Ek Duje Ke Vaste 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pundit ji asks who will do the kanyadaan. Mama ji says Babu ji was going to do it but he is unwell. I will do it. Nanu comes in just then with Aditya and Sumo. Everyone gets concerned but Nanu assures them that he is feeling better now. Nothing wont happen to me till I do kanyadaan of both the girls of the house. He does the kanyadaan of Preeti and Pushkar. Shravan is hurt to see Sumo and Aditya standing together. Sumo too gets sad as she notices him looking at her but doesn’t show it.

Preeti and Pushkar take pheras around the holy fire. Everyone looks on happily. shravan and Sumo’s hands touch as they reach for the flower petals at the same time. Title track’s tune plays as they look at each other awkwardly. Shravan withdraws his hand and goes aside. Sumo picks some petals. Aditya

joins her. Shravan smiles for people’s sake. pundit ji explains the meaning of each phera. Aditya asks Sumo to say it now atleast. Weddings are the best platform for romance. Our story will start from here only. Say it please. She says we will talk about it later. Shravan is trying his best to hide his feelings / hurt as he keeps looking at Aditya and Sumo standing together. sumo is also looking directly at him as pundit ji explains the significance / vows couple undertakes with each phera. After pheras, Pushkar ties mangalsutra around Preeti’s neck and fills her hairline with vermilion. the wedding is complete. Aditya keeps asking Sumo to say it now atleast. Pushkar and Preeti seek everyone’s blessings. Kamini tells Preeti to keep her son happy. lala ji adds that she should keep her MIL happier. Everyone smiles. Lala ji says I am really happy today as the family is complete. But all the festivities will be over now. That will be boring. Aditya tells Sumo he wont ask again. I wont be responsible for what I will do next. She is all quiet so he says here I go. lala ji wonders who will marry next. Aditya speaks up. I wont make you all wait for long. It is my turn next. I will waste no time in marriage (chatt mangni aur patt shaadi). Wish me now. Pushkar is surprised. You hid such a big thing from me? Anyways, who is this unlucky girl? Aditya tells them that they know the girl really well. She is everyone’s favourite and Shravan’s best friend – Suman Tiwari. Shravan looks stunned and heartbroken. Sumo notices his expressions. Kamini is taken aback while Ramnath looks relieved. Nanu confirms the news. Aditya and Sumo are going to marry soon. Everyone congratulates them. Shravan’s expressions turn to anger. He walks away. Kamini and Vandy stand tensed.

Sumo excuses herself for a minute followed by Aditya. He asks her why she left everyone. Did you feel bad as I dint ask you before telling everyone? You only pushed me to it. Ok, I am sorry. It was my mistake. Everyone had to know about it sooner or later. Sumo is worried as to what Shravan must be feeling. He must be really hurt. Aditya is confused by her silence. Mama ji shouts after Sumo to get ingredients for vidaai. Sumo goes to get it. Aditya is all the more baffled.

Sumo readies everything for vidaai. She recalls the expressions on Shravan’s face just now and how he broke friendship with her. Why should I think about you? Did you think even once before saying all that? You broke such a deep relation just like that. You finished everything in a second. No, I have been very weak till now but not anymore. She wipes her tears as Mami ji comes. She tells everyone to go out as they wish to congratulate her. Mami ji and Rachna ask Sumo about the news. You dint tell us anything. Sumo replies that it was finalised two days ago only. Mami asks about Aditya’s background. Sumo agrees to tell them after Preeti’s wedding. Mami ji is happy that they will be free soon after Sumo’s wedding. Me, Mama ji and Babu ji will go to USA after your wedding. His treatment will happen nicely there. Sumo nods sadly.

Kamini stands unhappily in a corner. Vandy says looking at you it seems as if a volcano is erupting inside you. Who are you looking so angrily at? Kamini takes Ramnath’s name. He snatched all my happiness and is all happy now. The obstacle is out of his way but I have mine already (Preeti). Ramnath compliments Mama ji on his good luck. It is really difficult to find good matches these days and you got good matches for both your daughters. Mama ji nods. we are indeed lucky though we know nothing about Aditya and his family background. Ramnath says you will. He calls out for Aditya and congratulates him. Tell us something about you. Who are you? Tell us something about you. You are Tiwari family’s relative now and so you are ours too. Tell us something. Aditya shares that his father is no more but his mom is still alive. She is really an angel. The credit of everything goes to her. In fact, you know her very well. Mama ji asks him about her but someone asks Mama ji for some help. He goes. Ramnath asks Aditya again but Varun intervenes before Aditya can answer. Varun asks about Shravan. I wanted to keep some stuff in his car but he is nowhere to be seen.

