Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman is happy seeing the cheque.She places the cheque near her mothers photo and speaks to her mother.She shares the news about the contract and says she will make priya tiffin center the best in the whole city.Then she goes to mamiji and gives her 2 lakhs and shares good news with her.She says she will return all her money soon if she keeps getting such orders.Sumo shares news with the whole family and everyone wish her .Shravan is in his office with the client and the client says he has to win the case in any way.Shravan assures him that he will win the case and not to worry.Sumo is renovating her canteen .She says Mr Mathur said there is scope for improvement in the canteen so she will renovate it.

Shravan ,pushkar and client are going in the car.Pushkar finds purse and asks whose is

this.shravan says its sumos.client says sumo looks like your close friend.Shravan diverts the topic
sumo and all her colleagues are cutting a cake and celebrating .pushkar asks shravan when did you meet sumo,he remains silent.Pushkar asks shravan to stop the car near pct.Pushkar says i will return the purse and come wait here for a second.Sumo is seen changing new board for pct.Shravan sees that.Pushkar returns the purse and she tells him about her new order and gives him a cake piece.Shravan is seen uncomfortable in his car.Shravan and sumo keep staring at each other.Shravan and pushkar leave from there in car.

Shravan ,pushkar and client are in the court,ramnath comes and says i wanted to see you winning the case so i came here.sumo is shown making changes in her canteen and having fun and Shravan on the other side is fighting the case.Sumo is happy seeing her canteen renovated and does pooja and Shravan wins the case and the client gets the land.

sumo cooks halwa in the renovated canteen ,halwa accidentally burns .Prita says it’s a bad omen that halwa got burnt.Just then police come there,they ask for suman and hand her court papers.They say they started canteen on illegal land and they have to leave this place immediately. Police says in half an hour they want everything out from this place and few people are shown throwing everything out from the pct.Sumo and others try to stop it ,sumo calls lawyer and tells him that someone is throwing everything out from the pct.He says you lost the case,you have to leave.She asks what case.They throw the board down and everyone are shown stamping it.She breaks down seeing that.

prita asks sumo to do something. Sumo goes to the police and says how can you do this without some notice.police says the owner received number of notices and today he lost the case.Lawyer tells him that shravan won the case and now pct has to be removed from this place.Sumo thinks of flashback when shravan says that he wants to close the place where that dal comes from if he can.

Precap:sumo says shravan cant do this ,he always helps me and prita says lets go and find out.Prita and sumo go to shravans office .prita says they are partying here and pct got destroyed.Shravan comes out from his room and they both stare at each other.

Update Credit to: Deepali


  1. roshni

    Ohhhhh!!!!!!!! Sumo realised shravan words….i didn’t know that she will connect this to that…poor shravan he simply told about that dal n that came true……but I liked that staring part….n precap I am now dam exited to c…..

  2. Tanya

    Hii all…..don’t call me mean frnds…….mane koi party vaty change nai Ki hai……on this date me only watching krpkab and edkv together from 1 to 2 pm and nowadays not watching anyother daily soaps…… For me both the shows r the best in tellywood…………
    Actually I’m not commenting since sat-sun due to starting of schools and with that preparations for competitive exams and boards…..u can see I have also ask for leave in krpkab 15th June page……..and here also…. So frnds pls grant me leave…. ……..and wlc me in silent readers group….miss u..byeeeeee

  3. Minakhi

    Heyy Thanks Deepli for the update but Where is Pooja ….okk she must be busy….I was dying to give my comment….

    Well an awesome an necessary episode for EDKV….The best directed and execution in this episode….Directly coming to the point….Nikita Dutta …omg omg omg …..What a beautiful acting by her….The true expression king and queen r here …can we all give a reward to her …superb acting….Good going EDKV team ….well balanced episode I must say nd my respect towards Nikita ……is high now……Very good work….

  4. Minakhi

    Shafa r u talking about dragging….o noo …They r showing us an intense nd importance track which will connect Shraman…After the track ….The necessity of this episode will work with both of them ….Love track is not soo simple in real life ….I am happy that they r showing us it a very realistic Manner….I m very much happy with this track Sorry if I hurt u ….but just go to their Fb page u will get the answer why all r positive for today ‘s episode.

  5. Lily

    Hey guys I just noticed one thing that in spoilers it was told that shravan will slap Suman’s client Mr berry…. U know Ramanath ‘s frnd name is also Mr berry… So may be spoilers r wrong…… May be he slapped Mr Barry after listening bad words
    For Suman……….

  6. doll

    Omgggg…. ommmmggg.. ommmmgg…… sch a nyc episode no words … i lvv da couple of edkv…. πŸ™‚ :-*

  7. doll

    Eagerly waiting for da upcoming episode….. hope der misunderstanding will clear soon nd thy start they lov story…

  8. pinky bhandari

    i hate the show ek duju ki vaste.the serial going same a zero plain path.plz bogus 1,sumo is stupid n shravan is more stupid 1..best serial is krpkav !dev n sona.whats a story,stop al saas bahu selfishly daily soap.

