Ek Duje Ke Vaste 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sumo hugs Shravan and cries. I was so scared. Please don’t do it ever again. He agrees not to do it. Pushkar and Ramnath come just then. Ramnath is upset seeing them thus whereas Shravan looks happy. Sumo realises she has been hugging Shravan and steps back. Pushkar asks his brother where he was. You scared us. I dint expect it from you. shravan says I stopped my car in a corner as I was speaking to someone on phone and fell asleep. Pushkar asks him who he was talking to. Shravan says I was talking to an old friend. He offers to drop Sumo but Ramnath tells him to go home and take rest. I will drop Sumo. Driver will pick your car in the morning. Shravan leaves with Pushkar while Ramnath goes with Sumo.

Sumo parks at her home. Ramnath gets down and stops her. I hope you dint forget your

promise Sumo. She nods. He says why were you with Shravan that wasys then. she says I am sorry to say. Shravan is not just my childhood friend but love too. I might have felt a little less fear than you today about losing him. I felt equally happy to see him safe like you. I couldn’t control myself. I wont be able to control myself in future too if any harms come to me. one more thing, I promised you that I will never tell my feelings to Shravan but it does not mean that my feelings towards Shravan will be over. Love has happened after all. What to do now? Your son is very stubborn. Take care. Pushkar and Shravan come as well. Sumo goes inside.

Rachna asks Sumo if they found Shravan. Is he alright? Sumo nods. Why aren’t you sleeping? Rachna was worried for both the kids. Sumo tells her to sleep. We have a lot to do tomorrow. rachna makes her sit. I have to talk to you. I may not be your mother buy I am like your mother. Will you answer me honestly? The pain and yearning that I saw in your eyes today made me feel like there is something between you both. Is there? Sumo says we share friendship. Is it not enough to care for anyone?

Next morning, Sumo is going when Aditya blocks her way. You don’t have to go anywhere today. she says I don’t have time for anything. He asks for half an hour time. Sumo reluctantly goes with him.

Aditya brings Sumo to the new place he has chosen for PCT. She says I want smaller place than this. he says PCT is going to become a very big food delivery joint. I have got investors who are ready to invest in you. she is hesitant but he speaks all positively about it. You just say yes. You have to recognize yourself. Only you can do this. she is worried she might fail but he suggests her to think she will win. You have got such big eyes. see beautiful dreams with it. She gives in which makes him very happy. She asks him why he is doing all this. he calls himself businessman. I do work where I see profit. She is curious. What’s your benefit here? He dismisses her. we have to make presentation but she denies. I have to make preps for wedding. He congratulates her after which she excuses herself.

Shravan is setting chess. Nanu asks him what he is doing. Rachna tells Shravan to play some other time. Nanu is not well. Shravan says no Massi. We had a bet of 10 games. Some are still left. He helps Nanu sit down in the opposite chair. Shravan says he was talking about leaving yesterday. I wont let him go without completing his word. Nanu says you took something to something else altogether. Shravan stays put. Sumo asks Nanu to check his BP first. Shravan says it isn’t required. Let the game start. I will trap him in such a way that he will never be able to get out. I wont let this game ever end. Sumo smiles. Rachna and Sumo go from there.

Sumo is looking at Shravan’s photos in her laptop. Shravan taps at her door. she asks him if it was something. He nods. there is something you should know. She asks him if it is about Nanu. He denies. it is about you. She tries to postpone it for later but he stays put. You may not understand but Aditya is trying to break the limits of friendship and come close to you. He speaks of every incident from the start. She thinks of ramnath’s words (of her promise to him). she tells Shravan he thinks too much. If someone speaks too much to me, laughs with me, then it does not mean he loves me. You too do it. Does it mean you love me too? They both go quiet. He gets upset as she compares him to Aditya more than once. She tries to make light of the situation by speaking well about Aditya. I am sure he would not think of me like that. He asks her if she does not trust him. she counter asks him if he does not trust her judgment. He says it isn’t about judgement. Try to understand it sometimes. Don’t take it on ego. She calls it her confidence. He speaks of the incident when she refused the favour of his papa when he tried to return PCT to her. it was your ego only. You refused me so many times whenever I tried to help you. You aren’t happy because of the same reason. you cannot keep anyone happy too. She says I am very happy. It is not my problem if someone is not happy. I don’t have to keep anyone happy. Plus you came to talk me about this. I dint come to ask you for your opinion. Aditya and my relationship is my problem. I can handle it alone. It will be good if we don’t talk about it. Shravan says you will regret it. I only wanted you to understand it but you one can try to do it to those who wish to understand. He leaves.

