTIONAL…I love ur zindagi song yar sumo… felt bad for u 🙁
    you were crying 🙁
    FLASHBACK of family but I really was wishing ki shraman ki childhood ki koi memory dikhaye but no 🙁 khair its okay…
    n then ye bewda adi …
    aj ka BEST DRINKER AWARD goes to non other than ADIMANAV 😉 😉 😉
    Ù replaced SHRAVAN MALHOTRA TODAY… 😀 😀
    but my shravu has self control n tu to bewda nikal gya …couldn’t stand properly even…. 😉
    n VERY good mami pehli baar situation handle kia apne …
    n mam apke DIALOGUE s aj diabetes mellitus ho gya 😀 😀
    “ab rulaiega kya ”

    .I was LAUGHING oh mami stop showing concern …we all know ur reality…
    n ha sumo to ghr ki badi beti rhegi hi hamesha …
    n now mera shravu baba …bed p topsy turvy khelre the…man I have LOST my heart to you….
    sumo good girl…didn’t pick that bewda’s call…n DON’T worry girl…ur going to be married WITH shravan ur shravan…so chill…
    n nirmu kaki aap na …hate u…biological mother of adimanav… :-\

    sumo girl u were looking so BEAUTIFUL …so simple, light make up….I like such make up 🙂
    but ur face was lacking happiness, excitement…. 🙁
    n preeti yar sb janne k baawjood how could u ask her if she’s happy or not??
    ab to u are married so bring shraman together yar. …
    shravu ur smile to adimanav….haye MAI mar jawaan… 🙂 🙂
    adimanav JO mirror tune break kia na …shravu ALREADY did that…n u WERE THE blo*dy reason….so tit for tat 😉
    n mirror image of shravu n his smile….haye my heart skipped a bit…. I WAS BLUSHING at my own REACTION 😛

    N SHRAVU HOW CONCERNED you ARE for sumo’s marriage…though u faked those words but the TRUTH is that you don’t want sumo to marry anyone else….
    nirmu kaki kv shravu k lie v itni concerned ho jao aap …
    again nice smile reply to adi by the one n only shravan malhotra….
    ur face was WORTH watching adi 😉 😉
    kitna besharam h ladka hayo rabba. .
    I always imagined shravu tying the dori but this GUY :-\
    well done sumo….love u girl….
    nice replies…

    n NOW precap dkhkr ek gaana yaad aa gya

    😉 😉 😉 😉

    no HARD FEELINGS for adi ….its JUST I don’t like him in this serial….

    ab bas ….no more bakwas 😀
    jutte, tamatar PLEASE mt fekna. …
    COMPETITION k lie comment h…

    LOVE U ALL….

  5. 44444

    Sad is all r happy and it seems they deliberatelyvdon’t want to see Sumans pain except her true love Shravan.

    • Anjali

      @David…yep analyse tomorrow 🙂 only shravu understands her..
      don’t worry …its time to be happy…as shravu will rescue sumo n shraman hug after a long time or well I can say after a month …last hug was on 1st August when Nikita came back from hospital 🙂

      • 44444

        Yes that is on Nanu;s health and Shravan adamant on making Suman sleeep. How cute na wo scene do no pone pe itna innocent lakta.

    • Divya

      Practically speaking aditya reaction was due to betrayal so many days he was trying to ask them if they had feelings but both of them were stubborn in hiding then when the alliance is made shravan pulls a dirty stunt staining sumans character……is bands ka pyaar jitna khoobsurat aur nasheela utna hi qatarnak uska gussa air nafrat……if adi tells this to nirmala and tiwaris and malhotras get to know just think what humiliation suman will have to face…..self respect ki to darjiya us jaani hai ab

      • Anjali

        @divya ..hey I agree with u…shravan shouldn’t have said that…he said too much in flow…which he shouldn’t have at any cost or ever….
        I don’t know wats going to be sumo’s reaction… depends totally upon cv’s…

    • Anjali

      @David…yep yar can never forget that scene…kitna cute lgra tha shravu omg….one of the bestest episodes 🙂

  6. Anjali

    sorry guys …ptani itni important chiz kaise bhul gyi comment m mention krna … 🙁
    omg I seriously CAN’T wait… 😛

  7. Jashi

    OH MY GOD!!! that precap!!! Aditya is a total monster and so stupid! If you suspect something, why do you keep pushing and pushing and pushing?! Just leave them alone and move on with your life. And Shravan, I hope you finally break Aditya’s face. I feel like Shravan will be put at fault for Aditya behaving this way because of what he said.

