Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Sumo is checking her expenses list. I will have to talk to Geeta. She looks at the earrings. I spent money on them also. Bad idea!

Mami ji and Rachna are busy packing bags. Mama ji helps them.

Preeti asks Sumo to book cab for airport. Sumo checks that it is asking for 1k excluding luggage and night charges. I will talk to Massi.

Sumo offers to drop everyone at the airport. Mama ji tells her not to do so. It will be 3 am. Sumo insists. It will be additional expenses. Mami ji agrees with Sumo but Rachna talks against it. we all wont fit into it. Sumo says it isn’t waste. I will drop you in the same car now. She thinks to get her car checked tomorrow itself. I cannot find those clutch plates anywhere in Delhi.

Next morning, Shravan thanks a guy called Vicky. I will

transfer money in your account soon. Pushkar asks him who that guy was. What’s in your hand? Shravan says I called bomb for the party. Pushkar talks about the problem. She still hasn’t given her name. Shravan assures her that this is the solution to the problem he has been talking about. Plus you will be intimated by the evening that she is coming in the party. Pushkar wants to see what’s inside but Shravan does not tell him.

Chachi ji is applying nail paint whereas Vandy is highly upset. Varun is about to cancel the Europe trip. I have told all my friends. Her MIL advises her to drop everything when you see no solution to a problem. Do what you like, just like I am doing. Worrying does not help. Vandy wants to do something for Varun. I will sell my entire jewellery for the same if I have to. Chachi ji gets an idea. She puts Vandy’s and her jewellery. Vandy says what if the money actually goes waste. We will have nothing to wear. Chachi ji looks at Vandy’s jewellery. Vandy loves the piece gifted by Bade Papa to her. Chachi ji says it will go first. I know you spoke randomly but your idea was good. Vandy is taken aback.

Sumo hears the sound of engine. She cannot find her car keys in house. She goes out to check. Sumo finds someone under her car. She calls him a thief. Say something or get out! You came to steal my car. I will teach you a lesson. He does not move or respond so she picks up a bucket filled with water. She pours it on the guy but is shocked to see Shravan. He asks her what it is. She asks him what he was doing down there. First you trouble me and now my car? I have been asking you but you were busy in acting. He tells her against bringing a towel. He takes out towel from his bag. She looks away shyly when he begins to remove his tshirt before her only. You do such things anywhere? He asks her if its a problem. She is surprised to see him carrying extra shirts. He says I had to when I chose to be a mechanic. She asks him what he was doing with her car. He tells her to start her car. They both sit inside the car. She looks at him. He tells her to start the car. She drives a little. Clutch is perfect. He asks her if there is a difference. She denies. He talks about girls driving when they don’t understand such a big difference. She is sure he thinks women should not be given license at all. He hopes that the age limit for women is changed to 28 from 18. She suggests going on a long drive to figure out the difference in her car. He agrees.

During the drive, they talk about the change in car’s clutch. She says there is a difference. Everyone looks soft from outside but who knows what’s inside. She sneezes to which he says bless you. Shravan says the gift is kept in the back seat. Plus the clutch is fine. Will you come in the party now? She knows he is doing it all to She tells him a list of conditions. Call me Sumo. You have been addressing me as Suman since you are back. He points out that he dint take her name at all since he has come. She says one needs to be friends with the person before going in their party. She sends him a request online. Accept my request on the online website. He does so. She asks about what all he did in these 10 years. He talks of studies, job and practise. She asks about his girlfriend. Who is the girl with you in your profile pic? She realises what she just said and calls it curiosity. He calls that girl his friend. They come to the place from where she buys stuff daily. She is trying to park a car. He gets irked when she applies break many times that too suddenly. He parks the car for her. She says I had no idea you were doing mechanic and driver course in London too. He tells her to go ahead and complete shopping. She returns with the shopping bags.

Sumo is very happy on her way back. He again asks about the party. She agrees to think. I am not sure till now. She thinks to make him call her Sumo. She swivels the car. He ends up calling her Sumo. What are you doing? She stops the car. You called me Sumo? I have decided to come. He looks taken aback. She says I have been asking you to say that but you weren’t. He is glad she will come. He asks if he should leave the dress here only or. She challenges him to try taking it back this time. He gets down to walk till his home as it is nearby. She sneezes again and he says bless you. she keeps looking at him in the rear view mirror.

Sumo is sneezing badly. This is weird. I threw water on him but I am sneezing. She finds matching jewellery with her dress. Sumo looks at herself in the mirror as she holds the gown. Not bad! You (Shravan) will enter with a Cinderella tomorrow. Everyone would only look at us! Epi ends on her happy face.

Precap: Sumo cannot find her dress. How to go to the party without dress? Pushkar tries to peek in when he sees Shravan typing a message. Shravan says you are asking as if you don’t know who I am sending a message to. Pushikar smiles. Sumo gets Shravan’s message. She wonders what to tell him. He will be angry if I wear something else in the party.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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