Ek Duje Ke Vaste 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The door of pct gets sealed and sumo receives notice and is shocked to see shravans name on that.She says Shravan can’t do this ,he always helps me.Prita says okay let’s go and find out.Prita and sumo leave in the car.

In the office ramnath and everyone are praising Shravan and having a party,just then sumo and Prita come there and see the party going on.Ramnath sees sumo and he comes out to meet her . ramnath says what happened ,what do you want.Sumo says I wanted to speak to Shravan. ramnath says I will not let Shravan help you even if he wants to.Shravan sees sumo and ramnath speaking and he comes out.Sumo asks ramnath how can you do all this to me only because of that incident ,Shravan comes there and shouts on sumo.He asks sumo to leave from there.He says I did all this,leave

from here and don’t speak to my father that way.Sumo says I should have understood when you said you wanted to close the place that dal is made.They stare at each other and ramnath smiles evily.Sumo leaves from there helplessly.Shravan is sad seeing sumo.Sumo comes outside the office and thinks of Shravans words and cries .She says I dnt knw you will take revenge on me this way.Shravan thinks of sumos words and the client comes there and says let’s celebrate and don’t be sad.client is drunk and says she wasn’t your status so don’t think of her.Shravan slaps him angrily and says sorry and leaves from there.ramnath is tensed seeing that.Sumo comes back to pct and everyone ask her if Shravan will help them.She remains silent and cries .They load all the items and vessels of pct in a truck and sumo takes the pct board and gets sad seeing the broken board.Truck reaches tiwari house and all the family members are shocked seeing all the vessels. Nanu asks how did this happen.Prita says him about everything that happened.Everyone try to console her.Mami says if god closes one door he will open many doors.nanu says this is life and says ups and downs are common and only people who don’t give up win .

sumo looks at her mother name on the board and says she won’t lose .Pct won’t lose ,she will not let someone spoil her mother name .Mamaji says pct will become more successful than before .He asks sumo to take rest .Prita and the other workers leave from there.Nananji prays to god to give sumo strength. Mamaji and preeti ask sumo not to worry and they are with her.They ask her to lie down and sleep

Pushkar comes to shravans room and says how could you do this intentionally. You dint do the correct thing. Shravan says what does it matter now,if I did it intentionally or not .I did what a lawyer had to do.pushkar asks him what about duties of a friend.He says you weren’t here when sumo started pct four years back.He says sumo dint have money for workers so she cooked herself and delivered all the lunch boxes.He asks Shravan did you ever see her cooking,she looks so happy cooking.He says though Shravan is a good lawyer,if he can’t see his friends tears he can never be a good friend.

Precap:kamini and ramnath are speaking.ramnath says I have separated sumo from Shravan but I have to do something to make Shravan hate sumo.Ramnath is seen going to that client and he says that he wants to buy the pct land.

Update Credit to: Deepali


  1. Sunitha

    Even reading this makes me pissed,the writers created such a rude character,there should be a five year leap,Saying that Suman went to America,I want to see Tiwari ji slapping him for ruining her Pct business

    • shivani

      hey i also want that nanu should slap tightly to shravan nhi to nanu ko ramu ko bhi marna chahiye for cheating sumo

  2. Anshi

    Hey guys … Awsum epi… Thanx deepali..

    Well dont worry dis dis nt my main comment… I ll comment my feelings tom.
    Meri feelings ko dekhte hue lg rha kl tum logon ko ek bada comment padhna padega meri taraf se… πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  3. nisha

    Nice episode, they way in which sumo’s family and PCT colleague’s supported her , she will surely gonna make PCT bigger. Nanu’s funda for life was today’s show’s topper. Puskar is best brother nd friend. Rapta (slap) by shravan shows they frustration inside shravan as he is not able to help her love nd became the reason of her pain. All the best sumo show them girl power bring back PCT fame.

  4. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    He stole my heart today…..how can he be so sweet…….he was the center of attraction of the show today……and as always Niki and namik nailed it but today I will only talk about PUSHKAR….
    He is a best friend any one can ever have…..I really wish I have a friend like him…..sumo is really lucky to have him as a friend who is always at her side at all times….. And the line he said to shravan ” bhaiya agar aap apne dost ki taqleef nhi dekh sakte uska dard nhi samjh sakte toh aap chahe kitne bhi ache lawyer ho par ek ache dost nhi Jo sakte ho” I was giving him flying kisses that time…..I just loved today’s episode.. ……I will watch it again tomm

  5. Lily

    Fab epi………that cheap Ramanath… I hate u…… Vaise guys I didn’t watch it….
    I think now Ramanath will buy that pct land from his frnd…. N will tell shravan that I requested to give his land….. N just
    Brought it for ur frnd ship with sumo….. Will do emotional attyachar…become Mahaan in front of shravan…… Then shravan will go to sumo to give away her pct land…. But she will refuse it…… As it is against her self respect…… That will anger shravan….. Then he will challenge Suman to manage her pct on her own….. In order to fulfill her challenge she will run pct from her home….. Just my guess..
    I m very much excited for the track…..

  6. roshni

    Ohhhh….this pushkar is making me mad day by day…..god….he was sooo soo true……but wat to do….nothing is going to affect our shravan….but I really liked todays epi……oooo….now I have to wait for 2 days to c next episode…..

    @abhi finally ur back abhi……v all missed u like hell…….oohhhh don’t care about there words they r here to fill negativity n bringing clashes between us….but our friendship is not weak that by there words it gets spoil…

    …v all trust u dear…….

    @kittu…..yeah I understood now..ty for clearing me…….