Shravan stops his car and drinks alcohol. Aditya’s words echo in his head. Some guys notice him. He seems to be a rich guy. They surround Shravan. It isn’t allowed to park car here and drink. Shravan does not react. They judge that maybe his girlfriend ditched him. shravan stares angrily at them. Leave me alone. They ask for tax to park car here. He gives them his wallet. They ask for alcohol. Shravan opens the cap of the bottle and keeps it one bonnet. Take it. He beats them all up as they try to close in on the bottle. He keeps thinking of the wedding announcement and Sumo as he beats everyone up badly. The guys think to save their friend whom Shravan is beating. They return his wallet to him. Shravan lets go. They run away. Shravan says it is all my mistake. Everyone used me, fooled me but it is enough! The old Shravan is dead now. The new Shravan will be as bad as the old one was good. Everyone can go to hell. Now it will be only me!

Precap: Malhotra Family comes home. Ramnath is surprised to see Shravan at home. When did you come here? Shravan notices Sumo standing next to Preeti and Pushkar. He tells his father it is brilliant. The marriage was released just now and you brought her here already after marrying her off?

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. sona

    Thanks for fast update pooja😃😃😃
    Enjoyed today’s..angry shravu fight..with goons😉😉😊😊😊
    So..from Monday onwards we r gng to meet a new shravu..😍😍😍😛😜😝😝
    I’m really very excited for upcoming track…😘😘😘
    But..gng to miss this edkv for next 35..hours😝😝😜😜😊😊😃😃

  2. Beas

    Poooooooor Shravu . 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    I broke down seeing Shravan in so much pain . Hate that Adi. Kyu bebaja pareshan kar raha hai hamare ShraMan ko😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  3. Lily

    Guys just this month…as something
    Big is going to happen….

    Congo everyone for silver medal …PV sindhu rocks

  4. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii guys.. How r u all??.. Actually we had power cut in our area so I couldn’t watch the epi.. Can anybody pls say Me the PRECAP?? I couldn’t understand wt shravan said..

  5. sona

    Arey..yaar such kahey tho…
    Shravu ki dho ankey bhi kam pad gaye..uska dhardh Bataan karney mey..😉😉
    Wt do u say guys??☺☺

  6. MAYA444


    |Registered Member

    Adi is cute but does anyone realises his feelings…but don’t worry guys go read my ff I LOVE U PR 1,2,3,4

    • T

      Adi is this normal guy whos stuck in shraman and ramla (ramnath nirmala) war zone. I feel sorry for the chap. Koi iss ko kuch bhi nahi batatha. What sumo is doin is wrong. Every1 feels bad tht sumo has 2 marry a guy she dosnt luv. But atleast its her choice. Imagine if adiman marries and then adi realises hes stuck with a girl whos in luv with his step brother!!! Adi has the right to know the truth too…. hes a human being afterall

      • Mona

        I totally agree with you T. N I am sorry to say but I think suman is more at fault than anybody else. She shares love, trust n all with her nanu then why did she not tell him dat she Luvs Shravan??? I get dat he was sick n she didn’t want to upset him but how d hell it matters who she marries to?? Nanu lyks ramnath n Shravan, so he would have easily agreed for d marriage. Everyone would have been happy (except ramu😉). So suman shud hv said smthng. Wats do U think guys???

  7. rosy

    Good for shravan deserves it its all happening cus of his misunderstanding nowadays all shows seems to be going in one tracks n one story line and its irritating

    • T

      I like shravan… but how can he be mad at sumo for not loving him when he hasnt even proposed. Imagine if one of ur male friend behaves this way and u dont even love him. Sumo didnt betray shravan coz she didnt even confess her love. Shravans anger dosnt make sense. Bad story line

  8. Kalika

    Why are people hating on Adi? He doesn’t know about Suman and Shravan, he’s an innocent guy. Be fair. As for Shravan he deserves it he treated Suman badly for his chauvinistic piece of crap father.

    • Lia

      Yr ryt. Cant blame adi. Pushkar… sumo…shravan… and so many others never gave him any clue to wats really happenin. Hes just a guy in love and to be frank hes been more straight forward and simpler than shravan

    • Maya

      Adithya bechara bhas gaya hai . Hes the only normal person …. pyaar hua… ishaar kiya… maa ko bataya. Aur maa ne nanu se baat ki. Ab sumo shravan pushkar preeti ramnath kamini sab chup hai to kisiko shraman love ke bare mein kya patha chalega. Funny thing is… itne din se adi ramnath and sumo ke khar mein madara raha hai aur ab tak kisine uske family ya full name nahi poocha. Even pushkar dosnt know that he is an ahuja

