Ek Duje Ke Vaste 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumo tries to make Nanu understand. Please don’t be stubborn. Nurse readies injection for Nanu. She tells Sumo to leave as his condition is worsening. Nanu keeps asking the same question to Sumo. I want you to be happy. I want to give you a family which will accept you. Sumo says we can discuss this after Preeti’s marriage. He denies. I don’t trust my life anymore. I have to find out what’s in your heart. Nurse calls doc. Nanu keeps asking Sumo to speak up. Seeing him in pain, she says yes. Everything will happen like you say. I will marry Aditya. Please calm down now. Preeti hears her and is shocked. Nanu calms down. Nurse gives him injection.

Zindagi song plays. Sumo walks out of the room in a trance as she thinks of Shravan breaking friendship with her and of Nanu’s

condition. She closes the door of her room as every recent conversations echo in her head. She cries. She opens her cupboard and empties the box in which she had kept all the memories related to Shravan. She tears everything and breaks down. Preeti comes just then. Sumo wipes her tears. Preeti says I heard your convo with Dadu. Are you really marrying Aditya? It is a good news if you are happy. But why do I feel you only agreed for Dadu’s sake? Tell me if it’s so. What’s all this? Sumo tries to hide the stuff. Preeti finds one letter there. She is surprised to read it. You love Shravan since childhood? Why did you promise Dadu? I cannot understand anything. Sumo tries to dismiss it but Preeti insists to know. You have done so much for all of us till date. I want to know what’s happening in your life today. If you don’t tell me today then I swear I will break my marriage.

Aditya is thrilled to know that his mother spoke to Nanu. You are awesome. I love you too much. There is a limit as to what a mother can do for her kids but you did the impossible thing. She agrees. A mother can do everything for her kids. Aditya asks about Sumo’s reaction. Nirmala ji says she dint say no. I have told her to take time to take her decision. Aditya worries she can say no. NIrmala ji reasons that she dint say no. It means she is ready for it. He dances with her overjoyed. She apologizes for proposing to Sumo on his behalf. The situation was such that I had to. Don’t say anything to anyone till Preeti’s wedding is over. Aditya agrees. After all they will be our family soon. How to not talk to Sumo though when she is in front of me? Anyways, I am really happy, all thanks to you. You made my work easy. They both smile.

Preeti is shocked to know Ramnath’s act. How can he do so? Sumo tells her not to think. Whatever had to happen has happened. Preeti feels bad. You should have said no. Sumo says you are my sister. I cannot be selfish. There are so many favours on me. I couldn’t do it. Preeti reasons that they all know how much you love and care for us. No one can separate you and Shravan. I will never forgive myself if you have to end your relation for mine. I will speak to Pushkar. Sumo stops her giving her swear. Don’t waste all my hard work till date. Don’t talk to anyone on this matter. Don’t feel guilty. You saw how Shravan behaved with me, what he thinks about me. There isn’t anything left between us now. It was till here only. You shouldn’t blame Ramnath uncle for anything. Aditya is a good guy. NIrmala aunty will love me like a mother. It will not be painful if I will take it as an arranged marriage. Everyone is good. They share a hug.

Shravan is with Nanu. How are you feeling now? Nanu says I am ok. Everyone gathers there. Shravan says Papa and I have decided to postpone wedding for Nanu’s sake. Mama ji says we too wanted the same but we were worried about Kamini ji’s reaction. Shravan says we already spoke to her and she is ok with it. Everyone is relieved. Nanu says I am still alive. I am still strong enough to take decisions. Wedding will happen on the date we had previously decided. I have to do Preeti’s kanyadaan. I am fine. Shravan speaks of his condition but Nanu says the burden on my heart has become light today. I will do it. Wedding will happen tomorrow only. Shravan isn’t convinced but Nanu stays put. Preeti comes there. Everyone agrees for Nanu’s sake. Shravan tells Preeti to be ready. My brother will come with a big baraat for you tomorrow. She smiles hesitantly.

It is wedding evening. At Malhotra house, everyone is getting ready. Lala ji and Varun speak of their wives who will surely take too much time in getting ready today. Ramnath tells them not to worry. They are ladies. They deserve it. lala ji jokes that they will still be the same even after all the makeup. He leaves the task on Varun to bring the ladies with him to the venue.