  7. Minakhi

    Episode was good. Brilliant acting by everyone….nd of course Nikita ‘s fab acting…… Pushkar was very supportive but I was disappointed by Shravan’s reaction…. He didn’t feel bad …. But it was nice that her family was very supportive….yaar koi mere tarf se Do thappad shravan ko laga deta to mujhe acche se nind Ata …but its ok ….this a Show…..but my love is for Namik is still on …..The True friend is Pushkar…..last me kya dialogue Mara usne….too good. ….I was expecting a Slap from him …but again it’s ok…He couldn’t do this…..Again how can I forget our Ramu kaka …..one day This Devil Will be killed by Sumo …….I m damm sure …but Shravan ne kya thappad Mara Mr.Berry ko …..too good …..Wahan pe bhi mujhe laga Ki…bhai Berry tu hi maar de do thappad Shravan ko ….but again it’s ok ………but I will surely slap ….Shravan ……..in my dream …..tonight……hehehe ……good night all friends ?

    • Anshi

      Minakhi… Sumo shareef ladki h voh toh thappad maregi nhi… Bt yeh Ramu kaka mujhse bahut bura thappad kha jaayega aur voh bhi bahut jald

    • Aritri


      |Registered Member

      I too was feeling to slap shravan… He deserved atleast one slap from sumo after all that…
      And when shravan slapped Berry I was so happy.. Atleast his words affected him… Ekbar k liye Laga aaj na Berry ka chutney bana de shravan… Par usne apni gusse Ko control kr Liya.. ??

  8. roshni

    guys I will comment tomorrow with many questions to ask u all…..I guess today tu r very fast at posting d comments wats say guys????????????love u all…..good night…..sweet dreams…..

  9. shraman

    The episode was pretty great..!! Amazing episode.. I just love PUSHKAR.. Pushkar stole the show today.. That pain in shravan’s eyes potrayed everything, namik has such amazing expressive eyes.. Nikita’s acting was amazing.. Amazing episode.. Remember how ramnath was mistaked to be dead after shravan leaving for london, I cried that time.. I so wish that it was true now!! I want him dead.. That slap was amazing.. Good going shravan! Pushkar is bae

  10. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Oops forgot to mention……
    Thank I deepali di for the update…… Btw what happened to Pooja di….where is she???
    Why she is not updating???

  11. Anshi

    Guys maaf kr dena bt mein apni feelings store nhi kr paayi… πŸ˜›

    First of all …. Deepali thanx a lot fr wu….

    Todays epi ws simply awsum… Awsum word k inventor ne iss word ko jb banaya hoga… Toh uske dimaag mein ek sundar si image hogi… N yeh epi uss image ko perfectly describe krta h….
    BTW…. Agar mujhe charcters se kuchh kehnr ko mile toh pata h main kya khoongi…
    Sumo… Dr u rocked it… U r fantabulous baby… Lv u… Vaise u disappointed me a lil 2… Maine socha tha ki tum shravan pr chilaogi… Bt chal koi ni… Tum chinta mat kro shravan tumse door nhi reh paaega zyada der… πŸ˜‰
    Shravan… Yaar tujhse kya kahoon??? Tujhse toh bas itna hi kahoongi…”Kahin teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaayen pyaar se”…. Common yaar toone aur kisi cheez mein phd kari ho ya nhi… Bt khud ka naa pehchanne mein toh toone double phd kr li yaar… For god sake thoda toh samajh khud ko…
    Ramnath… U deserved it… Voh toh shukr mana sumo shareef h nahi toh main hoti toh munh tod deti tera….
    N my sweetu Pushkar… Beta tu naa meri jaan hi le lega… Itna achha bhai aur dost maini apni lyf mein nhi dekha…

    Guys aaj k epi mein mujhe best part laga jb pushkar shravan ko samjha raha tha…. I m seriously fallin fr pushkar man…. Matlab main kuchh bhi bolun mein express nhi kr paa rhi how much i lv his role in d serial…
    N second best part toh yaar vahi tha…. Kya thappad mara h shravan ne… U deserve Mr. Berry… How dare u…. N rhi baat umr k lihaaz ki… AGE MY FOOT….
    (Lemme calm down………..)
    Third best part…. Guys dunno why bt today i ws highly impressed by pushkar… My 3rd fav part ws pushkar’s expression when shravan shouted at symo… Killer!!

    How much i lved today’s epi cant b summed up in words…
    Sry fr such a long comment…

  12. Bhagyashri

    Today’s episode was rocking. Trust,anger,love,cheating, motivation, bonding, friendship, sadness,happiness all seen in one episode, in first part I was just crying. But in second part all family members and pct members support and nanus motivational speech is awesome. All members done a great job to supporting our sumo.and third part was mind blowing, fantastic, awesome, very nice,no words,pushkar u r too good yaar.ur dialogue are just mindblowing.u r very honest friend but pushkar our shravan is also too good yaar.poor shravan usko to pata hi nahi hai like u ki us land par sumo ka pct tha.sumo ke pas pura parivar and pct members bhi hai but our shravan is so lonely pushkar so u should understand shravan. U r only hope of all of us.u r good brother and friend also.so plz do something for unite our shraman. and clear misunderstanding between them.then ur life also set.sorry guys for long comment. But I can’t control myself for commenting this big comment after that rocking episode.

  13. Aritri


    |Registered Member

    Today pushkar stole my heart… Seriously!!! Namik acting was superb no doubt.. But today’s showstealer is only PUSHKAR ??
    Coming to ramnath… Aah i just wanted to slap him hard.. How could he do this??!!! Once he told shravan to behave well with sumo since she is granddaughter of his guru.. And now what did he do??!! Such double standard people ?? shravan should know the truth of ramnath asap and clear all misunderstandings with his mom and sumo…
    And the precap… Kamini is really kameeni…. And staying with Kamini ramnath had become kamina ? hope pushkars word effect shravan and he goes to stand by sumo during her hard times..

  14. Bhagyashri

    Hey abhi,u r back.welcome back yaar. We missed u so so much.tumhare bina ye page bilkul suna suna lagta hai.but u entered With this rocking episode. I am so happy.BTW how ur studies going on?

