Ek Duje Ke Vaste 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan and Sumo come out of Tiwari House. He opens his car door for her when she asks him to go ahead. You can follow me in your car. I have to go somewhere else from there. He nods sadly / upset. They both go in their separate cars.

Manager welcomes Sumo and Shravan to the venue. Shravan finds it a bit simple. We can get a better, tasteful location with good interiors. She says it looks like this right now. You wont be able to imagine how it will look like on the day of sangeet. She animatedly begins to tell him everything that she has planned. He is more than happy to hear her and finally see her smiling. She ends up saying I remember everything. He feels bad that she remembers everything except that he wanted to tell her what’s in his heart. I will not tell you anything till you

ask me though. Sumo continues with her plans. I have planned it in such a way that I am sure everyone will feel that they are sitting underneath open sky. He agrees. I will get that feeling but Chachi wants something else. She wants it to happen in some 5 star hotel. Sumo reasons that it will be a hall only. He says I understand but Chachi wont. She is super obsessed with brand and high class. she is right at her place and being a mother. If you can do this event in a 5 star hotel? Sumo counters. You demanded for the wedding to happen in 5 star hotel. We have to bear the expenses. He offers to help her which irks her highly. I have told you again and again we don’t need you or your family’s help. We have some self-respect. He retorts calling it her ego instead. If your compromise makes someone happy then what’s the problem. She sticks to her point. You can think whatever way you wish to. It will be better if we don’t talk about it. He asks her if she cannot do this much for him. She answers in negative. I cannot compromise with my self-respect for anyone. She goes. Shravan thinks of his father’s words (seeing Nirmala in Sumo). Papa was right. A girl like you can only love yourself and your self-respect. No one matters more to you than yourself. Sumo looks at him from outside teary eyed. I can even give my life for you. wish I could tell you about my compulsion. She leaves from there.

Shravan tells Pushkar Sumo cannot do things her way every time. She argues every time. Her ego is too big. I will see how Sangeet happens in Regal Palace. I will talk to her once again. It is good if she agrees or I will book the venue myself. Pushkar is left speechless. Don’t do this. I asked you to handle everything related to my marriage as you will manage things smoothly. You know Sumo wont leave any stone unturned in the preps. It will be difficult if we will put new demands every day. Both the brothers go quiet when Kamini comes there. She gets upset and angry hearing the name of the venue. Pushkar speaks well about the hall. He asks his brother to tell his mother. Kamini does not let Shravan speak. He will speak in favour of his friend. Pushkar tells his mother to let it be. They would have chosen the best only. We wont keep any demands before them now. Kamini gives up on them. Shravan looks upset.

Ramnath is speaking to someone (Mr. Singhania) about Shravan. Kamini hears his convo. You look really happy. Ramnath tells her that he was speaking to Mr. Singhania. He met Shravan a few days back regarding some case. He liked Shravan very much for his daughter. Kamini says I don’t think Shravan will agree for anyone. Shravan and Sumo are still together. Ramnath denies. They are together only till Pushkar’s wedding. She asks him about it but he does not share any detail. He excuses himself to attend some meeting. Kamini thinks you trapped my Pushkar in those beggars’ house and want your son to marry Shravan to some rich house. You don’t know me though. I will make him fall in the trap of that beggars as well or I will change my name!

Sumo comes to her room. She thinks of her convo with Shravan. Preeti gives her Shravan’s stole. You can return it to him now. She goes to make tea. Sumo takes out iron from the almirah.

Shravan thinks of Kamini and Sumo’s words. He picks up his phone.

Sumo is ironing the stole while thinking of the incident (when Shravan had draped it around her). She gets Shravan’s call. He tells her clearly that everyone here knows that she is responsible for arrangements. I don’t want anyone to complain about anything. Make sure of that. She asks him if he is done. I haven’t done anything till date to which I cannot give an answer to or manage. I know about my decision. You don’t have to worry about it. He says I don’t know and ends the call.

