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Prita warns her husband to go away. I don’t work day and night to spend it in your alcohol. He is drunk. I wont spare you. She shouts at him to stop. I beg people and get jobs for you but you refuse it. They argue. Sumo takes Prita inside. Why do you bear this drama daily? Don’t you have self-respect? Divorce him. Prita says it isn’t easy to break relation. When we love someone then our ego, arrogance is to be kept aside. Sumo thinks of Shravan’s words. There is nothing bigger than self-respect for me, nothing else!

Shravan sits with a client. The client says Ram wasn’t ready to take my case. I defeated him in golf so he agreed. Shravan says you must play really well. The man calls himself best. I like working with best people only. Your papa has praised you a lot. I

hope it is true. Shravan replies he will get the answer once he wins the case. The man appreciates his confidence.

Sumo thinks to find out what Shravan thinks of her. She drops him a message.

Shravan is with the client when his phone beeps. I am sorry for last night. It was a joke. I had no idea you or your family members will take it this seriously. He sends K in reply. She is taken aback. Dint he had time to even write O! She sends him another message.

The client talks about his case with Shravan. The phone beeps again. Shravan reads the message. Can I ask you something? Do you think the same way about me like you said about other women yesterday? He hastily replies her and resumes talking to the client. She is angry to ready his reply – are you not a woman? She replies him to answer to the point. Sumo paces anxiously. It is 5 minutes. He still hasn’t replied. Sumo keeps calling him nonstop. He looks irked. Sumo decides to ask him face to face only. I will ask him directly today what he thinks of me. Prita prays to God to calm down Sumo somehow.

Nanu is talking to pundit ji regarding Sumo’s marriage. He tells Mami ji about the guy. We will take it forward if Sumo sees and meets the guy. Mami is glad thinking it will make way for Preeti then.

Sumo storms in Shravan’s cabin. Can you not answer someone’s messages or calls? He rebukes her for not having manners to knock at the cabin door before coming in. She apologizes. I will wait outside. The client excuses himself. You have a lot more important to focus on.

Sumo and Shravan argue about the messages. She demands to hear it from his mouth. Do you think of me the same way the way you think about your mom and other women? He agrees. All women are irritating. Did you get your answer? She leaves from there without saying anything. She mutters to herself angrily. Why am I going without giving him an answer? I will do double insult. Max to max friendship will break. Why have friends who don’t care about anything? Bhaad me jaaye dosti.

Pushkar and Shravan are having food. Shravan tells him to talk to Chachi. Pushkar tells him to relax. She dint leave from there upset. She had some work with Mama ji. Pushkar gets busy in chatting. Shravan enjoys the food. He closes his eyes as soon as he tastes Daal. He gets emotional. Sumo opens the door but stops seeing them talking. Pushkar asks Shravan if the food is tasty. What happened? Why do you have tears in your eyes? Shravan says this reminded me of something. Something that I have a deep relation with but cannot understand what! Sumo looks at the lunch box. This is from my kitchen. Shravan says there is something blurry here which I cannot understand. Pushkar cannot understand it. Shravan smells the food closely. It is the same like. He cannot understand what it is but there is something.

A flashback is shown. Sumo learnt this recipe from Shravan’s mother only. It was her speciality. Flashback ends.

Shravan makes Pushkar smell the food. Can you not recall anything? Pushkar denies. Sumo thinks he couldn’t forget the food made by the mother who he hates a lot. You can say anything but you love your mother till date. She thinks of his harsh words asking her to stay out of the matter between him and his mother. He feels as if he has some connection with this Daal. If he finds out that this is from my kitchen and that I learnt this recipe from Nirmala aunty then it would be a problem. Pushkar notices her. He asks her to join them. Eat this Daal. According to bhaiya this is the best one in the world. You are a chef. Eat it and decide what’s special in it. Shravan unhappily asks her to join them. Pushkar says why I smell World War 3 here. Is there some problem? Shravan denies. He gives Daal to Sumo. She calls it good. Shravan advises her to praise other chefs too. Do you even know how it was being made and what all was put in it? Pushkar is sure she would know it. She is chef. Tell us now. Sumo names the ingredients. Shravan corrects her. This is why all the best chefs of the world are male.

Shravan asks Sumo to taste the Daal and feel it. Pushkar shows them how to do so. Pick up Daal in a spoon, eat it and close your eyes to relish it. Someone told me that this makes you enjoy the taste more. Shravan tells the recipe perfectly. Sumo recalls his mother telling him the exact same process back in childhood. Shravan asks her if she felt the taste. She nods absentmindedly. He teases her about taste. Pushkar compliments him. Did you go to London to learn law or chef? How do you know it so perfectly? Pushkar is impressed. Sumo is a chef but couldn’t tell it. Shravan bets that some male chef made it. Pushkar and Shravan bet on it. Shravan wants to know from where it was ordered. Sumo gets worried.