    • Lily

      R u mad…. Do u know what is SaaS bahu serial.. I m not getting where is SaaS in this show(if u r considering nirmala as SaaS then u should better not bcz she doesn’t have any important role) the show is about sumo n shravan only….. But the show which u love krpkab will turn into a SaaS bahu show eventually……. I hope u have seen the promo of the show … Where it clearly states that ishwari will not like sona a dev love story….. She will be the reason of their separation…… N see their shows poster always shows ishwari with dev n sona….so see ishwari is the main
      character in this show………
      See ekdv is going fab…….. We all r curious to know what will happen in future…….. But r u curious to know what will happen
      now in krpkab . I think we all know what
      will happen so a n dev will romance.. Then after sometime ishwari will be the villain……. In between there will be some hurdles……. But in ekdv there r many
      things to happen(preekar nirnaath jealousy
      Track etc) u know in ekdv there’s a story with so many things going on at same time with some shraman scenes . These
      days in krpkab they r just romancing only…. I m loving it….. But it will not continue longer….. I also like krpkab…. But I love ekdv…. Just bcz of shraman….
      N one more thing do ur serial have such a
      Bg music like ekdv…..
      Can u tell me any epi before Devakshi Confession which u have seen more than twice n want to see more? ….
      But I can tell u in ekdv
      The car Vala epi before reunion
      Shravan n Suman in court during Khosla track
      Suman in her own house (Khosla track)
      20 and 21April epi.. Gigolo one(see I remember the date as well
      Suman in shravan’s room after winning
      the case
      Preeti bhoj etc… See till now they didn’t even confess. N there r so many episode.. Nd I m not talking about the scenes only…. These whole episode was good…….. I see both the shows.. I like krpkab… But when someone compares I don’t like it…….

      • peace maker

        Listen lily i know edkv is a good serial but krpkab is a fab serial as well humiliating other just b/c u love one serial is really rood both for u and pinky
        yes i have watched all krpkab episodes more than twice
        krpkab contains senior and fab actors thats why people like it so much they r doing a good job and everone must appreciate it and i am saying this for edkv as well look at krpkab comment box , there the viewers just appreciat krpkab and edkv both instead of fighting
        so its my request stop fighting and love and watch both the serials both r excellent projects of sonytv

    • Isha

      Pinky, do you see anyone bashing KRPKAB in EKDV forums anywhere. If people want to bash it, there are many things which they can also bash KRPKAB for. but they give respect to that show also even though it is not their favourite. so a sincere advise to you,it would be good if you limit your comments in your favourite serial’s pages

    • Nazia

      Look pinky, if u like krpkeb then its ok but why r u commenting like this way for edkv? If u don’t like it then don’t comment. And LILY I agree what u said. So if you-pinky try to comment again something like that then edkv fans won’t spare u. Will u like if a person speaks bad about krpkeb? No,ryt? Then I also didn’t like the way u commented as I can’t bare to listen anything against edkv and also becuz ur comment is ILLOGICAL!!! So stay in ur limits.

  9. radha

    Show showing to late on south african screen good story and up dates are super with new story starting swap times so we can go to bed at 9.30 luv this duje ke vaaste

  10. sss

    thanx depali for the but where is pooja di…
    oh i couldn’t see today episode as missed it now just didn’t feel the episode i wish i could see….after all sumo smiling really missed her happy going act…if i wood say than defiantly some bad thing about evilnath so better not to say….i also missed shaman staring…today os my bad day just missed everything so bad luck of me….

    anyway guys did u voted for most popular jodi…voting is on till 22 June…..like previous time we should do that crazy voting for shraman ok i admit i didn’t contribute that but u r guys awesome at voting so who have time for voting than vote for our rocking jodi shaman…
    here the link of voting..


  11. Yasin patel

    To be very honest i watch EDKV juss becoz of SUMO.I really like her hr expression, talkative nature she is too good.
    But diz serial is really dragging alot and in one sense we can say they are making it too boring now .21 mints episode which usually comprises of 5 6 mints of shravan sumo love story ..
    People like to see the love story, flirting part before dey get engrossed for each oder.
    Look at KRPKAB super execution of the story to be honest i feel like that they leave excitement in every episodes end….
    Dev n sona love story super one…….
    The focus is on dem most of the time hardly it shifts but here it is totally opposite no one can bear that past nonsense of mother father fightn which dey r dragging n dragging…
    Stupod stufff….
    Shifts focus over the main cast not mom dad all the tym…

  12. Minakhi

    Ooo bad mouthing people U r not liking the show okk…but why u r comparing EDKV with KRPKEB….there r different storyline in both of the shows …ok u r looking for Love scenes but I don’t think Cvs will do all the problems after love story for Shramans …If u r comparing with KRPKEB then listen…there also more problems will start bcz as we all know Devakshi will be separate soon ….Ishwari will be the parallel between them nd Natasha will be a vamp again ….again blady love triangle will start ….sooo …okk our show is Going with A lil bit depression but I m thankful that They r going step by step to make a bonding Of Shraman ……We have to be patience……so it’s better to not to compare this show with other shows …..u r liking KRPKEB……then don’t comment here go to their comment box…….Comparison is not a suitable thing to dislike any show…..