  15. Bhagyashri

    Hey abhi u r back with this rocking episode.I am so happy and welcome back yaar.BTW how r u? How ur studies going on? And vo nibir and shraman ka next ff tune post kiya kya? Plz tell.

  16. roshni

    woowwwwwwwww……..so soon 23* super hain yaa………nice….keep rocking like this always………..good night alll…..

    • Anshi

      Yup roshni…. N now imagine agar abhi hi itna h toh 3din mein kahan se kahan pahunch jaayega….

  17. Bhagyashri

    Sorry it came twice.hey khushi tomorrow is Saturday so sabhi epi kal subah 8:30to 10:30 ko aate hai.so last episode 10 : 30 ko aayega subah just for confirming u.

  18. sss

    nice episode thanx depali for the update…..
    today with my fas sumo n pushku they nailed it with their acting….really well acting done by them…..sumo feeling bad for her…she such a strong character in this show…..really her character is such a good example for strongest woman…she dosen’t fall weak in any situation even in today episode…shaman what wrong with u
    #pushku pushku pushku omg u r really my fas one in this show….such a caring n amazing friend…though shaman is sumo best friend but that true friendship tag u deserve….sumo is lucky to have a friend like u….day by day I’m falling for ur character more…thanx ekdv team for bringing such a perfect n sweet character pushku u r amazing…

  19. Bhagyashri

    Hey anshi and lily nunu didn’t know about shravan and ramnath also.next episode me pata chalega nanu ko.good night guys,sweet dreams and take care.

  20. Anshi

    Vaise guys nik nak r awsum…. Bt no doubt today’s star ws pushkar…. Agree guys???

    BTW wats d real name of pushkar???

  21. Mahima

    I am mahima .i am great fan edkv i just loving watching edkv and the episodes which i miss i am reading them on tellyupdates and thanks to all those who are writing these updates i think there must be some leap of 2-3 years and then sumo will be a very rich person and suddenly she will see shravan after a long time then a lot of conversation will happen between both of them then ……..but pushkar u could be sumos frnd not shravan ,shrava do u have have some intentions but i loved when shravan slapped that pierre or whatever his name is but i wish that in the coming up episodes shravan could slap ramnath ?☺?

  22. niya shrama

    Awsome episode the best part when pushkar supports sumo against his brother shravan aise kaise kar Santa hai when I saw the promo I thought shravan told he didn’t knew about pct but today he told that he did all this
    I know he didn’t know that and they had told after wining the case but he just said all that to support his father against sumo
    Ramnath you are the devil your name should be ravannath you will get so many slap someday and I think slap is not enough for u
    I don’t understand ki ESE sravan ki mom SE kya problem hai don’t think its misunderstanding syad wo much chupa raga hair JosΓ© shravan me same nahi Lana chahta
    Shravan plz plz understand your love and support and if not for love at least for humaity remember how she supported when you were not in senses at your father death news and when u sprained your leg and many times she supported u so for that sake plz help her and show women empowerment to ramnath specially who thought you loose
    And pushu my baby you are the best so sweet I wish I also have such a best friend like u preeti is very lucky to have u and I think more than sumo u always remain calm and so caring Shraman ki sahdi me baad bhi pushkar hi sravan ko batega why r u so angry and altlest listen to sumo because shravan kabhi apna ego and attitude nahi chodegachodega and sravan slap berry awesome scene I love that at least will knew now ki woh kitni koshih kare seaman and preekar ko alag nahi kar Santa they really made for ek duze me vaaste

  23. Kittu

    Hey!!! Mai kal ka epi nahi dekh payi..mummmmmyyyy
    But waiting for retelecast ,aaj dekhungi.
    And feeling jealous from your comments …
    Well ,happy nd good morning to all,I am coming just waittt???

  24. Minakhi

    Heyy Mahima welcome dear……keep commenting dear…..Niya r u new here ….if yes’s then do connected with us …….Now I m again going to watch Yesterday episode ….Wo thappad…hehehe

  25. Bhagyashri

    Hey kittu,good morning. And dont jealous. Abhi 10 :30 ko last epi telecast hoga.dekh Lena pakka

  26. Minakhi

    kisine 21 June ka Promo dekah hai TV pe omg ….Ab Mein chahti hoon Next week sab kuch thik Ho jaye yaar ….Wo kab milenge yaar ……I can’t wait to see my lovely Shraman again….

  27. roshni


    and guys I just saw new promo……
    there it clearly shows ramnath evil tricks to separate shraman…….in precap it is shown that he will buy pct land…..then he will ask shravan to return this land to sumo….shravan says its good now …now all misunderstandings will go……ramnath then says lets see misunderstandings wil go or not n smiles evily….

  28. Bhagyashri

    Anyone watch new promo.lily u r absolutely right. U told yesterdays comment. Ab 21 ko pata chalega what happen.

  29. roshni

    n my question of d day is……..

    tell me ur fav scene of shraman???????????I very well know that almost all r fav……but still u have to tell……..

    mine….its mobile scene…….dating scence…….preeti boj…….n party wala scene I mean 2nd time reunion scene…..so its time to reply my questions……………………

  30. Lily

    Terrace scene
    their hug was so passionate…..so my fav shraman scene….

    What’s ur fav scene roshini…

  31. Mahima

    hiii everyone i just now saw the episode again oooommmmmgggg? sumo ka expression was lovely i just loved her and hate whenever she is crying and han plz visit youtube all see all the interviews of nikita and namik hurry up!!! i have seen 2-3 and abhi promo dekha toh laga she will take it maybe she can par once again puskar…pushkar….pushkar….edkv lovely ???????keep entertaining us .sharman lovely couple guyysss

  32. Ridhima gupta

    I m really feeling bad for sumo..and shravan knowing all things he is against sumo… a slap is needed for that creep ram bath too. guys new promo is out..have u watched it.? on 21 june.. again separation. .. and I love u puskar what majical words.. hope a good track will be back soon

  33. Minakhi

    My favourite scene jahan Shravan Sumo KO Puch raha tha Ki wo usse Fees degi Ki nahi …..I mean Haan yaa naa..jis tarike se wo use Wall ke pass le Gaya ….omg …..my heart beat……din me 2 baar to use scene ko Mein dekh hi leti hoon yaar..