  8. Rita Patel

    Su man is not honest, if she is sacrificing than accept and move on. She is prentending and foling everyone her most loved nanaji. Horrible what bad woman eample.

    • Anjali

      @Rita…I totally disagree with u.
      .how can u judge her inspite of knowing her situation?? she’s in such a dilemma…well she’s trying to look happy …she’s trying to forget her first or you can say her one n only love his best friend whom she loved since childhood n still does…
      so dear its not easy to forget ur love of 12yrs just for an ass who loves to butt in in everyone’s life…
      she’s doing all for nanu as she can never say no to him especially in such critical condition…
      n she’s not horrible…she’s chubly, fun loving, cute, adorable. pretty, beautiful n lovely… 🙂

  9. 44444

    Friends an opinion.
    Now after Shravans talk he does not want to marry Sumo. But her beauty haunts him. He wants to escape Frm marrying suman and same time wants to funish Sumo. So this drama.

    • Anjali

      @David…wats this yar?? please clear it…kya shaadi, beauty wat the hell is it now…wat exactly shravu wants??

      • 44444

        Sorry yar. See I was talking about Gorilla. When Shravu told gorilla that Shraman relationship beyond the views of the word gorilla doesn’t want to marry Sumo. Now he can’t back out because he was so mad after her till few minutes back. So he created this scene to escape marriage with sumo. Because he is a womaniser.

      • Anjali

        yep Jo I agree …but seems like he isn’t even sure of that…coz if u love someone how can u let her marry anyone?? he doesn’t know anything…except his cheater papa …

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      Really? But they were showing ek rishta at that time today i checked , and i don’t really like that show but why no repeats for ek duje 😭😭😭 they show ek Rishta 3 times they should have given 1 to ek duje why Sony why 😭😭😭

      • Anjali

        @Jo ..I hate Sony TV wale for this… 🙁 don’t know wats the need to repeat ek rishta 3 times 🙁
        no repeat telecast of edkv …felt heartbroken yesterday after knowing this… 🙁

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        Yeah Sony tv is so biased 😡😡 they give 3 repeats for kuch rang and ek rishta and no repeats for ek duje and bare bhaia i honestly find bare bhaia better than ek rishta i actually like that show but that bare bhaia show miss that charm and ek rishta for some reason i don’t like that show at all
        Sony wala should have given 1 to bare Bhaia and ek duje so it will be ek rishta and kuch rang 2 times, and bare bhaia and ek duje once that will be still fine

  10. shraddha

    guys! mujhe yeh todhi illogical lag raha hai kyuki koi aditya jaisa sweet banda jo sabko pasand aaye including me ,suddenly itna aggressive aur cheapo kaise hosakta hai woh bhi nirmalaji ki parvrish mein! unbelievable man!
    BUT jo bhi horaha hai , hamari shraman ke liye toh achcha hai! thats enough for me!

  11. ikittu

    @sonai Sissu…nd Anjali Didi…..
    Well guys only one cmmt will b valid…as I’ll b in skol…nd Anjali Didi to betehasha cmmt karti Hai…nd after skol my homework…. Tuition with rivision nd preparation for xms…..nd all….guys m very busy…nd such projects r coming which is Strom bringing for me….that y I cmmt at this hour….

    Now let come back to my topic…….
    @Guys….I won’t say anything.. But think abt sumo’s door…kahin jyada teez dhakka to nahi diya na….yaar Tiwaris k paas paise bhi kahan Hai…kitna jood tood k preeti ki shaadi then sumo’s weeding preps…nd America’s tour preparation… Just think about them….now our …
    [email protected]
    Group we will help them…..so just take out at least Rs.11 from yr pocket….we will provide them help…I know guys we r not bank but we r like cooperative

    @Guys…leave this…
    @Anji di…u were saying…ki mai kabhi nahi badalungi..u r ryt….no chance..
    Nd we r rudaali….so..let’s cry..nd scream…
    😭😭😭😭he mahara edkv….hey mahra EDKV…. Mat khatam hooooo…haaaha….hey m crying…. Nahi…hoooohooo….uuhouhoo…hum kaise jiyenge…hey bhagwaan….Hume utha loo…uuuhouho😭😭😭..ha ha….let’s cry…
    My nxt group after devdaas one…
    [email protected]
    This emotion is our symbol…
    @Guys…what’s say abt YRKKH of star plus…yaar akshara naitik….BHAGAOO they r just …uffff…we can cmmt there tooo….lifelong series…
    Well guys its refreshment…

