Ek Duje Ke Vaste 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Duje Ke Vaste 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravans steps out and switches his phone on. So many missed calls? He calls his father. ramnath asks him where he is. Are you fine? Shravan does not tell him anything. I am perfectly fine. I had a small accident but I am fine. Ramnath panics and asks him too many questions. Shravan assures him he is fine. Car got dent. Nothing major! I will come home and tell you everything. Ramnath calms down. Go to Tiwari House to meet Tiwari ji first. He was really worried. Shravan agrees. I am alright. Ramnath nods.

Pushkar goes aside to attend Shravan’s call. Everyone is waiting for you since long. Where are you? Shravan says I got stuck in something. Get a water bottle, some napkins and come out. everyone will ask me questions if they will see me like this. Pushkar asks him what happened. shravan

does not share. Come out with the stuff. Pushkar agrees. Preeti comes to ask him about Shravan. Pushkar says I don’t know but he is about to reach. Preeti complains that Shravan has already made fun of Di by marrying her in court. What did he say? Where is he? When is he coming? Pushkar says I don’t know. Don’t trouble me by saying all this now. She is taken aback. Shravan did wrong and I am the one troubling you? He suggests her to talk about this later. She agrees but is surely upset.

Shravan reaches Tiwari House. Pushkar looks at his condition. I don’t understand anything. First your marriage and then you go missing. This is how you come back. Shravan says this is what happens when two interesting people marry. How’s the atmosphere inside? Pushkar says Dada ji is upset. Shravan nods. It was impossible to call and reach out to anyone from where I was. He changes his shirt and wears his coat. Let us go inside and complete this formality now. Mind has become weird after wedding. They head inside.

Everyone is relieved to see Shravan walk in with Pushkar. Nanu complains to him for being late. Shravan lies that he got stuck in traffic. I came as per my promise. Nanu says forget about promise. Everything is so weird. Shravan apologizes to Nanu. Please forgive me. If my wife is ready then can I take her home with me? Mami ji says she is ready. She is waiting for you since long. Shravan says she might have to wait if I will come late from office in future. Mami ji turns to go to Sumo’s room when Rachna Massi shares that Sumo left for PCT with Prita. She told me to call her when Shravan is home. Everything is ready otherwise. Nanu gets upset as either of Shravan and Sumo is unavailable all the time. Call her. Rachna nods.

Kamini ji is all anxious. Vandy is tired because of all the waiting. Should I wear something designer? Kamini ji tells her not to. We are going to welcome Suman Tiwari only. She gets Preeti’s call. Vandy asks her what Preeti said. Kamini ji tells her what’s happening in Tiwari House. This started before Grah Pravesh only. They will not spare each other once they are here together. it will be worth seeing how Ramnath Bhaisahab will handle things. Get ready. Vandy says should I get ready then. You only said just now. Kamini ji gives up on her (tera kuch nai ho sakta).

Rachna shares Sumo forgot her phone at home and Prita is picking her phone. Nanu gets upset. Shravan gets up to go asking Preeti and Pushkar to bring Sumo. Nanu asks him to wait for Sumo now as she waited for him too. Husband should also learn to wait for wife if she gets late. Shravan sits down reluctantly. He thinks I know you did this willingly Suman so your ego is well fed. You are going to come to my house now. We will then see who wins and who loses.

Dabbu comes home. Are you all waiting for me? Are we going to see family picture? Pushkar tells him that Sumo DI and Shravan married. We have come to take her. Dabbu is surprised. You dint even bring Baraat. Mami ji says your Jiju will tell everything later. Dabu asks Shravan if he had an arranged or love marriage. Pushkar and Shravan say love and arranged at once. Dabbu says neither of you know what it really was. Pushkar says it was love before and then it was arranged by elders. Mami ji sends Dabbu to freshen up.

Shravan makes Pushkar call Prita. Mama ji is sure she must be in stuck in some work. Nanu is feeling uneasy. What if something happened? Shravan worries about Aditya.

