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Sumo tries to make Nanu understand. Please don’t be stubborn. Nurse readies injection for Nanu. She tells Sumo to leave as his condition is worsening. Nanu keeps asking the same question to Sumo. I want you to be happy. I want to give you a family which will accept you. Sumo says we can discuss this after Preeti’s marriage. He denies. I don’t trust my life anymore. I have to find out what’s in your heart. Nurse calls doc. Nanu keeps asking Sumo to speak up. Seeing him in pain, she says yes. Everything will happen like you say. I will marry Aditya. Please calm down now. Preeti hears her and is shocked. Nanu calms down. Nurse gives him injection.

Zindagi song plays. Sumo walks out of the room in a trance as she thinks of Shravan breaking friendship with her and of Nanu’s

condition. She closes the door of her room as every recent conversations echo in her head. She cries. She opens her cupboard and empties the box in which she had kept all the memories related to Shravan. She tears everything and breaks down. Preeti comes just then. Sumo wipes her tears. Preeti says I heard your convo with Dadu. Are you really marrying Aditya? It is a good news if you are happy. But why do I feel you only agreed for Dadu’s sake? Tell me if it’s so. What’s all this? Sumo tries to hide the stuff. Preeti finds one letter there. She is surprised to read it. You love Shravan since childhood? Why did you promise Dadu? I cannot understand anything. Sumo tries to dismiss it but Preeti insists to know. You have done so much for all of us till date. I want to know what’s happening in your life today. If you don’t tell me today then I swear I will break my marriage.

Aditya is thrilled to know that his mother spoke to Nanu. You are awesome. I love you too much. There is a limit as to what a mother can do for her kids but you did the impossible thing. She agrees. A mother can do everything for her kids. Aditya asks about Sumo’s reaction. Nirmala ji says she dint say no. I have told her to take time to take her decision. Aditya worries she can say no. NIrmala ji reasons that she dint say no. It means she is ready for it. He dances with her overjoyed. She apologizes for proposing to Sumo on his behalf. The situation was such that I had to. Don’t say anything to anyone till Preeti’s wedding is over. Aditya agrees. After all they will be our family soon. How to not talk to Sumo though when she is in front of me? Anyways, I am really happy, all thanks to you. You made my work easy. They both smile.

Preeti is shocked to know Ramnath’s act. How can he do so? Sumo tells her not to think. Whatever had to happen has happened. Preeti feels bad. You should have said no. Sumo says you are my sister. I cannot be selfish. There are so many favours on me. I couldn’t do it. Preeti reasons that they all know how much you love and care for us. No one can separate you and Shravan. I will never forgive myself if you have to end your relation for mine. I will speak to Pushkar. Sumo stops her giving her swear. Don’t waste all my hard work till date. Don’t talk to anyone on this matter. Don’t feel guilty. You saw how Shravan behaved with me, what he thinks about me. There isn’t anything left between us now. It was till here only. You shouldn’t blame Ramnath uncle for anything. Aditya is a good guy. NIrmala aunty will love me like a mother. It will not be painful if I will take it as an arranged marriage. Everyone is good. They share a hug.

Shravan is with Nanu. How are you feeling now? Nanu says I am ok. Everyone gathers there. Shravan says Papa and I have decided to postpone wedding for Nanu’s sake. Mama ji says we too wanted the same but we were worried about Kamini ji’s reaction. Shravan says we already spoke to her and she is ok with it. Everyone is relieved. Nanu says I am still alive. I am still strong enough to take decisions. Wedding will happen on the date we had previously decided. I have to do Preeti’s kanyadaan. I am fine. Shravan speaks of his condition but Nanu says the burden on my heart has become light today. I will do it. Wedding will happen tomorrow only. Shravan isn’t convinced but Nanu stays put. Preeti comes there. Everyone agrees for Nanu’s sake. Shravan tells Preeti to be ready. My brother will come with a big baraat for you tomorrow. She smiles hesitantly.

It is wedding evening. At Malhotra house, everyone is getting ready. Lala ji and Varun speak of their wives who will surely take too much time in getting ready today. Ramnath tells them not to worry. They are ladies. They deserve it. lala ji jokes that they will still be the same even after all the makeup. He leaves the task on Varun to bring the ladies with him to the venue.

Shravan helps Pushkar in getting ready. My prince charming is ready. Pushkar compliments him. Aditya says you are looking a little less good than me. Everyone will be flat on me today. You will be jealous, right? Shravan denies. Not after today and from or for no one. Did you check the arrangements downstairs? He updates them on everything. Pushkar and Shravan say let’s get the bride home now. Aditya is still standing before the mirror. He clicks a selfie and sends to Sumo. How am I looking? Thanks for saying yes. this dream is so beautiful. I had never seen it. We will meet in the party.

Preeti is all ready. Mami ji gets emotional. You have grown up so fast. You will be married tonight and go to your home. May God keep all the evil eyes off you. Why are you so upset? Is there something? Preeti shakes her head. Sumo says she is nervous. I will handle her. You all should go and attend the guests. Everyone leaves. Sumo tells Preeti not to think so much. I said I will handle everything. Don’t ruin your special day by thinking about all this. You are really lucky to marry the guy you love. Preeti feels bad. Sumo thinks not many people even get a chance to tell what’s in their heart. It stays there only.

Precap: pundit ji asks for ghee. Sumo goes to in a room followed by Aditya who closes it. Shravan sees it and is tensed. Sumo stands tensed while Aditya confesses his feelings to Sumo. I saw you first time on the day of sangeet. I realised that the girl standing in front of me is the one. I lost myself in that one moment and found you. So, miss Suman Tiwari, I love you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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