    @Guys..ladle Aur bandar paraayi peer…means dosro ki takleef nahi samajhte….well m just using simply… Not for all boys….but only for shravu nd adi…..sorry for this…..plez forgive… So…..yaar neither adi nor shravu is understanding her problem… Just omg…
    M keep thinking abt sumo ka DARVAAJa…haayo rabba…

    @guys. .I hate SHRAVU for yesterday’s epi…yaar had hoti Hai …kisise kuch kehne ki…SHRAVU u wanted to take revenge…yaar ya to tu andha Hai…ya dekha chahta hi nahi…stupid guy…well I understand his feeling but at this stage ,hey man any girl self respect is above all this cheap things ..u should remember this while talking to adi …nd what u know abt husband’s relationship with his wife…ooolo….BA’s aivaiyeee…at seriously.. I watched yesterday’s epi on u tube… Yaar kuch nahi balki had se jyada…which we say “more”…has happened… So guys adi was not the only culprit… Is this the way of revenge???… Well I don’t understand y u all hate niru…yaar just think abt her…she had to left her family ,son nd future… Nd when someone was there to give her support so what’s wrong..nd meena or may b other once asked y this lady is using Ahuja…if she is not interested into ahuja….yaar she was not that or not ahuja…who gave her ahuja as surname but he was ramu n family…. Nd what’s wrong… She did what was required by time n destiny….nd when she found a child (adi)…who loved her…so she was also coming closer to her..after all we need someone for our lyf…tell me guys..when ramu TD SHRAVU abt her mumma’s relationship ,yaar us 16-17 saal k bacche k dimaag me ek baar bhi nahi khatam ki no my mom can’t, usne kaam karna mere liye suru kiya tha so how could she do this???..phir lallo challo SA ban k London chala gaya…..I know it was all destiny….nd u r saying na ki usse is baat ka khayal karna chahiye ki SHRAVU loves sumo….yaar jab nanu nd ramu ko pata nahi chala by their relationship… To niru to bht door ki baat Hai….WO 12 saal se door Hai..nd she still loves him more than adi….u remember that scene, when SHRAVU came to propose sumo…yaar kis tarah se she hugged her . usse apna SHRAVU YAAD aa raha tha…I even don’t like ma -son (adi)…duo..but their duo r amazing… Nd after coming from London…yaar banda DUNIYA SAARI samajh gaya…now he should try to reach her mom…to ask her..but no..he is still stick on her base ..offffff…well m not saying that adi is not monkey man… Nd not I like him..but he is doing good Job…nd geetanjali mam tooo….hope SHRAMAN together soon…nd ya I said all this only as a loyal viewer nd reader…don’t take me wrong…u all were against them so thought to give here my thought… Well sorry…nd ya everything is because of ramu’s mind wash…niru just reveal out everything… Nd in sumo’s harassment… SHRAVAN is responsible….. But adi should think na…..well leave this tooo…
    @ALINA…amazing link….thnx for sharing here…
    @SONAI …yaar YKR..nice video…dil khuss kar diya..well tell me usne kya tha..??hehe..it wasn’t opening in my cell…plez do tell….😘😘😘😘😘
    @Guys..Maine KRPKAB ka cmmt kia tha…where is this???????

      • kittu

        @Alina…okay.. Well I think u r a die heart fan of EDKV…. Soooo..plez alina…do tell us abt uuu…yr class nd yr state nd country…… Thnx for joining us..ND I liked yr link ….

      • Alina

        I am from kanpur U.P ..but now m in chennai doing bsc (1st year )…I am sure u r junior than me …u can call me di …..by the way yòùr all comments maked me so happy and u also tell mein which class u r …from where you are…@Anjali u also tell me about yourself…

      • Anjali

        @kittu …yar sach m sumo itni beautiful h awesome h koi v pyar krega usse …
        but ptani apne is shravan malhotra k dimag m kya chalta h …
        adi sch m dance chance dono mara …
        ha yar love is blind n ye log to kuch zyada. hi bana dia h … ptani kya hoga aage ab …hope for best….