Kamini brings Shravan’s shervani for him. He says I was about to come to talk to you. I swear I tried my best to make Sumo agree for the venue but. She says I know you would have done it. You are my son, Pushkar’s brother. I am sorry. I said so much to you in anger. Don’t take it to your heart. He says I cannot feel bad about anything you say. She says I feel so alone as everyone scolds me when I say anything. He assures her he is with her. She nods. I want a few things to go as per my wish. I am going to Tiwari House. You said you are with me. Come along then.

Rachna Massi and Mausa ji are doing dance practise. Preeti guides them on the steps. Rachna steps over her husband’s step while taking a turn. Mama ji laughs. Preeti tells her papa not to laugh. You too have to practise once mom comes back from market. The step is perfect next time. Mausa ji drops Rachna Massi seeing Nanu. He fumbles while speaking before him. Kamini comes just then. Preeti greets Kamini and calls her aunty. Rachna advises her to get used to calling her mummy ji. They speak of wedding preps. Kamini has brought the best choreographer of Delhi to teach Tiwari’s dance. I have also made a list. It isn’t a list of any demand. This list will say who will dance with whom and on which song number. She announces all the dance pairs in sequence. Sumo is paired with Shravan (last number). Both of them are taken aback. Shravan tries to talk his Chachi out of it but she shushes him. Nanu says they danced once in childhood. Shravan’s leg was broken by Sumo back then. Shravan says I am saying this only. I cannot dance. Preeti insists which does not leave them much of a choice. Epi ends on the split screen of Shravan and Sumo.

Precap: Sumo again steps on Shravan’s leg. I am sorry. He tells her she wont be able to do it. She agrees to try. Kamini looks at him while they dance closely. Bhaisahab (Ramnath) will b upset seeing their closeness.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Pretty Preeti

    Guys hundred epi party enjoy enjoy🍫🍫🍫

  2. Khushi

    The episode was good but there was nothing special
    Anyways I just loved the precap and yea kamini is right yeh dekh ke toh nalayknath ke totey ud jaayenge😂😂
    Waiting desperately for tomm

  3. SONAI

    Wonderful episode !! Waiting for tomorrow !!
    Pooja di can u tell me how could u update so fast !!!!!

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Sooooooooo sooryyy… It’s not poor.. Its Pooja di.. Sry di.. Typo error.. Having some prb with my key pad.. .

  4. Pretty Preeti

    Guys coming towards the epi it was mean less then what I expected today but then also it was nice especially the last parts ty pooja di for posting the epi guys again coming to epi I am feeling bad for by shraman at the middle but end made me happy and precap was nice as always
    Guys enjoy

  5. roshni

    First thing a big big big congratulations to all edkv fans …… N I am happy that thus site I opened very good…. N by the way y it started 10mins late n yeah it ended late too…..

    @epi. Kamini Kamini Kamini kya bolu tumhari bare me yeh koh ek badiiii si hug meri taraf Sai…. Kya bath boli tunne kamal ka ta…. Suman aur….aur shravan wah wah…. Wonderful….. Nnnnnnnn precap yup soooo happy my most awaited scene there rehearsal great….. I thought it will be today only mmm…. But that’s okay I have waited so long then wats the big deal in waiting for one more day…… In starting when sumo told she will go with her car I was like let her car ka clutch aur jobhi hain karab hoo jai per esa kuch nahi Hua…. Felt bad for shravan ….. N yeh bhar bhar uss budde ka bath kyu yaar kar raha hain….. Yaar sumo esa nahi hain shravu…. But jo bhi hain kal bohot ache hone wali hain…..yipee…….

    N guys I saw there sangeet pics both r looking absolutely stunning…. There dance steps were awesome…. I just saw there dance pics…. She was wearing white n pink lehenga if I am not wrong n he yellow n white sherwani they were dancing soooo romantically….. It was superb…..