  9. Skeptical

    Im soo damn disappointed with the script.i dont thnk the writers are aiming at adult audiences. May b just school kids.
    Are v to believe that adi wud announce his engagement to evrybdy in sumos sisters weddin when even sumos family didnt know of it? Who wud do that? That too its not his family gathering. And with sumos body language and reaction .. wud any guy not realis shes not interested. If adi was cunning and doing this on purpose then still ok. But hes just an innocent sensible guy. Y wudnt he notice?! ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT SCRIPT .
    and in the real world… wouldnt nanu be concerned getin sumo married to nirmalas house when the other granddaughter is married to arch enemy ramnaths house??! Yet they show tht hes all chill wen adi announces wedding.
    Also… adi says ” my mom says my dad was a good guy”…. WAT? sounds as though ai was too young to remmbr his own dad . But even sumo was 16-18 yrs of age wen nirmala left shravan. So if adi was too young..then adi wud be much much younger than sumo right?! Theres way tooo many blunders in this serial and im surprised that only a few ppl seem to pick it up here.

  10. Maya

    Aaj ka episode itna ajeeb dha. Even if my friend announces her wedding in public before telling me tho mujhe gussa ayega. Yaha par to sumo ki puri family ko adithya ne shock karvaya and everybody is happy. Jaise padosan ki shadi ka anouncement hua. Come on yaar. Ye kya bakwas hai. Apne maa bhi shadi mein nahi hai to adi kaise anounce kar sakta hai. Ye bade buzurkon ka kaam hai. Sometimes i feel edkv writers paagal ho gaye hai. Bakwas ke upar bakwas likha ja raha hai

  11. sona

    U r right..adi have full right to know the truth…i thnk sumo waiting for the moment to tell him the truth..
    And one more thing…may u r right..that its doesn’t make sense to behve like wt shravu did..even not confessing his love..but we can’t compare it with a normal friends..(male and female)..
    Because…here…both of them know wt importance they have for each other..that’s y …even sumo said…the line that
    *shravan kitna hurt hua hoga..*
    And if u recall the previous episode when shravu explained his love for sumo to his father..he said..*she never mentioned that she loves me..but i know that she do it*
    I hope u gge ur answer..dear.☺

  12. sona

    Yaaa…all ur talks were right..
    I think sumo was 14 then..😐😉
    Anyway..its enough age to recognise our parents..😂😂
    Adi is like..maa ka dhulara..😂😂

  13. sona

    Yaaa…all ur talks were right..
    I think sumo was 14 then..😐😉
    Anyway..its enough age to recognise our parents..😂😂
    Adi is like..maa ka dhulara..😂😂
    Sumo ka chpku..😉

  14. Lily

    Skeptical I agree that was a big blunder….I also noticed it….how can he forget his father ???? I mean to say I remember many
    Things of that age……that’s stupid….
    Just to hide the mystery of his being son of nirmala,they did this…….that was really the
    Most stupid mistake….but may be CVS will
    Coverup by saying he used to live in hostel or with his grand parents ,…..god knows
    What are they doing. …just hoping for the
    Best ….I think shravan will now be the centre of attraction ………

  15. Anushika


    |Registered Member

    Guys,there is a new ray of hope…
    I just read a spoiler on FB saying that
    Kamini Chachi will unite Shraman to avenge revenge from Ramnath..

  16. Ireena

    hello,guys!!r u here???i m…only 27 comments till now…😕
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    How r u all guys?? Missed u all a lot…
    N ha jisne 2 bhi mujhe gaali deni h de do…
    Aj jakr sare comments pdhe h Maine is pure week ke..
    @kittu Ha hm sb ek hi Thali k chatte batte hai 😉
    @mun hii dear …same condition with u too 🙁
    @bhagya di m gd n u??
    @roshni yep dear
    @priti15 how r u now dear?? Be careful n take care of itself… 🙂
    @sona , mikakhi, areeba, ireena di, anshi, JO, khushi, pooja di , beas, sumo, sss, n all whose names I haven’t mentioned sorry if I forgot. . Hi all…
    Mujhe maaf krna sb….love u all my buddies…
    @kittu tere shayris n links love u yaar…
    N yeah mere bare me tumne pucha tha…m from Ranchi…real name Anjali hi hai…
    Is year graduation complete Kri hu n preparing for masters 🙂
    So I guess tu meri choti bahan hui. ..
    See u all soon guys …miss u n love u all…

  18. sona

    Miss u dear…
    Thank God u both r back at the weekend…I’m gud.😃
    And happy to see u both back again😉

  19. sona

    Miss u dear…
    Thank God u both r back at the weekend…I’m gud.😃
    And happy to see u both back again😉
    And have u seen the msgs are just 30 till now..
    This is the condition with out..our gang yaar..😐😐😐
    Sumo..anjali..ireena..lovely lady…pihu..pretty preeti..maria..WS..nikita..sometimes kittu also missing..and all positive spreaders

    • Ireena

      me too happy to be back,dr…just shell shocked 30 comments….😯…
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    Y dear..
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  22. Ireena

    now,this is being intense..adi,whence u got the audacity to propose sumo???😠😠😲….
    guys,2 days back or yesterday was something abt bro-sis…aint it??
    raksabandan??well,why didn’t sumo do it with aditya???how cool it would be….sumo and adi…lovey…dovey….BROTHER AND SISTER….
    i used to laugh hearing adis jokes….now fuming…
    adi,beware of us……u know,how much people we got killed,kidnapped….seems like u r gonna be include in long list…so,its better 4 u to get linked with sumo…of course as brother,got it??