    • Ridhima gupta

      i totally agree with you minakhi… comparing these two shows is just bakwaas. .. they both have different track. ..we don’t want such comments which are making EDKV insulted.

  13. Ridhima gupta

    I felt really bad for sumo.. pct was her dream and her dream gets hurt… seriously this ramnath I want to kill him.. by the way where are old frns guys? abhi and other.. I was absent here for 1 month be coz of my exams.. that time it was so fun to comment but I m sorry frns I didn’t knew all… so plc can u help me to be familiar with you….

    • Nazia

      Hey ridhima I was a new comer. And I din’t see u may b becuz u were off for 1 month. I am Nazia.

  14. roshni

    @minakhi……Absolutely true minaki….very very well done………??? good job……yes we should never compare to anyone…its totally wrong consumption……..dear y should v talk about them n waste our time….leave them if v didn’t give attention to them they themselves

    stop commenting….(I hope sooo???)
    N yeah this anita abhijith n thiss harshitha same hain kya??????hosakta hain Ki yeh log same ho…pata nahi…..ab yeh comment dekh kar muje marne mat aana….pls…..
    Sry friends for my poor Hindi…..

  15. roshni

    Guys lets play a game…well not perfect game….just answering my question….

    What u all do when ur mood r off????????
    Me I will just start singing or hearing songs….

    Sry if its personal….????

    • Anshi

      I go out fr a walk in a park…. Or listen song in ipod….
      I prefer d first in evenings only bcs in days its burning here in U.P.
      Well i cant sing bcs i hv an awful voice…
      Oh one thin more if i m alone in home den i start singin wid my guitar… N it alwayyyyssssss uplifts my mood…. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Well I dance…..listen to songs…( it really destress me)…
      And try to sing…..I don’t think I m a good singer but I love to sing so…always try to sing…??

    • sss

      when my mood is of i listen music…its always help me to lighten up the mood….my mom say even if the world got destroyed i wouldn’t get to know when i listen music i just get so much involved in it

      anshi what a nice way of ur to lighten up the mood….i really like guitar but can’t play it…its also kind of my love want to learn it….really u r lucky in my point of view glad to know this…

    • Nazia

      When my mood is off I listen to my fav soft songs. And sometimes spend time with my phone sharing my probs with my best friend

  16. simran

    bechari sumo itna sab kuch hone k baad bhi wo uspe trust kar rhi thii.felling sad for sumo. but sharavan ne bhi ye jaan boojh kar nhi kiya bechare ko to pta bhi nhi usne kya kiya . he still has a soft corner for sumo . feeling very very sad for sumo and shravan

    • Anshi

      U r rite simran…. Chahe kuchh bhi ho jaaye sumo ke heart mein shravan k liye aur shravan k heart mein sumo k liye hamesha soft spot rahega hi rahega…

  17. Anshi

    Thanx deepali fr updates… Bt where is pooja di… I mean is she well??

    Splendo epi…. Ab tb tk uss daddy’s boy se baat mat krna jb tk kismat tumhe fir se nhi milati….
    Bt bollywood ke rishi muniyo ne kaha h- ” Kismat bahut hi kameeni chiz h sali kabhi bhi badal jaati h” (i didnt want 2 use abusive words…. Bt yehi dialogue hi tha…. Sry if anyone felt offended)
    Luk kismat badal gayi aur phir se shraman ko aamne saamne le aayi….
    Aaj ka epi ll burn d stage man.. ” chik chik boom fire”…
    Niki u rocked today’s epi… Happy ecpression wid atouch of sadness…. Awsum
    Shravan… I think aaj pehli baar shravan ko apne bhai pushkar se jealousy hui hogi… No?? Bcs ” jab aap kisi ko pyaar karte ho toh aapko unke frnds se bhi jalan hoti h ki voh unke paas kyun aapke paas kyun nhi…” πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ Pushkar baba ne ekdum sahi kaha tha…

    @pinky bhandari… Madam if u krpkab den why did u comment here?? To show dat u hate dis show… Soo by nt commentin here u already wud hv shown it … K… N hv we stopped u frm seein krpkab or commentin on dat pge??? No naa toh kyun dimaag kharab kr rhi ho hamara??

