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Shravan bets that some male chef made it. Pushkar and Shravan bet on it. Shravan wants to know from where it was ordered. Sumo gets worried. Pushkar calls his peon. Call the place from where you got this food. Find out who made this Daal. Sumo hurriedly excuses herself. She hears the peon asking another guy for the number of that place. Sumo hears them. She stops the peon from making the call. She engages him in something else completely. She calls at PCT. Prita takes the name wrongly. Sumo corrects her. Don’t take any calls till I reach office. Prita is confused. Sumo tells her to do as she says. Call your husband over. Tell him that I have found a job for him. Prita tells her against it but Sumo stays put. She calls at PCT again. Prita again pronounces the name wrongly. Sumo rebukes her for

picking call. Prita says sorry. I wont do it now. She tells other ladies to hit her with anything if she goes to pick the phone now.

Sumo thinks you hate your mother. You think all women are alike. It is all a lie. I got to know today that you only fool yourself by doing all this. You still love your mother very much, and miss her. You could not understand this. Aunty was right. This Daal is magical. See what magic this Daal will weave now.

Shravan and Pushkar discuss a case. Pushkar is impressed by Shravan’s arguments. Shravan asks peon about from where the Daal came. Peon shares that he tried the number many times but no one picked it. Shravan tells him to give him the number.

Shravan calls at PCT. Prita’s husband picks the call. Shravan happily tells Pushkar he was right (about the chef). Can you tell me the recipe of that Daal? I have to check something. Prita’s husband looks at Sumo who signals him against it. Prita’s husband tries to divert his attention. Shravan tries it the other way round. I will tell you the recipe. You only have to see if it is right or not. Sumo picks the phone on speaker. Shravan tells it perfectly. He is ecstatic. Pushkar has lost the bet. Shravan asks for money. Pushkar asks him if he will look cute after getting shampoo. Shravan nods in confusion. Pushkar excuses himself saying

Sumo compliments Prita’s husband on his acting. He will work here from now onwards. He only will pick all the calls from today onwards. Prita tells Sumo not to call upon problems for herself. Prita’s husband (Dhurandar) asks tells her his conditions.

Preeti asks Pushkar what’s wrong with him. You called me here but you are only drinking coffee since you came here. This is your 6th one. He calls it nervousness which leaves her confused. she tells him to speak up. I left my classes for you. He thinks it is really important but I don’t know how to say it. She asks him if he said something. He asks her if she heard anything. She denies. He says we have known each other since so long but we became friend so late. You think we have met only for friendship? She nods. He sips coffee. I enjoy meeting you. She says the same. I enjoy meeting all my friends. He murmurs why all girls friend zone everyone. He reasons that she wouldn’t feel the same way after meeting all my friends. She nods. you are my special friend after all, Manorama! Say it now. He orders another coffee.

Shravan checks out the photos of the prospective guys. Nanu laughs hearing him. He is saying as if he has married ten times. Shravan says I may not be married but I know everything about Sumo. Sumo joins them. Mami ji asks her to look at the photos. Shravan is helping us in choosing some good guys for you. Sumo replies that it doesn’t matter if he likes them or not. I don’t want to see any pictures. Shravan goes to talk to her.

Sumo is angry. Who is he to select guy for me? He says I will do it. this is my responsibility and right too. She tells him to stop talking in this language. I very well know what you think about me. you said everything in your message. Stop acting like a good friend and leave. He says it means to me. I really dint mean that message. I was so occupied with work all day. You irritated me as well. Our friendship is above these little maters. Whatever I think about other women is different than what I think of you. she says I cannot understand when you are talking honestly. But I really don’t like your outlook towards women. You are a well educated, London return lawyer. I just don’t understand. He reasons the time teaches some things. She says I am sorry to say that you dint learn anything then. Did no woman help you till date? You think all women in the world can only do wrong? He agrees. She says great. We both are here only. I will make you realise one day that you are wrong in your opinion. They challenge each other on it. He tells her to make something for him now. I am hungry. She hits him with a pillow. Bhukkad Aadmi, saara din khaane ke liye chahiye. He smiles.