Shravan asks Pushkar if he spoke to Prita. He declines. She might not have noticed. Sumo will come. Shravan insists upon him to do as he says. Pushkar calls again but there is no reply. What is the matter? Shravan tells him to think where Sumo can go after PCT. Pushkar reasons that she wont. She said she is only going to PCT. Why are you so worried? Shravan gets upset. This is the problem! Pushkar gets Prita’s call just then. I dint see my phone. I am sorry. Why did you call so many times? Pushkar asks about Sumo. Prita shares that Sumo left a while ago. Isn’t she home yet? Shravan takes the phone from Pushkar. Did you see Aditya near Sumo or PCT? Prita agrees. How do you know it? Shravan gets angry. When and how? Prita says he came to PCT but dint say anything after knowing about your marriage with Sumo. I scolded him badly. He was in shock it seems. Shravan tells her to make them call him in case she gets any news of Sumo. Shravan vows to teach Aditya a lesson. Pushkar tries to find out what’s the matter with him. Shravan angrily walks out from the house without telling anyone anything. Mami ji asks Shravan if he had a word with Sumo. He walks ahead while looking back and collides with Sumo. They look at each other for a moment.

Shravan asks Sumo if she is fine. Did someone say anything to you or tried to harm her? (tum theek ho? Kya kisi ne tumhe kuch kaha ya nuksaan pahunchane ki koshish ki?) She shakes her head. he demands to know why she got so late. Do you realise how much worried we were? She replies that she waited too. He scolds her for not taking her phone with her. She reasons that the battery was dead so she left it here. What’s the point of freaking out? Nanu justifies Shravan’s concern. We too were worried for you. He is your husband now. He married you today. He is worried since so long. He dint even sit for a second. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. Mami ji sends Sumo and Preeti to get Sumo’s stuff. Nanu tells Shravan to calm down. Sumo is at home.

Dabbu tells Shravan he never saw him this angry before. Do you get angry too? Nanu seconds him. I dint know you could get so upset on Sumo. Dabbu relates that his father loves him too. I missed school bus one day and got locked in school by mistake. When I came out, papa slapped me and then hugged me tight. I was confused at his reaction. I asked him about it and he said he loves me a lot so he was very much scared. You (Shravan) too were worried for Suman Didi as you love her, right? Epi ends on Shravan’s speechless (but full of emotions) face.

Precap: Mami ji gives vermilion box to Sumo. There is no meaning of marriage without vermilion in our family. Sumo tells her to let it be. Who believes in all this these days? Preeti looks at her in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow….?????
    Pehley baba da laadla…ramu kaka aur shravu babu ka convo…??
    For sumo ka missing par shravubka gussa…
    For caring…
    And most importantly..dabbuu…and nanu…dialogues..?????????????????
    Full on happy yaar…full on happy…???????????????
    Gd nyt guys??

  2. And guys..
    Pushu ney kya sahi jawabh dhi..dabbu ki innocent question ka..ki..its a love kum arrange marriage..
    Karey yaar…ye kaisey bhool gayi..car mey..shravu aur pushu ka dialogues aur shravu ka reply..and even kamini dialogues
    Today’s episode was just worth watching one rey…???
    Haay..haay…kisi ki nazar na lag jaaye..hamarey edkv ko..????????????

  3. Beas

    Awesome episode; Finally ShraMan’s cute eye lock ?. And Dabbu’s last question just nailed it.
    Guys I have a confusion Was Sumo really Nikita or her double role?????

    1. Obvio it was our niki

  4. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    This is what happens when two interesting people marry, lol!