    @Lily… Dunno about spoilers bt wat i think is gonna happen is…

    @Tanya… Koi baat nhi tanya… Its ok we understnd…. Wishin u luck fr ur exams… ‘ Best of luck’… N bye… Try 2 come soon… πŸ™‚

  18. Lily

    Hey guys I just gave a fitting reply to that girl….. So don’t give heed to these comments.. Our show was best… Is best…. N will be best…… There’s a good story going…

  19. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys……I m really fed up with this network problem……..it’s raining here so that’s why the net is down ……but I think it’s OK now….so here I am…..and I m really sorry I couldn’t comment before??

  20. Minkahi

    Dear ,Roshni and Ridhima dekho Jab Humara show superb jaa raha tha (I m not saying now is not good…This also very good nd important now )Tab ye sare comparison wale kahan mar Gaye the ….tab to nahi aye …Ab jab Dushre show KO wo yaha pe ake promote kar rahe hain m..this is really A crab mentality yaar ….soo cheep ….kya hum kabhi wahan pe Jake bad comment dete hain kya ??Hume accha sochne se matlab hai ese bakwass kam hum nahi karte …..
    soo ye log kyu yahan pe negativity dal rahe hai ….really Bad negativity……nahi dekhna hai to mat dekho ,Yahan pe ake kyuun ye log khud ki band baje rahe hain ….?? ?

    • Khushi


      |Registered Member

      Hey guys…..I think it’s the same person with different IDs coming here just to bash edkv…..I think we should not give them even a slight of attention….. Let them say what they want but we should not react edkv will not become bad just bcoz they are saying baf things about it…….lets just ignore them ……and we know na….that edkv rockszzzz???

    • ridhima gupta

      i really don’t know minkahi.. if they didn’t like the show then at least they shouldn’t pass useless comments… i m really disappointed ki edkv fans ne apna rang dikha diya

  21. Minkahi

    Roshni I watch TV more ND more for my good mood ….nd play Games on my device ….These two things R very relaxing for me…

  22. Minkahi

    Roshni koi tumhe kyun marega or kis haq se Hum kya mar Gaye hain ,Jo tumhe support nahi karenge ….chill …unka kaam tha negativity Dena…..Jo Ki Galat hai ….Mujhe jante nahi hai ye log …Mein apne positivity k liye kuch bhi kar Sakti hoon ,well mujhe nahi lagta True EDKVians ko inke comments se koi fark padega…let’s throw their comments From our mind…..have a nice day dears..???

  23. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    I really liked the episode…… Loved the way sumo kept the money in front of the picture of her mom…….the best part acc to me was sumo and pushkar bonding…… They are such good friends….. He was so happy for sumo…..unlike shravan he is there for her and understands that of she had done this there must be a reason…… Namik is the best……he is such a good actor….though in the episode there were a few dialogues of him….but I liked his expressions………but the lime light was on sumo only……Nikita nailed it….she is such an amazing actor……

  24. roshni

    Ooooo tysm minakhi……u supported me nnyeah it’s true we haven’t ever commented bad about much rang…in that page nor in this page…i don’t understand wats there prob…..i guess no sry not guess its there work to fill negativity…but there is a saying na if dog’s barks then it wont change anything in heaven….(guys I tried my level best to translate I don’t know its correct or not there is a saying in Kannada language like this)
    N one more d tree with fruits will get max stones…
    They r just jealous that’s all…..be patient friends one day we will also get chance to talk…

  25. Minakhi

    Lily nd Isha ….calm down girls we r not like them …..u both said all the true things to cover up their Mistakes now …..don’t be upset …..I have gave them a clear chitt with my comment soo don’t take Tension…our show has a great and strong story then other shows……

  26. Kittu

    Mai thodi late kya ho gayi tum KRPKAB wale to apne upar aa gaye.
    Thodi der ruk jaaoo,mera aana abhi baki h,and as usual mai tum KRPKAB walo ki aisi ki taisi kar dungi with my long comments.
    Till then wait nd ya one thing ,think abt the comment which I ‘ll write.
    Aaj to tumhe batana hi padega.
    Bht ho gaya.????.
    Now this is tooooooo muuuccchhh.

  27. roshni

    @Lilly aaaaaa biggg hug….to u dear…..wah wat a reply…..i was laughing at that pinky….i felt pitty …she commented here to receive such replies??????ha ha……i hope she atlesst understand now……

    Love u yaar super doper reply…i loved that…
    U will be next minakhi in giving replies sry beautiful replies….
    Good job friends very good…..
    I will always support u both for doing such good work..

  28. roshni

    @anshi guitar??????//???seriously anshi wowewwwwwwwww I love to play that…but I am not getting enough time …let me finish my music senior part then I will lead guitar……it will be so nic to play right??????by di used to play that….i tried once that’s it….is it difficult to learn??????? Well I sing songs coz I love that….the only thing I love to do is music….thats it….ha ha….? ? ????