Shravan helps Pushkar in getting ready. My prince charming is ready. Pushkar compliments him. Aditya says you are looking a little less good than me. Everyone will be flat on me today. You will be jealous, right? Shravan denies. Not after today and from or for no one. Did you check the arrangements downstairs? He updates them on everything. Pushkar and Shravan say let’s get the bride home now. Aditya is still standing before the mirror. He clicks a selfie and sends to Sumo. How am I looking? Thanks for saying yes. this dream is so beautiful. I had never seen it. We will meet in the party.

Preeti is all ready. Mami ji gets emotional. You have grown up so fast. You will be married tonight and go to your home. May God keep all the evil eyes off you. Why are you so upset? Is there something? Preeti shakes her head. Sumo says she is nervous. I will handle her. You all should go and attend the guests. Everyone leaves. Sumo tells Preeti not to think so much. I said I will handle everything. Don’t ruin your special day by thinking about all this. You are really lucky to marry the guy you love. Preeti feels bad. Sumo thinks not many people even get a chance to tell what’s in their heart. It stays there only.

Precap: pundit ji asks for ghee. Sumo goes to in a room followed by Aditya who closes it. Shravan sees it and is tensed. Sumo stands tensed while Aditya confesses his feelings to Sumo. I saw you first time on the day of sangeet. I realised that the girl standing in front of me is the one. I lost myself in that one moment and found you. So, miss Suman Tiwari, I love you.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. kittu

    @guys…listen…a golden chance…
    Ita awards… Plez vote for edkv…till now I voted only one time…but will try to vote for edkv….nd I’ll try to share the link here… Raat bhar ooloyo ki tarah vote karo…I’ll do the same….
    @Soba di…hey Didi..u were ryt…I too read abt party on Twitter… But had no info abt which party they were talking… So thnx for clearing all doubt..
    @Guys…good night…nd hope u will get shraman’s dream…
    Will tease u tomorrow…, bye

      • kittu

        …hey I tried my best but sorry…nd u can see below… Sry dear….can’t share…m guilty…

    • Naina

      Guys plz dont be negative kitna hi bad scenes kyun na a jaen kitny hi villians kyun na a jayen at last shraman will unite bcz show ka title kehta ha ek duje k vaaste and we all know that shraman are for each other so whatever may happen at last we will see our lovely shraman together so be positive and aj ka epi dekh k thori si hope bhar gai ha meri i think k shayad pretti hi ab kuch karegi in dono ko saath lany k liye

  2. kittu

    Are nahi…not a link…well go to ita awards nd vote there… Sorry for silly attempt…going to complete my project.. Will try to come 2morrow…..tab tak mujhe bhi apne sapno me imagine karna😋😋😋

    • 44444

      Chotti u and yr Enthusiasm. Yr bhabhi changed 3 kerchief and u ask me to vote for EDKV. For what to break many more hearts. CVS r heartless animals. Goodnight

      • kittu

        @44444..okay bhai chill…no problem… I understand.. But have patience, they r heartless lomdi…no offence.. I agree..it means Bade Bhaiya ki dulhaniya too watch edkv..well @Bhabhi…hey bhabs nice one..okay..sooo..well Bhaiya is bhabhi cmmting here???I mean,as I thought.. Ki aap kar rahe ho soo.well tell me e bhabhi ko kaha tha ya bhabhi told u to watch this series… Well ,BEGAANI SHAADI ME KITTU DEEVANI…
        SORRY…U MEAN BHAI…nice u r so cute,so strange.. For a boy m using cute word… M jhalli…I know…happy rakshabandhan bhai…nd bhabhi thnx for wishing us…nd Same to u..well come bhabhi,we will give u a very good company…. Bye Bhaiya…nd SOORY Rakhi nahi bhej paaye…no problem sweets …okay..wait🍩🍰🍪🍫..muh mitha kar loo..well here should b an emotion for Rakhi..🎀,tie this as Rakhi…kambhaktoo NE gifts k itne emotions de rake Hai…ek thread ka bhi de dete,polo,dobi…well send me gifts… He he he..so silly sis u got…once againnn

