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Sumo ends the call saying I wont come. This is why I wanted to call you. Pushkar is confused. There would be no fun without her though.

Sumo thinks to pack the dress again. He is so arrogant and over confident to think he will make me agree to come to the party by giving me the gift. He can think whatever he want but I wont let him find out ever what I think of him. She begins to pack her dress. If he really wants me to come in the party then he will have to come to cajole me. The wrapping paper is all messed up. She thinks to add a similar colour paper with different design. He might not know I even checked it. She keeps it back on the kitchen slab. Dabbu thinks to open it but she does not let him touch it. He is waiting for her to take him shopping. She tells him to get ready. I will take

you shopping.

Pushkar and Shravan are playing video games. Pushkar teases him saying he might be good in video games but bad in mind games. You did so much to bring Sumo in party but all your planning failed. I just had a word with her. She outright refused to come. She said she wont come where you are. She is stubborn. She wont come now. You can try as much as you want but she will stick to her decision. Shravan wins again. She will come in the party. Pushkar thinks I know both of them. They don’t do anything till they are challenged. I wish BHai wins.

An older girl compliments Dabbu in the shop. A girl his age greets Dabbu. Sumo enjoys teasing Dabbu. I got everything for you of your choice.

Varun speaks to someone. Don’t let this contract go. His mother assures him he will get this contract. Shravan said he will get you money. Shravan comes there. Let anyone take this contract. Don’t take it up. Varun and his mother are surprised. Shravan explains that the deal is one sided. There is no good for you in it. papa will say the same if you ask him. Varun too has read the contract. Shravan advises him not to trust the client. Varun says you think you are a big lawyer already. The clients have a big name in the market. Shravan is sure he is right. You can consult papa if you want. But I am sure your client wont pay you anything for this client. Varun leaves from there irked. Chachi ji refuses to sit down quietly. It isn’t about contract but to show Shravan who rules the house.

Sumo notices some earrings that will match with her gown. He (Shravan) will come to talk to me some day. She tries some earrings but Dabbu does not like any of it. She knows he is only taking revenge. She teases him. I will take you for underwear shopping now. He asks her where she will go. You don’t go anywhere. You mostly work in the kitchen. You said no to Pushkar BHaiya for the party. Where will you wear them? They are to be worn in a party. She looks at him in surprise as she selects one earring. You eavesdrop on my convo. I will tell you once we reach home.

Vandy tries to cheer up Varun by bringing lime water but he is busy in some important convo. He reprimands her for the same. He realises his folly as he notices her sad face. He says sorry to you. You know I am under a lot of stress. He drinks the lime water. She takes it from him saying its ok. Mumma called. She spoke of the Europe holiday package. When are we giving him good news. He is sure he will tell them soon. I am only waiting to get money. She corrects him. You only think of money and work. He tells her that this time isn’t right. I don’t have time for anything till this project ends. Cancel this holiday. She suggests asking her dad for money. He says you mean my father and Bade Papa refused to help me so I am asking him. I am very much concerned of my family’s respect. Don’t talk to your father about it! She looks sad.

Shravan wins the chess competition again. He wants to play another round. Nana ji is surprised to see him not rushing. Shravan wants to try the new move he has learnt. Rachna asks if they need more coffee. Mami ji is irked that he has drank 3 coffees already. I feel like he will eat food too. Mami ji doesn’t want him to feed desi stuff. Rachna tells her to do some magic then. Mami ji reminds her she gets tired easily. Rachna does not know how to cook. Mami ji advises her to learn something from Sumo. Call her.

Nana ji gets tired. Shravan massages his shoulders to make him feel better. Rachna calls Sumo. Sumo says my car. Rachna tells her to get the clutch fixed. Everyone in Delhi knows of your car’s problem now. Sumo agrees. Shravan hears the convo. Rachna gives him coffee. He whispers that Nana ji fell asleep. I will drink it downstairs. She nods.

Dabbu comes home talking about how badly Sumo Didi drove today. Shravan gives him chocolate. Sumo knew he would be here. He will talk me into coming in the party now. Mami ji asks Sumo how much time goes in shopping underwear. Dabbu says it happened asap but Didi got busy in her buying stuff for herself. She sends him to try them. Mami ji asks Shravan to have food. Shravan says I was only waiting to meet Dabbu. Mami ji leaves as Rachna calls out her name. Shravan notices the gift on the sofa. Sumo says I wanted to return it. I told you I don’t want a gift. He asks her if she liked it. she lies that she kept it there to return it. why will I open it and then keep it back? He notices the different wrapping paper. It had circles. This one has stars. She asks him if he thinks she opened the gift, saw it, the paper got torn, she found another one and then put it to return it to you? Shravan walks towards Sumo while holding the gift. She takes a step back asking him what he is doing. You did not open or check it? She shakes her head. He asks her if she does not want the gift. She looks at him. No. He agrees to take it back. He leaves with the gift. She is angry. How dare he? He came to talk me into coming but now I wont! What does he think of himself?

Precap: Shravan thanks a guy called Vicky. I will transfer money in your account soon. Pushkar asks him who that guy was. What’s in your hand? Shravan says this is the solution to the problem you have been talking about. Plus you will be intimated by the evening that she is coming in the party. Later, Sumo finds someone under her car. She calls him a thief. He does not move or respond so she picks up a bucket filled with water. She pours it on the guy but is shocked to see Shravan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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