  23. Ireena

    seems like that only me rushing to increase comments….not fair😟…guys,if u do like this,u bet i will be too go for a nap…after ll its lovely sat

  24. Suman

    Hii everyone my actual name is sumaiya but my nickname is suman and i m 15 years old i m very big fan of shraman and preekar so can I join u all and one more thing please say ur ages also it is easy of then I’ll call u by name or di and I can’t comment this week daily bcoz I have test so…… By…. take care 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Ireena

      r u crazy??is it too a question to ask??u r welcome to join anytime,lil suman…☺
      and u needn’t to call me di whatever my age is

  25. Nazia

    Hahaha…. Ullu banaya bara maja aya! Lol.. Majak karrahithi yar chillo!!!!

    Guys mein toh epis dekhnahi parahi.. But aj kuch vms and kal ka epi dekha toh really kya kahu… I got very emotional! Bohot rona a raha tha! I mean kitni lively thi sumo, masti- bachkaani harkate- yei thi sumo.. Aur ab!!! Yad karo guys wo pal jab wo masti kartethey bhaag thethey ek dusre k piche, kabhi phone k liye toh kabhi shayari ki book k liye… Ab kya horaha hai? I m really missing those moments!!!!!!
    Shravan ka naya rup dekhkar ek baat prove hota hai ki wo kamzor hai.. Ha, kyuki agar wo strong hota to kisikeliyebhi apne ap ko kyu change karta.. I understand ki bachpan se uske sat galat hua.. Par kya usse sumo ki sirf avoid karna hi dikhay deta hai.. Uska dard, sacrifices.. Arey yad karo jab tum london se ayethe tab kesi shravan shravan karti thi.. Wapas dost hone k baad, ek pal bhi tumhe akela nahi chodtithi, I mean din mein 10 baar to call hi kartithi.. Bhul gaye kya wo fikar jo usne ki thi jab tum bina bataye car mein so gaye thay!!! Aur bhi bohot kuch..
    Aur suman… Uski jo halat hai- kya bataun? Itna galat kisi k saath kese ho satta hai? Jisse wo pyar kati hain usse ek bar nahi bar bar wo alag ho rahi hain… Aur bar bar wo ramnath jit rahahe.. Sumo ne apne so-called family k liye itni sacrifices kiye aur wahi family usse boj samajrahihe.. I mean common sumo, ek advice hai tumhare liye- unlogo k baremein sochna band karo jin logo ko tumhari koi fikar hi nahi hain.. Aur jab pata hai ki shravan hurt hua hai toh uska reason bhi toh pata hona chahiye ryt? Wo tumse pyar karta hai aur kya? Toh tum bhi jakae apni dil ki baat bol do na…..
    Adi- andha kahika.. Dikh nahi rahahe ki sumo tumse pyar nahi karti!
    I hope ki yei naya rup kuch kaam karde shraman ko milwane mein… Ramnath- kesa bap hai tu? Khud hi apne bete ki zindagi barbaad kardi.. Aur kya kehta hai.. Mein shravan ka bhala chahtahu… Ab dekhliya kitna bhala ho gaya…. Ab akal laga buddhe, AUR shraman ko milwa warna apne bete ko khodega tu!

    • Skeptical

      In a way they seem lyk a happier couple. But wel.. she luvs shravan.so… gota listen to ur heart. Adi is a gr8 guy.. n at this point i lyk him better than shravan.but at the end of the say..there shud be some mutual feelings whch sumo dosnt hav towrds adi

  26. sona

    Welcome dear…😊😊😊😊
    Its OK…but try to comment..in free time..
    All the best for ur tests😉😊

  27. sona

    Check the twitter..photos..there u will get a edit PIC of adhi man here sumo bands raakhi to adhi..loll..
    If u didn’t get don’t worry..go to previous wu of edkv on the date of raksha bhadhan..there kittu shred the link of that PIC😂😂😂😂