      • kittu

        @44444..okay bhai chill…no problem… I understand.. But have patience, they r heartless lomdi…no offence.. I agree..it means Bade Bhaiya ki dulhaniya too watch edkv..well @Bhabhi…hey bhabs nice one..okay..sooo..well Bhaiya is bhabhi cmmting here???I mean,as I thought.. Ki aap kar rahe ho soo.well tell me e bhabhi ko kaha tha ya bhabhi told u to watch this series… Well ,BEGAANI SHAADI ME KITTU DEEVANI…
        SORRY…U MEAN BHAI…nice u r so cute,so strange.. For a boy m using cute word… M jhalli…I know…happy rakshabandhan bhai…nd bhabhi thnx for wishing us…nd Same to u..well come bhabhi,we will give u a very good company…. Bye Bhaiya…nd SOORY Rakhi nahi bhej paaye…no problem sweets …okay..wait🍩🍰🍪🍫..muh mitha kar loo..well here should b an emotion for Rakhi..🎀,tie this as Rakhi…kambhaktoo NE gifts k itne emotions de rake Hai…ek thread ka bhi de dete,polo,dobi…well send me gifts… He he he..so silly sis u got…once againnn
        HAPPY WALA RAKSHA BANDHAN …yaar ye pehle post ho chuka Hai kya??????😕😕😕

  3. 44444

    She thought her Nanu will be her support. But he has become the last and worst villain in compelling Suman to agree to his whim. I can forgive others and not Nanu.

  4. sona

    Jo spoiler news…myney last wu mey dho thi..aur is precap mey…Jo dikha..issey…
    I’m pretty sure…shravan will definitely listen adhi’s words..and again he will misunderstand that sumo acceptd adhi love..😐😐😐😢😢😢
    Oh..god…I know..aap sab ko mujh par jee bhar kar gussa as raha hoga ki..myney positive fan hokar aise baath kahi..😃😃😐😐
    But…mujhey jho laga myney batha dhi..and is baar my such mey chahta hu..ki meru imagination galat ho..bhqle hi shravu ko adiman ki shaadi ki baath pata chalet..par is tarah nahi..pls..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I’m fingers crossed…😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓
    Aur Jo bhi log mujhey is baath k liye daaat na chahey..vo mujhey data saktey hai..
    I will accept wt u say to me😞😞😟😟😟😐😐😐

    • kittu

      @Sona di..hi ..nd happy RB…so di…plez don’t say sorry…nd see above… In my first cmmt of this pg…to the name soba di,by mistake… It was for u.. Nd u were ryt…I too read…thnx for news.. Bye..

  5. Afia

    I really feel bad for shravan,if sumu gets married with aditya then what happened to shravan.I don’t want this could happen ,do you want guys?

  6. 44444

    She thought her Nanu will be her great support when everyone ditched her. But Nanu is the worstand last villain for her happiness by forcing her to accept his wish. All other villains can be forgiven but not Nanu.

  7. EDKVFan

    This is beyond sad. Total formula.
    So a strong independent self respecting girl is forced to accept proposal without much consultation. This is the 21st century…seriously can you let her take care of herself.

    Did not understand nanu getting hysterical. He is a smart educated man and has taught her independence just not in matter of marriage. Wants to move forward with the patriarchal BS. Please some sense. How is it OK for a girl to be forced to a random good for nothing guy. Does Aditya not have any work?????? Please send him away…far far away. He is way toooooo annoying.

    • kittu

      @EDKV fan…hey we too r edkv fan..Same same…well aaditya is unemployed… Do u know y???because he is a businessman.. So who will employ him..nd for which purpose he will job…ha ha…just kidding.. Ek din tamacha pad jani Hai,is kidding l chakkar me..
      Well ,so edkvfan….I think his mummy is enough for business that’s y baccha is aawara…he he…no appropriate reply.. Sorry…

  8. Alina

    Before going tiwari villa shravan said to puskar and aaditya that he don’t bother anyting ….but when he saw adi following sumo to the room he get tensed ….I hope he listen convo btw adi n sumo n realise that he will loose her if he will not do something now