  34. Minakhi

    I hope soo Ridhima ..now a days all The negative comments r showering on EDKV pages from IF to FB …..All r Throwing Negativity……if we Don’t listen those Bad bash then we will enjoy the show but …..All comments Story ko aur bhi bura bana rahe hain yaar ……Ab to bas hope hi hai kuch accha hone ka …..finger crossed……

  35. roshni

    @lily I told my fav scene dear…..n I also explained wat is there in new promo….if u didn’t understand my words sry…………i will to get link for u…..

  36. Lily

    Oh yes I didn’t see your comment that time.. I got it now…
    ( the promo ) …n ya when I read ur comment about fav scene…I didn’t read it properly in haste n thought u were giving option….. : )
    Vaise Mobile vala scene kaunsa hai…..

  37. Lily

    Hey guys
    Breaking news
    Pushkar will kiss Preeti in car ……….that will shock Preeti …then Preeti will start avoiding him……….

    • Lily

      R u guys excited for this?….bcz may be shraman will
      Come together to unit preekar………pls share ur views……..,

      • Ridhima Gupta

        Is it true lily.. Then I m sure shraman will help them to unite n in dis process they can unite…

    • Khushi

      What!!!!! Sachi???? Is it true…..I just hope Preeti will not misunderstand pushkar…. He is such a sweetheart….. And m eagerly waiting for this to come
      Thanks lily for the spoliers

  38. roshni

    if that happens….then it’s really good news….I am super exited for thus scene…….n I am shocked where did he got so much guts…..to kiss?????wow pushkar…….he was so tensed while thinking to propose…. nice….

    n lily…mobile wala scene dear…..sumo by mistake send him angry face something like that in message while telling ty for helping her family….that khosla track…,.remembered??????James bond …….was his password….
    got it??????

  39. roshni

    friends if this is not working…then go to edkv fb page same vedio is uploaded….. with d tittle sumo rejects shravan’s help…..

  40. Khushi

    Hey guys…..how r u….net is not good here so I m not Able to login……so aise hi comment kar deti hun….
    How r u all….????
    @ireena…….how r u now….get well soon dear…..m missing u??
    @roshini……my fav scene is when sumo was flirting with gugul and Shravan was getting jealous???…
    @mukti.h welcome yr…..good to c new friends here of course u can be our friend no need to ask……btw where r u from??? And in which class???

  41. Piyu

    TV ke duniya me edkv hai serial no.1..
    Jiske bahat hi handsome hero khadooswala
    Naam hai shravan..
    Suman namki princess hai ek
    Jiske style uncommon..
    nd finally
    Suman chahe Shravan ko,Shravan chahe Suman..guys i m nt so much strong in hindi..sorry if i did any mistake..by d way hw is it?

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Vah piyu……and kisne kha u r not so strong in Hindi…..its really perfect….. If I will read it I can never say that u r weak in Hindi??

    • Nazia

      No pihu esa lagta hi nahi ki tum hindi mein weak ho. It was really very good:-)
      Hindi mein to mein weak hu! Phir bhi koshish karti hu.

  42. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    i cant see shraman seperated like this this ramnath is too irritatibg isse toh acha plane crash hota lol πŸ˜› love this show and shraman a lot but this ramnath track is intolerable

  43. Minakhi

    Piyu yaar kamaal kar Diya ….wah wah ….sahi pakde hain …..kya Kay Kay…Pushkar will kiss Preeti …..well meri ti jaa Mein jaan Ayi ….well kya yeh proper Kiss hogi yaa fir kuch vi avayi….I hope Shraman me sab kuch thik Ho jaye……Really Happy for this Kiss track….Ek roahni Ki Kiran to ayi

  44. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…..I have a question for u ….it’s personal plz don’t mind……
    So my question is…
    On which television celebrity u have crush???
    It can be one or more also……plz answer zarror dena……m waiting for ur replies❀❀❀

  45. roshni

    @khushi……its namish taneja….n namik pual….i really don’t know if its crush or not but I like them very much…..

    For u?????????

  46. Minakhi

    Heyu Mukti welcome here….Here u can get all Supportive friends…..

    Heyy @Khushi here My ans is 1.Namik Paul (recent time. ….I love his personality with performance…in the show)
    2.Parth Samantha(I love the whole Things about him)

    3.Kushal Tondon ….(I love his fitness )

  47. sss

    hu guys…good evening as always
    wow @lily thanx for the news…such a cute news…in that day pushku even afraid to propose now direct kiss…i didst know there is a daring pushkar behind the cut pushkar…now I’m egarly waiting for it

    @ khushi i don’t have any crush permanently it always Change with time…recently crush shaheer,namik and varun

  48. Anshi

    Heyyyy seems like i mussed a lott….