    • Anshi

      Well…. I 2 lv playin guitar… N my holidays r goin on hence i get a lottt time 2 play jenny…

  29. Lily

    @minakhi now I m chilled out but I can’t tolerate these comments……..
    @anshi ya I think may be u r saying right may be the new client of suman will say bad things about sumo…but I don’t want this …..or maybe Mr berry(ramnath frnd) will say bad things about suman(as in spoilers)…. let’s see what happens…… actually I m every curious to know what will happen next………so much interesting

  30. Bhagyashri

    Yesterday episodes was too good. Sorry for late comment. And thanks dipali for update in absence of pooja Di.eagarly waiting for today’s episode. And guys like harshita more irritating people comment here today. They do this only for importance. So plz dont pay attention to these people. Disgusting people. But one day hamari serial unko sahi jawab degi.OK.

  31. Ireena

    Hello,guys.how r u doing?
    Actually,i m sick.since 2 days.thinking to have a checkup.
    Thats why couldnt comment. Even now didnt check update or comments.talk to guys when i will be full prepared to irritate u guys like before.bye till then.

  32. Kittu

    I m coming just wait aake baat karti noon.
    Anyways hi guys nd just ignore them,I hope u understand abt which I m talking.??


    Plzz director do not make it bajirao mastani 2 where parents are against their son and his love plzz

  34. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    What the hell….I posted two more comments……. They are not shown here…..what is happening yr…..I m fed up???

  35. Bhagyashri

    Hello friends. Sorry for late reply.thanks deepali for update in absence of pooja Di.I don’t know mere comment nahi ja rahe hai.some problem arises.coming to episode it’s too good. But feeling sad for sumo.but its OK becs today’s episode gonna rock.and minakhi, lily,isha,anshi,roshni,and all my friends I saw people like harshita also comment today. But guys plz dont pay Attention to this irritating people they just do it for attention so plz dont waste ur time.but u all rocking band baja Di hai un critics valo ki.proud of u my shrAmenians.keep it up.hamari serial hi unhe asli jawab degi in coming days.abhi to shurvat hai.

  36. roshni

    Heyyyy where r my other 2 comments….y it didn’t get posted?????ohhhh I cant write again…it was sooooooooo big one……???

  37. roshni

    Hey all I read ur answers to my questions felt nice that I diverted ur mind from that negativities….well lets play like this only……wat say friends????
    Anyone having other questions????

    • Khushi

      Hi roshini….. Maine bhi reply kiya tha but voh post nhi hua??
      Anyways….. When my mood is off I listen to songs….play piano…..dance on party songs and sometimes I sing also??

      • roshni

        Nahi Khushi it got posted mine also I happened like that but now it got posted…..n yeah I read ur reply dear……

  38. Khushi

    Hey guys……this is me only…..ur khushi……actually I wrote 2-3 long comments but voh post hi nhi hue…..wth…..I m very angry on TU page now…..pehle yeh moderation kam tha Jo ab comments bhi post nhi ho rhe???

  39. Khushi

    @lily……what a reply??
    Really a standing ovation from me to u….and trust me I m standing right now…..really I don’t think that pinkh will come here again…..proud of u dear???

  40. Khushi

    @ireena…..take care yr……I m really worried for u …….may I know what prob u have…..I mean only headache or some fever and sore throat types also….actually…. My family have so many doctors do I think I could give u some advice…..plz tell if u don’t have any problem

  41. Nazia

    Thanx Deepali di. I hope pooja di well where is she?
    Oh so much of suspence. I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi. Pata nahi kya hoga. Us ramnath ko to marneka man karta hai. Bechara shravan usne kuch bhi nahi kiya par sumo ko uspe yaakin nahi hoga. Mujhe lagta hai ki ab sumo shravan ko bohot kuch sunane wali hai aur phir wo usse bat bhi nahi karegi. Aur shravan koshish karega sacchai janne ka. Aur usse pata chalega ki uske papa ne usse yei baat chipai thi ki pct bhi thi uske property mein hai. Aur use phir kisi tarha sey pata chal jayega nirmala was ryt. Aur phir shraman ka pyar shuru hoga
    Esa mujhe lagta hai.
    Sumo k liye bohot bura lagrahahe. Hope she will manage everything

  42. Anshi

    @Lily… U rocked it man…. I dont think ab koi pinki vinky yahan aane ki himmat bhi keregi… Seriously lily u nailed it… :-* <3 πŸ˜‰

    @Ireena… Tis ok… U jst relax…. N plsss come fast i lv 2 read ur comment…

  43. roshni

    Friends thus moderation ki prob kuch zyada hogaya hain…..phele itna problem nahi ta lehkin abhi abhi kuch zyada hua hain…koi solution nahi hain kya??????guys ab sai mein na Hindi mein hi bat karti toda din kehliye wob muje perfect banna hain…muje zyada Hindi nahi ata hain isliye….mein hindi jaldi de samaj sakti hu but bolna toda difficult hain…so I hope u can understand my poor Hindi….