  9. kittu

    @Guys….a very very happy RAKHI TO ALL OF I….well let’s come to edkv…..
    Suno suno suno ….hey everyone listen …..
    M very MUHFAT…so reply should b in todu phodu…so…just charge yr mind….
    First… Yaar CVS I gave u an advice that u should chew mentos….dimaag ki batti jala de
    …nd see how fast u accepted it…well jiyo mere lomdiyo jiyo…hey u duffers CVS….calm down calm down…I used to think that u r duffers…(may b I was ryt)…. But no no no….u r soooo sweet..ki ek saath do kaam are not do..many tasks r going on at the same time…chulhe me jayo yaar….but plez b like this…hey everyone… Shravan’s hate,sumo’s patience, ADI’s enthusiasm, nanu’s time,nirmala’s love, ramu’s evilness, kammu’s plan,preekar’s wedding nd family fun ,nd memory… Well these r going….superb.. Well in lomdiyoo me bht kuch accha kiya Hai
    ..but m not interested to write my whole cmmt on them….
    Hey plez anyone try to understand that low battery that sumo loves shravu… Well he is ewww….okay he is very supportive but god…OK I understand him but not viewers… As I don’t watch…well I m eagerly waiting for tonight’s epi…as this is the first time when I’ll read wu on wedding ‘s epi.
    Thnak god…for giving dobi her lost mind….ND how she said…I won’t marry if u won’t tell me…oooo Mr. Prince charming ki crindrella…plez tell her someone that it is very difficult to leave our love…nd seems that she had forgotten everything… Yu to BAVRI KEHTE thi ki….pushu se hi shaadi karungi….these r only crocodile’s tears….no more than this
    ..well hope u nd yr hubby will do something.. Hey kammmu can play a +ve role here…nd may b she will unite them…
    Yaar plez dip niru Kaki’s face into her daal….really what a danger Lady she is…
    Nd what’s say….WO na nahi kahegi….plez ask her too a question…. Yaar mata uske dimaag ka research kar chuke ho kya???…
    Dimaag ki dahi kar di..nd low battery is saying sahi…I mean dahi me sahi …
    Shravan is soooo I mean soooo dangerous😋😋😋no words got that’s y used danger…well he really seems to VDC(vijay deenanath chauhan)…really that chair scene of AGNIPATH movie..nd kaali aankhe of amit sir…filled my heart with fear….this guy seems to b her cousin😝😝😝..
    Well my cmmt is not yet over…

  10. kittu

    @Guys…let’s come back to my VDC …actually till now I haven’t seen Agnepath..and don’t desire to watch… Haoo rabba mar jaungi….😌😌😌..
    Nd ramu the killer…mar ja…yaar kill him..hey he is not DUSHMANO KA DUSHMAN BUT DOSTO KA BHI DUSHMAN…so cheap Buddha…plez kick him out of yr series… Well mere kehne se kaon SA ye lomdi aisa karenge…nd what abt niru…kya karna chahiye…daal me muh duboyo abhiyaan is over now,yaar Sharam karo buddi mar jayegi…nd I don’t wanna do any sin today….so let’s start…
    I m amit sir…
    Playing KBC🙌🙌🙌
    Me:…so niru Ji aap taiyaar Hai,shravu ko paane k liye aapka savaal Hai ye,aapki screen par…
    Computer Ji:…nanu ko kaun maarna chahta Hai???
    a. Ramu
    b. Nanu’s soul😋
    c.heart attack
    d.buddiya tu..
    Me: aapka samay suru hota Hai Ab…
    Niru answer is..”a”..
    Me: aap sure Hai..
    Niru: ha..
    Me:to computer Ji lock kigiye “a” ko…
    Well do u know.. What will happen…
    Wait I’ll tell u…
    Niru will b b b….
    Amit Ji will throw his shoes on her face..nd will say..ooo buddhiya maarna khud chahti Hai..nd naam buddhe ka…ek to WO pehle se hi..badnaam Hai… Aur khooni bhi tu bana diyo…
    Because he is not amit…he is me ..kitttuuu..
    😝😝😝😝😝😝,well I know many wanna ask me..yaar Kittu tera katal kisse karu???chaku se ya choori se??..so dearies ..answer is…..ki mujhe chaku churi me difference hi nahi pata…😗😗…sorry sorry…just for refreshment.. As all the cmmts were saying that… Emotional emotional… No…not emotional but joyful… Mar Java shravu ,the man in black always kills…nd his evil smile…godd damm ..whatever… Nd Adi the monkey man…amazing u r the guy of love
    ..super ,I don’t care,what shravu will think but this guy has shown her strength.. So adi sir plez see her as yr sissy because she is only of shravu.. No one can separate them..so take yr love to u…otherwise shravu (VDC)…aisa phekega na…ki pata bhi nahi chalega…ki China ki boundary pe gire ho ya Japan ki..so plez handle yr feelings nd emotions… Because shraman word is like shaahi paneer nd sudi word is like karela…which I like but it’s smell is enough for giving me headache… Well hope u will get my point soooooon..

  11. kittu

    ..ha ha ha…how creative these guys r….superb. Well everyone this is on shravu… Well I read on Twitter… Yaar in logo be to ramu ko gaali de de k MATLAB…ha ha..gaali ya bhi aise vaisi nahi….high voltage wali…one of them was “H*r*mi …haha ha
    ….sahi Hai…well we can’t do…but ye logo gaali …ha ha ha…I m laughing… Can’t control my laughter… Okay..so.see this link…nd enjoy Rakhi…well everyone today I won’t come here as m going to gurgaon…god…but will try ..may b evening.. So enjoy without any obstacle.. Nd will miss u there…
    Nd give feedback… Well I can write something tooo…well let’s see will I get time or not….so wait…let me ask to my mumma..