  5. mr n mrs malhotra

    Amazing episode plźzzzzz yar sumo ki aawaz wapas laoooo

  6. Alina

    Wow our nikki is back …
    Superb episode..
    Namikk ooo soo hoooottt..
    Can’t wait for tomorrow. ..
    Luv uu alll..
    Gud nyt
    Shraman dreamsss

  7. Waaaaahhh!! Loved todays episode!!! Shravan yaar!!! U r just splendid!! Amazing!!!dabbu ke question par shravan ka face! !!.good night!!…

  8. Priya15

    Wow… Amazing epi. … Shraman scenes were heart touching….. My bday boy just nailed that scene…. Shravan tum jitne bhi Koshish karlena pyar chipane ki… Lekin tumhare aankhen hi kaafi hai tumhare pyar dikhane ki..

    Bcoz it makes him fail when he want to show his hatred to sumo…
    Instead it shows his love to her…

    All of our enemy l be our mouth but for the unique boy it’s his eyes…. Luv u sooooooooo much shravan… Wt say guys??

    Shraman rocks….

  9. Priya15

    Guys who loved the way shravu got angry on adi when he thinks that adi has done something with sumo??

    I loved it…

    1. u better ask who didn’t..easy to count then?☺

      1. Priya15

        Haha.. Ya di u r ryt..

  10. Angel20

    Awesome episode??
    Awww moment was when Namik removed his shirt!???? I really had to hide my eyes from my parents.. He is damnnn hot yaar! How can someone be so hot yaar??
    And when suman fell in Shr’s arms.. Again???
    And that dabbu… He said very true… Shr loves sumo…
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

    1. Angel20

      Yes I forgot that Nikita is back! I’m so relieved??

    2. Priya15

      Ya u r ryt… I used to call him cuteness ki dukhan.. Abse he his hotness ki mall…..

      1. Angel20

        Yaya very true!

  11. OMG!!!!!what a fantastic episode!!!!!The best ever!every scene,every dialogue and everyone at their best.And no words can express Namik’s expressions! Everyone calls him king of expression!He is more than that!you want to keep on looking at him.Immagine what a gift he gave us on his birthday in return for our love for him!Atlast the cute hug and the eye lock we were craving for has happened.
    Also nice to see Sharavan not disclosing Adi ‘s fight just to save his mother whom he has started having a soft corner for!
    On the whole unforgettable episode.And all of us have to thank God for getting back Nikkita!

  12. Episode was nice No doubt.. All Beautiful scenes…
    But Really dint like Precap Part.. Sindur is most imp Ritual.. shraman Should do tht before entering Malhotra house

    1. If you see the pre cap, entering into Malhotra house Sumo is adorning a Sindhur ka Tikka

  13. Episode was nice No doubt.. All Beautiful scenes…
    But Really dint like Precap Part.. Sindur is most imp Ritual.. shraman Should do tht before Suman Ghrahapravesh

  14. oops!!!i fotgot….today is Mr paul’s birthday?☺…
    happy birthday Namik☺…wishing ur success ahead????…?and hope to get u successful in tv and movie as well!??
    guys,i like this pic of namik most…this angle suits him intensely,ain’t it??do u like this pic??

    1. Alina

      ohh Ireena this is my favourite…see I hav this in.my dp ??

      1. yeah…ur dp is fab?☺…including this one?

  15. i wish abhi was here today…she..such a cccrazzzyy fan of namik…!!!i remember i had awarded her craziest fan award as well???!!!missing her.??…as well as earlier all fans…guys,at least on this special day u could have appeared…not fair.?

  16. Missed Nikki ma’am s voice shraman scene in short bang on episode

  17. btw,shravan aka namik looks more dashing in formal dress up as per me….cool he is here today!