  28. sona

    Let us join the latest spoilers ..so that we get to know wts gng to b happen in next episodes..
    Well..till now..shravan..was in drunken condition..and decides..that from now..he will not b like the before..right..
    SPOILER 1:
    now..he will go home back and welcome preekar and all..and demands party from the family..to nyt..to celebrate the happiness of adhiman marriage proposal..lalaji says..its become too late and everyone was so tired so..let’s leave it..but..shravan..convinces everyone..
    But..sumo tries to go tiwari villa back as nanu is not well.but adhi asks her to stop as for the sake of everyone’s happiness..then shravu taunts her saying that.*abh tho tera would be husband bhi bol raha hai rukh javo..*she stays back then..adiman dance in party..because of this shravu becomes very jealous..
    SPOILER 2:
    Shravu becomes very heart broken..with adiman marriage news and all..so he drinks alcohol daily..and reach home late by which ramnath becomes worried for him
    SPOILER 3:
    At somepoint..shravu breaks down and and tries to commit suicide..as he can’t see his lady love with someone else..spclly..adhi after he came to knw that he is nirmala son.
    If rumours..can b believed sumo will break her alliance with adhi after she came to knw about shravu suicide attempt.
    SPOILER 4:
    Here..our kamini chachi..is plotting something to make shraman unite…so that she can make the ramnath weak..
    And some other spoilers saying shravu will take the responsibility of making adiman marriage.
    Abh khudha hi jaaney aagey kya honeywala hai..☺☺😉😉😉😐😐😉☺
    Hope so..I provided all the information u all needed.😊😊

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    Gd nyt to all..😵😵😵
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  30. Ireena

    whatever the track is,it’s apparently seen nothing wrong gonna happen…then why to worry,guys???ada will be removed by one kick.just c.he has nothing but some white teeths to be seen all the while.itll take 2 minutes to break all them…sojust chill,friends …and edkv isn’t gonna end,u know…behad is frm 11-12 sep after edkv slot…means 10.30.
    btw,i think behad gonna be spicy…nowadays sony is coming with prominent plots…
    #spreadpositivity and I M POSITIVE ALWAYS….☺

  31. Minakhi

    Hey Guys I m back……Finally Exams khatam Ho Gaye….sry Mein iss episode ko TV pe nahi dekh payi thi …but YT pe dekha tha ……..Shravan was too good in every Emotions…..but I think Both have all their issues to resolve ….nd I don’t think Shravan will turn into Negative character but yes He will be very much extra Rude now. He can’t Control himself to outburst his anger …..Well I really want Every truth to come out fast …I know it will be Very much Worse thing for Shravan but Kavi na Kavi usse apni Dayan Maa Aur Ravan Baap Ki sacchai to patta chalni hi thi ….patta nhi wo kese react karega Jab Adi aur Nimmo ka relation ko janega ….omg ….He will again feel pain ….ufff He has to face everything… 😓 God Save him ….well….hii guys ….but Bye guys Nd Good night….morning Mein Ati hoon……love u all 😃 💕

    • nikipaul

      @ Minakhi after a long long time.

      So what about yr positive? When we said CVs writing bull_shi u sia dwe r neg. Now sona says Shravan itna pagal ho gaya ki wo apna girl friend ko dura se sadi kar vara. Very good positiveness.

      Even Now we say this Aditya track is just to lengthen the serial. Soni has given them time till August end. AIF they do not windup, they will stop airing from 1st September. Good news WEki Rishta doing great, that EDKV and KRPA. S oon this do no dump serials going out of air and soni TV

  32. Nazia

    Good morning every1
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    Exms chal rahehe mere, final nahi… JSC k liye preparations lene k liye model tests hote hai so this is the 3rd one.. Itna pain hai ki kya bataun! Jane do bas pray karo taki mein accha no. lasaku..

  33. sona

    I took don’t know yaar..how to post that PIC link here..try to check comments and shared links of kittu on Aug 15.
    Gd mrng one and all..😊😊😊😊😊

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    Let me dedicate a song for u..
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    • nikipaul

      Beautiful. But in twitter the followers and coments are far more realistic than the pseudo positive groups.

  35. sona

    Oh..my god…😱😱😱😱
    Oh..my god….😍😍😍😍😍
    Oh my god…😘😘😘😘😘😘
    All my friends…😛😛😛
    Long lasting fans..of shraman…😁😁😁😄😄😄😃😃
    My tu family…😃😃😃😃😉😉😉
    Ireena..be as..khushi..sumo..lovely lady…kittu..anjali..minakshi..nikipaul….everyone ..David..and all
    Latest two spoilers left me shocked …I hope so..for u too…it will be a amazinflg news..
    As continuing the previous spoilers comment..
    SPOILER 5:
    Adhi came toknow about the strong bond shared by suman and shravan..aur suman loves shravan..so he initially disheartened with the news..but then he will decide to unite the our heart beats..😂😂
    Yaani shravan and suman the love birds..😂😂😃😃😄😄😄😄yipeee…
    SPOILER 6:
    And one more spoiler saying that..kamini..who wants to bring differences between shravan and his father ramnath.will tell the actual truth to shravan that..ramnath is the only person who was responsible for his separation with suman..as he blackmailed sumo not to confess her love to shravan and keep distance for preekar marriage sake..
    Knowing..this..shravan was hell shocked and goes to confront ramnath in anger..😂😂😂😂😄😄😃😃😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • 44444

      @sona Hi Sona , now a days I didnt make any comment here. It is learnt that the CVs have already finalised the trak.. Another thing some say the show is till 31st August and some say it will be there for few months. Whatever it may be since the CVs have so cordial relation with Adi, I hv only one option. Hold heart and breath and watch the show for remaining days.