  12. kittu

    Hey guys…chill nd have u listen one thing if not…so listen it now.. Our forefathers had said
    ..that when a thing crosses its limits.. It means it’s end is near…nd same with shraman
    ..so chillax…and a song..















    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
    Well give feedback… Byeee

    • Alina

      Kittu…ur song is superb !!while reading ur song all scenes were coming in my mind ….I was laughing sooooo much…really very nice

  13. mun

    getting tensed
    kya ho raha hai i s me….
    I can’t tolerate this aditya………..
    I wish ki nirmala ko pata chal gaye shraman k bare me….
    Lagta hai ki preeti hi ab kuch kare ga….
    waise hum jo sochte hai i s serial kabhi bo nahi hote hai

  14. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii.. Now I seriously want to kill this adi.. Do u people want to come with me.. Kabab Mei haddi.. Idiot.. Dusri ravannath ki Tarah behave karraha.. Bechara shravan pap villain Tha ab bhai bhi villain nikhala.. Don’t worry shravan we r with u na..

    @KITTU.. I cmnt in skr page…. That’s the ever first page I have started to cmnt.. Next I started to cmnt in edkv dear….

  15. rashi

    @Guys….hey yr Kittu is pagal…ladki raste me Hai…nd she called me nd says…ooye rashi..ek prediction likh… Gandhi ko pata Hai KI mai apna pending work kar rahi hoo…khud to rajdhani Hai…pat passenger train ka bhi to dhyaan Rakh..actually she is on her way to gurgaon…nd mai uski notebook nd notes use kar rahi hoo…so she is blackmaing me…well prediction is…

    Ooye bhool gayi…
    Ya ya..
    So…shravan will marry sumo after knowing ki adi is Nirmala’s son..because.. He will think ki adi k liye uski maa NE use choda tho WO adi ko khus kaise dekh Santa Hai…nd hate marriage… Nd adi nd sumo will b separated nd nirmala sahi rah

  16. rashi

    …let’s continue kitti’s prediction..
    So nirmala w ahi ki wahi nd ramu ka popat..sumo awww nd shravu ka gussa… Ye tha Kittu Kumar ka prediction.. Ye ladki BOLI thi that she will not take anything when I asked her…bol Meri help k badle me kya chahiye..nd phone me danger danger dhamkiya deti Hai…
    @Guys.. Hi sry I was irregular I mean mai to aayi hi nahi.. Actually I was in Kerala….nd two days pehle hi I came Delhi…so pending homework nd FA result… I was busy nd project… Well thanks to kirti (kittu)…she helped me a lot…nd in project too…well Kittu my SS project is left…plez jaldi aa nd help me…otherwise I won’t help u..just kidding like U….I know u will help me…..bye..
    HAPPY RAKSHABANDHAN….bye…will come soon

  17. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hello guys gud wali morning how u all r
    Happy raksha bhandhan
    @4444 bhaiya happy rakhsha bhandhan how r uhttps://www.google.co.in/search?q=rakhi+images&client=ms-unknown&hl=en-US&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjB_qvqiMrOAhXFQI8KHRxQCksQ_AUICCgB&biw=213&bih=328#imgrc=6zimmD4b-7qJAM%3A
    Mera gift jaad hai na
    @kittu nice idea KBC loved it song amazing my elder di u rocked
    @guys love u all

  18. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    OMG poor Shraman 🙁 this Adi -_- use sirf sumo hi mila pyaar karne ki liye irritating banda and shravan suicide :O oh dear I hope preeti tells shravan about ramnath truth if not pushkar at least he will do something

  19. Minakhi

    Seriouseley…why they r giving soo much Time to that Maa beta Jodi ……I m hating those scene where that maa beta Gave their fake bonding Lecture…..Now I can’t tolerate This Adi anymore …..Now Shravan will face More Pain ….nd we will see Him as Drunk Avatar ….God ….Who will save him from this Pain…….No one cares for Him …Who want Villains when U have parents like Shravan …..Nimmu doesn’t care for him nd Ramu CareS him Extra ….that’s the problem …… .Shravan is Facing another prob that His Love is going to hurt him again…….Gossss New Promo is even worse Than anything Shravan’s Pain . ………….Who will save him ….My allah……😥😓 Hii guys Finally got some time To comment 😃😃😊