    • Anjali

      kittu yar betahasha comment 😛
      ni aisa ni h …
      n I agree actually mujhe v gussa aya tha shravu k reply p islie Mai boli v ki aisa ni bolna chahiye tha flow m kch zyada hi bol gya …
      its like allegation on her character…
      yar sumo shravu ko trust krti n jb pta chalega to again she’ll be heartbroken…kch zyada bola shravu ne which he should not have said…I hate him for that…kv apna lawyer dimag use krle…
      ramu kaka k pyar m to 2 innocent ladies ko hurt kie jara h …
      n revenge lena hi tha to bolta hmlg ko husband wife k jaise sblg smjhta ye kya zrurt thi ki sb kch ho chuka h …hate him for that…lgra hubby-wifey topic p PhD kra hua h …
      n I hated nirmu kaki qki us din adimanav jb bola ni ap mt socho sb apko hate krta us ghar m srf Mai apka beta hu us time nirmu ko defend krna chahiye tha shravu ko ki ni vo bhi mera beta h n aj vo jaisa v uska reason ramu. , nirmu hi h…
      n shravu ko samjhane k bajay adi ko smjhana chahiye…
      yar I mean kya zrurt h tmhe itni ki dusro ki life m intrude krte rho i hate such ppl…
      fine nirmu ko ni pta shraman k bare m I agree qki itne years s dur thi …jb nanu ko ni pta chala to use kya pta chalega …n ramu ka to kya kahu. ..
      but yar adi ko pta hai na shraman k bare m to back off kr jana chahiyw tha na …lekin ni bar2 puchra tha good but un dono ki condition aisi hai ki donor unsure h har chiz k bare m…
      n nirmu ka face yad h jb shravu ko hug ki pura fb chota shravu …n kaise roi thi but ye kabab m haddi ramu …yar pta h ramu ko hi maro …he’s the root cause of every problem…
      n I have no objection tmhari opinion s qki ur ryt ..n sbko apni opinion share ka haq h …
      n I know sumo ki harassment ka reason v shravu ki baat h …
      I took shravu’s side lekin is baat k lie kvni usne Jo v kaha about apne n sumo k relation k bare m … I’ll hate him for that…qki kisi v ladki k lie ye bht ganda allegation h …n self respect yar har kisiki hoti n ye to zyada ho gya shravu …
      but at last shraman hame chahiye islie Jo v ho it’s just a way to finish adi ka chapter I guess…
      bus yar bht lecture ho gya abni 😉 n ha I know pdhai n yha manage krna is difficult. ..so don’t worry… ache s pdhai pr focus kro …toffees tm hi rakh lena competition k 😉
      n we’ll stick to edkv page only…or kisi page pr jana bekar h …na kisi character na kch pta h islie jb edkv end hoga to isike last episode page p lifetime stick rhenge…wat say??

      • kittu

        @Anjali di…okay di ,I understood yr point of view…nd abt aadi…
        Hey di PYAAR ANDHA HOTA HAI(LOVE IS BLIND)….AAPKO TO PATA HAI NA,shravu bhi to in his childhood was blind for sumo… Nd it’s not aadi ka fault…Didi,sumo Kaisi ladki se to koi bhi PYAAR kar Santa Hai…nd use dance nd chance dono mila….so he hit sixer…..nd again luv is blind di…nd no need I believe in sharing… So we both will take toffees…..so….🍬🍬(these r mine,nazar bhi mat daalna)…🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫(these r for uuuu Didi…take this nd enjoy)…..nd thnx for excepting my thought… Okay we ‘ll stick here only not YRKKH..nd saathiyaa…because character to pata ni hoga bas unke commenter k beech me ooolo lagenge….WO b kahenge ki him kahan se AAA gaye Hai…..so better to stay here…apni izaat apne haath…what’s say???

  12. ikittu

    @Guys…it was @kittu…not @ikittu..so plez don’t get confused….
    @Sonai…it was YKY…not YKR…okay…..
    @Guys…hey everyone…y this KRPKAB is copying us..once I said that they don’t have the ryt of copyright of accident… Yaar inhone hamari jhand kar di…when accident happened…. Nd now yesterday I watched a promo…I think inhone sonydev ko kuch khila diya Hai…tabhi to inke hi promo aaye Hai…well leave ,just listen…I saw that sona will marry with another guy…hey rnot they copying us..waise to banda uchalte the..now what???…guys…on fb,if nd on Twitter.. Yaar what the hell they created…. Omgggg….now plez tell them…,stupid… Samajh me nahi aata….Ab kya kar rahe hoo…SOORY for those who watch EDKV nd KRPKAB ….both…..
    @Guys…only one cmmt of ANJALI di…will b valid here..on which she had already written …COMMENTPATI COMPETITION… Okay everyone… As rule is rule….