    Good night all……

  6. Meena

    Superb episode and thank you Pooja for the quickest written update and a well written one!!!Shravan’s acting was so good and so natural. He was looking awesome!!!!!just can’t wait for tomorrow’so episode!

  7. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Hello guys…!!!!
    Frst of all toh Congo!!!! Ek duje ke vaaste completed 100 ep yahoo!!!!!!!!
    N yeah must say Aj ka ep bht zabardast tha bs kuch scenes Thai Lekin phir Bhi bht best tha n guess wat Aj ke ep se hame hope mil gai through kamini chachi (frm one on Cupid) 😉
    shraman ke phir se ek hone ki n thank god Aj ke ep Mai bhai sab ka nai dikhaayaaaa thank god..!!!!
    Kamini chachi u rock..!!! 😀 love u fr this bs ab ramu phir se koi panga na kare toh acha hai…

    N Precap OMG…!!!! Wat a Precap…!! Precap itna mast hai imaging ep kaisa hoga…!! Wait hi nai hota ab …….kl kab aai gi….god besharam shr is back soooo happy to c his dis side… Agar sumo ziddi hai toh hamara shr Bhi kuch kam nai hai 😉 😉 😉 😉

  8. Ridhi

    Is the new entry Adthyia, Nirmala’s adopted son? Remember when she came to visit the Tiwaries, she said Adthyia helps and Nidhi is USA.

  9. Sss


    |Registered Member

    wow edkv team hit century best wishes to them finally 100 episode done so fast i was thinking like what yesterday it was just started 100 episode this soon still can’t believe lol but it is..its been a great journey and will till end loved edkv rockzz…

    thnx Pooja Di for fast update really you amazing suparb fast but i am suparb late exactly opposite lol…
    loved today episode first as its 100 episode then shraman scene shravan already fida on sumo but he is a stupid daddy’s boy never mind that’s why think all this rubbish but many many thnx to kammu chaci i mean you are great for bringing shraman together i like this kind of villan more cupid of lovers unknowingly..
    suparb excited for dance scene 😀

  10. lily

    acha i read somewhere that aditya is son of raamu’s friend…raamu will pressurize sumo to dance with aditya not with shravan……..
    i don’t know the news is real or fake……………..

  11. kittu

    Ya ya…not Nisha but nidhi…nd ya. ..kajal’s news is not fake…because I read from my 4 eyes…😝😝…nd waiting eagerly for adiman ‘s track…nd shravan ko to aag lag jaani hai,by god…nd he will say one thing… WO mujhe hamesha chodke kisi aor k saath chali jaati h…

  12. mahima

    100 episodes…bingo….yipeee.
    ……this was quite gud but waiting fr sangeet

    …..gud morning

  13. kittu

    Happy anniversary….. Ha ha one month anniversary
    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌….lovely episodes which u gave us…nd y only lovely but good ,fabulous, amazing ,beyond this TV world nddddddd…..a big thnkkkk to cast nd crew for this superb series.. Nd especially Filip jha,nd ankita jha…may be names r rite…thnk for this awesome blossom story nd NAMIK sir nd Nikita mam….thank for this shraman’s concept nd role….do u guys know…yesterday one of my frnd was upset from other(mujhe samajh nahi aata…y this roothna manana happens)so she said….yaar this is not ,we call friendship…. Friendship is like sumo nd shravan…. I was on the first bench nd came fast to her nd asked ,what u said???..she said friendship should like our sumo nd shravan…. I was on the 7th sky…hey guys…she only watched episodes during our vacation nd won’t u believe that she is totally crazy…I advised her to come here,but she is not… Offff..well kahan se kahan pahunch gayi
    ..but seriously.. Edkv
    ..mind blowing… Yaar this is the best show ,ever on IT…nd sotle our heart…😘😘😘😘😘..let’s begin the party…nd venue is Regal palace…ha ha nd preps had already done …so naccho…👋👋

