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Sumo looks at the photo. Zindagi song plays in the background. She looks around the house, recalling some or other memory at every corner of the house. She remembers how she first came in this house and has requested Rachna to let her go to her home. Rachna had told her that this is her home now. I am not your Massi but your mother. Sumo smiles sadly at the memory. She touches things emotionally and misses her sister. She next comes to Nanu’s room. She looks at the room teary eyed. She covers Nanu well and sits down next to him. She touches his feet just when doorbell rings. Sumo is startled as it is 2 am. Who could it be?

Mami ji finds Aditya at their doorstep. He falters in his step. I want to talk to Sumo. She says you don’t seem to be in a condition to speak to anyone right

now. It is a ritual in our family where bride and groom don’t talk before wedding after mehendi ritual is done. Aditya insists upon talking to Sumo. It is important. Mami advises him to meet Sumo later. She is going to come to your house only. You cannot meet her now. He notices Sumo standing at the stairs. Why don’t you understand? I have to talk to Sumo. She hid it from me. Mama ji and Mami ji suggest Aditya to come tomorrow. He leaves reluctantly. They notice Sumo on the stairs. Mami ji tells her about Aditya. He was being stubborn about meeting you. I made him understand somehow to talk to you after wedding. We have to follow the traditions too. Kids these days don’t understand. Why dint you sleep yet? Sumo replies she wasn’t sleepy. Mama ji says how will she sleep. She has spent her childhood here, has sewn dreams, lived them. She will go to some other house tomorrow. Sumo hugs him. Mami ji tells him to stop or everyone will be in tears in no time. She tells Sumo to sleep. Mama ji cups Sumo’s face. You will always be my elder daughter, the elder daughter of the house. Don’t worry about anything. Sumo nods sadly.

Shravan thinks what was all that. Did I make any mistake? How would it impact Sumo’s new life? No, I did the right thing. Why should I think about the world when no one cared about me? I loved Sumo but she only thought of herself. I also don’t care anymore. Aditya has snatched my happiness from me. He knew everything yet troubled me. I will not take pain anymore. He sits up. My words will haunt Aditya. He will be in pain right now and I will be at peace.

Aditya calls Sumo but she does not pick up. He does not stop calling which angers him badly. She cuts his call too. He sits down angrily. Sumo thinks about her new life. I am even escaping the chance to pick his call today whereas I will spend my life with him after today! I will have to do it for my family, for Nanu.

Aditya wakes up from the noise of the knock on his door. His friend scolds him for leaving the party last night in anger. Your phone was also unreachable. What has happened? Aditya dismisses it and says nothing. Nirmala ji comes with Aditya’s dress. He avoids meeting her gaze as she sits before him. I dint realise when you grew up this big to get married. Like every mother my dream is also coming true today. I will see your marriage. Why do you look upset / lost? Aditya covers it up well. I am perfectly fine. You please get ready. She nods and goes.

At Tiwari House, everyone is making preps. Prita says it will be top class by evening. Everyone nods. Nanu says it has to be as it is Sumo’s wedding. I agree she wanted a simple wedding but her simplicity will add stars to it. Mausa ji and Prita second him.

Sumo is putting her nail paint on. Preeti compliments her. You look so beautiful. She puts kala teeka behind Sumo’s ears. You always dress up so simple but this is just amazing. Aditya will go mad seeing you. Everyone is so happy with this marriage. I am very happy for you. Are you happy? Sumo replies that she will be happy as everyone is happy. Preeti gives her a flying kiss in mirror.

Shravan is on call with the florist. Send them asap. Nanu tells him not to worry so much. You have done more than I had wanted. Mausa ji asks him if everything is fine. Nanu says his best friend is leaving him so he is bound to be sad. Shravan denies. I am happy she is getting married. I will finally be free. It is good she is leaving or who would have taken her. They smile. Is everyone coming? Shravan nods. Only PUshkar cannot come because his flight got cancelled. He goes to check some other preps.

Aditya is combing his hairs when he notices Shravan’s reflection in the mirror (it is in his head only). Shravan repeats what he said last night. Aditya angrily breaks the mirror. Such a big cheating Suman! I asked you so many times. You will have to answer all my questions today. I wont let you escape today. nirmala ji comes hearing the sound. Are you alright? Aditya replies that it happened by mistake. We must not delay. Something really important is waiting for me there. NIrmala ji wonders what’s happening.

Mami ji does Aditya’s aarti and tilak. Aditya looks pointedly at Shravan who smiles at him instead. Aditya goes inside. Nanu asks Preeti about Sumo. She says Di is almost ready. Nanu nods. Aditya excuses himself to go to washroom. Mama ji offers to accompany him but he assures him he can find his way. Plus, you will be needed here. Aditya comes across Shravan on his way to Sumo’s room. Shravan looks away but Aditya looks upset. He leaves.

Aditya knocks at Sumo’s door. She thinks it might be Preeti and says come in. Sumo says please tie the thread of my blouse. She is surprised to see Aditya in the mirror and steps back. How dare you! He says I am your would be husband. You think this is misbehaving? She speaks of the ritual but he taunts her on her morals. She asks him to leave. We will talk after marriage. He says I am not interested in marriage. I am more interested in wedding night. Sumo looks at him disgusted.

Precap: Aditya demands Sumo to kiss him. She keeps backing off but he keeps closing in. She tries to open door but in vain. She asks him to leave but he stays put. He holds her angrily and asks for a kiss. She gets pushed on the bed in the process and shouts. Shravan breaks the door open. Sumo and Aditya look at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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