Vandy observes the servants cleaning the house. She talks to them in Kamini’s style. Haayo Rabba, is ghar ka mere bina kya haal hoga? Servants think Kamini Mam’s spirit got inside them. Vandy is getting the store room cleaned. She finds Nirmala Aunty’s portrait there (she does not know her). This is so beautiful. What is such a pretty painting doing here? She tells the servant to keep this photo at the staircase in the hall.

Shravan’s mom comes to Tiwari House. Sumo and Shravan are heading outside. He has his back to the door while he advises her to calm down a little and look beautiful. How will a guy like you? She tells him to worry about himself. You look like Qutub Minar’s cousin. He walks to the other side. She is shocked to see Shravan’s mom there. Shravan turns. Why did you stop? She is all quiet. This puzzles him. She thinks of his opinion towards his mother. Shravan continues walking in the other direction. Sumo thinks what to do.

Shravan finds Sumo weird. You were just blabbering inside and are all quiet now. What has happened? Continue with your drama. I am leaving. She takes him inside on the pretext of talking something important.

Shravan’s mom enters just then.

Sumo closes the door of the room. He questions her on her act. She makes him say it in a whispering tone. He waits for a logical reply from her but gets none. You are mad!

Shravan’s mom goes upstairs. Nanu is shocked to see her.

Precap: Shravan gets up to go but Sumo does not let him go. You are our guest. Nirmala ji asks Sumo if she is coming from PCT. Nanu shares that Shravan is downstairs. Nirmala ji looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thank u pooja dhi for such fast update….

  2. Thanks Pooja di for fast update..???

  3. SHRAMAN Nok jhok was cute!

  4. Whaat? What is going to happen now? I guess he wont talk to sumo after this. Thanks Pooja for the fast update

  5. he he he qutub minar ka cousin its sooo funny … thankuuu for the superfast update

  6. thanks di for the fast update..btw,,is it ur b’day di?? then happy b’day..may god bless u..nd loads of love…

    1. Pooja

      Yup…it is tomorrow dear. Thank you so much for your wishes 🙂

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  7. Today’s epi was a relief after two emotional episode….

  8. Shocked to see shravans mom!! Luv u suman.u both rock.and thanks fr the fst update:)

  9. Todays episode was good….Finally shravu is back to normal..Sumo is so intelligent..she used preetha’s husband for a perfect job n he handled it well…Preeta is so funny…But old one was more cute….I hope preetha’z husband will not bring any new trouble for sumo..
    Pushkar n Shravu’s case part was good..
    Shravu thought that he won the bet..but unfortunately he is wrong..Pata nahi jab sach ka patha chalega shravu kaise reach karega.,Anyways lets hope for the best…
    Actually what is going on in pushkar’s mind..He has fallen for her..Really?? Thats cute..Loved the way pushku replied to all the things which preethi said..mainly when he said”Why girls friendzone everyone”?
    Preethi is a bolt.She didnt understand what he meant..Ohh..she is waiting for Shraman to make her realize it,,.

    Shraman scenes were really awesome…Shravan choosing groom for Suman..Shravu,you will not be find a perfect groom for her as it is only you who can understand her…
    Ohh..thank god now he said that she is different for him..Love you shravu,..Also I loved it when she directly said him that she dont like his views on women…The CHALLENGE ,….Ofcourse sumo will win it…She will make you realize it for sure,..It was so cute when he asked her to make something even after this big challenge…He is right..Their friendship is above all these silly matters…

    So Nirmala yaani Shravu’s mom ki track is started along with it itself cvs is making preekar track…Thank god as cvs is completing all tracks so fastly…
    Loved his confused expressions when she closed the door…Precap looks more interesting…Iam eagerly waiting for more Shraman scenes…..Shravan kab jealous feel karoge????Waiting for it too…

    Love you Shraman…???

  10. it appears thar the epi was lovely…but i havent watched it till now.only because of todays IPL.i can bet that todays match is better than 2day epi??

  11. happieee bday pooja in advnce 🙂

  12. Vandy was so cute when was enacting like kamini…But it will be a trouble if anyone see Nirmala’s pic…Vandy kept it near staircase na…??What will happen now??