Sumo thinks of a childhood incident. Sumo speaks well about a guy in the class (Rohan). Shravan tells her to get her homework done by Rohan if she likes him so much. She asks him if he is jealous. He nods. I am like that only. My friends are mine. Make him do it if you like him so much. She says sorry so he can continue doing it but then teases him calling him Jal-kukda. They both laugh. Sumo smiles at the memory. You haven’t changed at all Shravan, Jal-kukde! I wonder why you are so upset. Be it Rohan or Aditya, your Sumo is your only. She isn’t going anywhere. I will not say it to you though as I have promised Ramnath uncle I wont say anything to you on my own. I have faith though that one day you yourself will realise why you get worried seeing me close to someone. You get jealous as you love me. the day you will tell this to me I will break all boundations and become yours!

Lala ji compliments Aditya. You have made great food. Varun too says the same. Lala ji invites Shravan to join them. Aditya speaks of his discovery. Everyone makes Shravan try it as well. He calls it good. Aditya says I combined my mom’s two brilliant recipes. It is her taste while it is my brain’s work. You will make her your mom the day you meet her. Shravan looks at him. Aditya takes it easy. I wanted to do something in the food industry since childhood only. I have a very sharp sense of taste. When I tasted the food made by Sumo, I realised how talented she is. Our Jodi will be great. Shravan looks at him. Lala ji likes Aditya’s plan. She is really hard working. It will be great if you can help her expand. Aditya says it will happen soon. this is just the beginning. We have to capture more metros other than Delhi too. They are pleased with it.

Precap: Sumo says why hide it when you have someone in your heart. People who aren’t daring enough hide it. She notices Shravan looking at her and goes quiet. The mehendi lady is holding Sumo’s hand. She says if there is someone whose name is already hidden in your heart. I will write the name secretively. It is said that that loves comes back in your life this way. Preeti smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. SONAI

    Shravan was sooooooooo jealus ……………….Loved Sumo’s reply to Ram !!!
    Main iss Adi ko aaur tolerate nahi kar pa rahi !!!!!!!!

  2. roshni

    Wow….. Awesome episode…… Sumo kya todu bath boli tunne uss ramnath ko…. Amazing…. Jala kukda hehe nice name…. I really loved there fb…. N sumo telling tumhari sumo hamesha tumhari hain…..yipee mind blowing’s sayings…. N shravan tu kal propose karde yaar kyu Ki sumo ne kaya Ki agar tu use propose Ki toh woh sare bandhan ko paar karne sif tumhari Ho jayehgi…. I cant wait so much suspense we just cant predict wat may happens next…. Nnn the way shravan peeked n made that expressions seeing Aditya hehe it was so funny n he was looking so cute still imagining that I am smiling totally an amazing epi…. but I had a doubt regarding precap dekho preethi Ki mehendi hogayi ti right???? Then again mehendi function?????? Any body clear my doubt pls…….

    • 44444

      Yes u r right. Repeat mehendi.

      I doubt this story writer is upto something against the taste of Fans. It seems he is Sadist. Even may be a pervert.

      It seems there will be some twist and Adis name will be written. this writer will mary off suman to Adi and what else. Now the track goes in a rotton track.

      I think now Nikita will leave this serial also as she did with Dream Girl as the story line dragged in a senseless way.