    hey guys, I am Khushi ,not new to this page but commenting for the first time being a silent reader big fan of edkv !!! following it aince the first episode EDKV ROCKS

    • Anshi

      Whooa… Hey being a silent reader… No offence bt u hv an unusual name… (i didnt mean khushi is a strange name i wanna say being a silent reader is an unusual name)… Well hello glad 2 know dat soo many ppl lv our shraman… Welcum… Hope u ll keep commentin

    • nazia

      Hey thnx for commenting from being a silent reader. Welcome khushi keep commenting. And happy that fans r increasing;)

  45. swathi

    Hello…..today’s episode was okay…but it has not lost its charm…..so y they r bashing our edkv wat will they get….pinky ji aap khud koh samajti kya hain?????ab toh todasa bhi akkad aagaya ho toh pls meherbani karke dobara ese comment mat karo…humme Sai koi bhi apki voh serial ke bare Mein ulta sida nahi bolana toh Phir app bhi ese mat karo….app ese mat samajye Ki muje dadna nahi Ata hain….woh toh mein appko warn kar rahi ho…agar dobara app yaha agar yaha Ki climate change karne ke bare Mein socha toh Mein buldugi yeh app vap sidda track pe aajavugi….got it???????

  46. Kittu

    Hi! Everyone , kittu is back.Hope u had enjoyed last night’s epi with my funny songs.???
    Let’s come to the point, epi was awesome blossom, fabulous, mind blowing ,hearttouchin, killer,majedaaar,TV ki duniya me aag laga di kal k epi be.Well I think this is tooo much bt don’t worry I’ll make it clear after some lines.???
    Now hello ,hi ,lag ja gale to all my new nd old frnds.??

    Sorry for being late…
    First of all thnxs to Deepali,for giving us such a fan wu.
    @Shafa,hi dear,I think u r nAnd here ,may be I m wrong. Hey ,wht do u think this is a dragging scene which is going on. So ,from me I think ,no.

    Abhi to story apni line pe aayi h ,nd u r saying that dragging nd all.I know that there is no confession bt will happen
    soon,bt plez till then keep commenting
    here. Aur waise bhi pyaar hi sab kuch nahi hoga,profession is also something which matters.And I don’t like this pyaar wala scene becoz really kuch jyada hi ho jata h
    nd family show se track ,distract ho jata
    h,well it is my opinion nd I don’t think ki jyada hadh tak tum log agree ho bt I m not throwing my opinion on u bt just as a simple talk,plez don’t mind ,it’s a request. I just only gave my opinion ,sry if I hurt
    anyone. Bt it doesn’t mean that I don’t like love scenes ,ya I like bt in limitations not like over love nd had se jyada types ,otherwise ye show me phir kuch jyada
    interest nahi Bach jata.Hey I m not talking
    about edkv bt for all shows.???
    Sorry if I hurt anyone ,plez jhalli samajh k maaf kar dena..
    And SHAFA ,don’t think ki ye sari bevkoofiyaan Maine tumhe likhi h.Not at all,just only tried to give u my opinions, that’s all.Well,enjoy yr show with yr own thinking ,hope confession will happen soon.??
    @Tanya, hi nd bye,heeee,hope u will miss us nd will come soon on this page .We too shall miss u. All the best .
    @Lily, I also want a slap on Mr.Berry’s nd by Shravan only,what a man,amazing.
    @Minakshi, hi,good reply to those disgusting ppl.
    Isha,Lily, Minakshi, Anshi,Ridhima Gupta ,nd especially ROSHNI ,kamaal h what a reply u gave just fabulous. Amazing guys. Sabki kami puri kar di.KEEP IT UP..
    @ROSHNi, hey ,hum tujhe maarne kyu aayenge,waise bhi tere Ghar ka address hume kahan pata h .???.
    Aur pata hota to bhi maarne nahi aate ,don’t say sorry in such small things. Okaayyy!!!!.
    Well yaar ,in my off mood time ,I only keep my lips close becoz , I know ki agar is time muh khola to jahar hi ooglungi..that’s y I like to be quite.. Hey, kahin tera mood aaj off soofff to nahi, if yes then a sweet song for uuuuu????
    Itti si hassi
    Itti si khushi
    Itta sa tukdaaa chand kaaaaa
    Bagoo mee
    Tinkooo seeee
    Chal banaye
    Dabe dabe paaooonnn sees
    Aaaye hooleee hoollle
    Well ,I really don’t know that your mood is off or not but if yes then accept it nd iffffff nnoooo then take it securely for next times.????
    @SSS,hi nice to see u here. I know that u r busy bt issii tarah for a moment only,plez try to come on this page. Well ,I know it’s a personal question bt could u tell me that do u know “” HINDI””.??Sorry if I asked wrong one.???
    RADHA,both of u plez try to comment here regularly…. Plez plez plez ,it’s a request only ..I hope u will understand…