    • Alina

      Hey kittu!!! Same thing striked my mind tooo….when suman accident news came out alll KRPKAB fans were against that …jaise pagla hi gye hoo..although this typ of things happens in many indian drama …and now they r coping many thing
      1 dev’s mother became villan like ramu…
      2 another guy entry(like we have adi here)
      3 dev came in b3tween date of sona and I don’t know what’s the name 9f new guy (lyk shravan came to the caffe where sumo and adi went for first time)….


    • Anjali

      u made this for commentpati competition …so sweet love u kittu babu 🙂
      n ha krpkab ka story line same h av …ha accident hua dono m good but ab copy ho ra…
      1) adi ki entry udhr ritvik ki
      2) sumo shadi k lie yes kahi n thr sona also
      3) ramu villain shravu ki love life m udhr ishwari dev k lie…

      I watch both serials n I like their acting but m true edkvian…a die hard fan…

      • 44444

        I stopped watching KRPAB becuase consecutively two tragedy serial is too much for my patience. Will follow once Ishwari & GKB cools down. Only Neha, Ria, Nikki and Mamaji seems to be sensible in the whole lot.

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        @David yeah this week KPRKAB was boring that ishwari 😡 And neha is not always sensible though but still better
        KRPKAB and EDKV both ke stories mein kuch rang pyaar ke hain stories and ek duje ke vaaste same bhi hain 😝 I love both the show but if this week i had to choose one will choose EDKV

  13. kittu

    Its my song guys… Because today’s episode is gone to b an epic….


    ADI IS singing…

    NA RUK NA TU..




    Its award time…
    ADITYA AHUJA……CONGRATSSSSS👏👏👏,u have a happy ending in this series.. I hope…he he…nd will enjoy after EDKV… Byeeeeeee

    • Anjali

      hahahahaha…kittu kya gaana h … 😉 😀
      I hope adi chapter ab khtm ho n shraman chapter start ho…

  14. kittu

    Yaar CVS don’t play ZINDAGI while such emotional scenes… Really u just make us cey…I know u can’t make us laugh by SHRAVU nd sumo’s scenes.. Only can give emotional one…but not ZINDAGI seems that dil ko cheer k PAAR nikal jayegi..nd Jaan le legi..ek to hum cause hi most wanted RUDALI Hai nd yr ZINDAGI.. Haiiii
    [email protected]
    Let’s announce that ZINDAGI song of edkv is our pg anthem.. Okay….
    Jai ho ZINDAGI…
    Jai ho rudaali….😭(our symbol)
    If u r a rudaali member then use our symbol… Nd support yr group…
    Sorry boys this group is only for girls…better to stay away from this….
    @4444 hey bhai..I m not kriti parikh of Twitter but m kirtiii…..of EDKV pg… Okay..nd ya THAN KUUUU SASHU MAA” HEHE….JUST KIDDING.. AS U CALLED ME YR BAHU……SO IN REPLY SASHU MAAA🙌🙌

    • Anjali

      hey kittu …
      ur ryt. zindagi song play hi ni krna chahiye Mai v emotional ho gyi thi …
      [email protected] group ka ye bg song hona chahiye…
      rone wale emoticons mil hi ni re h 🙁

    • kittu

      @Aashi…hiiiii….nice to see one more big fan here….PLEZ do cmmt here regularly… Tell us abt yr class ND from where r u..???..
      Nd this is Kittu…