  14. kittu

    Hey guys…plez go to last date pg…I replied there…plezzzz
    @Guys…Ab to long cmmt se dar lagta h…kya pata kab post ho nd when not… Soo
    @Guys..what’s abt BRAHMARAKSHAS…on zee…seems horrible…😲😲😲
    Well a shayari…
    Aapse Milne Ghar tak aaye(2)…
    Aapne nazar oothayi hi nahi…(2)..aapse Milne Ghar tak aaye..
    Aapne Nazar oothayi hi nahi…
    Humne aapko dekha..
    Chori chori..chupke chupke…
    Humne aapko dekha
    Chori chori chupke chupke…
    Aakhir nazar ooth hi gayi…
    Aapne humko dekh hi liya…
    Lekar aaye paygaam hum …
    Which is precocious for me..
    Nd wanna to ask u…
    Will u dance with me…
    Will u dance with me…
    Aaya reply in positive…
    Dil tham gaya…
    Saanse rukh gayi…
    Nd music bajne laga…
    Hoothoo pe tere…
    Shikhwoo ka shoor Hai…
    Par ye nighahen…
    Kehti kuch Aur Hai…
    Keep doing nd ya remember that this was the 100th episodes of our lovi dovi series… Edkv rockzzzzzz

  15. kittu

    Nd ya m not the big fan of vanrun…but of shraman.. That was a mistake nd was of sly one type…😛😛😛

  16. Minakhi

    Thax pooja for the update….Epi was Good but Not a 100th epi wala …but it was A nice episode…..Kamini was the real charm of today’s….But Why Shravan is Comparing Sumo with his dad’s words. …Precape…was soo Good…..omg Shravan is on flirty mood…..Tab kya hoga jab Aditya Ayega ……….Shrvan is still struggling with his feelings……but Aditya can make Them Unite I’m damm sure……Soo we r going to see A jealous Shravan ……I real want to see his insecurity………Roni t is going to play Aditya.
    ………😊 Hiii guys….Very good morning to u…

  17. Pretty Preeti

    Kittu shyari lovely aur 100 epi pr mera pehla comment yahoooo I’m doing junglee dance
    Hey khush pehla din kaisa that yaar
    Gud morning guys
    Bye guys leaving for school

  18. roshni

    @lily. I saw them on twitter dear they both were dancing but its blurred pic….i recognised sumo but when I saw shravan dancing don’t know y but I felt like its not shravan mmm but I also read the news about new entry its just gossip not yet confirmed but the thing is u know in one pic which was posted by one fan of edkv shravan dress was like green colour but in the dance pic which I saw was yellow colour I am really confused to say and if he is shravan or not….. Nahi yaar I want shravan only….. But its was written shraman dance only then it must be shravan…… Mmm….. Don’t know wat they r planning…… I am literally very much confused…..

  19. Lily

    Guys a bad news for you all…..
    Suman will dance with the new guy……
    I saw their pics….. Roshni the pic you saw of shraman.. In that the guy Is the new entry….. As shravan will be wearing green
    Sherwani not white…
    I always wanted a love triangle.. But not now…. Shravan will
    Now feel once again rejected…

  20. roshni

    I don’t know if this works or not tried hard getting this….in this the person who is dancing with sumo is wearing yellow one…. Guys after seeing all pics I am heart broken realising shraman wont dance together.. feeling so bad. I expected more…..

    #EkDujeKeVaaste https://t.co/VigCzwkm89

    • Khushi

      Hey rosh…this person is not shravan …..shravan had wore a green colour kurta but in this pic the kurta us yellow…. And moreover in the pic in which the person is holding sumo’s hand that person is having much beard but shravan don’t have that much beard uff I just hope everything goes well

  21. vaishali

    Are ye serielwale kya kar rahe hai jab dekho tab sad scene dikha rahe hai aur vese bhi bahut dino se ramnath ka hi drama chal raha hai

  22. Lily

    Guys be positive….. Kamini chachi is there….she will forcefully get shraman married… Bcz unn dono se umeed uth
    Gaya hai…. . . . .