      I will stop watch it now. Kuch Rung is bett

  3. SONAI

    @ Guyssssss Has anyone read my shayari posted on the yesterday’s comment page ????
    If not please read it guyss………Its a request from ur dear sis Sonai !! Here’s the link—–


    Actually I’m too very exited as its my first try !!!
    Dear SKS (shayaro ke shayar) KITTU di plz read . Ur shayari’s really inspired me to write !!!

  4. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Wahoo an awesome start.. I loved it.. And tdy sumo dialogue.. Awww so cute.. Tmr I m having holiday.. So I m gng to see all the retelecast.. Confirm.. Shraman rocks..

    Hii all how r u??

  5. Bhagyashri

    Awesome episode. Shravan look handsome and sumo look very Preety today.precap looks very good interesting. Minakhi,lily,roshni I gave ur reply on yesterday comment box.Sonai tumne Jo link send ki thi mehandi Ki vo kal hi hoga right.gnsdtc my all lovely friends.

  6. sona

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so..happy with the episode as always..
    But..guys..im really in thoughts..that last time..when sumo listened..and accepted shravan talk without arguing😉😉😜😜😜😜??
    I’m really thinking of it..if u have answer pls..tell me..and pls..don’t say that its the last night..as she slept..by listening..shravan words..😜😜😛😛😝😝😝😝
    I knew it..😂😂☺☺😊😊
    Give me some other example..😄😄😄😄
    Gd nyt..frnds..and who ever came first for comment..congrats..😍😍😍

  7. Kitz

    Excited about tomorrow!!
    Seriously the makers of this show are immensely talented….love the way how they make us stick to this show ❤️😘❤️

  8. Meera

    Finally back to edkv page after a month.
    Missed Shraman/Nimik a lot.
    Actually watched edkv after a month.
    I was really shocked when I came to know that ek new banda entry maarke seethi love story ko triangle bana diya.Aaditya is looking good but not much as Shravan.
    Bcoz Shravan/Namik is at the extreme hot .Nikita bhi bohot beautiful hoti jaa rahi hai.
    Kaash yeh donon reel se real life jodi banti.

    Awesome episode. ..
    Today ShraMan nailed.
    Loved the way jealous ShraMan talked to sumo.
    He is feeling insecure for sumo, par janaab tension kyon le rehe ho.Don’t you know that “””MIL JAATE JO BANE EK DUJE KE VAASTE”””.
    Chahe koi aaditya kyon na aa jaay sumo is only yours.
    Yeh Ramnath ka naam actually RAVAN NATH rekhna chahiye tha jabki voh “”siya-ram “”ke jodi ko todne ki koshish kar raha hai.

    Anyways precap was nice.I think sumo will write Shravan’s name on her hand , dil par tho kabse likh chuki hogi.
    Kaash Shravan uski haath mein apni naam dekha hota ..
    Fingers crossed.
    Waiting eagerly for next episode.

    Can only watch edkv on my next holiday which is after a month.
    Love u soo much nimik/ ♡shraman ..
    You are the best. ..
    Good night for all.
    Have ♡Shramanilecious ♡sweet sweet dreams.♡

    So sorry guys over excited hoker Maine kuch zyaada likh diya…

  9. roshni

    @anshi dear Khushi texted me she told tu is not opening in her mob so she asked me to wish u….

    Happy birthday anshi….. 🎂 🎂 🎂🍕🍧🍦🍬🍹🍲🍪🍩🍯🍫🍪

  10. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    guyyyssssss… is dere any progress wid spoilers of edkv .. coz now my patience is running out.. I want Shravan to confess everything to sumo…

  11. Minakhi

    @Kitz yes The makers r really talented….without love scenes nd Romance they r doing very good job but I think This time if They r not Going to give A Confession then it’s better for them to Reveal Ramu’s truth ok This will be worse time for Shravan but I really want Ramu’s Truth to reveal Before the confession or Shaadi or anything else…..How many of u want Confession before Ramu’s truth ?????😎

  12. 44444

    Muje e writer teek nahi lagra hai. That Adi creep hw dare he calls sumo Baby. Gussa itna aya thi ki uske mu be ek thappad the.