Precap: Peon looks for the number from where the lunch was ordered. Sumo looks tensed. Shravan’s mother is shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thank u for fast update

  2. Thankyou so much Pooja di for superfast update☺?

  3. Better Episode loved pushkar and his harkatey….. Luv pushkar and preeti scenes…. Precap is bringing a twist and TRUTH …. Letz wait wat wil hapn

  4. It was nice.But pura episode Daal ke upar hi chala Gaya aur aaj ka Pura episode Shravan k Mom ko dedicated tha .But It’s shows that how much Shravan Miss his mom.? Precape is very interesting finally Nirmala Mam Came.Very excited to see how Suman will Handle all the situations.?? Thanks Pooja di for super fast Update.?

  5. when shravan said that every woman is irritating,i was just?????…leave abt all past…
    dont know abt any past or future,if any man would dare to tell me such kinda words,then?????❌❎
    friends,what would u do if u were in sumo’s place?

    1. Wrong emoticon the first-3 .it should be???????

    2. at least a slap was well deserved.. I mean dere were his own reasons to say so … but still… u cannot judge everyone in d same way…

      1. I will change his views for women…I will slowly make him understand that all women r not same..I will try to give his childhood back….
        Nothing like this will happen…
        I would have broken the friendship with him….Thats it!!!

      2. well said!!!

    3. I m wondering that what was the meaning of word kinda pls tell me I found this word
      every where…. Pls help me ….

      1. kind of

    4. Giving him a tight simle and I say that how many women’s u encounter in ur life that u compare all women to ur mom……as per my thinking all r not same yaar….

      1. u would give him a tight smile!!!!!?

    5. I would totally stop being friends with Shravan

    6. if i was in sumo’s place,I would lost my self control more than her nd friend ship my foot…pakka thodke hi rahungi untill he feels sorry….if he think her as a frnd then he would nt had said all tht….
      lekin ek baat tho hai jo maa ko itni hate karta hai par uski recipe tho bahut achesei yaad rakha usne…abhi tak o use bula nahi paya

    7. Aise toh agr mujhe lecture dena hot toh main kehti ki main usse samjhane ki koshish krti nd usko uski maa ke positive points batati etc. Etc.

      Bt i cn tell u wat i wud actually do. Right???

      Main jaati kehti -Your attitude my foot. I cannot bear attitude. Keep ur soooo valuable friendship wid u. Stupid….

      Pr yaar agar namik mera dost hota toh shayad main itni rudely baat nhi kr paati

  6. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Shravan mother is back means.. Kamini drama gonna end.. Sooo happy.. ???

  7. dats lovely….. okay people I have got to ask u something… wat attracted u to d show EDKV … in my case it was Nikita … I loved her in dream girl hence was hooked up to d show … plz do answer .. I really wanna know.. all of u… 😉

    1. firstly i just wanted to know who is the male lead then slwly i started luvng shramans nok jok and their chemistry dats y …

    2. For me it’s namik……. I started watching this show from starting…… But irregularly……….. The moment I saw namik shirtless……. I became crazy ……. Earlier I used to like sat n sun.. But now I hate these weekends …….. It’s namik….. On the other hand I like Nikita s acting very much… Full on binders…………

      1. * bindass

    3. For me…first ,its promo..it was so impressive…
      Second…its my sweetheart Namik…I love him alot…?

      1. I first wanted to see Nikita on screen as I loved her in DG but after seeing actual episodes I became crazy on namik….he is just best for me…..but I was attracted towards both…just love them…..first if it comes then its Nikita n her cuteness….

    4. I saw the review in tu page and I became a big fan of it and even i can say Nikitha also added contribution to tht as i liked her acting in dream girl especially her smile…but after watching the show I strtd liking Namik also…Both are jst amazing actors

    5. Actually first i ws attracted by promo bt i ws nt as attracted to see it regularly.
      Bt after i saw holi epis i gt crazy nd started following it

    6. i watched the promo…thought to check it once as its impressing promo.then…it happens

  8. Daal yummyyyy…..worried for Suman…

  9. Thanks pooja 4 d update

  10. Hello… Everyone i am new here… And i love edkv… Can i join this family?

    1. Ofcourse u can join us..u r in which class n from where?

    2. Most welcome mukti…

    3. hii Mukti.welcome dear

  11. Ohh…it was bad ,fine as well as a good episode…

    Bad..reason you guys know very well…Shravu told sumo that for him she is also just like other women…really??? That was so diappointing shravu..But i liked the reply he gave for sumo’s message..’are you not a women?’That was funny…But he was really rude today…He forgot that she is his best friend..Iam so angry on shravan …I even prayed for him to loose the case about which he was talking to the client today because of his rudeness to sumo..But i will never hate shravan ..Its because of two reasons..
    1 ..He hates women because of his childhood experiences,..so we cant blame him completely.
    2.Its because of the person who is acting shravu’s character…Namik paul?..I love Namik so much that i cant hate shravu even if he is rude…Iam getting very tensed as he will get more rude to her after knowing that she is supporting Nirmala,his mom..