      See I v no probklem even if the shows runs for years. Even Ravnath, Kamini and the Everest of Selfishness Manju Mami plot and do whatever they want. Even Suman and Shravan fight with each other for ‘N’ number of times and even shravan give a slap to Sumo and sumo bit the hand of Shravan all is well to me. Only the CVs kick out this ass Adi. But itna karo bahut ho gaya.

      Hv u noticed in Twiter. Aijajz Shaikh Director EDKV has assured a splendit reunion soon. But dont know what the cvs had in mind.

      REgarding your spoiler – Adi sacrificing – Ia m sorry to say how can we Fans of Shravan agree to this Idear. Remember the episode after the Sangeet this Adi comes to sumos house and tells that he came to demand the cup for himself. Sumo replies, if we desire for a thing which is not of ours then it is called greediness. So Sumo is not his love and SUmo never loved him the where is he sacrificing the love It is his infatuation. Pl. dont downgrade shramans love. It is thei right to unite on their own and not on anybodys sacrifice.

  36. sona

    Abh tho koi comments ki bhaarish badhaavo yaar..itni achi news dhi hai myney..😂😂😂
    Lilly..u too..r u happy?😉😜😂😃

  37. Anjali

    hiiiiii alll …m back again 😉
    missed u all like hell 🙁 ofo kuch dino k lie regular online ni rahi comments ki kami ho gyi hai yahan to but not to worry guys m back now 😉
    @ireena thanku so much ..n m very happy to becm a member of ur family :* n yeah if u want to kill adi m with u always 😉 n wlcm back 🙂
    @sona ..hello ji miss u too bht always…thanku so much spoilers k lie …Mai to chahti hu shravu frustrate hokr suicide attempt kare n sumo us adimanav s shadi tod de … 😉
    @lily, preetypreeti sry name nhi likhi thi upar …maafi …
    @suman ..hello dear…there’s nothing to ask like that…any edkvian is welcome here…after all this page is for edkvians to share our thoughts…n yeah everyone’s friend here..u can call them from their names 🙂
    @priti15 get well soon choti sis 🙂
    @minakhi,lily,kittu, preetypreeti(pri aj s I wl call u pri pls dear) ,beas, sonai. ,sss, sumo,bhagya di, roshni, areeba,khushi,anshi,Marie,jo, mun n all positive edkvians where are u all?? come back all we all need u n miss u …
    ha now I’ll talk about edkv ..is pure week ki edkv download krk dkhli Mai 😉
    yar guys those who likes adi ..its okay ..I have no prblm with that it’s ur choice but see one thing…
    I think this chipku is really pagal …aekdum pagal..mathakhorab …is he really blind?? are bhai dikhta ni h tujhe kitna avoid krne ki koshish krti tujhe sumo n tujhe dkhte hi smile gayab ho jati uski …
    so Monday to Friday episodes k bare m kya kehne shraman yar u guys are fab actors..really won my heart…
    Monday – shravu tera angry young man look man kya kahu …awsm. but sumo ka dil tod dia actually sumo ko hi tod dia tune…feeling very bad for sumo 🙁
    Tuesday – flowers to tere muh pe feku Mai adimanav k bacche …beda garg ho tera. ,ramu kaka n nirmu kaki …phle s kum tension m thi sumo Jo ab nayi musibat..nirmu kaki ek bar sumo s to puchti n use Boone to deti ..ur also a woman can’t u understand when she said its nothing like u r thinking…jb ati tb kaand hota sumo shravu k sth ..n tu to chipku muh band kr wrna tongue cut kr dena h Maine tera …go to hell along with nirmu kaki n ramu kaka. .. n shravu u drink kr n wat u said papa I love u only ur with me bacpan se ..cut the crap man ..the day you’ll get to know the true face of Ramu u will again be in pain n won’t be able to face sumo …
    Wednesday – nanu yar I didn’t expect this from u atlst …how u pressurized sumo..couldn’t u understand that she’s not happy with it when she’s avoiding the question…but nahi ha hi bulwakar mane ap ..preeti a big hug for u…finally u realised u have an elder sis jiski apni life h apart from tumlog k lie jine k alawa .. sis bonding…loving it…m happy atlst there’s someone who’ll understand sumo…ur feeling guilty 🙁 n sad but everything will be fine…n guys notice one thing sumo said okay nanu I’ll become nirmu kaki’s dil …not adimanav’s wife…
    Thursday – shravu pushku sumo preeti guys u all were looking mind blowing n yeah vandy to :* n adimanav don’t u dare compare urself with shravu warna dhishum…sumo ki smile gayab ho gyi when she saw chipku staring her..she felt so uncomfortable ..but when she noticed shravu she didn’t feel so n was staring back…u guys are really made for ek duje ke vaaste…
    sale adi how dare u touch sumo’s hand ..thapad khani h tujhe shravu se ..n my poor shravu got angry n disturbed … 🙁
    whnevr sumo sees u adi her expression turns from 🙂 to 🙁
    itne se v smjh ni ata tujhe n zabardasti kya I love u sunna chah ra ..beda garg …n shravu said dulhan ki maasi 😉 ur too confused with ur emotions that u forgot preeti is the dulhan not sumo n rachna will be preeti’s bua 😉 adimanav ur a pervert, stalker …ah in short I really hate u..don’t even wanna see ur face…
    Friday – yar shraman both staring at each other intensely like it was ur marriage pheres …adi tu muh band rkhne ka kya lega better shut ur mouth or conc hcl Tere muh m I’ll pour…obviously sumo will be angry blo*dy hell man sb khud hi bolta h ..ur totally insane…
    n shravu’s anger was to hey bhagwan…n sumo can’t even show her emotions poor girl 🙁
    but shravu teri fight yar kitni realistic thi hotty angry young man,hunk..kya 2 bolu or smjh ni aara 😉
    n finally precap kya yar shravu never leaves a single chance to taunt sumo..God knows wats going to happen ..I think party wala track…kitna maza ayega if shravu sumo ko adimanav k pas se drag krk laye n khud sumo k sath dance kre wow :* I really wish aisa kch ho… 😀
    sorry guys bht lamba comment kya kru pure ek week ki frustration thi us adi p …
    yar kamini ab tujhse hi umid h tuhi kch kar ..kuch v ainvayi krk …phli bar kisi villain s ignition high expectations h 😉 dil mt todiyo kamini …
    so ab or ni warna jute. ,tamatar pdenge sorry guys for such a long comment….
    miss u all …will be here now frequently 🙂 come back soon all my positive edkvians 🙂 love u all…