  13. Minakhi

    @44444 ….Yes woh to sar pe chadh k naach raha hai ….Aur humari poor baby …..bhi Muskura rahi Thi…aur uss chipku aur Ramu k liye usne mere Shravu Se Jhagda bhi kar liya…😠😠

  14. Lily

    Mujhe lagta hai sumo Jo precap mein keh rahi thi ..voh keval shravan nahi aditya bhi
    Sunega…….air voh jald hi propose Karne ko sochega….. On the other hand shravan will only think about this….

  15. roshni

    @4444 hey hey control urself y ru filled with so much negativity I just asked the reason behind doing 2nd time of mehendi sumo aka Nikita will definitely wont quit chillax yaar aur rahi bath story writer yes we r unable to predict but it doesn’t mean u talk like that ….. Adi n sumo will never marry yr telling this even after seeing yesterday’s episode?????? Did u see epi or not???? Okay if at all u didn’t at least u read updates right then didn’t u read sumo sayings?????? She lived shravan n will always does the same her character is very strong so pls stop thinking like that …..

    No offence…..

    • 44444

      Oh thank u Roshni. It is not that fear. it is the thought process wich angers me. For the sake of making a long serial and making people anticipate so many tracks. Oh all this is irksome. That Adi charecter is portraid very dashing. And he will do any thing for capturing Sumo.


  16. Deotima

    oho just liked sumos reply to ramu. by the way i am sure that sumo will right an s on her mehendi as nikita posted a pick on twiter with s and a heart in her mehendi. guys be assured adi will not take our sumo away. sad news edkv may end soon as a new serial is coming up and i think so it will be from 10. but i am not sure. just chill and enjoy.

  17. Lily

    Hey guys

    Can you all give your predictions about the show…how will the story unfold?

    It will be fun to know…. ……😊😊😊😊

  18. AREEBA

    feeling sad,irritating,angry after watching yesterday’s episode
    Yeh kya ho rha h matlab sumo ne adi ki help isliye li kyuki adi ne kha ki he has his profit in it chlo ri8 matlab partnership business. …..
    but why shravan is not confessing his feelings chlo sumo ne toh promise kia h
    kahin aesa na ho jae beta shravan ki tum apne dil ki baat dil me hi liye rho aur tumhe baba ji ka thullu haath lage kitna drag kiya jaa rha h kam se kam uss manhooos ramu kaka ki promise lena wali baat toh khol jae
    Yeh kaisa pyaar h jo na kaha jae na rha jae…..
    aur sumo tum toh bus promise krti reh na aur unhe nibhati reh na ab jab shravan keh rha h adi ki intentions nhi thik h toh maanlo na drama kr rhi ho kabhi kisi ki bhi baat sun le I chahiye
    srry guys pr aaj ke episode dekh ke mujhe bohot bura laga aur ab me depression me jaane hi wali hun
    precap seems better I hope kuch A6a dikhaya jae
    1 advice to shraman bhaag ke shadi kr lo phir dekha jaega promise,maa baap ki ladai,kamini ki Chale. …….and so on
    please please cvs kuch toh dikhao pr Yeh nhi adi tk thik h pr Yeh ramnath ka promise bohot bakheda khada krte h feel like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭

  19. AREEBA

    Guys me toh soch rhi thi ki huge tight hug ke baad shravan baba ke jagah baby use krte toh A6a rehta pr uss manhooos adi ne use kiya baby sorry guys I couldn’t control my emotions 😭😭😭😭😭😭lekin voh adi pehle mujhe cute lag rha tha pr ab manhooos hi lag rha h