  15. 44444

    Hi Anjali, Sona Kittu and all other friends. I can understand the the joy of yours. Whether Shravan *& Suman get married or not, the joy of kicking out the gorrila Adigo is also bigger joy. Many thought Adi is a positive charecter some thought he is negative. Hv u all notice, when shravan doesnt get sleep and thinking of the repurcution of his act on sumos life, he said even after knowing shravans past Adi was a hell bend on bleeding him. Gorilla Adi forgot one thing this a naive simple Khutbminar (sumos name for shravan) is a most intelligent person right from his childhood, Had a successful law career in London. Adigorrilla was flying high thinking he scaled mt. everest. His attrocias words each and every time when he met shravan in the presence of Suman. “Mey sab ko jalata hoon, itna acchi ladki ko uta ke le jata hoon. Private kapda lena. Suman Aditya Ahuja. All these statements are too attrocious to hurt Shravan only. Because of his jelousy that he is bilogical son of Nirmala and Sumans lover, he behaved like an animal all the time. See how his face become wolf like. The way he thrown the mobile, jacket broke the glass. He is not classy like shravan who is able to handle all situation. Gorrilaadi cant tolerate even smallest disappointment. Gorilla had a high opinion about him. Gorilla was yelling Suman you cheated me. What cheating and who cheated. He forcefully entered into the garden of some one and started picking the pretiest Rose of the Gardner? And wah kya name nansaitan. Chudel nirmu can have only nana saitan. How happy the Nirmu Chudel on the marriage of Nanasaitan gorilla adi.. Nirmala chudel has hid the past of chota saitan gorrila adi. He might be a womeniser, criminal, sadist. Dont konw surely he wil try to take vengence on suman and Shravan. Only their guardian Angels the spirits of Suman’s mother and father should protect these two lilies from Tiwali aquilla and Malhotra House friom all evils. May god bless these to noble human beings from the evil eye of Chudel Nirmu, Ramnath,, Nana saitan Gorilla Adi and Kamini.

    Waiting for todays episode. Dont know what is in store.

    • Anjali

      @David…hey I agree with u …adimanav pissed off shraman a lot…
      n shravu is not the kind who’ll ever let anyone get on his nerves …so he did reply which was shocking for adi n us also…nice payback but shravu shouldn’t have said those worst things at any cost…I hate him for that…
      u know wat ramu is the main villain…root cause of every problem…
      jhand kar di hai sabki life…phle nirmu kaki n ab shraman …
      it would have been better if he would have died in that plane crash… :-\ hate him the most…
      I hated nirmu when she took adimanav’s side…but she loves shravu at the same time…
      n I think if should have to choose between her 2 sons, she wont let go shravu this time…she will choose him…she loves him a lot…we know.
      n nanu ka to I don’t know wat to say …I hated him when he forced sumo for marriage decision…

  16. Shrutipriya


    |Registered Member

    Wooohooo… Yay… Finally wo din aa hi gaya jiska hum subko intezaar tha… can’t wait, mera to man kar raha hai ki kisi tarah ghadi ke kaante jaldi chalen aur abhi ke abhi das baj jaaye…
    Really can’t wait for Shraman’s hug…

  17. 44444

    Hi frineds one more thought. Dont beat me.

    Though Suman is hurt because of Shravn’s in sensible statement, she may directly happy and appreciating shravan fro 2 reasons:

    First and foremost he saved her from the trecherous clutches of Nanasaitan Adi Gorilla.

    secondly for which she was eagerly waiting all these years, to be his wife. So shravan agreed he loves her as his wife.

  18. nikitha

    super excitment for tomarrows rpiside I wish ab sumo aur shrvan ke beech sub normal hojay they look so cute together

  19. SONAI

    @Kittu nd Anjali Di🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬🍬🍬🍭🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍭🍭🍬🍬🍭🍬Mujhe nahi pata koyn jita isiliye for both. Aaur kisi ko chahiye to wo bhi le

    • Anjali

      hello meri sonai babu ..hayee thanku so much for the chocolates
      ..love u :* n kal ke links k lie to bada wala hug 🙂 🙂

  20. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG i Am so excited for tomorrow’s episode i knows shravan will save sumo 😍😍😍 but still shravan shouldn’t have said so that they share ‘that’ relationship to Aditya 😡 And the way Aditya confronted is way too much and wrong he could have talked to her comfortably instead of forcing her 😡😡😡

  21. sona

    Wts happening….
    Y these..CVS making my sumo so helpless…
    How could they do so..😓😓😓😓😓😔😔😖😖😖😌😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Actually..i saw a latest spoiler..
    Whr…they wrote..that…aftr marriage drama…adhitya..will try to create problems…in sumo pct business…😓😓😓😓😓😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😖😖😖😵😵😳😳😟😟😟😟😟😨😨😨😧😧😧😦😦😥😥😥😥
    Meri bechari sumo kaisi handle karegi sub kuch…really feeling..to cry..for her..😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Bus bichari k pass tho koi nahi hai…Jo uski khandhey par baath rak k..usey…assure..kar sakey..sahara dhey sakey..
    after all..
    Yadhi iski pehley wali spoiler..sumo slap shravan afteribg knowing truth by adhitya..then she will definitely .don’t allow shravu to interfere in her life..😓😓😓😓😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😧😧😧😨😨😦😦😥😥😟😱😞😞😞😟😞😟😞😩😩😲😲😳😳
    Wts all this mess yaar…😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😎😎😎😎😏😏😏😎😎😏😏😔😖