    Fine because..Pushkar is there na..he will surely do something.I liked his dialogue”World war 3″..I would love to watch the episode on which shravu will understand that ..this dal is not made by any male chef..its made by his mom or sumo…

    It was a good episode,…because Nanu started searching groom for sumo..He has also found someone..I want him to be handsome so that he will be a tough competition for Shravan.I want to see shravu jealous very soon..Especially after seeing him getting so rude to her in today’s episode..
    Iam so happy that they are completing all the tracks so fastly..there is no such dragging in this serial..I would love to watch how sumo will change shravu’s views on women.I hope shravu’s father will not become a villian in shraman’s life…

    Love you Namik n Niki for wonderful acting….???

    1. even i feel the same Abhi

    2. Thanx abhi u saved me frm writing a deadly long msg….:P
      U covered 3/4 of my points

      U r abso rite

      1. Its my pleasure,?

  12. U r right Sumo .Nikita is a talented actress.Her work in DG was very much appreciated.But In EDKV Both Namik and Nikita R soo good in there Acting skills.they r doing their jobs perfectly (As the demand of the script )It’s really commendable For both.it’s just this my opinion.

  13. Nice episode

  14. Hello everyone! Natasha’s here.
    How r u all? Abhi ji, ireena, sree and all. By the way todays epi was quite good. Do u know that i havent see any epi of this show on tv. I even dont know how the chrecters look like. Just i know of shravan and sumo as i have see their pics on ek duje ke vaaste google search.

    Good night. Dont know when i will be back. I only come here for only one time after update get published. Becoz i dont have much time. Lot of work and pressure. So everytime cant read everyones comment. But if i get time i will read them.

    1. Natasha ….. Hw come…. Dint u notice my comment or u forgot me r ignoring me???? Any ways i wil not forget u…. Bye

      1. r u completing CA??i read someone’s comment that day.

    2. oh!i underdstand,dear…no problem..
      btw,r u busy too due to studies??

    3. hii natasha..we all r fine here…How r u?Don’t get too much pressure jst try to be calm and handle out any situation…I know anyways u r so cool

    4. Hiii natasha…. ?
      Without seeing the serial itself..you liked it,.Thats awesome ?

      1. even i didn’t see the serial in the starting…jst i used to read updates…I strtd seeing from final case hearing epi…yesterday i saw all the epis frm strting…

  15. Today’s best part for me was pushkar n shravan scenes I really enjoyed them….so guys today there were much dialogues tell me which was ur fav????? pls guys….mine it was pushkar dialogue when he says I smell world war 3…it was soo cute…..common guys its time to comment…..

    1. I liked shravan’s reply…’Are you not a women” …also pushkar’s ‘world war3″..?

  16. Is it geethanjali as nirmala i mean as shagun’s mother….. Let her b a positive character….. It wil suit her more….

    1. Shravu’s*

    2. yes Devga it is geethanjali….

      1. Wow i like her natural acting…. Hope she is a positive character… Negative does not suit her

    3. even i like her a lot

  17. Did anyone think tht sumo noticed the way of eating of pushkar is like preethi…bcse she is her sister and she know how preethi is…so wt do u guys say?????????

    1. Ya ya i noticed it….. Lovly

    2. But dont knw wether she realised it or not…
      I likd the way pushkar was teaching then how to get the essence of food

    3. I think she didnt notice properly but maybe later when she’ll feel that preekar are in love..then she might think about this incident as a flashback…?

      1. may be u r also ri8 abhi

  18. I think She noticed that .But Shravan k saamne kuch keh nahi payi .May bi kyun Ki wo Shravan me busy thi.

  19. for me i didn’t like nikita and didnt pay attention for male lead and one day i was finding something to watch on tv as nowdays evry serial is draging ang hvng a stupid story i just found it i thought to watch that tym there alumini party part was going on and i really liked it there nok jhok and saw namik he is so damn hot. from that prt onwards every saturday i used to watch it and started watching it everyday it came and here i am one of the biggest fan of this show and namim?????