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Here I am anjo I will like to call u anjo I hope u don’t mind
      How r u dear…??
      Oh my god such a long comment but I agree with each and every word of urs
      Let’s be positive guys

  38. Anjali

    @nazia all the best for ur preparations and exams 🙂
    n yeah ek bat to bhul hi gayi mami kitni selfish h kaise boli teri shadi k bad America chale jynge …ur so mean..n yeah remember u wont be able to survive there smjhi mtlabi mami tu v ja hell un tin paglon adi ,nirmu n ramu k sath …n don’t come back…

  39. Anjali

    @sons…thanku so much for these two spoilers…yar I really wish I could hug u right now :-* love u lot…keep giving such spoiler news…Mai to chahti hu ki dono spoilers sach ho 😉 adimanav ko shraman k bare m pta chale or vo khud side ho n ramu kaka ka ravan face shravu ko pta chale …kamini chachi ab ek tum hi ho bus tum hi ho hamari umid ab tum hi ho…. 😀
    where r u all missing edkvians??

  40. Beas

    Guys how r u all? I think I shall not be able to comment as my SAs are starting from tomorrow till 31st August. Miss u 😞 all edkv.
    @Nazea all the best 😊 for ur exams.
    Gud ni8 guys have sweet 🍬 dreams of ShraMan 😜 😜 😁 😘 😉😢😎😒 😜 😘 😜 😜 😘 😉 😁 😘 😁 😜😵 😉 😃 😁 😉 😁 😁❤

  41. sona

    Wherever u got the news of ending of the edkv by31st Aug…but..its highly impossible..as there are so many folds in the story..which can’t b removed in a week na..😊😊
    And ya… Adhi sacrifice doesn’t make a sense..as he is a one side lover.actually in spoilers they mentioned like that..so..may I too mentioned in same way😉😉😊😊
    And do comment regularly..as u did 😊

    • 44444

      hi Sona did read the tweet of Nikita. It seems something big is cooked in EDKV this week for 7s

  42. sona

    Yaar…dil khush hogayi Teri lambi comment dekh kar..
    Aur ha..my ney bhi ye notice ki sumo ney kaha ki nirmala ki bahu banegi.😃😃😃.kaash yesa kehkey vo ruk jaati ..par baadh mey usney ye dialague bhi maar dhi ki..vo adhi she shadhi karegi..ye sun kar mera chehra😳😧😥
    Yu hogayi thi..
    Leave it aakir mey tho shraman hi honey..dialogues Jo bhi ho..😊😊
    Aur..thanks for the hug..😍😍😍
    Aur bhi Jo bhi spoilers Mikey..my turanth inform karungi aap sab ko..
    myney abhi tak nahi dekhi twitter ..I will check it out..thanks for the news😊😊

    • 44444

      Not true. The show will continue as its. Namik is not fool to leave this show now as it will spoil his good name in the industry. As such very little to be completed now. If he leaves then that means the show is completed in all respect. Dont spread lies for small time joy.No message in twitter, instagram facebook or any gossip channels.