    @All new frnds…. Heyy guys…. U were lucky dat i ws out of town fr a couple of hours… Either u wud hv stopped commentin on notice dat i irritate tooooo much…. Bt u cant escape fr tooo long… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ …. On serious note… Welcum… Hope u ll commnt daily πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    @Spoilers… OMG!!!! R u serious man… Dunno wat 2 say??? =-O =-O

  49. Kittu

    Songs ,for. This critical situation..
    Tadap tapad k is dil
    Se aah nikalti rahi
    Mujhko saja Di pyarki
    Aisa kya gunah kiya…..
    Char dino da pyar ooo rabbaa
    Badi lambi judaaii
    Lambi judaaii.
    Hey,,,first two from sumo to shravan..
    Nd these r from shravan to sumo..
    Dilbar mere kab tak mujheeee
    Aise hi tadpaaooooge..
    Mai aag dilme laga doo kahoon
    Ki pal me bikhar jaaoooge..
    Baad me ,I’ll write next.. Sorry guy

    • Nazia

      Jab pasand nahi hay to ayi kyun?Aur ha yahase jo bhi suna ya parha edkv fans se wo sab apne un sathi ko kehdena jo yaha pe akar bewakufokitarha comment karte hay. Bohot sehliya ab aur nahi. Tum stupid log ayinda se yahan aye to dekhlena! Harsh comment kiya isliye samhal k!

    • Nazia

      Jab pasand nahi hay to ayi kyun?Aur ha yahase jo bhi suna ya parha edkv fans se wo sab apne un sathi ko kehdena jo yaha pe akar bewakufokitarha comment karte hay. Bohot sehliya ab aur nahi. Tum stupid log ayinda se yahan aye to dekhlena! Janti nahi ho kesi fan hu mein EDKV ka!

  50. Minakhi

    Heyy @jo Sahi bola yaar ….ye Buddha mar kyun nahi Gaya Plane crash me ……aur le ab to Budha Ki Budhi bhi mar gayi …..Jab se ye Kaki Ki entry hui hai …..tab se na chain hai na sukunn hai….Ab jab wo nahi hai tab bhi wohi haal hai …..Koi missing report do yaar uss chudail Ki…..

  51. Minakhi

    Kittu kya tu humesha gaano k baare Mein sochti rehti hai …..Kamaal dhammal bemishal…

  52. Lily

    I think guys nirmala toh Mumbai vaapas hi chali gayi…… Bechaari sumo…… Vaise ab acha yeh hoga ki jab sumo apna challenge fulfill Karlegi…. Tab dono ka gussa thoda thanda ho Jaaega…..tab jab preekar Ke bare mein Pata challega toh fir voh dono ek saath milke unko unite Karenge……. In between unmet kuch Nok jokh aur kuch romantic moments ….. I think so…… I wish yeh ho Jaye….

  53. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys…..how r u???
    Well mostly all have crush on namik….
    Coming to me I don’t have a single crush…I have crush on many….okay let me give u the list???
    1.Varun kapoor
    2.karan wahi
    3. Namik Paul
    4. Manish goplani
    5. Namish taneja
    6. Ranjit ….my pushku??
    And many many more???

  54. Minakhi

    Lily Tere muh me ghee nd Sakkar…..esa hi Ho beta…..Wo bhi jaldi se jaldi hona chahiye…..ab aur interzar nahi hota…..

  55. Lily

    Yes Minakhi….. I m now fed up LaDai bw shraman due to this evil father….. Either he should get a tight slap from Nanu or story should take a turn……i just pray the story shudder proceed without any Rona Dhona…..

  56. Minakhi

    Hayy guys …good morning

    …. I want to ask u all that how many of u on India Forums???…..plz tell me

  57. Meena

    It was a very nice episode and both Shravan and sumo have acted so well and every bit is natural especially Namik’s acting was so natural and his expressions,no one could have done them better!ofcourse pushkar also is very good and natural.so far the direction and the editing has been superb!Iam sure the cast and crew of this show will go places!!!!

  58. Anshi

    Hey guys…
    Wanna know why i m late bcs dis dr pg ws informin me dat i post comment too freqently… I mean seriously??

    @Lily… Yaar tere munh mein ghee shakkar gud ya fir jo bhi tujhe pasand ho… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …. Kaash esa jaldi ho jaaye

    @Jo…. Seriously yaar mar jaata saala toh shi hota… :O …

    @Kittu… Yaar tu naa playback singer ban jaa….. I mean wat a song man…

    @Guys… Wud anyone mind givin me d link of new promo… Freakin youtube is nt able 2 find… Sooo plssssssssssss

    @Khushi… I hd only one crush dats siddharth malhotra until namik came…. Now i crush on both of dem… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    @Saloni… Hello mam… Aapme yahan aake itna bada ehsaan kita hampe ki hamein samajh hi nhi aa rha iss ehsaan ko kaise utaroon?? Agar aap naa batati toh hamein pata hi nhi chalta ki aap jaise log bhi is duniya mein maujood h… Agar aapko yeh show nhi pasand tha aap yahan padhari hi kyun??? Y did u waste ur time??

  59. roshni

    hello firnds??????????how ru all??????????

    @khushi nice list ha………….same pinch coz u n I r having crush on namik n namish….he he………..well I guess u watch swaragini right??????????/

  60. Lily

    Hi roshni I m fine….. N i agree with u…. So less comments…… I was just wondering that there r no new olv of ekdv……..i m wondering what will happen next…. Just waiting for the spoilers…

    • roshni

      lily I am fine dear…n yeah in facebook they have updated a video tittle is sumo refuse to take help of shravan.I tried to open that …..but my net is so slow its not opening..i don’t know if that is new or not………

      • Lily

        I saw that video…. Their was nothing in the video.. It was just that she refused his help. As she thought it is against her self respect….

  61. roshni

    @anshi no dear u wont comment frequently…if so then its good only…….for me it was showing ur comments r typed fast……slow down ur speed…wats d meaning dear…….simply they show something dear………..n I am super fine……………..

  62. kittu

    Song on shraman by pushu…
    Bhaiya, dosti badi hi ageeb h
    Ye na ho to kya hoooo
    Bolo ooo
    Zindagiiii h????

    • Anshi

      Ohho!!! Wow yaar…. Kahan se dhoondh k laati ho itne situation-fittin gaane??
      BTW…. Hiii how r u??