    @Khushi ,hi ,no problem all networks r same,same with me happened yesterday’s night..
    @Ireena ,hey hi ,nd plez take care of yourself. Get well soon,then come to this page nd theennn ,we shall rooccckkkkk!!?
    @Isha,plez calm down.
    @Lily ,u too ,plez calm down…
    hipp hipp hurrryyyy….
    @Bhagyashri,hey no problem ,I m also late here nd comments also late …it’s omkayy yaar.
    @Anshi,hi phir se nahi bbuli, hi hi hi ,really I must say ,what a reply u gave ,seriously ,pata nahi tha UP ki ladki ,waahh waahh ,lage rahoo,truly amazing, yaar maar jjaaavvaa ,kya gana kal tune likha for me ,thnxxxxx????.
    @SSS,ya I write ff bt only one time I wrote ,becoz I didn’t get second chance .
    Well ,my title Was, Milke rahenge Jo bane edkv..
    Now ,I gave all replies, it’s time for those Mahanubhav, jinhe apni insult sunne me Maja aata h,so, you,PINKY BHANDHARI nd YASIN PATEL, I think both of u r die heart fan of KRPKAB. M I right??? I know I m right to Ab suno ,tum dono,kis khet ki muli ho,oohhhooo ,sorry sorry,galti se mistake ho gayi ,tum log to KRPKAB ki muliyaan hop,isn’t it?
    I think Pinky,u really don’t know the meaning of saas ,and bahu,Aur agar pata h to tujhe saas-bahu serial ka matlab nahi pata Aur agar pata h to tu andhi ho gayi h kyunki isse tujhe kaun si saas dikh gayi Aur kaun si bahu ,ye to tu hi jaane.well I only know one thing that this serial is really very far from boring saas bahu old fashioned drama.Lagta h tune HARSHITA ke comment pe reply nahi padhe isilye chali aaye haath hilati huyi Aur Ab jaayegi sar jhukate huye,really ,it is really too much ,u guys of KRPKAB r really crossing yr limits .We shall not leave u,tujhe chipkali,daayan ,bhoot ,preat, choodail,kah k bhi kya mil jayega ,well tumhe kuch kahna hi bekar h,a all ruin,just waste… I think u should only concentrate on KRPKAB not on edkv.. Becoz u really don’t know the meaning of edkv.
    And YASIN,what u thought?? Tujhe bhool gayi,oooyyyyeee,sun ,kaan me ungli daal k sun le doobaara is page pe aaya na to muh haath me lekar jaayega.
    Annnnddd a sweet gift for u…
    Choodoo haatoo jaaoo nikloo is page se
    Tumhri in comment me na aayenge hum sab
    Karloo tumlog jitna h tumhe karnnaa
    Baagoo mee bahar h
    Kaliyon pe nikhar h
    Humko edkv se pyar h
    Ha ha hhhhhhhhhhh????????.
    Ab akal hogi to aayoge nahi,Aur nahi hogi to aana ,tab tumhe choungi nahi,anyways, thnk u,for increasing our comment..
    Now a song for our silent readers,hey don’t mind just enjjooyyyyyyy?..
    Page pe aaye ho to comment kar loo
    Page pe aaye ho to comment kar loo
    Thoda sa padh lo,thoda likh loo
    Page pe aaye ho to comment kar loo….??????????.plez sing this song in it’s real lyrics..
    And one thing more, I actually commented today in my real accent, which is combination of Hindi nd English with lil bit ,haryanavi,hope u will forgive me on my mistakes.. Bye everyone ,enjoy.. Nd eagerly waiting for today’s epi..
    And if anyone has any complain regarding to my Haryanvi accent ,so sorry for that,nd trust me I ‘ll never use this again.Actually I m from Delhi nd many of my frnds r from Haryana ,so I also talk lil bit in this language ,bt don’t know proper language.. Hope u will not mind…
    Bye bye ????

  47. Kittu

    @Roshni,three cheers were for u.. Not for Sons,well,I don’t know who is she..By mistake I wrote.

  48. Kittu

    Hey,plez koi is moderation ki band Baja do,really irritating too much.Can’t face it any more

  49. Minakhi

    Mujhe lagta hai yahan pe negative and Jealous log zyada aa rahe hain ..Bhai inki problem kya hai????Agar inhe ye show pasand nahi hai to dur raho na bhai…..Yahan pe kyun apna poppat banane chale ate Ho????Humari sabse badi taqat hai positivity …..ab to koi bhi mujse meri positivity Change nahi kar sakta BY GOD…Har roz yehi chalta rehta hai …..koi na koi yahan pe KRPKEB ko utha k le Ata hai …kya ye dono shows bhai behen hai kya Jo compare kar rahe Ho sab negative thoughts wale …..Apne show pe Jake maro na …..Koi tumhare yahan Jake bolega to kesa lagega…….Har Roz koi na koi muh uthake chale ate hain …..Problem kya hai tum logon Ki…..dekho mere pass bohot time hai jawab dene k liye par I m warning u all the Other show fans ,stay away from EDKV comment box.nd don’t compare this show with others.