  23. Bhagyashri

    Hey guys,new entry confirm in sangeet.his name is ronit kapill.ronit confirm this news on his fb.he is from theater.edkv uski first serial hai shayad.he also look handsome I saw his photos. Shravu to gaya abhi.

  24. roshni

    @Khushi yup dear I too thought the same that’s the reason I sent both the links in one shravan wearing green n this yellow one…..he is not shravan he is aditya…..

    @bhagya opps sorry I forgot his name…..n yeah I saw him pic but he is not so much good as my namik hain na????? Oh so this was reason behind late timings…. Ty dear….

  25. Minakhi

    Guys be positive plz…..agar abhi se Confession or Ramu ka pol khul Gaya to Ye show to khatam Ho jayega ….
    Kya aap log chahte Ho Ki ye show abhi khatam Ho jaye😓?????

  26. Minakhi

    Mujhe laga tha Yahan PE Hum sab Abhi tak positive hain ….Bina episode dekhe hum itne negative kese Ho sakte hain …
    .plz guys don’t Spread negativity….plz hv faith on CVs plz….😭

  27. kittu

    @Roshu Di,it’s a DHOKHA…WO bhi banda wala,hey ek to hum mangte ban gaye for their dance nd confession nd now this triangle.. Offff…yaar what’s the prob with them..but seems that the new entries of sis nd bro will make a highlight in this charming series… Nd ya I want new guy to b careful abt Tiwaris nd sumo too…nd have u watched the pics…I mean that link…which I posted today…plez go nd see

  28. kittu

    Well as I said yesterday abt new entries… God wah wah…so soon…thnk god…Ab aayega maza…
    Hey a joke…
    Teacher: what is a noun?
    Son:Mohtarma…..arz kiya h…

    “” Kutte bhi hote Hai ,apni gali me king..
    Noun is the name of a person ,place or thing””…
    Thoko taali….
    Ha ha ha..tell me abt my joke..he he..a stressbuster in this tragic situation..😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  29. kittu

    Full form of DOSTI…
    D:Door rahke bhi Jo pass ho..
    O:Oro se Jo khass ho…
    S:Sweetness ka Jo ehsaas ho..
    T:Taqdeer ka Jo saath ho..
    I:I think ki wo aap ho…
    Well turn on yr mood nd take yr position back …nd y only 40+ cmmts…what’s rong with u all…
    @Preetypreti..congrats for being first ..nd thnx for shayari yaar…bye nd nd…enjoyyy

  30. Smile

    Hi guys congrats all edkvians .. 100 completed … Smile is back … plzz answer my questions..
    1. Sumo will not dance will SHRAvaN????
    2. When will behad start ???
    3 .is edkv going to be a weekend show????
    … If any one of u know plzz answer… Plzzzz .tell me if you know…I request you all….

  31. kittu

    @Minu Di..hi nd how r u???okay Di..now m positive.. But m very excited for the episodes of aditya,sumo,shravan… What a rocking type it will b..nd ya m positive…. Thnk diii..nd how r u doing??? Hope u r absolutely fine nd good.. Nd Di..long time no talk with u..but m happy as u r here…good nd okay okay.. Beeee positiveeeee…m positive…😄😄😄

  32. Sss


    |Registered Member

    wow new entry i think jealousy part start n jealousy boy will be shravan no doubt in that..
    @kitty you are right no one can beat namik specially when he is the hero of the show practical point lol..btw awesome shayeri
    how are you??

  33. kittu

    @Smile,firstly.. Welcome back…
    1.yes,she won’t dance with shravan but with new character… Aditya…remember aditya ahuja???
    2.Don’t know..
    3.I don’t think so….
    Well byeee

  34. kittu

    @Smile..welcome back.
    1.yes ,she won’t dance with shravan but with new guy..Aditya ahuja…remember him????
    2.Don’t know..
    3..I don’t think so..
    Well byeee

  35. roshni

    @kittu dear which link where there is no link…… N I saw the link u posted after my comment…….. What else link dear….