  63. Minakhi

    Roshni I think bcz of the recent track the fans r decreasing….but don’t worry When Love story will take a bow then no one can’t control themselves……The love story is the only one thing that all r waiting for ….But CVs r soo intelligent. they r showing us soo much suspense in the story…..Without spoiler we can’t imagine what they will do?????According to the new spoiler After the kiss movement…..Preeti will avoid Pushkar nd Shraman will be unite for Them to solve preekar …..May be we have to wait till 21 June ……After that we will be able to see some favourable scenes…..Still finger crossed…..

    • roshni

      yes me to felt d same.lets hope for d best.finger crossed……I am fine dear.how ru???????/

  64. kittu

    Hey, to everyone who came here to know how much we love edkv…
    Acchi chiz dekhne k liye bhi
    Acchi aankhen honi chahiye
    Well,ye lines hamare forefathers kah k gaye h,so dedicated to all batdimaag,jinhe ye ni pata ki jis page pe aate h ,pehle uska environment dekhte h,Aur phir bolte h,par kuch mahanubhav ,kya kahen.
    Anyways, hamara funda dushra h..
    Pehle laat
    Phir baat
    Aur last me mulakaat
    Jo tumse karni nahi h..
    Aur laat tum logo ko ,we had given, now baat is what,I gave u from my words ,so listen… Agar akal hogi ,then u’ll not dare to come here but u r laato k bhooot….sooooo,
    Bad show kehne wall,just daffa ho jaaaoo??????

    • Nazia

      Koi fayda nahi esey logo ko kuch bhi kehke. Arey wo to ayenge jayenge bas hame parishan karnekeliye. Samajh mein nahi ata yei kuch KRPKEB k fans itne cheap kyu hote hain. Hum kya unke comment box pein jaakar kuch karte hh jo wo agae karne k liye? Pata nahi kahasein a jate hain. Wese tumne thik kaha pehle lat phir bat
      Aur itni acchi kehse lyrics compose karleti ho tum? Mashallah!
      U shud work in this field

  65. kittu

    To all my frnds…
    Hey everyone this is only for uuuuu.
    Just enjoy yaar..
    Well I don’t know whether I m friendly or not bt just a try..
    Hum to thahre ajnabi
    Kitni mulaatakon k baad
    Jaane phir kab milenge
    Is show k baad..
    Thank u all for being my friend???? love u alllllllllll.

  66. Nazia

    Guys guys guys!!! Can u plz send me the link where shravan sumo ko wall k pass le gaya tha and I don’t know much I missed the promo.
    Plz anyone send me the link of it

  67. Kittu

    To all fans of NAMIK PAUL..
    Dekha Jo tujhe yaar…
    Dil me baji guitar..
    Ta na na na na na..
    Ra na na na na na..
    Are re mai to gaya re..
    Dil bhi gaya re..???
    Love u NAMIK..

  68. kittu

    My favorite scenes were….
    1.when sumo got her name,I mean that ice cream scene when shravan says,tumhara naan na sumo hona chahiye….
    2. Jab shravan thik karta h,sumo’s car nd in return sumo usse nehla deti h,that one…
    3.mobile scene ,obviously
    4.when sumo hugs shravan at her old house,and all that happened in that house
    5.when shravan try to come close to sumo,each nd every scene related to this
    6.that friendship wala terrace scene, lovelyyyy..
    7.date of shraman…. Yipeeeee
    8.gugloo’s one was also ,very I mean superbbbbb.
    9.how can I forgot that hug at terrace..
    10.ya, that childhood scene when shraman tried to enter in Tiwari house by a complicated way ,nd shravan was hanging both bags nd said ,ki ye itna complicated h ki mai to ise kal subah tak hi bhool jaunga.
    11.when shravan gave her ,the birthday gift,truly amazing..
    Jiyo shraman..
    Jiyo nimik
    Aur jiyo hamare vishlak?????

    • Lily

      I also loved these scenes… I also like the wall Vala scene…. Jisme voh pass pass aa Raha Tha……
      11 Vala scene Kaunsa hai The birthday gift??? ..
      N mujhe voh conference room Vala scene bahot scene Jisme sumo aur shravan chair par blithe hote hai aur eyelock hot hai………???????

  69. doll

    Wowwwwww nyc episode…. lovd it… nd wat a lline of pushkarrr luvd it….
    Nd thanks for the update…

  70. doll

    Hamara wlcm nhi kroge aap sb… ohooo …
    Sryy agar aapko bura lga to…..
    Am new here… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  71. Minakhi

    @Doll welcome…..yaar ….Good morning to all……

    @kittu Sare scenes tu pee gayi yaar but aur bhi bakhi reh. Gaya hoga…well jab inke friendship ke itne love scenes hain ….to socho Love track pe ye kya karenge …….They will kill it …..ye. CVs hum pe kitna zzulm kar rahe hain yaaar ….But I think Kisine sach hi kaha hai …..patience ka fruit sweet hota hai …..heheh ye Mei bol rahi hoon….

  72. Minakhi

    Oooo Kittu nd Nazia ….chodo un logo ko …..Ese log bilkul sudhar nahi sakte ….jaan bujh k mene koi comment nnahi diya….unhe sirf Negativity dalni hi ati hai ….par wo nahi jante Wo kounse page PE hai………..Accha Hua ussne sirf ek hi sentence likha warna mujhe nahi patta Ki Mein kesa comment fekti uss par…Leave them …..Guys……..
    Our show is still …..on like Lion
    Agar samajhne Ki himmat nahi hai to yahan pe aya mat karo….

  73. kittu

    @Lily,hey at childhood ,when shravan gave sumo her bd gift (circus tickets), which shravan had put in the library nd sumo went there nd remember ,book ulti rakhi huyi thiii,that scene, ya,I also liked that conference scene bt most that umbrella scene nd ya,when shravan says mujhe bhi thodi chao de do,lovelllyyy?