      • Nazia

        Plz sorry 4444… It was just a joke.. Didn’t wanna hurt u or any1 else! Um sry, plz forgive me!

  43. 44444

    Spoilers: Aditya trying to unite Nirmala and Shravan
    Preeti tears the mask of Ravnath to all.

    And I dont know what are else the spoilers say.

  44. sona

    Oh..David…that’s really gud..thanks for the spoiler..😃😃😃
    And ya..I read the tweet of Nikita…she mentioned like..*wt will happen in these 5 days…??*
    With the PIC of manju mami talking with nirmala..are u talking about this?😉😊
    And ha…@nazia..
    No..way..namik will never leave the show..abhi tho vo popular honey laga hai..is show sey..y will he leave this..vo bhi..all of so sudden..😊😊

  45. Nazia

    Guys I m sry!!!! Namik isn’t leaving the show..
    I just made a small prank.. Didn’t wanna hurt any1..
    Plz if any1 is hurt um sry for that 🙁
    Plzzzzzz forgive me.. I will never do it again.
    Even I don’t want him to leave the show.. And edkv has a long way to go so no chance of this.. It was just a joke plz don’t take it seriously
    I m sorry again!

  46. sona

    All spoilers are seems to be positive…
    If these are all came true..then hope so…there will be shraman love confession..soon…😂😂😊😊☺☺☺☺😍😍😍😍😍
    FINGERS CROSSED💟💟💟💕💕💖❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💖💗💘💝💞💟

  47. Chutki

    Such a idiotic serial! Can’t sumo just say the all truths to shravan and take him out of this depression??when she was in trouble,shravan turned aganist his family and help her but this sumo😁 I feel so so sad for my handsom shravan…

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Yo chutki just think if all will be so simple then we all will fine it boring so twist and suspense is needed so just relax and enjoying the track even m not able to c my shravan like this but both of them r suffering from pain not one

  48. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hello guys how r u??
    Ohk ohk plz gussa mat hona m sorry I know u must all be very angry with me but I was not able to comment due to lack of time and then secondly coz of the stupid browser but now I have fixed the problem so m back
    How r u all??

    Missed me???

    Guys one more good news is here
    Another spoiler is here it says that rampart truth will be out and preeti will help in making his truth out…M so happy I hope it will be true

    So what’s going on guys anything special??

    Missed u all so much
    Love you all muahh

    • Nazia

      Wow khushi yei news dekar to tumne mujhe khush kardiya.. Perfect name-khushi 😉
      Mere toh exms chal rahehe toh kitaboke niche dab gayi hu..:( Pray taki acche se exms dedu main..

  49. pretty preeti

    Hello sabi ko
    Gussa ho chapal Marne ka dil kr RHA hai toh mar do aaj
    So sorry for not commenting
    Yaar spoilers ke hisaab se toh I m in seventh sky lekin CVS ka kya Baroda
    @anjali anjo itna lambha comment agree to u
    @khushi khush tu vapis aa gyi thank god tere bhi jutiyaan padhne wali hai just joking a bada wala hug
    @nazia ESE prank my kr heart attack aa jayega specially mujhe
    @sona di I m with u something gud
    Guys where u all r lost come back
    Love u all
    So sorry once more
    Love u

  50. Bhagyashri

    Hii everyone, good evening. How r u all? Now edkv seems very much interesting. Namiks acting excellent. Hatts off namik.edkv rocks.

  51. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @IREENA di.. Sry for late reply di… Actually I got hit by a bike on tue… I got some scratches in hand and then I got neck sprain… That’s it.. I m sry for late reply.. Say Me how r u di?? Missing u di..

    @ANJU di.. Hey di.. Ya I l take care… How r u??

    @KITTU.. Wr r u??

    @KHUSHI hey how r u?? Missed u alot.. U know one happy news.. See the pm

  52. sona

    Wt a surprise…
    Khushi…pretty preeti…bhagya sri…u all r back…happy to see u all…
    Missed u ….evryone…
    Ya….now feeling like I’m on edkv fan page…even some more frnds…need to come back..😉😉☺☺😊😊

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