  20. Minakhi

    @Lily My prediction is like this….Patta nahi Confession Hoga Ki nahi….but Nanu Will surely want Suman to marry ,At the same time Adi nd His mom will Come Nd throw a proposal over Marriage Track of Adiman …..As we all know Sumo is going to put herself in very Big problem bcz Shravan has already said that Ki woh pachtayegi…….Nd the way Shravan will think that he has to do something For Her love….then at The preekar marriage Nirmala will come forward nd Ramu’s Vanda footing …Again Shravan will get hurt nd Sumo will be with him …..That time Shravan will get to know that Not every Woman r Selfish nd his hatred will be Resolve….Nd At the last He will confess his love,Suman will Confess too they both will cry nd Hug each other……..Story khatam …….Lagta hai Meine kuch zyada hi predict kar diya😉😝

  21. Minakhi

    @Arbi …..Manhooos…..😆😆 ha ha ha this word is totally fit for him..Patta nahi wo Manhooos Misunderstandings clear karne aya hai ya Create karne……😠

    • Mily

      @minakhi…sorry..actually,i just saw this poll and posted the address…didnt check inside.may be only registered and fb members can vote here.
      but our shraman is already on top…hope it will remain so…

  22. sss

    what a episode loved it i am seeing it after a weak really missed shraman intense look argue all that so loved today episode n they can never change there was no conversation between shravan without argue lol but love their cat fights…

    @anshi sorry yar i think i am late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY yar always be like this happy going n forgive for late wish was busy so anyway hopefully enjoyed your day

  23. sss

    what a episode loved it i am seeing it after a weak really missed shraman intense look argue all that so loved today episode n they can never change there was no conversation between shravan without argue lol but love their cat fights…

    @anshi sorry yar i think i am late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY yar always be like this happy going n forgive for late wish was busy so anyway hopefully enjoyed your day.

    hii guys good evening..how are you all? hopefully no one forget me i know no will

  24. Minakhi

    @Deotima Beyhad is going to start in October…so Just chill dear….Our EDKV r not going to end soo soon…may be Bayhad is Postponed bcz of. Some reason but We don’t know how Sony will deal with this matter…..soo just chill….

  25. Bhagyashri

    Hii guys,here is new spoiler. Shravan par kuch hamalavar hamala karate hai.aur nirmala shravan ki help karti hai.so ramu kaka reveal soon.

  26. Bhagyashri

    And one more spoiler aditya shravan ke samne suman ko propose karta hai.and their will be face off of shravan and aditya for suman. Interesting.

  27. roshni

    @4444 first of all sorry I guess I was rude to u …. But I understand this Adi is to much I mean calling baby n all… But don’t u think he wont suit for neg character so I guess ntg will happen like that but he talks too much one one time I feel funny but once will be angry on him n irritating character too totally full mixed up character don’t wats cooking in writers mind hehe

  28. roshni

    @lily agar tu prediction ke bare pe pucha toh I have plenty of predictions….. Will tell one by one….hehe see I want pushkar to lead about ramnath n Kamini truth n should help ShraMan to get close ……..
    I know it wont work…. Next wat if Adi himself make shraman together ….. N I want intense shravan….. I feel his character should move like he himself should get to know all truth n I want sumo to console n support him…. Want a different proposal I mean it should be an unique one…… How is it?????

  29. Anshi

    Hey guyzzz… Extreme sry… D net ws down soooo…. I wsny able to comment…. Plus I m a lil busy…
    Guyss sry I ll definitely compensate tom. ….. N haan yeh mt sochna ki mere cmment se bach gye… Comment toh abhi baki h…

    @Arbi…. Hahaha… Actually mr. manhoos ka kya naamkaran kiya h…

    @Khushi…. Awwwwww dr…. U cnt even imagine how flattered I m feelin… Even flat dan a cake…. U were nt able to cmment so u conveyed… Thanq sweetheart.. Thanx a ton..

    @Roshni… Mind doin me a favour.. ?? Wud u jst convey my msg to Khushi or jst ask her to visit d page….. Plsssssssssss… Thank u..

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