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved today’s epi overall 🙂
    So Shravan didn’t tell anyone about his kidnapping and happy birthday namik bhaia 🙂 as always amazing acting and also a nice return gift when he opened his shirt ???
    And daboo is so cute awww and when he asked whether is love or arranged but I m confused who said Love who said arranged i thought Shravan said love ?pushkar said arranged if this is the case ??? and pushkar bhi na ? If not it’s okay ?
    And shraman part ??? their eyelock ???and looks like today’s epi it was Nikita didi only welcome back Nikita Didi 🙂
    And yes when Shravan got worried listening to Sumo Not coming for long was amazing too really Shravan loves sumo a lot he got so worried poor Shravan

  19. Lovely epi …..no words for the shraman scenes….and pushu baba ? nobody tell him anything and leave every responsibility on him bechara….ab to preeti b shuru Ho gyi??? and the scene when shravan thinks Aditya would have done something to sumo…..awwww…..loved it
    I wish the eyelock scene to be a little bigger and if they could have played the title track then it would be like cherry on cake….but its ok….. Ajkal to itna b kafi h…..?
    Gn edkvian hv shraman dreams

  20. Check out pushkar as a Don in this serial:


  21. Happy Birthday Namik Paul
    Loved today’s episode couldn’t get enough of your amazing acting skills
    Every dialogue was special love the intensity
    It’s your birthday today my wish is tat you grow fro strength to strength in all your future endeavors
    Hope you see more of you after EDKV
    Amazing talent awesomely handsome such striking features
    Love you sooo much

  22. @Guys..hi every.. Myself niharika,well if I say about epi..then my bhabhijaan rocked n the dialogue of chachijaan,”tera kuch ni ho Santa”…wow how do u know yr dil ,nice chachjaan….n that innocence of DABBU bhai…wow!n his sweet silly question with last good philosophy were amazing… U just nailed it chote bhai….n what Bhaiya bhabhi me fight,no no no preekar don’t do…u r our cupids n I love to watch u guys because of yr concern for both the family… SHRAVAN Bhaiya was wooow,n that bumping scene on bhabhi proves his love n say that love can b hidden by expression but not by eyes.. Was she sumo????
    Hey,everyone I had send the link of grihapravesh on last pg..please go n check it out… Smile di had watched so u should go…
    @Friends..as m new here so plez for my convenience ,could u tell me something abt u…so it’ll b then easy for me to consider u guys as senior or junior… I think most of u are elder..
    @Mamijaan should not ask that question of vermilion after all “ek chutki ki kimat tum kya jaano my mamijaan”….. N NANU was outstanding… N preeti AAPi was mind blowing… Today’s each n every dialogues were amazing…
    @didis ,r we the rivals of sonykakajaan….because yesterday I got a news of the grand epi of ersk ,really is this true…means though I understand the strategy of promotion of such shows but what abt our EDKV… Y not they promote us …well,this is my first Hindi (Indian)series which I like….n its cast n crew n storyline ,screenplay as well…but they r not paying any attention to this…I only know 2 words for scolding someone.. 1.gadha,2.bevkhoof…don’t know what should I use ..well m not gonna to use these abuse words here but what to do…when we loves someone ,it’s common then…
    #sorry for long cmmt…
    #hi..n do reply on my questions ,plez?

    1. Diya

      Niharika I’m the youngest I knew as I read in class 8….in which class do u read ??

      1. @Sonai Didi…oh !my goodness…u r younger.. Sorry my dear,well,i read in secondary class..could I call u Didi…??well,one more thing.. From where r u Didi????sorry if I asked anything wrong..
        @Alina Didi,wow,thnx di…well,y so much less cmmt today???

  23. Diya

    Loved today’s epi !!!! OOOOO NIKI’s back !!! So relived !!!
    What I loved the most was…..
    1) Shirtless Namik !!! Ooooo just can’t imagine…he was looking so hot and handsome !!!
    2)Shraman eyelock !!!!
    3)Shravu’s care for Sumo…whether she was all right !!!

    And the most imp……4) DABBU !!! He just nailed it….this 8 yr old kid……He made shravan realize infront of the family that he loves Sumo and they had a love marriage !!!

    1. Priya15

      Haha… Shirtless namik… I think all loved it sooooooooo much.. Even I loved it.. Too.. It’s a gift from namik to all fans on his bday.. Haha..