    Shravu n sumo’s part was really awesome…Qutb minar’s cousin…That was funny..Even me too always remember Qutb Minar by seeing Namik…But I love this Qutb Minar..????

  13. Sumo PLZ make this mis understanding away frm shravu’s mind abt his mom….. Hope this TRUTH does not spoil shravu and his dad’s relation…. Its nice bonding….
    Loved sumo’s idea of making preta husband….
    Pushkar bathao na…. Jyadha coffee math piya karo…. Tel her wat u feel….. Dont b like ur bro….. U wer and r the one who is guessing corectly frm begining….. Shravu’s and sumo’s relation is more than frndship and evn tht chef matter….

  14. Guys..Namik and Nikita’s new interview by entertainment Tadka is gonna come soon…

    So excited..??

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  19. nyz… epi….

    haPie bdY ….. poooja…

    tkz fr upfating…

  20. Hi pooja i may have recently started commenting but i just wanted to wish u a very happy birthday may u always be happy and may u always give us good updates ?

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  22. after yesterday’s epi,today’s epi was such a blast…every scene is so perfect …Shraman nhok jhok.pushkar and preethi scenes….I liked them so much.Pushkar don’t be like ur brother..u r different…boldo apne dill ki baat…
    Finally a complete package epi…jokes,masti,emotion,love and friendship….Really we should appreciate the writers for their splendid job….hope they will continue in the same in future also

  23. Thanks for the update. Happy birthday Pooja di 🙂

  24. Abhi u wer rite… Things r gonna b fine..
    Guys nowadays har epi mein ek epic dialogue hota h…. Qutub minar k cousin ws hillarious..
    Smart work sumo… U r actually smart.
    Pushkar common yaar u wer r nd always b d best. Luk u wer d one who knew everything about shraman lovestory aur yaar ab tum apni luvstory nhi shuru kr paa rahe.. Dont do d mistake ur bro did
    Rahi baat challenge ki toh voh toh sumo ko hi jeetna h
    Precap is again killer. Shravan nirmala ko dekh lega ya nirmala vahan se chali jaayegi ya sumo nirmala ko chhupa degi ya fir sumo shravan ko nirmala ko bina dekhe bhej degi… Jaane k liye dekhe Sony TV sirf raat 10:00 baaje aur jaaniye apne saare sawalon ka jawaab……

  25. The episode was Really good.Pushkar nd preeti r soo cute but here also Confirmed that all boys r Afraid to confess their love .Shravan will loss the challenge,I m sure about it.And lastly Suman’s dialogues r really awesome…very much impressed by her.All her words were to the point nd clean to understand.kya jawab Diya usne but Shravu ko jab apne maa k bare me patta chalega …..To wo kya karega …o God He will be soo angry ,Mujhe lagta hai Sumo ko abhi se kahin pe chup Jana chahiye??

  26. A very happy birthday pooja di

  27. Very happy birthday pooja Di

  28. Yesterday epi was amazing. I like pritas husbands one sentence. If shravan asked him about ghee.he tell, two dibbe.it was really joking.two dibbe ghee. Precap is very interesting. Let’s hope for the best.

  29. So epi is nice. Preeti n Pushkar scene are comedy. He Trying to purpose but ordering copacino. It’s is really funny. Shravan is searching groom for suman then she fired.shravan is cousin of qutuk minor.its true. Waiting for next epi???

  30. Hey pooja ji….many many happy returns of d day….may all ur wishes come true….stay blessed dear….

    N todays episode was no nic…nok jhok of shraman…n Qutb minar was sooo cute…..
    I totally enjoyed…wat say guys?????

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  32. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Episode was not bad shraman scene were not bad 😛 I liked the Preeti-pushkar part I hope Shravan underatands n forgives his mom

  33. A very happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day,Pooja.today’s episode was again very nice and all being so lively and full of fun.I think we should give full credits to the script writers and the director.ofcourse we can’t leave out Namik and Nikkita who give full life to the characters!!!!Keep up the tempo the cast and crew of the serial.

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    I hope shravan mom came soon and then we gonna get new twist in the story

    and also purshkar preethi hope we get to see some romantic moment of them too with extra cuteness.

    love u devgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  36. epi was very interesting but sad for shravu.I dont know how hes gonna react

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