    • Anjali

      @sona …yar seriously hmari sumo k life m kitni problems h …vo to pta hi tha ki adi kch krega pct ko lekr …
      yar kitni akeli h kisise kuch share v ni kr skti. . pehle parents, ab shravu dur jara nanu v …sb feeling very bad…feel like crying 🙁 🙁

    • Anjali

      @sona …n shravu itna ghatiya bola hi h ki sumo ni krne degi interfere…I really hate him for that…agr sumo thappad maregi to he deserves…

  22. Nazia

    Hello guys!!!
    Aj friday hai, so weekend in our country!!
    @kittu I m from bangladesh, puchatha na tumne and ya u can call me nazu as many of my frnds call me that 🙂
    And cumin to the epi- ADITYA mujhe itna gussa araha he is ladke pe, I feel like to kill him… Ese kse koi kisi ladki k saath esa kar satta hai.. I really hate these types of peopke!!! Abhi abhi epi dekha mene.. And promo dekhke mujhe itna gussa arahahe abhi ki pucho mat…
    Aur guys galti chahe shravan ki ho ya adi ki galat to sumo k saath hi ho rahahe na??? Is this ryt?? Mujhe lagta hai ki shravan ko na adi ko marte samey thoda control karna chahiye, marna chahiye bohoot marna chahiye but agar dusre mare to yei fair hoga, kyuki shravan bhi iske piche zimmedar hai.. And aditya to insaan bolne ki layek hi raha, kese janwaro ki tarha sumo k saath esa karne laga.. Disgusting!!
    And whoever is thinking ki adi is a positive guy, have a ques for u(chill um not asking it angrily just normally)- agar adi positive hai then wo koi aur way bhi to choose kar satta tha na shraman ko milane k liye but harrasment!! So I don’t think that he ia acting!! And sumo kitna bura lagraha he uske liye.. Pehlei uske saath kitna galat hua, parents chorke chale gaye, uska pyar use nahi mila, usse adi k saath shadi karni parrahihe, and now this…. Jab sumo ko yei baat pata chalega and even if she slaps shravan then I won’t mind!! I don’t know guys apko meei baat kesi lagrahihe, shayed buri bhi lag satti hai.. So um sry if um hurting any1 by my words!!

    • kittu

      @Nazia…hey my nazu.. Listen.. I was not saying that he is positive or negative… Nd listen yaar…m too normal… Just my thought…. Yaar shravu told ki uske n sumo k beech sab kuch ho chuka Hai…everything like husband wife…yaar tu hi sooch, Jo ladka ek ladki se shaadi karna chahta Hai….Aur agar use pata CHALE ki WO ladki apne childhood frnd KO apna sab kuch maanti Hai…so he will obviously think that this girl is characterless… Think on yr own… M not saying that what adi will do is correct nd of course I don’t like him against of SHRAVU but his acting is superb… Nd ya he is not doing anything to unite SHRAMAN…. Aadi is very bad more than SHRAVU… Yaar SHRAVU NE aag di nd ye to jwalamukhi ban gaya….what the hell both r creating… Sumo k self respect ki to watt lag gayi…nd WO bhi 440 watt…I hope u understand… Nd thnx for telling me abt yrself… Nd my sweetu nazzzzu😘

    • Anjali

      @nazia…hey nazu …missed u yesterday…I agree with u…adi is a monster shraman ko milane k or v tarike the but his was not right ek v ni …n sumo k sth Jo krra I hate him more …I know shravu reason h iska sumo should slap him I won’t mind …
      but yar adi wat was the need to piss off shravu…n sumo s you could have talked but zabardasti…want to kill u…

  23. Nazia

    Main pichle epi k liye comment nahi kar payi, but really I was confused yesterday ki mein kya reaction du!!! Mujhe pehle bohoot khushi hui, but phir sumo k baaree me soch ke mujhe yei bohot galat laga… And shravu- kitnaaaa modest tha, usne esa kese kaha??? Mene jab yei suna, I was lije- what??? .. Maine rewind ki aur phir suna, sstill I cudn’t believe!!!!
    Tab mera coaching tha so I went there.. And mein yahi sochrahithi jo shravu ne kaha, aur yei bhi ki aj na sare edkvians comment ki barsaat karne wale hai….
    And ya how can I forgot nirmu anti.. Shravan ne kitna innocently pucha tha- aur meri kya galti thi.. But usne kya zawaab diye, agar wo maa goti to wo shravan ko saach bata neki koshish karti but wo adi ke pyar mein itna andhi ho gayi ki wo shravu ki sadness dekhi nahi oarihitho.. I don’t like her!!! 🙁
    And esa nahi hai ki mein aj k epi ke liye excited nahi hu but phirbhi sumo k saath jo hua wo bhi galat hai na???