  36. roshni

    @kittu awesome shayari dear…. N who is that guy in second pic???? Well ru in twitter coz I found the same pic on twitter only…..

  37. SONAI

    I’m really shocked to hear the news.
    Pata nahi kitne dino se wait kiya tha maine ShraMan dance ke liye !!!
    I’m soooo veeeeerrryy saaaaddd…………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kaun he ye Aditya ??? Kyu aaraha hain ??? Aaur koi kam nahi hain kya…????
    I know the answers of my qs but I wanna cry !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Main Sumo ke sath aaur kisi ko nahi dekh saakti !!!!!!!!!!!
    Ye Ravan !!! Pagal !! Gadha !! Nalayak !! Rakshas !!

    Kittu di Kab ja rahe he ham iss Ramnath ko marne ???? Mujse raha nahi jaa raha !!!

  38. Minakhi

    @Kittu …..My jaan I know that u r positive I mean I I think all our Friends r positive…..be positive guys…..Yes no one can beat our Namik ….Aur Aditya to bhul hi jao …..He will come to spice up the show nothing else…Nd yes for himwe can see a Insecure Shravan ….totally Exited………Bina NamiK k koun EDKV dekhega bolo….CVs bas thodi si jealously laa rahe hain that’s it…….

    @Smile 1.Yes Sumo will dance with the other guy ……
    2.Behad will be start from 2nd August…
    3..No way ….I don’t think EDKV will be a Weekend show …..This can’t be happen ……Well where did u heard that It’s going to be a weekend show……. If u want to be confirmed…than Ask Sony …on twitter or FB……
    …@Roshni,@Sss…@[email protected]@[email protected] nd @all
    How r u all …..???😊

    • Smile

      @ minakhi …thank for telling… Could you please confirm me that if behad starts from 2 August then edkv will end on 29 july …plzz tell me…I request you please

  39. Beas

    So sad 😢 that sumo will not dance 💃 with Shravan becoz of that Ram . Why Ram is always ready with a cruel plan to ruin ShraMan ‘s love ❤ story 😞 💐

  40. Bhagyashri

    @ roshni,yes roshni no one beat our namik. @ minakhi m very fine.and yes u r rite.abhi to joulous part aayega bahut maza aayega. Guys u remember na gugloo part kitna cute joulous part tha vo shravan ka.abhi to aditya aayega so abhi bhi shravan ka joulous part aur cute hoga so let’s enjoy.

  41. Lily

    Guys I don’t care about the dance.. But I don’t want shravan to think that sumo rejected him at the last moment like the prom night……

  42. Minakhi

    @Smile ….The Timing slot is still not confirmed….but EDKV is not going to Off air in this July……No way many things r happening in the show ND Also Many things r Going to reveal..how it will end …no this show is not going off air…..Yaar EDKV k fandom halla maccha denge…..agar aisa Hua to……Chill…..

    @Lily…..I hope iss bande ka Dimag kuch kaam kare ….Apna dimag to bech khaya hai isne ab trust bhi kha jayga to bohut bura hoga Dono k liye . …plz aisa na ho😥

  43. sona

    Lol..shayari..yaar ..I will share it in wts app groups..and don’t worry..I’m not gng to use ur credit..😛😜
    I will..say..it was my frnd who wrote it😂☺😍😍

  44. Lily

    Guys a good new for you all. I just watched 58 epi.. In which nirmala Says Aditya is doing business with me… Matlab Raamu can’t manipulate Aditya…… It means there must be a situation like shravan gets hurt before the dance and Aditya comes in right time for her dance.. If this happens then I am happy.. All I want is no mu bw shraman….

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