  74. kittu

    But how can we leave such cheap ppl..
    No ,yaar I can’t compromise with this..
    Abhi to ek sentence ka reply kiya h..
    Lekin agar Aur likhte to reply kuch MDH,ki tarah detiii.
    Well,I understand yr feelings yaar.

    And ya,kuch scenes rah gaye h ..bt we all like all the scenes, isn’t it?.
    Well,ye laato k bhoot h..
    Baato se nahi manengee.
    Sry if I hurt anyone..

  75. Minakhi

    Yess Kittu ….mene bol Diya hai un negative thoughts walon ko Ki Samjhme nahii Ata to yaha pe aya na kare………Agar aye to Hum sab to hai na yaar……or tere Gano se to wo Bach nahi payenge……hahaha….Chill girl…..?

  76. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @minu……exactly yr we should not pay attention to the bashers…..and I loved ur line…..ki Sher ko bhi 4 kadam aage bhadhne ke liye 2 kadam peeche jaana padta hai….wow…yr tumne toh sab bashers ki hawa tight kar di…..proud of u

    @kittu…..wah wah yr kahan se dhoond ke laati ho yeh saare songs….amazing mind blowing yr….keep it up…and Teri ff ka next part kahan hai….u gave an intro but abhi tak next part nhi post kiya…why??

    @ doll…… Hi doll u have a nice name….how r u???

    @anshi…where r u yr….m missing u

    @ireena…. How r u now??
    Come back soon and get well soon

    @nazia…..even I don’t have the link yr…sorry

  77. roshni

    is there 2 kittu in this page???????????????

    hi friends……………………how ru all??????????? exited to c todays episode………….wat about u all?????? I am just waiting for 10pm……………………

  78. kittu

    @Roshni,no here is only one Kittu …
    Actually ,becoz of some restrictions ,I had to use another email address ,which results in two different logos..
    But I m only one,yaar..
    Don’t be confused???

  79. kittu

    @Anshi,where r u???jaldi aa yaar…
    Yaar bina chain kahna reeee
    Yaar bina chain kahna re..
    Sona nahi,chandi nahi..
    Yaar to milaa.
    Are comment kar Lee.
    Sweet song for my sweet friend???..
    Come soon

  80. Minakhi

    @Roshni I m too excited yaar …I m exited about how Shravan will react……Thanks @Khushi ….but Where r all friends like,@Anshi,@Ireena,@Sss and others…..plz come na

  81. kittu

    @Nazia,can’t tell u the link..
    Bt can tell u the episodes date ,in which we saw such close scenes of shraman..
    So if u want ,then I ‘ll tell u the dates..
    And u can watch them on UTube..

    And do u want to know abt promo??..
    So,u can tell me..so the promo is..

    Ramnath gives pct land papers to shravan nd tell him to give this to sumo..
    Shravan says okay..may be Ab uska doubt clear ho jaye..
    When shravan was going to sumo..
    Then a devil smile of ram is shown..
    Shravan is in Tiwari’s house.. Nd speaks ..
    She comes out..
    And he gave her the papers..

    This is the promo only…
    Hope I helped u..
    Bye dear…
    Sorry ,as I can’t give u the links bt shall tell u the episodes dates, nd if u want…so plez u can tell me without any hesitation….
    Bye,once again????

  82. roshni

    @kittu hey dear now its cleared…………

    many r missing y friends??????come back soon………….vr waiting………

    @minakhi dear even I am so much exited…see yaar this hate wala track is making us so much exited then imagine our situation when there love track starts………..

  83. kittu

    @Khushi,hey I wrote my next part of my ff….
    Nd cleared all the doubts related to children….

  84. Minakhi

    Hey Nazia wall wala scene episode 42 ka hai ….26 April …u can find it on YouTube…..go for it girl…u will enjoy…the passionate closeness…..of Shraman

  85. Anshi

    @Kittu… Awww u missed me… Sry i ws out last nite n i ws extremely tired n u know i m sleepy hwad…. Soooo
    Vaise i m feelin soooo obliged by ur song man… Lv u… <3 <3
    Hey… U gave a nic reply haan… Bt yaar minakhi is rite sher ko bhi aage jaane k liye do kadam peechhe jaana hota h

    @Minakhi… Nic dialogue dr… Bt i cant disagree frm kittu bcs i lv dis show soooo much i cant bear a word against it… N so wid others

    @Kittu… Yaar tumne kya naam diya h uss harshita ko mhd… Hey if u dont mind may share it…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    @Doll…. Hey doll.. I m anshi-d irritatin one… Welcum… Hope u ll comment daily..

    @Kittu… Yaar tum saare scenes le gayi hamare liye bhi chhod diya kro kuchh….. BTW i lv all d scenes kittu said 2 d core actually most of d scenes in dis show r awsum…. Bt dere r 3 scenes i wanna mention in particular
    1: Gogol one… Bechara shravan kitna jealous tha…. Plus dat dialogue 'diabetes na ho jaaye saale ko'
    2: den dat phone fight… Superb man..
    3: terrace wala πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Anshi

      @Kittu… N haan tera logo kaise change hua???
      Plus tu itni senty wali baate kyu kr rhi ho??? U r nt leavin dis pg rite???