    2. Alina

      Hey Sonai..well done ??????u r so fast ..u dp is ummah..luv it ???

    3. I agree with u @sonai today i loved it the most

  24. Shrutipriya

    OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!! Loved it, just loved this epi. I didn’t expected Nikki di to come back today, I thought her scenes will be shown maybe tomorrow or two days later but, it happened yesterday. When the Shraman hold cum hug happened I was like literally dancing and jumping with joy. And Shravan’s dialouge “Do interesting logon ki shaadi hui hai..” OMG I was saying yes you both are interesting and very cute together.When Shravan became the angry young man and was leaving to kill Adimanav, I was shouting yeah kill him, kam se kam uska role to khatm hoga serial mein. And when Shravan shouted on Sumo I was like awwww…. he is such a caring hubby. I think Sumo saw the love in his eyes.
    Dabbu, I just love him, when he asked “aapki kaun si wali marriage hui hai, arange ya love!!!” then “Shravan jeeju aapko bhi nahi pata aapki kaun si wali marriage hui hai?” I said, “Yes, he doesn’t realise that he did a love marriage.” Then Pushkar sweet reply, “Dabbu, pehle na inki marriage love wali thi, phir humogon ne na usko arrange kar diya to inki Love cum arrange marriage hai.” Awwww… what a reply, Shravan ka face to dekhne layak tha. Pushkar ke liye bura laga, bechare humesha kisi na kisi se sunta rehta hai, kabhi kamini chachi se aur ab to Preeti ne bhi sunana shuru kar diya. Hehehe..
    Kamini chachi se yaad aaya unka dialouge bhi jabardast tha, “ab Ramnath bhaisaheb apni bachi khuchi izzat kaise bachate dekhne mein maza aayega.” I was like Haan chachiji humen bhi maza aayega.
    Precap was amazing I just hope that Shravan puts that vermillion on Sumo’s head OMG that scene will be awesome. But, I don’t think that will happen kyunki maine on location shoot mein sirf Sumo ka gruhapravesh dekha tha. anyways jo bhi hoga will be interesting and worth to watch. Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra are on the way to home Let’s naaachoooooo…. Yayyyyyy….

  25. Angel_pari

    Hey edkvians…….
    Hope all r doing well

    miss u sona di 🙂


  26. wow how lovely Sravu iluv u wat a caring ??any sumo u guys r made for each other. And today’s episode is ummah. ??

  27. Alina

    @GUYS I m also confused ..who said love n who said arranged ..pls any one tell me…I missed that only ..agr edkb ka repeat aata to mai usse sunne k liye fir se zaaroor dekhti.. ???

  28. https://mobile.twitter.com/EkDujeKeVaaste/status/778143501041209344/photo/1
    I think, u guys like my bhai as shirtless.. Well for yr love…m sending this..sorry if anyone is hurt….
    With best wishes..
    As may b anyone will b faint after seek this…god bless u all?