    • 44444

      Hi Minaki iam happy that u too started getting irritated. Now u undrstnxd when we said these CV s messing up the story u criticises me negative we r not negative. We do contrive criticism and at the same time faithful fans

  20. Minakhi

    @Jo yaar …do u really think that Dumbo Preeti kuch karegi …….Agar Shravan Ki drunken halat dekho kuch karegi to Fans Ka dil Khushi se Nachne lag jayega ….but uss Dumbo se koi ummeed rakhna bekar hai …woh Aur uski Saas ne to phd Ki hai …..Mujhe dare hai Ki kahi Shraman Ki hate Marriage nahi hone wali hai na…😱😱……..Humara Popat hi karegi ……….Well Happy Rakhsha Bandhan To all ….well I think we have Only One Bhaiya here ….Soo Just Cheers for Today …..😊😊😊

    • 44444

      Sorry Minaki. Preeti is not as dumpo as everybody think. She very simple and took life as it come. But the intelligent Suman has last everything besides ruin g the life of other 2. Shravan & Adi. And preeti will always have her sorrow of ruining her elder sisters life.

  21. Kuhu

    Oh no kaise yeh promo heart wrenchn aditya niru ko bhagao yahan se plss aur bardast nehi hota.Kya hogaya nimik ko onscrn offscreen dono me pehle sabkuch thik tha pata nehi ab kyun yeh sabkuch horaha hain.

  22. Tara82


    |Registered Member

    i want everything to be sorted out soon…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! missing shraman scenes this ramanath i hate him so much he is just like ravan…!!!!!!!!!!!! want shraman back hi edkv family i am new here can i join your family…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. pretty preeti

    @rashi ty for revealing Kitty’s name I don’t know it.
    So kittu means kirti I mean my elder di

  24. Smile

    @ kittu kyaaaaaaaa gana hai ….. U are wowwwwww…….
    Epi made me cry …. Just thinking what would happen if shr commit suicide….

  25. 44444

    Hi everybody. It seems the production team is in no mood to end the serial so they hv planned to change track from sucide to create more friction between leads. So Shravan becomes devasted but suman will not yield because of her promise to Ramnath. Finally Ramnath will beck Sumo to save his son. So it will take very long time. May be till May 2017

    • pretty preeti

      Really I m haapy that edkv will be long but I also don’t want that it end up spoiling
      Great news
      Bhaiya rakhi ka gift mil gya

  26. 44444

    @KITTU alias chotti. Thank u for everything. Now something personal. No body told me to watch. During February I was at Mumbai & go on company’s work . Evening I used to watch Suryaputra karn. During breaks this Ad for (promo)KRPAB&EDKV played. Curiosity increased. And nikita is my fiancee fav. So I started to watch ever single episode till yesterday.
    now regarding yr Bhabhi, my cousin sis married to her uncles son. Baroda both families were in airforce qtrs Vadoda ra It is love at first sight for them at Kendriya vudhyalaya Vadoda ra during 11th std. Now my aunt wanted revenge so she arranged my aline with her SIL cousin. They r at Rajkot now. For Raki I went their and 3 kerchief full of tears

  27. SONAI


    Shravan will invite adi sumo to a party which he had kept. He will insult Sumo their being drunk !!!
    I think Nirmu and not Sumo will save Shravu from commiting suicide !!!
    Feeling extremely sad for Shravan !!!!!!

  28. snigdha

    i think aditya is only a better guy for sumo than Shravan from my point of view because he has no problem for sumos self respect but shravan and his father has lots of problems regarding sumos self respect in fact ramnath is not at all happy with sumo and shravans friendship how will he accept sumo as his daughter in law but nirmala has no problem in accepting sumo as her daughter in law as she herself is also an independent woman

  29. 44444

    Seems u r not watching serial Frm the beginning. Both are very simple than Kamini. Ramnath has problem with Nirmala. Shravan has a problem because of his mother. Frustration being left alone. Shravan never shown his aristocratic lineage. He and pushkar so kind with all. Shravan is head over heal for his childhood love. Now it is for kamini he was harsh with sumo

  30. Bhagyashri

    First of all.happy rakashabandhan to all.hii good evening all..
    M not able to watch yesterday episode due to high fever. M not well.but after reading tu its look very interesting. @ kittu nice song.@ minakhi nice link

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.