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Lo here u r…..I missed out cute anshi so much……
      U know what whenever I read ur name mere dimaag mein ek image ban jaati hai…ek cute si choti si pyaari si sundar si shrarati si girl ki…..I don’t know why ….I know it’s stupid to ask but kya tum meri imagination se thoda sa bhi relate karti ho.????..just asking

  86. kittu

    @Anshi,ooyee tujhe chodke kahan jaungi..
    No way,I m not leaving this pg..
    Actually logo ki probo (I mean problem) ho gayi.
    Huya yoo ki mera email address che karna pada becoz the address I was using was not working properly so,I had to use another address ,that’s how my logo changed as I changed my address..
    Ya I missed u alot …
    And really can’t bear nd tolerate anything against of our edkv…
    After all ye hamari jaan hhh.
    Really Anshi all the shraman scenes are fabulous actually fabulous word is all small for these shraman scenes…
    Well guys do u know pushu baba k charche ff page pe bhi hh.
    What a daring man ,seriously….
    A song for both the brothers…
    Bade miya bade miya
    Chote miya shubhanallaha….
    Tu RU RU RU RU
    Tu RU RU RU RU …
    What happened with his baby steps ,sidhe on kiss….
    Beta pitega ….
    As he knows ,preeti is a simple girl nd belongs to a simple family…. So can he do such ….I mean this is out of my imagination..
    Abe guru,tere bhai ne sirf letter likha Aur tuuuuuuuu,kamaal ka banda h,,,jai ho pushu baba ki…
    Teri ma tera kya karegi, beta WO tujhe bhi nahi pata…..
    @Minakshi,hey ya u r absolutely rite…no one can escape from my songs ,neither frnds nor foe ….?????

  87. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys….mujhe ek report likhani hai…..
    Missing report….my many friends are missing….. Like ireena…abhi…ishu…sree di…Jo….SSS….M….and many many many more….plz someone help me to find them….??

  88. kittu

    @Khushi, go to the police Station…

    Name..edkv station
    Missing ..old fans of our favorite show
    Work..write comments
    Days of missing.. From two or three weeks
    Agar Kaisi ko bhi in missing fans k bare me koi bhi jaankari mile to kripya karke edkv police station me aake bataye…
    Inke dost inhe bht miss kar rahe h..
    Jo bhi inke baare me koi bhi jaankari uplabdh karayega use edkv k cast se Milne ka mauka diya jayega…

    To isse baat pe one kittu’s special…
    Hope I had helped u…????.
    @Anshi,what were u saying about MDH,plez make it clear..
    Hey,everyone I had wrote my next part of ff ,plez read….
    Title: Milke rahenge Jo bane edkv episode 2,3…

  89. Minakhi

    Ye @Anshi ok dear …..mein bhi nahi seh Sakti bas….Thoda sa intezar kar rahi hoon Ki kab humara waqt ayega…but Mein unke tarah kuch nahi karne wali hoon….these kind of Things r soo cheep….

    @kittu Tujhe A.R Rehman k music company se Phone to ate hi hoge yaar…..

    @yess Khushi ….Tu mere behalf pe bhi Report likh Dena …..Humare Shraman k love track k waqt ye ayenge to patta nahi me kese react karungi yaar…

  90. Anshi

    @Khushi… Awww thanx a lot…. Pyaari ka toh pata nhi bt shrarti hone ka compliment toh mujhe 24*7 milta h…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› …. Soooo BINGO!!!! AAP KO ‘ANSHI KO PEHCHANO CONPETITION’ mein full marks milta h… N d prize is a bigggg hug…

    @Kittu… Kittu i m flattered dr…. Thanq

    @Khushi… Hey yaar count me in… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    @Kittu… Adorable man… Kya gaana banaya.. πŸ˜‰
    I wanna ask if mdh name is copyrighted… I mean if i cn call her mdh 2 ….

    @Minakhi… Cheap?? Thats cheapest… Dunno y dey do it

  91. kittu

    @Minakshi,sun abhi to nahi aaya any call from AR Rahmaan ‘s music company bt u don’t worry bht jald aajayega???.
    And u will be the first jise mai apna first song sunaungi???

  92. kittu

    @Anshi, hey, u can call her MDH ,2 3 4….so on,Jo bolna h WO bol ,kaun sa WO Meri bahan h Jo mujhe bura sura lagega nd ya I don’t know whether this name is copyrighted or not bt from me u r freeeee..
    Ja Anshi, karle apni marzi ki??..
    A new slogan for our NAMIK..
    TSS=Taller Stronger Sharper..
    Hope I had not hurt anyone nd if I had ,so sorry everyone????..
    Plez forgive meee

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      What!!!? M really excited for this track……I think this will decrease the distances between sumo and shravan…. And all the evil plans of ramu kaka will fail…..???

  93. doll

    Ohhhhhhhh thanku thanku thankuu allll of u.. lily, minakhi, khushi, kittu, anshi, …. thanks to alll

    Lily mee too super duper fine..
    Nd how r u all..
    Nd ya i will cmmnt here daily……

  94. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    @guys….yes I will definitely include u all…..hum sab mil ke find karenge unko….mission friends dhondo is on guys….halla bol!!!!!!!

  95. kittu

    @Khusi,I hope u had got my missing report.. Nd ya
    Halllla bolllll…
    @Doll,hey ,from where r u ?? Nd in which class?? Nd it’s all right.. Now u r also one of USS,hope u’ll like our company????

  96. Minakhi

    Lily…..yaar thank u soo much yaar ….now something good will happen now. ….wow desperately waiting for this track …..wooo can’t wait…

  97. kittu

    @Guys,I read in IF,that sumo will go to market for shopping nd shravan will be also there due to some work, he will go there nd shravan notice a manhole nd thinks that sumo had noticed it but in her unconscious she will fall in that manhole ,then shravan will go to her for providing her help…bt all in vain…
    A serious accident will happen with her shravan will be in shock that becoz of him only this all happen…
    Hey plez forgive me on my silly mistakes…
    Hope I had provide u a good news…
    Nd good night nd enjoy tonight’s episode…???????????????

  98. Kishan

    This serial is just boring .it suposed top be a love story.only dragging dumb things.maken jullie het interessant.

  99. kittu

    @Kishan,bhai kahin mai tujhe kansh na kab do..
    So it will better 4 if u stay away from this show..
    Otherwise it’s our specialty ki hum apne mahmanoo ki khaterdaari bht acchi tarah se karte h…
    Okay Krishn jiiii..
    Nd don’t dare to visit here again nd it will really better 4u..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.