    1. Jab usne shirt khola I was like… OMG!!!! He’s just tooooooo hot!!!!!!

  29. Hello frnds!!!!! Mujhe kisine yaad bhi rakha ya bhul gaye??
    However mein bohoot bsy hu so jyada nahi likh payungi
    Love u DABBU!! Guys noticed shravu was about to say yes when dabbu said that! Shravan apne ap se jhut bolna band kardo,.. And pehli baar thnx to adi usi k waje se to shravu tensed hua and uski sumo ki taraaf wo fikar!! SHIRTLESS SHRAVAN!!!!!! And the backdroung music was also awesum at that time… Love that music! And guys finally our NIKI’S back.. Missed her!!!
    @new cumers- welcum guys! Happy to see ki is pg pe members barrahihe.. Our family’s becumin’ bigger! Well mujhe bata satte ho ki kon kon newly aye hai… Actually don’t have the time to see so plz it’ll b nice if u say it to me
    Oh wait..precap- sumo really?? Kya guys itna amazing epi aur yei precap.. Apne ego ko side mein rakho SHRAMAN!! PLZZZZZZZ!!!
    And kal mein aa nahi payithi.. It was NAMIK sir’s BD! He was showered wid cakes and gifts! Guys mujhe koi bat asatta ki Namik sir ne Ronit sir ko us vid k reply mein kya kahatha jaha pe unhone kahatha ki Namik is not at all khadus.. Plz reply!! And mujhe na us vid mein ronit bohot cute lagey jab unhone kahatha ki “KYA NAMIK SIR SACH MEIN ITNE KHADUS HAI.. KYA REAL LIFE SHRAVAN SACH MEIN ITNE KHADUS HAI”.. Guys I liked Ronit not adi…!!
    Ok so time to go.. Kam bolke bohot likh liya.. Mere 2 exms khatam hue hai.. Tomorrow’s eng. so a bit relaxed! But more 11 exms r left.. Plz pray every1!! So guys isse pehle ki mamma chilla na shuru kare mujhe parne k liye bole, i’ve to go! So A BIG HUG TO ALL!!
    LOVE U!!!!!!!!! MISS U!!! BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Alina

      Ha nazu..how can v forget dear. .lkn tmne kaha tha that u will b free during eid nd didn’t came…how is ur xam going?? N best of luck for renaining subjects…!!
      N whenever you get time come n comment..ok

    2. @Nazia..hi dear,well best of luck for yr remaining xms…now,this is niharika….may Allah bless u..okay, n m new here n ya my new n only pg family is really becoming large…its a good news for us…. Should I distribute sweets??
      Well,alina da was saying abt yr after eid time to come to this pg…well from where r u dear????may b from Muslim country?,plez do tell….n sorry ,if anyone is hurt…
      @Mahima,thnk u Didi….
      @Alina Didi,what ,??yeah,u r ryt….xms ,even my cousins too r facing their xms…so guys,all the very best for yr xms…n have a successful preparation (aameen)!!!!
      Bye my Didi n sisi..?

      1. Hey niharika di and alina di.. Thnx for ur well wishes! And niharika di um in class 8.. Ur younger sis and from Bangladesh.. And about Eid I wanna say a terrible thing happened..Mere phone mein pata nahi kya prob ho gaya tha.. Page open hi nahi ho rahatha 12 sept ka! So mene 9 sept ki page pe comment kiya,. Aur koi bhi nahi tha waha as sab log 12 k page pe comment karrahethe and mere phone pe wo pg open nahi ho rahatha.. Missed every1 that day:( Aur jab mene raat mein mamma k phone se try kiya tab dekha ki sabne toh comment kiya tha! Phir mera dimaag itna kharab hua ki kya bataun!! Par pata hai us din mujhe bohot maja aya.. EDKV k sare old epi..s dekhe jo nahi dekhethey…:D VM banana sikha.. Par abhi tak banaya nahi bas pata kiya ki kese banate hai.. Aur bhi Bohot kuch kiya.!!!! FFs parhe.. Ek FF parke mein itna royi ki kya bataun.. Bohot purana FF tha but mene wo pehle complete nahi kiyatha to thought to read it.. Itna emotional tha wo ff.. Meri mamma to dar gayi aur ake mujhe hug karke pucha ki me ro kyu rahithi? Mene kaha ki yei parke rorahithi.. And she was like.. Tera kuch nahi ho satta…. Lol!
        So yei tha wo reason mere eid k din na ane ki..
        And guys mene jo ques kithi uska jawaab do na plzzz….!!!!!