  50. roshni

    @kittu.,……..ohhhhh…..I love that song yaar…tysm for dedicating that song….n no dear my mood is on only…at present…yeah sure I will take that in advance….ha..ha….tysm dear………n kittu I didn’t understand ur next comment…….

  51. Lily

    Hey thanx Khushi n anshi…… Actually I can write a big essay on how good is ekdv………..i love it………..

  52. Anshi

    @Kittu… Yaar tum itni der se comment kyun krti ho??? Mujhe laga tum comment hi nhi karogi… Bt again i ws wrong… Awwww u liked my song… Thanq… Tumhari sangat mein mujhe bhi sahi gaane sahi time pe yaad aane lage h… Nic attack… πŸ˜‰

    @Minakhi… Luk jo cheez achhi hoti h uske hi toh dushman hote h… Like maggi.. Maggi ek famous cheez thi islye uske dushman the… Lik our pm…. Voh achhe h isliye toh unke dushman h… Same wid our edkv.. Voh achha h isliye uske dushman h..

  53. Minakhi

    Yaa anshi …But har cheez Ki had hoti hai yaar ……Mujhe nahi patta Ye KRPKEB wale ese crab mind k kyun hote hain ……Really Disgusting…….

  54. Kittu

    @Anshi,ha I agree with u, acchi chiz k he dushman hote h..kambhakhtoo ki vajah se Meri maggi ghayab ho gayi…
    Well a new song for edkv ….
    Dushman na kare dost ne WO kaam kiya h
    Umra bhar ka gam hame eenaam diya h
    Dushman na kareee
    And next song for edkv ke dushmano k liye..
    Suno gaur se KRPKAB wallooon
    Buri nazar na humpe daloo
    Chahe jitna zoor lagalo
    Sabse aage honge edkv…..
    Keep continuing…???
    And WO ghadhe Jo pitne ko betaab h,WO sunlo,agli baar aaye to joot baj jaayegi and that’s final…
    Kyu khujali mach rahi h kya??? Kyu apna paratha banwane aate ho,kuch self respect h ya sab bech aaye…yaaroon aaooo phir dekhna maar maar k muh ka map bigad denge.
    Kya ,had h har roz ka drama ho gaya,Ab to mai kuch ulta sidha gar dungi ..
    Tumhaari to bas ,sochlo,phod denge…
    A slogan for fans of edkv..
    East or West
    Edkv is the best…..bestest…….
    Enjoy tonight’s episode…

  55. Kittu

    @Roshni,hey in my next comment ,there was sons,in place of sons ,now read my comment ,placing sona in place of sons,I hope u will understand my comment now

  56. Abhi

    Guys..it was not me who commented on krpkab page…I was busy with my studies..?.
    From now,I will be active…?

  57. Abhi

    @pinky,…just get lost..dont bring negativity here…if u like krpkab ,then watch it..Dont create hatred for krpkab in our mind…?

  58. Abhi

    Looks like many missed me,…Me too missed you guys a lot….I ws reading comments of previous episodes…?

  59. shivani

    love shraman hope shravan know soon nirmla ws right and again decide to cinfess his love

  60. shivani

    love shraman hope shravan know soon nirmla ws right and again decide to cinfess his love

  61. shivani

    bt yaar sare acche serial 10 bje he ku ate h its very dificult for a student to watch so late

    • nazia

      II totallyyyy agree wid u shivani. That’s why I watch it online as can’t on tv and the repeat time is so odd. I remain in coaching or school at that time.

  62. Anshi

    @Minakhi… Sry dr bt i kinda disagree… All krpkab fans r NT crap minded…. Dere r only few defective pieces…

    @Abhi… Hi yaar.. Missed u like crazy… Where were u?? N i knew u cant betray us…. Well forget all dis… Welcum back dr πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    @Kittu… Main bhi tujhe ni bhooli πŸ˜‰ …. Haan yaar jb maggi ban hui mujhe laga jaise meri lyf se saara taste hi chala gaya…. Bt apni maggi ne re entry maari… B-) B-) ….

  63. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Hi abhi……good to c u back…..
    Actually I have a request for u …infact 2 requests???
    First will u tell me the names of the ffs u write…
    Second I m also writing an ff love is blind on sharman pair…..will u plz read and give a review as u r superb writer….. There is no compulsion….just a request…

  64. Minakhi

    Thanks Abhi u came ….yaar jaan nikal di thi tune …..ab kabi chod ke mat Jana yaaar ….kya batau yaar tere absence me bhi tere dushman nahi chod rahe hain tujhe

    Anshi ok all KRPKEB fans r not like that………….okk aaj dhamal hoga Shravu bete KO aaj asli Sumo nazar ayegi ..He will pay for this really …..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.