    • Anjali

      sumo ki koi galti ni hai yar…har taraf s bechari ko sb torture krta … 🙁
      I hate all …kisiko sumo k aasu ni dikhte…sb apni khushi, gusse, ego, revenge m bsy h …
      n ha I remember kitna innocently shravu pucha ‘ or meri kya galti thi ‘ …uski voice was so calm, like he’s asking q kia aisa n eyes moist…I loved him that time…
      but nirmu – adi. s revenge k lie sumo p itna ganda allegation? ?? you shouldn’t have done that yar … hate u a lot for that…
      sb selfish h koi sumo ki care ni krta. .
      ptani kya2 dekhna hoga or usko. .
      aj adi ki harassment, fr shravu n Jo v kaha about husband wife relation, sb kya sochengw sumo k bare m n new spoiler ki pct ka kch kand krega adi …
      I pity her …bht rona aara sumo k lie 🙁 🙁

  24. Nazia

    Oh guys yad he last time mene iss harassment se realated jitne bhi links diye usme ek me sumo ne kahatha that shravan will feel guilty for sum reasums, so this will b the reason!!!
    And ya ek spoiler tha jaha pe likha tha ki adi sumo se kahega iss fight k piche shravn zimmedar hai that is ab samaj me aya ki wo sumo ko sab batayega jo shravu ne kaha.. And waha pe aur bhi likhatha ki sumo will now hate shravan.. I donno ki kya hoga..!!!?
    @anjali di- mujhe apke batae hue 2 spoilers parke itni hasi ayi.. 1)shravu will die, 2)sumo will b widow… Agar esa hua to edkv will b a flop show.. So writers intniiii bari galti to nahi karenge ryt? So chill di esa kuch nahi hone wala hai…
    Well, mene jo kaha usbare mein ap sab ka kya ray hai plz tell me

    • Anjali

      ha nazu…yad h sare links…adi to chup rehni skta …sumo ko batayga hi shravu ne Jo bhi kaha …sumo will slap shravu n obviously hate kregi…koi v ladki kregi ki ap jisse pyar krte ho jo apka best friend ho apke bare m aisa bole n usse jisse apki shadi hone wali hai to its obvious…
      hehehe…nazu mujhe v spoilers pdhkr hasi ayi thi ki agr shravu ko kch hua to edkv band 😉 av to sirf repeat telecast band kia h Sony tv n av show hi band kr denge 😀 😛

  25. 44444

    Today I only want to see the expressions of Nanu and Nirmala. Kamini, Vandi, Masi they all know there is something between these two. Those who do not want to see this is Nirmala, Nanu, Mami So when Sumu hugs shravan even when all of her relatives standing there, I want to see the faces of all these dead personalities. Sure kamini’s and vandiy’s facewill lit with 100000 watt pulb but others???????????????????? All PCT members may like this, even Dabbu if he happens to be there will enjoy this moment because of union his beloved Di and beloved Bhaiya.

    • Anjali

      @David…even I am dying to watch today’s episode…but really don’t know whether I would be able to watch or not…I couldn’t sleep last night properly bcz of edkv …wat will happen , fight, allegations, everyone’s reaction…my head is a total mess …

      @pooja di …please update soon today’s episode as well..
      coz m not sure whether I would be able to watch today’s episode or not 🙁
      it’s killing me…I waited for this n now…sb beda garg mere sath hi hona h 🙁

  26. Deotima

    oh god !!! what`s happening ??? its high time to kick out adimanav . itna cheap harkat !!! shravu ur smile to adi was awesome!! ajj toh …. yaaaaaa shraman hug and adi`s band bajana wowwww. go for it shravu!!!
    lekin shravu ne jo kaha adi ko voh bilkul thik tha . cause husband wife ke beech jo hota hey vo unke beech hua . JHAGRAAAA

  27. nikitha

    oh god I am so excited kab 10hoga aur kab usko dhekunki mein hopuab sub kuch accha hi ho undonoke sath and ofcourse miljayege jo bane ek duje ke vasthe

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.