  20. namik*

  21. shraman. fan👰

    shravan looking damn handsome wooooow

  22. O guys ,
    I hv a sincere request plsss someone tell dis shravan dat every lady is nt d same…
    Why dont he get it… I m frustrated irritated.
    Nd 1 time more he shouts at sumo i ll bite him off (well,not practically)
    Plss directors i lv nok jhok between shraman bt dis serious fight……;(

    1. Dont worry yaar..sumo will soon make him realize that all the women are not irritating n selfish..?

      1. Hope so….
        Fingers crossed
        Plus i hope dis soon wud come soon

  23. guys i don’t like this new preetha…old preetha is too gud and her expressions were cute….but new preetha ke face mei koi expression hota hi nahi

    1. Yaaa…i also like old preetha more..she was more n cute…also i like her acting more.?

    2. Sree di u r rite..
      Old preeta ws more plumpy nd her punjabi accent ws quite better…
      New preeta is jst kinda fine comparatively 2 old one…

  24. the epi was not soooo good but okay.bcoz shravu is always scolding sumo and sumo sonnaadhaan enna that she made that dal.onnum aaidaadhu.apdi sandaiye potaalum paravala .avalum evlo dhaan asinga paduva?????????

  25. hello guys!
    devga yaar what r u saying? actually in previous updates i only wrote my comment and go away. so i didnt read ur comments. but after seeing ur this comment i cheaked all ur messages. devga i never can ignore u and dont love u. so dont say next time that im ignoring u. yaar i feel so bad.

    sree u think im cool? ha..ha..ha.. my frds says im boring and ur saying im cool? very good joke.

    abhi ji yaah. its awsome. may i ask u something? is ur name abhimanyu or sometime that starts with abhi?

    guys i just now cheaked previous epi pages. did nisha come here? is she my sis nisha?

    1. Yes ,…my name starts with Abhi..but its not Abhimanyu,..Iam a girl..My name is Abhirami..?

    2. natty tumhare ff’s dekhe koi bhi ye nahi keh sakte ki tum boring ho…nd its nt a joke…u can ask any one here….
      and yes its our sweet and cute nishu….she came on this page yesterday…and hope she will come today also…..

  26. Wow nice episode but want more of shraman 😛 and daal part was funny lol

  27. hey frnds……

    sumo s a matured character……. so th storyline s gud…….. ts the apt reactn frm her…… moreovr she luvs shravan……..nd really wants to change hm…..,

  28. i like every1 n th serial………. specially suman nd srawan, pushkar nd preethi…………..

  29. yeah u remember ur sis nisha but u didn’t even recognize me when my dp is not even changed

    I try to find u everywhere on manmarziyan there are 3 natasha but I asked them all

    and nobody is u

    and even there is same dp waali naty too
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    so I recognize that is not u

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    this is very heart breaking

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    yes , I didn’t watch this serial but i came for devga

    now I came here for u devga sreee

    love u all 3

    very important parts of my life

    luv u a lll

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    and yeah naty if u start writing again then I will reach dear waiiting for it too when we all can met at your page

    love u all

    1. Hey nishu!!!! U r here??

    2. hey nishu jst chill dear…natty ka vo matlab nahi tha…she was jst surprised by seeing u in this page…thts it…she loves u alot dear….hum sab sisters hai….we shld be one always
      In which pages r u commenting nishu…i tried to find u but couldn’t….wt abt ur ff Naadan dill ki manmarziyan

  30. Haii…guys….the epi was OK….precap is also not much interesting I hope….

  31. nisha dont misunderstand me. u r my sis. if ur misunderstanding me then whats the meaning of sis? sis always understand each other. u know na that i love u as my sis. u always give me guidelines and always make me smile even if im sad. i know that we cant chat for whole life but can remain sis. i didnt say anything to u then bcoz i didnt want anybpdy to say bye. u know khabhi alvida na kehna. jabbhi time milega mein aungi.

    mein suddenly iss liye gayi thi bcoz i had to go to somewhere to do something that was really needed. then atehi busy ho gaya.

    btw how r u? i swear i was remembering u somedays ago. i searched for u in mmz pg but u werent there. and my ff im not writing it.

    bye. take care. when i will get time i will come here. and yaa if u have time then i want to talk to u personally. lets meet tommorow at 3:30 pm at desi tv box mmz fan pg. only if r u okay with it. pls reply me if u can.

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    abhi ur name is really unique.

  32. Wow nishu u came here for me thts nice of u….. Ya natty is bsy i hope coz she evn dint see my comments though it was the first one… Leav it nishu dont become this senti yar thn u knw evn i wil become senti ….
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