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Vandy and Chachi ji are eagerly waiting for Ramnath. She tells Vandy to make tea. I will be back from the market. Vandy and Chachi ji intentionally collide. The bag full of jewellery falls down. Ramnath asks them about the jewellery. Kamini (Chachi ji) lies that she is only going to give them to polish. He checks them. They are new. Tell me what the problem is. Kamini tells him that she is going to sell it all. Varun needs money. Vandy and I thought to do this. Ramnath says you could have asked me or Lala. She points out that Lala ji will not ask you. Shravan checked the papers. He said there is a risk in it. How could I ask you for money then? Ramnath looks at Shravan. Kamini speaks in Shravan’s favour. He is a big lawyer so he must be right. But being a mother, I will do anything for my kids.

Ramnath calls the jewellery the respect of this house and her and Vandy. I am upset with you. You could have spoken to me atleast. She says sorry to him. He tells her always remember that he never gave importance to anything else more than her. You will get your cheque soon. Keep the jewellery back safely. He leaves. Kamini turns to Shravan. Don’t take me wrong but I was only doing it for my son. He nods. I understand your feelings. He heads to his room. Vandy is elated to have her jewellery back.

The delivery guy asks for ID proof from Rachna before giving it to her. She argues with him on the same. Sumo comes there. The delivery guy again asks for proof. Sumo sneezes. He tells her not to show it then. I was told to give the parcel to the Madam who is sneezing. Sumo finds it weird.

Sumo finds medicines in the parcel. Her phone beeps just then. The text is from Shravan. Cold has increased. You can fall ill. I don’t want you to miss tomorrow’s party at any cost so I am sending the medicines. She is surprised. He is so caring. She dials his number but then disconnects it. I shouldn’t act so happy or he will sit on my head. the call did not disconnect. He asks her who she was talking about. She says cold. He asks her why she called. She thinks she called to hear his voice. He says the same to her. She asks him if someone will sleep after taking medicines. He points out that people sleep at night. She thinks who will feel sleepy now. She agrees to sleep after taking medicine then. She says bye and he replies but she still lingers on. He says bye again. She ends the call. What was I saying? I am girl. I shouldn’t give him too much attention. Tomorrow’s party will be rocking.

Next morning, Shravan calls Kaka to bring black coffee for him. Ramnath brings it just then surprising Shravan. You brought it for me when you wanted to talk to me that day. Today I want to talk to you. I have been thinking last night. I understood one thing about my family. Shravan looks at the family tree. Ramnath shares the background. We all used to live under the same roof before partition. The family divided afterwards. We were still a family of 50 people under the same roof. My father too raised a family of 20 people together even when the times were tough. Shravan is confused. Ramnath points out that there are not even 10 people in their family now. I don’t want the number to decrease when I am alive. You have to look beyond right and wrong at times to keep the family intact. I know of the risk in Varun’s contract. It is nothing in front of seeing my family together. Am I thinking right? Shravan agrees. You did the right thing last night. I will always remember it. Ramnath nods. I know.

It is 5:30pm. I have to leave at 6. Sumo looks for her dress but cannot find her anywhere. She asks Rachna about the dress. Preeti is all quiet. Rachna suggests her to wear something else. The sooner you leave, the sooner you will be back. You have to drop us to the airport. We need to be there before 3 hours. Sumo agrees to be back by 11:30. Mami ji tells her to skip going in the party. Sumo comes to her room sadly. She gets Shravan’s message. It is only half an hour before the party begins. I will wait for you at the door. Hope you wont disappoint me. She wonders how to go to the party without dress?

Shravan and Pushkar get ready. Pushkar is excited. We used to get ready like this in school time as well. We will do the same in reunion party. He has to pick Pratibha from Gurgaon. Shravan teases him on finding a date. Pushkar says call it a date if you think borrowing a wife is good enough. Shravan laughs hearing it. Pushkar points out that girls wont fall for him as he isn’t as smart as Shravan. Shravan assures Pushkar he will find someone in the party. You are trying so hard to look good. Pushkar tries to peek in when he sees Shravan typing a message. Shravan says you are asking as if you don’t know who I am sending a message to. Pushikar leaves to pick up Pratibha.

Sumo gets another message from Shravan. What should I tell him? He will be angry if I wear something else in the party. Preeti comes there. I want to talk to you. please don’t get angry. Your dress dint disappear. I came to ask you for white dupatta. I saw your dress in the cupboard. I wanted to try it but it got torn when I was taking it out. I am sorry. Preeti gives her the dress. I will bring new one if you are feeling so bad. Sumo knows she dint do it intentionally. I dint feel bad. Preeti smiles. I will see my favourite show now. Sumo looks at the dress. I will mend it. I will go in the party at any cost. Wait a little more, Shravan. Epi ends on the split screen of Shravan and Sumo.

Precap: Sumo is waiting for Shravan. He comes there just then. She thinks he looks so handsome. I will pardon him for coming late. Urvashi comes there wearing the same dress. Shravan goes inside the party holding Urvashi’s hand. Sumo shouts after him but he pays no attention to her. Shravan looks content.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I knew dis…i knew it…shravan was just taking revenge frm her.

  2. This Shravan is so rude of Sumo I just hope something happens which mKes him end up dancing with Sumo

  3. Hmm..my guess ws ryt..shravan gonna do d same as wt sumo did in childhood by choosing urvashi as his partner n ll ignore sumo in party 😮 n o tunk sumo n pushkar ll b partners in party 😉 Wtevr sumo did in childhood tat ws unintentional being a immature girl bt nw shravan bieng a mature guy doing ths 😮

    Anyway m waiting 4 ShraMan reunion ♥♥♥

  4. I seriously started liking shravan but he showed his true colours. I hope the misunderstandings clear and they don’t drag it. Feel bad for sumo 🙁

  5. sreya(luv n miss u ishveer)

    But y is he taking revenge. Can anyone pls tell me. I started to watch this serial just two days back so I dont know anything. pls pls pls pls pls

    1. Suman did something very bad to Shravan in their childhood.They were friends.But its not said yet what sumo did..

      1. sreya(luv n miss u ishveer)

        thnx abhi

      2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        No abhi I think they told. They have told one day like precap suman did same with Shravan for that only he is taking revenge that is it

  6. I seriosly started liking shravan but he showed his true colours. I hope the misunderstandings clear without dragging and shravan falls in love with sumo. Feel bad for sumo……. 🙁

  7. I knew he was going to ditch her

  8. actually in childhood days also sumo told him that will choose the partner smart and dashing ….something like that…From sumo’s side everything was cleared..But shravan only went to the party assuming sumo will be his partner…Here shravan is wrong not sumo….Sumo always took care of her image in the childhood days also…that is why she was not talking with him in front of all the friends….And this thing sravan knows very well…so I did not liked revenge and all…writer should have done something else….instead of this childish thing….Yes they showed sravan very intelligent and all..so ithis behaviour of his is not expected

    1. u are right

    2. I’m also agree with u

  9. Expected revenge from shravan but y the same dress ? for both…..?????

  10. i knew he will do this only. idiotttttttttttttttttttttttt

  11. shravan faltu maar dalunga

  12. Shravan really disappointed with his act he is just being childish nd overall he gave d same dress to uvrashi am so shock just feel like crying

  13. Arey! Agar directly Shravan aur Suman love meh pada tho kya maja? Kuch tho twist chahiye na.. dont scould Shravan.. one day he wil realise his mistake?

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