      2. @Nazia…OK my NAZIA,good to find my younger sis here…well no offence ,I can understand this system sometimes sucks….uffff,but u had a good luck as u had enjoyed a lot ….
        Well,belated EID MUBARAK ,my sis..n which question????????
        Well,sometimes this happens with me too actually m not that much emotional but these ff really make us cry…lovely thing for us…
        Nd u r from BANGLADESH… wow!actually here I have a friend RUHANA,who too belongs to Bangladesh….n again all the best my Nazi….?
        @Sonai Didi,oh!well u can say that acc. To Indian education system… M in 11th grade n as much I know, West Bengal is now only Bengal (officially)..
        See,I had got a sis from Bangladesh n another soni from bangal…
        I think both of u r goona b like tiger… Y tiger but Bengali tiger….
        With best wishes..

  30. well…episode …was awesome….namik paul…ommmggg…he is too hot.. welcome…niharika…??…thank god nikita is back…yipee..got to see their sharman seens…well….bbbbyyyyeeee

  31. Alina

    @Niharika. ..I think everyone is busy today..exams is going on thats y..
    @kittu where r u dear??..come here for some time please i m missing you…n did u saw yesterday’s episode ??
    @Anjali di ..where r u dii?? Hope u r well..come soon dear!!
    @Pretty Preeti ,smile ,beas where r u all guys ??

  32. Diya

    Niharika dear plz mention in which class do u read and I’m from West Bengal

  33. @Niharika di not only sonai and me but beas as well.. Beas is sonai’s classmate…
    And the ques was in my 1st comment that is
    Twitter pe ronit ne ek vid post kithi jisme ronit ne ham fans ki ek ques ka jawaab diya (That is, Namik is not at all khadus in real life like shravan )ek reply diya tha namik ne us vid ka.. I did’t understand anything due to sounds behind him.. And was in a hurry so dobara sunnahi payi.. Toh namik ne kya kahatha us bareme pucha tha mene… That’s my ques..
    And ek aur ques.. Yei register member kese hotehe??????

    1. @Nazia…my Nazi,okay well well well well well..only well,which I have….actually u should understand my problem, do u know,yesterday was my first day,I shared here the link of sumo bhabhi’s grihapravesh…..smile di had watched ,but not me,in fact it was posted here by me,I didn’t watch because my mumma had come ,so I had to hide my vid.because at that time,I had to go to my uncle’s house,n I was already late…n mumma was so furious because I said that I have an important work,ll let me do…mumma said,fast……n the important work was to say a hello to u googli ppl……?
      N then shared a link….after that ,m too busy with xms…..so no video at all….but I saw a vid on Twitter but didn’t click there…
      Well,Nazi… I got yr question… M sorry,for not helping u…but m still with mumma n watching the video of my cousin’s wedding.. So can’t tell,n mumma too is here but,but ryt now mom is with her frnds…so I got some time…hope someone else will help u..again sorry…
      N ya Beas ,thnx Nazi..well what should I call her…u Nazi,sonai soni…but beas …well,let her beas ,other I’ll surely break the legs of her cutie name..sorry beas dear…
      Well,what do u wanna say, r u really Bengal tigers..????I m laughing.. U guys r really Jo jolly…thnx for including me in this group…..
      N again sorry..

  34. @Nazi…well about registration… M too facing problem… As I know how to b registered…
    So see…
    1.Go to the topmost menu option of this pg..
    2.then go to the” register” option…..

    3.there u have to fill required option but it must b true…
    4.then click m not a robo…
    5.after that u ‘ll have to click on some pics….acc to given condition..
    6.then may next..nxt ..nxt…nd after that..click on verify…
    7.after that registration which will b in blue box…
    8.after sometime u’ll get a link in yr gmail box…
    9.click there n whatever the required process..but remember u will have to wait to get yr link in gmail box….
    I think I had given u appropriate help from my behalf…hope this will provide u help..n if not then don’t hesitate..u can ask me whenever u want..I’ll feel myself happy if I’ll help u….okay…
    Hope this is correct….n listen..use chrome only ..not other browsers, UC…or opera…..okay…chrome is very best for this purpose…
    Go go….get yrself registered here..my Nazi…
    Nd guys sorry if anything is wrong..

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